pink_lollyThe Pinks are a fun group of girls driven chemically to lust for pink in everything.

The lollies were being used for general manipulations, bodies, hair, and mind.   In the design and research, a combination was found that remade girls in lovely forms but also brought around a certain lust, a lust for pink.  Pinks could barely see anything but pink.  Pink would drive them wild.  They wear pink, see pink, need pink.

Breathe in Pink, Breathe out Think.

But the Pink became extra special in that for the longest time, they were the only forms that could resist the Juggs Sisterhood.  The chemicals were able to fight back the virus.  The Pinks were also the Yin to the Juggs Yang in that Pinks were willing to become Pink.  They chose the loveliness of Pink.  They could even choose to release the Pink by stop taking in the chemical, but the Pink lollies were pink….so they lusted for them too.

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