Not every girl is a twig.

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Not every girl can be a twig. Even though it is common for bimbo to be thought of as skinny like Barbie, the fact is that when you start to add thick thighs, plump asses and huge tits; a girl quickly no longer is going to be shopping in the little girls section at the store.  I know too that many in the community don’t like purely skinny girls.  So what can a girl do to still stay sexy and be her best?  You have to find stores that will still give you all that in sizes that contain your delicious new implants or other curves.  So I am going to start to list them on the site from time to time.

I will start with a lovely one now:  Hips and Curves.  So many delicious things here.  No I am not being paid by them, but I know many of the girls around here like what they get.

Remember just how many curves we are going to need to hug in sexy little outfits.  I want a set of these who wants to buy them for me.  😀

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  1. Tom

    Lovely post … I do so agree that the curvier bimbo has so much to offer. Girls with hips and stuff need to be proud of their lumps and bumps and let their inner bimbo out 😉

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