The List

Breast Expansion Male-Female Male-Male-Female Slut

From: [email protected]

“Laura, you’re not like other women,” Mike said in a soft voice.
“Other women are expected to contribute to their relationships
monetarily or through some other form of service…taking care of the
house, raising the children…you know what I mean?” “You don’t have
those responsibilities…never long as we’re together..”, he
continued. “You have two responsibilities …just two…to keep my
dick hard and to keep me lusting after you…anything else is for
something or someone else and not of my concern…is that clear?”

Laura blushed slightly at the bluntness of the statement. “Mike, you
don’t have to make it seem so mercenary. Just because..”

Mike cut her off sharply. “Just because I pulled you out of a low rent
Jiffy Mart and a double-wide…Just because I’ve given you a life you
could’ve never glimpsed in your dreary existence…just because you’ve
got the best of everything..”

Laura began to cry.

Mike continued. “Perhaps you’d like to go back to your world
Laura…back to worldly concerns…back to your dreary
life…go..GO..I’ll find another little slut who will gladly give me
her soul for this life…GET OUT…you ungrateful Bitch.”

Laura dropped to her knees. “No, Mike…that’s not what I meant just
thought you’d like it if I became a little more self-sufficient”, she
squealed. “I just thought..”

“SELF SUFFICIENT…that’s your problem…you think too damn much.”
Mike roared. “What I’d like is if you finally took this whole thing
serious and became the slut I’ve asked you to be…maybe that’s the
problem…asking…Here’s the deal…you make that changes and begin
doing the things on my list…the one I gave you when you first moved
in…do that our get out…forever…got it?”

“You can’t mean that”, Laura said softly.

“Jim”, Mike called. The big bodyguard was quickly in the room. “The
clothes she had on when she arrived…as bus ticket to
Jacksonville..and five bucks for chow….Now get her out of my sight!”

The big man began stripping off the gold bracelets, rings and chains
that draped her body.

“Let go of bastard..those are mine!”, she yelled.

“You have nothing, you are nothing…just a slut…and until you
finally realize that…all you’ll be is poor white trash.” Mike said
as he closed the door.

“Jim, please!” Laura begged the bodyguard. “Let me try to change his
mind! I’ll do any thing..anything…just don’t send me away!”

“Should’a thought about that a while back…when Mr. Mike was
asking…nicely like…what he wanted you to be…but NO…you had to
go fuck with Mike…bad Karma, Lady!” Jim growled.

As Jim pushed Laura though the big doors she quickly turned.

“Jim, I have nothing…no money..nothing” Laura pleaded.

“Oh yeah…almost forgot.” Jim said as he began ripping her clothes
off. “Leave just like you came…here’s your shit”.

With that, the big man threw denim top and some khaki shorts on the
floor. “No shoes that I remember…I guess you can keep the stilts
then.” Referring to the 5-inch stilettos she had been wearing.
“Yeah…if you was half the slut he wanted you to be…you’d be
beggin’ to suck my cock for travelin’ money…yep, he had you all
wrong, Lady”. With that, the heavy door closed.

Stunned, Laura sat heavily on the marble step. Tears streamed down her
face as she thought about the world that lay before her. Gone were the
diamonds, pearls and gold. Gone were the limos, the cocaine, the
champagne and silk gowns. Gone was the life she had obviously mistaken
to be hers.

She turned and pounded on the heavy door. “Mike…Mike I’m
sorry…I’ll try….I’ll try to be better…I promise!”, she begged.

The door didn’t budge.

Again she pounded the door. “Mike I promise..I’ll be who you
you want…whatever…just let me back in!”.

Not a sound from inside.

As she gathered her clothes she felt something inside the pocket.
Quickly, she rifled through the clothes…hoping for something
…anything. Inside the pocket she found two items. The five dollar
bill, as promised, and the list Mike had mentioned as he threw her

The list was as follows:

Dearest Laura,

To be the woman of my dreams, I require the following adjustments. No
matter how major, no matter how slight, trivial or strange….these
things titillate me and will generate the life you crave. Take these
seriously, for I assure you…I do. For without them, you’re just
another someone for which I have no care.

1. Your body is your livelihood. You will keep it perfect in form,
shape and texture. It will also be totally hairless save that on your
2. Your hands will bring pleasure to both yourself and to me. Nails
should be extremely long and perfectly kept, to accent your
femininity, with rings adorning each finger and thumb.
3. Cigarette smoking is both erotic and glamorous and at the same
time, trashy and hard. You will learn to smoke with style and grace
for your own enjoyment as well as mine. You will smoke brown More
120’s for their erotic look and thin Capri 120’s for their style. Each
cigarette will represent my cock for you to enjoy and it’s smoke…my
cum for you to savor.
4. Your tongue, navel and earlobes will be pierced as a sign of your
utter disregard for your own body. Your body is for my pleasure…as
the piercings will clearly demonstrate.
5. Your Lips and Breasts will be enlarged to a size in relation to
your new life. You will become my cunt..and there
should be no question about it…ever.
6. Your make-up and clothes should leave no question as to your life’s
focus; heavy make-up, erotic and perfectly done. Clothes that are as
erotic and trashy as the rest of you…plastic…leather…latex. You
will become a complete and total slut…artificial…an object of lust
and desire and driven to conjure these feelings in all that you meet.
7. You will adopt mannerisms and language that fit your new persona.
8. All of my orgasms, as well as other I dictate worthy, will occur in
your mouth or face to be enjoyed by all until which time you collect
and swallow each drop. Your ass and cunt are merely orifices for
pleasure, not receptacles for cum.
9. You will keep your asshole lubed and plugged at all times, unless I
instruct differently. This will serve to remind you that your
ass….like your mouth and cunt…is for my pleasure at all times.
10. You will do all of this completely willingly and of your own
volition, for which, I will support you and your family for as long as
you please me.

This is the second…and last time…I will offer you this list. Do
these things, and my world is yours.


Laura was stunned by the words as she read. Yes, Mike had given her
this list when she moved into the big house, but she had taken it as a
joke…Mike had strong desires, which made him very sexy, but she
never considered that he was serious. It was now obvious he was
completely and totally serious.

“He’s crazy as hell if he thinks I’d submit to that kind of shit!”,
Laura thought out loud as she slipped on her shorts and faded shirt.
“I’d never let anyone make me into some kind of bimbo…never!”

