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I am totally adapting to bimbo lifestyle. Sort of.

Like most women that go from extreme intelligence to giving up their every whim and desire to that of a man’s (or the opposite, or any gender variation you wish, of course), it is extremely difficult! Heck, it is difficult for anyone to give up everything for anyone! Y’know what I mean. (Side note: I’ve found it way harder to explain what I’m thinking as I train in bimbo stuff, more).

So, hypnotism is a common thing in our community, but what does it really involve?

My Sir and I were interested in hypnotism, and we went to an erotic hypnotism workshop a few weeks ago,, which was very fun and interesting, but it only offered a brief overview of how to interact with the hypnotist and the hypnotee(?) and that left a lot of unanswered questions. So about a week later, Sir had me find a hypnosis script online for him to read to me and for us to try and see if I would even go under for him (as I have been hypnotised a few times before). I found a simple, non sexual one, and we tried it out. I would say overall it went really well, as it was very relaxing and I am very calmed by the sound of Sir’s voice, but the only thing was that I didn’t read the whole thing and it mentioned balloons! (I am terrified of balloons, so this totally pulled me out of the mini-trance I was in).

So now, I am determined to write my own script! I think the important parts to include will be… (highlighting)

  • Relaxation state
  • Creating a key word or phrase
  • Speaking of bimbo habits and personality traits
  • Reminding bimbo to serve their Sir
  • Remind of key word or phrase
  • Slowly bring them back up
  • Wake them up with reminder to be healthy, happy, calm and relaxed

I will definitely be posting the final script up here when it is complete, because I think a bimbo hypnosis script is something that is hard to find on the Internets!

Love y’all,
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2 Responses

  1. Bree

    Hello Tahara,
    After reading the important parts for the hypnosis script, I thought maybe you wanted to add one:
    * Releasing will for self is fun
    This might make it easier for very intelligent, self determined women to slip into the bimbo role, because: It’s fun to be non-thinking and controlled by men.
    I am looking forward to the finished script / file
    Kind regards,

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