The Colorful Bimbos!

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Daily Pink

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Clothing done Bimbo

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Clothing is a power weapon for the bimbo and bimbo at heart.  It can be how it hugs the body, the colors, how little or how much it covers, it can make something that is great, awesome.  It can be … Continued

Not every girl is a twig.

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Not every girl can be a twig. Even though it is common for bimbo to be thought of as skinny like Barbie, the fact is that when you start to add thick thighs, plump asses and huge tits; a girl … Continued

How to walk in heels.

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Proper Footwear

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Proper footwear is one of the biggest things a girl can do to improve her look and stance.  Everyone knows that heels will make you taller but many don’t fully realize how they can shape your lower half of your … Continued