Welcome to the Boutique.

The Boutique is a place to explore transformational fetish desires, the urge, the need to be more, to become fun giggly and sex driven.

Many of us around here started in the days of yahoo chat playing out scenes of the average girl becoming the cheerleader ditz. It kept growing, but yahoo shifted us around. We made a move to another chat system but even now that has come to an end. But in those days, the purpose of this site was for the lore and rules of that chat. It started to grow taking on more of a general purpose to the Transformation community.

Then about a year ago, I just burnt out on it all. I went into lurking mode mostly, but I think many in the community did the same. I have noticed in the last 6 to 9 months it just being tough to find quality others. So I decided to revamp the site much more into the general bimbo scene.

Now what do I see the site for…..as a hub hopefully. I place where I can collect media and stories. game online

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