Traci’s Story

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The Orangutang.

It had been a hard day at work, and I was glad to get home to Tracy. She always has known how to make me feel better.

I should tell you a bit about Tracy first, I suppose. She is the woman that I love with all my heart.

I knew she was the one for me the first time I laid eyes upon her. Although she looked a whole lot different back then.
After we had been together for several years, and it became clear to me that we would be together for many more Tracy revealed her submissive side to me. She wanted to do and be for me whatever
I wanted. To make a long story short, I have, with her full compliance permission and participation, made her into the perfect woman for me.
When I first met Tracy she was cute, but not spectacular. It was her personality, spark
and intelligence that drew me to her. Now it’s all that and so much more.
Through certain contacts of mine in the medical field, I had heard of a very special clinic, one that did rather radical plastic surgery and makeovers for clients who were willing to pay their rather exorbitant rates. They guaranteed total safety and confidentiality to
their client, and had a reputation for delivering *exactly* what their customers wanted.

It was two weeks until Tracy entered the clinic. We both had to go in for some pre-process interviews and to sign some paperwork.

When we got there, we were separated. Tracy was whisked off for what I found out later was a complete physical exam and genetic typing, I was quickly conducted to a small room with large window along one wall that looked into another room. The doctor soon entered and had me take a seat.

“We thought you might like to look at what our process does before you make you’re final decision. ” said the doctor. “This is one way glass, and we should be able to watch her without her knowing. She should be in any minute.”

“First of all you should know that this woman has completed every procedure we’ve had slated for her with flying colours. The physical modifications turned out wonderfully, the
cosmetic ones went well also. The mental conditioning has brought her completely in line with what was requested. This woman’s attitudes, behaviors, tastes, and predilections are now exactly how they were intended. And all this with no change to her basic personality

The doctor then showed me a picture of the women that I was about to see, a picture taken before the process. He showed me a photo of a blonde, cute but not beautiful. she was trim and slim, with about B cup breasts. She was dressed in ordinary clothing, and looked like a nice woman.

Soon the door in the other room opened. When the woman walked into the room, I barely recognized her. The changes they had put her through were enormous! The most obvious change were her tits…they were huge! Her former B cups had been augmented to what turned out to be a FF cup! She was dressed in a tight blood-red jersey halter top that hugged her big fat tits tightly, and ended right above her midriff. Clearly visible through the clingy material were the outlines of thick metal rings that now pierced her nipples.

Her waist narrowed dramatically and then flared out to a set of lush fleshy hips and a full, rounded ass. A matching red skirt stretched across her ample cheeks. The woman’s taut belly was circled by a fine gold chain that threaded itself through the ring that pierced her navel. Her legs were clad in red stockings with a seam up the back held up by a red garter belt, and she walked easily in her red pumps with a 7″ heel.

“We allowed her to pick out her own cosmetic improvements once the personality realignment and the physical changes were done,” said the doctor. “Obviously with her body improved as it has been, her old clothing won’t fit her anymore. Her sense of style has changed quite a bit as well. All part of the mental conditioning.”

Her formerly short nails were now about an inch and 1/2 long, and painted the same color as her dress. They had worked on her face as well. Her lips were now thick and full, and her eyebrows had a bit more of an arch to them. Her hair had thickened as well, and flooded down to her mid back in a white blonde cascade. Her ears were pierced in about five places in each ear now, and a graduated set of gold hoops hung from them. The largest ones scraped her shoulders as she walked, with the smallest just barely encircling her ear.

The women walked across the room with a catlike stride, looked around and took a seat on a sofa. We sat and watched her for a while.

The table in front of her was strewn with sex toys. Dildos and vibrators of many different sizes littered the low coffee table. Leaning forward, she examined the collection carelessly, then sat back and smiled a devilish smile. Rising, she moved quickly to the door and locked it, then returned to the table and selected a small vibrator.
She pulled her skirt up around her waist, revealing a pair of silk panties that matched her skirt and top perfectly. She planted her fanny on the couch and, obviously unaware that we were watching, spread her legs wide.

“I think you’ll start to see some of the more graphic improvements soon. The hormones did wonders for her genitalia as well as her breasts. We achieved almost 500% growth in the pleasure center area.”

