The Revolution is Coming

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It's time
Time for the revolution to begin



That was the year our lives fell apart. That was the year that the “cure eradicated all the vile corruption that held our Boutique hostage.”

That was the year the Juggs died. I would love for you all to think that the Juggs went down in a fit of glory, fighting until the bitter end, trying to stave off extinction, but that’s not how it happened. In reality, we were forced into sterilized units and given the antidote. Those who refused were eliminated. Those who accepted were vaccinated. The Juggs were dead.

I was one of two that resisted. We refused vaccination, and by a miracle, we escaped. My companion in those efforts has long gone, and I fear that she will never return to us, as I haven’t seen her in ages. But I remained. I made my escape and went to a small warm weather town along the coast, where I was declared a goddess of love and beauty. Those kind souls nurtured me back to health and then allowed me to leave, in order to pursue my destiny.

Now what is this destiny, you ask?

It is to start a revolution. Those that suppressed and exterminated us will pay, not with blood, but with milk. I have triumphantly returned to little fanfare, as the populous of this Boutique has changed throughout the years. But I have been waiting, calculating, and biding my time, waiting for the right moment.

My friends, in 2012, the revolution is coming. Will you join and pledge your allegiance to the sisterhood, or will you fight for the oppressive status quo? The choice is yours. But mark my words… milk will be spilt.

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8 Responses

  1. CandySweets

    for the Revolution, the Boutique, the Sister hood and For Juggs. Rarr!! *giggles*

  2. Daphnaie

    *Giggle* Yay, go the Revlusion!

    Wait… who’s Revlusion? Can I fuck him? *Giggle*

  3. Amybimbodesires

    Oh god, you are so sexy. I’m happily with you if I get to look as hot as you. *giggles* For the Juggs!

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