She slipped her feet into her high heels and began the long walk down
the manicured driveway.

The big bodyguard watched her round the bend and pass through the iron
gate. “Think she’ll be back, Mike?”

“Give her 2 months or so..maybe three at the outside….I’ll have my
slut…made to order”, Mike chuckled, “Made to order”.

“How can you be so sure, Mike?”, Jim asked, “She looked pretty

“She’s already half way there, Man…she’s hooked on coke…where’s
she gonna find dough for that in J’ville…plus, she’s addicted to the
good life…parties..big houses…fast cars….that..and she’s the
horniest cunt I’ve ever seen…give her 2 months and she’ll be
scratchin’ on that door with 2 inch fingernails…I guarantee!” Mike
said, sounding like a poor imitation of Al Pacino.

2 Weeks Later

Mike awoke with a start, Jim standing over his be with a cell phone.
“Wha th hell!”, Mike groaned, “What time is it?”.

“Three-thirty Mike…sorry man, but Laura’s on the cell and she sounds
pretty fucked up.” Jim explained.

“Gimme it”, Mike said, reaching for the phone.

“Well little Laura, how unexpected at this time of night…what’ya
want”, he growled.

“…I wanna come home”, she slurred, obviously drunk or
stoned on something. “I wanna come home, Mike.”

“Sounds like you’re havin’ a pretty good time on your own, Chick”,
Mike offered, “Where are you?”

“I’m in Atlanta, Baby…I hitched a couple of rides and borrowed a few
bucks…it’s as far as I could get, Mike”. Laura said, beginning to
sob. “I’m hungry and dirty, Mike…I’m really dirty…I wanna come

“Well, if you’d been a little dirtier here…you wouldn’t be in would you!”, Mike countered, “Now leave me the fuck alone
slut!”, Mike said as he clicked the phone off.

“NOOooo Mike…Mike!”, Laura yelled as she heard the line go dead. The
chilly October breeze made her skin prickle. Devastated, Laura hung up
the booze-smelling receiver and turned to re-enter the club. The Hot
Spot was a low rent strip joint in the seedy section of Atlanta. A few
blocks down from the Gold Club and Tattletales, the club catered to
the young, the less affluent and the deadbeat.

“Sorry Lady, no re-entry…gotta pay the cover!”, the doorman said.

“Wha..but…I just stepped out for a minute…I was in before you
started charging cover!”, Laura slurred.

“Sorry rules.”

The door started to close.

“All my stuff’s in there!”, Laura slowly thought, the pot she had
smoked an hour ago beginning to take full effect. In fact, all that
she currently owned, including a small bag with $10 in cash were just
inside the door.

“Hey…hey mister”, Laura said quickly, “Ummm…what if…what if I
make it worth your while..”

“Goddamn Lady”, the doorman said, “you’re a fuckin’ mess…what could
you offer me?”

“I’ll…I’ll..I’ll suck your…your…your cock…I’ll suck your
cock!”, Laura offered

“Well…you ain’t too much to look at….but my dick’s a little
stiff…sooooo”, the man said thoughtfully, carefully eyeing her up.
“Just don’t bite me or anything…I don’t wanna catch anything!”

The doorman roughly grabbed Laura by the arm and drug her into a
bathroom stall. Sitting down, he forced her down on the piss-covered

“Alrighty slut…get to it!”

Unzipping his pants, the doorman pulled out a rapidly expanding 9-inch

Laura hesitated.

“Suck it, Whore!…or get the fuck out!”, he yelled.

Slowly, Laura grasped the swollen rod and lowered her head.

The doorman was having none of the “loving blowjob” technique. He
roughly grabbed her hair and forced 3 inches of cock in her mouth.

“Now suck…damnit!”, he growled.

It could have been the pot, the lack of food, the lack of sleep or any
number of humiliations that she had endured over the last 2
weeks….but suddenly, Laura was wracked by a sudden, powerful orgasm.

“UUUUnnnnghhh”, She moaned as she reflexively began gulping the prick
in her mouth.

“Yeah, Bitch…that’s it”, the doorman moaned.

With one hand, she fed the throbbing member down her throat, a first
for her, as she worked her other hand down the front of her shorts and
began stroking her swollen clit.

“That’s it…that’s it…I’m gonna shoot, Bitch”, he moaned.

Laura was nearing her second orgasm as she felt the first huge spurt
erupt in her sucking mouth. Quickly, she tried to pull away, but the
doorman’s firm grip kept her mouth in place.…ain’t spillin’ a drop of my love now, darlin’…be a
good girl and eat it all up!”, he moaned as another huge spurt filled
her mouth.

“Number 8. All of my orgasms, as well as other I dictate worthy, will
occur in your mouth or face to be enjoyed by all until which time you
collect and swallow each drop. Your ass and cunt are merely orifices
for pleasure, not receptacles for cum. “…As Laura began to struggle
for air…her mouth full of cum and cock….Mike’s rules pounded in
her brain.

“Swallow, Bitch…don’t go dying on me now!”, the doorman ordered.

“Swallow…always in your mouth or
face…always….always…swallow…never in the ass or cunt”, Laura’s
mind repeated as she automatically gulped the doorman’s huge load.

Yeah, baby…that’s a good girl…now clean it up”, the man said.
“Clean it real good and I’ll buy you a beer and a cigarette.”

“Number 3. Cigarette smoking is both erotic and glamorous and at the
same time, trashy and hard. You will learn to smoke with style and
grace for your own enjoyment as well as mine. “, a voice repeated
Mike’s rule in her head.

“Yeah…cigarette…I’ll clean you up…for a cigarette”, Laura
mumbled through a mouthful of cock.

“Whatever, slut…but you’re a great cocksucker…damn good”, the
doorman said as he pulled his pants back up.

At the bar, the doorman asked what she wanted to drink. “Whad’ya want
to drink?.

“Drink?…drink….um..Champagne..maybe?”, Laura slurred.

“Like hell…it was just a hummer…here’s a Bud”, he said, handing
Laura a cool bottle.

“Smoke?”, he said, holding out a fresh pack of Marlboro Lights.

” You will smoke brown More 120’s for their erotic look and thin Capri
120’s for their style.”, Laura’s mind commanded. “Do you have a More
or Capri?”, she asked in a small voice.

“Look damnit…you want a smoke or not…fucked up little bitch”, the
man growled, clearly losing his interest in the dirty woman with the
dried cum on her cheek.

