Suzanne’s New Career

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Forced Mind Control

– The Sinner
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Chapter 1


The door to the building across the street opened from the

inside. I sat up and peered through the eyepiece of the telescope,
examining the warmly dressed figure descending the steps. It was her.
The drab grey overcoat hid the curves of her nubile young body from
view, and the wide-brimmed hat she wore shielded her face, but the
cascade of blond hair flowing down her back, as well as the youthful
spring in her step, gave her away.

I swiveled the telescope to follow her as she walked down the

street, trying to figure out where she was going. Up until now, she’d
only left the apartment to go to work, either at one of her photo
shoots or at one of her temp jobs, or to go shopping. I had her phone
tapped, and had kept track of her appointments, so I knew when she
went to work. This wasn’t one of those times. So it must be
shopping. But the stores she went to were in the other direction.
So… something else? May be it was a date. It was possible she
could have arranged a date with someone without a phone call being
involved. Unlikely, but possible.

I kept her in view until she disappeared down a side street

three blocks away. I grabbed my coat and hat. Locking the door of
the hotel room behind me, I rushed downstairs and out onto the street.
Casually but briskly, I walked down to the intersection where she’d
disappeared. No sign of her.

I thought for a moment, weighed the odds in my mind, and

decided to wait. So I took up a position leaning against a building,
watching the side street that my quarry had disappeared down.

Two hours later, after the sun had set and the streetlights

had come on, she reappeared, coming out of a bar. She moved a bit
less surely than usual, as though she’d had a bit to drink. I
followed her at a distance of half a block until she reached her
apartment building and re-entered it. Smiling to myself with the
satisfaction of a mystery solved, I crossed the street to my hotel.

She began to frequent the bar, going there approximately every

other night, always emerging a bit tipsy. I started going to the bar
regularly as well, keeping an unobtrusive eye on her. The bar was not
one of the upscale yuppie joints, but rather an old neighborhood
establishment, catering to older men. As a result, she had to fend
off a lot of passes from balding men with expansive waistlines. I
found it amusing.

After watching this for four or five nights, establishing my

bona fides as a regular patron, I made my move. My eyes were fixed on
her as I strode across the room from my regular booth to the bar where
she sat. Setting my drink down on the bar, I sat on the stool next to

She looked up from her drink, causing her lustrous blond hair

to shimmer in the subdued light of the bar. I almost lost my breath
as I look at her face. I’d seen it before in pictures, and from a
distance, but never up close and in the flesh. She was stunning. I
was pleased. Later on, almost any other aspect of the body could be
modified, but the face had to be good from the start.

“Hi,” she said, a smile creeping across that captivating face.

I’m not bad-looking, if I do say so myself, and I was a good bit
younger than the average suitor. Her ocean-blue eyes twinkled in the

“Hi,” I responded. “I’m not very good with pickup lines, so

I’ll just have to tell you that you’re incredibly beautiful.”

She laughed a bit. “Thank you. That’s very flattering.”

Modesty, of course; she couldn’t possibly think she was anything less
than gorgeous.

“I’m Alan.”
We got off to a pretty good start. She told me she was

unemployed at the moment, temping and trying to get some part-time
modeling work. I made a few jokes about the sorts of jobs you get
from temp agencies, and she laughed and agreed with me. I bought her
a drink, casually slipping a pinch of white powder into it. As the
conversation progressed, she opened herself up more and more to me.

She had grown up in a small town in Montana. At age eighteen,

she’d left to go to college in Michigan, majoring in “media arts.”
After school, she’d moved to New York City, where she’d worked for
about a year as a catalog model for a few local department stores,
making a decent living. It was a week-to-week type of existence; she
didn’t have any contracts, but she’d been getting quite a lot of
offers for short jobs. She’d been well on her way to a successful, if
not lucrative, modeling career.

Then, all of a sudden, within the space of a couple of weeks,

the offers had stopped coming. The photo managers had started telling
her that they were looking for someone a bit taller for such-and-such
a shoot, or that what they really needed was a brunette, or a redhead,
or someone with a more “motherly” look, or whatever. She hadn’t had
any work for about three months, and was filling in with jobs from
temp agencies. What was really depressing, she told me, was that she
had no idea why her career had gone belly-up so suddenly.

I had a pretty good idea what it was, myself. I knew quite a

lot about her life, in some areas even more than she did. For the
past four months, since I’d first laid eyes on her in a sportswear
catalog, I’d been keeping a close watch on her. The reason she was
having a hard time finding work was that I was bribing the photo
managers not to hire her.

Well, strictly speaking, I wasn’t bribing them not to hire

her. But every time she applied for a job, I anonymously contacted
the prospective employer, and pretended to be a relative of one of the
other models applying for the job. I told them how I really wanted
young Deirdre or Teresa or Holly to be successful, and wouldn’t they
please hire her if I gave them $1,000 cash? It’d cost a bundle so
far, but I could afford it. I looked on it as an investment.

I reassured Suzanne that it was probably just a run of bad

luck, something that happens to everyone now and then. She smiled
sweetly at that, and thanked me for the support. I bought her another
drink, and over the next hour I coaxed even more information out of
her. She didn’t get along well with her parents; they were extremely
conservative and didn’t approve of her career choice. She lived alone
and had no real friends in the city. She had been in one relationship
since college, and she’d broken it off three months ago.

Thanks to the drug I’d been slipping into her drinks all

evening, she was now extremely trusting of me. When the bar closed, I
suggested we continue the conversation at my place. She hesitated a
second before agreeing. I took that as a sign that she didn’t usually
go home with guys she met in bars, which was probably a smart policy.
A girl could run into all sorts of unsavory characters in a place like
this. Me, for example.

We continued chatting as we walked to my apartment. Not my

real apartment, of course, but one I was renting under an assumed name
in a complex that catered to upscale young singles. I didn’t want her
to know where I really lived, just in case something went wrong.

When we arrived, she remarked on how clean and neat it was.

(It was clean and neat mainly because I spent almost no time there.)
I showed her to the couch and fixed another pair of drinks; light on
the booze this time, because we’d both need plenty of energy for what
was coming up. To her drink I added just a dash of a second,
different drug.

I brought the drinks over to the couch and sat down. We

chatted some more, and gradually our bodies moved closer and closer
together. I managed to keep things calm until she’d finished her
drink; I wanted to make sure the drug had taken full effect before we
went to bed.

Once her glass was empty, I leaned over and kissed her. She

responded with a fierce passion that let me know that I’d gotten
things right. Making sure to keep control of the pace of things, I
moved us from kissing into necking and petting. Her hands were
vibrant, running across my chest, back and shoulders while she nibbled
greedily on my earlobe. I lightly cupped her breasts and she moaned.

Fifteen minutes after she’d finished her drink (I was stealing

glances at the clock on the wall) I began to go further, gradually
moving the center of my attention on her body from her breasts down
across her stomach. I caressed the insides of her thighs,
occasionally coming close to her crotch, but never actually fondling
her there. I could tell this was getting her excited.

After about five minutes of this, I got the desired response;

she pulled her mouth away from mine and looked at me with flaming
eyes. “I need you,” she breathed softly.

The drug I’d given her was a rare aphrodisiac that had been

commonly used in ancient India to heighten the female sex drive. Two
milligrams, taken orally twenty minutes before the beginning of
foreplay, was guaranteed to give a woman a mind-blowing orgasm, far
beyond what she could ever have achieved unaided. Five milligrams
would give such a powerful ride that she would probably come down with
some sort of mental damage. For all I knew, ten would probably give
her a heart attack. Naturally, it was highly addictive.

The formula had been lost for several millennia, but after

three years of expensive on-site research, I had found the recipe.
Requiring extracts from several rare plants, it cost a fortune to
manufacture. Luckily, I had a fortune available.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her down the hall to the

bedroom. Laying her gently down on the bed, I brushed my lips across
hers as I unbuttoned her blouse. She was constantly moaning with
pleasure now. I undressed quickly and lay down beside her. She
quickly stripped her clothes off and embraced me, her crotch thrusting
at my erect cock.

I didn’t want to do that just yet, since it would still be

about fifteen minutes before the drug had its maximum effect. I
gently pushed her onto her back. Gently teasing her nipples with my
hands, I lowered my mouth to her crotch.

Her pussy was soaked. I nuzzled it with my nose, causing her

to tremble. Slowly, ever so slowly, in order to heighten her
awareness, I began to tickle her clit with my tongue.

I gently probed the mouth of her pussy with my tongue, rubbing

my upper lip against her clit while I did.

Sensing her building orgasm, I withdrew and began kissing her

thighs to give her a chance to cool down. After a minute or so of
this, I moved my attention back to her pussy. The first touch of my
tongue immediately sent her back up.

“Ohhh, God…yes, yes!”
I brought her to the edge of orgasm again, and let her hang

there for awhile. This would enhance the experience for her when I
finally did allow her to come.

After ten minutes, she was writhing and moaning.

