Before and After – Aletta Ocean

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Aletta was pretty much the sexy girl next door but now she is more and more plastic and fake and damn wonderful.


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24 Responses

  1. bigbob

    Now thats what i call a change. The comparison between the final pane to the first is incredible

  2. mr_b

    This girl’s transformation is incredible. So erotic… you can just see by how she has changed that she has become addicted. Her lips, her breasts… her makeup… mmmmmmmm.

  3. darksecret23

    Look at how boring and disgusting she is in the third pic! Then in each pic she looks more artificial and beautiful every time.. I certainly hope she is addicted. Fake tits and huge silicone lips are a must for bimbos! 😛

  4. fakeiswonderful

    Gotta say this is one of the most awe inspiring transformations I’ve ever seen. It’s always awesome to be able to trace a girl’s journey and see her discovery just what true beauty is

    hint: it’s not some Hallmark shit, real beauty is FAKE and PLASTIC. It’s just so wonderful how you don’t see any hint of trying to hide the fact that her boobs or lips or any part of her is fake and sculpted to perfection. A well done surgery will *always* make a girl more beautiful.

  5. boob_ring

    Aletta is a great rolemodel for all girls! I want see more similar transformations in future.

  6. ForTheLoyal

    This is terrible. She went from this sweet innocent looking girl to this artificial fantasy that guys want. You all may think this is amazing and/or all girls should do this, but I disagree. I believe that the world should be a real place. This girl was perfect exactly how she was before. It’s a shame, it really is.

  7. homieG

    Seriously? This woman looks disgusting. Shes super attractive before she went through all that nasty ass surgery. Can’t believe some people think that nasty plastic look is better. Sorry lol

  8. Steven

    Hahahahaha. Hilarious. I mean I’d still hit it but I’d probably have nightmares about it later.

  9. Emma

    Does anybody know who her surgeon is or what clinic she has her surgery?

  10. Dan

    She went from looking like a boring thin lipped ugly girl to a perfect big titted big lipped sex machine. Keep it up.

  11. Yolo

    In the last picture she looks insane and out of this world, wish she had stayed like this. Nowadays she looks just weird and not hot, there are hotter chicks out there now. She overdo her face, her face bones and cheeks. Such a shame Aletta. You were bimbo per
    fect, like an archetype. (*)

  12. shotgun517

    The change was not too much it was just enough to make her a totally hot sexpot! my dick is fuckin’ hard just looking at her!

  13. LaRubia

    She got a weird looking ass now . It looks oval looking . She had such a great ass before and then destroyed it with implants she definitly overdo herself .

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