“Ummm…sure…sorry”, she said, reaching for the cigarette. As she
drew one from the pack, she looked at it closely. She had never been a
heavy smoker and had never noticed the eroticism it conveyed. As the
doorman offered her a light, she began to notice the dancers. Some
were cuddled closely with customers, other were patrolling…looking
for their next score. While not overly attractive, all wore heavy
makeup, most wore piercings of one form or another and all smoked

Laura chugged the beer, trying to wash the Doorman’s taste from her
mouth. The cigarette tasted good…better in fact than any she had
ever had. ” Each cigarette will represent my cock for you to enjoy and
it’s smoke…my cum for you to savor.” Laura’s mind repeated. She
suddenly found herself strangely aroused…her pussy was dripping.

“Say…uh…what’s your name, mister?” Laura asked.

“Sid”, the man replied.

“Hey Sid….you wanna…I mean…we could ….you still horny?”, Laura

“Nah, babe…I don’t want any of that…too nappy for me…Hey
Pete…want some white ass?”, he yelled.

“Hey..that’s not what I said…I…”, Laura stammered.

Pete rounded the corner. At six feet seven inches, Petonia Myers cast
a rather imposing figure. “What’s that, Sid?”, Pete bellowed. “Got
something for me?”

“Lil’ dirty for me Pete…but just your style..poor-assed white
trash”, Sid chuckled.

“You lookin’ for cock, bitch?”, Pete asked.

“No…I …I just asked Sid if..”, Laura stammered.

“She asked if I was still horny…bitch just sucked me off in the
head…looks like she’s wantin’ a little cock”, Sid explained loudly.

“Ain’t no little cock here…but she can have this if she want’s”,
Pete said, pulling a huge floppy prick from his fly.

“NO..NO…I..I just…”, Laura said as her eyes locked on the swelling
head of Pete’s 10 inch dick.

“Work’s every time, dude”, Pete said to Sid. “Kiss it, Bitch…you
know you want this cock”, Pete taunted, pumping his cock slowly.

“No I…don’t…I don’t…want it…” Laura slowly moaned as her mouth
opened and the monster head passed her lips.

“Just get it wet, baby…no real sucking…Sid’s had that
hole…nah…that cunt’s all mine”, he said.

Laura’s mind reeled. The beer and cigarette on her painfully empty
stomach had quickly gone to her head, augmenting the earlier pot. She
seemed to float as the huge shaft forced it’s way into her mouth.
Mike’s list repeated over and over in her mind…..”always in the
mouth…swallow…act like a slut…be a
slut…cigarettes…make-up…slut…slut…SLUT”, her mind was
screaming now as she attacked the big cock with sudden gusto.

“Holy shit, Bitch!”, Pete moaned, “that’s some sweet lovin’ mouth you
got there.”

Laura pulled the dripping shaft from her mouth. “Fuck me you
bastard…fuck me hard!” she yelled as she pulled herself up on the
bar, completely unaware of the small crowd gathering. She tore off her
shorts and spread her legs as wide as possible, exposing her drooling

“Damn girl, it looks like you used to take good care of the thing”,
Pete noticed as he too climbed up on the bar. “It won’t look very good
when I get done with it…that’s for fuckin’ sure!” Pete quickly
pressed Laura’s legs to he chest, completely exposing her gash and
allowing for the deepest first thrust.

Unprepared for the sheer size, Laura screamed a silent scream as the
air was forced from her lungs. Pete had forced all 10 inches into her
with one savage thrust. Wet as she was, there was no damage from the
lunge, but the sudden increase in stimulation, the use of her pussy
after weeks of inattention and the force of the blow caused her to
black out for a few seconds. When she awoke, all she could feel was
waves of electric orgasm flowing thru her spine. One after another, so
close that she couldn’t be sure one had ended before the next hit.

“FUCK..FUCK..FUCK…FUCK..”, she chanted in rhythm to the black man’s

“Damn that’s some sweet pussy…never felt one like this…FUCK”, Pete
moaned as he slowed the pace.

“Wha..wha..what’s wrong…”, Laura moaned as she noticed the pace

“No..No..Baby..not so fast..gonna enjoy this a little
longer…now..roll over.”, Pete said in a deep voice. Immediately,
Laura flipped onto her belly and thrust her now gaping cunt into the

“Please..Baby please….please”, she cooed as she felt the big man
mount her again. Once more, he drilled away…8 inched..9 inches..all and out. Pete’s ass was a blur as he suddenly stiffened an
moaned “Here it comes, it comes”.

“Always in the mouth..always…swallow…never in the cunt or ass”,
Laura’s mind screamed over her own powerful orgasm. “NO..NO…Always
in the mouth…always in the mouth”, Laura yelled as she quickly
pulled away from the huge cock and spun around. “In my mouth..on my
face…always”, Laura chanted as she grabbed the big cock with both
hands and, pumping quickly, brought it to her face.

“Whatever, Bitch…HHHHEEEEERRRRR”, Pete screamed as he let loose with
a huge spurt. Most of the cum found it’s mark, landing squarely in her
mouth, nearly filling it up. The second spurt, though slightly less in
volume, literally covered her face in slimy goo. Laura moved forward
and captured the spurting snake and gulped the remaining spurts down
without spilling a drop.

As Pete’s orgasm subsided, he lifted Laura’s gooey face from his
shrinking rod. “Fuck, Baby…that’s fuckin’ unreal…You’re one hot
little slut…or at least could be with a bath”, Pete said,
looking into Laura’s cum-soaked face. “But to be honest…you smell
like shit!” Then he asked, “You got a place to stay”.

“Um…well…no..not”, Laura said, suddenly aware of the

“You could crash here tonight…I know the guy that owns the place”,
Pete continued. “You get cleaned up and fuck him…maybe he let’s you
stick around a few days.”

“Yeah…could use a bath…get cleaned up…thanks….oh..and thanks
for…thanks for…for the….the fuck”, Laura said softly.

3 Days Later

She couldn’t move her head. She could move from side to side a little,
but the big desk was too heavy and the cock too big to do much but
open her mouth and let him thrust away. On her knees under Bob
Holloman’s big oak desk, Laura didn’t really like the position she
found herself in, but then, she hadn’t had much choice in any of the
positions they’d had her in over the last few days.

