The Mall Guidelines.

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Don’t be a Dick (or Cunt!)

It is that simple people.  I am not here for tons of rules outside of this commandment.

This means be polite and respectful to others around here.  Everyone is equal to start.  So boys don’t assume a girl wants to be collared or controlled from point one.  Don’t assume we all have the same opinions or outlook on what a bimbo is.

You have the options of making groups and in groups all rules are made by the group owner.  I will only police a group for gross Dickishness.  Each group can have a forum for messages, commands or other statements.  Please everyone look at group memberships before chatting with someone. 

So to clearly state this. 

Collaring, Master/slave, Dom(me)/sub……whatever power plays are approved for in groups.  Everyone has their kinks and kinks need to be released.  

Group owners, please clearly state in the group description what you will allow.  And if you join a group and don’t like it, leave it.  We are adults here and if you can’t be an adult.  Leave.

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