The Club

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Celeb Forced Mind Control

Part 1

I awoke with an odd fuzzy feeling in my head. I opened my eyes

to a
stark white room with three cots, one of which I was laying on. The
room had one door and no windows. Monica and Phoebe were still
asleep on the other two cots across the room. Slowly I sat up. Where
I?… What time is it?… What’s going on! Then it all came flooding
Monica, Phoebe, and myself had been walking back from a local bar. It
was late and dark, even for the city streets. As we approached an
way, a white panel van pulled out of the street and stopped, blocking
way. The front passenger door and side sliding door opened at the same

time. Quickly, three women wearing all white cloths jumped out. Before

I knew what was happening, one of the women sprayed something in my
face. The last thing I remembered was everything going black.I stood up to try and wake the others. My head still felt

unclear, and
something was confusing me. Then I realized what was wrong. I was no
longer dressed in my skirt and blouse. I was wearing a thick white
robe. Monica and Phoebe were dressed the same. My feet were bear. I
opened my robe slightly and gave a sigh of relief when I saw that I
still wearing my white cotton panties and white lace bra. Still,
had removed my cloths. That sent a chill down my back. Fear hadn’t
overcome me yet. I walked over to Monica and shook her. Slowly, very
slowly, Monica began to stir. Phoebe was also starting to come around
on her own. Within 5 minutes, both my friends were awake. Neither
Monica or Phoebe had any further recollection of the previous night
other than what I had remembered. Monica was near tears. Phoebs
seemed angry. The door was locked!

I was just about to start yelling and banging on the door,

when we
heard a male voice. “Welcome ladies!” The sound came from a hidden
speaker somewhere in the ceiling. “I am your host, you are my guests”.

“Who are you”, asked Monica? “Where are our cloths”, Phoebe yelled!
The voice said, “You won’t be needing them any longer. As a staff
member in our club, we will supply you with all your outerwear”. I
up, “What club? What are you talking about. You abducted us!”
“Enough questions”, said the voice. “We’ve analyzed your body
chemistries and have decided that you three will be the first to
experience our new way of life. If all goes well, you will soon become

believers, just as all the female staff members have.” Just then the
opened, and four women came in. All were wearing white jump suits
with matching waist high jackets. The voice from the ceiling said,
“Phoebe, if you will please allow these four lovely women to escort
to the briefing room.” “What if I refuse”, said Phoebe, trying to
hard. “You have no choice”, said the voice! Phoebe looked at Monica,
then myself. “I guess we had better listen”, I said. After Phoebe was
taken from the room, we continued to ask question, but to no avail.
voice never replied. Ten minutes later, the four women returned. Next
was Monica’s turn. As she left the room, she looked back at me. Tears
were coming down her face. I was alone. Now I was becoming very
afraid. The next ten minutes seemed like an hour. When the women
returned for me, I was almost relieved. Maybe I would see my friends

The door lead out to a white hall with gray carpet. There were

doors along the corridor. Each had a keypad to the right. We walked to

the left, two escorts in front, and two behind. At the end of what
like a very long hallway, we came to another door, this one slightly
larger that the others. One of the women punched in a code and the
slid into the wall. We entered another corridor which stretched to the
and to the right. This one was curved and only had doors on the inner
wall. The women lead me to the right. A short way down this hall, we
reached a door labeled ‘Prep room 4’. I asked one of the women,
“What’s going to happen to us?” She gave no reply. In fact, the women
hadn’t said a word the entire time! The door opened in, and I was lead

into a dimly lit room. The only light came from a blue bulb on the
wall. I noticed an odd vertical apparatus in the center of the room.

As the door closed behind, it became so dark, I could barely

see. My
eyes had to adjust. The device in the center of the room had a
rectangular shaped column standing about five feet tall. Extending
the column were five curved arms. At the end of each arm was what
appeared to be a tubular metal plate. The curved plates were contoured

and positioned roughly at head level, arm level, and leg level. I
didn’t realize what the device was used for. Suddenly, two of the
grabbed my arms and quickly pulled off my cotton robe. I started
struggling, and yelling, but It was four against one. They pulled me
the center of the room, then pushed me toward the apperatice. My
were each placed into a curved plate and then a padded front clamp was

added, immobilizing both my arms at my side. To prevent me from
kicking, two of the women held my feet in place while my ankles were
clamped down. I was helpless, but I continued to struggle and yell.
much to my surprise, a strap was brought around by face and a small
pushed into my mouth. The other side of the strap was attached to a
padded plate behind my head, effectively immobilizing my head and also

muffling my verbal abuse. One of the women walked over to a previously

unseen cart and wheeled it over to me. She removed another contoured
plate attached to a bar. She made some adjustments, then placed it
behind my upper thigh, and added a front clamp. Three more clamps
were added, one to my other thigh, and one to each of my upper arms.
The last and largest clamp, was placed behind my lower back and
around by waist. Oh god, I thought. What are they going to do to me?

Now I was terrified! I was completely helpless. Women number

one (I
had no real way to distinguish between the four of them in the dark)
picked up a small hand held control from the cart. She aimed it toward

me and pressed a button. I heard a low hum from behind, and then felt
my body rise about six inches off the ground. My feet still seemed to
have support under them. Then my arms began to be rotated until they
were pointing in the shape of a ‘Y’. Please don’t put me in a spread
eagle position, I thought to myself. Next, I was tilted slightly back.
legs remained together. Women number two, walked over to the wall
directly in font of me, and spoke into a small panel. “Rachel is
she said. Then the four of them began to walk behind me and out of
view. As the last one pasted me, she paused for a second and let her
hand run across my stomach and up over my right breast. Then she
winked at me. I heard the door open and close. I was alone. Now it was

my turn to cry.

Tears rolled down my face. Then the voice was back. “Rachel,

time for you to be reunited with your friends!”. “You may wish to
you eyes until they adjust to the light”. Suddenly the wall in front
of me
began to split in the middle. A blinding white light streamed through.
closed my eyes. I could see through my eyelids that the wall was
wider and wider. As I opened my eyes, I realized that I was now moving

slowly forward along a yellow line on the floor. The room ahead of me
was bright white with curved walls. There were dark windows all around

the upper level. And in the center of the lab were Monica and Phoebe!
They were both restrained the same as I. Both were wearing only a bra
and panties. I continued to move forward until the three of us were
arranged in a triangle, about 15 feet apart. Monica tried to yell my
but it came out as a muffled sound from around her ball gag. Phoebe
still struggling. Then, from behind me, a man appeared. His most
striking feature was a lack of hair. He was total bald. He was
probably in
his early forties, but without hair, it was hard to tell his age. He
wearing what appeared to be surgical pants and shirt, but they were
white, rather than the light green that most hospitals use. As soon as
spoke I recognized the voice as the same we had heard earlier. He
“Ladies, please try to relax”. He stood in front of me and looked my
up and down. I closed my eyes again. The though of him touching me at
his will was horrible! How could this be happening?

“You’ve asked many questions, and now you will get the

answers. I am
in charge of this facility. I am also it’s founder.” As he spoke, he
in a large circle, passing behind each of us. I could only turn my
partially left or right. He continued, “The club, as we refer to it,
many members, some are female, most are male. The members pay a fee
to belong. This fee is extreme. Only the most elite can afford it. The
consists almost entirely of women, save for myself and one or two
key board members. None of the female staff is here of their own free
Yet they all remain, as will you three.” Monica tried to say
something, but
her muffled sounds were ignored. “You’re probably thinking that I have

enslaved these women.” This was exactly what I was thinking. “Well,
you are right! But being a slave, or ‘Staff Member’ as we prefer, is
all so bad as you might think. Many years ago, I began developing a
drug for the government. A drug to be used for chemical warfare. The
idea was to render the enemy unwilling to fight. We focused our
on hormones and the pleasure center of the brain. Unfortunately, the
drug had some limitations and side effects which were unacceptable to
the military. One such limitation was its ability to only affect
women. In
the end the project was canceled. I have spent the last 15 years
recreating and perfecting my drug, but for a different purpose. It is
ORG-X!” The man continued to speak. Never once did he mention his
name. “When administered in small continuous doses, ORG-X causes
it’s victim to become unable to think for themselves. They still
fully aware and are willing to complete any simple task given to them.
also provides a slightly enhanced sexual drive. In effect, the women
always horny! When the dosage is increased, the women becomes highly
aroused, and can experience incredible sexual stimulation and orgasm.
Now, that doesn’t sound so bad?”

At this point my head was spinning. I was wearing nothing but

a bra
and panties, and was unable to prevent anyone from removing them. I
was gagged and restrained in a partial spread-eagle position. And a
man was telling me about a drug which would turn me into a sex slave.
He continued, “So now I had perfected and tested my drug. All I needed

was a way to administer it. A way that a club member could easily
control. ORG-X is most effective when applied externally to,
the areola and nipple of the women. So I designed this.” He walked
to the wall behind Phoebe and used a key to open a small closet door.
From it, he rolled out a doctors cart with many drawers. He pushed the

cart alongside Phoebe. Again he used a key to unlock the drawers. From

one of them, he removed a black rubber disk about two inches in
diameter. The disk was flexible and thin on the edges, but rigid
the middle It also appeared to be thicker in the center. At the very
was a small hollow tube, open at the front and back, about 3/8 of an
in diameter. “This is the ORG-X nipple clamp. Let me explain. The
clamp has a small quantity of ORG-X, enough to last a week. When
placed over the nipple, a small tool is used to adjust an inner ring
tightens around the nipple. Were the clamp to be pulled off, most of
nipple would come with it, most painful! Besides, once installed, the
staff member usually does not wish it removed. The clamp releases a
regulated does of the drug at the base of the nipple. Your nipples
always stay erect! A second feature of the clamp, one used by our
members, is the ability to dispense a larger dose of ORG-X, simply by
squeezing the nipple. Fully self-regulated and water proof. The only
maintenance required is a weekly refill of ORG-X.” “Oh god, please let

this be a dream”, I thought. I looked over to Monica. She was staring
into space, as if in shock.

“Unfortunately, our club members have complained that the

clamp does not allow them the pleasure of using your nipples as they
please. So I have been in search of another method to administer ORG-
X. One which would be less obtrusive. As I have discovered, ORG-X is
also very effective when released into the vaginal canal.” “Oh no,
not that! I can’t be hearing this!” Now the bald man was standing in
center of the room, between the three of us, slowly turning as he
spoke. I
have created a small implant, held in place similar to an IUD. The
implant contains a years supply of ORG-X and is operated by vaginal
activity! It responds to the release of a protein found in the female
vaginal secretions. Up until now, I have not used the new implant on
of my regular staff members. It would require stopping their intake of

ORG-X for a few weeks, then doing the required chemical analysis just
to determine if any of them were a candidate. It was easier to find
women.” Now I’m thinking, what kind of tests did they run on us while
we slept? Come to think of it, the area between my legs does feel
itchy. He turned to face me. “Rachel, you and Monica will be the
first to
experience the ORG-X vaginal implant! Phoebe, unfortunately does not
meet the required levels of female ejaculation.” He was now facing
Phoebe, who was still struggling slightly. “But don’t worry Phoebe,
will be fitted with a nipple clamp. In fact, now would be an excellent

time for a demonstration. It may help Rachel and Monica get in the
mood!” Phoebe’s eyes opened wide.

“First we’ll need to check you for size. He removed a scissors

from a
drawer in the cart.” He walked up to Phoebe. She tried to pull back
from him. I noticed that Monica was now watching what was happening.
“Just relax Phoebe.” With two quick snips he cut the top straps of her

bra. Then he reached behind her back and unsnapped the back, letting
fall to the ground. Now Phoebe seemed to be pleading with him. Again I

thought, “This has to be a dream”. He reached for a tool from the
cart. It
looked like a caliper. With it he measured the width of her areola and

nipple on the right breast. Then he reached for a small cylinder with
spray nozzle on top. “This is going to feel a bit cold.” He sprayed
right nipple, causing it to rise. Then he measured it’s length. The
procedure was repeated on the left breast. Each measurement was
recorded in a log book. “You are very attractive Phoebe”, he told her.

“I’m looking forward to your reaction to the ORG-X. She was trying to
shake her head “No”. As he returned to the cart, I noticed to my
that he had a huge erection. He returned to face Phoebe, holding a
screw driver of some sort, the cold spray, and a black round nipple
clamp. “Now just relax. At first you won’t feel anything. Then you may

feel a tingling sensation in you breasts. It will only take a few
for the full effect. Then it’s time for some fun!” “He’s going to rape

Phoebe!” The man took the spray and again sprayed her right nipple.
Again, against Phoebe’s will, the nipple became erect. He placed the
clamp over her nipple. Quickly he inserted the tiny screwdriver into
unseen hole below the nipple. She made a muffled yelping noise! Then
he sprayed the left nipple, placed the clamp over it, and turned the
driver. Again Phoebe yelped. Now was her turn to cry. Then, much to
my surprise, he removed her gag.