“Ohhh… Alan… It’s never been like this before…I need you so

“Shhhhh…” I gently admonished. “It’s better this way. Just

relax and enjoy it.”

After another five minutes, she could barely contain herself.

“God, Alan, I need you… I need you now. Pleeeeeeease.”

I realized that the time had come. I pulled my body up

alongside hers. Kissing her lips, I placed the head of my erect shaft
at the entrance to her pussy. Gently, I began to make soft, short
strokes into her.

“Mmmm….yeeeessssss…” she moaned.
I gradually increased the pace as well as the depth of my

strokes. She was going wild with the sensations. I knew it was like
nothing she’d ever felt.

“Ngggghhhh… ohhhhh… ohhh… yesss… harder… harder…”
When I knew the moment was right, I pulled out all the stops

and began pumping my hard, eight-inch-long member all the way to the
back of her cunt. She was writhing beneath me like a woman possessed.

“Oh, God… yes… yes… YES! YES! YES!”
I felt her orgasm shudder through her body. Her cunt gripped

me tight as she screamed in pleasure. The walls of her pussy were
like a velvet vise squeezing my shaft. I rode her as hard as I could,
while her crotch thrust furiously at my cock.

Her orgasm lasted several minutes. Near the end, my balls

boiled over and I began to come. My stick semen filled her cunt to
overflowing, and I felt a large amount of jism squeezing out of her
pussy around my cock.

We came down together. Her cries subsided, to be replaced by

a series of quick gasps as she struggled to catch her breath. I
kissed her on the neck. “That was great,” I said.

“God, it was fantastic!” she replied. “I’ve never felt like

that before.”

I pretended to take it as a compliment. “Thank you.”

Everything had gone perfectly.

We quickly fell asleep after that. The next morning, I woke

up well before Suzanne did, so I surprised her with breakfast in bed.
She was delighted. After she’d finished, we made love again, and she
had another mind-blowing orgasm, thanks to the secret ingredient in
the orange juice. After she’d rested a bit, I told her I had to get
to work, and offered to drive her home. She accepted. I got her
phone number and gave her the number for my apartment, but told her
that I was going to be very busy at work, so I doubted I’d be there

I called her the next day and asked for a date. She eagerly

agreed. We made plans to go out to dinner at a fairly pricey
restaurant. I assured her that I was picking up the tab.

That evening, I showed up at Suzanne’s door fifteen minutes

early, with a box tucked under my arm. She greeted me at the door
with towels wrapped around her hair and torso, obviously having just
gotten out of the shower. She ushered me into the living room and
showed me to the couch.

“I have as gift for you,” I said as I presented the box to


“Oh, you shouldn’t have,” she demurred, setting the box down

and opening it up. Her eyes went wide as she looked inside. She
reached in and pulled out a black satin party dress that glittered in
the light. “Oh, Alan… you can’t do this. This is too much.”

“I wanted to do it,” I replied. “You deserve the best. I was

hoping you’d wear it tonight.”

“Yes, yes, of course!” Suzanne reached into the box again and

pulled out a pair of matching black pumps with five-inch heels. An
expression of concern crossed her face as she examined them. She
looked up at me questioningly.

“Is something wrong?” I asked innocently.
“No…no,” she said, forcing a smile. “I’ll just go back and

get dressed.” With that, she got up and walked down the hall. I
smiled to myself. Another small step.

Fifteen minutes later, she emerged, looking breathtakingly

beautiful. Her blond hair cascaded over her shoulders, which were
bare except for the black straps of the dress. I’d bought the dress
half a size too small, so it squeezed her slightly, pushing her
breasts up over the front of the dress in an appetizing way. It
similarly hugged her thighs and legs, showing off her excellent
curves. The effect was amplified by the swing of her hips as she
walked on the high heels. She wore a pair of simple earrings and a
couple of gold bracelets on one arm.

“You look fantastic,” I said. She did.
She blushed. “Thank you, Alan.” She came over and kissed me.

“Let’s go.”

We had a pleasant dinner, during which we discussed the

weather, current events, movies, and her career. I steered the
conversation away from myself. She trusted me implicitly now, and was
very open with me; I didn’t need to rely on a drug for that anymore.

After dinner, we danced a bit, and took a walk in the park.

She thought it was all incredibly romantic, and I knew she was falling
in love with me. She rested her head on my shoulder while we walked.

When we got back to her place, she tried to pull me toward the

bedroom immediately, but I begged off. “Come on, there’s plenty of
time for that. Let’s sit down and have a drink first. Besides, I
thought it was only men that wanted to have sex right away after
getting home.” She laughed at that and allowed herself to be
persuaded to wait. She sat down on the couch while I went in to make
us drinks. Out of her sight, I added the contents of a small capsule
I was carrying to her glass.

We sipped our drinks and chatted. Things progressed as they

had the previous night, and soon I was carrying her into the bedroom.
She was getting hot, and as soon as I put her down she immediately
began to take off her clothes. I stopped her as she reached for the
pumps on her feet. She looked up at me questioningly.

“Please, keep them on. I find them attractive.”
She opened her mouth as if to protest. I allowed the

slightest hint of displeasure to creep into my face. She closed her
mouth, and said softly, “Okay.”

I smiled. She smiled back, in a relieved way. I took off the

rest of her clothes and mine as well. She lay back and I moved over
her. As with the night before, I used my lips and tongue on her pussy
and clit to bring her to the edge of orgasms and hold her there for
several seconds, in order to heighten her desire and sensitivity.
When the time arrived, I lowered my rock-hard shaft directly into her
steamy pussy.

I stroked her gently and deeply, causing her to cry out in

ecstasy. After a minute or two of this, I withdrew my cock. Gently
but firmly, I grabbed her legs, with the pumps still on them, and
raised them over her hips. I lowered them to my shoulders, giving my
cock a better angle at her pussy. Before she realized I was changing
our position, I thrust back into her.

She gasped in pleasure at my re-entry. I began to fuck her

deeply, savoring the feeling of her soft pussy walls against my cock.
Her moans increased in volume and frequency. “Yes…yes..YES!” She
was loving every minute of this.

I picked up the pace as I felt her orgasm build. I reached

down and began to fondle her erect nipples. She was tossing her head
from side to side as she bounced her ass on the bed, trying to draw me
in deeper on each stroke. Her moans reached a crescendo and merged
into one long scream of pleasure, as the walls of her hot, wet pussy
squeezed my dick, fueling my own orgasm. My cock throbbed as it
spurted jism into her cunt.

Her scream stopped as she gasped for breath. My ejaculation

continued, my cum dribbling out of her pussy. We stayed locked
together for several minutes as she struggled for breath. I pulled my
softening dick out of her soaked pussy, a thin string of jism
following it. I lay down beside her and kissed her. “You were
fabulous,” I whispered.

She opened her eyes, blinked and turned to face me. “So were


We fucked again the next morning (after another “breakfast in

bed,” of course), and once again she experienced a mind-blowing
orgasm. We lay in bed for awhile before I told her I had to get to
work. I promised her dinner again that night, which she eagerly
accepted. She was well on her way to being hooked.

Once again, I showed up fifteen minutes early with a gift.

This time, it was a dress in fire-engine red, a strapless body-hugging
design that left her knees exposed and tightly wrapped her hips and
thighs. Also included in the box were a pair of matching ladies’
gloves, two large gold hoop earrings and a pair of shiny red pumps
with five-inch heels.

She pulled the outfit out of the box, and examined it, a frown

of concern crossing her face. “Alan, you can’t keep buying me these
things. This is so… expensive.”

I knew that the price wasn’t what was really bothering her.

She was worried about looking like a prostitute. Which was really
kind of paranoid. The dress was a bit racy, but still within the
bounds of taste. Quite conservative compared to what she’d be wearing
before long.

“Relax. I can afford it,” I reassured her. “Besides, like I

said, you deserve it.” I kissed her gently on the cheek. She smiled
and went back into her bedroom to put it on.

She emerged fifteen minutes later, looking almost edible. The

dress sparkled in the light. Again, I’d bought it half a size too
small, so that her her breasts pushed out the top. I decided she was
right. The dress, combined with the pumps and earrings, did make her
look like a prostitute. Much more like an expensive, classy call girl
than a cheap street hooker, but a prostitute nonetheless. I asked her
to turn around for me so I could see the whole thing. She complied.
“You look gorgeous,” I told her.

We went to dinner again at a fine restaurant, and dined on

shrimp and caviar. She was quite flattered at the amount of money she
knew I must’ve been spending on her. Again, we talked about
inconsequential things. After dinner, I surprised her by producing
tickets to an operatic version of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” at the city
symphony hall. She was suitably impressed.

We arrived at the hall half an hour early. Suzanne turned

quite a few male heads as we strolled into the spacious lobby. I
bought us each a glass of champagne at the bar to sip while we waited.
She held her glass up between our faces. “To us,” she said.

