Kelly’s Story

(M/F, F/F, BE, transform, incest)

by Orangutang

It had started simply enough. Jake had left town. He was going to be on the road
for almost a year this time, and Kelly would be home alone.
Sex between Jake and her had always been a bit lukewarm. They loved each other
immensely, but she had always gotten the feeling that he wanted something more
than she could give. She was a bit restrained when it can to sexual matters, and
she had begun to wonder if this wasn’t jeopardizing their relationship.

The pills were doing all that the doctor had promised Kelly, and more.
Kelly woke up in a pool of sweat. Despite last nights activities, her loins
still throbbed with a constant sexual heat. She barely remembered making it
home, and her dreams had been mostly erotic as well. As had become her habit
these days, she arose from the bed and stood in front of her mirror to inspect
what changes, *this* particular night had brought. Kelly occasionally thought it
strange that she accepted these body alterations so calmly, but nevertheless,
the changes in her body just served to excite her more. Her breasts had enlarged
slightly yet again. Far from their original handful size, the now stood out a
full eight inches from her body. Unconsciously she began to run her fingers over
them, to knead them and pull on her inch long nipples. It felt spectacular, and
she felt her pussy grow wet as she stroked and caressed her nigh-gargantuan
breasts. The strangest thing was that, wasp waisted as she had become lately,
she had not experienced any back pain, despite the basketball size globes that
she now carried on her chest.
Sighing contentedly, Kelly walked to the bathroom, her wide, shapely hips
swaying as she walked. After a nice hot shower, Kelly piled her thick, ass
length brown hair in a towel and surveyed her closet for todays clothing. Her
closet was a study in schizophrenia. Half of it was filled with her older
outfits, while the other half was filled with the clothing she had purchased
most recently. The dividing line between them was clearly visible. On one side
were sensible basic dresses, slacks, and blouses. The other side looked more the
wardrobe of a teenage sex bomb. Kelly couldn’t explain her sudden taste change,
but stores like Merry-Go-Round and Chess Queen had become some of her favorite
places to shop. The last time she went to Merry-Go-Round, she had become
incredibly turned on just by *thinking* about he erotic new body would look in
the tight jersey outfits, the cotton halter tops that would barely contain the
jiggling flesh of her breasts, the form-fitting leather skirts. Her eyes lit
upon her latest purchase, this one from Fredericks of Hollywood. It was an
emerald green latex mini-dress. Kelly had had it specially modified to fit her
enlarged attributes, but even so it barely contained her expansive chest. She
had also purchased latex panties, stockings, garter belt, and opera gloves in a
matching green. She had tried it on in the store, almost giving the poor sale
clerk a heart attack when she wiggled and jiggled her way out of the fitting
room. The outfit conformed to her rather dramatic curves perfectly, and she
found the sensation of being encased in rubber extremely erotic. She had yet to
wear the outfit in public, but the very thought of it quickened her pulse.
As she stood there observing her wardrobe, her mind cast itself back to the
womderful ass-fucking she had received last night. A month ago she would never
had done a thing like that, but somehow, it seemed so…right, now. “Oh my god”
Kelly thought,”I’m getting turned on again.” She walked unsteadily to the bed
(these days unless she was wearing her spike heels, all her walking was
unsteady) and lay down, her hand moving directly to her crotch.
Her fingers stroked the sensitive outer lips of her now permanently swollen sex,
and she could feel how wet she was. Kelly brushed her fingers deeper between the
fleshy folds of her pussy, and they came away wet with her pussy juice. She
raised her fingers to her lips and licked her delicious nectar from them. Her
other hand strayed back to her crotch and began to stroke her pussy, rubbing her
acorn sized clit. It felt *so* good. “Almost as good as having by pussy eaten”
thought Kelly “but not quite.”
“I wish someone was here to eat my pussy” she said aloud. But, there was only
Kelly bought her legs back as if she was being fucked, first leaning back
against the headboard of the bed. Her huge breasts pulled to her sides,
affording her an unblocked view of her private parts. She could see her trimmed
pussy very easily now, glistening with juice. She brought her hands to it. Two
fingers snaked their way inside of her. Kelly moaned out loud as her fingers
began to piston in and out of her pussy. They made a delicious “squishing” sound
as they did so, and she felt the crest of an orgasm coming
on…building…building… BUILDING… *THERE!* Her orgasm hit her like a
freight train. Kelly cried out in ecstasy as wave of utter bliss emanated from
her soaking snatch. She pulled her fingers from her snatch and hungrily thrust
them deep in her mouth, sucking her juice off of them.
“MMmmmm!” Kelly moaned. She needed to be fucked! NOW. She unentwined herself
from her blissful position, and opened the drawer in the bedside table, and
withdrew the two large rubber dildos that she had taken to keeping there. They
were modeled on actual male anatomy, one black, and one white. They were both of
a size, about 7 inches long, and about two inches thick.
Kelly flopped back down on the bed again, kicking her legs back as she had
before. She quickly slipped the black dildo into her dripping snatch. It slid
into her easily, and she began to piston it in and out of herself.
Using one hand to keep the dildo in her pussy working, Kelly slid the other fat
rubber cock into her waiting mouth, fucking her mouth with it. She slurped on it
as if it was the real thing, taking it first deep into her throat, then pumping
it in and out quickly while sucking feverishly. Her saliva ran out of the sides
of her mouth as she wrapped her lips around the supple rubber phallus. She
pulled the first dildo from her pussy, and brought it her lips as well. Kelly
opened her mouth wide, and thrust both rubber dicks into it as far as she
comfortably could.
The taste of the dildo that had been so recently in her vagina was wonderful,
and Kelly gurgled with pleasure around her mouthful of fake dick. She wished
that the dildos were real! She longed to suck on the warm firm lengths of real
cocks, to feel their throbbing lengths deep inside her every orifice. She wanted
to feel her ass, pussy, and most especially her mouth flooded with thick, warn
cum! Memories of the night before raced through her head…
Panting loudly, Kelly pulled the two dildos from her wet mouth, she feverishly
plunged the black one back into her pussy, then slowly slid the white one, well
lubricated by her saliva, up her tight ass. Filled! Her pussy muscles and her
ass gripped the two dildos as she began to move them in and out, double fucking.

Her body felt so good as she filled both of her holes, and she increased the
pace of her strokes. In! Out! In! Out! Kelly felt another tremendous orgasm
beginning to build, and she deepened her thrusts, forcing the rubber phalluses
deep into herself. She gasped with pleasure as the latex balls on the dildos
smacked up against her fleshy ass, and pouting pussy. Building,
building…THERE! She felt her thighs grow wet as she came, her pussy oozing her
“UUUUNNNNGGGHHH GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!” She almost screamed as the waves of pleasure
that she craved washed over her. Kelly had come to need orgasms like a drug, and
this was her fix. She continued to move the two dildos slowly in and out of her
asshole and pussy, progressively slowing, and finally allowing them to slide
from her orifices with a sloppy sucking sound. Dropping the fake cocks, Kelly
rubbed both of her hands over her soaked crotch and brought them to her mouth,
sucking them clean of her pussy juice. Delicious! “Not as good as a hot load of
cum in my mouth” she thought, “but it’ll do in a pinch.”
Kelly rose from the bed, sighing. “Well, time to get up for real now.”
“I wonder what’s on my itinerary today?” she thought.
She jiggled over to her writing desk and checked her “To-do” list.
“Oh shit!” Kelly exclaimed. Jack was coming home today! The days had begun to
run together so much in a blur of sex lately, that she had forgotten that her
son was coming home for Spring Break! “My God! The house is a mess, there isn’t
any food to speak of…and he’ll be home by 6 ‘o’clock!” Kelly said to herself.
The next couple of hours were a blur as Kelly scrubbed, dusted, and cleaned her
house until it shined. She threw on a tent-like mu-mu (the only way to go out in
public without attracting extreme amounts of male attention) and went out
shopping, returning an hour or so later with enough food for her son’s week-long
vacation from his studies.
She checked the clock. 5:30! There would never be enough time for her to cook a
welcoming dinner for her boy. They would just have to eat out. Kelly decided
that she had better get ready. Jack would be home in an hour and a half and she
was a mess! Kelly had always stressed good grooming and dressing nicely in
raising Jack. It would never do for him to see his mother looking anything less
than her best!
“Mom! I’m home!” Jack yelled as he hauled his duffel bags through the front
door. “I’ve brought myself and my laundry!”
“Hi Honey!” came his mothers familiar voice from upstairs. “I hate to rush you
into anything Jack, but we’re eating at Ricardo’s. Get a shower and put on some
decent clothes, ‘kay?”
“Okay ma!” Jack yelled up the stairs. He dropped the bag of dirty clothes in the
laundry room, and hauled his bag of clean ones upstairs. He took a quick shower,
and hastily pulled on some halfway decent eating out clothes.
“‘I’m ready, Mom!” he said in the general direction of his parents room.
“Okay, hon. Be down in a minute” came the reply.
Jack waited impatiently at the bottom of the stairs, his stomach growling a
little. Finally he heard his mother’s tread on the stairs. He turned…and just
about fainted!
The amazing creature descending the stairs bore only a faint resemblance to the
woman he new as his mother. Her face was still fully recognizable as the woman
who had raised him, but that was about it. Her breasts were triple…no,
quadruple…the size that he remembered. They stood out on his Mom’s chest like
a pair of melons, bobbing gently as she descended the staircase. Her upper body
curved down to a narrow, yet not too narrow, waist which the flared gracefully
out into a pair of wide, shapely hips, and a lush, full ass. Her lustrous,
gently curling, dark brown hair cascaded down around her back and shoulders like
a silky river. As Kelly shifted her head, her thick hair shimmered.
The outfit this insanely erotic creature was also at odds with the personality
of the woman he called Mom. Her usual comfortable but plain clothing was
replaced by an outfit that was the stuff that teenage wet dreams were made of.
An emerald green silk blouse covered the huge expanses of his Mom’s new breasts.
The top had billowy sleeves gathered at the wrist, accented with a ruffle, with
a similar ruffle around the collar. Speaking of the collar, it was pulled down
on her shoulders to leave her bosom, shoulders, and back revealed. Below the
breasts the blouse fitted to the body, and was cropped off to reveal his mothers
taut, tanned midriff.
Jack’s Mom’s legs were encased in a skin-tight pair of white leather pants that
rode low on her hips. They laced up the front, and Jack thought that he could
*almost* see the beginnings of his mother’s pubic hair peeking over the top of
the pants. Every curve of Kelly’s lower body was visible, and it was easy to see
that she wore no panties. A woven belt of black and emerald green was threaded
through the belt loops of the pants.
Kelly’s feet were shod in a pair of black glove-leather boots that almost
reached up to her knees. The laced tightly up the front, and sported a set of 5″
spike heels that Jack would have thought it impossible to walk on. Yet his
mother walked in them as if she had been born with them.
A minimum of makeup graced her face, and her jewelry consisted solely of a
simple golden chain around her neck, matching bracelets on each wrist, and two
large gold hoops in her ears. Her fingernails were perfectly manicured and about
an inch and a half long.
Jack gasped for breath as all of these observations hit him in a matter of
“Mmmo..mmmmmoo….M..Mom?” Jack squeaked, confusion contorting his face.
“Of course it’s me, honey,” Kelly said a concerned look possessing her face.
“What’s the matter, Jack? You’re white as a sheet!” She quickly descended to the
bottom of the steps, grabbed her son by the arm, and led him into the living
room. Jack sat numbly on the couch, staring at his mother.
“Mom…is that you?” Jack finally croaked.
“Well, of course it’s me, honey. Who else would it be?”
“But you look…Your body….your ti…I mean breasts are so…what happened,
Mom?!” Jack said, his voice showing his proximity to tears.
“Oh God, honey! I forgot! You haven’t seen me in almost six months! I’ve gotten
so used to the changes my body has been through, that I don’t even think about
them anymore. Let me get you some water, and I’ll explain everything,” Kelly
said. She got up a strode into the kitchen. Jack couldn’t help but follow her
with his eyes, watching as his Mom went into the kitchen, her pants molding to
her luscious ass like a second skin. Jack’s dick began to harden involuntarily
at this sight, then he caught himself and quickly quashed any thoughts before
they could even surface.
Kelly swayed back into the living room and handed a glass of ice water to her
son, who drained the glass quickly. Kelly sat down on the couch next to her son
and placed an arm around him, drawing him in close to her side and, by
extension, to one of her boobs.
“Jack, I know this is confusing to you, but let me tell you the story from the
beginning.” Kelly launched into the story from the beginning, explaining what
the doctor had told her about her condition, and the subsequent events. She of
course omitted all of the sexual activities and thoughts that she had. I
wouldn’t do for her son to here about those.
“So you see, this is just something I’m going to have to live with, Jack. And
I’m going to need your support when your father comes home this summer. His
reaction will probably be even more extreme than yours was,” Kelly sighed.
Jack had been looking at the floor silently throughout his Mom’s story. He
finally looked up at her, and some color had returned to his face.
“Well, I guess I can learn to live with it, Mom. It just caught me off guard is
all. I come home expecting to find my mother, and I’m greeted by a…well, a sex
goddess! It was just a bit of a shock. So what’s with the crazy clothes?”
Kelly felt herself blush at being called a sex goddess, in spite of the fact it
was her son that had delivered the complement. “Well if I’m gonna have a body
like this, I may as well enjoy it, eh kid?” Kelly hit her son lightly on the
shoulder. “I mean, not everyone has a pair of tits like these, right?” Kelly
plumped her boobs slightly from underneath. “Whadaya say we get some grub, eh
Jack grinned nervously at his transformed Mom, “Ok ma. Hey it isn’t every kid
who has a Mom as sexy as I do. I may as well be proud of that fact.” He stood up
and crooked his arm toward Kelly. “Shall we madam,” he said in a mock British
Kelly stood up on her spike heels and took the proffered arm “Oh yes, lets,” she
said. She grabbed her black leather jacket (eliciting another raised eyebrow
from her son) and her purse and they headed out into the warm spring evening.

