The end of work….

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She had been feeling it all week. That little bit growing in her, a need, a desire, a lust. The daily game of life had started to become boring. The stylish yet simple business clothes just didn’t look right. Monday, they didn’t fit right. Tuesday, they were just itchy and left the skin with an irritation. The hair was just flat without body. This week was just full of blahs, except for that little growing spot, a little beacon of hope.

The daily grind was just that, grinding. Everyone wearing the same clothes, all dark colors, no life to them. Something needed to change.

She couldn’t help but look down from time to time in the day, seeing the bit of cleavage she was showing. What if she undid one more button, the thought seemed freeing, showing being that much more feminine. She couldn’t help it either this morning. She needed to wear her stockings with garter. She needed to feel that little bite into her thigh, that rub of the garter suspender. All day that was wearing on her. The morning was full of paperwork but that started to really fade after lunch, more focus on those stockings and that just little tiny rub.

That’s it….that is it.

She drove home as quick as she could. She need to find something to release, the spot growing more. The road just allowed her mind to wander, having driven this path so many times now. She started with lighting up a cigarette on the way. Taking a long slow drag, the rush hit, calming her, vibrations of the car humming into her. Just a few more, that is all she needed.

Six more burnt to the filters, she was finally home. The smoke just added to the burning within her. The bright cherry of the smoke was a flash in her mind, that lovely bright color.

Slipping into the dark quiet house, she kicked off her heels, tossed down her case, and slipped free from the binding jacket she wore all day. Stepped up, she freed herself from the rest of her clothes of the daily world.

Stepping from the shower, the heat was just not enough to make the urge go away. The extra attention into the shower didn’t make the urge go away. She needed more tonight. Padding away from the bathroom, drying the last bits of her form, she moved into her room, just staring for a moment. She breathed in deep and returned out a soft sigh. With that sigh, all resolve standing against the urge faded.

Walking over to the dresser, she opened the drawer and pulled out a small pair of pink boyshorts with lacing on the sides. Stepping into them, sliding up, they hugged her ass up into a lovely shape, cheeks just poking from the bottom. She spun in front of the mirror, smiling broadly. The satin massaged her flesh from the week of proper business clothes. Bending in front of the mirror, she grinned more as her cheek were exposed more. Yes very good. Hmmmmm yes, pink that is what she needs.

Stepping back to the bathroom for a moment, pulling out a small bag, she returned to the bed, sliding on the slick surface. She poured out the contents, files, clippers, glue and nails….Oh my. She started to file down on her nails, shaping and smoothing. How the week has taken its toll. Filing and shaping more just left her with a disappointment. They had to be taken down too far.

Fine. She continued sizing out some replacement nails. Quickly glued and tacked into place, her nails were now three times the length. What a lovely length rushed through her mind. Shaping and filing again, soon they were perfect. A quick coat of lime green polish made them gleam in the light, just finishing them with a tip of pink. Blow and shaking, she smiled as the scent of the polish filled the room. Thank you for quick drying polish. Looking the nails over, so lovely and sexy, so girly, she wondered how they felt. She took the nails and ran them open one arm, giggling with the light scraping. Then she traversed her tummy. Then the wicked thought, she pinched a nipple with them. Her body responded with a gasp and a bit of lust. She needed to remember that for later.

She bounced up and off the bed back to her drawers. She pulled out a little pink bra, a little half cup with some purple piping on the edges. Up her arms and wrapped her back, soon she was pulling her breasts into the bra adjusting herself. The bra wasn’t made for her. It was small; the cups just barely covering her nipples. But it was cute and it made her look two sizes bigger with how it pushed up. The straps ran up her breasts to the shoulders. Spun around again to the mirror, nothing could stop the grin on her face from the sight she saw, bright colors flooding the view.

She pulled open a new drawer, scrounging around for a few moment to find them. Soon a pair of wide netted stockings were out on the bed, a cute lime green color. She rolled them up on a hand, slipping her toes into the foot of one stocking. She drew them up her legs slowly. Her nails in the netting dragging up her skin on her legs. Eyes rolled back in her head as a sigh rushed her lips. She sat there with just one stocking in place, shuddered as her attention returned. She repeated nearly everything to place the second stocking on, but holding longer this time before the shudder happened.

Standing back up, she bit a lip looking around, nearly confused. Then it all snapped back to her, she need to get out. She needed to wipe away the week of work. She stepped over to the closet, pulling all her business clothes to the side. She dug into the closet into the back. She remembered where it was. Grabbing onto it, she felt that soft yet rough feel that is denim. Unwrapping it from the hanger, she shook out the little skirt, little frays flying around. She did love the look of frayed denim. She quickly slipped into it, pulling it up and around her waist, but not before she had to give it fight to make it around her hips. The love was great for how it hugged and wrapped her hips and ass. The skirt was nearly a second skin.

The skirt and the stocks just teased with one another and her thighs. There was just not enough to go around to cover everything. But in the end, that just didn’t really matter to her, the urge in her made her happy like this. More needed to be done.

Returning to the closet and digging in again, a foot lifted as she stretched in. Skirt rising a little, stockings exposed and just a hint of her cheek being touched with cool air. She pulled free a hanger with a little lime green shirt. It was a little cotton ringer with the collar cut to properly expose cleavage and with this bra, just the edges of the bra too. She shimmied into the shirt and when in all she could do is look down and see the loveliness that is her cleavage. Cleavage so lovely it was a sin for her to have it covered so much for work. She just had to play for a moment with tugging on the top to make it settle over her breasts helping to expose just a bit more cleavage and giving her nipples a spike of pleasure as the cloth rubs over them.

Still standing in front of the closet, shoes she needed shoes. She bent over straight at the waist, knowing very well what would happen. Hands on her shoes and just about to straighten back up, she caught herself in the mirror. Stockings, panties and ass were clearly on display. Oh she mustn’t do that when she was out. Mustn’t….. She stood back up, shifted back, and sat on the bed. She quickly pulled on the five inch black strap heels, little silver rhinestone detail on the toes. She stood and steaded herself, just like a bike. She stepped off for the bathroom again, quickly her legs took the stride of one foot crossing in front of the other making her ass sway a bit more than normal.

She stood there in front of the mirror for a moment, planning. Quickly foundation in place, it smoothed out those little imperfections. Started to work on her eyes, placed down a layer of lime green eyeshadow. Soon a layer of darker shadows were atop the green, fading out. Lining the eyes with black, in quick time, her eyes were a sultry smoky green. She puckered up and gave her lip a light coat of pink, just enough to make them slightly painted. This lipstick was a little special though, it left a slight tingle. The irritation had a reason. It slowly caused her lips to plump up. Then came the gloss, layer after layer was placed. She wanted a near mirror reflection in those perfect lips, needed them to look wet for hours.

She looked down a little and looked into the mirror, innocence on her face. She just giggled. She was nothing but pure lust with a look like that. She stopped, looked herself over a again. Everything was good, everything was great, but not perfect. She strutted back into her room over to her amour, opened the bottom drawer. A smile crossed her face. She pulled out a pair of matching green hoop earrings, a couple little rhinestone bracelets. All of the items were slipped on, and back to the mirror she looked. She nodded with approval. She shook out her hair a bit, letting it flow down over her shoulder a bit into the cleavage. On her way walking out of the room, she grabbed up a lime green purse and she checked to make sure she had her cigarettes, lighter, and mints. She checked to make sure she had money, but then she just giggled. Not like she needed it, the boys will pay for her drinks, like always.


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