What constitutes a bimbo?

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So today a posting came through on the Bimbo Transformation yahoo group that captures a lot of my own opinions on bimbohood. So Thank you Brandi for allowing me to repost this here.


I’ve had quite a few guys get ahold of me since I joined. Thanks Guys! Some have asked things that prompted me to write this post. (I hope it’s OK.)

There’s a lotta different ideas about what constitutes a bimbo, why any girl would be a bimbo, that kinda stuff. K, I might have a different waya looking at somea these things. On transformations, I don’t see this as any kind of roleplaying or game of any kind. And I don’t see them as becoming someone else. I see them as washing away all of the phony personas that people take on in their lives to try to fit in, get along, be “acceptable” and like that. I believe that most everybodie lives their lives as someone other than who they truly are. That the true roleplaying is the roles that people adopt throughout their lives to meet the expectations of family, friends, employers, co-workers, society in general. And that any actual transformation is really getting rid of all of that phoniness and bringing out the true person that has been hiding from everyone.

As for bimbos, I think there’s a little bimbo in most girls, to varying degrees.
One of the things that many consider in someone who is bimboish, is a weak intelligence. (In fact, the term originally was aimed at unintelligent guys, with bimbas being unintelligent girls.) But I don’t see it that way at all. Instead, I think that one of the driving motivations of many, if not most bimbos, is a rejection of many of the societal “norms” that are actually pitfalls that lead to many of the world’s woes. I knew someone who used to say that many of the people that society deems as “lost” (usually serious alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.) aren’t really lost at all. They simple took a heartfelt look at the world and all of its pain, suffering, destruction, greed, abuse and such and couldn’t take it. Then upon looking further, determined that they couldn’t bring about any major, lasting change and they couldn’t deal with that. Wheras many people who look at these things simply choose to “accept” things as they are, cope or bury them within themselves and, in fact, become a part of that world they once hated, some refuse to make that choice and instead choose to lose themselves in what becomes self-destructive lives. Bimbos, I think, often are girls who make a different choice. That is to reject that world so completely as to almost view it as foreign, the language and topics, as strange and unfamiliar, to the point of even being capable of conversing on so many things and at so many levels that they come off to many as “ditzy”.

To this, I think the bimbo seeks to add beauty, simplicity, basic sensuality and sexuality, to bring those elements of themselves to the forefront. I think that bimbos choose simple wisdom over clever complications, seeming servility over conflict. I think the apparent and actual submissiveness of the bimbo is more an outpouring of herself than a blind obedience. The efforts to be pleasing in appearance and attitude a mission to soften an often harsh world moreso than vanity or dollishness. The raw sensuality and sexuality a complete openness morso than a sexual robot.

I’m prolly not saying it well. But I think that rather than wearing a mask, the true desire of the bimbo is to expose herself completely and unashamedly.

At least that’s how it seems to me.

Thanks for bearing with me.


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