Kelly thrust her sons fat cock deep between her lips, loving the feeling as the
warm flesh filled her hungry mouth and throat. “Oh, Mom, suck my dick!” Jack
moaned, “Yes, I wanna fuck your mouth!” She sucked the head, rubbing her fist up
and down Jack’s 8″ length. If only she had known that her son had such a fine
prick! All the years she had wasted! She could have been sucking and fucking her
offspring since puberty, but she had been too prudish, Well, the Kelly of today
was not going to waste her sons cum!
“Ooooooh, Mom! I’m gonna cum soon….” Jack groaned.
Kelly slid her sons dick out her mouth and said “Ooh yes, Jack! Come in Mommy’s
mouth! Mommy wants to taste your delicious thick cum! Mommy wants your cum all
over her face and down her throat! Feed me baby, feed your mother…!” She
opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid Jack’s prick back down her
throat, then resumed her intense mouth and hand massage of her sons organ.
“Unghhhhh! Unghhhhh! Oooooh!!” Jack’s whole body convulsed as he slumped back
against the wall, the cum gushing from his cock in a torrent. Kelly felt an
orgasm hit her as her sons cream flooded her. She moaned as her son’s delicious
fluid filled her mouth, and overflowed it. Thick globs of cum flowed out of her
mouth around Jack’s cock, running down Kelly’s chin. She swallowed her baby’s
cream greedily, suckling his dick as if it was spewing ambrosia. She couldn’t
believe anything could taste so good!
The cum on her face also felt terrific, and the thought of how she must look, on
her knees in front of her own son, huge tits bobbing as she milked him,
beautiful face covered in thick creamy semen, only served to turn her on even
more. She felt her pussy began to ooze within her tight pants, and she began to
massage her crotch through the leather.
“Ooohh, Mom! I came on your face…I’m so sorry!” said Jack, staring down at his
mothers cum-covered visage.
“Mmmmm,*smack* Oh, Jack, I love your cum on my face. Mommy wants you to *slurp*
cum in her mouth and on her face more often!” Kelly said to her distressed son.
“I love to drink your hot cum!” Kelly rubbed her son’s cock-head all around her
mouth, spreading his jism all around the lower half of her face. She sucked the
softening head of Jack’s prick back into her mouth and sucked the remaining
semen out of it, slurping and smacking loudly as she did so.
Finally she released Jack’s dick from the velvety grip of her mouth. She got up
and sat on the couch, slumping down into its softness. Her son was still
blinking with disbelief with what had just happened. Kelly’s throbbing pussy
told her what to do next.
She spread her legs and began to lewdly massage the skin-tight leather that
covered her by-now-soaking cunt with one hand, staring directly into her son’s
eyes with undisguised lust. With her other hand, she used her long nails to
scrape the copious amount of jism that remained on her face into her hungry
“MMMMmmm…Oh yes, Jack, you are *mm* definitely going to have to feed you
mother more of that *slurp* delicious cum of yours,” Kelly said in between
sucking off her fingers. “However, you need time to recuperate, so why don’t you
come *eat Mommy’s pussy*.” To emphasize her desire, Kelly began to grind her
hips into her hand, a tiny moan escaping her lips as she did so.
“I…I” Jack gasped “Mom, this is all a mistake, I mean…”
“A mistake, Jack?” Kelly said looking hurt. “You mean I’m a bad cocksucker? You
didn’t like it?” She formed her face into the best pout she could muster, and
continued to massage her pussy through her skin tight pants.
“No Mom, it isn’t that I didn’t like it, its just that it…it just doesn’t seem
right.” Jack sat down into the easy chair facing his Mom. His now-flaccid dick
hung out of his pants. “I mean you’re my Mom.”
Despite himself Jack began to stare at his mother as she fingered the slight
bulge of her pubic mound. He licked his lips nervously as her hand pressed and
stroked in an almost hypnotic rhythm. Kelly moaned softly, her eyelids drooping,
and the tip of her tongue began to play about her slightly parted lips.
“Come on honey. I need you…I mean, who is it hurting? I love you very much
Jack, and I just want to show you how much. You do love your mother, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, Mom, but…”
“Then help you Mommy, darling. I *need* you hot tongue, and your huge cock in
me…” She intensified her crotch massage, and a small cry issued from her lips.
“OOOHHH, God! Jack! I need you! Mommy needs you to eat her pussy! Please, honey,
please!!!!” She probed at the leather covering her pussy as if she would like to
push her fingers through the clinging garment.
Jack’s mind was racing. The sexy creature on the couch in front of him was his
mother, yet she was *so* attractive, and she *needed him*. His mother needed
him! Jack couldn’t let her down!
“Okay, Mom…if you say you really need me, then just this once…”
Kelly was almost incoherent with lust. As her son rose from the chair, she
unlaced the front of her pants, and peeled them down around her knees. Her
crotch and the crotch of the pants were soaked with her fragrant juices. She
spread her legs as far as the pants around her legs, and plunged two fingers
deep inside her steaming cunt, and massaged the inner walls of it. She quickly
pulled them out and offered them to her son, who was by now on his knees in
front of his Mom. Her lick lightly at them, then gingerly sucked them into his
mouth. His eyes widened with pleasure. His mothers pussy tasted good!
“Goddamn! You taste delicious, Mom!” Kelly raised her legs, and Jack ducked
under the pants pulled down to her knees. He lowered his head between her legs
and began to lap at Kelly’s pulsing pussy. She rested her legs on his back. Jack
started off licking lightly, but as his mother’s moans grew more intense, he
began to lick harder, giving special attention to his mothers marble-sized clit.
Jack had eaten pussy before, but his mother definitely was the best he had ever
Kelly was in seventh heaven. Her son licked and nibbled at her pussy and
clitoris with increasing intensity, and waves of warm pleasure pulsed through
her body. She began to massage her tits through her blouse, running her hands
over their huge diameter. Kelly fumblingly unbuttoned her top, exposing her
naked tits to her Jack for the first time.
“MMmphhshsj gdaugg!” her said appreciatively, his tongue being occupied as it
“Thank you *unnh* darling. They are magnificent, aren’t they.” Kelly cupped a
hand under each boob and pushed them together. “They’re so big, and
sensitive…especially the nipples. See how big they get when they’re sucked.
Mmmmph.” To demonstrate, Kelly pushed her left breast up toward her face, popped
the nipple into her mouth and began to suck. Jack continued to lick his mothers
delicious pussy.
Kelly released the nipple from between her lips, and out it stood at its full
inch length, brown and firm. She immediately placed her right nipple in her
mouth and began to give it a sucking and licking, all the while pulling at the
already engorged one.
She moaned loudly around her mouthful of breast, and began to grind her crotch
up against her now frantically licking son’s face. Jack probed the folds of
Kelly’s cunt, trying to push his tongue inside her. She moaned appreciatively,
and released her other nipple.
“Ohhhhh, Jack, my baby! You make Mommy feel *so* goooood” Kelly said, pulling
hard on both of her nipples. Her fat tits shook like sacks of well chilled jello
as she did so. She released one nipple and moved her delicate hand to the back
of Jack’s head. She began to massage his scalp with her fingernails, and pushed
his head hard up against her undulating crotch.
“OHHH YESSSS…Eat me! Suck my clit! I’m close honey, help me! Help Mommy come
ooooOOOHHHH YESS!!!!!!” With a final thrust of her crotch and Jack’s tongue,
Kelly’s orgasm crashed down on her like a torrent! She pushed her son’s head
into her crotch as if she was trying to push him inside her. He continued to
thrash his tongue about her clit as she writhed in ecstasy for what seemed like
an eternity. “OOOhhh, Jack, my little boy” Kelly said, her voice a husky
whisper. As the tension of the orgasm faded, she released her grip on Jack’s
head. He raised his face from her crotch, chin dripping with her pussy juice.
“You taste sooo good, Mom. Did I make you feel good?”
Kelly sat up, reached out and grabbed the collar of Jack’s shirt, and pulled him
into a sensuous kiss. Her tongue danced around his lips and in his mouth, and
before he knew what he was doing, Jack was responding in kind.
Kelly savored the taste of her pussy on her sons lips, and was pleased to feel
him kiss back. She reached her unoccupied hand down and began to massage his
dick. It began to reharden at her touch. “So soon?, she thought. Jack kept
getting better and better in her eyes! Kelly shifted her grip on Jack’s prick
and began to jerk it briskly.
“Suck my tits, baby,” breathed Kelly.
Jack complied without word or protest. Eagerly, he lowered his mouth to his
Mom’s massive mams, quickly capturing one nipple in his mouth and sucking
briskly. Kelly felt her breath catch as his tongue flicked over the tip of the
two inch pleasure center. He quickly switched to the other and gave it a similar
treatment. Kelly continued to jerk his prick with one hand and moved her other
back to her pussy, slipping two fingers inside it.
Jack’s strong hands squeezed her hefty tits, and he pulled them together so he
could suck both nipples at once.
Kelly at the intensity of the feelings emanating from her nipples. “Oh, yes,
suckle me, just like when you were a baby.” Kelly lowered her head next to her
boy’s ear. Her voice was barely a hiss to Jack, as she said “I need your cock,
pumpkin. I need you to fill my hot cunt with your throbbing meat…Will you do
it for me, honey? Will you fuck Mommy hard and deep? I need to feel your balls
slap against my ass….please?”
Jack was a bit taken aback, and sat back on his heel, releasing his Mom’s huge,
firm luscious, erotic as hell breasts (he couldn’t believe he was thinking
this!). He stood up, his mother releasing the grip on his rock hard prick,
“Mom! I can’t fuck you! I mean what we’ve done so far is bad enough.” He raised
a hand to his forehead and wiped off the sweat that had formed there. Jack
turned and walked across to the bar, his still stiff dick bobbing comically as
he walked.
“Jack, please, I need your cock in me” Kelly moaned.
Jack looked behind the bar and found a bottle of whiskey. He cracked it opened
and took a swig. He had to get control of himself! Fucking his mother! it was
illegal, immoral and downright…He turned to tell Kelly this, and his jaw just
about hit the floor. His mother stood, ass facing him, legs spread, two fingers
sliding in and out of her pussy. The made a wet slurping sound as the slipped in
and out rhythmically. She was bent over so her face peeked out from between her
legs. Her outsize breasts hung down, framing her face, and her river of auburn
hair brushed the floor. She stared directly into his eyes.
“Oh, my beautiful baby, I wish this was your cock instead of just my
fingers…Jack, please, stuff me full of your beautiful thick prick….Please.”
She pulled her fingers out of her snatch, quickly sucked them clean, then
resumed her pistoning action. “Only you can satisfy me, Jack. You know what
Mommy needs…”
Jack stared, his free hand unconsciously moving to his prick and starting to
pump it. He took another swig from the whiskey bottle and put it down on the
bar. He stood there, jerking his prick, torn between common sense and raw lust.
“Jack, PLEASE!!” Kelly pleaded, her voice a throaty moan, “Fuck me, PLEASE!
Mommy needs your cock!”
That did it. Something clicked in Jack’s mind, and raw lust kicked the shit out
of common sense and buried the corpse in an abandoned warehouse outside town. He
was across the room in a flash, and positioned himself behind his Mom, ready for
entry. Kelly’s beautiful face split into a dazzling smile as she slithered her
fingers out of snatch.
“Yes, fuck me Jack, Fuck me hard and deep!”
Jack placed his hands on his mother’s hips, placed tip of his cock up against
her pussy and pulled her to him. Kelly’s pussy engulfed him like a tight, warm
glove, gripping his dick in a velvet fist. He hilted himself in her and heard
her gasp with pleasure.
“Oh my god! Yes, you feel so good, baby! Now slide it in and out of me! Fuck me
with your hot boy-cock!”
Jack complied. He began to piston his dick in and out of her with long smooth
strokes, gasping every time he entered her heat. Kelly kneaded her tits,
twisting her long nipples, as he slowly began to increase the speed of his
strokes. Having come so recently, Jack was in no danger of coming anytime soon.
Kelly was almost reduced to total speechlessness, so intense was her pleasure.
She mewled and moaned and sighed and groaned as her boy began to fuck her faster
still, her sopping pussy providing ample lubrication.
Now that his initial misgivings were gone, Jack was really beginning to get into
fucking the delicious creature that was his mother. He shifted his hips from
side to side, probing the inner reaches of her snatch, and Kelly cried her
pleasure as he did so. By this time she had left her boobs to dangle, and was
gripping the edge of the couch with both hands. She used the leverage to push
herself back into her sons dick.
“My god, Mom, you’re such a good fuck! Do you like the way my prick feels in
“Unnnnnhhhnnnnn…yes! Oh, fuck Jack, I love your cock in me! I need you, and
your cock filling my holes…my mouth and my pussy….and my ass! I want your
cock in my ass!”
“Seriously Mom? You want me to buttfuck you?” Jack stopped his fucking in
Kelly pulled herself forward off of Jack’s dick, sank down to her knees, and
thrust her perfectly rounded ass into the air. “Of course I’m serious!” she said
breathlessly. As if to punctuate her point she grasped her ass cheeks and pulled
them apart, fully exposing her puckered anus. It was glistening and moist
already from pussy juice overflow. She tossed her wealth of hair, and smiled
back over her shoulder at her son. “Now do as your told darling, and snake that
beautiful phallus of yours up my ass.” She wiggled her rear invitingly.
Jack kneeled.”Anything for you, Mom! God, your pussy felt so good! Here goes…”
Jack slowly eased his dick into his mothers asshole, first sliding it in a
little, then a little more, then a little more…
“Oh yes, I want all of it in me, Jack! I can feel you, you’re soooo big…I love
to feel you stretching me…OH GOD!” Kelly exclaimed as the last inches filled