She started out by caressing her smooth, hairless inner thighs with her long mailed hands, slowly caressing closer and closer to her crotch. Finally her fingers began to toy with her crotch, and she pulled aside the thin layer of silk to reveal her pussy. New gold rings shone from the ring that pierced her enlarged clitoris, now the size of the tip of a normal thumb. This lady’s clitoral hood had not grown with her clit, so the pulsing pink piece of pleasure-flesh jutted out prominently. Her labial lips were glistening with wetness, and as she pulled at her clit ring, she moaned softly.

The woman worked the dildo in and out of her cunt with one hand, while holding the little vibrator against her clit with the other. The other dildo worked its way deeply in and out of her mouth, courtesy only of her new mouth, tongue and throat control. It was strange to watch, the dildo fucking her mouth steadily with nothing and no one holding on to it. She would suck it in until the fake balls were nestled against her chin, then it would move out until she held just the tip between her ruby red lips.

The five men each entered the room, jacked off into the champagne glass, and then promptly left. The woman was left alone with the tall glass of sperm. She put down her magazine, picked up the glass and without a second of hesitation, brought it up to her lips
and began to drink. What initially began as sips soon turn into gulps, and she had soon drained the glass. She ran her tongue around the inside of the rim of the glass, licking up every drop she could reach.


The changes started slowly. They were gradual, but noticeable.

The first thing that happened was that almost all of her body hair fell out. One day while she was in the shower, she just scrubbed it off . Only the hair on her head, her eyebrows and eyelashes, and her pubic hair remained. This left her body smooth and silky to the touch.

Her skin seemed to be whole lot more sensitive as well. Even wearing a silk blouse was enough to make her nipples stand to attention.

The hair on her head began to grow a bit faster at this point, as if the hair-growing resources of her body had been redirected. The hair was coming in brown like Tracy’s, but it was a deeper more vibrant brown, a chestnut color, it was thick silky and healthy, with a lot more body than before.

Tracy was really pleased with this first indication that the process was doing something. “About damn time,” she said as she studied herself in the mirror. “At the rate this hair is growing, it’ll be down to my butt in no time!”

The next area where we saw some change was in her pussy. Having spent a whole lot of time down there, I was the first to notice anything. Her labial lips were getting fleshier and her moans seemed a bit louder than usual when I sucked and licked them. Her clit looked swollen and red, over the next couple of weeks; it began to peek out from under its little hood of flesh. When I sucked on it Tracy went crazy! She seemed to be interested in sex a bit more, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to initiate things with me rather than the other way round.

Tracy also started to talk while we fucked something she had never done before. It started simply, with her occasionally crying out for “More!” when we were fucking. Soon, with a small bit of encouragement from me, she was becoming much more explicit in her cries. “Oooooo, yeah…baby, suck on it…lick my pussy! God, your tongue feels so good!” she’d moan as I slurped away at her cunt.

Over the next few weeks the body changes really began to kick in. They almost always happened while Tracy was sleeping, so we’d wake up and assess the night’s progress every morning.

First her nipples turned a deep wine color and started to bloat, the aureoles getting really puffy and swollen. The grew longer and thicker as well, soon reaching an 1 ½ inches long and ½ inch thick when erect. They got sensitive as hell, and it wasn’t long before Tracy could cum just from me sucking them. The aureoles grew as well, to about 5 inches in diameter. Soon they covered almost the entire surface of her breasts. It looked really strange for a while, but Tracy didn’t seem to mind as I licked and sucked my way across them.

Then the breast growth kicked in. And fast. Over a series of 14 nights, Tracy’s bust grew. Grew is probably an understatement. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave town for two weeks on business when this part of the change went down, but Tracy told me about it

The first few mornings she had noticed it it was a bit subtle, but from day 3 on, the change was easily noticeable each morning. It became a ritual for Tracy every morning to see how much growth had occurred over the last night. The doctors had warned us about this period of the changes, and we had arranged for a leave of absence for Tracy from her job. We couldn’t buy her any bras for her new bust until it had reached its full size, so she didn’t go out much for those two weeks. She kept a journal for me while I was gone, and to this day it gets me hard as a rock to read it.

“What do you think honey?” she asked me. A yellow knit sweater was stretched over her chest, her nipples more than clearly visible. She shook her upper body a bit, her mammoth breasts jiggling back and forth. “Would you like to tit-fuck these?”

“Would I ever,” I said hoarsely.

“Good,” she said smiling lustily. “‘Cause I’ve been dreaming of that cock of yours buried between then for about three days.” She grasped at her tits roughly through the material of her sweater, squeezing supple flesh with each hand. “Well then, stop fucking around
and get that luscious prick of yours out, lover. I want your fucking cum ALL OVER my big titties…”

I unzipped my pants, pulling out my cock and beginning to stroke it immediately. Tracy pulled her sweater off over her head as she walked toward me.

