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Immortal Tom Exclusive So, as a start, what do you bring to the bimbo world?

Immortal Tom: Well, I’m an iron worker by day, but by afternoon and evenings, I’m an artist… that is, when I’m not working on hot rods.

BB: What’s your tool of the trade?

IT: A hammer… a really big hammer.

BB: Huh?

IT: I use pen and paper over pencil sketches and a dip inkwell and fine nibs for detailed work. My digital art is done on a Wacom 21UX digitat tablet and I use OpenCanvas for the art program. I’m much better and faster with paper than digital, though.

BB: So how does the hammer relate?

IT: If it doesn’t look right, I hit it with a hammer until it does.

BB: Proverbially, I’m guessing?

IT: … Perhaps.

BB: Is there any person or artist that you would consider a role model that got you into drawing?

IT: It’s a big tossup. I really like George Trosley’s automotive art, Will Eisner’s innovative storytelling and style, Jeff Smith’s playful simple line design and timing in a story, Frank Cho’s sexy babes and sense of humor, as well as dozens of other artists and writers. The book that made me believe I could become a comic book artist and story teller visually was “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud. I’m also influenced by my friends and fans as well as my personal interests.

BB: Where do you base your operations out of?

IT: Mukilteo, Washington is where my off site studio is, and on Whidbey Island, Washington, where my house and shop are. The off-site studio is an apartment that myself and two other artists share. I now command my own room for my projects. I am surrounded by books, sketches, desks and car parts waiting for pinup art to be painted.

BB: Wow, very nice! If you had to pick a favorite bimbo, who would it be?

IT: Angelina Jolie. I just love the lips.

BB: Which leads to… what’s your favorite bimbo feature?

IT: Full lips and huge breasts for me… though I’m a sucker for a redhead.

BB: Any advice to those bimbos-to-be out there?

IT: Pout and play nice. If you were to walk up to me, I’d want you to be cute and flirty.

BB: Care to give us a brief history of your drawings?

IT: When I was a young man about a hundred years ago (in the mid-1990’s), I wanted to start drawing comic books. Before that, I’d wanted to do a daily comic strip for local newspapers. However, a friend of mine loaned me a copy of “Death: The High Cost of Living”, and I fell in love with the concept of the story.

After that I started to draw comic book style art. Mostly just the usual stuff (spandex, tights, and capes). However, as I was learning to draw the female form, I started to copy other artists and Playboy pictures.

The idea of breast expansion started as an idea in my mind. I had no idea there was a full world of like minded people on the internet! I found DeviantArt some time ago, and I started to draw stuff I could post for the world and see what people thought.

If it wasn’t for the kind words of people who saw my art and commented on it, I may still be trying to find my way in the art community or have already given up. My early posts for the first year were all drawn while I was living in my car. They were scanned and posted whenever I got my hands on a computer and a scanner.

The concept of Transforming in all its differing forms attracted me due to the large variety of things to draw. There are so many differing ideas to explore. Each new thing helped me become a stronger artist in the fetish field.

BB: If you could draw any woman in the world, who would it be?

IT: Up until last December, I would have said it was my wife to be, now that I am single and able to imagine the world anew? The answer would be ladies, any lady. I like to draw women. What can I say?

BB: Do you have any advice to aspiring artists out there?

IT: Yes. Draw. Draw everything. Draw anything. Copy artists you look up to. Keep a sketch pad in your pocket. If you have the littlest moment to doodle, do so. See a tree? Draw it. That glass sitting in front of you at the bar? Draw it. Just keep at it. You will get better. Don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you it’s not good enough. If you give any effort at all it’s good enough. Your mind will start to figure patterns as reflexes the more you draw. I think I can draw a cute face in my sleep now, but three years ago, there was no chance in hell. Practice practice practice!

BB: One last question before we let you go – Immortal Tom? What’s the story behind that nickname?

IT: It was from my early days on MSN chat. I was dating a woman who got me watching The Highlander movies and TV series. It has been my nickname online for over a decade now.

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  1. Giaguaro

    loved this interview. i have been a long time fan and follower of immortal tom’s work on deviant art. i have enjoyed seeing his artistic ability rise as well as his nice attitude towards taking requests from people for what he should draw next. i happen to enjoy his lip expansion pieces just as much as he does so if your reading this reply immortal tom……THANK YOU and KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!!

    • immortaltom

      Your very welcome Giaguaro. I’m glad to have been giving you as much enjoyment as I have had drawing. I will be continuing drawing random stuff as long as I can for free.

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