her bowels. “YES! NOW FUCK ME!!! FUCK MOMMY’S ASS!!!”
“Unnnhhnnnn…its so tight, it feels so good!”
“YEEESSSS!! Pump my ass, fill me…”
Jack slowly fucked the whole length of his dick in and out of his Mom. He hardly
noticed when she again slid two fingers into her pussy. Now if only she had a
cock to suck on!
They continued at this for several minutes, Jack alternately slowing down and
speeding up, and her cries rising and falling to match. Finally, the sucking
grip of his mother’s ass was almost too much for Jack.
“Unnnhnnn, I’m going to come soon, Mom!”
“Don’t come yet darling *UNNNGGNNN* Oh god! I want your cum in my mouth again! I
love to taste you and feel you on my face! Please cum in my mouth again, Jack!”
Jack pulled his cock from his mother with a rude popping sound, and quickly
moved around toward his mother’s face. Kelly quickly folded her legs under her
and raised her face to the beautiful dick hovering in front of her.
“Jerk me off Mom! Jerk me and suck me! I want to cum for you”
Kelly wrapped both hands around his dick and began to jerk it hard.
“Tell me Mom! Tell me how much you loved me fucking you”
Kelly flicked her tongue over the purple head of Jack’s rock hard prick. “I
loved you fucking me baby! I loved your huge cock filling my pussy and ass! I
wish you could fuck all my holes at once…fill me completely…MMmmmph.” She
engulfed his cock head and sucked vigorously. “*smack* I want you to fuck my
face, Jack!”
Jack felt the cum in his balls begin to build, and he began to fuck his dick in
and out of his mothers vacuuming mouth. A thought occurred to him, and he
vocalized it unconsciously.
“I could get a couple of my friends…”
“*slurp* Oh, GOD! Would you!? Would you get some of your friend with their stiff
young cocks!” Kelly was beside herself with the thought of it. Three teenage
dicks all to herself! Three loads of thick boy-cum to taste! “I want to be
gang-fucked by you friends and by you, my lovely little boy!”
“OOHHH, yes Mom! I promise! OHH MYY GODDD!!!! Jack’s prick spasmed, and the
first jet of semen shot straight into Kelly’s wide open mouth. A second spasm, a
third, a fourth…Kelly caught a good deal of it in her mouth, but the sheer
volume of Jack’s ejaculation left plenty to plaster her face with thick strands
of cum. Some even shot into her beautiful hair. She swallowed what she had
managed to catch in her mouth, the quickly commenced sucking what remained out
of his glistening dick.
“MMMmmmmmmmphhh….so much cum..mmphhhph” she moaned. She extracted every drop
from his cock, then once again, scraped the semen on her face into her mouth
(her fingernails were extremely effective tools for this task). Cum was not to
be wasted, especially her son’s!
Jack almost fainted back onto the couch when she was done. Exhausted, he
slouched on the couch, and watched his mother languidly lick the little
remaining jism from her fingers.
“My god! That was amazing, Mom.” Jack said. But now that the event was over, the
doubts began to creep back at the edges of his mind. “But what if someone finds
out…I mean, it was amazing and everything, but its *incest* and I….
Kelly moved up to sit on the couch beside him, and put her arms around him,
soothingly. “Now don’t you worry about a thing baby, Mommy will make everything
better.” She looked directly into Jack’s eyes. “I love you honey, and nothing
will change that. I made you feel good, and you made me feel good. There is
nothing wrong with that, is there?”
“I…I guess not. I’m just so confused…”
“Lets just go up stairs and get some sleep, ‘kay? You’ll feel better in the
Jack sighed deeply. It definitely had been the most pleasurable experience of
his (admittedly rather young) life, and, despite his misgivings, he had loved
everything about it. Everything from the taste of Mom’s pussy, to the feel of
her pussy and ass, to the way she looked with his cum on her face and in her
mouth. The thought of gangfucking her with his friends was pretty fucking
exciting too. If Mom really wanted this, well, he loved her and, dammit, he
wanted to make her happy. If he could make her happy and feel this good in the
“I…guess your probably right, Mom. Lets get some sleep.”
“Now that’s my Jack.” Kelly said, smiling widely. She brushed her thick hair
back out of her face, and offered her hand. Jack took it, and she led him up to
her bedroom, where they both fell into exhausted sleep.
Jack was jolted awake by a strange feeling in his crotch area, a wonderful wet
pressure. He moaned, still half asleep, and the pressure became even more
intense…a wet slurping sound accompanied it. He opened his eyes, and raised
his head to check out the source of the strange pressure. There was Kelly, lying
pillowed on her massive jugs, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. Her lips
wrapped tightly around it, and the little moans she made spoke to her enjoyment
of her activity.
“Man, she really is horny!” thought Jack. He quietly slipped another pillow
under his head so he could watch, being careful not to disturb his mother’s
ministrations.He watched through slitted eyes so Mom would think he was still
asleep. Kelly began to run her tongue along the underside of his dick as she
sucked, the tip occasionally peeking out from between her lips. When she had
tired of that, she slowed her strokes but deepened them, sliding more and more
of the hot cock down her throat until all 8 inches buried themselves with each
stroke. Jack just laid back and enjoyed the ride.
“Come on my baby, feed me” Kelly whispered to herself. She shifted her sucking
to just the head of Jack’s dick, and began to suck and lick frantically, lashing
him with her hot tongue. She was rewarded as Jack, no longer able to hold back,
uttered somthing halfway between a grunt and a moan, and came. Once again, his
copious seed filled her mouth and overflowed it. Kelly swallowed, relishing the
feel of the warm jism flowing down her throat.
Jack was again treated to the sight of his mother’s chin covered in his cum.
Kelly’s tongue flicked qucikly over his dick, cleaning it thoroughly. She
scooped every drop off of her face and onto her waiting tongue, smacking her
lips as she consumed the delicious spunk.
The fact that she was doing this without knowing he was watching sent Jack’s
mind reeling! She *really* did like it! This fact removed any more doubts he had
about fucking his mother being a selfish act. She *actually had* enjoyed it! It
also crystalized his determination to call some friends over later. Nothing was
too good for Mom! If she wanted three dicks in her at once, then she would have
it, by god!
Kelly sank to her knees in front of the three boys, almost mesmerized by the
sight of the three swollen members bobbing in front of her. The vibrator buzzed
away in her pussy, held in place by the latex panties.She writhed her hips
around as she engulfed Steve’s seven inch prick with her mouth and wrapped her
hands around both Jack’s and Phil’s cocks. The boys dick throbbed in her mouth
and all three groaned audibly.
“See guys…UNNNGHHH….I told she gave great head” Jack said as his Mom stroked
his prick. Kelly began to switch between the three boys, slipping each of their
thick pricks down her throat as deeply as she could. She could feel each of
their pulses as her mouth was filled by each in turn. This was what she had
longed for! Three meaty cocks all for herself! She moaned in pleasure around
each mouthful of dick, and smacked her lips lewdly as she switched her
ministrations from one boy to another.
“MMMMPHHH! Oh, boys! *smack* God! I love your dicks! I want you *slurp* *smack*
ALL to fuck me…” She deepthroated each boy in turn, looking up at them each
with a sultry look in her eyes. They moaned as her tongue, lips and throat
stroked and massaged their members.
Kelly rode her dripping cunt up and down on Steve’s meaty member, Phil’s 6 1/2
inches pistoning gloriously in and out of her tight asshole, and Jack’s
throbbing cock slidding in and out of her wet mouth. She moaned in ecstacy
around her mouthfull of dick. Her hands grabbed and squeezed her own gigantic
mammeries, pulling hard at her nipples as the three phalluses filled her
“Ugh…I…I’m COMING….!!!” moaned Jack. Kelly felt his prick begin to jerk in
her mouth quickly pulled back enough so that the head of his cock was resting on
her extended tongue, so that Jack could *see* her drink his cum. She wanted him
to see how much she loved to taste his seed, to feel it shoot into her mouth and
all over her beautiful face. She wanted his hot sticky load all over her!
Jack did not disappoint her. With final groan his penis convulsed and began to
jet the thick white cum that she loved so much. She was fairly innudated by the
size of his load! Jack shot stream after stream of cum into her waiting mouth,
with a fair amount overflowing onto her lips and chin, and dripping into her
cleavage. Her hands began to massage t his overflow into her mountainous tits.
she said, pushing more of her son’s cum out of her mouth with
her tongue. It drooled down her chin in thick streams. Mommentarily releasing
Jack’s cock from the warmth of her mouth, Kelly swallowed noisily. She savored
the musky taste of cum on her tongue. She wanted more! She re-applied her mouth
to Jack’s cock and commencedto sucking the last of his seed out of the softened
Steve and Phil were continuing to fill her hungry pussy and asshole with their
meaty poles. They had gradually begun to increase the pace of their strokes, and
Kelly was nearly in heaven. The two dicks made lewd slurping noises as they slid
in and out of her slippery oriffaces. Kelly released her son’s now spent prick
from her lips, and he staggered back slighltly and sat down on the couch.
“Oh boys, that *uunnnhhh* oh… yesssss…fuck my ass and cunt!” she hissed as
she flexed her ass and pussy muscles, almost sucking on the boys’ pricks with
them. “Fuck me deep! Fill me full of your hot cocks! * oh yes, GOD YES!!!
Give me those dicks!!!” Kelly hefted her mammoth tits with both hands, bringing
the engorged nipple of one within reach of her cum- dripping lips. She stared at
it for a momment, almost as if she herself could not believe that it stood out
the full inch that it did. Then she engulfed it, suckling herself, waves of
pleasure from it complementing the ecstacy of her double cock impalement. An
added bonus was the remaining taste of Jack’s cum overflow on her tits. She
brought the other nipple within reach, and began to alternate between them,
sucking first one, then the other. The feeling was unbelievable, especially with
the steadily increasing pace of her double fucking. The boys had abandonned
their former tentativeness, and were now sliding their full lengths in and out
of her. The boys’ breathing was beginning to get faster and faster, indicating
that they were getting close to their own orgasms.
“Okay *unnn* boys, are you ready to cum?” she panted.
Steve and Phil slackend their pace. “Yes….*pant* ma’am” said Steve. Phil
chimed in “I could blow my load any second Mrs. C.”
“Well then, why don’t you both pull out and *cum* up here” Kelly said, sliding
one long nailed finger into her mouth and sucking on it for emphasis.
“You mean you *want* us to….” began Phil incredulously.
“…cum in your mouth?” finished Steve.
nodded Kelly. She began to scrape some of Jack’s come from
her chin into her mouth.
“I dunno” said Steve “I mean, don’t you think its gross? Most girls do…”
“Trust me guys” said Jack from his spot on the couch “when my Mom says she wants
something, she wants it.”
“Oh, please boys…just come up here and let me suck you cocks some more…trust
me, I *love* cum on me” Kelly said, a note of plaintiveness in her voice.
Phil and Steve look at each other around Kelly, who they still held impaled
between them. Coming to the same decision simultaneously, the both pulled free
from her ass and pussy, elliciting another small moan from Kelly as they popped
free. The both clambered shakily to their feet, while Kelly shifted to a
kneeling posture, Steve’s cock dangling to her left, Phil’s to the right. She
reached up and grasped both boys still rock-hard dicks, and began to pump them
up and down. The boys both stood stiff as boards, the plaesure of her
ministrations showing in their faces. She beagan to suck on the ends of their
members, alternating between to two, brining them both up to the brink, but not
letting them cross it.
Kelly was in her element. “This is what I was meant to do” she thought to
herself. “God, I love cocks! There’s nothing better than a thick hard prick
spewing cum down my throat.”
She pulled the two boys’ dicks toward each other so the heads were almost
touching. She began to lick both cock-heads together. She was almost lost in the
experience when she noticed Jack watching her from the couch, sroking his
freshly drained dick to semi-rigidity.
Kelly slurped, looking her son directly in the eye. “Do you like to
watch me suck cock Jack? Do you like to see your mother *slurp*…” She paused
to deep-throat Steve, her tongue snaking out to lick his balls. She pulled back:
“….being face fucked?” She repeated the action, sheathing Phil’s dick between
her lips to the hilt, his full testicles slapping her chin. She giggled around
her substantial throat full of cock, winking at her son. She withdrew from
Phil’s hardness, eliciting a moan from the boy. ” I love to have my throat
filled with cock” she said with a pleasure soaked sigh. “Do you like to watch,
Jack?” She smiled her dazzling smile as her tongue flicked at Jack’s friend’s
throbbing members again.
Jack nodded as his hand worked up and down his dick.
“Ooooohh, I knew you did” she giggled “and now you can watch these two fine
friends of yours fill my mouth with their cum. How many little boys are that
lucky?” She looked fixed Jack with a sultry look, her thick brown hair framing
her face as she snaked her tongue across her full, jism-covered lips. She began
to jerk on both of Jack’s friends dicks, tilting her head back and aiming the
engorged heads so that they pointed directly into her waiting mouth.
“Come on boys, feed me that hot cum that I love so much,” Kelly said, opening
her mouth wide and extending her tongue.
With final grunt from each, the two boys came! Their engorged pricks twitched,
and twin ropes of cum flew through the air to land on Kelly’s waiting tongue.
She lapped up the spurting jets greedily, tasting the boy’ essence. Thick
strands of cum draped her lips and chin, glistening as Kelly sucked the last
drops from the boy’s shrinking appendages.
“Mmmmmm…thank you boys…

