A word from Tiffy.

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Heyas everyone!
It’s your favorite big boobed girl, Tiffy Juggs!
Molly just wanted me to tell you a little bit about the chatroom and everything that goes on in it!
If you’re interested in meeting all of the fun people in the chat, or even just to hang out and learn a little bit about the bimbo transformation scene, just click on the “Chat Salon” button on the main page.
The first thing you need to do is choose a log-in name. It will always give you a goofy nickname as a suggestion that looks something like “mib_wcyx07si” or whatever. All you have to do is highlight that and select something that you want to chat with. Then all you do is click “Connect!” and you’re in! If you’re not in, it usually just means that the chat is being junk and that you should try back in a few minutes. If for whatever reason your nickname has been taken, you will see your name change to Guest904903 or whatever. All you do is think up a new nickname and then type in “/nick (whatever)” with (whatever) being the nickname you think up!
Okies, with all that technical stuff that Molly told me to say out of the way, let’s talk about the fun in the room! Molly has designed a fun little map that you can see in the “Salon” tab on the main page. It’s designed kinda like a dance club, with a bar, a few poles to dance on, and whatever else you can think up.
You’ll almost always see Molly there, but sometimes she’s not around on her computer. A lot of people just leave the chat running without being at their computer, so if someone doesn’t respond, they may just be AFK. There are a few moderators, which are always denoted with a star. The moderators were carefully chosen by Molly after being around for a while and helping the Boutique out, so don’t beg to be a moderator please!
Yes, there are girls here! Real girls! But as a girl, I know that most of us don’t want to be IMed with things like having our asses being smacked or with a picture of a cock. Bad way to start. If you wanna get anywhere with a girl in the room, it’s generally a good practice to talk in the room.
The chat is a totally fun place to get to know people. It’s a great place to learn about bimbo transformation and how to roleplay it. The most important thing is just to hang out, be respectful, and have fun!
Happy chatting!


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