Admitting You’re a Ditz – The First Step

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Ahhhh! I’m totally an idiot ditzy girl, and while lots of you I’m sure are cheering and supporting me totally losing my brain…. I wasted $6 on an idiot mistake, and it’s killing me! Ha ha

True to bimbo training fashion, however, Daddy (my dominant, trainer, and primary partner) was all over this opportunity for me to publicly admit my mistake and to have to admit somewhere besides the Internet that I am a total ditz machine, and to have to ask for help because of it. So here’s the story…

I just moved to California from the East Coast about three months ago, and there are so many cool things here that you can’t get back home, so occasionally I like to send my BFF back home packages with neato, weirdo things – or sometimes just little things to remind her that I’m thinking of her.

So, with a package all bundled and her address written down in the corner so I wouldn’t forget what it was, I bounced into the UPS store, excited to be sending it out. I was even more excited that after scribbling down the addresses necessary on the package that it was only going to cost me a handful of dollars! This was good news, because it meant I could go spend the rest on nail polishes. Yay!

The clerk was very nice and helped me get everything all in shape and then I hopped into the car and went home, feeling accomplished because I had all of my errands done for the day.

The next day, having stayed home to do a bunch of chores around the house, I go out to get the mail, and I see a package waiting by the mailbox. I got very excited – and since Daddy and I both order so MANY things from the Internet (think like 3-10 packages a week), it wasn’t a terribly surprising sight, but it did mean a present was here!

I sent the package meant for my BFF to MYSELF!

Ugggh, I was so embarrassed even though no one knew but me that I ran back into the house with the mail and just stared at the box for a long time. Eventually, Daddy came home and I – still blushing – admitted what had happened.

Once he finally was able to breathe again from laughing so hard, he decided that I now have to go back to the store and not only admit that I made a ditzy mistake (eeee!) but I also have to ask them if they will help me send it again, but this time to the correct address!

He said this will be good bimbo training for me because it means I have to publicly admit to my ditzy nature and embrace the fact that I’m just getting a little dumber, bit by bit.

So, now y’all know my first public admission, though I haven’t skipped down the street to do this yet. I’m putting it off til later today. At first I found the idea really embarrassing, but now I’m kind of accepting it. This is what I want – to become Daddy’s ditzy little slut.

Embrace your ditz today, ladies!


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  1. Amanda

    I’ve done the same thing, I filled out the shipping form wrong and missed the deadline to return an expensive dress I bought online while the shipping company spent 5 days shipping it to ME! I don’t have a trainer/daddy, so nobody knew except the shipping lady.

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