“No. To you,” I replied, and clinked my glass on hers. She

smiled at that and took a drink from her glass, imbibing not only
champagne, but the dose of aphrodisiac I’d slipped into her glass.

We finished the drinks, entered the performance hall, and

found our seats. After a brief wait, the lights dimmed and the show

At the end of the first scene, I glanced over at Suzanne, who

I’d noticed had started squirming a bit. Suppressing my glee, I
leaned over to her. “Are you all right?” I whispered.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” she replied, a little embarrassed.
She managed to hold herself together until the middle of the

second scene, when Hamlet was talking to his father’s ghost. She
leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Alan… I need it.”

I did my best to look surprised, and I think I succeeded.

“You mean now?” I responded, perhaps a bit too loudly, since the woman
behind us shushed me.

“Yessss,” she whispered back.
I paused, pretending to consider the situation. “You mean you

want to have sex right here in this building?” I asked, forcing
incredulity into my voice.

“Well… There has to be someplace. Pleeease,” she whispered

urgently, “I need it so baaaad.”

I got up and led her to the aisle, much to the annoyance of

several theater patrons. We hurried up the aisle to the foyer. She
frantically gripped the inside of my arm as I looked around for a place
we could slip into. I spied a pair of doors leading into what must be
the reception area. I led Suzanne over and stuck my head inside.

The room was large, with a big table in the middle and number

of chairs sitting around the outside wall. The table was covered by a
fancy tablecloth. Arranged tastefully on top of it was a staggering
array of food. No doubt it was set up for a reception during the
intermission. Nobody was in it now, though. I hurried Suzanne inside
and closed the door.

She threw her arms around me and plastered her lips against

mine. I could feel the sexual energy bouncing around in her body as
she gnawed hungrily at my lips. Placing my hands on her ass, I lifted
her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the edge
of the table and set her down.

“Oh, God, I need it so bad…” she murmured.
I pushed a few trays of food out of the way and forced her to

lie down on the table with her ass on the edge. I pulled away just
long enough to unzip my pants and free my stiff cock. I pushed the
red dress up her sleek legs, bunching it up around her waist. I
shoved her panties to one side, revealing her already-soaked pussy.
The drug was clearly having its usual effect. “Please, Alan,

I lifted her legs up and rested them on my shoulders. “Here

it comes, honey,” I told her as I thrust my thick shaft into her moist
pussy. She gave a loud moan of pleasure as my cock penetrated deep
into her cunt. I grabbed her hips and began to take long, slow
strokes, pulling her down onto my shaft with each thrust.

The aphrodisiac had turned her into an animal. Her hands

gripped the edge of the table, providing leverage for her to thrust
her ass into me with each stroke I took. She gave a sharp cry of
pleasure each time my cock pushed through the soft folds of her pussy.

“Oh, yes… yes!” she moaned, as I pistoned in and out of her.

Her eyes were closed as she twisted her head from side to side. As
her noises intensified, I began to worry that someone would walk in on
us. I decided that was the risk I had to take, though. I picked up
the pace, pounding my hard shaft more quickly into her silky, wet

She quickly reached orgasm. She didn’t scream this time, but

I was sure her moans would easily carry to the lobby. I didn’t care,
anymore, though, because I was about to come, as well. Her pussy
spasmed and gripped my cock tightly, and I felt my balls heave and
begin to spurt cum. “Oh, God! Nnnnnngh!” she moaned as her orgasm
swept over her. I shot my entire load into her pussy.

God, it felt good. I stood there for what must have been a

minute while my orgasm passed. Suzanne was still lying on the table,
her eyes closed, the red pumps on her feet resting on my shoulders,
breathing deeply and moaning softly to herself. I looked up…

…and saw the kid. He looked to be about fourteen or

fifteen. He was dressed in a theater uniform, and was standing in the
service door carrying a plate of shrimp hors d’ouvres. His eyes were
wide as saucers and his jaw was practically scraping the floor.

I had no idea how long he’d been there. Thinking quickly, I

raised my index finger to my lips and made a gesture to be quiet. He
didn’t react, but just kept on staring. Suzanne’s eyes were still
closed, so she didn’t notice.

I quickly withdrew my cock, eliciting a little whimper from

Suzanne. A mixture of semen and cunt juice dribbled out of her cunt
and began to pool on the table. I grabbed a nearby napkin and wiped
away some of the excess before replacing her panties. Gently, and
making sure to keep her facing away from the kid, I picked her up and
set her upright on the floor in front of. She stumbled a little
before regaining her footing. I reached down and pulled her dress
down to cover her legs again, smoothing it out with my hands.

By this time, she’d regained her senses. “Oh, my God,” she

gasped, “I can’t believe we just did that.”

“Shhhh,” I responded. “We need to get out of here.”
She fought down her nerves. “O-okay. Let me get my purse.”

She turned around to grab it off of the table, and caught sight of the
kid still standing in the doorway. She froze, startled.

“Excuse us,” I said to the kid. “I think we must have the

wrong room. We’ll just be going now.” I grabbed Suzanne’s purse off
the table. She was still in shock. “Honey… let’s go.” I said,
pulling on her arm. She swallowed and allowed me to guide her out.

I hustled her through the door to the lobby. As I left, I

gave the kid a wink. He hadn’t moved since I’d first seen him.

On the way back to the hall through the lobby, Suzanne managed

to look both flushed and white as a sheet. “My God, Alan, do you
think he saw us?”

“No,” I lied, “he walked in just as we were leaving.”
She sighed with relief, but still seemed rather agitated.

“But what if he had?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you should have thought of that

beforehand. It was your idea, after all.”

She stopped talking and took on a thoughtful expression. We

stayed for the rest of the show, but she had trouble paying attention.
On the way home, she brought it up again.

“It’s not so much that we were doing something dangerous and

could’ve gotten caught; I mean, that’s bad, but what I’m really
worried about is that I wanted to do it. I mean, I just got the urge
right there in the theater, and I had to have it.”

I feigned perplexedness. “Well, I don’t know. People get the

urge in all sorts of weird places. It’s not something you can

“No, but it’s never happened to me like that before.” She was

thoughtful for a minute, then she leaned her head on my shoulder and
placed a hand on my arm. “Maybe it’s just the effect you have on me,
Alan. If that’s what it is, I don’t mind at all.”

I smiled and patted her head. You will mind, I thought. Oh,

yes, you will.

I decided it would be best to give Suzanne a good night’s rest

after the episode in the theater. I didn’t want to take things too
fast just yet. So, I dropped her of at her apartment and promised to
call her the next day.

At home, I allowed myself a drink to celebrate my latest

success. The champagne Suzanne had drunk before the show had
contained not one, but two drugs. The first was her normal
aphrodisiac. The second drug was what was called a neural association
enhancer. The effect of the drug was to temporarily increase the
ability of neurons in the subject’s brain to reconfigure themselves
and make new connections.

The Russian scientist Pavlov had performed a groundbreaking

experiment in behavioral study involving a dog, some meat, and a bell.
Pavlov would ring the bell every time he fed the dog. After several
days of this, Pavlov found he could get the dog’s mouth to water by
ringing the bell even without producing the meat. The dog’s brain had
rewired itself to associate the bell with food. And thus Pavlov
discovered what scientists today call the Pavlovian response.

The new drug induced the brain to make such associations much

more quickly. Experiments on lab animals with a similar drug had
shown a dramatic decrease in the amount of time required to establish
Pavlovian responses, sometimes by a factor of as much as five or ten.
The version I had was tailored to the human brain chemistry. I had
obtained it illicitly through a contact of mine in the military, where
it was highly classified, and then reproduced it in my lab.

The drug had been in effect in Suzanne during our tabletop

fuck at the theater. Her brain had begun to form associations between
the various elements of that episode; the hard table under her ass,
the danger of getting caught, the revealing attire she’d been wearing,
the feel of the heels on her feet during the act, the slutty feeling
of having sex in a public area, and, most importantly, the extreme
pleasure of the orgasm she’d experienced.

This one episode wouldn’t do the trick by itself, of course.

But after only a few more drug-assisted experiences like that one,
Suzanne would be well-trained, the Pavlovian response firmly embedded
in her brain. By the time I was done with her, whenever the bell
rang, she would crave meat. Not just from me. From anyone.

Chapter 2

Shooting Off at the Mouth

For our next date, I took Suzanne to a movie. As usual, I

showed up early, bearing a gift. This time, it was a black halter
top, a short white skirt, a pair of black pumps with the standard
five-inch heels, and a couple pieces of gold jewelry. Again, I
watched uneasiness flicker across her face, but only for the briefest
of instants, before she smiled, thanked me, and went back to her
bedroom to put them on.

By now, she was addicted to the sex, and I could’ve used that

as leverage to get her to wear anything I wanted. But to get that, I
would’ve had to start using strongarm tactics, openly threatening to
break off the relationship if she didn’t do what I wanted. This was
something I’d have to do eventually, but it wasn’t necessary yet. For
now, she was still willing to believe that I was a nice guy who was
really interested in her, and just had sort of an odd thing about
buying her clothes. I’m sure she was more than a little in love with
me, as well. It was better to play on this for awhile, nurturing her
feelings toward me while gently nudging her in the direction I wanted.
So I took it easy on the clothes.