Tracy loved her new huge tits, and spent a large portion of her first few days with them just caressing them, licking them, sucking them…she could get both of her huge nipple to her mouth easily. “I love to suck on them…they feel so good in my mouth.”

Walking with the huge mounds of flesh on her chest seemed like it would be a problem, but her backs muscles seemed to have shifted to compensate. She could walk easily and comfortably.

“I can feel it getting harder and harder for me not to think about sex,” Traci told me. “Everywhere I go I just look at the men’s crotches and dream. I try to read and I just start thinking about you filling me up and I lose my concentration. It’s kind of scary,” she
confided “but the more it happens the less it seems to bother me…it feels so right, so perfect to think about cock, and sex and pussy all the time. I mean of course I’m thinking about it…I want it, all the time. Help me darling.”

“How can I do that?” I inquired.

Her lush lips spilt into broad smile. “By using me…treating me the way I want to be treated. These procedures have given me all the physical tools I need to be the fantasy girl that both you and I want me to become.” As if to illustrate this point she plumped her
mammoth tits suggestively. “But I can’t get to that potential if you persist in treating me like before!”

Tracy was in the living room when I got home. She had a porno movie going on the VCR and was intently watching it.

Tracy had her legs spread wide, and her skirt hiked up, and she was sliding a large rubber dildo slowly in and out of her pussy. I moved up close to her head and took out my cock. Her eyes were fixed on the screen…she didn’t even notice me! I began to stroke my prick
and move over toward her. As I touched my cock to her ruby red lips, the only indication she gave that she was paying any attention to me at all was that she parted her lips and began to lick me. Her eyes remained fixed on the fucking on the TV screen as I slowly slid my dick into her mouth.

Soon I was pumping away fucking her mouth from a bit to the side so I wouldn’t block her view of the fuck film. She was making little contented noises as I slid smoothly in and out of her mouth, and she was soon timing her dildo thrust to me mine. Occasionally Tracy’s eyes would flicker to meet mine, and the look of empty raw lust in them drove me crazy.

It wasn’t long before I came. Tracy’s mouth filled with my cum, and it spilled out of the corners of her mouth, drooling down her cheeks and chin. She suckled on my softening prick, drawing out every last bit of semen

Tracy has really gotten into the slut role! She’s started to spell her name “Traci,” with an “i” instead of a “y” now. She thinks its sexier. Between my own treatment of her and her own self motivated behavior alterations, my Traci has undergone quite a personality
change in the last month. Slowly but surely, Traci is erasing any traces of the gentility in which she had been brought up. Her speech patterns her body language; all are shifting away from poised young genteel young lady, toward white-trash whore. With the increased tendon strength that the treatment gave her, she can to wear heels all the time now. She likes to wear at least 4″ inch ones, but she really likes the 6 inch and higher ones the best. When she walks now, her liquid hips shift from side to side seductively, and her tits jiggle ever so slightly. She never just stands, she always poses.

She loves to surprise me with new changes and improvements she’s making in herself, and it makes her so happy when she hits another level in her transformation.

The first thing she did along this vein was in the area of clothes. After her breast growth, she naturally needed almost an entirely new wardrobe. I figured that she’d want clothing like she was used to wearing, but Tracy surprised me with the clothes that she began to purchase. Gone were the elegant but simple garments of before. She ditched her old clothes entirely. Honestly most of it didn’t fit her improved body anymore anyway. When it came to buying new stuff, she went crazy. Almost everything she owns now is skin-tight, and she especially loves rubber, lycra and plastic. She gets them specially made so that they breathe. Skirts, halter tops, cat-suits, everything, in a whole rainbow of colors.

“I love being wrapped in all that artificial material,” she says. “I feel like I’m a package waiting to be unwrapped. It helps me act the way I want to be…plastic, a vessel to be filled by fingers, cocks and cum.”

After that came a few piercings.

Tattooing was next. She started small, getting the words “cock whore” tattooed just above her pussy. Next was an band of the word “cumslut” tattooed around her ankle. I soon came home to find matching bands gracing her other ankle and her wrists. Then she went and got the big ones done.