“You bastard”, she yelled. “How can you do this to us.” He

made no
response. Instead, he went behind her and returned with the remote
control for her restraining device. He pressed a button, and Phoebe’s
began to spread apart. My nightmare was coming true! Now she was
spread-eagled. She was also lowered down until the plates supporting
her feet were only a few inches off the ground. He picked up the
“Please don’t, no please, no”. He cut the side of her high cut
then the other. They fell to the ground. “You pervert, you’ve shaved
me.” I looked between her legs. Her vagina was bear and spread wide
open. Then I realized why I had felt itchy between my legs. Oh god,
done it to all of us! Suddenly, Phoebe spoke to me. “Rachel, help me.
I’m beginning to feel it in my breasts. Monica, pleeeeease help me”. I

could see that Monica was terrified. So was I. Then he untied his
letting them fall to the ground. He had no underwear on. His erection
was huge. He moved close to her. Phoebe looked into his eyes, and
He wiped his face. He began to massage her breasts. “No, stop,
Stop” The tip of his penis touched her spread vagina. With one hand he

held himself and rubbed the tip against her clit. She closed her eyes.

Then he plunged inside her. She screamed! He spoke to her as he
pumped deeper and deeper. “Now Phoebe, you shall feel the full effect
ORG-X.” He had a hand on each breast, with his finger around the
nipple clamp. He squeezed her nipples. She gave one last cry, “Rachel,

heeeelp meeee. It feels soooo good! It feels soooooooo good!” Then she

began to orgasm. Her body shaked. He began kissing her, putting his
tongue all over her breasts. She orgasmed again. Then so did he. As he

pulled out, cum dripped down from her gaping pussy. Her clit was
wanting more. He turned to face me. “Watch this”, he said. He reached
down and touched her clit with one finger. Almost instantaneously she
orgasmed again, her body convulsing. “Considering the dosage I gave
her, the heightened effect should last about 15 minutes.” Phoebe’s
rolled back. “Please fuck me again”, she said.

“Ladies, I’m going to get cleaned up. When I return, we shall

continue. But before I leave, it would be a shame to let Phoebe suffer

without satisfaction.” From a lower drawer, he removed a black strap.
Reaching behind Phoebe, he attached the strap to the narrow plate
supporting her lower back. it dangled between her legs. Then, from yet

another drawer, he picked up a large ribbed vibrator. A wire attached
the rear of the vibrator was connected to a small control unit. With
effort, he pushed the vibrator slowly into Phoebe’s dripping cunt. She

moaned with pleasure, thrusting her hips to take it even deeper. The
strap was then brought between her legs and attached to the front of
waist clamp. He pulled the strap tight, keeping the vibrator in place.

Then he turned it on! “Ohhhh, yesssss, God that feels gooood. Ohhhhh,
ohhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhheeeeee” She orgasmed again. “Maybe I’d better
lower the setting”, he said. Then he walked to a door in the wall
Monica, punched a code into a panel to unlock the door, and left.
continued to moan with pleasure. “What has he done to Phoebe”, I
thought. “Is that the way Monica and I will be soon? Are we really
to become sexual toys for his clientele.” My whole body shivered. I
to get Monica’s attention. She was staring into space again.
Aaahica!” She looked at me. Her eyes were red from crying. She was
breathing hard and her chest was moving up and down. “Iii Ohhhhkay”,
I told her. She shook her head “No”. Phoebe continued to moan,
occasionally reaching another orgasm.

Part 2

For the moment I was still me. I still had my mind. But the

didn’t last long. The bald man returned soon after he left. He was
wearing a fresh set of pants. He was also accompanied by a young
looking blond hared girl. She couldn’t have been any older than 18.
had on a thin white lab coat and nothing on her legs. I could see the
color of the nipple clamps on her breasts through the coat. She looked

attentive, but said nothing. He looked to the girl and said, “Missy,
you be so kind as to remove the vibrator from Phoebe and bring her
to a release position.” Missy immediately complied. She removed the
strap and let the vibrator slip out. Phoebe’s moaning had started to
subside about 5 minutes earlier. Now she seemed dazed. Missy used the
remote to bring Phoebe’s arms and legs back to a normal position at
side. “Well ladies, one down, two to go! But before the final
I’ll need to run one last test. One that could not be done while you
drugged. I need to take a sample of your pussy juices while you are
aroused! Oh, and I almost forgot. I’m going to need to measure you for
pair of nipple clamps, on the outside chance that the vaginal implant
fails.” “My heart was racing with fear.” “So lets get to it”, he said.

“Missy, you prep Rachel, I will do Monica”. Missy walked over to me.
She looked me in the eyes. I shook my head to plead that she didn’t
continue. But, with scissors in hand, she cut my bra straps and
my full breasts. Then she picked up the remote for my unit. Now I was
struggling. I pulled against my wrist restraints. I pulled against my
restraints. I begged through my gag for her to stop. But slowly I was
spread-eagled. Then I felt the cold of the scissors against my leg.
The left side of my panties fell loose, revealing my shaven pussy. I
feel how open my vaginal lips were from the spread-eagle position. I
could do nothing to prevent any violation of my privates. Snip, the
of my panties fell to the floor.

I looked over at Monica. The man had just finished undressing

She too was spread wide open. Her breasts, although smaller than mine,

were beautiful. Obviously the bald bastard also thought so. “Monica”,
said, “You are really incredible looking!” She seemed to be pleading
with him not to touch her. Just then Missy turned and spoke to the
“Sir, she’s ready, shall I proceed?” “No, I’d rather you take care of
Monica. I have a special surprise for Rachel”. He went over to Phoebe
and started to whisper in her ear. I watched Missy as she approached
Monica. “Sir, may I remove my lab coat?” “If you wish Missy”, he
replied. She unbuttoned the coat and placed it behind Monica. Now all
she had on was her very high cut white panties. The two black nipple
clamps were a stark contrast against her creamy white breasts. She
to touch Monica. First her hands ran up the sides of Monica’s long
then across her stomach, and finally began to cup her breasts. She
to kiss and suck Monica’s nipples. Monica seemed dazed, but continued
to shake her head “No”. As Missy’s kisses moved down Monica’s body, I
could see her nipples were erect. I blushed as I realized that I was
watching my best friend being sexual aroused by another woman.
Suddenly, Phoebe was standing in front of me, her breasts just inches
from mine. “Hi Rachel”, she said. “Mr. Tripp has asked me help out.”
“Phoebe, no talking please”. At least I knew his name now. But oh god,

Phoebe, please no, I thought. But then she was kneeling down in front
me. She placed her hands behind me and began to explore may ass. I
saw her head move toward my most private parts. I felt her tongue,
warm, on the outside of my lips. She moved her tongue along the edges,

up towards my clit. She slashed it with her tongue, then pushed down
and deeper, spreading my already open pussy. My nipples became hard
and were pointing straight forward. This can’t be happening. “Phoebe,
please stop”, I tried to say. I was becoming very turned on. My clit
swollen, and she began to alternately suck and rub it with her lips
tongue. Then she nipped with her teeth, sending both pain and pleasure

through my body. Now Mr. Tripp was watching, taking great please at
seeing my friend violate me. He picked up the caliper and began to
measure my erect nipples. I felt so degraded. My body had deceived me,

and I wasn’t even drugged yet. I looked across at Monica. Missy had
hands on Monica’s hips and was probing deeply into her cunt with her
tongue. My eyes met Monica’s. We both new we were feeling the same
thing. Monica’s head rolled back slightly and she moaned.

All of a sudden, I heard Phoebe moan. I look down as best I

could. She
had three of her fingers deep inside of her pussy. She continued to
me closer to orgasm and now herself also. Mr. Tripp looked down and
said, “Phoebe, let me help you”. He kneeled down behind her and untied

his pants once again. Pulling her hips up, and spreading her legs
slightly, he entered her from behind. “Oh yessss, deeeeeper!”, she
moaned. He began to pump faster, staring at my breasts. I closed my
eyes, succumbing to Phoebe’s new found skill. I felt a new sensation.
Phoebe was inserting one, then two of her fingers into my tight wet
Her tongue continued to work my clit. My muscles squeezed down on
her fingers. Finally I began to reach the point of no return. My body
began to twitch. “OuuuuuAhhhhhmmmmffffaaaaaeeee!” Seeing me
orgasm must have been enough to put Tripp over the edge. He let out a

long yell, then flopped down on Phoebe’s back, his hands cupping her
dangling breasts. Phoebe looked up at me, her chin dripping with my
cum, her legs dripping with his cum. Mr. Tripp stood up, his penis
very erect. He pulled up is pants and asked Phoebe to step aside. From

the cart he removed what looked like a Turkey baister. He squeezed the

ball on the end and slowly inserted it into my wet vagina. I felt like

crying, screaming, pleading. Instead I looked across the room. Missy
just removing a tube from Monica. Her eyes were closed. I saw her cum
dripping down her leg and knew she too had succumbed. Mr. Tripp
sucked some of my sexual fluids into the cylinder and was now emptying

it into a petre dish. Missy did the same with Monica’s juices. “The
should not take long he said. In the mean time, I’ll let you rest.”
that, he moved my legs and arms back to a side-by-side position. My
fingers tingled as the blood returned. Missy did the same with Monica.

Then he dismissed Missy and asked her to escort Phoebe to the showers.

The two left through a different door. Before he left, he surprised
both of us by removing our gags. My jaw muscles were sore. Monica
looked at him as he walked toward the door. “Why, why us? Please don’t

do any more to us. There must be others who would be more willing.” As

he left, petre dish in hand, he said, “Girls, the bests is yet to

“Monica, are you all right?”, I asked. “I’m not sure? That

girl, did
you she what she did to me? And I came! I didn’t want to, but she knew

just how to touch me. I’m so ashamed. And that man, he’s going to rape

us, isn’t he? Just like he did to poor Phoebe.” “Monica, I’m afraid
going to do more than that to us. We have to try and resist. Don’t
succumb to his torture, his drugs. We have to try!” “Rachel, is this a

dream. It must be a dream.” We both hung there quietly for the next
minutes. I wanted to be strong, but my will power was fading. How
I resist a drug, if I couldn’t even control my body with Phoebe?
woke me from my thoughts. “Rachel, promise me something. promise
me that you’ll never let me do to you what Phoebe did.” But before I
could respond, the door opened again. Mr. Tripp had returned.

“Good news girls, you passed with flying colors.” My heart

“Listen you crazed bastard, people will be looking for us. You can’t
expect to get away with kidnapping three woman without someone
noticing something!” “Oh I’m sure they’re looking for you back in the
‘Big Apple’. Maybe eventually they’ll spread their search to the
surrounding area. But I don’t think they’ll come looking for you on
island, 8000 miles away!” He smiled, “No one has ever been found”
Monica started to cry softly, tears running down her cheeks, then
dripping onto her pink nipples. “Enough small talk”, he said. “If you
wish I can put your gags back in”. I shook my head, “No please don’t”.

“Good”, he said. “I’d rather hear your reactions to the process as
happening”. I bit my lip to prevent a slew of obscenities. He
continued to
speak, “Let’s get down to business. The actual insertion of the ORG-X
vaginal implant will be achieved using a modified version of a device,

normally used by our club members for their enjoyment.” He walked
over to the wall, opened another closet door, and rolled out a second
cart. This one had not drawers, just two shelves. On each of the
were components to some machinery. “We’ll start with you Rachel.
Please keep your mouth shut, or I’ll have to replace the gag.” Once
again, my arms and then legs were stretched to a wide spread-eagle
position. I was shaking with fear. He removed a long rectangular
from the cart. It had various panels, and switches on it. kneeling
he attached the thing to the column below and behind me, so that it
protruded from between my legs about 18 inches below my privates. He
returned to the cart and picked up a white porcelain probe which was
about an inch in diameter and 5 inches long, rounded at the tip. He
reached for a tube of cream and applied a small amount to the probe.
“Oh god, please don’t put that in me”, I pleaded. He walked behind me.
heard a click, then a low hum. “Try to relax Rachel”. Suddenly I felt
pressure on my asshole. The tip of the probe was pushing against my
tight hole. Then it slipped into me, stretching me open. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Stop, please stop”. I felt all 6 inches deep inside my ass. It hurt.
god for the lubrication. “Ok Rachel, just remain calm while I prep
Monica.” Monica screamed, “No, not me! Please don’t put that in me.
Pleeeease noooo.” “Now Monica, I don’t want to have to gag you. Be a
big girl and calm down”. Monica hushed, but continued to sob quietly.
Soon she was spread-eagled. She looked so helpless and vulnerable.
Tripp removed a panel from the support column behind her, and
attached the same device below her legs as he had done to me. Monica
and I watched has he prepared the same probe that was pushed deep
inside my ass. From my view I could watch him do to Monica what I
could only feel him do to me. He attached the probe to a small arm
which protruded from the top of the device. A wire was also plugged
the base of the probe. Then he angled the probe up toward Monica’s ass

and pressed a button. The same low hum emanated as the arm pushed
the probe upward, until Monica screamed out again,
“Noooooooooooooohhhhh. Please, not so deeeeep.”

Next, Tripp picked up a odd strip if metal. It was thin and

flat, about 1
inch wide and 6 inches long with a clasp at one end. The other end
into a ‘Y’ with two thick wires. The tip of each wire had a small half

ring. Using the clasp, he attached the metal strip to the front clamp
around Monica’s waist. The ‘Y’ end of the strip was adjusted until it
just above her vagina. Tripp kneeled down in front of her, blocking my

view. Both his hands began to work on her. “Oh god Rachel, he’s
pressing it against me, he’s touching me.” Her eyes closed. Then Tripp

stood up. The wires at the end of the strip were now bent toward each
other, converging on her clitoris! The two half rings formed a tight
around her clit. She tried to move her hips to dislodge the intrusion,
could not. Lastly, he attached two electrical wires to a terminal on
top of the strip, then plugged the other end into a jack on the unit
Using some tape, he secured the wire to her left thigh, out of the
way. He
picked up a second, identical metal strip, and walked over to me.
“What’s that for, what is it going to do to us?”, I whimpered. “Don’t
worry Rachel, both the anal probe and clitoris terminals are used to
provide an electric shock to the victim. But for you and Monica, we’ll

only be using a very low voltage to provide a mild stimulation. Maybe
some other time one of our members will show you it’s full effect!”
“You’re sick, and cruel! How can you do this to us?” He was attaching
the strip to the restraint around my waist. I felt the cold metal
firmly against my stomach. It was inflexible, held tightly in place by
clasp. “Ahhhhh, you bastard!” I felt his fingers spreading my cunt
revealing my clit. He had put some of the lubricant on the tip of one
finger and was rubbing my clitoris in a circular motion. Within
my clit became swelled and erect. I bit my lip to hold in any moaning.