Kelly was awakened by the feeling of fingers probing her cunt. It took several
moments for her to realize that they were her own! “May as well go with the
flow” she thought, and relaxed as she fingered herself to an orgasm.
“What a slut I’m becoming” she thought as she sucked her fingers clean of pussy
juice. Strangely the thought of being thought of as a slut didn’t seem too
troubling to her. What the hell else would you call someone with sexual
appetites like hers? Kelly had come to love having every oriface of her body
stretched and filled with cock, singular or many. She loved the feel of cum
oozing out of her ass and pussy and mouth. She reached around and slipped two
fingers up her ass, and pinched her engorged clit with the other hand. She was a
beautiful slut, made for sex of all kinds, and loving every minute of it! Even
had she known of a way to return to her former life now, she would have disposed
of the idea in the blink of an eye. She wiggled her fingers, feeling the pulsing
of her sphincter muscles as she shuddered through another orgasm. “Give this up?
” Kelly thought as she licked the musky taste of her enema-cleaned ass from her
fingers, basking in the afterglow, “No fucking way.”
Kelly worked the buzzing pink dildo in and out of here well lubricated ass, and
moaned contentedly around her mouthful of cock. She was sitting in bed propped
up on pillows so that she was in a sitting position. Jack kneeled by her head
and worked his dick in and out of her mouth, slowly fucking here luscious lips.
Kelly loved the feeling of her three tongue piercings as they shifted around as
Jacks cock filled her mouth. Kelly’s other hand was busy stroking her erect
clit, flicking it while the vibrator stretched and filled her ass delightfully.
Her eyes were locked on the 20″ television screen in front of her, and the
carnal scene being played out thereon. Two black men with dicks at least 9″ long
each were being sucked off by a big titted (well, big compared to normal women,
Kelly thought) brunette. The brunette was wearing a midnight blue latex dress,
pulled down to expose her tits, and up to show the pedestal mounted dildo that
the girl was sliding herself up and down on as she slid the huge black dicks in
and out of her mouth.
The action shifted a bit. The panting girl on the screen now had the pedastal
dildo buried to the hilt in her obviously well stretched ass, and was being
fucked in the pussy by one of the black guys. The other black guy was busy
fucking the brunette’s mouth with long deep strokes, to her obvious delight.
Kelly pressed the dildo deep into her ass and held it there with her well
conditioned sphincter muscles, turning the speed upon it as she did so. She had
started exercising her sphincter muscles recently to keep her ass nice and
tight. As often as she had a cock or a dildo or *something* up her ass these
days, it paid to keep in shape.
She moaned as the dildo buzzed away, and Jack continued his slow, steady fucking
of her mouth. His stamina was amazing these days! With breaks for water, he had
fucked her mouth for 45 minutes before he came last night! Kelly had been in 7th
heaven! And when he came, it was like a fucking river of delicious cum issued
form his cock! That high protein diet she had him on was really working.
Kelly squirmed slightly on her seat, sigh and shuddering slightly as the dildos
in her ass and pussy shifted around, massaging her inner walls. She had taken to
wearing the belt almost constantly, removing it only for a daily cleaning, going
to the bathroom, when the batteries needed changing, or when the prospect of
some real sex presented itself. The tiny control pack in her pocket randomized a
pattern of vibrations for the five inch rubber plug in her pussy and its twin in
her anal opening. She could overide the randomizer feature, of course, but left
it on most days. A pleasent sexual haze suffused most of her days, but she had
learned to work along with it, so it did interfere with her work. Most of her
co-workers had merely assumed that her nearly constant good mood derived from
the drugs she was taking for her “condition”. She had become that good at
covering up her orgasms. She did sometimes have to check he rself, to refrain
from tweaking an erect nipple, or stroking her inner thigh.
By the time she got home from work she was more than ready for a fucking, and
Jack and his friends were more than happy to oblige her. She would usually
arrive home to find their healthy young dicks waiting to be sucked and fucked,
and she was more than happy to oblige. The evenings she would usually spend
reading erotica or watching porno movies, filling her velvety holes with her
quite extensive collection of sex toys. If Jack finished his homework early
enough, Kelly would sometimes let him join her, suckling her own huge tits as
Jack’s by now quite talented tongue stroke the fold of her insatiable pussy. She
usually finished the day by sucking her son’s cock, greedily consuming his
copious spunk. She kept him on the appropriate diet these days, and his balls
were always full of the thick white cum that she loved so much. She would then
slip her dildo belt back on, set it to random, and sigh her way to sleep.
Two nights a week Kelly had also started dancing at an upscale “gentleman’s
club” downtown. With her incredibly erotic body and her exotic look, what with
her nipple, clit and tongue piercings, Kelly was a total hit at the club. Her
lap dances were becoming damn near legendary, and she seldom went home withoput
at least $1000 in her pocket. Of course this didn’t include the money she made
on the side. Seldom did a night at the club pass that she didn’t end up with a
cock or three invading her hungry holes, and a face spattered with cum.
Nastiness was her trademark, and she made her clients pay. Of course if her
clients had realized how much *she* enjoyed herself when pleasuring them, they
might have charged her instead of vice versa. She always felt so damn *alive*
with a a cock stuffed up her ass and her pussy, with another crammed down her
throat. As great as this feeling was, it still did’nt make her feel as good as
she did with Jack’s cock ramming in her ass, pussy, or mouth. Her son’s cock was
by far the best.
As a special treat for Jack, she would sometimes let him watch pornos with her.
She loved to suck Jack’s cock while watching the movies, and tried to time the
blowjob so that he would shoot his load just as the man, or more often men, on
the screen did. Kelly’ favorite movies were the cumshot compilation ones, with
gang-bang vids taking a close second. She loved to imagine herself in the place
of each actress, her pussy and ass strectched to the max, her face covered in
the sticky jism.
Unfortunately, Kelly had to leave to office job. She just had become unable to
think of the men and women at the office in any other way than sexually. The men
were just throbbing cocks to be sucked and fucked, and the women were just
succulent pussies with legs. Business at the club, on the other hand, was
booming. Kelly was the star attraction, both on the stage and in the backroom.