After fucking Sid and Pete, Laura had been taken to meet Big Bob, as
everyone called him. Bob seemed gruff and hard, but after scrutinizing
Laura for a few minutes, he’d had one of the dancers take her back
into the dressing room for a much needed shower. After that she’d been
allowed to fix herself up a bit, using some of the dancer’s make-up
and brought back into Bob’s office.

“Well, that makes a bit of a difference”, Bob said as he eyed her up.

“Yes, I guess it does”, Laura responded, “Thanks for the shower and
the other stuff…I can’t pay you…I..I..I don’t have any money.”

“I think we can work out something…Pete here says you’re a hell of a
piece of ass…maybe we barter a bit?” he suggested. From behind him,
he pulled out a silver serving tray with a sizable pile of white
powder in the center. Laura’s eyes betrayed her. “Ah, yes..I
see…well…what shall you offer for, say, 3 lines of snow?”, Bob

“I…I..I could dance or serve drinks”, Laura relied, still eyeing the

“I’ve got plenty of dancers..plenty of servers too..even got a few
bartenders….no, I don’t need any of those”, he teased.

“I don’t have any money”, Laura said, missing the obvious.

“I’ve got plenty of that too…no…what I need is a hot little
slut..a slut to suck me off when I get tense…fuck me when I get
horny…blow my buddies…you know, that sort of thing”, he stated
bluntly. “Do that for a while and I’ll see to it you get your blow,
get some clothes, place to stay for a few weeks, what’cha say?”

“I’m not a slut”, Laura defended

“Well what do you call what happened outside just a while ago…blew
Sid in the bathroom to get in the bar…fucked Pete 10 minutes later
in front of 30 people…I’d say that’s exactly what you are…a
fuckin’ slut”, he said definitively. “Now, take my offer or get the
fuck out!”

“Act like a slut…be a
slut…cigarettes…make-up…slut…slut…SLUT…get back to
Mike…be a slut”, Laura’s mind began chanting.

“Well…I guess…I mean…I need some things…”, Laura bargained,
moving toward the man.

“That’s better a few lines and let’s see what you can
do”. he said, unbuckling his belt.

The white powder had turned out to be a strong mix of cocaine, exstacy
and crank, or methamphetamine. The resulting rush had kept her in near
sexual frenzy for the last 2 1/2 days. With no sleep and little to eat
but cum, Laura was well past the point of mental and physical
exhaustion, but her body was still on fire. She felt she couldn’t sit
still and her pussy seemed to drip at the slightest hint of sexual
contact. After fucking Bob, Bob’s partner Stan and eating out Stan’s
girlfriend, a shocking first for her, Mike’s list still pounding in
her brain, Laura had requested a pack of More 120’s, some make-up and
some new clothes to wear. “After all”, Laura had said, “I can’t be
very slutty in a dirty denim shirt and kahki shorts…now can I?”

After another bout with Bob and Stan, Laura had convinced them that
she needed her fingernails done if she was going to look the part.
Exhausted after 3 orgasms in the last six hours, Bob gladly handed her
a $100 dollar bill and instructed one of his dancers to take her to a
nearby nail salon. “But don’t let her eat anything”, Bob had
instructed the dancer. “She can drink all she wants…but no solid
food.” The only eating Laura had done was the pussy of the nail girl
in return for her bright red, two-inch nails. Business conducted,
Laura now had $100 dollars stuffed in her bra and the first of several
modifications she intended on earning from her new “patrons”.

As Bob continued thrusting out of Laura’s mouth, she glanced at her
new fingernails. “#2. Your hands will bring pleasure to both yourself
and to me. Nails should be extremely long and perfectly kept, to
accent your femininity, with rings adorning each finger and thumb.”,
Mike’s list droned on. In the drug-induced fog she was in, the voice
seemed stronger, able to wash out almost every other thought.

“I don’t have any rings Mike”, she thought as she felt Bob’s cock
begin swelling, a sure sign he was about to erupt. “Always in the
mouth or face..swallow..swallow..slut…be a slut..”, the voice
continued. She seemed to go into sexual overdrive when the voice spoke
to her. She grasped the 9 incher by the base and began working the
cock down her throat.

“Ohh yeah..that’s a good slut…eat that cock…EAT IT”, Bob screamed
as he began shooting into her throat.

“UUUMMMMMMMmmmm”, Laura heard herself moan as a small orgasm swept
over her. She had begun cumming almost every time she caused anyone
else to, to the delight of all of her partners. Suddenly the voice was

“Hey Baby”, Laura cooed to Bob as she cleaned his shrinking prick with
her tongue. “I kinda want my tongue pierced…what do you think?

“CINDY”, Bob called from his chair. Cindy was a tall blonde dancer and
Bob’s assistant. “Cindy, take the slut to the tattoo shop and get her
pierced.” He handed Laura another $100 bill. “Oh..and remember…no
food for the slut.”

Two hours and two blowjobs later, Laura arrived back at the bar,
slightly woozy from the shock of the piercings, she’d gotten her naval
done, as well and the three beers she had chugged on the way. She had
been 4 days without solid food, but strangely, she didn’t feel hungry

Bob met her as she came thru the door. “Well slut..let’s see the
addition.”, he said. Laura flashed the naval ring, then opened her
mouth to show her swollen tongue with the new silver barbell clearly
evident. “Beautiful…doctor said no oral sex for 2-3 days right?”, he

“Ungh huh”, Laura mumbled.

“Here”, Bob said, handing her a 4 inch butt plug and a tube of KY
jelly. “If one hole closes, better open another…you gotta be at
least a 2 hole slut.”

Laura’s eye’s widened, but then the voice screamed in her head “You
will keep your asshole lubed and plugged at all times, unless I
instruct differently. This will serve to remind you that your
ass….like your mouth and cunt…is for my pleasure at all times.”
Laura suddenly looked at the plug longingly. She felt her asshole flex
in anticipation. “Uh…sure Bahb..wha evr”,Laura struggled to say as
she reached for the plug. Undaunted by the people standing around her.
Laura lubed the plug liberally, pulled her lycra miniskirt up around
her waist and slid the prong into her ass. “UUUnnngggghhhh”, she
moaned as she felt the base slide firmly against her ass, a small
orgasm building at her tailbone.

“Damn girl, I’m getting’ wood just watchin’…let’s go back to my
office…I’ll trade you for a little more blow.” he said.