She emerged soon, looking hot as always. Once again, the

clothes were half a size too small, and pleasant bits of Suzanne
strained against the fabric here and there. The black and white
clothes squeezing her supple body made her look just a bit trashy.
She didn’t look like a hooker, though. More like a woman who just
wanted to be sure to get a lot of looks. I complimented her, as
usual, telling her how beautiful she was. She accepted all this in
her usual way, with a pretty smile and a kiss.

We arrived at the theater and got in line at the ticket booth.

Suzanne drew more than a few lusty stares from the teenage boys ahead
of us in line, and a number of disapproving and envious glares from
their dates. I wrapped an arm around her waist and hugged her

I bought tickets to a cheesy romantic comedy. I’d made sure

to get us to the movie well ahead of time, so that we’d be able to buy
refreshments. We did so, getting a large tub of popcorn and
_separate_ drinks; myself a large Coke, Suzanne a medium Diet Coke
with a couple of extra ingredients.

We entered the theater and sat down to watch the movie. I put

my arm around her, she leaned her head on my shoulders, and in every
way we behaved like an ordinary couple out on a date. Thirty minutes
into the movie, however, I felt Suzanne beginning to squirm against
me. “Suzanne?” I whispered. “Are you all right?”

She was startled, and it took her a moment to respond.

“Uh… I’m fine. Just fine.”

I pretended to watch the movie for two more minutes, until I

felt Suzanne’s body rubbing against mine. “What’s the matter?” I
asked, trying to look concerned.

She looked at me, with something bordering on guilt in her

eyes. “I… I… I need it.”

“How badly? Now?”

She looked hesitant, but eventually forced out, “Really bad.”

The dosage of aphrodisiac I’d given her had been half again the size
of her normal dose.

I sighed, acting as though this was a chore, and stood up. We

squirmed past some annoyed people on our row to the aisle, and walked
out into the lobby. Fortunately, it was almost empty.

I looked around for a few seconds and then led her down a side

hall to a janitor’s closet. Thankfully, it was unlocked. We hurried
inside and she grabbed me and kissed me. Her body started humping
against mine through our clothing. I unzipped my pants and pulled out
my cock.

I broke away. “Uh, Suzanne…” I pretended to have trouble

getting my next few words out. “I’m… uh… not… you know, ready.”

Suzanne blinked, then looked down at my cock. “Oh…” Her

expression clouded over for a minute. “Well, it’ll be ready soon,
won’t it?” she asked, managing to avoid any sort of explicit

“Well, I don’t know. I mean, usually it’s ready by now. I

don’t know.” I tried to look flustered.

“Oh… Well, let’s give it a minute,” she said, and resumed

necking. I fought with all my will to keep from getting hard. I’d
masturbated earlier that day in order to give myself some resistance,
but it was still hard to avoid my cock’s natural desire to spring to
action. When you’ve got a hot bitch like Suzanne trying to do the
bump-and-grind with you, it takes a lot of effort to keep your cock
from stiffening. But I persevered, and five minutes later, it was
still limp. Suzanne looked at me pleadingly. “What are we going to

“I… I don’t know.” I stuttered. I knew exactly what I

wanted her to do, but it was important that she make the jump herself.

Suzanne remained motionless for several tense seconds. I

waited, praying her innocent young mind would figure it out. After
what seemed like an eternity, her left hand slowly, ever so slowly,
slid from my shoulder down my arm. I came to rest inches from my
cock. Suzanne was looking down at it, breathing hard, trying to steel
herself. With a faint tremble, her fingertips brushed my cock.

A surge of pleasure flashed through me at the contact. This

was the first time she had ever touched my cock. I fought it
desperately, willing myself not to get hard. Not yet! Suzanne closed
her eyes and gently touched my cock again, sending another spasm of
joy shooting up my spine. I was fighting a losing battle against
erection. Still trembling, Suzanne slowly began to rub my cock. She
was clearly very nervous about this, and only allowed the tips of her
fingers to touch my prick, rubbing it gently as it got bigger and harder.

I let out a soft moan as I gave in to the pleasure of her

touch and allowed my dick to get hard. Suzanne opened her eyes, a
nervous look on her face. I smiled reassuringly and kissed her. She
responded positively, increasing the pace of her strokes on my cock.

When my cock had fully hardened, I gently pushed Suzanne’s

hand away. I would have been happy enough to let her keep stroking me
until I came, but it wouldn’t have been much fun for her. She needed
to have an orgasm in order for her Pavlov-drugged brain to make the
proper connections.

Suzanne took the meaning of my gesture. She quickly lay down

on the floor and spread her legs. Good, good, I though. She was
learning quickly. I pushed her skirt up over her waist and knelt
between her thighs. Her panties were wet with pussy juice. I pushed
them aside and drove my hard shaft into her cunt.

Suzanne cried out in pleasure and immediately began to thrust

her pelvis at me, trying to draw as much of my cock as possible into
her silky pussy. I took long strokes, nurturing her growing orgasm,
listening to the soft moans escaping her lips. Her blond hair swirled
back and forth on the ground as her head twisted from side to side.
“Oh, God, Alan… Yes! Yes!”

I stepped up the pace of my thrusts, bringing her to a

screaming orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me as
deeply as possible into her while her cunt squeezed my throbbing dick.
Her orgasm lasted nearly half a minutes. My cock, stimulated by the
pressure spasms of her pussy, shot several spurts of jism deep into
her cunt.

When Suzanne had calmed down, and I had shot my entire load, I

pulled out of her and got dressed again. Helping Suzanne to her feet,
I brushed her dress down and smoothed it out. As usual, she had had
her mind blown by the power of her orgasm. She snapped out of it
after a minute, and we went back to the movie.

Suzanne actually enjoyed the rest of the movie. Rather than

causing her distress, as our quickie at the opera had, the interlude
in the closet seemed to have invigorated her, giving her a warm glow.
She happily sat through the rest of the flick, clinging to my arm, a
smile on her face. It seemed that the idea of sex in a public place
wasn’t quite so disturbing to her anymore.

After the movie, we went back to her place and went to bed

after our usual bedtime drinks. I pretended to have trouble getting
it up again, and asked her to help me. She complied, rubbing my cock
with a bit more confidence. I held out as long as I could before
allowing myself to become erect. I then laid her on her back and
fucked her brains out.

For the next week, Suzanne and I went out almost every night.

Occasionally I would slip the drugs into her early in the evening, so
that she would get horny while we were still out. I was eager to
progress to the phase of her training, but I forced myself to hold
back. It was important to take things slowly, and let everything
proceed as if it were developing naturally. Pushing Suzanne too
quickly could ruin the relationship.

So I took it easy. Each time we had sex, I coaxed her into

stroking my cock with her hands. Whenever it was possible, I rubbed
her clit while she was doing this to provide her with some enjoyment.
Eventually, I wanted to bring her to associate touching my cock with
her pussy getting wet. And of course, I always made sure that the
aphrodisiac and the Pavlov drug were working their magic before I
fucked her. And she always wore the high heels.

Her confidence and skill steadily increased, and soon she was

eagerly jacking my cock every time it came out of my pants, bringing
me quickly to erection. The girl had become quite skilled at giving
handjobs. Almost like a professional.

I decided it was time to teach Suzanne the next lesson.

Once again, I’d given her some clothes to wear for the

occasion. This time it was a pink summery dress with white polka-dots.
The top had a low-cut neckline, half a size too small as usual, so
that her breasts were slightly squeezed out the top. The skirt was
short, stopping several inches above her knees, so that her sleek legs
were well-displayed. And her legs looked even better on top of the
five-inch pink heels.

Suzanne no longer bothered to comment on the clothes I bought

her, but simply smiled and thanked me. I knew she wasn’t overly fond
of them, but it was something she was willing to put up with. The
price she paid to be with me.

I had arranged for us to take a balloon ride at a local park.

It was one of those tethered rides where the gondola is attached to
the ground by a rope. You pay the fare, and you’re allowed to ride
the balloon up and see the city for fifteen or twenty minutes, and then
the attendant pulls you back down.

We got to the park half an hour before our balloon

reservation. I bought a pair of snow-cones which we slurped down
while waiting for the ride. The syrup from Suzanne’s cone colored her
lips and some of the skin around her mouth a bright cherry red. I
mused on this as I watched her eat her treat. The effect was to make
her lips look larger, changing the smiling mouth of the pretty,
innocent girl into the naturally pouting mouth of a cocksucking slut.
How appropriate.

