The Pink Migration V 5.0

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So the rumor mill has been leaking information that could be disappearing very soon.  There is no clear info how true this is but seeing that much of the admin staff of the IRC there is working to move we had  decided to follow suit.  The Boutique is moving servers to  Everything else is going to be the same.

Here is a basic run down of what you need to know.

There are 3 ways now to find the Bimbo Boutique.

1. Download a client for IRC.  We now recommend the use of KVirc.  Add the server of, connect and join the room of #Bimbo_Boutique.

On any of these, if you want to secure yourself a nick on, you need to use nickserv in the end.  Here are some of the basics.

2.  Simply click on the Web Chat Icon and you will be taken to Mibbit.  Enter a Nickname and click to join the chatroom.  Then just wait.  It has been known to take a minute to work.

If the direct link for the Web Chat is coming back with an error, you can try to log in this way also.

a)  Click here:

Click on the link for Server and add this into the server line.   Place a nickname in the Nick box.  In the Channel box, type #Bimbo_Boutique.  Then click Go.  This should bring you into the chat room.

3. Click on the Chatzilla Icon and you can use the IRC add-on for Firefox.  This will again directly take you to the Room. Chatzilla Add-on here.vkbot.orgmature escort dubaineobrut

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  1. Krystal

    Molly , are the servers down right now ??? cause I am trying to connect through the site chat link and just get a failed connection

  2. Maedchendieb

    Zerogummi should still work as a redirect to cuff-link. If that doesn’t work, then you can use or whatever server is closest to get online and get your kink on.

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