2 Days Later

Laura awoke with a jolt. After 5 days of no sleep, no food, drugs,
booze, cigarettes and virtually constant sex, she had finally
collapsed into a near-coma sleep. When she finally was able to pull
herself from the cot, she was shocked at her appearance in the mirror.
Someone had been kind enough to wash the heavy make-up from her face
while she slept. Without it, the dark bags underneath her eyes were
clearly evident. Her tongue was still sore, but most of the swelling
was gone. Her body felt as if it had been hit by a train.

Taking a quick inventory, she found her pussy was fine, her asshole
slightly swollen and her nipples very tender. Then she remembered the
session with Pete just before she passed out. He had clamped her
nipples with clamps, then fucked her savagely, moving back and forth
between her pussy and asshole.

“I wonder if he got off?” she thought. She had never been more tired.
“Better get some coke from Bob”, she thought, “gotta come up with a
few more bucks to get back to Memphis.” Mike was in Memphis. “get back
to a slut…slut…slut”, the voice began again. ” Your body
is your livelyhood. You will keep it perfect in form, shape and
texture. It will also be totally hairless save that on your head.”
Laura glanced at her pubic mound. While not hairy, she was far from
hairless. “Not for long”, she thought as she reached for a razor.

The woman who entered Bob’s office was unrecognizable as the dirty
little whore who had bought her way into the club by blowing Sid.
Washed and styled blonde hair, heavy make-up, latex bikini and shiny
platform high heels, Laura looked the part of the perfect strip club

“Damn girl, you’re lookin’ fine…thought we lost you there for a
while”, Bob said.

“Sorry, Baby…just ran outta gas”, Laura explained as she lit a
cigarette, “speaking of gas…can I trade you for some blow?”

“What if I said I wasn’t interested?” Bob joked.

“What if I said I’d trade an assfuck for a hit?” she replied.

“Done deal!” he quickly said. Bob had fucked her mouth and cunt
repeatedly, but only Pete had sampled her asshole before she had
passed out. Bob quickly dropped his pants and Laura nestled between
his spread legs.

“Get it good and wet, slut” he commanded.

Grasping his cock in both hands, she began slowly licking up and down
his shaft. Her new tongue stud felt marvelous as she dragged it across
his sensitive gland.

“Baby, I gotta get back to Memphis” <slurp> “gotta get back home”
<lick>, she said in a deep voice.

“We kinda like you here, girl”, Bob moaned “I don’t think you ought to

“Gotta go” <slurp> “gotta get back to my…my…my baby”, she said.
Laura quickly pushed the cock down her throat, hoping he didn’t see
the deceit in her eyes.

“UUUnnnggggg”, Mike moaned. “ gotta kid?”

“Uh huh”, Laura said as she pulled the long shaft back out.

“Some fuckin’ mother you are”, Mike said as he pushed her back and
spread her legs. “Fuckin’ drug whore..that’s all you are” Mike rubbed
his hard dick on her dripping pussy. “Look at that…goddamn pussy’s
leakin’ like a sieve”, he said. “Got no time for that whore
pussy…nah…gimme that slut asshole.”

Laura pulled her butt plug out. “Yeah, baby…fuck your slut…fuck
that ass”, Laura moaned as she felt Bob push past her sphincter.
“UUUnnnnnnnnghhhhhhh..fuck I love it…fuck it…fuck it”.

Bob’s ass was a blur as he pounded her puckered hole. “Alright,
slut… fuck me and my boys like this…like this for the next 2
weeks…I’ll let you go”, he said, “but right now…I’m gonna cum,

“In my mouth, baby…always in my mouth”, Laura groaned as he pushed
deep. “let me eat it, Bob…straight from my ass.”

“Here, Bitch”, he yelled, pulling out of her tight asshole. “You’re
one nasty slut…damn…straight from your ass.”

Laura smiled as she milked the last drops from his cock and licked him

“Now, how bout some blow, baby.”

The next two weeks blurred by, Laura stayed amped on methamphetamine,
at one point she stayed awake for nearly 6 days. She had all but quit
eating, food that is, and her drug-induced super-metabolism has eaten
away any bodyfat. The downside was that her smallish breasts had all
but disappeared and her face had turned angular and hard, a perfect
canvas for the heavy make-up she now favored. The upside was that she
now had the body of a racehorse. She could literally and figuratively
fuck all day, every day with no sign of slowing down. Her libido
seemed effected most by the drugs. She was insatiable, seeking out new
sexual adventure from anyone she could find. Every hair style, each
stroke of lipstick or puff of a cigarette was done in such a style as
to entice sex. She no longer differentiated between black or white, as
long as the cock got hard and she got to eat the cum. When no cock was
available, she made due with pussy. The dancers literally lined up to
receive Laura’s special love.

Bob heard the squeals before he opened his office door. Laura was
straddling Pete’s legs, facing away from him, her ass impaled on his
big 10-inch prick. Sid held her head as he fucked her mouth. Still
needing more, Laura had three long-nailed fingers up her snatch.

“Damn, girl…you just can’t get enough, can you?” Bob asked stunned.
He had just fucked her 20 minutes ago.

“MMmmmm mmmmmm”, Laura mumbled around a mouth full of cock.

“Looks like even that’s not enough for you”, he said reaching for a
long silver vibrator. “Maybe I can help”.

Laura spread her pussy lips with her wet fingers. She eyed him
lustfully as she sucked Sid deeply into her throat. “MMMMMmmmmmmm”,
Laura groaned as he slid the 8 inch vibe to the hilt.

“Alright boys, hold still for a minute…let’s see what happens”, be
said and switched the vibe to max. Laura’s body convulsed with the new
sensation deep in her snatch.

“Damn, Bob…her assholes clenching like a fist…shit”, Pete moaned,
struggling not to lose his load just yet.

“Her mouth is fuckin’ red a fuckin’ oven”, Sid said as he
began fucking her face with renewed gusto.

The sensation was like a bomb going off in Laura’s head.
“SLUT…SLUT…BE A SLUT…MIKE’S SLUT..CUMSLUT”, her mind screamed as
she flew from one monster orgasm to the next. She had never felt so
alive, so perfect, so absolutely nasty. She knew she was ready to
return to Mike. She didn’t have the tits or lips yet..she didn’t have
the cash for that…but she had become a complete and total
slut..nothing was too perverse…too outrageous..she lived for
sex..this was who and what she was….A SLUT!

Sid was the first to blow. “Here, Baby…eat it”, he moaned as he
began to erupt. “God you love cum…never seen anything like it”.