Then he stopped and I felt the two thin rings push in on either side
of my
most tender flesh. Even as my sexual arousal faded, my clit was held
stretched out by the ring between the metal wires. Again I thought how

unreal all this seemed. Was this really ‘my’ body that was so exposed?

Was I about to succumb to this mans perverse dreams? Could I resist?

Tripp was now busy attaching a wire to each one of my breasts.

wire was adhered using a round piece of silver tape, below each of my
nipples. The other end snaked down to the device below. The same was
done to Monica. “Well girls, as I’ve already told you, the ORG-X
implant responds to vaginal activity. It will be activated by your
orgasm. After that, it will leach a small dosage of ORG-X into your
system continuously. Each time you are aroused, a larger dosage will
administered. And here it is!” From a drawer in the first cart, he
us tiny black cylindrical device with a wire shaped like a ‘T’
from the top. The wire looked very much like an IUD. The next item he
removed from the cart caused both Monica and I to gasp in fear.” Tripp

slipped the ORG-X implant into the base of a large stainless steal
shaped like a penis. Monica started to panic. “Please, please, please,

please no!” She was struggling against the anal probe. “Not that!
don’t put that in me. It’s to big. Please, please, please no. God help
Please stop”. Tripp ignored her pleas. He pressed a button on the
front of
the device between her legs. A panel flipped open and a socket
out. “Click”, the metal penis was snapped into the socked. The tip was

just inches from splitting her pussy. He pulled a small lever near the
socked, and the tip of the penis pulled back into itself, revealing an

internal mechanism. When he seemed satisfied, he released the lever
the penis tip closed back up, forming a smooth round dome. Now was
my turn again. Within minutes, I too had the large stainless steel rod

pointing toward my vagina. The shaft had small ripples along it, and
tip was peppered with tiny holes. Within it’s confines, was the an
implant that would soon be inside me! Tripp said, “I love the look of
in your eyes. I’m going to enjoy watching the two of you succumb to my

every desire!” “You BASTARD!”, I yelled. “I hope you burn in hell for
what you’ve done to us and all the other women you’ve molested!”

The time had come and we were helpless to stop it. Monica was

Tripp reached down and flipped a switch. The shaft began to rotate
slowly. A clear liquid oozed from the tip and sides. “From here on,
process is fully automated”, he said. “Try to enjoy it!”. Monica said
nothing. She had an odd calm about her. Slowly the shaft moved
forward. Tripp watched intently. It pressed against her open vagina,
hesitated for a moment, then pushed in. Her body tensed and she
her eyes closed tightly. The three inch wide penis continued to push
her, rotating slowly. “Stooooop! It’s tooooo big! Rachel, help meeee!
Then it did stop, eight inches inside her. “Monica, what’s
happening?”, I
asked. “I don’t know. I feel it moving inside me. I think it’s open”.
shaft was no longer rotating. Tripp seemed satisfied with Monica and
walked over to me. “Dear god”, I whispered under my breath. Now my
shaft was rotating, then moving up. I felt the tip against my lips.
liquid oozing out was warm. “Jeeeeessssuuuus!” It was big. Slowly it
moved into me, stretching my vagina wide. I tried to relax my vaginal
muscles. Deeper it went, how much more could I take?. When it reached
the end of my vaginal tract, it stopped. Then I felt a sharp pain.
fuck that hurts!”. The pain slowly subsided. I heard Monica moan. I
looked over to her. The shaft was moving out six inches, then plunging

back, deep into her. With each forward thrust, she moaned loudly. Her
head was drooped forward. “Monica, try to fight it!” “I can’t, it
soooo goood. OOhhhhhhhhhhh!” Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation. I
started in my anus, traveled through my vagina, and up to my clitoris.
the same time the shaft pulled back and thrust into me! “Ohhhhhhhh
Myyyyyyyy Goooooooooooooooooooooood! Ahhhhhhh!” I had never felt
anything like this. With each thrust I felt a wave of stimulation over
clit. My nipples became instantly erect. My clitoris swelled. My ass
tingled. The sensations began to wash over me. My body tensed, then
relaxed. My vagina, already stretched to the limits, contracted
around the shaft! I was loosing the battle. So was Monica! The end was

near. I felt the orgasm building in me. Vaguely I remembered what
Tripp had said about the implant. It would be activated when I came!
Then he was standing in front of me. He brought his lips close to
mine. I
felt his hands on my breasts. He began to roll my nipples between his
fingers. “Noooooopleeeeaaseeemmmmmm”. He kissed me hard and
long. I wanted to resist, but couldn’t. The orgasm rocketed through my

body. I stiffened against all my restraints. His mouth muffled my
of pleasure……..but not Monica’s!

Part 3

I must have passed out from the orgasm. My eyes were still

and I didn’t want to open them. I heard a low humming noise and felt
pain in my anus subside as the probe was retracted. Then the pressure
my tightly stretched vagina also subsided as the device which had just

raped me, slowly backed out. I could still feel the pinching sensation
on my
now sore clit from the electric wires which were still attached.
raced through my mind. How much longer until I was overtaken by the
effect of the implant now inserted deep inside me. I had assumed the
would be immediate. Tripp had said that the ORG-X implant would be
activated when I came. And god, what an orgasm it had been! But I
feel any different. Suddenly I was startled by a woman’s voice coming
an overhead PA system. “Mr. Tripp, please report to lounge number 8.
Tripp, please report to lounge number 8 immediately!” “Dam”, said
I opened my eyes to see him walking over to an intercom on the wall.
pressed a button. “Is this an emergency? I’m in the lab….OK, I’ll be
there.” He turned to face us and I quickly closed my eyes again. Maybe
would think I was still passed out. There was silence for a few
then I heard Monica…. “Ahhhohhhhh, yeessss, oooh god, jesus, yessss
more, Ahhhhhheeeeeeeeee”. I look across to see Tripp facing Monica.
plate and wires attached to her clit had been removed. He had his hand

between her spread legs. “Please, more! Fuck me. Pleeeeaaase Fuck
“I have to go for now my dear, but I’ll be back soon” he said. “Maybe
then your friend will have awoken. Then the real fun will start!”
that, I went back to faking my sleeping condition. I heard the whoosh
the door opening and closing. Tripp was gone.

I looked over at Monica. Her eyes looked glassy and she was

gyrating her hips slightly, trying to find stimulation. “Monica, look
at me!”
She closed her eyes and moaned softly. “Monica”, I called as loud as I

could without yelling. Her gaze turned to me. “What do you feel? Are
OK?” “Oh Rachel…. please come over to me. I want you. I need you to
touch me. Pleeeeease put your tongue up my cunt! Pleeease!” I couldn’t

believe I was hearing this from Monica. She was so sweet. So innocent.

But one thing was for sure, I was not effected the same way Monica
was. I
could only guess that the implant was not functioning correctly. I had
escape. If I could act as if the drug was working, I might buy some
Could I convince Tripp. The though of him raping me made me nauseous.
Suddenly I was startled from my thoughts by Tripp’s voice over the
intercom. “Well girls, it appears that I’m going to be busy for a
while. Just
relax. I’ll send someone in to show you to the dormitory soon. Please
follow all orders. I know you will!” It looks like god had blessed me.
decided to question Monica again before anyone came for us. She seemed

to have calmed down. “Monica, how do you feel?” “I feel fine Rachel”,
said in a subdued voice. “What do you want to do?”, I asked. “What do
you want me to do?”, she replied. “We have to escape!” “OK”, she said
softly. Then I said, “We have to stay here forever.” “OK”, she said
She no longer had a will of her own!

A few minutes later, the door opened and an attractive red

girl walked in. She was wearing nothing but white high-cut panties and
white cotton tank-top tee-shirt. The shirt was very tight and the
outline of
the nipple clamps were plainly visible though the material, not to
the size of her breasts. She walked over to Monica and using the
brought her arms and legs back to a standing position. Monica said
nothing. Then she release the restraining latches one by one. After
Monica just stood there. The girl came over to me. I tried to have a
look on my face. First she removed the plate and wires which were
pinching my clitoris. Thank god! Then she did the same as she had done
Monica. I was free! For a moment I though of running. But where would
go. Besides I didn’t know the codes for any of the doors. The girl
“Please follow me.” I tried to watch as she punched in the code at the
panel. But all I got were the first two numbers. The chamber on the
side of the lab had a closet with some robes in it. The red head
handed us
each a rob and told us to put it on. We complied. The rob was so short
barely covered my ass. Then we followed her down a hallway to an
elevator. The elevator also required a code. We went down 3 floors to
level marked ‘DORM-1’. Other levels below were marked ‘GROUND’,
‘S1’, ‘S2’, and ‘DOCK’. The dorm level consisted of a main lounge,
hallways leading off in 6 directions. The lounge was large but there
no windows. Many women were sitting around in soft looking chairs,
with it’s own table and reading light. Everyone was reading a book.
All the
women were attractive and young looking. They were all wearing the
white panties and tank-top. All had nipple clamps and all were silent.
wondered if they had been told to read?

As we followed the red-head toward one of the halls leading

the lounge, a female voice came over the PA. “Will Margaret T. and
W. please report to the shuttle…. Will Margaret T. and Susan W.
report to the shuttle.” I noticed a pretty girl with brown hair and
breasts get up from one of the chairs and head toward the elevator.
She left
the book behind on the table. The hallway we entered was marked with a

blue circle. Other halls had different colored markers. Small rooms
both sides with a number above each. The rooms had no doors! I noticed

that Monica was not showing any interest in the rooms, so I tried my
not to act differently. From what I could see, each room had a bed and

dresser. There were girls laying on some of the beds. Halfway down the

long hall, we stopped at a larger opening which was marked with the
universal symbol for ‘Ladies Room’. Our guide turned to us and said,
“Please take a shower, dry your hair, and put on basic make-up. You
use the lavatory if you wish. Then return to your rooms and dress.
you will use room Blue-48. Monica, you will use room Blue-50. Remain
your rooms until called for.” With that she turned and headed back
the hall. Monica immediately headed into the shower area. I followed.
There were walls between each shower stall, but no curtains or doors.
felt good to get clean. I relaxed and let the hot water run over my
What a nightmare this has been. Is it really all happening? Before I
knew it,
Monica was finished. There was a wide counter with sinks, mirrors, and

chairs. She was already drying her hair with a blower. I quickly
washed my
own hair and dried off. Occasionally, another girl would come in and
the toilet. At least those stalls had doors! Monica never said a word
even looked at me. Eventually she finished and headed for her room. I
the toilet. My vagina was so sore. I though about trying to remove the

implant, but decided it was futile. Besides, it might activate if I
something. So I put back on the rob and headed for my room. Monica had

left hers behind.

As it turned out, Monica’s room was the last one on the left

at the
end of the hall. Mine was just next to hers. I risked peeking in on
her. She
was laying on the bed with her eyes closed. She had put on panties and
tee-shirt. As I expected, the only furniture in my room was a bed and
dresser. The top drawer had white cotton panties, all bikini style.
drawer had cotton tees, all tank-tops. The third had tampons, pads,
and a
new toothbrush. I quickly dressed and put the rob on a hook on the
Then I laid on the bed to think. I had to escape and soon. I wasn’t
what time it was, but I had been awake for what seemed like an entire
I though back to this morning (if it had been morning), when I first
with Monica and Phoebes. God, I wonder where Phoebe is. I tried to
on the problem at hand, but soon I drifted off to sleep. I’m not sure
long I slept, but when I awoke the lighting in my room and the hall
been dimmed. I assume that meant it was night time. I looked out into
hall. It was clear. Quickly I moved toward Monica’s room. The rooms on

the opposite wall were staggered so that you couldn’t see from one to
other across the hall. The room across and between mine and Monica’s,
number 49, was empty. Much to my horror, so was Monica’s. She was

I had to get out, but how. Without the codes for the doors, I

trapped. But then I remember the girls being paged from the lounge.
must have known the codes. In fact, maybe all the girls new the code.
all, they had no reason to try and escape. It was worth a try. I
walked down the hall to the first room with a sleeping girl in it.
number 38 contained a very young looking girl with short blond hair.
looked very innocent just sleeping there. I shook her gently until her
eyes opened and she looked up at me. She didn’t seem all that
“Please be very quite”, I asked her. She whispered, “Sure”. “Do you
the code to the elevator?” I asked. “Yes, but we are not allowed to
tell it to
anyone.” “Dam!”, I thought to myself. “It’s OK, you can tell me.” “I’m

sorry, but I’m really not allowed to tell. In fact, I’m not supposed
to talk
with any of the other girls.” The ORG-X drug which was slowly being
released into her nipples had destroyed her will to think. All she
could do
was take orders. But why wouldn’t she take the orders from me? Maybe I

could remove the nipple clamps? No, that would probably hurt her. On
other hand, what would happen if I increased the dosage. Maybe then
would tell me. It was my only chance. I sat on the bed next to her.
She was
laying on her side and I gently pushed her on her back. She gave no
resistance. I placed my hands on her breasts and she moaned slightly.
Could I do this? I’d never touched another woman before. My fingers
moved up to her nipples. They were pushed up against the tight cotton
I placed my thumb and forefinger around each nipple and she moaned a
little louder. “Please be very quite”, I told her again. Then I gently

squeezed. For a moment nothing happened. Then she began to squirm. I
placed my hand over her mouth as her moaning became louder. One of her

hands moved down between her legs. She pushed it under the panties and

began to masturbate. I asked again, “What’s the code to the elevator?”