Our turn arrived. I paid the attendant, and Suzanne and I

climbed into the large wicker gondola. After a brief safety speech,
the attendant unhooked us and began reeling out the tether. The
balloon slowly rose into the night air. Suzanne and I looked over the
side of the basket at the shrinking park below us. After rising for
several minutes, the balloon reached the end of the rope and came to a
stop with a slight jerk. Suzanne snuggled against me on the narrow

We sat like that for awhile, enjoying the cool breeze, until I

felt Suzanne’s hand brushing my crotch. I looked at her, and she
looked back pleadingly. “Alan… I need you.”

“Well, we’re all alone up here, I suppose,” I responded.

“Let’s go ahead.”

Suzanne grinned happily as she unzipped my pants and pulled

out my flaccid dick. She began to caress it as usual, attempting to
bring me to erection.

I fought against it with every ounce of my will. It was

important that her attempts to get me hard with a handjob fail
tonight. I’d thought I was having a tough time keeping myself soft
two weeks ago at the movie theater, but that was nothing compared to
what I was fighting against now. Suzanne had become quite the
proficient giver of handjobs, and it was a struggle to resist.

Nonetheless, I came through. Five minutes after she’d

started, I was still limp. This was several times as long as it’d
ever taken her to get me hard before. Suzanne looked at me with
almost the same pleading expression she’d had on her face two weeks
ago at the movie theater. “What’s wrong, Alan? Why isn’t it
getting… hard?” She must’ve been desperate. This was the most
explicit language she’d ever used.

“I don’t know, honey,” I responded, trying to sound


She went back to work, more determined than ever to get me

hard. Again, with a Herculean effort, I resisted. Five minutes
later, she paused again, frustrated and horny. She was becoming
increasingly fidgety, desperate for cock.

“Well…” I began. She looked at me, begging. “…there is

one… other thing you… could try…” I forced out, faking
sheepishness. I gently touched a finger to her mouth. Suzanne’s face
took on a disturbed look as she struggled with the idea.

After several seconds of hard thought, she began to tremble.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to bend her knees, lowering herself
to face my cock. With the fingers of one hand, she tentatively
circled the base of my cock. Balanced on the pumps, with one hand
against the wall of the gondola to support herself, she slowly leaned
forward, her tongue extending itself from her mouth.

The tip of her tongue made contact with the head of my prick,

and that alone almost sent me over the edge. I contained myself,
though, and only let out a small moan. Hesitantly, Suzanne brought
her lips down to touch my cock. A tingling shot up my spine. Slowly,
her lips parted, and my cock entered her wet, warm mouth. She paused
and looked up at me, her lips encircling my prick, a questioning look
on her face.

I smiled at her. “God, that feels good.” She smiled back (as

much as someone whose mouth is stuffed full of cock can smile).
Slowly, she began to pump her head up and down on my shaft. She
wasn’t experienced, but she more than made up for that with sheer
enthusiasm. Soon she was pumping her mouth rapidly up and down my
stiff shaft. Occasionally, she would look up at me. That almost made
me come. Squatting on those high pumps, wearing those tight clothes,
her lips encircling a mouthful of my thick cock, Suzanne looked like
nothing more than a cheap whore.

I wanted so badly to come in her mouth, but that would have to

wait. If she didn’t get to come, the whole episode would be wasted.
So I gently pushed her off my cock and told her I was ready. There
wasn’t enough space in the gondola to lie down, so I pulled her up to
a standing position. I lifted her skirt and thrust her panties aside
to expose her sopping wet pussy. Placing my hands on her ass, I
lifted her into the air, rested her ass on the bench, and impaled her
on my dick.

She let out an animal-like scream as I entered her wet pussy.

She wrapped her legs around me, her heels digging into my ass, trying
to pull me even deeper into her cunt. I withdrew until the tip of my
cock was just barely inside her pussy, and then I slammed it info her
again, hard. Suzanne squealed in pleasure. “Oh, yes, Alan…”

She was building to orgasm already; there was no time to take

it slow. I started thrusting into her quickly and forcefully,
pounding my cock into her velvety pussy. Each time, I plunged my full
length in, filling her cunt with my balls resting against her ass,
then withdrawing until my cockhead was just barely touching her pussy
lips. She squealed with delight each time I slammed into her. The
gondola rocked slightly with each thrust. Soon, she was coming like a
storm, her cries carrying in the night air. At the same time, my jism
spurted into her waiting cunt, overflowing and dripping out onto the

After she’d come down, we cleaned up a bit and waited for the

gondola to come back down. Suzanne’s hair was a bit tousled, and I
heard a couple of snickers from a pair of teenage boys as we left the
balloon ride area.

After a leisurely stroll around the park, I decided the time

was right to build on what Suzanne had learned in the balloon. Back
at her apartment, I fixed the standard drinks (including the Pavlovian
drug for her) and soon we were in bed together. She didn’t even think
about taking off the heels this time. Good girl! I mentally
congratulated her.

Rather than go down on her immediately, as I usually did, I

suggested that we might want to try something in which we might both
give each other pleasure. I was careful to avoid any explicit
wording, so that she would think this was as new to me as it was to

“Like what?” she asked. I explained the concept of a “69” to

her (not using that name, of course). She would lie above me, her
head at my crotch, and her crotch at my head, so that I could “lick
her down there,” and she could “you know, do what you did on the
balloon ride.”

She hesitated for a second, but then agreed. I lay on my back

and she positioned herself above me on her hands and knees.
Teasingly, I tickled her cunt with my nose and tongue, causing her to
gasp. Slowly, she lowered her mouth onto my cock and began to pump.
I encouraged her by licking her clitoris, occasionally giving it a
short suck with my lips. She responded by increasing the tempo of her

“Use your tongue, honey,” I suggested. Within a few seconds,

I felt her tongue begin to caress the underside of my cock as she
continued to bob her head up and down on my shaft. God, that felt
good. I felt a powerful orgasm welling up in my balls. I began to
thrust my tongue into her wet cunt. She shuddered in pleasure.

I couldn’t believe how good this felt. I’d met this bitch

only a few days ago, and already I had her giving head like a pro.
Her tongue was now swirling back and forth around my cock. Now, for
the real test.

My cock was ready to explode. I felt it begin to throb under

the pressure of semen preparing to burst out. “I’m about to come,
honey… go ahead and swallow it.” She didn’t try to break away, but
just kept on pumping her head up and down on my shaft. The drugs and
my cunt-licking had pushed her over the edge. She would do whatever I
asked, just so that she could come. The bitch was mine. She didn’t
realize it yet, but she was all mine.

I played her like a violin, bringing her to the peak of her

orgasm just as I shot my load down her throat. Her whole body shook
as she came, and my cock pumped wad after wad of jism into her mouth.
Following my instructions, she sucked it all down. She was too far
gone with pleasure to think about doing anything else. A dribble of
my cum, mixed with her saliva, trickled out of one corner of her
mouth, running down her chin.

I finished coming. She continued to shudder as her

drug-enhanced orgasm thundered through her body. I kept working at
her clit in order to stretch it out as long as possible. When it
finally subsided, my dick fell out of her mouth, and she rolled over
and flopped on her back beside me, a stunned look on her face.

I moved up next to her and kissed her. “What’s the matter,

honey? Wasn’t it good for you?”

“It was great for me! That’s what bothers me. What am I

turning into?”

“What’s the matter with enjoying yourself?”

“Doing that? It’s just not…”

“Not what? What’s the matter with two consenting adults doing

whatever they want?”

“Nothing. It’s the fact that I seem to crave this so much.

It feels cheap.”

I decided to play my trump card. “There’s nothing cheap about

two people who love each other giving each other…”

“What?” she interrupted. “What did you say?”

“I said there’s nothing cheap about two people who love


“Do you mean that? You love me?” she asked, tears welling up

in the corners of her eyes.

“Of course, honey. I always have, and I always will. I mean

that absolutely.” I was lying, of course.

“Oh, Alan…” She swooned and kissed me hard. I felt the

salty taste of my own semen in my mouth. “You’re so wonderful. I
love you, too.” She rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes.
Soon, she was fast asleep.

I smiled.

The next morning, rather than give Suzanne the usual

“breakfast in bed,” I got up and served breakfast in her dining room.
(Actually, it was more of a “dining nook.”) When she woke up and came
out into the kitchen to find me, I told her to go back and put on her
pumps. She complied without hesitation. By this time, thanks to the
drug, her brain had been coaxed into forging a link between high heels
and sex.

She came back out, wearing nothing but the slip and pumps,

looking sexy as all hell. We sat down to eat. Her glass of orange
juice contained the usual drugs. I made the meal into a long,
drawn-out affair, so that she started getting hot midway through.
When she at last told me, I informed her that she would have to suck
me off in order to get me hard first.

She readily agreed, and in no time she was squatting at my

feet, balanced on the heels, sucking my dick like there was no
tomorrow. I reached down and played with her tits, eliciting moans of
pleasure in between her loving strokes on my cock. Her head bobbed up
and down on my shaft as she sucked like a vacuum.