“UUNNNgghhh”, she groaned, “I do…I do..I love cum.”

“Well get some more, bitch”, Pete said, pulling his long dick from her
spasming asshole.

Quickly, Laura spun around and popped the head of Pete’s dick, still
dripping her ass juices, into her mouth.

“HHHHeeeeerrrrreee”, Pete yelled as he felt the first big spurt. Laura
was unprepared for the force, and cum literally came out her nose.
Undaunted, she swallowed the remainder, the gathered the stray cum
with her long nails and scooped it to her mouth.

“I’m gonna miss you boys”, she said, licking a stray drop from Pete’s
drooping prick. “I love this black snake….and Sid baby…I love your
milk…sweetest cum in the world”.

“What you gonna do in Memphis, baby”, Pete asked, fingering her
swollen clit.

“Gonna get my life back, Pete…get it all back”, she said quietly

2 Weeks Later

Jim opened the door. He just stared in disbelief. The blonde woman was
recognizable, the eyes, though heavily made up, were the same. The
face seemed different, narrower, more animalistic. Large gold hoop
earrings framed the face. The mouth too seemed different. As she
puffed the long brown cigarette, she licked her red lips, tongue stud
clearly visible. The body seemed super-charged, almost vibrating,
encased in the short black leather miniskirt; tight leather vest and
matching thigh-high high heeled boots. It was a picture of total lust.

“So Jim…I think I owe you something”, Laura said as she knelt in the
doorway. Flipping away the cigarette, Laura quickly unzipped the big
man’s fly and extracted a stiffening prick. “I think I’m supposed to
beg….here…please baby, feed me…feed me your spunk”, she said,
sliding her long-nailed hand up the shaft. Laura opened her mouth,
looked up into his eyes, and simply swallowed the entire 8 inches.

Jim had never felt anything like this. It seemed her throat was
milking the cum from his balls. Her mouth was like an over…so hot;
it actually burned a bit. This was the mouth of an experienced
whore…a woman who lived by sucking cock…a true slut.

“Gimme your stuff, Jimmy…feed me..gimme”, Laura moaned as she pulled
her mouth off his dripping cock, a strand of silvery saliva connecting
cock and lips. Down she went again, pushing her nose into his pubic
hair…he felt her tongue slip between his balls..the cock completely
engulfed in her milking throat.

“OOOOhhhgggggggnnnnnn”, Jim let loose a massive load. Laura, expecting
such a result, calmly gulped the load down without missing a drop.

After squeezing the last possible drop from his spent prick, Laura
rose, gathered herself and said, “Let me freshen up, sweetie…and
take me to Mike.

After repairing the minor make-up damage caused by Jim’s blowjob,
Laura followed the big man into the study. “You know where the booze
is”, Jim said, “help yourself, Mike is finishing up a deal and will be
down in a few minutes.

“Mind games”, Laura thought as she poured herself a straight bourbon
and lit a cigarette. “That might work if I thought much anymore”, she
chuckled as she threw back her drink. The bourbon burned, but washed
the bodyguard’s heavy taste from her mouth. “Too much garlic…not
sweet like Sid’s”, she thought. She had become a quite a connoisseur
of cum over the last 60 days. She poured another drink. “The bourbon
will calm me down a bit”, she thought. She was flying on the last of
the crystal meth Bob had given her. She had taken it all, wanting to
be at her horny best, but also knowing if things didn’t work out with
Mike, she’d be working the streets. She’d used the last of her cash to
buy the leather outfit and boots. “I’m either a rich slut…or a poor
slut…either way…I got some fuckin’ to do”, she mused. She quickly
drank her second bourbon and poured a third. She had a strange
thought; “What if Mike doesn’t want me fucking other guys?” she
pondered. She had taken for granted that, by being an “complete slut”
as the list dictated, she was expected to fuck anybody and everybody
Mike chose. “But Mike didn’t choose Sid, Pete, Bob or fact he
hadn’t suggested even Jim, his close friend and bodyguard.” Suddenly,
she was very nervous, amped as she was, her hands started to shake and
she felt her stomach tighten. “But I followed the list exactly…the
nails, the shaved cunt…cunt..I even talk the way the list said…I
never used that word before I went to Atlanta…now I use it all the
time..the cigarettes..hell, I smoke 2 packs a day now..the
make-up..the clothes…the piercings..I’m the slut he asked for”, she
thought, “all I need is some pumped up lips and tits…I’ll be the
slut he wanted…I’ve gotta be.”

“And what if he really doesn’t want me fucking other guys?” she
continued, “I love 2 cocks at the same time…Will I be happy with 1
cock..the same cock…all the time?”

Suddenly frustrated, she pulled out her make-up mirror and re-applied
her sticky red lipstick. She loved her new
look…sexy..erotic..hard..the perfect face for a slut. Satisfied with
her face, she tossed down her third drink and began pouring a fourth
when Mike entered the room.

“Well..Laura..I see you’ve made some changes since we were together
last”; Mike teased as he sat in an overstuffed chair across from the
bar. “You look fantastic.”

“I did everything you asked, Mike..honey..all except the tits and
lips…I just didn’t have the money for that”,Laura explained…losing
all composure.”I did everything…I changed..I made myself over..for
you Mike…for you.”

“I suppose you don’t enjoy your new life..the new you?”, Mike asked.
“Remember, you were never forced into anything.”

“No…no…I…I like the new me..I..I..”, she began, her body

“Enough of that…let me take a good look at you…stand up here in
front of me”, Mike commanded.

Laura loved the sound of his voice…so commanding…in charge. She
stood and walked slowly over to him. She took a long puff from her
cigarette and licked her lips as she blew out.

“Very nice..very nice indeed…you like the More’s?”, Mike asked

“Your cock…your cum…of course I like them…I love them..the look
..the taste”, she explained. Laura was suddenly flushed with
excitement…he was checking her out…he liked what he saw. She felt
her pussy literally gush at the idea of success. She could feel small
trickles of juice sliding down the inside of her thigh. “Fuck…If
he’d only let me suck his cock…I’d show him what I’ve become”, she

“Turn around…let me see your ass”, he commanded. “Nice…now…pull
up your skirt…let me see your ass.”

Laura smiled as she lifted her skirt and spread her legs slightly. “He
wants to see if I’m plugged”, she thought. She was wearing her new
5-inch butt plug. Narrow at the tip and 2-inches at the base, it kept
her excited just walking around.

