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  1. monsdale

    possibly the best collection of pics i’ve ever seen on here. some absolutely incredible looking girls – plastic makes perfect. ;o)

  2. magicly_dlicious

    definitely one of the best set of pictures ever posted here…

    the girl in the left column middle row totally has the busty blonde bimbo thing going on… that platinum blonde hair and those big tits are so the look! just love how attention getting those tits are that you can’t possibly not notice!

    However, the girl in the lower right picture that isn’t wearing the flowers is definitely the hottest of this bunch, she combines that big fake tits blonde look with being completely obscene in how she’s dressed… I’d love to look like that… what a dream !

  3. Bimbo_Sabrina

    I absolutely LOVE the nails of the girl in the bottom middle picture. The one in the pink and white dress holding the drink. Those are to DIE for and I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bimbo_Sabrina

      Oh, anyway I can get a Link to that picture on FLIKR so I can show it to my nail artist and see if she can do those nails for me?

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