The Clinic

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Breast Expansion

by The Joker

Chapter One

Technology in the world that we live in has grown by leaps and bounds in
the last century. What was once science fiction can become science fact
overnight. Many times these new discoveries cause great unrest and moral
debate worldwide, cloning being the prime example. All of these thoughts
were floating through Jon’s mind as he finished reading the files of Dr.
Ezekiel Workman.
Dr. Workman had been a long time researcher for the corporation that Jon
worked for. His work had primarily conducted in private with no word to
Gene-tech, his employer, on its nature or result. Several months ago the
aged doctor had vanished without a trace. After seizing his property
Gene-tech wished to know what kind of work the good doctor had been up to.
Jon had been assigned by his supervisor Susan Willcox to search the
doctor’s home lab to find out. It had only taken him a few days to find
the lab and the notes it held. When Jon closed Workman’s log he was
stunned. If only half of what the journal claimed was true Jon was sitting
on the most revolutionary discoveries since well, since he didn’t know
when. Dr. Workman had originally been working on cosmetic products that
could cause physical changes akin to those achieved with plastic surgery.
With this he had been very successful, but not satisfied. Workman had
wished for a more instantaneous method of transformation, and so his work
continued. Apparently after many years of work the old man had developed a
device that would do just that and more. The device was able to convert
matter to energy and then back to matter making any desired change in the
interim. This could be wholly instantaneous or could be made to happen
gradually if so desired. This device not only altered physical traits, but
mental ones as well. The implications of this kind of technology were
staggering. Jon sat in silent contemplation of it all for some time. Only
the harsh ringing of his cell phone disturbed his thoughts.

“Jon you better have something for me or your ass is out on the street.”
Susan said. Her malicious tone quickly shook Jon from his thoughts and he
reached his decision.

“Susan what I found here is gonna make both Gene-tech and us rich beyond

“Perfect, I’m on my way to the old freaks house. I’ll be there in a few.”
She replied. Jon met her at the door shortly there after. He watched as
she had exited her nice black sports car and walk up the short stairs at
the entrance. Susan was very attractive but quite possibly the coldest and
most malevolent woman that Jon had ever encountered. Her shoulder length
black hair greatly contrasted her milky white skin. Susan’s slim toned
body was hidden beneath the navy pantsuit that was her clothing of choice.

“First things first peon. Never call me Susan again. To you I am Ms.
Willcox. Second whatever discovery you have made will not make you rich,
it belongs to the company and to me understand moron?” Jon held his anger
back as always. This time it would be easy. Susan wouldn’t be ordering
anyone around much longer.

“Yes Ms. Willcox, I understand.” He said.

“Now show me what you found. It better be good because your career is on
the line.” Jon proceeded in describing some of the amazing breakthroughs
that Dr. Workman had achieved… conveniently leaving out everything about
the device. He watched as Susan’s facial expression changed from one of
anger and annoyance to one of pure greed. When he finished she looked at
Jon with a decidedly evil smile.

“This is all amazing Jon. Who else have you told about all these wonderful
things?” She asked.

“No one Ms. Willcox, just you.”

“Jon with what we have found here we both could become very rich people.
Any one of Gene-techs competitors would pay us millions for this
technology.” This was just what Jon had been waiting for. Shortly after
Susan had called Jon had turned on the labs security system. Now Jon had
every damning word she uttered on videotape. He pretended to think about
what she had said for a moment and replied. “Whatever you think is best
Ms. Willcox.”

“Perfect Jon now I need to do some estimates and make some phone calls. Is
there someplace private around here I can do that?” He led her to a small
room with a table and chair in it that was on the other side of the lab.
Then he left to continue with his plan. Susan was ecstatic; she was going
to be rich beyond her wildest dreams. She was so excited that she failed
to notice the odd looking light fixture on the ceiling. Jon quickly made
is way to the control console and began his adjustments. He was surprised
at how easy it was to get her into the chamber. That was going to be the
hardest part of his scheme. Now she was his, with the device Susan would
no longer be a threat to himself or any one else ever again. He watched as
on the monitor as she began writing down price estimates on his notes about
the various formulas that the good doctor had developed. Jon initiated the
changes that he had entered into the computer. They would take place over
the next few minutes so as not to alarm her. This was going to be very fun
to watch.

