Do you hear it?

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Hello again, Molly… you probably thought that you were clever by blocking me from posting to your site. Well, I admit it did hold me back quite a bit, but guess who’s back? I guess you can’t keep a Juggs girl down for long, hmm? Hehe.

I’m sure you remember this girl… so pretty, so shy. She had been around the Boutique’s Salon for quite a bit, but now I’m afraid she just couldn’t control herself long enough, and eventually gave in to the pleasure of the Juggs sisterhood. She hated herself at first, but once she started drinking more and more, she eventually forgot all about why she was sad!

So do you hear us, Molly? Do you hear that giggling in the Salon? I bet you just shrugged it off as a nightmare, and that you were hearing things to make you feel better. After all, with all the security measures you put in place, how could I POSSIBLY come back to infect more people, right?

But you hear it… You hear it down the halls of the Boutique. You hear it in your dreams. You hear it without end. The giggling and the sound of Juggs milk gushing into girls’ mouths is back. Welcome back to your nightmare. It won’t be ending soon.реклама билбордбанк втб 24 кредитный калькулятор потребительский кредит

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    • Brien

      I think that who, or what ever made this, has some old buisness to settle with Molly. Obviously whoever this is, she joined the Juggs sisterhood and somehow managed to infect others not of the sisterhood. So Molly shut her out, and somehow this sister survived the extinction of the Juggs. Then she came back for vengance on Molly. This is my theory on what happened.

    • Brien

      Now the only questions are how did she survive the mass destruction of the juggs, how this girl infects others and turns them into…. something bad I assume, how does Molly know this girl, and what is her reason for trying to block this girl. The only thing I am sure of is that this girl is not hte one in the picture, but she is manipulating this poor girl through the infection. The only optimistic thing about this is this, if one managed without being vaccinated and survived, then maybe more Juggs survived the “cure” and are just afraid to come out. Molly, who is this girl and how did she survive?

  1. BM

    Oh for goodness sake, this is not an epic battle between good and juggs. It’s a fetish site.

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