“Oooo, please touch me!”, she said softly. “What’s the code?”, no
response. Then, suddenly, she took my hand in hers and moved it down
her pussy. Before I realized it, my fingers were on her dripping lips.

Instinctively, I found her clit and began to rub in a circular motion.
hips raised off the bed. “What’s The Code!” “Sheeveen…Fiiivvve,
Thhhreeeee, One, ohhhaaaaa, Twooo, Fiiiivveeeee.” Then she came. Her
hips bucked and I covered her mouth! I left her there, still dripping

Quickly I moved down the hall. The lounge was empty. All the

chair lights were off and the overhead lighting was dimmed. Near the
elevator door, I noticed another door marked ‘Stairs’. It had no
keypad. I
decided the stairs would be safer than the elevator which might be
monitored. I opened the door and stepped into the stairwell. As the
closed behind me, I saw the keypad on the wall. Could I get back in?
here goes. I punched in 7,5,3,1,2,5, then ‘Open’. I heard the door
click. I
let out a sigh of relief. Now what? As I recalled from the buttons on
elevator, the floors above me were marked ‘DORM-2’, ‘MED’, ‘LAB’,
and ‘OBSERVATORY’. The though of the lab sent shivers down my
spine. Up was not the way to go. Below me was ‘GROUND’, ‘S1’, ‘S2’,
and ‘DOCK’. Dock! Maybe there would be a boat to escape in. I started
down the stairs. Each level had a door with a keypad. The doors were
marked the same as the elevator buttons. I wondered what ‘S1’ and ‘S2’

meant? The stairs were cold and I had nothing covering my feet. At the

bottom, I tried the code on the door marked ‘DOCK’….. No click! A
light on the panel momentarily turned red. I tried the code again….
no luck.
Back up the stairs, I tried the ‘S1’ and ‘S2’ doors, also without
But the door marked ‘GROUND’ gave me a satisfying ‘click’.

Slowly I opened the door and peeked out. The large room beyond

was empty with the exception of a few sofas and a receptionist counter

near the left wall. And there were windows and doors leading out!
was dark. From what I could see, it looked tropical. Then I saw
coming toward the building. I ran toward the desk and ducked behind.
There was a tall plant next to the desk, and using it as cover, I was
able to
watch what was happening. A shuttle type bus drove up and began to let

women off. They streamed out single file, came in through the glass
and headed toward the elevators. Most were topless, some totally nude.

Still others were wearing the remains of tattered costumes and
They all looked sweaty and tired, their hair a mess. As I looked
closer, I
could see red welts across some of their bodies. Then I saw Phoebe!
hair was tied back and slimy looking. Her wrists and ankles looked red
sore. There was an odd red mark in the shape of an ‘X’ across each of
breasts. I saw what could only have been dried blood on her thighs.
welled up in my eyes. I had to save her, but how. Before I could
react, she
had entered the elevator with the rest, and the doors silently closed.
watched the lights above the elevator. They stopped on ‘D2’.

I had to think quickly. The women driving the bus had on a

jacket, similar the girls who had taken me to the lab prep room. Maybe
knew the other codes. I ran out from my hiding place and out the glass

doors. A warm breeze was blowing. The bus door was already closed. I
knocked on the glass window on the bus door. The driver looked at me,
then opened the doors and said, “Please return to your room.” Before
could close the door again, I jumped in. She looked surprised at my
actions, then said, “Where are your nipple clamps?” Without thinking,
pulled her jacket open and squeezed down hard on both her large
Now she looked really surprised. I put both my arms under hers and
dragged her from the driver seat onto the center isle floor. Already
she was
moaning, one hand rubbing her breasts, the other between her legs.
“What’s the door code?”, I asked. “Seven, Five, Three, One Two Five”,
she replied through her moans of pleasure. “No, what’s the code for
restricted levels?” “I can’t teeellll yooouuu.” I climbed on top of
straddling her and pinning her arms with my knees. This prevented her
from further stimulation. “Pleeeasee touch meeee! Lick my cunttt!
Pleeeaaaase!” “Tell me the code!” “I need relieffff. Eat me fiirssst.
Then I’ll
tell you!” I reached behind and felt between her legs. There were two
snaps in the crotch of her jumper. The material was already very wet.
pulled the snaps open and began to touch her as I had done earlier.
“Noooo, I want your tongue, pleease lick meee.” How could I do this?
I’ve never been with another woman, let alone tasted pussy. But it
I had no choice. I slid down her body and repositioned myself so that
head was between her legs. Her aroma was strong but not entirely
distasteful. I lowered my lips toward her shaved vagina. Suddenly she
thrust her hips up. My mouth made contact and I tasted my first pussy.
started to use my tongue, first exploring her folds of skin, then
finding her
clitoris. “Ohhhh god yessss…more, more! Put it inside, please, deeep

inside!” I moved my tongue down, finding her tight cunt hole and
pushed it
inside. She orgasmed almost immediately. I lifted my wet face from
between her legs, feeling both ashamed and at the same time, turned
“Now… what is the code?” Her breathing was still very fast. “More, I
more.” “I’ll continue after you give me the code.” “OK… Six, Nine,
Zero, Six, Nine… now please fuck meeee!” Quickly, I rolled her over
pulled off her jacket. Then I left her there, begging for more.

Once again, I was back in the stair well. I put on the jacket.

the jacket identified a higher level and the other girls would be more
to take orders from me. Now where to? I headed down toward the ‘Dock’
level, but stopped at the door marked ‘S2’. Something told me deep
to try this door first. The code worked! Beyond the door was wide
leading left and right. I walked down the hall reading the signs on
door. Most seemed to be storage or supply rooms. Then I came upon a
room marked ‘Video Vault’. The keypad next to the door showed a green
light, and the door was not locked. It seems that Tripp does not see a
need for security. At least not after you get into the restricted
areas. The
room was large and filled with racks and racks of video tapes stored
black cases. Each had a code number on the spine. I removed one and
looked at the title; ‘Mary Ann Parker, Age 18, Capture’. The next was
titled; ‘Mary Ann Parker, Age 18, Client Usage Prior To ORG-X’. I felt

sick to my stomach. On the other side of the room were three small
viewing booths, each with a chair, TV, and VCR. In one of the rooms,
TV was off, but the VCR was still on. Walking as if in a trance, I
the booth, turned on the set, and pressed play. Tripp flashed on the
sitting on a stool in a tropical garden. I looked at the title of the
tape on the
case sitting next to the player, ‘The Club, VIP Tour Intro’. Now Tripp
speaking, telling about the club. “What you’re about to see was filmed

inside our ‘New Arrival’ processing facility. As you can imagine, we
not at liberty to discuss where our girls are obtained from.” Then the

picture changed to a white room with two woman wearing lab coats and
gas masks of some sort. “The gas we use to sedate our captives is
harmless, and the effects wear off in minutes” The camera panned to a
panel on the left wall which slid up. Then a large semi clear
cylinder, riding
on an electric cart moved through the opening and up to a medical
The cart was following a yellow line on the floor. The cylinder was
about 7
feet long, laying on its side. As it turned out, it was filled with a
bluish gas.
The camera panned in and you could make out a girl laying on her back.

The two women released latches on the front of the cylinder,

swung the front open. Blue gas drifted out and dissipated. The panel
which the girl was laying was slid out, over the table top. She was
dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Working from both sides, the lab
strapped the girls wrists and upper arms down at her sides using
built into the table. Her legs were spread wide, and strapped down at
ankles. A ball gag was placed in her mouth and attached behind her
At this point, she seemed to be waking up. With scissors in hand, the
woman began to remove the girls clothing. By the time she was fully
stripped, she was also fully awake, and terrified. Extra straps were
added at
her thighs and waist. What happened next, I had already experienced.
Using a cold spray, her nipples were enlarged and measured. Tripp
continued to narrate, explaining the process as it happened. “Some of
girls are trimmed, other are shaved.” Using a cream, her pubic hair
clipped and then shaved bare. “Next we identify if the girl is a
virgin. For
an additional fee, you may request the use a virgin prior to her
consumption of the ORG-X drug. The fee is quite steep, as virgins are
limited quantity!” A small box was attached to a socket in the table
between the girls legs. A probe protruded from it’s side, pointing
her vagina. Slowly the probe, about 1 inch in diameter, moved to split
When it made contact with her tender lips, she began to struggle and
her head side to side. One of the lab women put some lubricant on the
shaft. Then pressed a button on the controls. Ever so slowly, the
entered the young girl. Tears were running down her face. At about one

inch, it stopped. The other lab women watched the read-out on a small
screen. Then she shook her head “No”, and pressed another button. The
probe quickly plunged in. The girl arched her back and tried to scream

through the gag. “As it turns out, Vicki here is not a virgin. So she
will be
fitted with the nipple clamps immediately.” Now the probe began to
her in earnest, moving in and out. From the look of a gauge on the
side of
the box, I assumed that an electric stimulation was also being
applied. Her
nipples became erect. And then a nipple clamp was attached to each! A
minute later, her gag was removed. Now she was moaning with pleasure,

The tape continued. It showed some of the new girls watching a

training tape. It showed the dormitory levels. The medical facilities.
It even
mentioned some horrid experiments which Tripp was working on. My mind
became numb and I switched off the tape. I ran out of the room and
to the stairs. I was shaking with panic. Got to get out! Stumbling, I
made it
to the bottom level. I punched in the code but made a mistake. OK
get a grip! Calming myself down, I tried the code again… red light,
click. This level required a different code. Slumping in the corner, I
to cry softly. After a few minutes, my mind cleared. I couldn’t get
out this
way. What about on the ground floor. But where would I go. Besides,
what about Monica, and Phoebe, and all the other girls? I had to help
How? Think! They were all like sex zombies from the drug. The drug!
All I
had to do was find a way to get off those dam nipple clamps. Then we
could all just overrun the place. I’m sure the medical level would
have the
small tool Tripp had used to put them on. With determination, I headed

back up. On the way I peeked out the door on the ground floor to see
happened to the bus. It was gone. Hopefully, the driver had recovered
just went on doing her job. But that was not the problem. The horizon
getting lighter. It would be morning very soon. There was no time to
my plan in action. I would have to wait until tonight. Much as I hated
though, I headed back to my room. Luckily, no one was up yet. I
the jacket and stuffed in the back of the bottom drawer. Then I went
to see
if Monica was back yet. She was! Laying asleep on her side in a fetal
position. She was nude. I could see what looked like cum dripping from

between her legs. I stroked her hair. Poor Mon. Tears ran down my
as I returned to my room. I lied down in bed. The day ahead would
probably be the hardest of my life. I would have to do whatever I was
I would have to act as if I enjoyed it! I would have to become a sex

Part 4

It was not possible for me to sleep. Too many thoughts were

running through my mind. It didn’t matter anyway, soon after I had
down, the lights in my room brightened. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I

waited. A few announcements came over the P.A. system from a speaker
my room, requesting that various girls report to the shuttle area.
Then the
red headed girl entered my room. Today she was wearing a white jacket.

Maybe she had been promoted? “Good morning Monica. Please take
shower and shave your legs, dry your hair, put on basic make-up, and
clothing. You may use the lavatory. Then find a seat in the lounge and
for me to return for you. Read a book.” “OK”, I replied blankly. As I
headed down the hallway, I heard her give the same message to Monica.
Other women were up and about. I quickly showered, made myself up, and

dressed in fresh panties and top. Then I walked to the lounge and
found an
empty chair. I picked up the book, ‘How To Fulfill Your Partners
Fantasies’. It figured! I pretended to read. A few moments later,
came in and took a seat near me. I wanted to speak with her, but there

were to many other girls in the room, although they all looked
engrossed in
their books. Suddenly Tripp’s voice came over the P.A. I almost jumped

out of my chair.

“Will all girls on the dorm levels please report to their

lounges! I have important information to show you.” Girls began to
file in
from all the hallways, some still nude and dripping from the showers.
large screen descended from the ceiling against the back wall of the
A projector also appeared from an panel in the ceiling. Other small
around the room slid up, revealing TV screens. Then Tripp came in to
view. He was in a white room, wearing the same medical garments.
Various tables and devices could be seen behind him. I began to sweat.

