Getting Sick Affects Training, And Sucks!

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I’ve been horribly sick with a very bad cold for almost three full weeks now. It’s been making me roll around on the couch, whining and complaining in pain and every time I take anything to dull my cold medicine, it’s been making me sick to my stomach. So… needless to say, I haven’t been doing very well with my bimbo training lately.

So one of the things that I was assigned to do while I was sick was keep track of the ways that getting sick affects my training (something I was able to do on my tablet while I was curled up on the couch). It was my Sir’s way of making me think of the things that I could and should be doing, though I wasn’t feeling well enough to do so. I also took it upon myself to try and think of alternate ways I could have done some of these things, despite being sick.

I thought this list was pretty good, so I thought I’d share it with y’all, if you’re having trouble dealing with sickness and still need to have some normalcy in your life, like I like to have.

  • Unable to Dress to the 9’s – For this I say… when you’re sick, you have to dress comfortably. There’s no way around it – buuuuut…. I did my best to still show off in small ways. Wearing low cut tank tops, rolling down my comfy sweatpants to show off my hips, wearing fitted sweaters that show off my big breasts… These little things helped keep me feeling a little sexy, despite my sickness.
  • Can’t Service Your Man… Sexually ;D – So, I don’t know about the rest of y’all out there, but when I’m sick – really sick – I just can’t find the energy to pleasure my man. Thankfully, my Sir is very understanding of this, and we had lots of light touches while we cuddled and there was no pressure. What I chose to do in this situation was think of all of the things that I wanted to do – and once I was feeling up to it, I gave him a mind blowing night in bed (which, admittedly, may have sent me back into being sick from exhausting myself, but oh well).
  • Unable to Workout – This one … sucks. Really, honestly. If you work out, you’ll feel even worse than you all ready do, and it’ll be harder for you to get better. The best thing you can do for your body while you’re sick is simple stretches (light yoga, for example) and resting. Sorry, there’s no way around this!
  • Can’t Go Out and Have Fun – This holds true also when we’re broke, ha ha. But, when you’re sick, you’ll only make yourself sicker by going out. The limit of me going out while I’ve been sick is things that are low key, just because Sir and I’s lives are so socially packed that I can’t just take multiple weeks off of not doing anything… but I have been avoiding the big things. I turned down a great club event because I just couldn’t do it, not even for a few hours. Ultimately, I ended up feeling a little better, which is good.

So yeah… those are the main things that get affected by being sick while doing your bimbo training! I’m still trying to find ways to maintain myself while I am still recovering, but I am hoping that for those of you out there that are also sick… <3 Try to keep your chin up, let your man take care of you (if you are blessed enough to have one), and promise him the romp of a lifetime when you recover. It sure has encouraged my man! ;D

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