Jenny’s parents were dead. that was for certain. It had been mercifully quick,
of that she had been assured. Now, six month’s later after school had ended,
here she was going to live with her Aunt Kelly. She wasn’t sure what to make of
her Aunt Kelly the first time they met. She ha d been told about her aunt’s
condition, a rare one which caused massive uncontrolled breast growth, but she
was still a bit taken aback by the women who greeted her at the train station.
Aunt Kelly had been easy to find, being the only women in the train station with
a 60″ bust. Jenny had expected her aunt to dress to hide her deformity, but the
exact opposite seemed to be the case. She was dressed in a pair of short shorts
that clung tightly to her wide buttocks, clogs sandals with 6″ heels, and what
amounted to a halter top, obviously specially made for her. It contained her
massive boobs, but also showed them off. Her mass of hair was french-braided,
and the braid hung to her mid-back. Not a man in the place could take their eyes
off her.

Kelly had been slipping the drugs to her niece for about a month now and the
changes were beginning to show. Jenny’s hair had thickened considerably and was
growing a rather fast rate. Her young nubile form was being subtly shaped by the
chemical cocktail, the strange concoction shaping her body to a more…sensual
She had decided not to tell Jenny what was happening to her. Kelly wanted the
transformation from innocent teenager to cock hungry fuck toy to happen to the
girl gradually, as it had happened to her. Jenny’s mind would adjust as her body
changed and her aunt would be along to coach her if she had any problems. Before
long, she’d have Jenny experiencing all the fucking that Kelly now knew that all
women secretly craved.
The drug was merely a catalyst, releasing the inner slut that all women had, and
making it physically manifest. Kelly knew that there was no greater freedom, and
she wanted he niece to share and understand the unparalleled pleasures that
suffused her life now. Pretty soon the young girl would be above the concerns of
ordinary people, and would be able to concentrate on the truly important things,
namely getting as many cocks and as much cum as often as possible.

Jenny wasn’t sure exactly what was happening to her these days, but she knew she
liked it. Her pussy had been feeling all tingly all week, and when she had
finally take the time to examine it in the mirror in her room, she was shocked
at how puffy and swollen her lips were. And her clit! Why it was the size of a
gumball! She was at first worried that there might be something wrong with her,
but a quick exploration with her fingers put rest to that worry. As her fingers
stroked through her pussy folds, wave upon wave of pleasure flowed through her
body. She lay back on her bed and continued to touch herself. A hour quickly
passed as she rode the torrent of pleasure that issued from her cunt.
About two weeks after she had noticed the change in her genitalia, two weeks
spent stroking and probing said genitalia as much as she could, Jenny began to
notice the increased sensitivity in her nipples and breasts.
Her thoughts began to bother her as well. She had always thought of herself as a
rather independent girl, directing her energies mostly toward attaining her
career goals. She’d been having trouble staying focused on that lately though.
For some reason, she was becoming obsessed with the way she looked. How did she
look in this dress, did it show her tits off nicely, was it tight enough to show
off some tush? Was her makeup all on correctly?
Makeup. That was new for her as well. Perhaps living with her aunt was rubbing
off on her a bit. Kelly was never seen without her face perfectly made up, thick
lips heavy with lipstick, eyes mascaraed and lined. When she had first moved in
with her aunt, Jenny had been rather repelled by the thought of all that junk on
her face. But the idea of making herself up had begun to fascinate her lately.
She had found herself trying first a bit of lipstick, then eyeliner, some
mascara perhaps…before she new it she was making up her face every morning
almost unconciously. The strange feel of the makeup on her face faded quickly,
and she began to really like the way she looked with it on. She certainly got
lots of looks from men when she went out in public…Before she knew it, she was
carefully sculpting her face every morning under the avid tutelage of her aunt.
Ruby red lips, dark shaded eyes, rouged cheeks to enhance the cheekbones…
Jenny also began to look at the catalogs that Aunt Kelly kept around the house.
Many were of high class designer clothes, but there were a few that had more
provocative and even extreme clothing. Perhaps in conjunction with her new
concern about her appearence, this pointed to some unfulfilled childhood
desires. She never had played dress up very much as a child, so perhaps now was
her time.
Almost in a daze one day, she decided to go to the mall and go shopping. Before
she knew it, she had passed an entire afternoon and was home laden with packages
that she only half remembered buying. With a strange sort of intensity she began
to try on what she had bought.

