Bimbo Training – Edging

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For the first time since beginning my bimbo training, Sir asked me to spend a day edging before our date night together. We were all ready planning for our date night to stay in, watch porn, and be totally fun and naked together. Hehehe.

Edging… that was a big step for me! I’m all ready one of the horniest women on the planet. I could fuck two or three times a day, every day, without any resistance. Sir and I definitely don’t have that kind of time – so when we plan a whole night for sex, the whole day my body is thrumming with anticipation! Now he wanted me to edge, too? Eeee!

Sir required that I edge at least three times, which… I was sure I could do for him. I could control myself that much, right?

I had the regrettable idea to tell my Tumblr followers that if they sent me an ask, I would edge for each ask that I got. I was allowing anonymous questions and each person was welcome to ask as many questions as they wanted. Normally I get about four or five questions when I ask for attention on Tumblr… this time I got TWENTY FOUR! It was ridiculous! I had a few people asking ANYTHING so that they could get me to touch myself more. I finally had to cut it off at twenty four because I physically couldn’t take it any more.

I have to say…

The results had me on fire all night as he touched me!

In case you’re a good little bimbo, and you don’t know what edging is – it is the act of masturbating until just BEFORE you cum. You are not allowed any release during the exercise of edging. <3

Hope y’all try it out soon!

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