Susan had a million thoughts running through her head. She believed that
she could get over ten million for each of the separate formulas. She
could probably get even more for the breast growth one. Susan
unconsciously glanced down at her own chest as she thought that. She had
always been very proud of her slim sexy body, but now she felt like
something was missing. Maybe she could try out some of that cream a little
later. She continued with her calculations but found concentrating was
becoming more and more difficult. Her thoughts kept returning to the
changes she could make to herself with the differing products. Susan even
found herself becoming aroused, something that rarely happened. One of her
hands drifted into her pants and began to slowly rub her moist slit. It
was several minutes before she realized she had stopped writing and had
just been playing with herself. She knew it wasn’t right but she was so
wet. She needed to cum, and was unable to stop until she did. Susan
reached down and undid her slacks so that she could gain better access to
her pussy. Following only a few moments of manipulation she brought
herself to a screaming orgasm. Afterwards she wondered if Jon had heard
her cum from the lab. The thought that he had heard her cum like a horny
slut was starting to turn her on again. Susan decided to put her pants
back on and go back out to see him. Jon was sitting at some kind of
computer keyboard and seemed to not have noticed her little moment.

“Whatcha doin Jonnie?” She asked in a tone she hadn’t used since high
“I found this machine that appears to be able to make physical changes to
peoples bodies.” He replied. Jon knew what her response to this would be,
he had given her the desire to reshape her form.

“Wow! What can it do?”

“It can do pretty much anything it seems. Everything that the formulas can
do and more.” The ideas that ran through Susan’s head in the next few
moments would have made the old Susan cringe.

“I wanna use it. Umm what I mean is I think that we need to test it before
we tell anybody about it. I’ll be the volunteer, you can do some stuff to
me. Then we’ll know that its safe and stuff.” Jon almost laughed at the
submissive and less then intelligent way she now talked.

“Ok Ms Willcox if that’s what you want. You need to go back to the room
you were in before and tell me what you want me to change.” Susan hurried
back into the little room; she didn’t even consider that he might have done
something to her. She knew she was really smart and couldn’t be fooled by
Jon. What she didn’t know was that her IQ had been significantly lowered,
just as her libido had been raised.

“Jonnie first I want you to make my boobies bigger. Then I want you to
make my butt bigger and rounder too.” Susan paused, thinking of any more
changes she might want. “Then make my lips a little fuller, and my hips a
little wider. Oh and make my skin softer and my hair longer and prettier.
Make it blonde too, I always wanted to be a blonde.” Actually she had only
wanted to be a blonde for the last few minutes, but she didn’t know that.
Jon clicked away on the computer preparing the requested changes as well as
adding some of his own. Within a few moments Susan Willcox would be gone
forever, and so would most of Jon’s problems. Susan stared at herself in
the mirror on one of the walls of the little room. She had removed her bra
at Jon’s request and was waiting for the changes to begin. Susan thought
she felt a slight tingling sensation through her body when the process
started. First her hair began to rustle and spread down past her shoulders
to the middle of her back. As it lengthened it lightened and by the time
it stopped growing the hair was a nice honey blonde color. Then the
feeling that Susan was waiting for happened. Her breathing quickened as
her perky B cups began to swell. They passed C within a few moments and
quickly slowed to stop at a very full E. During all of this other changes
had occurred as well but Susan’s attention was focused on the sensations
coming from her chest. Her hips had widened, as had her ass. She now
possessed a figure that would make any professional stripper or porn star
proud. In Susan’s new mindset she looked stunning, the most beautiful
woman in the world. To any other woman she would appear to be almost a
caricature of the female form. Further changes were made to Susan’s mind
to make sure she would be no threat to Jon or the device. Susie loved her
new titties. They felt so good, and her cunt was so wet. Susie quickly
removed her remaining clothing so that she could get a better look at her
body. The mere sight of her body increased the amount of pussy juice
flowing from between her legs. Susie began to furiously masturbate with
one dainty hand while rubbing and fondling her immense sensitive tits. Jon
watched on the monitor as Susan Willcox vanished. She was not going to be
a problem in the future, not by a long shot. Jon walked across the lab and
opened the door to the chamber. Susie turned when she heard the door
open. She smiled at Jon continuing to moan as she brought herself off.

“How do I look Jonnie? Do you think that my titties are big enough?”
Susie asked, in her new higher pitched voice. She sounded like she was
having an orgasm all the time. Jon had designed it that way, knowing no
one would take anything she said seriously.

“I think you look perfect Susan,” he replied.

“Call me Susie silly. Who wants to fuck a cunt named Susan when they can
fuck one named Susie?” Susie jiggled over to Jon and began caressing his
cock through his pants.