“Ladies, last night one of our staff members misplaced her level 2
You shall all now witness her punishment!” The camera panned to the
and a girl came into view. It was the bus driver from last night! Oh
my god,
I had her jacket! She was attached to some sort of a low, slanted
Her legs were bent at the knees behind her, with a strap binding her
to her upper thighs. She was laying on her back, angled at 45 degrees.
hands and arms were strapped at her sides. The machine only supported
from the waist up. Her lower body was held in place by other rods
extending from the machine to her bound legs which were side-by-side.
Tripp was in the process of attaching wires to her thighs, breasts,
forehead. He used small silver squares of tape. The camera zoomed in
her face. There were tears in her eyes, but she was silent. Tripp
began to
turn a crank on the side of the machine. Slowly, her legs were spread
revealing her tender passage. I thought of how she had tasted the

Tripp rolled another small machine up to the girl. He locked

it in
place in front of her legs. He walked away, and returned into view
with two
probe attachments in hand. The camera zoomed to a close-up as he
attached them
to the machine, only inches from her vagina and asshole. The lower
aimed toward her ass, looked like what Tripp had used on me the other
day. But the thing aimed at her pussy was huge! It was a black conical

shaped device, about eight inches in length. The front started at a
and expanded to about five inches in diameter at the back. The whole
was covered with small knobs and bumps. Tripp spoke to the girl,
the punishment for loosing your jacket shall be 6 hours of near
pleasure with no relief!” The girl shook her head and said softly,
noooo.” He flipped a switch. The anal probe pushed forward into her
anal cavity. She cried out softly. Then the black cone began to
rotate. The
small knobs raised and lowered as it turned. A clear liquid oozed from

other small pin holes. It moved forward to enter her. Slowly it spread
lips apart. Wider and wider, deeper and deeper it pushed. Halfway in,
began to struggle. “It’s tooo big, please stop. Nooo moreee! The cone
continued to enter her, rotating as it went. Until finally it stopped,
close to
being fully inserted. She was breathing hard now, tears streaming down
face. Then the probe began to back out a few inches, and plunge back
She grunted in pain, or was it becoming pleasure. “Ohhhhh, soooooo
bigggg. Feeeeelss soooooo gooood!” In and out it went, the bumps
against her clit. “Ahh Ahhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh
Ahhhhhhhhhh…Noooooooooo” The black cone pulled all the way back
out. She lay there, panting, sweat covering her entire body. Then the
process started over. “Let this be a lesson to all of you!”, Tripp
said. Then
he walked out the door. Once again Lisa was stretched to her limits.
time her orgasm began to build much faster. The last thing we heard as
picture faded out was “Noooooooooooo!”

Most of the girls seemed in a trance as they stared at the now

screens. Then a female voice over the P.A. said, “All girls please
return to
your activities. The cafeteria is open for breakfast.” Food! I hadn’t
for days. Just then the red head approached me. “I will show you to
cafeteria. After eating, you are to report to the training center.”
She led
Monica and myself to the elevator, and down to the ground level. Other

woman came with us. Once outside, we headed down a path to the right,
toward a one story building. I hadn’t noticed the path or the building
night before. A canopy covered the walkway, blocking the bright sun.
Trees and tropical plants were everywhere. The front door led into a
hall. At the end, two double doors were open wide, leading to the
Our guide pointed out a door on the left marked ‘Training’. The
was a large room with many rows of tables. A line of girls formed on
side, leading past the service area. I was given a tray of fresh
fruit, cereal,
toast, milk, and juice. We all took a seat at an empty table. Although
were sounds of people eating, no one spoke to anyone else. Most of the

girls were dressed the same as I. Some had white jackets. Monica
quickly and headed out. I tried not to look rushed, but I didn’t want
loose her. After dumping my tray in the designated area (just like in
elementary school), I went out into the hall and entered the training
I expected the worst, but was surprised to find a small sloping
lecture hall
with a stage, podium, white board, and screen. I spent the next two
watching a training video. Most of it was narrated by Tripp. We were
how to act and behave in the dormitory, and other non-client areas. We

were told how to act and behave when with the clients. Mostly, we had
do what ever we were told. The cafeteria was open for three meals a
A fitness room was also available and we were required to stay in
Once a month we would have to report to the medical center for a
up’. I assumed this is when the nipple clamps would be refilled with
ORG-X. After the video ended, a girl came out from a door at the front

and greeted us. We were told to report back here again tomorrow after
breakfast. Then we were dismissed back to our rooms. The day wasn’t
turning out to be that hard after all!

When I returned to my room, Tripp was sitting on my bed. It

all my will power to act calm. “Ah, Rachel. I’ve been waiting for my
latest creations to return. We have much to do today. How are you
feeling?” “I feel fine sir.”, I replied. “Good! Please follow me up to
medical center.” I turned, and walked out of my room. Tripp walked up
Monica’s room and asked her to come also. He led the way to the
I kept telling myself, “Remain calm, remain calm”. The medical floor
had a
small waiting lounge and two hallways leading off in both directions.
entered a large white room with many counters, odd looking beds, and
other devices. “Remove your tops.”, he said nonchalantly. “Oh god!”, I

though to myself. Monica lifted her tee-shirt over her head revealing
soft firm breasts. I did the same. “Monica, please lay on your back
for me.”
He led Monica to one of the odd beds and she laid down. The bed had
brown leather padding, and no sheet. Leather straps were mounted in
various places. With these, he strapped down Monica’s legs, arms, and
waist. “Your turn Rachel!” I thought of running for the door. Or maybe
should try and attack Tripp. But I was to scared. I laid down on the
bed without saying a word. Soon I was helpless.

Tripp pressed an unseen button on the side of the bed, and I

felt it
begin to raise in the middle. Soon my body was arched up. My naked
breasts felt even more exposed. He did the same to Monica. “Now girls,

tonight is a big night. I’m going to show you two off to some of the
senior club members. But first we have to make a few improvements.
of the club members have complained that they can’t remember your
names. So I’ve invested in a new machine.” He brought out a
box with straps in both sides and a small keypad on the top. Then he
attached it to the outside of my upper thigh. I started to shake. “I’m
not in
the mood for any loud screaming or crying, so we’ll need to use this.”
that, he put a ball gag in my mouth! I watched in terror as he plugged
wire from the device into a wall socket. Then he tapped something into
keypad. “Just relax Monica.” Suddenly I felt a searing pain in my leg.

“MMMMmmmmmmmmffffffff.” My body tensed…., and then relaxed as
the pain subsided. “There, that wasn’t so bad.” The bastard removed
device from my leg and walked over to Monica. I watched as he repeated

the process. Monica also tried to scream out in pain through her gag.
he removed the box, I could see small black letters burned in her
skin. They
spelled ‘Monica K’. Beneath them was a number, ‘900002’. We had just
been branded.

“Now for something we haven’t been able to do with the other

girls.” This time he started with Mon. He brought out a plastic case
opened it on a table next to hers. From it, he removed some sort of
held device. He pulled back a lever, as if cocking it. The end had a
donut shape. Then he began to fondle her breasts, tweaking and pulling
nipples. They became stiff, and she moaned through the gag. “Very
he said. He placed the device over her left nipple and pressed a
There was a slight click noise and Monica grunted in pain. Tears were
her eyes. Tripp, re-cocked the device, and began to tease her other
Then she yelped a second time as he triggered it again. I could see a
amount of blood on each of her nipples. “Now Monica, try not to
this may hurt a little.” He had produced two small gold rings. Pulling
the latch on each, he inserted them through each of her nipples. She
tried to
remain still, but the pain must have been intense. Then he turned to
me. I
looked at him, begging with my eyes for him not to proceed. He placed
mouth over my left breast. His tongue teased at my nipple. He sucked
nipped. I was horrified at what was about to happen, and my fear
any stimulation he was trying to provide. My nipple did not respond.
is odd”, he said. “Rachel, are feeling sick?” I shook my head ‘yes’.
if he though I was sick, he wouldn’t pierce me. “Well…, no matter.
I’ve got
a better idea!”

He walked back to the case, and replaced the round head of the

piercing device with what looked more like a stapler. Then my legs
to spread. The center of the bed had a split in the lower half, and
Tripp was
swinging the two sides apart! Now he could stand between my legs.
a scissors, he snipped my panties. I felt cool air on my exposed
pussy. He
added an extra strap around my upper thighs to prevent my further
struggling. Fear raced though my mind. What was he going to do? He had

put on surgical gloves. I felt his fingers touch my labia. He grasped
tender lip with his fingers and pulled it out, exposing my inner
flesh. Then I
felt the cold metal touching me. ‘Click!’ I felt a quick sharp pain
between my legs. It was not nearly as bad as the branding. Then my
labia was lifted and pierced. Suddenly, his head was between my legs.
warmth of his breath was close to my open vagina. His tongue pushed
me. I was helpless to prevent it. He licked up toward my clitoris.
Slowly he
made small circles. Then he took it between his lips and sucked in. My
became engorged with blood, as I got wetter and wetter from his
How could I let this happen to me. I moaned with pleasure. Then he
stopped! “Rachel, I’m not happy with the way you are responding to the

ORG-X. Tomorrow I’m going to have to run some tests.” With that, he
continued with his previous activities. From his pocket he pulled out
more gold rings. Once again I felt him pull on my labia. Then a dull
began to emanate from my swollen lips as he inserted the two rings.
Whether from the pain, the sexual arousal, or the fear, I don’t know,
but I
must have passed out. I awoke in my bed. My left leg throbbed with
from where my name was now burned in my skin. I saw a small amount of
blood on the bed between my legs. And now my shaved pussy had two
gold rings! They could not be removed.

I lay in bed for a while. Then I slipped into Monica’s room.

was resting quietly, and had not yet put on a top. The half inch gold
through each nipple looked so odd. How could I have let this happen to
best friend? “Monica, wake up”, I whispered. Her eyes opened and she
looked up at me. “Hello Rachel. I was just having the sexiest dream. I
so horny! I know we’re not supposed to touch each other… but maybe
just this
once. Please touch me, please!” “No, get a grip on yourself. Monica,
got to get out of here.” “OK, where should we go?” “Tonight I’m going
come for you. Then we’ll escape. But don’t tell anyone!” “OK
Rachel,… I
love you.” “I love you too Monica”, I replied. Then I went back to my
room. Later, we had dinner. Afterwards, we were both sitting in the
when we heard “Will Monica K. and Rachel W. please report to the
floor lobby,… Will Monica K. and Rachel W. please report to the
floor lobby immediately!” What now, I thought. It would be dark soon.
Then I remembered what Tripp had said earlier. He was going to show us

off to the club members!

A gorgeous young girl was waiting for us in the lobby. She led

outside to a yellow golf cart with a striped canopy. The sun was going

down. It had been another beautiful day in paradise. If only it wasn’t
prison! We drove down a winding road for a few minutes. Then we
approached a compound of small bungalow type dwellings surrounding a
large main building. We followed a path around to the back of the main

building. Tripp was waiting for us at the door. “Thank you Debbie, you

may return to the dorm for the night.” “Ladies, please follow me, time
short!” We entered a back stage area, and he lead us to a dressing
Tripp ushered us in and then quickly left. Two other girls were
waiting for
us. They sat us each in front of a mirror and began to do our face and
When the make-up was done, I was given a short black dress and told to

put it on without any undergarments. Again I hesitated. Monica was
already slipping out of her top and panties. If I left now, they would
come after us. No, for now I had to play along. I pulled my top over
head revealing my large breasts. Then I lowered my panties. One of the

make-up girls seemed interested in our rings. The dress, as it turned
was nothing more than a mini-skirt with two shoulder straps. The back
open all the down to the top of my ass. The front covered my stomach
cupped my breasts, but my nipples were fully exposed. It was made of
cotton, and very, very tight. After we dressed, the two girls attached

leather cuffs tightly around our wrists and ankles. Each cuff had a
ring. We sat and waited for a while, until Tripp returned. “Ladies,
stand for me… You look perfect! Just one last accessory.” He opened
draw in the dressing table, and pulled out a long gold chain. The
looked about 6 feet long, and split into two short lengths at one end.
approached Monica and attached the split end to her nipples rings
small clasps. “Sir, my nipples are still quite sore.” Ignoring her
Tripp lifted my skirt and attached the other end of the chain to both
of my
rings. I felt a slightly painful tough as he let the chain hang
between us.
“Come, the audience awaits!”

Part 5

From a distance I could here the murmur of people. My heart

as I thought of what was about to happen. I was half naked, with a
leading from the lips of my vagina to my best friends nipples. And I
about to be put on display in front of a large group of wealthy
“Ouch!”, Monica yelped as my slowing pace caused the chain to pull her

breasts. “Sorry,… I’m scared.”, I whispered back. We followed Tripp
up a
back staircase, and onto a small stage. The black curtain was closed.
center stage there was a king-size four poster bed with a white lacy
canopy. And there was a girl! The leather cuffs on her wrists were
to a hook above her head on the left post at the foot of the bed. A
bar attached to her ankle cuffs kept her legs spread wide apart. She
wearing the same dress as we. She also had a black bag like mask
her entire head. Holes had been cut for her eyes and nose. On her
breasts were nipple clamps. Behind the girl, on the bed, were whips,
and vibrators. “Monica, you stand here. Rachel, you stand over here.”
Tripp slipped through the split in the curtain to the front of the
stage. He
began to address the audience. I was so scared. My body trembled.
looked calm. I could only imagine what Tripp was going to do to the
of us!