Another subtle change came in her own internal language. She had caught herself
thinking of herself and her body parts with words that she normally abhorred.
Her breasts had become “tits” or “jugs” in her mind, her rear end her “ass”, her
vagina had become her pussy or even more often, her “cunt”. Areas of her body
that had seeemed dirty before began to take on a more sensous cast as well. Her
anal area in particular seemed to be becoming much more sensitive in a good way,
and Jenny found it hard to think of it as a bad place. She found herself
starting to carress and stroke her anal oriface, or her “asshole.” While jilling
herself off, she began to wish she had something in her mouth, something to suck
on…Her whole self image seemed to be shifting and changing. Jenny seemed to be
beginning to see herself only in terms of sexuality.
This internal dialogue also began to infiltrate her fantasies. Daydreams of slow
romantic lovemaking were beginning to give way to hot, sweaty, messy fucking.
Where she used to think of a man slowly sliding his penis into her throbbing
vaginal canal, bringing her to a glorious orgasm as he deposited his seed with
her, now she thought of a huge cock, fucking her deep and hard, spurting cum
deep inside her sopping ,cunt as her huge jugs shook up and down.
Huge jugs? She didn’t have large breasts at all. And for the first time in her
entire life, that thought bothered her. The women with the fatter tits seemed to
get all the attention. So, when Jenny’s shirts began to feel a bit tight around
the bust, and the sensitivity of her nipples kept the erect almost all the time,
she thought little of it.
At first these changes bothered her, but her worries were quickly drowned in
orgasms that she was able to give herself. Her newly sensitive asshole finally
gave way to her probing fingers one afternoon, and after that initial experience
anal sex was no longer something out of the question for her.
Slowly but surely, sexual thoughts began to invade her everyday thoughts, even
when she wasn’t touching herself. When she saw men on the street, her first
thought was how big their dick was, and what it would feel like in her pussy, or
her ass or mouth. More than once she had ducked into a public restroom to
releive her throbbing pussy. Women were not excluded from her fantasies either,
and she began to lick her own juices from her fingers after masturbating,
wondering if all women’s pussies tasted so delicious. She juiced a whole lot
when she got horny now as well, easily soaking the crotch of her panties. And
when she came, why pussy nectar fairly streamed from her cunt. Occasionally she
would finger fuck herself while sucking on a pair of her panties, savoring the
taste of herself as she orgasmed.
Living in the house with Uncle Jake and Jack was getting more and more
difficult, as she began to even fantasize about them, her own family. She found
herself wondering what her Uncle’s cock tasted like, how much cum spurted from
Jack’s dick when he came. She fingered herself to massive orgasms as she thought
of either of the two men fucking her. Sometimes she even dreamed of them both
ravishing her, her uncle fucking her slutty cunt while Jack fucked her face and
came down her throat. She dreamed about her aunt too, slurping at Kelly’s juicy
clit while her aunt sucked her own tits.
This, combined with the fact that she could barely fit into any of her shirts
anymore, finally proved to be too much. She couldn’t take it any more. She had
to talk to her aunt about it.

The morning after Jenny had been the meat in an Jack and Jake cock sandwich,
Kelly decided that the time had come to fully initiate her niece, and get some
final touches to her own image as well. To that end, she made some calls, and
some appointments. She found Jenny on her knees in the library sucking on Jack’s
cock again. Kelly quickly stepped to help Jenny finish Jack off, and after Jack
had blown his load all over both of their faces and stumbled from the room, She
sat Jenny down to have a talk.
“So Jenny,” Kelly began, watching her neice collect the cum from her face with
her fingers and suck her fingers clean, “You like living with myslef and Uncle
Jake and cousin Jack, don’t you?”
“Mmmph…*smack*..of course I do Aunt Kelly!” the voluptouos brunette said as
she licked the last of her cousins semen from her fingers. “My life has gotten
so much more interesting since I moved here. I love it!”
“You don’t regret the…changes that you’ve gone through since you’ve moved
“Oh no, Aunt Kelly! I feel like a whole world has been opened up t o me.” She
looked her aunt directly in the eye. “I would never have known what nice cocks
Uncle Jake and Jack have if I hadn’t moved here. I would never have gotten such
beautiful titties if I hadn’t moved here. And I might have gone my entire life
without sucking cock or drinking cum if I hadn’t moved in with you.”
Her voice took on a husky quality, and Jenny scooted toward her aunt on the
sofa. Kelly moved toward her neice and their lips met in a writhing kiss. The
two women’s hands moved under each other’s skirts and the two women lost track
of time as they explored each other’s pussies.
When they had finished playing (at least for the time being), Kelly explained
the appointments she had made.
“We’re both going to move to the next level, you might say,” Kelly explained.
“What we are, you and I, are sluts.” She was gratified that Jenny merely smiled
at the word.
“A slut…I’m a slut.” Jenny rolled the word around in her mouth, and decided
she liked it. “I AM a slut, Aunt Kelly, and so are you!”
“Yes, my dear. And its time we got ourselves even better equipped for our new

The two women’s first stop was at a clothing store that specially catered to
women with odd body shapes. There they purchased a wide range of beautiful
clothing for Jenny, and she picked up a few outfits for herself. The clothing
was classy, yet sexy, and both flattered and concealed the two womens large
breasts and asses.
“We can’t look like sluts *all* the time dear, even if that’s what we are,”
Kelly told her niece as they left the store after several hours. We occasionally
have to function in the normal world. Our next stop will be the more fun stuff.”

Kelly was as good as her word. As they entered The Dreamworks, Jenny gasped the
huge variety of sexy, provocative, and downright slutty clothing that the store
contained. Rubber dresses, garter belts, silky stockings, shoes and boots with
6″ heels, body stockings, the place had everything! Both women picked out a huge
variety of rubber clothing, lycra clothing, split crotch panties, garter belts,
mini skirts, body stockings and the like. Both women bought a huge variety of
clothing, funded by Kelly’s profits from her dancing and whoring. The Dreamworks
didn’t deliver normally, but after both girls put on a very special show for the
store manager, he agreed to bring the stuff by in a couple of days.
The next stop was a medical clinic. Kelly had fund out about a month ago that
the place was known to do very radical body modifications, but you had to make a
special appointment. She had made one for Jenny and herself. It was a three day
process, so Jake and Jack would have to get on without them for a couple of
They arrived at the clinic, and were escorted into a very clean waiting room. A
large burly man in a immaculate white surgical coat soon entered and escorted
the women into a room with two medical tables.

Kelly awoke slowly. The anesthesia was wearing off. She was lying on a bed in a
hospital ward, her body coverd with a white silk sheet. She could barely see
over the mounds of her breasts, and she struggled to rise. A nurse swayed into
the room, her lycra uniform conforming to her rather lush curves.
“Why Ms. Henderson, you’re awake…her let me help you…” said the nurse,
pulling a pair of shoes out from under the bed. Kelly slipped her feet into what
proved to be a set of pumps with 6″ heels, the silk sheet slipping from her body
as she did so. The nurse led her over to a full length mirror.

“Your ankle tendons have been surgically shortened and your ankle muscles
strengthed to compensate,” said the doctor. “You won’t be able to walk in
anything less than 5″ heels, but anything more will be perfectly comfortable,
even for running. Your breasts were given one last dose of the growth drug and
have topped put nicely at a 74 HH cup. We enhanced your back muscles as well to
compensate for the weight on your chest as well as your new waist. We have
removed one rib on each side of your body, and through a series of subdermal
procedures, narrowed your waist to 18 inches.”
Kelly stood in front of the mirror, turning and staring at herself with
amazement. Her huge swollen breasts bobbed gently as she moved, curving in
dramatically to her incredibly narrow waist. The aureoles of her nipples were
about 4 inches across now, and the nipples themselves poked out about an inch.
Her plump fleshy ass flared out below her waist, and then tapered down into her
incredibly shapely legs. While her form before had been incredible, her
post-surgery form was even more sexual and extreme. With tits this size,
jumbo-sized nipples erect and tingling, an ass as plush and fuckable as she now
had, how could she be made for anything other than sex? The doctor continued his
explanations as Kelly’s hands roved over her newest features.
“The most important modification in you are biochemical,” he said. “Tailored
hormone traetments have enhanced you genitailia considerably, increasing your
lubrication ability and vaginal sensitivity, as well as the resilience of your
vagina. Your uterus could probably resist a knife wound right now. Your rectum
now also lubricates with sexual stimuli, just like your vagina. Special muscle
conditioning has also greatly increased the elasticity of both your vaginal and
rectal canals. You should have a lot of muscle control over both as well. A
similar treatment has been applied to your mouth and throat. You will I’m sure
soon understand the benefits this will give you.
“Special nerve treatments have given you the equivalent of two more clitoris’;
one is located in your rectum, the other in the back of your throat. Eating
should be an interesting experience for you now. We also enhanced the clitoris
you already had.”
“We also modified your digestive system, adding a few elements. While normal
food will taste just as good and nourish you as well as before, you can also
derive most of the elements you need to live and thrive from one simple source;
ejaculate. Not just human either, my dear. Any sperm will support you. Also, you
solid waste processes have been optimized. Your fecal matter will now be dry,
solid, and odorless, completely sanitary.”
“Certain brain chemistry modifications have been emplaced as well. While you may
notice some differance now, they’ll take a month or so to take effect fully.
They should realign you mentally to your new body, so you can maximize your new
attributes. I know that you’ve been preparred for this already Ms. Henderson,
but these changes will go beyond merely psychological and down to the actual way
your brain works. You’ll adapt perfectly to your new form.”
By this time in his explanation, the doctors cock had swollen to tent his slacks
rather dramatically. As if by reflex, Kelly turned, sank to her knees in front
of the good doctor, and unbuttoned his fly. His rather large cock flopped out,
and Kelly had her mouth on it in record time. There was not another thought in
her head other than the prick that hang before her. Almost before she knew what
was happening she was bobbing her head up and down, violently fucking her own
mouth and throat with the doctors thick prick. Almost immediatly orgasmic waves
of pleasure spread out from her throat. It was just like having her pussy
fucked! She fucked her own mouth with the doctors dick faster and faster,
moaning and mewling with pleasure. Saliva drooling from her tightly sucking lips
as she hit climax after climax.
With a loud gutteral groan the doctor finally came, jetting thick spunk into
Kelly’s mouth. She swallowed noisily, some of the cum leaking form the corners
of her mouth. Wow, if she had liked the taste of cum before, it was like
ambrosia to her now! She knew she had just found her NEW favorite food.
“At this point I think you’ll have noticed some final small modifications. You
can now breath completely through you nose if you wish to. Well Ms. Henderson,”
the doctor said, looking down at the woman suckling the last of his cum from his
rapidly shrinking cock, “this concludes the body changes section of your
treatment. Now Nurse Wilson here will take you over to the makeover division for
the second part of your treatment.”