When I was hard, I gently pushed her away. She stood up. I

turned her around to face the table and gently pushed her down until
she was flat on her stomach, her luscious ass facing up at me. I
spread her legs apart and proceeded to fuck her pussy from behind,
pushing her into the table with every thrust. Moaning and gasping the
whole time, she came like a bitch in heat as I shot my load into her
creamy cunt.

Over the next several weeks, we went out almost every night.

Each time, I brought a new outfit for her. Sometimes they were
expensive, sometimes cheap. but they were always promiscuous. Soon
after she first learned to suck cock, I noticed that she would greet
me at the door wearing a bathrobe and high heels. She had been
conditioned to the point of having a psychological need for the heels.

Each night, I arranged her drugging so that she got hot in a

public place. Once she got hot while we were walking down a crowded
city street, so I rushed her into a nearby hotel, rented a room, and
fucked her brains out. Another time, I fucked her in a phone booth in
a bar.

Sometimes we did a 69, and sometimes I just fucked her. When

we 69ed, I made sure that she swallowed my jism, and that she
experienced an orgasm at the same time. In this way, she would soon
grow to enjoy swallowing come.

I enforced a similar regimen whenever I fucked her. By

mentally controlling my own orgasm as much as I could and by varying
the pace of the fuck to control hers, I manipulated things so that she
orgasmed right after I began to come. Soon she would associate the
pleasure of the orgasm with the feeling of an ejaculation in her cunt.
With luck, she would learn to use her cunt muscles to massage the dick
filling her pussy, so that she could get the come she craved out of

With time, she came to respond more quickly to the

aphrodisiac. Soon I was able to fuck her almost immediately after she
told me she “needed it,” rather than having to go through the hassle
of eating her out to get her wet and ready.

One evening, we 69ed behind the back row of seats in a movie

theater. It was reasonably safe, since the theater wasn’t crowded,
and there was nobody in the last three or four rows, but Suzanne did
freeze once or twice as people walked past on the way to or from the
snack bar. No one saw us, but I brought her to orgasm so hard she
almost screamed in spite of herself.

Just for kicks, I drugged her again that time. She got hot

near the end of the movie, so we left, and headed back to my car. We
were halfway across the parking lot when her hand shot to my crotch
and her teeth grabbed my lips. She let out a moan of need.

The parking lot was deserted, so I lifted her up and sat her

on the hood of a truck nearby. She lay back invitingly. I unzipped
her black leather miniskirt, and discovered to my surprise that she
wasn’t wearing any panties. I look up at her questioningly.

“W-well, I thought they got in the way, I guess.” she


I smiled at her. This was great! I’d planned on eventually

having her never wear panties, but I thought I’d have to coax her
through that like I had everything else. Suzanne was going to be a
better slut than I’d ever imagined.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiff cock. Unbidden,

Suzanne lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders. She was
wearing black fishnet stockings that night. By then, I was able to
pretty much dress her as I pleased. Grabbing her tits through the
fabric of the pink halter top, I positioned my cock at the mouth of
her cunt and slammed it home.

Suzanne squealed in pleasure, and I fucked her hard. She must

have been really in need of a fucking that time, because she came
within thirty seconds of so. By the time she’d come down, I was still
hard. Her cunt relaxed and stopped caressing my cock, so I wasn’t
getting as much as usual out of this.

Suzanne startled me by gently pushing me out of her cunt. At

first, I was angry. How dare the bitch beg me to fuck her and then
push me out? But then I realized what she was doing.

Suzanne slowly got up and walked around in front of me.

Crouching in front of me, balanced on the stiletto heels, she took my
cock into her mouth.

I was in ecstasy almost immediately. She had never given me a

blowjob on her own before. The conditioning had really worked. She
pumped her head up and down on my rock-hard cock like there was no
tomorrow, tongue rapidly circling my shaft. In the dim light of the
parking lot, balanced on black stiletto heels, her tits overflowing
out of the tight pink halter, the huge hoop earrings swinging back and
forth as her head bobbed up and down on my prick, Suzanne looked
slutty as all hell. Which was how I wanted her to look.

She gently squeezed my balls, like I’d taught her. She felt

the cum beginning to boil up through my cock, and pumped harder. My
jism spurted out of my prick into her hot, eager mouth and she
greedily slurped it down. One strand escaped from the corner of her
mouth and slowly crept down her chin. When I was done coming, she
released my cock and closed her eyes. Slowly, trembling, she raised
one finger to her face and wiped up the escaping droplet of cum. Her
lips closed around the finger and she sucked on it.

I watched in fascination as her whole body began to shake. A

soft moan escaped her lips. She was coming again! She had
experienced an orgasm just from tasting my cum. I was so proud of her
at that moment. I couldn’t let her know that I understood what was
going on, though. Not yet. I watched as the shuddering subsided. A
drop of pussy juice fell from her cunt to the pavement.

“Honey?” I asked, “Are you all right?”

She started, then looked up at me. “Yeah… yeah, I’m fine,”

she said hurriedly. She stumbled to her feet, zipping up the dress and
running her hands through her hair. “Just… uh… a little dazed, I

I pretended to accept this at face value. We headed back to

the car.

Having succeeded in programming Suzanne to orgasm when she

tasted come, I was prepared to take the next step. A couple nights
later, when we were in bed at her house, I made the move. I was
plowing my throbbing cock into her cunt, getting the usual moans of
delight, and savoring the feel of the fishnet stockings on my chest.
(By this time, she always wore pumps, stockings, and jewelry while
being fucked.) I brought us toward orgasm together. When I felt my
cock begin to throb like it was about to start spurting cum, rather
than stay inside her as usual, I pulled out and moved up her body.

She opened her eyes, looking pleadingly at me. “Alan?”

“Shhh, honey, it’s all right.” I reached one hand down to her

clit, and began rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes, and resumed
her moaning. She ground her pelvis against my fingers. Keeping my
hand working on her cunt, I moved up and straddled her body, kneeling
with one leg on each side of her, my knees almost rubbing her armpits.
With my other hand, I furiously jacked at my shaft. Just as she began
to orgasm, I felt myself about to come. I aimed my shaft at her
pretty, unsuspecting face, and began to shoot my wad.

The first spurt made a line across her left cheek. She failed

to notice. The second splashed across her lips and chin. A tiny bit
dripped into her mouth between her parted lips. The third hit her
forehead above her right eyebrow. I watched as her tongue darted out
to sample the cum around her mouth. My fourth spurt went into her
hair. Her tongue was now trying to bring as much cum as it could into
her mouth. My last gob of jism hit her left ear.

She came down from her orgasm and caught her breath. I gave

her a goodnight kiss, and, as usual, she went right to sleep, still
dazed from the fucking she’d gotten. She looked quite the picture of
the contented little whore as she dozed off to sleep, her faced
covered with my come.

I think it was coming on her face that started to erode her

love for me. By the way she talked when we went out, you’d think she
was still the same woman she’d always been. But before that evening
I’d always seen a sort of worshipful adoration in her eyes whenever
she looked at me, as though the world revolved around me and I could
do no wrong. I never saw that again after the night when I came on
her face for the first time. It was gone, replaced by a sort of

This didn’t affect her sexual cravings one bit. The third

night I came on her face, she was actively helping me, her hands
jacking up and down on her shaft, teasing the head with her tongue.
She was quite eager to help me come and spurt jism all over her face.
Afterwards, she would use her hands to wipe it all up and put it in
her mouth, where she would swallow it, often bringing her to another

The next night I started fucking her tits. I plowed her pussy

until I was nice and hard, and then withdrew and placed my cock in the
valley between her boobs. Her chest was an ample 34C; fuckable, but
not perfect. Maybe someday I’d get something done about that. In the
meantime, I began to move my hips, sliding my cock up and down between
her tits. I pushed her breasts together around my shaft, squeezing
the nipples as I formed a tube for my cock.

I took Suzanne’s hands and placed them on her tits, indicating

that she should squeeze them around my cock. With my left hand, I
reached behind me and played with her pussy while I rubbed my shaft up
and down between her tits.

She orgasmed just as I sprayed me jism all over her face. In

her usual trance-like state, Suzanne gathered all my jism up on her
fingers and licked it off, sending her up once again.

Two nights later, she was really getting into the tit-fucking,

playing with her nipples as she squeezed my dick, and licking the head
of my shaft every time it thrust forward through her cleavage.

The next night, she came all by herself from being tit-fucked;

I didn’t have to touch her pussy at all. Her progress was amazing.
In less than a month, I’d completely changed this bitch. Using her
body’s natural responses, augmented by a couple of drugs, I’d turned
her from an ordinary woman into a cock-hungry slut.

Chapter 3

Taking charge

When Suzanne was lying on her back with my cock filling her

cunt, or kneeling in front of me sliding her lips up and down my hard
shaft, she was always willing and eager. The girl was in love with my
cock and would do everything she knew how to do to get it to yield its
load of precious cum. When she was getting fucked, Suzanne was every
bit the cock-craving slut.

