2014 Bimbo Cup – Group H

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2014 Bimbo Cup

Group H


My goodness, what a way to end group play! A few serious shockers here, that are sure to excite when we begin the knockout round on Monday! The surprise winner of the group is a model who has been retired since 2004, Francine Dee! She’s followed by a girl who has had bad luck in Bimbo Cups in her past two appearances, but it seems that the third time is the charm for Brandy Robbins, as she takes the second seed after a dice-roll for second or third! Super-newcomer Emily Born must have jumped right into your hearts… or your pants! The recently-premiered girl is already moving in in Group H as the third seed! And rounding out the winners (and upsetting longtime Bimbo Cup favorite Gianna Michaels) is our play-in winner, Nadine Jansen! That makes all four play-in winners moving on, a Bimbo Cup first.


So it was a round of surprises, which should shake things up a bit when we come back from a weekend break with the knockout round! Stay tuned for that on Monday!


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