Beauty Contest

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by 57185 “Hey, how about this?” Tawny asked her friend Jill as the two students stopped on their Friday afternoon shopping tour in front of a sign at the wall of the new nightclub. “Hmmm? A beauty contest?” Jill looked … Continued

The Incantation of the Bimbo

Bimbo Boutique Original College Age Hair Breast Expansion Male Dom Magical Mental TF By Mindlesswonder303 Scarlet stomped up the stairs angry at having to come out on this beautiful late summer night to work on a preliminary paper that was … Continued

Milk Maid

Bimbo Boutique Original Hair Breast Expansion FemaleFemale Slut Chemical FemDomme Oral Forced Lactation DomSub by Beverly (aka BevG ) BEGINNINGS Natalie turned the faded blue Honda into the long circular drive, bending behind the windshield to take in the full … Continued

A Friend like Candy

chool was going alright, but I knew my Senior year at Baldwin High would be
tough. I was taking an extra course, and working hard to get my grades up so I
could qualify for a scholarship for my college education. I hoped to pursue my
plans to be a pharmacist, and I wanted to get into the pharmacy school at State.
I also needed good grades, or I would have little chance for admission. It
wouldn’t be easy, so I spent most of my time at school, doing my homework, and
performing extra credit projects. I didn’t have much of a social life. I had a
few friends, but mostly I hung out with Cammy, and we sometimes went to movies
or to the mall for some shopping, though I was saving most of my money for