Before and After – Madison Ivy revisited.

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So I had to post up some new Madison pictures.  She is continuing her path to bimbodom perfection.

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7 Responses

  1. Bimbo Hunter

    Hands down- without a doubt, Ms. Madison has become one of the best of the best bimbo transformations. The implants took her from a 6-7 in my book to a 9. Going blondie made her a solid 10. She now rivals Kagney Linn and other great blonde bimbo bunnies. If she takes her hair a couple of shades lighter verging on platinum and puffs her lips just a little- she will have become one of the top 3 of all time in my book.

    • Sara

      I totally agree. She’s approaching perfection here, and the transformation is just amazing. Gives me hope for my own meager efforts. 🙂

  2. Urabus

    Its a fantastic transformation, as you all agree. And I’m sure she’d far more successful, with so much more attention as a bimbo.

  3. Sad_4_Mad

    She WAS amazing, now, she’s dropped a notch or two. She took the perfect face and screwed it up with those new stupid looking lips. Sad really, just sad.

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