Happy Ambee Holidays

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Hi everyone!

Season’s Greetings from your favoritest, craziest bimbo, Ambee!

I just wanted to say hello to everyone, and wish them a very very happy holiday season. As for me? I’m aiming for some fun new clothes from the bf and maybe a webcam so that I can show you all, but I’m not getting my hopes up about that one. The bf is verrrrry possessive, and it’s a miracle I’m even allowed to do this. *giggles*

I’m also going to make an early New Year’s Resolution to post more blogs here more often, so that people know exactly what sorts of crazy bimbo things I’m doing. Though bimbo transformation is a roleplay fantasy for me, sometimes dabbling into real life with people I trust can be really fun!

I was looking at the data for the website the other day, just to get a feel for where everybody is visting from, and some of the places surprised me! In the past week, we’ve had people from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan, but that’s only naming a few! I know Molly and I are so happy to have you here, no matter what country you come from, and a big thank you to whatever company is translating this message for those non-English speakers.

I also see some logins from the Middle East. I’m assuming that these are soldiers logging on from their barracks and not locals, so I just wanted to send a special holiday greeting to those brave men, women, and maybe even bimbos at heart overseas. Though this bimbo doesn’t necessarily agree with everything in the war, I always support those who are over there. Be safe this holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you back home soon.

As you all may or may not know, I’m still a college student. I’m looking at getting my degree about a year from now, so I’m pretty bogged down with schoolwork and stuff like that, but I’m going to try to work harder with Molly to get new material up on the mainpage and in the Mall so that you always get something hot, fresh, and ready whenever you log in. We can’t make any guarantees, but I’m sure I speak for both myself and Molly when I say that we’re always looking for new ways to deliver your bimbo fix.

Also, I will be holding a special holiday contest! I’ll explain more about it in my next blog, but in short, I will be writing a free bimbo transformation short story to a very lucky reader! See my next blog post for more details!

Anyboobs, that’s about it for me tonight. Final exams start next week and then I’ll be free for the holidays. Be safe and have a wonderful holiday.


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