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Since the admins of so many servers now just want to have a pissing match, there is now really only one way to get into Boutique’s Chat room.

You will need to install an IRC client program, KVirc, mIRC, Chatzilla or similar.

1. Download a client for IRC.  We now recommend the use of KVirc.  Install the software with the defaults and you should be find.

2. You can do one of two things now.

A) Click on the Chat link on the site to the left on the Main Boutique and this will auto-start and auto-join the Boutique.


B) Add the server of, connect and join the room of #Bimbo_Boutique.

On any of these, if you want to secure yourself a nick on, you need to use nickserv in the end.  Here are some of the basics.siteкачественное продвижение сайтов

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    • MisterRAWR

      Look to the left of the website, there is a picture with a girl with a finger in her lips that says chat under it… it.

  1. Busty_Bubblebutt

    Your link or the command if Virc don’t work. I can’t seem to get in the chat.

  2. Liriel

    I have determined the issue is that about half the site doesn’t appear in firefox on osx. It shows up in safari. I have now found the rest of the site.

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