Then I heard, “And now, what you’ve all been waiting for!” The

curtain parted. A bright spot light was trained on each of us. At
first it was
hard to see. As my eyes adjusted, I could make out the people. Most
men. Some were woman. “As you can see ladies and gents, Monica and
Rachel are unique to our staff. They do not require any obstructive
dispensing devices on their breasts. Yet…. they are still fully
under your
control!” He reached between us and lifted the gold chain up. Monica’s

breasts and nipples stretched upward. I felt a pain as my labia was
outward. We both stifled our cries of pain. “Let me introduce our
guest.” Tripp removed the mask from the bound girls head. It was
Her long blond hair fell out of the bag and flowed down her back.
two days ago, these three woman were the best of friends, leading
independent lives. Tonight, they will really get to know each other!”
that, Tripp bent down and lifted my skirt. “Monica, please spread your
for me.” Petrified with fear, I moved my legs apart about 12 inches.
most private parts were on display for all to see. Carefully, Tripp
the chain from my vagina. He stood up, and removed the other end from
Monica’s nipples. Then he picked up a scissors from the bed and handed

them to me. “Rachel, if you will please remove Phoebe’s dress.” I
hesitated….He whispered under his breath, “If you wish, you can
places with Phoebe.” I took the scissors and approached Phoebe. “I’m
sorry”, I whispered. Then I cut both of the shoulder straps. The cloth
down to her waist. Starting from the bottom of the skirt, I cut upward
the dress fell way. She was spread and fully exposed.

“Now get on you’re knees, and fuck her with your tongue!”, he

yelled. Slowly, I knelt down between her legs. I looked up at her face
she looked down at mine. Our eyes met, and she said softly, “do it.”
smelled sweet, and I pushed my face into her pussy. I began to cry
shame as I kissed her tender skin. I let my tongue run along the
outside of
her labia. Then down the middle. She let out a low moan. I parted her
and tasted her juices. She was already very wet. Her hips pushed
closer to
me. Then I heard Tripp speak to Monica. Looking up, I saw her standing

next to us with a whip in her hand. It was leather and had many
“Go ahead Monica! And Rachel, keep up with your job.” Once again I
placed my mouth over her pussy. I let my tongue pass over her swollen
and she moaned louder. Then she yelled out and we both jumped as the
whip struck across her breasts. “Ahhhhhhhh.” Swack! “Ahhhhhhhh!”
Swack! “Stoooooop. Pleeeease Monicaaa, Stop!” Swack! Swack!…
SWISH! I felt a terrible stinging on my back. Tripp had his own whip.
“Don’t stop Rachel!” I went back to letting my tongue explore Pheobe’s

pussy. Monica continued to let her whip lash across Pheob’s body. As I

teased and sucked on her clit, she moaned, then yelled out as the whip

landed. I began to notice that Monica was also moaning which each
Even my cunt was becoming wet. Oh, god, what was happening to us?

Tripp spoke to the audience, “The implants in Monica and

should be reacting to their vaginal activity. The more aroused they
the more drug is released.” Phoebe was moaning and yelling louder.
and pleasure were raking havoc on her body. Tripp said, “Can I please
two volunteers from the audience? Fine,… you sir, and you sir.” Oh
no, I
thought. I didn’t dare look up for fear of Tripp’s whip. “If you will
disrobe, my assistants will watch your belongings.” Two woman walked
from the side of the stage and took the clothing as the men got
Both had huge erections. I tried to concentrate on Phoebe, the lesser
two evils. Then I saw one of the men take Monica by the hand and lead
onto the bed. She peeled off her dress, then got down on all fours,
her head
facing me and the audience. The man knelt behind her and picked up one
the vibrators. I watched in horror as he forced it into her tight anal
Her eyes closed tightly as she restrained from yelling out. When it
was in
up to it’s base, he turned it on.

By now the second man was undressed. He came up from behind

and lifted me to my feet. Turning me around to face him, he said
“My…you’re a sweet looking little toy!” I wanted to spit in his
face, but
before I could, he pushed be backward. I fell onto the bed, along side

Phoebe, and practically under Monica. Grabbing me by the waist, he
pushed me further onto the bed until just my legs were hanging off and
face was under Monica’s stomach! From this position, I was staring
directly as Monica’s breasts and pussy, and she at mine. He opened my
wide, and attached a spreader bar to the ankle cuffs. Then I felt him

between my legs. Holding his penis with one hand, he aimed it toward
helpless opening. I closed my eyes. I felt his tip push against my
sore labia.
Using his fingers, he grabbed the rings and pulled my lips wide open.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhnooooooooooo”. Then he entered me. Now my eyes
opened wide from the pain. “Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh!” He pumped his dick
deep into me. At the same time, I saw the first man’s penis slip into
Monica’s dripping cunt. Hers were screams of pleasure. The ORG-X was
having it’s effect on her. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard
Phoebe yelling out also. Tripp was fucking her!

I didn’t want to orgasm. How could be aroused while being

But the man was good. He used his fingers to play with my clitoris and
responded! I moaned. Monica moaned. Phoebe moaned. Fuck, Tripp was
winning. Look what he had done to us. Even without the drug, I was
letting him use me like a whore! The sad part was, I was going to
loose the
battle. I felt the orgasm building. My eyes focused on Monica’s
breasts swaying above me. Her nipples were long and hard. She was
out, “Yesss, harder, harrrrderrr. Oh god yesss, Ahhh, Ahhhhh,
AhhhhhhhooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAhAhAhAhAh.” She came. So did the man
raping her. His cum and her juices mixed together and dripped out of
pink opening. The man pulled out. Cum dripped down on my hair. The
sensations in my cunt were now overwhelming. My mind became awash
with the feeling of the large dick pumping in and out of me. How much
longer could I hold out? Monica sat up. I looked up at her. “I need
she moaned. Picking up the scissors laying on the bed, she cut the
straps of
my dress. “Monica, please don’t”, I whispered. Pulling my dress down,
fully exposed my breasts. The man fucking me, took advantage of this
began to roll my nipples between his fingers. Monica pushed his hands
swung around and straddled me, placing her legs on either side of my
breasts. She picked up my loose hands and brought them up to cup her
own breasts. I wanted to stop, but instead I started to fondle her.
Then I
felt her hands on my left breast. Holding it softly, she lowered her
pussy onto my hard nipple. Moving her hips, she rubbed my nipple
her clit. Cum and sex juice dripped down my chest. She began to come
again. Her vaginal muscles contracted and squeezed down on my rock
nipple. The man fucking me started to pump his cum deeply into my hot
wet pussy. I lost the battle. “Ohhhhhhh Jeeeesuuuuss Yeesssssssssss!”
orgasm was long and blinding. My whole body tensed and bucked. Wave
after wave of pleasure washed over me. The rape was complete.

“Tripp, you’re a genius. These woman are incredible!” said the

as he pulled out of me. Monica had rolled off and was in the process
bringing herself to another orgasm with one of the vibrators. Phoebe’s
was drooped down. She must have passed out from the pain or pleasure.
wanted to close my legs, but the bar kept them spread open. The
applauded. Some were standing. Not only had we all been sexually
assaulted against our wills, but it had been a show for hundreds of
people. I
began to cry. Tripp noticed this and quickly turned to the club
“Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Please remain seated and I will
questions in a few moments.” He bowed, and the curtain closed. The two

volunteers were lead off stage to get dressed. Tripp spoke to me,
I’m not pleased with your attitude or for that matter, your sexual
to the drug. I had intended to allow our members to bid on who shall
the first night with you two, but Monica will have to be the only
prize for
now. I’m going to send you back to your room for the night. Tomorrow,
we shall run some extensive tests.” He walked over to one of the
attendants and gave her some directions, then he walked back to the
and took Monica by the hand. He removed the vibrator from between her
legs, fixed her dress, and lead her through the curtain onto the
front stage
to address his followers. I continued to cry as I watched my friend
away, her mind and body totally under the control of the sex drug.

The bar was removed from my ankles, and I sat up. Phoebe’s

and ankles were also released and she flopped on the bed. “Phoebe…
you OK?” Her eyes opened. “I’m fine Rachel. I’ve missed you.” Just
one of the other girls spoke, “Rachel and Monica, please come with me.
am to return you to the dormitory. I lifted myself up off the bed.
was painful from the hard fucking I had received. We both looked
Phoebe’s body was covered with red marks and cum dripped down her
legs. I had cum all over me. My breasts were exposed, but the dress
covered my ass. The girl led us out back, to a parked golf cart. A
breeze caused my sweaty body to feel sticky and cold. Back at the
we were told to clean up and return to our rooms for the night. On the

elevator ride up, I asked Phoebe what her room number was. She told
and then I got off on my floor. In the shower, I cried some more. The
nights experience had been beyond my worst fears. I had to escape!
Tonight would be my last chance. Tomorrow, Tripp would find out that
my implant was not working. I returned to my room, dressed in clean
panties and top, and waited for the lights to dim. My eyes closed…

I was in a cave. It was dark. The only illumination came from

glowing moss on the walls and floor. The moss was soft to the touch.
have to get out of here”, I said to Monica. “Lets go this way”, she
We walked down a narrow tunnel. Large beams supported the roof above
our heads. Suddenly a voice echoed off the walls, “You Cannot Escape!
My Creature Will Find You!” And then a horrid laugh. The voice was
familiar. “Oh god Rachel, what should we do?” “Keep going, this way.”
We entered a large cavern with many other tunnels leading out. There
a pond in the middle. An eerie light glowed from under the surface. A
tentacle splashed out and moved toward us. We ran. I heard Monica call

out, “Rachel, help! It’s got me.” I turned and saw Monica being
across the floor, a large flexible appendage was wrapped around her
My eyes followed the arm along the ground to the creature it was
to. “Oh my god!” The thing was huge. Other long arms shot out from
body, grabbing Monica by the waist and arms. Fear overcame me and I
turned and ran. Ten minutes later I collapsed against the wall,
heavily. “I left her. I left my best friend behind”, I thought to
myself. “Get a
grip!” I had to go back. Walking slowly, I retraced my steps. When I
reached the cavern, all was quite. The lake did not glow. Then I heard
faint moaning. It was coming from one of the side openings. Following
sound, I entered a small chamber covered with the same glowing moss.
Monica was there. She had been attached to the wall by some sort of
silky substance. Her cloths were in shreds on the floor around her.
Her legs
were spread apart and a small gray creature was covering her hips and
vagina! Tubes led from its body to her breasts. Her head drooped down
and she moaned softly. Suddenly I felt a thick wet tentacle wrap
around my
waist. “NO..oh god” I struggled as other appendages grabbed my
legs and arms. I was lifted off the ground, dangling like a puppet.
worm like tubes began to push under my clothing, pulling out and
it. First my pants and top were shredded. Then my bra and panties.
Stop!” I screamed. I was pushed against the wall across from Monica.
creature faced me. From it’s head, a stream of white spit plastered my
above my head. Then my legs and thighs were immobilized. Frantically I

pulled at the bonds. It was no use. A flap of skin opened on it chest
another small creature emerged. Down onto the floor, it headed toward
me. Then up the wall between my legs and over my vagina. “Oh!”
Small tubes wrapped around my breasts and sucked onto my nipples. I
a tingling sensation. Then it pushed into my pussy.
“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” I woke up screaming. Sweat
covered my body. Thank god, it was just a nightmare. Then I remembered

where I was!

I took a deep breath to calm down. The lights were dim. I had

idea what time it was. Hopefully I hadn’t slept for to long. From the
dresser drawer, I retrieved the stolen jacket. I thought of the
torture I had
caused that poor girl to endure by taking her coat. Tripp deserved to
Tonight I would get my revenge for all the women enslaved here. First
checked Monica’s room. My heart sank when I saw it was empty. Her
rescue would have to come later. Putting on the jacket, I slipped down
hall and into the emergency stair case. My first objective was to find
release tool for the nipple clamps. I climbed the stairs up to the
level. “Fuck!” Two pieces of tape were placed across the access panel
an ‘X’. A paper sign below said ‘Maint 503 Notified, Key Access Only’.

OK…, I had a choice. The only way to the medical level would be to
the elevator. Or, I could check the laboratory level. I knew for sure
that the
tool I was looking for would be there. But the lab was the floor that
me the most. The memory of my body held spread-eagled by that machine
while probes were forced into my vagina and ass, was still vivid in my

mind. It was there that I had last spoken with Phoebe and Monica while

they were still normal woman. It was there that the nightmare had

I decided that the risk of using the elevator was too great.

I was sure I would find what I needed in the lab. Up one more floor, I

punched in ‘690069’. “Click”, the door unlocked. I opened it a crack
peeked through. It looked like the brightly lit corridor was empty. I
recognized the gray carpet on the floor. Stepping out, I looked to the
and right. This must be where we were first taken! I saw the door
to the room we had awoken in. At the end of the hall to the left, I
knew the
large door led to the corridor surrounding the main lab. To the right,
hallway also ended with a large door. Which way? I knew what I needed
would be in the main lab, but my heart pounded at the though of
there. No, I will try the rooms to the right. As I walked, I passed
elevators on my right. The same code worked for the large door, and it

hissed as it slid into the wall. The corridor beyond was curved with
on the inner wall only. It was the same as the other side. There must
be two
main laboratories. No, this one was different. There were large
windows next to some of the doors. The room beyond the first window I
passed was dark. Light from the hallway illuminated it enough for me
see that it was a smaller lab. The next room had the light on. There
was a
camera on a tripod. Then I saw a low slanted machine pushed against
side wall. This was were Tripp had tortured the bus driver. What would
be like to be brought to the brink of an orgasm but not be allowed to
come? The though made me feel queasy.