Nurse Wilson had escorted Kelly to a new ward and helped her onto yet another
bed. Then the brunette-tressed nurse had lowered her head between Kelly’s legs
and begun to lick and suck, and, and…Well, frankly she didn’t remember much
after that. A slight sting of a needle, and everything went black.
When she awoke, Nurse Wilson again helped her to her feet, and walked her to a
mirror. Oh god, she looked perfect! Her huge tits now sported heavy gold rings
which hung from her nipples. Similar rings dangled from the moist fleshy lips of
her labia, three on each side. She could feel the rings swinging from her cunt
and tits with every move she made.
Her fingers were each tipped by 2″ nails which looked like her own but seemed
harder. The tip of each nail had a small hole drilled through it, and a tiny
gold ring hung from the tip of each finger. The nails looked terrific, but it
was obvious she wouldn’t be doing any typing anytime soon.
Her navel sported a heavy gold ring as well, and a gold chain threaded through
it to encircle her waist.
The next thing she noticed were the tattoos. Across her taut belly right below
her belly-button were emblazoned the words “COCKSLUT” in large block letters.
Right above her now hairless pussy, a large arrow pointed down, topped by the
the phrase “INSERT COCK HERE.” The tip of the tattooed arrow end just above her
snatch. Turning slightly, she saw a similar tat on her ass, the tip of the arrow
dipping down between her ass cheeks, presumably to right above her asshole.

“You’re niece has been awake for some time. She went to put on some clothes and
fix herself up.”
Kelly looked up in amazement as her neice entered the room. Gone were the last
vestiges of the plain ordainary brunette Jenny that had come to live with her
six month ago. She had been transformed, changed, improved! Where had stood an
ordainary young girl, there now stood a vision of sexual excess and beauty.
The new Jenny jiggled into the room, her fat ass swaying from side to side as
she strode in her burgundy vinyl knee boots with 6″ heels. A long sleeved
burgundy vinyl mini-dress encased and lifted up her tremendous chest, making it
unlikely that Jenny could actually see her feet. The dress continued down to hug
her wide hips and butt closely, halting just below the bottom of her cheeks. Her
long thick brown hair had been bleached out to an almost white-blonde color, and
spilled down her back, with her brows bleached to match. Jenny’s lips were now
full and thick, painted to match her dress. Her fingers were tipped with 3″
nails, also the same color as the dress.
The piercings were what she noticed next. 8 holes now pierced each of Jenny’s
ears from the lobe up the sides. Large gold hoop earrings hung from each hole,
gently brushing at her shoulders. Topping the massive mounds of her breasts,
large rings were easily visible through the plastic dress, piercing each nipple.
Kelly could only guess at where else the girl was now pierced.
The most distinctive change in Jenny was her manner and bearing. Up to even
right before the visit to the clinic there had still been the merest hint of
uncertaincy in her eyes and actions. That last vestige was gone. Her eyes were
bright and clear, and there was a fire in them that had not been there before.
Jenny stared her aunt directly in the eye and smiled broadly. Her long nailed
hands trailed up her body and she kneaded her own breasts roughly through her
skin tight clothing.
“OOoo, Aunt Kelly, Isn’t it wonderful?” Jenny said in a new high pitched bimbo
voice. “I Just love my new self. I feel so good…and so naaaassssstyyy….”
With that, one hand trailed under the edge of her skirt, and Kelly could see the
girl immediatly slide 2 fingers into her slick bald pussy. Kelly quickly noticed
the 6 rings that pierced Jenny’s labia, three on a side. The rings were fairly
thick and pulled the girls succulent pussy lips downward. A barbell pierced
Jenny’s clitoris, and it looked about three times its normal size.
“Why don’t you let me help you out ther dear,” Kelly said in a low voice. “sit
down and let your Aunt suck suck your slutty cunt,”
“Mmmmm…I think I’d like that,” Jenny said, stabbing her fingers in and out of
herself. She moved sensuosly over to a conveniently placed chair. Sitting down,
she splayed her legs wantonly apart, one over each chair leg. The plastic skirt
hiked up to expose the girls pussy, and Jenny trailed her fingers across and
through the folds of herself. A trickle of warm pussy juice began to drip slowly
from her slit as she caressed herself.
“Ooooo, yes, I would really like you to suck my pussy, Aunt Kelly.”
Kelly was on her knees in an instant. Without much of any delay, she began to
lap and suck her nieces cunt, her tongue roving over it She slurped the nectar
that oozed from the girls slit, and flicked the tip of her tongue on the barbell
that pierced her shiny red marble of a clitoris.
“Ooooooooooooo….Aunt Kelly! Suck my juicy pussy,” squealed Jenny. She kneaded
her huge mammeries roughly through the thin tight plastic of her dress, twisting
her nipples and pulling at the nipple rings as Kelly tongued her pulsing slit.
The makeover had eroded the last bits of resistance in Jenny’s head, any last
reservations she might have had about the new life that she seemed to be
entering into. Her body made it clear what she was made for, and with her new
makeover she was prepared to embrace the word that had frightened her so much
once: Slut. She ground her crotch into her aunt’s face.
“Oooo…Aunt Kelly, I need a cock to suck,” Jenny hissed through clenched teeth.
“I need a hot cock filling my mouth while you suck my pussy.”
As if on cue, a large black dick swung into Jenny’s view. Without even looking
up to see who it was attached to, the girl opened her mouth and inhaled the
dick, swallowing 5″ of it right of the bat. The dicks owner began to fuck
Jenny’s mouth hard, and she moaned and groaned with delight as the cock pounded
between her whore’s lips. With each thrust, the huge dick hit her throat
clitoris, and the dual sensations of that and her aunt’s tongue on her pussy
clit drove her wild!
What would the old Jenny have thought if she saw the new improved Jenny? Bleach
blonde, reclining in her chair, dress hiked up to reveal her cunt and pulled
down to expose her huge fat titties, her aunt’s face buried in her crotch, a
huge black dick fucking her heavily painted face…As the black man’s dick
convulsed in her mouth dispensing a flood of creamy cum, Jenny realized that she
didn’t care at all.

Jenny watched as box after box of her old possessions were removed from the
house. No regrets entrered her head as all vestiges of her former self were
removed from her room. Her boxes of books were the first to go. She didn’t read
anymore anyway, and she had no intention of furthering her education anymore, at
least not her mental education. The only schooling she desired now were in the
ways of the cock, asshole, dildo, mouth, pussy and cum. Rather than regret at
her books leaving, Jenny felt elation at the way that the workmen were looking
at her as she stood watching. She was wearing a clingy grey sweater dress that
covered her completely from neck to ankle and a matching pair of kid leather
boots, still with 6″ heels. Her long nails were painted blood red, and her full
lips were painted to match. Her silky white-blonde hair fell past her shoulders.
Her big titties were pushed up and together by the bra she wore, and the clingy
dress highlighted her rockhard nipples and their thick rings. She loved the
effect that that had on men. Every one of the movers was sporting a huge boner!
While the old Jenny would have cried at all of her lovely books leaving the
house, Jenny the slut just looked at the crotches of the workmen, and
wished…but Aunt Kelly had been specific. No fucking the workmen. Kelly had
told Jenny that if she fucked the workmen, then Kelly would’nt suck her pussy
that evening, and Jenny loved the way her Aunt’s tongue slid over her pierced
and stretched cunt.
Her old clothing was next, both garmets and shoes. “Good fuckin’ riddance” she
thought. The clothing that she and Aunt Kelly bought before the operations would
be delivered to day as well. “Never again will I be forced to wear boring
clothing,” she thought. Honestly, she wondered how she had worn some of the
things that the workmen were removing. They were so plain and boring. “When you
have a body like this, why hide it?” she thought “that’s no way to get fucked.”
Thick juice began to ooze from Jenny’s slit as she thought about trying on all
her new outfits. Moving out of view of the workmen, she hiked up her stretchy
skirt and collected her cunt-honey with her fingernails as it slid down the
insides of her legs. She popped her fingers in her mouth, and sighed at the
delicious taste of herself.
Next to go was all the old furniture, pictures, and decor left in the room.
Bored with the proceedings, Jenny wandered off to the study where she spent the
next four hours reclining on a divan, a Pocket Rocket vibrator held to her
bloated clitoris.
When she finally emerged from her reverie, Jenny heard nothing, no workmen, no
noise at all. She decide to explore. Jenny barely recognized the room, but she
loved it! The bed was a huge plush four poster with built in rings for handcuffs
and chains at each post. Mirrors covered the walls from floor to ceiling. The
headboard was a heavily carved piece of oak showing scenes of carnal excess; men
and women entangled with each other. Some pegs of unknown function were worked
skillfully into the carving. Silk sheets and pillows were piled upon the bed.
On the walls hung several black velvet paintings, all showing scenes of a sexual
nature. In on, a large brested brunette was being fucked in her asshole by a
faceless man with a huge cock. Another faceless man jammed another large prick
deep into the womens mouth. The expression on the womens face was one of pure
carnel joy as the two cocks invaded her. In another painting, a redhead had her
long nailed hand wrapped around a spurting cock. She was smiling broadly as the
cum jetted into her mouth and onto her face. In still another painting, a blond
screwed her asshole down onto a pedastal-mounted dildo as she stared at the
veiwer with a devilish grin. With one hand she pulled at a nipple, with the
other she played with her pussy.
A huge television dominated the wall facing the foot of the bed, and a
sophisticated looking multimedia center sat beneath it. A huge glass front
cabinet stood beside the television, filled with videos and CDs. A quick perusal
showed them to be all sex videos ranging from the romantic and sensual to th e
downright filty! A few bestiality, rubber fetish and fisting vids were mixed in
as well. Jenny couldn’t wait to check *them* out.
Next she went to the closet. She through the doors open with a flourish, and was
glad to see all the clothing that she and her aunt had bought, plus some other
new stuff, carefully arranged within.

