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I wanted a central place to post my thoughts on a few things.  First would be that it is tough for me to keep track of everything that is going on.  I have been absent to a point of detriment to the Boutique.  Work, family and life has to come before the boutique.  A balance of real life and fantasy needed to be found.  At one point of my life, I was on computers all the time for school and it was very easy to be on the boutique at the same time.  I lived a lot of my life in the fantasy.  Time moved on and real life had to be higher on the list and I spent much less time on the boutique.  The friends I made here started to do similar.  Families came along and focusing on them were higher.

This and the need I once had to move the IRC chat to a more adult based server has lead to the withering away of the quality of the Boutique.  The central idea for the boutique has been a much more female friendly place for the fetish.  A place where the classic Male Dom/female sub didn’t need to be central.  The move to an adult server wore on this greater.  When we had a large team of mods that were willing to watch over, it wasn’t too tough to counter this.  But the team has dropped to one main stay and a few irregulars and in that time the IRC channels have become a place for people to mostly idle or a place for people to be preyed upon by others from the server that thing it is ok to force the classic D/s.  When I log in to just play, the amount of messages I get from crappy sources is just too great.  And you know who is to blame for that? Myself.  No one else.  I haven’t put in the time to be able to watch it all and to craft people.

Chat on IRC vs Discord.

A few months back we started a Boutique Discord ( to see how well that service could be for us.  I wanted to see if the tools offered by the Discord server could help with our overall crafting of a community once again.

It has but we also haven’t had a huge influx of people, people that could be of the classic D/s mindset yet.  It is nice that you can see the history of the channel without being logged in 24/7.  It is nice to have so many rooms that can be tailored to certain desires.  It is nice to have a user interface that is pretty.  It is nice to be able to load in a bot or two that will let us have games without worrying if it will bother an admin somewhere somehow.

It is nice that we can tailor the feel of the community much easier.  As it allows us to not have to be on 24/7 or sort through miles of text logs to understand what is going on.

The core of boutique users are on discord often.  Everyone else is invited.


I feel horrible about failing.  Failing the group, failing our community, and I feel horrible about failing the mods, including our mainstay Kitten.

But life is change.  Things will need to move on.  Discord is going to be where many of boutique founders are going to be playing.  People are welcomed.


Now one last main thing, I need to express my sadness over my biggest failure in all of this.  We have had two mainstays within the boutique for years and year now.  Kitten and Pinky.  They couldn’t be any more different from one another.  Kitten is very little nonsense, very reality based, very real world with her outlooks on the fetish.  Pinky is a whirlwind of fantasies and playfulness.  I could never figure out how to make the two mesh with one another.  Near literal fire and water we are talking.

Kitten has been a foundation for the IRC room for years.  She is the one people should often thank for what is here.  I thank Kitten for what she has done.  And if you are reading this Kitten, you are welcomed on the discord too.  I did invite you when it started but I got the feeling that you didn’t want the change or didn’t want to have to deal with Pinky there.  I can understand both.

Ok, that is enough from my brain right now if I have anything else to say, I will edit this post below.  I wanted to make sure to have a central place to share this so everyone can see what I have said and thought.

Thank you everyone.


7 Responses

  1. Strigoi

    You’ve done fantastic work fostering and supporting the bimbo community for years. You’re a wonderful person and I appreciate all you do.

  2. PinkyJuggs

    I am at odds with both the world and my brain. This very emotional to me because I consider the Boutique to be my home away from the craziness in my head. Realizing that you are the problem and not the solution sucks. My apologies to everyone, especially those that I pissed off. ( this took hours to compose this seeing that I am abuntently clear that my ego has gone unchecked but there is no way to apologize without referencing yourself ).

    Bestest wishes to everyone, rp like there’s no tomorrow and GO DISCORD

    Forever yours,
    PinkyJuggs Xoxoxo

  3. Pinky

    Fuck you
    strigoi. You were one of the group that thought that you owned the place and goaded me into an explosion. you’re a newb in my eyes as are the other conspiritors so fuck of and die. this has been my home for years without incident and here comes you with your “lets discuss the price of tea in china” idea of a rp room…..FUCK OFF.

  4. DeepBlue

    Pink is pretty excitable and that’s why she’s fun. For you legends that’s obvious but there are some that think they own the place, she’s not welcome and pretty much that’s the opposite truth. I’m biased as we’re “close” but insecure people should beg off, not plot to ruin her.

  5. Doug Peterson

    Pink and I have moved on, established our own site and she feels happier than I’ve seen her in years. We wish you all the best for the new year and beyond. To all of the friends left behind, we miss you but that’s life because Pink is let’s say, volatile. It was going to happen sooner or later.

    We miss you !


  6. Douglas R Peterson

    If anyone that crosses back and forth between The Boutique and Dollhouse you’ll have noticed that Pink has finally calmed/been assigned a very personal moderator. No offence but we’re happy running the Dollhouse although it would be nice every now and then to visit the Boutique on Discord. I would be willing to be her rep to accomplish that, but I’m nothing like her and have been silent since I joined. Offering this olive branch is a huge leap for me, especially after our last visit. We were there to simply say hi and when Pink tried to excuse herself (I called her to the dinnertable) was verbally assaulted by a relative newbie. Not cool, but we’re past that. She misses her friends and would like to offer a pink carpet for anyone wishing to visit the Dollhouse. Not poaching, just simply being neighborly. I’m the one composing and typing this but these are her wishes, she’s sitting next to me. It would be so cool to see The Mollys together again.

    Kisses and glomps from Pink, a hopeful thumbs up from me.

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