Sooner or later I was going to have to enter one of these

rooms and
search for the clamp release tool. They all had so many cabinets and
Entering the one with the camera, I started looking. Some of the
contained various types of probes. Others had wire, tape, and
Still others had devices that I couldn’t even imagine what their
was. But no nipple clamps and no nipple clamp tools. I walked to the
room. In this one the lights were out. Toward the back, I could make
two vertical glass cylinders about 7 feet tall and 2 feed wide. In the

darkness, I couldn’t see beyond the glass. They almost seemed to be
with a fog. Then, out the corner of my eye, I saw a slight movement on
left side of the room. Quickly I ducked down. “Someone’s in there!”
quickly, I crawled below the window, and then stood up out of view.
“Helpme”. It was so faint that I almost didn’t hear it.
Whoever was in the room needed help. I was so scared. What should I
do? I
peeked into the window again. There on the left was a vertical rack
next to
a tall machine. The faint cry for help was coming from the girl
attached to
the rack and machine. Her arms and legs were pulled to an extreme
eagle position. Part of the machine covered her entire mid-section and
Every few seconds her muscles would tense up, the relax. Her head
from left to right. “Oh my god, what was Tripp doing to her?” This was
of his experiments!

Part 6

I was beginning to panic! Do I go in and help the girl? Could

I turn
off the machine? Turning off the machine might do her more harm than
good. God…I don’t know! No,… I must stick with my plan. If
else went as planned, I would come back and help her later. Looking
I walked further down the circular corridor to the next room. “Oh no”,
though to myself. This one was not empty either. The lights were on.
In the
back, were the same two cylinders as in the other lab. But now I could

almost see into them. Each contained a girl. A bluish fog drifted
their naked bodies. Their wrists where held together above their
locked into a metal bar and clamps. Their feet slightly spread and
held at
the bottom of the cylinder. A vertical tube started at the base and
up, between their legs, penetrating them. I continued walking, now in
daze. The next room held more horrors. There was a girl on a table.
arms were strapped down above her head. Her feet and legs were help
firmly in metal stirrups, like the kind my gynecologist uses. Only
these had
extra straps around the calves and thighs. A black object covered her
exposed vagina and mons. Wires ran from the devices along the table to
control panel. And there was a strange clear plastic box surrounding
upper body, covering her breasts. Two tubes ran from the top of the
over to another machine. She was looking towards me, but her eyes were

closed. Suddenly, some lights blinked on the control panel. Her eyes
opened wide and she let out a long moan,
“ooooooooohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Noooooo
mooreeeee. Pleeease…. nooooo mooooore.” Her body began to quiver.
This was too much. I had to try and help.

Using the keypad, I entered the room. She looked over to me,

closed her eyes in defeat. I remembered the jacket I was wearing. She
probably though I was here to continue with the experiment, or monitor

her, or something. “My name is Rachel, I want to help you”, I
She opened her eyes, her body still shaking. “What is this machine
doing to
you?” I asked. “Let me help you.” Taking short breaths she said,
Drrug,…..Constant sppppraahy on myyy br..easts!” Then the lights
to blink again. I heard a low hiss as I looked closer. A mist was
down over her nipples and breasts. Again she began to moan and quiver.

“Caaahnt laaastt much longeeehr!” Without thinking I scanned the
panel. One knob said ‘Dosage’. Another said ‘Interval’. A red switch
‘Power’. I flipped it! The indicator lights went out but the spray
“Oh no, it’s not stopping” I though. Her body was beginning to shake
violently. I had to stop the spray! What about the tubes? They led
from the
box covering her breasts, along the table, over to a larger machine. I
ran to
the machine. Grabbing one of the two thin tubes, I pulled hard where
it was
connected. It slipped off the fitting. At that instant, I realized the
mistake I
had made! A stream of the clear liquid squirted out of the open valve.
jumped back as fast as I could. Not fast enough. I felt the spray hit
front of the jacket, right between my breasts. I stumbled back. The
eyes were open wide and drool was running out of her mouth. The drug
continued to spray over her left breast. The liquid absorbed into my
tee-shirt and slowly began to cover my nipples. I have to get the
shirt off!
But it was too late. I felt a warmth in my breasts. My nipples became
My mind began to fog. Collapsing on the floor, I dragged my body as
away from the liquid pooling at the base of the machine. The warmth
now traveled through my body to my pussy. I was sooooo wet! I wanted
so badly to touch myself, but my arms just quivered at my side. Then
everything faded. I dreamed of having orgasm after orgasm!

God, what was that pain in my arms. I felt so groggy. What had

happened? My mind began to clear. I remember trying to help that girl.

Sleepily, I opened my eyes. The world around me seemed distorted. Oh
no…my arms were held together above my head. There was a fullness in

my vagina. Looking down, I saw a bar between my legs, rising upward
me. My feet slightly spread and held in place by metal clamps. Any
movement caused the bar which was embedded so deeply inside me, to
push against my tender flesh. I was in one of the glass cylinders!
left, I saw another one. It was empty. I looked to the right. It was
She too was held the same as I in a glass tube. She seemed asleep, her
flopped forward. Then I realized the magnitude of the situation. I had

failed! Tripp must have found me after his new drug paralyzed my body.

By now he must know that the ORG-X implant was not working. Tears
began to roll down my face. I sobbed quietly. “Don’t cry Rachel.” The
sound of his voice made me nauseous. Looking through the glass, I saw
Tripp walking into the lab. “You fucking bastard, let me GO! I’ll KILL

you!” “I doubt that Rachel. And as for fucking, you’ll be doing lots
of that
soon enough.” He walked over to a control panel and pressed a button.
The glass tube surrounding me began to raise up into the ceiling.
Fresh air
rushed in. I noticed that Monica’s cylinder was also opening. Her head

moved slightly. “You know Rachel, you really put on quite a good
“Show? What the fuck are you talking about?” “I’m talking about the
few days…All that sneaking about. You turned out to be more
than I had expected. But…alas…it was all just a game!”
The word echoed in my ears.

“You don’t really expect that I would have allowed any of my

to wander around the facilities of their own free will. I monitored
you the
entire time.” My mind was spinning. “But…but…the implant?” “Ah
yes…the ORG-X implant. Well you see Rachel, you don’t have one! The
final test results on your vaginal secretions showed that you would
not be a
good candidate. But I decided to continue as planned, just to see how
would react. Hidden cameras have recorded your every step! I’m sure
tape will be a big smash in the private club theater. I have to admit,
I never
though that you would go through with the stage show. You’re a great
fuck, even without the drug!” I felt crushed. My will was gone. “Do
whatever it is you’re going to do to me. Just get it over with”, I
Suddenly, Monica screamed out, “Rachel…Oh Rachel,…why did I do all

those horrible things!” She was normal again! “Monica, you’re OK? What

happened to you?” Before she could reply, Tripp spoke, “Well you see
girls, the ORG-X vaginal implant may still need some work. Monica was
excellent gini-pig. Unfortunately, her heart rate was increasing due
to the
direct release of the drug into her uterus. Eventually, she might have
had a
seizure, probably at the same time she was having an orgasm. Come to
think of it, that might have been interesting to watch… Anyway, we
wouldn’t want any harm to come to such a pretty face, so I had to
the implant.” “So…so does that mean you’ll let us go?” Monica
“Don’t be silly, you’ll both be fitted with nipple clamp dispensers
just like
all the other staff members. Besides, I may use Monica to test the
version of the implant! And as for you Rachel, you’ve got such great
and ass that I may keep you as my personal assistant!” Tears rolled
Monica’s face and onto her breasts. I felt fear, anger, humiliation,
All I could say was, “Why? Haven’t you done enough to us already?” He
approached me and placed a hand over each of my breasts. “Now Rachel,
this is where you’ll live the rest of your life. You are mine!” I spit
in his

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He

squeezed down hard and twisted my nipples. The pain was excruciating.
My struggling only caused more pain in my vagina. “Stop, let gooooo!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh,… Pleaseeeee Stoppppp!” He released my sore nipples.
Then he bent down and suckled one of them, letting his tongue flick
the tip.
I gasped out. He repeated on the second breast. Then he moved lower,
kissing my stomach as he went. His hands reached behind me as he when
down on his knees and began to massage my ass. “Noo… don’t….please

don’t.” I begged. The bar entered my pussy in such a way that my
was pushed out and exposed. His tongue reached out and went to work.
The bar felt so deep inside me. Tripp continued to suck my clit and
my ass. One of his fingers began to probe the tight skin around my
anus. I
was getting wet. “Nooomoore… please stop… please stoppppooohhhh.”
Then there was a pain in my asshole as he pushed a finger in.
“Ahhhhhnooooo… Not that…noooooo!” “You’ve got such a tight ass
Rachel. I’m going to give it a good fucking later.” He pulled out his
and stood up, wiping off his chin. “But for now, lets get on with the
he laughed. Walking over to the far side of the room, he approached
low padded ottomans covered with straps. Each had a 4 inch protrusion
one end, sticking up at a slight angle. Pushing the first, he rolled
it to the
center of the room and locked down it’s casters. “What… what are you

going to do to us?” Monica spoke. “Just relax Monica. I’ve got
planned that I think you’re both going to really enjoy.” He rolled
over the
second ottoman and positioned it facing the first, about 3 feet apart.
I wouldn’t want either of you to hurt yourselves by struggling while I
you, so I’m going to inject a muscle relaxant. More fear raced through
mind. Tripp walked to one of the medical cabinets and returned with a
and syringe!

“You know Rachel,… it’s ironic,… the experiment you

involved a hybrid of this drug. It was a combination of this muscle
and a strain of the ORG-X. Unfortunately, now I’ll have to start with
new volunteer.” I thought about this for a moment, then remembered the

state I had left that poor girl in. “What… what happened to the
girl?”, I
asked. “Don’t feel to bad, I’m sure the end for her was quite
And besides, now I know what the O.D. level for the drug is.” “You are
cruel, sick, perverted man! Owww!” He jabbed the needle into my thigh.

Then he walked over to Monica and injected her. The feeling that began
spread through my body was horrible. It was as if my strength was
drained away. My leg muscles gave out causing me to hang by my wrists.
seemed that the restraint was designed for this, as the wrist cuffs
were well
contoured and padded. But as my body slumped down slightly lower, the
bar in my vagina pushed deeper in, causing more pain. Eventually I
couldn’t even hold up my head. I heard Monica yelp out, then she made
muffled cry. Suddenly my head was pulled back by my hair. “Ouch! What
the fucmmmmpppphhhhhhh!” Tripp shoved a ball gag into my mouth and
fastened the strap behind my head, before letting it flop back down. A

moment later the bar began to retract down. I watched it move slowly
of my pussy. Then Tripp placed an arm around my waist and suddenly my

hands were free. As I flopped down, he caught my weight. Next my feet
were released, then in one swift motion he hoisted my naked body over
shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I felt so helpless!

I was carried over to the first of the two ottomans and laid

on my
back. It was only slightly wider than my hips. My arms and legs
down on either side. Next, Tripp grabbed me under my ass, lifted it
up, and
slid my body down until my ass was just at the end of the ottoman. As
lowered my ass down, I felt the cold metal protrusion touch my tight
skin. Had I had any strength, I would have instinctively clamped down
my anal muscles. Instead, I felt an intense pain as he easily pushed
down onto the angled one inch wide probe. I moaned in pain! Lifting
of my arms, he restrained my wrists and upper arms with straps at the
of my body. Then he took my left foot, brought it under and back
the ottoman, and attached my ankle to another strap. The same was done

to my other foot and leg. The ottoman was wider at the lower end,
my legs to spread even farther, brutally exposing my most private
Another strap crossed over my stomach. Then, using a crank at the end
the ottoman, Tripp began to raise the end my head was on and lower the

other end, bringing my knees down almost to the floor. He stopped when

the ottoman was angled at about 30 degrees. This caused my weight to
shift down, putting more strain on my legs and pushing the plug in my
in even deeper. Lastly, he placed a contour shaped pillow under my
which forced me to look forward and down over my tightly bound body.
Never in my life have I felt so totally at the mercy of another
person! For
the next 10 minutes, I watched as Monica was brought over to the
ottoman and restrained the same as I. We were facing each other, our
knees only a few feet apart. From my position, I had no choice but to
across at my friends open vagina and bare breasts. I could see the
probe entering into her ass. I knew she could see the same of me. We
closed our eyes!

Time passed and I slowly began to regain control of my

Tripp had left us there, waiting for the drug to wear off. I wanted
desperately to talk with Monica. She had kept her eyes closed. Maybe
was in shock? Ten minutes later, Tripp returned. “So girls, how are we

feeling now?” He was so god dammed smug. If I could have, I would have

ripped his eyes out of his head! I struggled slightly against my
“Don’t waste your energy Rachel. You’ll need it soon enough.” He
rolled a
table over near us which was covered with some sort of control
Then he picked up two round black disks,… nipples clamps!
“Mmmmmmffmmmmfffffffff.” Monica’s eyes were open wide and we both
began to struggle. “Now calm down girls. These nipples clamps are a
special modified version. They have no ORG-X drug in them……..
yet!” He
leaned over Monica. She continued to struggle. “Would you like me to
massage your nipples, or shall we just use the cold spray?”
“Uhhhhhhmmmmmmmmuuuuuuu.” “I can’t understand a word you’re
saying”, he laughed. I think for now will just go with the spray.
Later on
I’m sure you’ll breasts will be more willing!” Ssssssssssss, he
sprayed her
left breast. Placing the disk over her stiff nipple, he used the small
tool to
lock it in place. Her body jerked as it clicked. My mind wandered as I

though about how I had planned to escape by using that very tool.
When I
came back to reality, Tripp was standing over me with a spray can in
hand and a nipple clamp in the other. I looked over to Monica. Both
breasts had the black disks around her nipples, covering her areola.
was my turn!