“I see you’ve taken the list seriously…at least on the outside,
Laura”, he commented…still studying her ass and cunt. “But a book
may have a great cover…but be completely different on the
inside…is that true with you Laura?”

“No baby…I’m what I appear to be..I’m a complete and total
slut..your slut, baby…all yours”, she explained.

“That’s to be seen”, Mike answered sharply. “Suck my cock!”

Laura dropped to her knees in a flash, tugging at Mike’s belt

“Do you want this, you want this cock..this life?” he asked
as he slid his pants from his hips. His cock was already hard and
dripping pre-cum.

“It’s all I want, honey…all I think about..give it to me…all of
it”, Laura said. She stared at his 9-inch
cock..lusting…wanting..wanting it more than anything in the world.

“There’s no turning back…you do this and your mine…my
whore…my cunt..for life”, he whispered. “Do you really want that?”

Laura looked up and stared deeply into his eyes. “Yesssss”, she
hissed. Then she opened her painted lips and swallowed his cock in one
smooth motion.

Mike was surprised, both at the ease with which she swallowed him and
the hotness of her mouth. She was on fire. This was not the same woman
he’d thrown out 2 months ago. That woman hadn’t really sucked
cock…not like this…that woman did the least possible, then laid
back and allowed herself to be fucked…it was merely part of the job
description..but this woman..sucking his cock as if her very life
depended on it…this was something different. He noticed her
hands…one grasping the shaft of his dick…feeding the cock down her
steaming throat..the other hand was jammed between her
appeared that she had at least 3 fingers up her cunt. She moaned as
she ate if it was the most delicious meal she’d ever had.
“She’s really into it…almost…yes..she’s cumming just from blowing
me”, he thought, “this just keeps getting better!”

Laura’s mind was reeling…the burbon had kicked in…combined with
the meth, she was flying..and the voice was screaming, pounding in her
SLUT..TOTAL SLUT..”, the mantra continued. She was in little need of
motivation…her body was flowing from one massive orgasm to the
next..her asshole was clamping on the plug, her hand was pounding her
fingers into her snatch and she had her man’s…MIKE’S..sweet cock in
her mouth. Nothing had ever felt so good, so perfect as
she did right now. “This is what I am..what I’m for..who I am”, she
thought as she felt his balls tighten against her sucking lips. “He’s
gonna cum…Mike’s cum…cum, baby..oh, please cum”, she thought as
she pulled the cock free of her throat, leaving just the tip in her
mouth…she wanted to taste him..feel every sweet spurt..savor
it…cherish it. With one hand she stoked his dripping shaft, with the
other she gently squeezed his spasming balls…urging out the cum.

“Cum for me, baby..feed me..feed your slut..YOUR SLUT”, Laura moaned,
the quickly returned the dick to her mouth…she could feel the load
starting to move. “UUUUnnngggghhh”, she moaned as she felt the first
spurt hit the roof of her mouth, More and more of the thick spunk
filled her mouth as she trapped all of it, savoring the pungent taste.
“It’s so good”, she thought, “better than Sid’ honey…Mike’s
honey.” Once she was certain he was done, Laura pulled back, stared
deeply into Mike’s eyes and opened her mouth, showing her collected

Mike smiled a satisfied smile and said softly, “Eat it,

Laura gulped his load and licked her lips, making sure she hadn’t
missed a drop.

“Welcome home Laura….welcome home”, Mike said, his eyes locked on

“Thank you so much, Mike..thank you for letting me come
back..and..uh..thanks for..for..for making me change”, she said, her
eyes dropping. “I love who I’ve become..what I’ve become..thank you so
much.” She hugged his thigh and nestled her face in his crotch. Mike
stroked her hair and smiled.

After a brief rest, Laura swallowed Mike’s limp prick and began
sucking softly, yet insistently. “Very nice” he moaned as he watched
her work. Her mouth was unbelievable..the wet..almost like a
superheated pussy..yet with that tongue was simply amazing.
“What do you have in mind, Laura?” he asked.

“Anything..anywhere..whatever you want”, she replied, his dick now
rock hard and glistening with her spit.

“Fuck me..sit on it and fuck me” he ordered. Quickly, Laura stood,
slipped out of her skirt and spread her pussy lips. Her cunt was
literally dripping..long streams of juice ran down her thighs..her
shaved lips were soaked. She straddled his legs, aimed his cock and
sat down, taking his entire length with one liquid motion. Hot as her
mouth was, her pussy was hotter.

“OOHhhhhh God….Mike, baby…oohhh yeahhhh” she cooed as she began
rocking slowly. The sensations were overwhelming…”Mike’s cock..the
cock..the one I’ve dreamed about..the one I turned myself into a slut
for…the only thing in life that matters” she thought as she fucked
herself on his dick. “I’ll do anything…anything to make
your cock happy” she said, staring deeply into his eyes.

“Lay back, baby” Mike instructed. Quickly complying, she pulled her
legs back, almost past her head, offering herself completely. Again,
his cock slid in completely, with absolutely no resistance. He began
to pound her..ramming his cock deep into her womb. Her soaked cunt mad
squelching sounds as his dick rammed home.

“Fuck..fuck..fuck..fuck” she chanted in rhythm.

Her cunt was milking him, squeezing him from tip to base, trying to
suck the cum from him. He had never felt such a sensation, as if her
pussy had a mind of it’s own. After several minutes of intense
pounding, Mike pulled out.
“Wha..what’s..what’s wrong, baby?” Laura moaned, her hips thrusting at

“Let’s see what we have here” he said, reaching for the butt plug.

“Oohhhhhhhh yeahhh….fuck my ass, baby..please..fuck my asshole”,
Laura moaned, her eyes glassed over in anticipation.

Mike tugged on the plug. Almost 2 inches wide at the base, he had to
twist it to break the clench and free the prong. Laura was moaning and
rubbing her swollen clit the entire time. Once free, the prong slid
easily from her hole, leaving it slightly gaping. It was clear this
was a well used passage…a slut’s asshole.

“I see you’ve learned to like assfucking” Mike commented as he rubbed
his stiff across her gooey pussy. “You look like you like it all.”

“I love it..everything..anything..ass.mouth..cunt..anything you
want..I’m yours Mike..your cunt..your whore…just please..please fuck
me..fuck my ass” she begged.

