The Bimbo Cup is a quadrennial competition that features the models that the Bimbo Boutique staff deem as having the stuff it takes to represent the ideal “bimbo” look. Models are chosen based on age, nationality, contributions to the adult scene, contributions to the bimbo subgenre, and long-time achievement.


Bimbo Cup years are held in years that correspond with the FIFA World Cup. The first Bimbo Cup was held in 2010, with another Bimbo Cup being held a year later to test the long-term viability of such an event. After receiving rave feedback, the Bimbo Cup has been scheduled on an every-four-years basis, resuming in 2014 and going onward.


The winner of the first Bimbo Cup was then-newcomer Jordan Carver. The German-born model jumped on the scene and voters quickly voted her to the top, despite the fact that she had never exposed her bare breasts. This win clearly boosts the chances for other “tease” models like Wendy Fiore and Denise Milani.


The second Bimbo Cup, though just a test of the tournament’s viability, still produced a winner, who is recognized as such. The 2011 Cup provided the tournament’s operators a chance to develop a more sound structure for voting, and as such, a much cleaner presentation featured a new winner, French Canadian Bianca Beauchamp.


The 2014 Bimbo Cup was the first Bimbo Cup run by Tiffy Juggs, under the guidance of Miss Molly. The tournament is still in progress.


Fast Facts:

  • In 2014, the Bimbo Cup expanded from 32 to 64 models with four play-in rounds featuring four girls each
  • There has never been an American-born Bimbo Cup winner
  • The highest vote turnout in a Bimbo Cup competition was 185, set by the 2011 Bimbo Cup Final
  • Tied matchups in the group stage are determined by random dice roll
  • Tied matchups in the knockout stage are determined by a poll of the active members in the Bimbo Boutique Salon chat
  • A model who announces her retirement from the industry during the Bimbo Cup will immediately be disqualified
  • Models whose careers have ended are welcomed back as “alumni” in future Bimbo Cups
  • The winner of the previous Bimbo Cup is automatically invited back to the group stage in the following Bimbo Cup
  • 2014 was the first year to feature “fetish” play-ins, featuring celebrities, plumpers, and small breasted girls
  • During the “Erotic Eight” and “Flirty Four” rounds, competitors are split into four divisions, named after bimbo legends of the past. The mascot of the division that produces the winner will automatically win a bid to the next Bimbo Cup.


Previous Winners:

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