Bimbo Cup 2010 Winner

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Jordan Carver

Thank you everyone for voting and making this so much fun for us.  We are happy to see Jordan selected as our Bimbo Cup 2010 winner.

Not happy with the outcome?  We will be having more competitions in the future.


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7 Responses

  1. monsdale

    i guess you can never please everyone, lol… glad it was close-run, if ms. carver had’ve won by a landslide i’d have questioned everything this site stood for! :oP

    • MissMolly

      I am down right surprised to Mosdale. I am utterly surprised that brunette one, one with near natural features. I guess it is the power of the boobs.

    • MissMolly

      You know Nabucco, I had Jenny winning the cup too. Amber and I had our own little bets going on the side. We were both wrong on the final outcome.

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