But when she wasn’t, which was still most of the time, she was

becoming increasingly unhappy. She tried to hide it from me, but it
was obvious from the look in her eyes that she was no longer the
giddily-in-love Montana girl that I’d been dating a month earlier.
She wasn’t miserable, but she was definitely unhappy. I assumed that
what was happening was that she was starting to worry about what she
was becoming.

She’d had a very conservative upbringing in Montana,

going to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Despite the
fact that she’d been asked out on plenty of dates in high school,
she’d only kissed one boy before going away to college. In college,
of course, she’d been exposed to the wider world, getting intimate
with several guys, and having sex with two of them. Those experiences
had helped her discover that sex could be a beautiful thing between
two people who loved each other. She’d told me all of this at one
time or another.

But at the core, I knew, she was still the naive little girl

from Montana who’d been taught by her parents and her church that sex
was essentially an evil act, one that good people only engaged in when
it was absolutely necessary to create another human life. Enjoying
sex was evil, she’d been taught, and women who enjoyed sex were trashy

Her enjoyment of the sex she’d had in college hadn’t caused

her any distress, because she’d been in love with the two guys she’d
had sex with. Similarly, the mind-blowing orgasms she’d experienced
during our time together hasn’t been of any concern, because she’d
been madly in love with me, and she’d thought I was in love with her.

But now, her love for me was starting to fade, and the sexual

mores instilled in her by her upbringing were trying to reassert
themselves. The love she’d felt for me before had made her feel
secure about enjoying sex, but it was losing its power, and losing
ground to the old taboos.

Of course, this was only her mood when she wasn’t primed for

sex. When she was fired up and hot to trot, she was still the same
fuck-hungry nympho she’d always been. And since she tried to hide it
from me, I could plausibly pretend not to notice the change in her
mood. So her increasing unhappiness was nothing to worry about.

But I noticed something else. Occasionally, I would catch her

looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I would turn to look at
her, and, just for an instant, catch sight of wary, suspicious look on
her face. Her expression would always change to one of pleasant
happiness as soon as turned my head, but slowly enough that I could
catch a brief glimpse into her mind.

She was starting to become suspicious of me. I had introduced

her to a whole world of pleasure she’d never know before, and she was
starting to suspect I had some sort of ulterior motive.

We continued our nightly outings. Each time I either brought

some clothing for her when I picked her up, or told her ahead of time
what I wanted her to wear. She always complied. She never confronted
me about the clothes I made her wear, or the tit-fucking, although I
knew they bothered her.

I suppose she realized how stupid she would sound complaining

about these things, when she obviously enjoyed wearing the clothes and
having her tits fucked. Also, I’m sure she was worried that if she
started an argument, I might leave her. Like I said, she was addicted
to the sex. I planned to drive her to rebellion eventually — that
would be necessary before the proper relationship could be established
between us — but in the meantime, I was content to let things go on
as they were.

At this point, Suzanne was behaving like a textbook

nymphomaniac. All I had to do was slip her some aphrodisiac into a
drink, and thirty minutes later, Suzanne was lying on the floor,
eagerly taking my rock-hard cock into her wet pussy, or running her
lips and tongue up and down my shaft. Her sexual skills, though not
complete, were well-enough developed for the time being. I spent the
next month, the third of our relationship, moving her in a new

Up until now, whenever I wanted to fuck Suzanne, I had to

arrange for her to drink something, so I could drug her, and then wait
half an hour or so for her to get hot and beg me to do it to her.
This had been fine for awhile; I’d even gotten quite a bit of
enjoyment out of the challenge of arranging a drugging. But
ultimately, the drug was a liability.

For one thing, it was inconvenient, and occasionally

frustrating. Several times I’d been dying to fuck her, and been
unable to arrange a drugging. For another, if I kept this up long
enough, the chances were good that Suzanne would notice me drugging
her beverages. That wouldn’t completely ruin my plans, but it would
force me to change them quite a bit. What I needed to do was bring
Suzanne more fully under my control.

I started to do this one afternoon while we were enjoying a

picnic in the park. We had just finished feeding a couple pieces of
bread to the ducks in the pond. (I had arranged this, and many other
“romantic” activities like it, in hopes of reigniting her fading love
for me.) We had returned to our spread blankets and begun enjoying
the lunch I’d packed in the basket that morning: sandwiches, chips,
and bottled juice.

After finishing my first sandwich, I stood up and beckoned to

Suzanne. She rose, confused. “What’s the matter, Alan?”

“Nothing, honey. Just come with me.” I took her arm and

hurried up the hill toward a stand of trees and bushes.

“But where are we going?” she asked, confused.
I turned and smiled at her. “I have needs, too.”
“Oh…” Her voice trailed off. She was perplexed, and with

good reason. This was the first time I’d led her away to get fucked
that she hadn’t already been feeling horny. She’d had the drug, all
right, but it hadn’t taken effect yet. Nonetheless, she followed me.

We went in among the trees, where we were well-hidden from

outside view. Gently, I pushed her down to the ground and made her
lie on her back. I spread her legs and knelt between them. She was
getting quite nervous. Her mind wasn’t prepared to have sex in an
undrugged state.

“Alan, I don’t think this is a good idea…” she protested.
“Why not, honey? What are we doing here that we haven’t done

a dozen times before?” I asked.

“Well… I…” She took a deep breath, trying to figure out

what to say. What she wanted to say, of course, was that this was
all wrong, that _she_ was the one who was supposed to tell me she
“needed it,” not the other way around. Obviously, she realized how
selfish this would sound, because she didn’t actually say it. “I
don’t think I… I’m ready…” she protested feebly.

“Well,” I smiled, “you let me take care of that, honey.” With

that, I lowered my mouth to her dry cunt. She nervously forced a
smile and lay back on the ground, clenching her fists at her sides.

I flicked my tongue around her cunt, trying to arouse her. It

was tough going. She was extremely tense, with all her worries about
getting caught and going to hell for being a slut running loose in her
mind. There was no way I could possible eat her into arousal.

Fortunately, I didn’t have too. The drug kicked in after a

few minutes. The change was sudden and dramatic. Suzanne’s body
relaxed, and she began to moan in pleasure as I continued to lick her
slit. She put her hands on my head, pushing it into her crotch,
bucking against my mouth. “Oh, God, that’s it, Alan, oh yessss…”

I probed my tongue experimentally into her pussy, driving her

wild. I tasted the first gush of pussy juice as she began to respond
to my attention.

“Please, Alan, I need you… I need you…”
I disengaged my mouth from her steamy cunt. Spreading her legs,

I positioned myself over her. “Here I come, honey, here I come,” I
told her as I shoved my cock deep into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, “yes, yes, yes!” Through trial and

error, she’d learned to use her cunt muscles to enhance my pleasure.
As I fucked her, her pussy massaged my cock, sending waves of pleasure
down my spine. Suzanne was an incredible fuck by now.

I soon shot my wad into her velvety cunt, which was still

expertly squeezing my dick. The feel of my jism splashing into her
cunt was enough to send her over the edge into an orgasm. She bucked
and heaved, slamming her pelvis into me as my engorged dick shot my
seed into her belly. I collapsed on top of her, spent, as she
shrieked her way through her orgasm.

The key difference between our screw that day in the park and

all our previous fucks was one of timing. Up until then, I’d always
given Suzanne the drug, and then waited for her to tell me she was
horny before fucking her. But this time, I had indicated to her that
_I_ was horny, and needed to fuck, before she had started getting
horny herself. Soon afterward, though, the drug had kicked in and
she’d felt the desire to screw. Her brain would associate the desire
(as well as the orgasm) with my telling her that I needed to screw
her. This would come in useful later on.

Over the next three weeks, I gradually reduced the number of

episodes of the first kind, the ones that I allowed her to initiate,
and phased in the second form, the ones that I started. Usually, I
timed it so that things happened in some public area, such as a
theater. We’d be sitting together watching a movie, or a concert, or
whatever, when I would suddenly grab her arm and stand up, pulling her
up with me. I’d lead her quickly out into the lobby and into whatever
semi-private area I could find. In a matter of minutes, she’d be down
on her knees, sucking my rock-hard dick like a three-dollar whore.

She had started to believe, deep inside, that simply putting a

dick into her mouth would get her excited. And when the drug took
effect a few minutes later, and started her pussy juices flowing, her
brain took it as confirmation of this association. The Pavlov drug,
in turn, helped the brain to rewire itself to reflect the new

Sometimes I shot my load into her mouth. She would greedily

swallow every last drop of jism while her body shuddered in orgasm.
Sometimes I would pull away early, reposition her, and fuck her wet
pussy. She seemed to especially enjoy taking it from behind. I would
bend her over a table, or whatever surface was convenient, and she
would lie on her stomach, bucking against me as I pounded into her
sopping wet pussy. All the while, her well-trained cunt muscles would
massage my dick until I came, which always got her really excited.

