Proper Footwear

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Proper footwear is one of the biggest things a girl can do to improve her look and stance.  Everyone knows that heels will make you taller but many don’t fully realize how they can shape your lower half of your body.  They can extend the look of your legs or shorten the look.  Usually they will add length to the look but if you have a heel with a strap around the ankle or calf especially a thick one, you can make the legs look shorter.  Something that many will not want.  Heels will add tension to your muscle in your calves, thighs and ass.  This will add a toned look to many legs, but without practice your legs can and will tire out.  You may want to wear to new set of heels for a while before wearing them out on your bimbo night.  It will break them in but it will start the training of your muscles too and that little burn sometimes is fun to remember just why you are wearing these shoes.

Remember you are out to look your best always.  So sometimes you are not going to be wearing heels.  Yes, wearing slightly out of place footwear (platforms to the beach) can be very fun and sexy, but there are always limits.  You are not out to be the joke.  You are meant to be prideful of your looks.  So remember to choose a pair of colorful sneakers to the gym or when off on a walk that isn’t in the mall.

One last thing…..we all need black shoes, but seriously, you can have too many black shoes.  Choose a bright color next time.  Spice up your look, give him a reason to really look at your legs.


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