Kelly slithered her tongue into Jenny’s mouth, scratching her long nails down
her niece’s back as she hunched down on the double ended dildo. The thick rubber
phallus forced both ends of itself deeply into the two women’s pussies as their
massive tits rubbed against each other.
The two were lying on Jenny’s bed, as they had been since morning. Kelly had
brought in the double phallus to Jenny just after breakfast, and they had
eagerly climbed aboard the two ends it. The two women had spent the last 6 hours
entwined in this carnal embrace, and showed no sign of letting up. Both Jake and
Jack had come in periodically over the last couple of hours and fucked their
asses and mouths to the two women’s great pleasure. Both women’s assholes hung
open a bit from reapeated penetration, and cum drooled from each one. Both men
had also jacked off on Jenny and Kelly’s faces as well, and both were smeared
with a thick layer of the white stuff which they licked and sucked from each
others faces.
Both women were in heaven.
“My asshole feels *unh* good…so loose and open,” grunted Jenny. “I love
feeling all that cum dripping out of me. I *unh* hope the boys come back *ooh*
“Don’t worry *slurp* my dear, they will,” Kelly whispered as she trailed her
tongue over her neice’s cum covered face.
As if on cue, Jack and Jake re-entered the room.
“Well Jack,” Jake said, his arm around his sons shoulders, “which one of our two
delectable sluts do you want to fuck this time?”
“I dunno Dad. Mom’s ass is so nice, but Jenny just loves in when I fuck her
throat. I must have fed the bitch at least a quart of cum today.”
The two women looked at the two men as they talked, still licking each other
faces and working the double-dong. They giggled as the men talked. Men were so
silly! Real girls just want to be fucked, didn’t they realize that?
After a bit more discussion, the men came to a decision, and approached the two
women. Jenny opened her mouth and sucked down Jake’s entire length without a
thought, and Kelly cooed with pleasure as her sons dick sank easily into her
loose sphincter. The room around them faded as they gave themselves over to
pleasure…and so the rest of the day passed.

The feeling of movement on the bed woke Jenny from a sexy dream. As she opened
her eyes, the first sight that greeted her was her Uncle’s cock as he knelt by
her head. Jenny smiled and parted her fat juicy lips, and was rewarded as Jake
slid his dick between them and began to fuck her mouth. She could feel her pussy
begin to drip as she opened her throat to the thrusting cock. She moaned happily
as Uncle Jake’s testicles slapped against her chin. She flicked her acorn sized
clit with one nail, as she caressed her uncle’s member with her supple lips and
tongue. She was quickly rewarded by a mouthful of her uncles delicious cum,
which she swallowed eagerly.
“Mmmmmm…breakfast,” she thought as the creamy stuff flowed down her throat
into her belly.
You know, now that she thought about it, Jenny couldn’t remember having eaten
anything but cum for the last few days! This thought would once have revolted
and disturbed her, but Jenny the slutcunt thought nothing of it at all, except
excitement at just how much a sex-craving bitch-in heat she was becoming. “Hot
loads of cum are all I *really* need,” she thought, gulping noisily.

“Cock, cock cock!” Kelly thought to herself. “That all I seem to think about
these days…” When she woke up, the first thing she thought about was cock.
When she showered, she thought about cock. When she ate, she thought about cock.
Anything she did, thoughts of fat juicy cocks heavy with thick creamy cum
invaded her thoughts. As this thought began to bother her, the feel of the thick
phallus being worked in and out of her mouth distracted her from her train of
thought. Her reflexes took over, and she worked the dick in and out of her
mouth. She couldn’t resist, and she quickly lost the urge to as pleasure
suffused her body.
Kelly had hardly noticed the mental changes that the doctor had told her about.
To her it was just a natural continuation of the path that had been on before
she had made her final choice and gotten the final modifications with her neice.
She had talked with Jenny about the dreams she had been having lately, and Jenny
had reported the same sort of things. These talks almost always ended in some
spirited pussy licking as the two women discussed their progressively more
perverted dreams.
She had adjusted to walking and moving with her new body quickly. And she had
barely noticed as her thoughts turned more and more toward sex, and less and
toward anything but. When she went out in public, her appearence, demeanor and
voice assured that everymone treated her as a brainless bimbo. While this might
have bother Kelly at one point, she was now long past caring. In fact, she
quickly came to love the whispers of the women and the stares of the men.
She’d slink into a store, her huge mellons and big firm ass encased in leather
or spandex, hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her face was usually made up, and
she moved like a cat on her 5″ plus heels. “Slut…..whore…..” the women in
the store would whisper amongst themselves. Kelly knew that they were just
jealous of her. She could have their men anytime she wanted to, with just a
shake or two of her massive titties, and a few quietly spoken words. Before she
knew it, she’d be in a dressing room, their husbands schlongs jammed up her ass
and cunt, and soon she’d be drinking their cum. On many occasions she would
leave the dressing room with cum still dripping from her mouth, ass and pussy,
staring at those bitches as she left.

Jake had dropped the bombshell right after dinner when Jenny and Kelly were
giving each other enemas (the two girls were ass-fucked so often these days that
it paid to stay cleaned out). Jake had finally scored a trick for both of the
girls this evening, a really high paying client. He reportedly had reather
rarified tastes, and had found out about Kelly and Jenny through mutual friends
of Jake’s. Kelly giggled as she talked excitedly to her niece and held Jenny’s
water bottle for her.
“Jake said that the man paid for the both of us in advance!” squealed Kelly,
raising the bottle high above her head. She squeezed the bottle and luke warm
water jetted into Jenny’s ass through the rubber nozzle that stuck from it.
Jenny sighed as Kelly lowered her head and nibbled gently at Jenny’s large
pulsing clitoris, as it poked out from between her newly fleshed pussy lips.
“Mmmmmm…not now, Auntie, we don’t want to be late!”
After a few more licks at the girl’s positively drooling pussy, Kelly raised her
head, a look of disappointment on her heavily made up face. “Oh, I suppose
you’re right…we don’t want to be late!”
The two women were quite a pair. Both wore skin tight pants of metallic lycra,
with matching skin-tight tops. Kelly’s was a copper color, while Jenny’s outfit
was silver. A zipper split each each of their pants at the crotch. The rings in
each of their nipples were clearly outlined by the shiny fabric, as were the
nipples themselves which were also erect. The two ladies pussies were also
clearly outlined, piercings and all.
The pair each wore knee length lace-up boots of a matching color with 5″ heels,
and their well manicured 2″ nails were painted to match. The tip of each nail
was pierced, with a little metal ring hanging from each one. Both wore a chain
around their waists, threaded through the rings in their navels.
Their breasts were held in check by lycra halter tops of similar color to their
pants. Both womens wealth of breast flesh threatened to spill out of the tops at
any second. Huge hoop earings dangled from their ears, and their wrists were
covered in bracelets.
They both had sculpted their faces to slutty perfection, their thick lips
painted just so, eyes outlined so they looked huge, eyebrows and lashes, the
whole enchilada.

As Jenny and her aunt looked into the back of the limousine, they both giggled
when they saw the back seat. Both seats in the back sported two huge dildoes,
set just so they would fit the pussy and ass. The dildoes glistened with
lubricant, and a soft humming sound was just barely audible. There was nowhere
else to sit in the back seat.
“MMmmm…don’t those look inviting,” purred Kelly.
“Oh, they sure do,” Jenny whispered. She stepped inside, moved across to the far
pair of prongs, and witha catlike langour, unzipped her crotch zipper, exposing
her sex. Positioning herself carefully, she eased herself down onto the two
prongs, sighing as each rubber cock slid neatly into her. When her ass hit the
leather, her nether holes were filled to perfection. She grasped at her tits,
forgetting for a mommen that she was wearing a top.
“Hmmm….Aunt Kelly, you have to try this…It feels *so good*,” the girl hissed
as her hands caressed her nipple rings through the thin material of the halter
“I think I’ll join you, my dear.” Kelly entered the limo and unzipped as well,
sinking quickly down onto the two fake cocks. She gasped with pleasure as the
huge dildoes stretched her pussy and ass just enough, but not too much. She
settled her lush buttocks against the smooth leather of the seat.
When both women were settled nicely, there was click as the back doors to the
limo locked. Then a panel in the roof of the limo compartment slowly flipped
down to reveal two more dildoes, each one mouted perfectly at mouth level. As
Kelly and Jenny watched, the two new fake cocks began to move toward their
faces, obviously on some sort of hydraulic system. Impaled as they were, it
looked as if the girls had little choice but to open their mouths. Jenny giggled
and looked sidelong at her aunt, sat back and opened her mouth wide. Kelly
followed suit. The dildoes moved past the girl’s open lips, gliding gently past
their tongues, filling their mouths and throats.
The car started and began to pull away. Jenny and Kelly gasped as all three fake
dicks filling their orifaces began to vibrate. The passenger cabin of the limo
was filled with the moans and groans of the two big titted sluts as they settled
in for the ride.

Kelly looked on approvingly as the three men ejaculated on Jenny’s face, into
her open and eagerly waiting mouth. The young slut hungrily lapping up the thick
jism as it spurted over her nose, lips and chin. Some dripped from her chin down
onto her tits, and Jenny quickly massaged it in to the vast exspanse of her

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  1. Daniel

    This is by far one of the best stories ever! The transformation of Kelly and her niece is outstanding! A story that would deserve a Part II…


  2. Fur-man

    This is the best story I have ever read I came 4 or 5 times reading it and I need more of it I can’t wait for more to cum.

  3. James

    Holly shit I’m not going to beat around the bush. This story got me so hot that I had to stop reading it three times just to jack off. Please let me know if there are any others on this site or if you can recommend another site that’s just as good.

    Oh and THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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