“I really need to fuck Jonnie. I made myself cum real hard but I’m still
real horny. I don’t think I can go any longer without a good hard cock.”
Susie lowered herself to her knees, pulled out his cock and began sucking.
Susan had never done this before, but Susie was surprisingly skilled for a
beginner. She brought him close several times before he pulled her up.
She turned around putting her hands on the table and raising her large
bubble butt to give Jon better access to her cunt. She then looked around
at Jon and said, “Susie loves cock, fuck Susie hard.” Jon quickly entered
her and began pumping away.

“Yes fuck me harder, harder, harder. Susie is cumming, make me cum.” She
said vocalizing the feeling reverberating through her soft and sensual
body. By the time they were finished Susie had cum numerous times. Just
as she would every time her hypersensitive body was fucked. The
alterations that Jon had made to her mind would make her the stereotypical
airhead nympho. The kind most men dreamed of fucking and most women
assumed didn’t exist.

“I love my body Jonnie, thank you so much for helping me. I hope I don’t
get in trouble with my boss for doing this. Do you think it will?” She
asked in an innocent tone.

“I think it will Susie, I think they may want you to quit your job.” Susie
suddenly looked like her whole world had crumbled.

“What will I do for money and stuff Jonnie?” She pleaded.

“I guess you’ll need a new job. I’m sure that you can find something with
a body like that. Maybe you could be a model or something,” he suggested.

“Yeah I wanna do something where I can show off my new tities.”

“Maybe you should be a stripper, you could make a lot of money shaking your
tits and ass for a bunch of men.” At this suggestion Susie regained her
vacant smile. She was beginning to touch herself again, as the juice began
to flow.
“You’ll need a good stripper name too Susie. You could call yourself Susie
Lovecox, instead of Willcox. I think that would be a really hot name.”
Susie agreed. She also agreed to accompany Jon back to the corporate
headquarters of Gene-tech where they both worked. Jon convinced Susie to
resign before they forced her so that it wouldn’t look bad on her resume.
Thanks to Susie’s new submissive and docile nature she would believe
anything that was told to her as absolute truth. They did have to make a
short stopover at an adult store so Susie could find some new clothes. She
wanted to show off her new body before she quit. About a half-hour after
that Jon and Susie walked into her former bosses office. Susie had chosen
a bright pink tube top and matching mini skirt. The skirt was a size too
small and with every other swish of her full ripe ass revealed the moist
lips of her swollen pussy. Jon began by describing the contents of Dr.
Workman’s notes, leaving out all mention of the device of course. Then he
told of how Susan had become Susie.

“Well Mr. Thomas Susan said she wished to use some of Workman’s formulas on
herself to see if they worked. I advised against it but she insisted. I
left the lab for a few minutes to get something to eat and when I returned
she was like this.” Then Jon handed Mr. Thomas the tape of Susan saying
she wanted to cheat Gene-tech out of the products. Jon then made several
requests of Thomas before he would turn over any notes and or samples. All
of these demands were granted. Mr. Thomas would have sold his soul to get
his hands on this stuff. Jon resigned from his position at Gene-tech as
did Susie. Jon was given a percentage of the profits made by the formulas
as well as a twenty million-dollar bonus until the products were ready to
market. Jon was also given ownership of Dr. Workman’s home and possessions
to with whatever he wanted. It didn’t take Jon too much time to find Susie
a job at a local strip club. She was so happy, and she even got to live
above the club in a tiny apartment with some other girls. Nobody missed
Susan Willcox, she had no friends and no family. Jon was secure in his
possession of the device and all that it could bring him.

Jon was excited. His new business was ready to open. With only a few
months of construction he had altered a few of the front first and second
floor rooms into a resort like spa. Jon had decided that to not use the
device would be a crime when it could help so many people. He had made
duplicates of the projector array and placed them in several key areas
throughout the clinic. One was located in the waiting room outside of his
office while one was located inside his own desk. With it he could
manipulate anyone in the room who was not seated behind the desk. Another
device was made to look like the light fixtures located throughout the
house. This way he could sneak it into any room in the place that he
wished. Jon planned to help those who came to his door. That help might
be physical or mental, depending on the case. Those he felt that were bad
people like Susan had been might get a little of the same medicine. This
wasn’t exactly a moral thing, but turning Susan into a slut had opened a
whole New World to Jon. He wasn’t a totally altruistic person anyway. He
acquired a small staff headed by Karen Jacobs, and Rebecca Strader. His
first attempts at therapy using the equipment. Now Jon Elwood’s Clinic for
mental and physical well-being was open for business.

The End of Chapter One.VkSpy шпион вконтакте

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