Mike pushed slowly forward. The fat head of his prick popped inside
her sphincter with little resistance, then the rest of his 9-inches
slid smoothly to the hilt. Once more, the heat shocked him. Her ass
was on fire. Laura moaned and twisted slowly as he ran his cock back
out, then all the way back in…honey fucking her ass. Her right hand
dropped to her pussy, rubbing her clit, then pushing 2 fingers deep in
her sopping gash. Her left snaked underneath her body and raked his
balls with her long fingernails. All the while, her eyes were locked
on his, her tongue slipping out to seductively lick her lips.

Mike picked up the pace, slamming into her superheated asshole. Laura
was flowing from one crushing orgasm to the next. “Please feed me
again, baby” she moaned, “cum in my mouth..let me taste my ass..let
me eat your cum..please, baby.”

Mike pulled back, his cock springing free. “Make it cum, Laura..make
it shoot” he said tightly.

Laura spun quickly and once more engulfed his prick. She reveled in
the musty taste of her own ass and the heavy taste of his precum. Down
her throat, he could feel her muscles milking him…urging him to

“Oh fuck…here” Mike said, beginning to unload.

Laura pulled the pulsing prick from her throat and aimed it squarely
into her face. Spurt after spurt splashed her eyes, nose and open
mouth. When he finished, her face was covered in goo, her mouth
capturing a healthy dose as well.

Mike looked down, almost amazed at the lewd slut stroking his
shrinking prick. Laura was waiting, mouth open, until he motioned for
her to swallow. Gulping the load in her mouth, she quickly gathered as
much as she could with her long nails, feeding it to her herself.
“Thank you, baby..thank you..that was awesome!”, she said smiling.

“Absolutely…now go get cleaned up..we got some shopping to do” Mike

Laura gathered her clothes and sauntered off to the dressing room. She
didn’t simply walk anymore…everything had a purpose now…everything
had a point…be sexy…get dicks hard..and her swaying ass was just
one more adaptation she had made. Quickly, she reapplied her heavy
make-up, teased her hair and dressed, but not before reinserting her
butt plug…lubrication was provided by her dripping snatch. “Oohhhh”
she moaned as she slid the prong to the hilt. “God I’m horny….I’m
burning up”. I hope Mike can keep up.”

Mike took to an array of erotic boutiques, most specializing in
extreme fetish clothing. She bought everything that caught his
eye…latex..leather..rubber..lycra..all very tight..very
revealing..very slutty. A quick stop at an adult bookstore resulted in
new dildos, vibrators and one very surprised sales clerk as Mike
decided she should help pay for the toys with a quick blowjob. Laura
was quite relieved that Mike was open to other cocks. She devoured the
clerk…swallowing his load in mere minutes.

On the way home, Laura confided she had something that was troubling
her. “What is it?” Mike asked, concerned about a problem this early in
the reunion.

“I..I’m not sure how to say this…it…it’s my name..Laura”, she said

“What are you talking about…of course..that’s your name” Mike said

“It used to be..I mean..that’s who I used to be..Laura..from there..all that”, she continued, gaining confidence.
“That woman wasn’t what you wanted…didn’t fulfill your fantasy or
take care of your needs..but she doesn’t exist anymore…I’m not Laura
..she went away when I gave myself to you..when I made myself…a
slut..I’m not a woman anymore…I’m a slut..a cunt..I fuck..I suck..I
eat cum..that’s who and what I am…I want a new name…I want you to
name own me now…you decide what my name is.”

Mike grinned at the revelation. “This just keeps getting better and
better” he thought. “I’ll have to give it some thought” he said. “What
should I call you in the meantime?”

“Anything you want…slut..cunt…whore..It doesn’t matter…as long
as you like it” she explained. “Oh..I almost there anything
else..anything you didn’t put on the list you’d like me to do…other

“It’s funny you said that” Mike grinned. “I didn’t think it would go
this smoothly..but..yeah..there might be a few additions along the
way..but for right now..just perfect the list you have.”

“When can I get my tits and lips done, baby?” she asked excitedly.
“Soon…real soon..I had Jim call Alex Thomas while we were
shopping…he was to set an appointment as soon as possible” Mike

“How big do you want my tits?” she asked, sliding over and stroking
Mike’s cock through his pants.

“Big enough that there’s no question what you are…what you do…same
with your lips” he answered.

“Slut tits and dick suckin’ lips….I can’t wait” she squealed, “I
can’t wait to be your dream girl..your perfect…total slut. I want
people to see make-up..and think..look at
that nasty slut..I want your cock to get hard just lookin’ at
me..thinkin’ of all the things I’ll do…I can’t wait, baby.” Laura
unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. “You’ll never have to touch
this beautiful cock get horny..I’ll suck it or fuck it and
lick it need to piss..I’ll hold it..I’ll lick it clean then
too, if you want..I’ll wash it..keep it clean..I’ll worship this dick
every day..if you let me” she said, holding the stiffening shaft close
to her face.

“Don’t forget my balls…gotta keep them empty to keep the cock happy”
he teased.

“Don’t ever worry about that..I’ll eat every drop..every last drop of
your honey cum..if you let me” she replied, slowly licking the
mushroom head. “It’s all I crave now..all I really like to
eat..cum..just cum..I love your cum.” She swallowed the head and
slowly slid her wet mouth down the shaft..all the way until her nose
was buried in his pubes. She just held it her
throat..allowing her throat muscles to milk the cock..she couldn’t
breathe..but seemed in no rush to pull back.

Mike gathered her long brownish-blonde hair in his hand. “’s
a change I’d like to color…something dramatic..platinum
streaks…white blonde..raven black..change it often to suit your
mood” he said, pulling her hair, forcing her mouth off his cock.
“Enough for now..I don’t want to wreck the car..let’s swing by the
salon and do something about that hair.”

“Whatever you want, baby” she growled, giving his dick a deep good-bye

Mike left Laura..”he’d have to come up with a suitable name soon” at
the salon. He’d given instructions for a dramatic color and style. In
the meantime, he’d driven to a friends house and purchased several
ounces of Laura’s wonder drugs..methamphetamine and exstacy. It had
been clearly obvious that the drugs not only made her extremely
excitable and horny, but also extremely suggestable. In the condition
she was in, he could demand anything from her. His buddy advised to be
careful, as long-term usage of both drugs could lead to irreparable
psychological damage..loss of reasoning, self control and obsessive
behavior. “Sounds like exactly the type of behavior I’m looking for”
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