In the land of Discord

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Many of the people from the boutique chat have been playing around with a discord server as of late. There have been many reasons for it mostly to see if we can help with a few issues with the chat … Continued

A Gift from BalloonDolls

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October Surprise   Hello everyone! Normally we would be gearing up for a Woman Crush Wednesday, but these plans got interrupted by the amazing artist, BalloonDolls – he’s just done an awesome promotional piece for us, featuring two of his girls, … Continued

2014 Bimbo Cup Bracket

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Updated 8/11/14: At last, dear friends, our 2014 Bimbo Cup has come to a close. Many congratulations to Jenny Poussin on her surprise Bimbo Cup victory over Amy Anderssen. Because of her victory, Vanessa Montagne will be appearing as a Bimbo … Continued

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