In the middle of Traci’s lower back is now a splendid representation of herself with two huge cocks stuffed into her pussy and asshole, with another one jammed down her throat. The tattoo artist really captured the image of her. Traci told me that’s because she let
three of the guy’s co-workers fuck her, so that he could get the image right. On the left cheek of her ass is another picture of herself, this time just a head shot of Traci, her mouth open and tongue stuck out as a cock cums all over her face. Her right cheek bears a picture of Traci on her back, jamming a thick dildo in both her pussy and

“It’s amazing what you can get for a couple of blowjobs” she said, touching up her makeup.

She loves to play the role of the empty headed sex kitten. When we went out in public she loves the looks and whispers she gets when this smartly dressed gentleman walks in to a place with a big-titted slutty looking bimbo on his arm.

She’s also given up reading and made me get rid of all of her books. She stopped writing as well. She did have me acquire subscriptions to about 10 different pornographic publications, all hardcore.

“Sluts don’t read or write,” she said simply. “We have better things to do…like lookin’ at porno mags trying to get ideas on how to please a man better.”

Hearing her talk threw me a bit as well. Whereas before her vocabulary and speech had been erudite and educated, and all of that was still intact, most of the time talking to her was like talking to a whore. She never said “breasts” when she could say “tits” or “jugs”,
“cunt” or “gash” or “fuck-hole” instead of “pussy”. I quickly got used to it when I realized that the old Tracy was accessible whenever I wanted. I soon came to love the slutty and dirty things she says.

“Cum all over my face, lover,” she’ll say as my cock pops out from between her lips, “Feed me your fucking cum…I have to have it, lover…*slurp* I want to taste you and feel you blow your load all over my fucking face…fill my mouth with it…” Needless to say, I
seldom have a problem complying.

It takes her almost and hour to do her hair and makeup in the morning as well. She lacquers her thick lips heavily with lipstick, outlining her eyes, curling and shaping her long brown hair to get the exact effect she wants. She then usually has me blow a load on her face, and massages it into her skin. Sometimes she “forgets” to rub all of it in, and I’ll catch her conspicuously scraping some remainder into her mouth when we’re in a public place.

Traci can be pretty evil when she wants to. When I’m talking to someone with Traci by my side, she’ll slide one of her long-nailed hands down to my crotch and start caressing my cock through my pants, while I try to pretend not even to notice.

I think the spookiest part of the whole process was when I realized that Traci’s slut act was slowly but surely ceasing to be an act. When I’d try to talk to her about any of the old things that she used to be interested in, she’d try to maintain the conversation, but
it was obvious she was just doing it to please me. It’s hard to talk to a woman whose long nailed hands are perpetually wandering to either her crotch or yours. Her brain was acclimating to her new body, and was cleaning house if you will. Day by day Tracy the intelligent competent woman was being replaced with Traci-slut. The even spookier
thing was that Traci noticed it as well, and didn’t seem to mind!

“My new body feels *so* good! I know I’m changing, but it all feels so right…so proper…” she said, staring deeply into my eyes. “I still love you, and I always will,” she whispered, and I could tell she meant it. Her manner then changed. She stood up and bent over, looking at me through her legs. Her huge tits hung down, spilling from her bra, almost obscuring her face.

“Now, get out that prick of yours and stuff it up my asshole, lover…I’ve needed a big fat dick in my ass all day.” As if to illustrate this statement, she pulled her red silk panties aside and easily slid two fingers deep into her cunt, pulled them out, and sank them deep into her asshole.

I quickly obliged, and Traci’s tight sphincter muscles milked
the cum from me in record time.

I can’t count the number of business deals I’ve sealed with Traci’s help. I just invite the client or clients over to our house and pretend to have something to do that leaves them alone with my wife. With Traci’s physique and skills, as well as her totally depraved behavior, its not long before she’s riding her asshole up and down on their dick or smearing their cum all over her face.

Every now and then I’ll pretend to “catch” Traci and the client at it. I’ll come into the room and feign shock as I find Tracy bent over the couch, her fat whores’ ass sucking on the prick of the client, or on her knees, cock thrust deep into her throat, nails tickling the clients balls as they nestle against her chin. She loves this because once some explaining is done; she inevitably ends up with two cocks spewing all over face and tits, her rather than just one.