During my whole time here at the club, I had remained free

the effects of Tripp’s mind control drug. All the other woman,
everyone of
them, had been forced to give up their lives when these horrible black
were attached to their breasts. It was this I feared the most! My body

trembled. I struggled. But it was to no avail. In the end, I just
closed my
eyes. Ssssssssssssssss, I felt the cold mist on my right breast. My
became stiff and engorged. He took my breast in one hand while he
the disk over my nipple. I felt the plastic push against my areola.
Click! I
jerked at my bonds from a sharp pain at the base of my nipple. As the
faded to a dull throb, the effect of the cold spray also faded. My
shrank, but remained pulled forward from the pressure surrounding the
base. Then I felt the spray on my left breast. Tears rolled down my
This was the end. I thought of my family,… my life,… my friends. I
never see any of them again. Click! Again my body twitched from the
pain. “There, that should do it”, said Tripp. “Now that wasn’t so bad
Rachel!” I opened my eyes. All I could see were the nipple clamps on
of my breasts. The visual sight and the pain they caused was too much
me. My mind blacked out.

A sharp pungent odor invaded my noise, waking me. I must have

fainted. Tripp had woken me using smelling salts. “Come now Rachel,…

we can’t have you fainting on us. If you keep that up, I’ll have to
give you
a stimulant.” As I looked at Monica, she tried to say something,
OhhhleeeeEeeee.” I couldn’t understand her, but I nodded my head
anyway. She looked so scared. Then I noticed the other girls in the
They were setting up cameras on tripods aimed at us from all angles.
girls, let me explain what I’m going to do with you two. Here at the
we occasionally have orgasm races. The club members like to bet on
girl can hold out the longest. The cameras surrounding you will
the event Live, to the main theater, as well as the guest rooms.
normally we use two or three girls from the staff. But tonight’s show
special. You are the stars. And since you two are not yet under the
influence of ORG-X, it has added a whole new level of suspense. I
understand that the betting is very hot and heavy!” As I listened, the
sank deeper into my heart. Tripp continued, “So here’s how it works.
will both be attached to a machine which will provide 4 stages of
stimulation. The first stage is vaginal penetration. The second stage
is an
electrical charge to your anus and nipples. The third is an electrical
and vibration to your clitoris. And the final stage is…….. the
introduction of
ORG-X into your breasts!” He paused for a second to let it all sink
in. “But
here’s the catch, each time you have an orgasm, you will activate the
stage of stimulation on your friend!!!”

The situation was hopeless. I was about to be used in a sexual

show which would result in the end of mine and Monica’s life as we
it. Tripp continued to prep us for the torture. Starting with my
breasts, he
attached a wire and clip to the top of each nipple clamp. The small
was just touching the exposed tip of my nipple. Then he carefully
a very very thin tube leading from one of the machines. He inserted
tube into a tiny hole at the base of the nipple clamp. This must be
how the
drug will be administered, I thought to myself. A second tube was
to my other breast. Other wires were taped to my stomach, inner
arms, and neck. After this was complete, he proceeded to set up Monica

the same way. She watched him with fear in her eyes. Next, Tripp
to the back of the room and retrieved a box-like device. It was about
1 foot
long, 8 inches wide and 8 inches tall, with some sort of socket
on the top. It must have been heavy, because the bastard had trouble
it. He set it down between the two of us. Then, from a drawer he
the tool for our torture! It was two huge metal dildo’s attached at
the base
to an 8 inch coupler. The probes were each about 16 inches long, 3
wide, and slightly curved. They were covered with ridges and small
Each also had a an odd protrusion sticking out about an inch,
perpendicular, close to the base. He held the device between us.
you look so scared. Don’t worry, it’s designed to provide pleasure,
pain!” With that, he kneeled down and attached the device to the top
of the
machine between our legs. One of the probes curved up toward my
the other end toward Monica’s. “Now, let me see… have I forgotten
anything? Oh yes.” Tripp walked away and returned with a 4 foot high
attached to a round base. On top of the pole, was a panel with 4
indicator lights, each with a number, 1 through 4. He placed it to the
left of
me so that both Monica and I could see it. A second pole with lights
placed next to Monica. “I’m sure you can figure out what these are
for!” he
said with a laugh.

We were left alone for a time. The fullness in my anus and the

in my nipples, combined with the uncomfortable position I was held in,
not make for a pleasant wait. It was hard not to stare at the large
only inches from penetrating my vagina. Other woman continued to set
the room. A large TV monitor was brought in, and a large camera on
wheels. Another girl applied a clear gel to both ends of the metal
Tripp left, then returned a few minutes later. He turned on the
monitor. It
was difficult to turn my head, but I could just see the screen. It
showed the
audience in a large theater, probably the same one we were raped in
It was packed. Everyone seemed excited. Trip said, “It’s time!” He
toward the large camera, operated by one of the woman. “Welcome club
members one and all. We have a very special show for you tonight! Many

of you may remember our two stars, Rachel and Monica, from my special
announcement show a few weeks ago.” A few weeks ago? That happened
only yesterday, I though to myself. Then it dawned on me,… I must
been asleep in the cylinder for more that the night. God, what must
happened to Monica in those two weeks? Tripp continued to explain what

would happen to us for the benefit of any new club members. “So you
my friends, the first girl to have her fourth orgasm wins the race. Is

everyone ready?” The audience on the TV monitor cheered. “Good, then
lets proceed.” Tripp turned and approached the back of Monica’s
Releasing the locks on the casters, he began to push her ottoman
the metal penis. I watched in horror as the tip touched her slightly
lips. She struggled, trying to shift her body away from the intrusion.
he was happy with the alignment, he pushed the ottoman forward another

inch. “MMMmmmmmmmMMmMmmmffff!” The probe pushed into her,
stretching her wide. After locking her ottoman in place, he pressed a
on a control panel. “Mmm…mmm…mmm…mmmmmmm!” The probe
slowly pushed deeper into her, moving along it’s center coupling.
Deeper it
went, 5 inches, 6 inches, 7, 8, 9,… at 10 inches it stopped. Then I
what the protrusion at the base was for. If the penis had entered her
another inch or so, the perpendicular piece would have pushed against

Tripp walked behind me. I wanted to close my eyes, but

Monica’s vagina looked so filled and stretched. Mine was next. I felt
ottoman move forward, then the tip of the probe touched me, but
high, above my vagina. Tripp turned the crank, and I raised up until
penis was lined up to enter me against my will. The tip was slightly
“Uuuuuggggggg!” Tripp pushed me forward another inch or so. Oh my
god it was wide! I tried to relax as my vaginal muscles were stretched

wide. He locked down my ottoman. Then to my surprise, he removed the
gag. Monica’s also! “The audience likes to hear your screams of
he whispered. By the way, the odds are in favor of you winning, four
orgasms to Monica’s two!” he said to me. “Bastard!” was all I could
Tripp returned to the camera. “Let’s have a countdown… Starting from

ten. The audience chanted “Ten… Nine…” We looked into each others
eyes. “Eight…” “I’ll try to hold out as long as I can.” “Seven…”
“Me too”
Monica replied. “Six… Five…” “I love you, you’re my best friend in
world!” “Four…” “I know.” “Three…” “I love you too…” “Two…
Start!” “AhhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhh Jesuuuuus!” The probe plunged
further into me. My vagina walls were pushed out to the limit. At ten
inches, it started to back out. Now it was re-entering Monica.
OhhhhhhhhhhhhNoooooooooooooouuuug!”, she moaned out. My vagina
contracted. But not for long. Back into me again. God it was big!
“Uuuuugggggg!” Then out again, into Monica. As it proceeded, the pace
seemed to quicken. “Momomonica,…aree you ohohkay?” She had her eyes
closed. “Yeeessss, so fafarrr.” As the machine continued to brutally
us, I tried to relax. The probe was warm and slippery. My pussy began
accept it more easily, with each passing thrust. I closed my eyes,
trying not
to think about feelings I was experiencing. The next thrust caused a
to slip from my lips. “Rachel, Noooo! Don’t succumb!” I could feel the
and bumps vibrating against my tight vaginal walls, filling me to the
Now I was providing my own lubrication. In and out, in and out.
“oooohhhhmmmmmm!” I moaned louder. “Rachel! Look at me!” I opened
my eyes and watched as Monica’s pussy was deeply penetrated. Her cunt
lips were splayed open wide and looked very wet. “Rachel, Rachel! Snap

out of it!” “Monica…. I… I… caa can’tt hold ow.. owut much
“Listen, you’re being raped! They’re raping us! Don’t let this happen!

Please don’t let this happen!”, she begged. But my body was betraying
My nipples had become stiff, filling the nipple clamps. My clit was
engorged with blood and I wanted so desperately to touch it. How could

this happen to me? Then,… the orgasm hit me…
“Ahhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” My whole
body spasmed against the restraints!

The first yellow light on my pole illuminated. “Ladies and

Rachel has taken the lead!” There was a loud uproar and clapping. I
felt so
depraved. How could I have come so easily. The metal penis continued
plunge in and out of me, but my orgasm had relieved my sexual fog.
Monica was breathing heavily now. “Monica, what’s happening?” “It’s
sho… shocking mmme. Tingling in m m my breasts! ooooooh!” she
moaned out. Oh no, what have I done! “Monica, try and hold out!”
“Ohhhkay”, she replied. The dildo pushed into my cunt, then Monica’s,
then mine again. In and out, in and out. I was still very wet from my
orgasm. Although the muscles in my vagina had been stretched, I still
clamped down tightly on the metal intruder each time it entered me.
I felt the feelings begin to build. Monica was still breathing very
Occasionally she would let a moan slip from her lips. This caused me
become even more aroused. No, I couldn’t let it happen again. Think
something else. Think about… that time I had to go to the
hospital… about
that time my I failed a college exam… about how long this fuck is
“ooooooh yessssssssss ohhhhhhhhh god yesssssssssss!” It was so big. So

deep inside me. Monica was moaning louder now. It was going to happen.

Nothing I could do would stop the oncoming orgasm. My surrounding
faded as my mind became focused on the sexual stimulation between my
legs. Closer… closer… closer… “YESssssssssss ahhhhhhheeeeee
ohhhh ohhhhh oooooooooooooooooo!” What a release! The orgasm was
incredible. My body ached from pulling against my bonds. The second
yellow light went on. Suddenly Monica moaned out loudly, “Ohhh god
noo! Not that. Not thaaaaht!” The penis had stopped moving for a
moment. Only one inch was inside me, which meant that Monica was
deeply penetrated. So deep in fact, that the protrusion at the base
pushed up against her clit! Then it pulled back, filling me once
again. “Ah
ah ahh oh god, Ra achel. Can’t ho holdd out any lo onger!” Back into
Monica, up to the hilt, it plunged. Again it paused to stimulate her
clitoris…… She came! Her scream of pleasure was long and loud.
clapping from the audience.

Two orgasms had fully drained me. Never in my life have I come

more than twice in a row. But now, as the fucking continued
relentlessly, I
felt a pleasurable tingling in my ass and nipples. The sensation was
erotic. Monica seemed to have calmed down slightly, but each time the
probe touched her clit she would stiffen against her restraints. I was

becoming so confused. I was having trouble distinguishing reality from
sexual assault on my body and mind. Focus Rachel! Focus, I though to
myself. If I have one more orgasm, Monica’s nipples will be filled
ORG-X. She’ll be a slave, just like before. Another thought dawned on
If either one of us is given the drug, there’s no way to avoid having
orgasms. There’s no way to win. Oh dear god. “Ohh ohhh ahhh ohhh
Mmmmm mmmm ohhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Jeeeeeeesuuuuuuussssss yesssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Monica
screamed out from her second orgasm. “Rachel… I’m sorry. I’m sorry,
couldn’t help it”, she cried. I felt the probe pushing into me. This
time it
went event deeper. “Uuuugggg” I groaned out from the new pressure. It
stopped and I could feel something push against my clit. Then my whole

body quivered as a jolt of current entered my clitoris. The tingling
through to my ass and breasts. My clit became very erect. Then
the stimulation stopped as the probe pulled back to bring it’s
pleasure over
to Monica. She moaned out loudly. Within seconds it was my turn again.

The feeling on my clit and in my pussy was unbelievable. Never have I
so turned on. My cunt gushed with fluid, dripping down over my ass
cheeks. I cried out with pleasure. Deep in my mind I realized that
orgasm would be the end for Monica, and then for me.

“Monica”, I said softly. “We can’t win.” “I… I… know” she

Again the current surged into my body. I began to slip toward the
“Good bye….” I said. “Rachel… I lu luve you…… goood gu gud
bye…” Her
voice faded as the orgasm hit me. It was long, very long. I grunted
screamed out in pleasure. Wave after wave, the orgasm continued. It
the best in my life! In the back of my mind, I heard Monica screaming
For a moment, my eyes focused on the yellow lights. All four on
side were turned on. Three on mine. She had won……… Now I felt a
sensation. It emanated from my nipples. A warm tingly feeling. It
throughout my body. Other sensations began to increase. I closed my
as tightly as I could around the huge prick. My ass felt wonderfully
Never has my clit felt so large and sensitive. Orgasms! All I want is
orgasms. As many as possible! Please help me. Fuck me. Fuck me so
The machine obliged.

The End


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they torture me. Occasionally I get to see my friends, Monica and
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