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So we were lucky that Limerick the author of probably one of my all time favorite Bimbo Virus type stories was willing to answer a few questions for us.

Bimbo Boutique: So… why limerick? (laughs)

Limerick: Oh, it’s more or less at random. I wanted something a little classy, but not a lot classy.

BB: You said that Downing Street got you into writing bimbo fiction?

L: Absolutely. He was among the first, and he’s still the best.

BB: What about his work really got you inspired?

L: The hardest part of writing bimbo fiction is combining literary talent with being hot. Ultimately, your goal is to get people off, and Downing Street is the master of working both angles.

BB: Do you try to model your work after any author, or do you generally try to create your own unique situations?

L: Downing Street again, but usually each story is based on a bimboizing angle I saw somewhere else, and wanted to expand on. Careers in Science is based on the bimboizing gum of Addiction. Cheap is a take on the primevalizing TV in Boob Tube.

BB: Do you pull scenarios from real life, things you see on television, or what?

L: It’s all internal. I don’t use celebs or anything.

BB: How long does it typically take you to go from the “idea” phase to the finished story? Do you usually do it all in one sitting, or do you take your time?

L: It really depends. When I’m in a groove, each story takes about a month. It’s helpful to write on a goal, like 2000 words/day on weekends, 500/day during the week.

BB: Can you walk us through your process?

L: It starts with a concept, like a boy/girl couple getting dumb and horny through a TV show, or ‘bimbo gum’ or whatever. Then I sketch out a rough plot outline. I try to dress my girls in advance and step out the bimboizing, since both of those things need to be really carefully plotted out.

BB: So the planning stage is pretty in-depth.

L: Exactly. I also try and think in terms of hot scenarios, like fucking a girl to bimbohood on a vibrating dryer. Something more than “a hotel room”, or “a hospital”.

BB: One does tend to find a lot of “cliches” in this fetish.

L: That’s a challenge too. It’s such a narrow fetish. Ultimately each story is kind of the same – some girl starts out plain and normal, then ends up dumb and hot. That’s probably one of the reasons so many authors burn out.

BB: So what do you think is the trick to your success?

L: I think it’s mostly about trying to do more then writing down your own personal fetishes, and only writing down original ideas.

BB: This fetish is usually divided between two groups: the mental changes and the physical changes. What do you prefer to write more, physical or mental?

L: I would say mental, because physical is really done to death. Titties can only expand in so many ways. Mental gives you more writing latitude, although writing that bimboized viewpoint is more difficult.

BB: Would you say that’s the most challenging part?

L: No, coming up with new ideas is the hardest part. What’s really tricky is making the bimboizing process feel real. In the real world, a bimboizing girl would run to the doctor or whatever, so you have to keep her vaguely aware, but never enough to panic or something.

BB: … At least a normal girl who didn’t have a bimbo fetish.

L: I’m sure that the female perspective on bimboization is a lot different from mine.

BB: Do you have any stories that you would consider to be your favorite to write?

L: My personal favorite story?

BB: Yeah.

L: I don’t think I’ve ever really considered it… The sad truth is that when I write a story, I kill the fantasy. I never get to go back there for my own, personal gratification. Kind of weird.

BB: So if you could write something that was purely for personal pleasure, what would you write?

L: I do, I write down my own fantasies, but then the act of writing them makes them no longer hot. I have to come up with new ones.

BB: So what story are you most pleased with?

L: I guess my best story is still Backwash, but I’m most proud of Acidmissions.

BB: What about it makes you happy?

L: Backwash is closest to a real Downing Street story.

BB: And Acidmissions?

L: It was the most complicated to write, since there’s a lot of transformation but it happens very quickly.

BB: Anything coming up in the near future for Limerick?

L: I’m working on a concept now.

BB: Can you give us the inside scoop?

L: A small group at a community college signs up for a film class, and are gradually reworked by the professor/director from nerdy undergrads into porno actors and actresses.

BB: Sounds like the starts of another great story!

L: We’ll see, I might need a break after two long ones in a row.

BB: Of course. Do you write for a living or is this just a hobby for you?

L: Hobby.

BB: What do you feel is the greatest reward for you. As in, when the story is finished and posted, when can you say “job well done”?

L: I’m a whore for feedback, like most porno authors, but I try and just appreciate accomplishing something.

BB: What brought you to the Bimbo Boutique?

L: I wondered at random if there was a bimbo chatroom anywhere.

BB: So where did you happen to stumble across our humble corner of the internet? Just a search?

L: No, no. I know about the Boutique. I just hadn’t realized there was an active chatroom!

BB: Well we’re certainly happy you found us!

BB: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

L: Practice. Be self-conscious about your writing. Try to be more then transcribing your own stroke.

BB: Well, thank you so much for this interview! Do you have any final thoughts for us?

L: I can’t think of any! Although I’m always happy to consider story ideas.

BB: Great. Thank you again, and we certainly hope you continue to enjoy your stay here at the Bimbo Boutique!

And we highly suggest that you go and read all of Limerick’s work:


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  1. Daphnaie

    A really interesting interview Molly and Limerick, thanks for sharing it.

    I hadn’t heard of your stories before now Limerick, but I just finished “A(ci)dmission” and enjoyed it, so I’m definitely going to have to check the rest out!

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