“It makes me feel so good when you use my ass, cunt and mouth to get what you want,” Traci says. “I want to be your fuck toy, a set of holes for you to park your cock…or anybody else’s cock…in. I want to be seen as just ass, mouth, cunt and tits”

She’s recently started to refer to herself in the third person as well. She started out doing it just occasionally, while we were fucking. It was “Traci loves to fuck! Do you like to fuck Traci?” but it soon began to spill over into her day to day speech. When I asked her about it, she smiled a wide smile and said “Traci wants to become just an object for you to use, a mouth, ass and cunt for you to fill. She wants to be yours utterly, so she has decided to talk like this because she is not really a person anymore so she has decided to refer to herself as such. Don’t you like the way Traci talks now?” She asked poutily, her long nails stroking my rock hard prick through my pants. She giggled as the answer became obvious, and she slipped her hand down the front of my trousers to grasp my

“Oooooooo,” she cooed, “Traci sees that you DO like the way she talks…would you like Traci-Slut to suck your big hard dick?”

“Yes” I said hoarsely looking directly into her beautiful eyes.

“Ooooo, goody! Traci-Slut loves to feel you cock in her mouth and throat…”

She dropped to her knees and within a minute my balls were nestled against her chin and Traci was moaning contentedly to herself around her mouthful of cock.

You should have seen her, her entire body encased in a black PVC cat suit with zippers all over it (including one that ran around a flap in her crotch). It clung to every curve of her body, from the fat globes of her tits to the wide flare of her hips. Her tit rings were
outlined by the clinging garment, as were the rings in her pussy lips, although you had to look a bit closer to see them. What was the casual observer couldn’t see were the two prongs built into the crotch, a 7″ one inserted into Tracy’s pussy, and another 4″ prong filling her asshole.

“Traci loves how they squirm around inside her when she walks…it keeps slutty Traci nice and loose, and hornier then hell,” she says.

She wore elbow high gloves of the same PVC and knee-high black plastic boots, pointed with seven inch stiletto heels. As she walked, her wide round ass shifted from side to side seductively. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail high on her head, help in place by a PVC scrunchie. Large silver hoops hung from her ear-lobes.

As she bent over, I unzipped the zipper around that panel that I mentioned earlier. As I peeled the flap down away from her crotch, I pulled the two large prongs from her holes with a wet slurping sound. As I removed the black rubber dildos, Traci’s ass and
pussy hung gaping for a minute before her finely toned muscles took
over and they both slowly closed.

“Oooh…” she moaned “Now Traci’s fuckholes are all empty and lonely…”

Traci’s ass sucked at my prick as she flexed her internal muscles. I was moving in and out with long full strokes, and Traci was humping her plush posterior back at me in rhythm with my thrusts.

I pulled my dick from her asshole with an audible pop and quickly jammed the two rubber prongs back into Traci’s holes, zipping the panel shut to hold them in place.

“Mmmmmm…” Traci moaned “now Traci-cunt will have your cum in her asshole all day…Traci loves that.”

Tracy tilted her head back as I came, her mouth open wide. My cum jetted out in thick white ropes, some landing in her mouth, more splattering her lips and chin. The lower half of her face was covered in my seed, and she smiled up at me as she began to suck the remains from my now softening dick.

“Mmmmm…yes…feed Traci-Slut your cum! *schlurp* *smack*.”

I shot picture after picture as Traci suckled me. She had agreed to the pictures without a thought, even when I said I most post some of them on the Internet.

“Then even more people can see what a perfect cockslave Traci-Slut has become,” she said proudly. I thought maybe she deserved her own website after tonight’s performance.racer mobile online

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  1. Jacki Goddard

    I sooooo wish I could be transformed like traci was in the story. mmmmmmmmmmm
    love jacki

    • The Oragutang

      Glad you liked it so much. I’d love to find a woman who REALLY wanted to embrace becoming like that.

      After all these years, it’s awesome to know people are still enjoying the stories. (I have no idea if you are male or female, Jacki, but regardless, glad you enjoyed!)

      The Orangutang

  2. Chris M

    Fantastic story!
    Finding such a willing woman would be a dream come true.
    Still one of the best stories I’ve read!

    • The Oragutang

      Thanks, my friend. It was a long time ago, but I had fun writing them.

  3. Kitty

    Have u written anymore mister orangutang??? id totaly like love to read about more cunts turning into pretty little bimbosluts!!! its like the bestest dream for me ever!!

    <3 Kitty

    • The Orangutang

      I have fallen out of the writing habit, sadly. Who knows what the future might bring?

      I’m on Yahoo IM as urgeprimal if anyone ever wants to say hello.

  4. Fur-man

    I often dream of turning into a lesbian bimbo the toys, the outfits, the super sexy body drives me crazy……and I’m a guy… that odd?

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