The best times, though, were the times when I came on her

face. While she was sucking my cock, I would reach down and give her
nipples a single firm squeeze. I’d developed this as the signal for
tit-fucking. She would respond by letting my dick slide out of her
mouth and readjusting her position so that her boobs were level with
my stomach. Then she’d place my rock-hard cock between her tits and
squeeze them tightly around it. Slowly at first, she would jack her
entire body up and down, squeezing and kneading her tits as they moved
up and down along my shaft. Every time my cock thrust into her face,
she would give it a quick lick with her tongue.

The whole routine drove me wild. Watching Suzanne bob up and

down on my shaft, her eyes closed in orgasmic pleasure, I had to
struggle to keep myself from coming in the first ten seconds. She was
one hot bitch.

Soon I would be able to hold back no longer, and my cock would

start to throb with my imminent ejaculation. Suzanne could feel this,
and when it happened her response was always the same. She would take
my pulsating dick in her hand, point it at her face, close her eyes,
and begin to jack furiously at it.

When my jism shot from my dick onto her pretty, upturned face,

she would start to shudder. As my sticky white come covered her
forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, she would try to wipe it up with her
free hand and bring it to her mouth. By the time I finished shooting
my load, she would be experiencing a full-on orgasm, swallowing as
much of my cum as she could get into her mouth. She never got it all,
though, and when she came down from her orgasm she would sit there,
breathing heavily, her face and tits glistening with come.

And so, three weeks after that afternoon in the park, I

dropped the Suzanne-initiated episodes altogether. From that point
on, I fucked her whenever and wherever I wanted to, and she had no
say in the matter.

Technically, the difference was trivial; it was only a matter

of changing the amount of time between when I slipped her the
aphrodisiac and when I unzipped my fly. But the association formed in
her brain was very different. These new encounters would reinforce in
her subconscious mind the notion that she should get hot whenever I
indicated a desire to fuck her. And, as usual, the Pavlov drug was
making her very receptive to these sorts of associations.

Initially, she was always hesitant to go into action, like

she’d been that in the park. I would always have to calm her down and
eat her out or finger her twat for awhile to get her to relax. And at
first, even this had little effect; she would remain tense and fidgety
until the aphrodisiac kicked in five or ten minutes later, at which
point she dived eagerly into slut mode.

I got frustrated during a lot of these warmup periods. It was

annoying to have to sit there and twiddle her clit for ten minutes when
I knew damn well that the aphrodisiac would heat her up soon no matter
what I did. But this was important. So I stuck with it, and
persevered through the inconvenience.

Slowly, but steadily, Suzanne learned to relax and enjoy my

attention, even before the aphrodisiac hit her. Once again, she was
learning a lesson, that getting attention from me would lead
eventually to an orgasm. Quite soon, she had reached the point where
the mere touch of my hands or mouth on her cunt would send her right
up. And a week after that, I only had to give the merest suggestion
of wanting to fuck, and she’d be eager to go. This was exactly the
effect I wanted. Of course, I still made sure she was flying on the
aphrodisiac before I let her orgasm.

Once I felt that I had sufficiently established this principle

in her, I moved on to the next step. First, I set aside the Pavlov
drug for awhile. At this point, Suzanne was as well-trained as was
really necessary. Later, I would bring it back, but for now it would
only get in the way. (Plus, the stuff was expensive.) Slowly, over a
carefully planned period of six weeks, I began to lower the dosage of
aphrodisiac I gave Suzanne before fucking her.

At first, her sexual enjoyment dropped off. This was the

riskiest part of the whole procedure, and I really didn’t know exactly
what would happen. Even though I had known it was coming, the sudden
decrease worried me. I could tell that her orgasms were less intense.
The air of general unhappiness that had surrounded her for the past
couple months thickened.

I began to pay a little more attention to her needs than I had

been. It was important not to lose her now. Surprisingly, the
lessening intensity of her orgasms drove her to put more and more
energy into fucking, as though she thought it was her fault that she
wasn’t enjoying it as much, and she was trying to make up for it. I
actually felt sorry for the poor girl, and even a bit guilty. Here
I’d spent several months teaching her that sex was the most important
thing in life, making it the end-all, be-all of her existence, and now
I was pulling it away from her. And she thought it was her fault.

Fortunately, by the middle of the second week, Suzanne’s body

began to compensate for the decrease in the aphrodisiac dosage, and
her orgasms started creeping back up to their previous heights.
According to all the literature I’d read, this was supposed to happen;
the effect of the Pavlov drug was not confined to conscious actions
and desires. Rather, it reached out to affect all aspects of bodily
function. If you had a pin stuck into your toe repeatedly as you
listened to Beethoven’s Fifth while on the drug, hearing
“Da-da-da-daaaaah” in the future would cause you to feel a prickling
pain in your toe. Not just wince your eyes in anticipation of pain,
but actually feel real pain.

Of course, what works in one instance doesn’t always work in

another. So I was visibly relieves when Suzanne’s body overcame the
decrease in drug dosage and began to deliver inhumanly strong orgasms
once again, as it had been taught. She was visibly happier; in fact,
she was happier than she’d been since the first time my come had
covered her face.

I kept to the planned program for the next month, fucking her

at least once a day, gradually reducing the dosage of aphrodisiac to
zero. Her sex drive remained rock steady for the rest of that period.
I was frankly amazed at the ability of her body to compensate for the
loss of the drug.

On the last day of the aphrodisiac phase-out, I phoned Suzanne

and told her to be ready to go out for dinner at 6:30, wearing the red
dress that I had given her on our second date.

I showed up right on time. She greeted me at the door with a

kiss. “Hi, honey,” she said, bright and cheery. The moment of truth
had arrived.

Without a word, I placed a hand on her shoulder and began to

push gently downward. With barely a second’s hesitation, she sunk to
her knees in front of me. Her fingers nimbly undid my pants and
brought out my rapidly stiffening cock. She lovingly caressed it a
few times, and then took it into her hot, wet, mouth.

Her head began to bob up and down on my shaft, taking long,

deep strokes. At the top of each stroke, my cockhead would almost
slip out of her mouth, and at the bottom, my pubic hair would tickle
her nose. Suzanne had become very proficient at deep-throating after
discovering that it was the best way to get a lot of come. Her tongue
swished back and forth around my dick as she hungrily sucked on it,
occasionally flicking out of her mouth between her lips and my cock.
I placed my hands on her head and gently guided her up and down my
shaft. A thin coating of her saliva glistened on my dick.

I mentally jumped for joy as I watched Suzanne giving me head.

Throughout the last week or so, as I’d continued to reduce the
aphrodisiac dosage toward zero, I’d constantly worried about what
would happen at the end. The decreasing size of the doses had not had
any effect on her sex drive, but I’d wondered whether that final step
might be fatal one. There’s a big difference between a tiny bit of
drug in your system, and no drug at all. I was relieved that Suzanne
could function just as well without the drug. Having to shoot her up
before she got fucked each time would be a serious impediment to my
plans for her.

A wad of jism spurted from the head of my cock. Suzanne began

to pump faster, swirling her tongue around my shaft at ninety miles an
hour. I released my load into her waiting mouth. She eagerly
swallowed as much as she could, but several drops of come escaped from
her mouth and trickled down her chin. Her eyes closed as a powerful
orgasm shuddered through her body.

After half a minute, she got up and walked back into her

bedroom. She emerged some time later with the come wiped from her
chin, and her makeup reapplied. She gave me a long, deep kiss. I
could smell my come on her breath.

We went to dinner at a five-star Japanese restaurant, where we

ate in our own private room, with our own waiter. After the meal, I
sent the waiter away. Rising from my chair, I walked over to stand in
front of Suzanne. Bending over, I gave her a deep kiss as rubbed her
nipple through the taut fabric. Her hand shot to my crotch and
squeezed my rapidly stiffening dick. With nothing more than one
simple gesture, I had turned the quiet, refined lady with whom I had
eaten dinner into a cock-craving slut who would do anything to feel
warm jism shoot into her body.

I lifted her up and sat her down on the edge of the table

facing me. Knowing what was coming, she pulled her dress up to expose
her cunt and lifted her legs to my shoulders. “Oh, God,” she moaned,
“I need it, Alan. I need it bad.” I glanced down as I pulled out my
rock-hard cock and saw that she was already wet. It had taken her
fifteen seconds! “Alannnnn… I need iiiiit!” she pleaded.

This bitch always needed it. I positioned the head of my cock

at the mouth of her cunt. “Here it comes, babe,” I told her, and
slammed into her.

Suzanne gave a shriek of pleasure as I drove my meat into her

hot pussy. I paused for a moment, just to listen to her moans. “Oh,
yes, yes…” Then, overcome by the display in front of me, I began to
piston my shaft in and out of her silky-smooth cunt. She responded,
thrusting her hips at me with each stroke. Her well-toned cunt
muscles writhed around my cock.

Still fucking her, I reached behind her and pushed the empty

dishes out of the way. She allowed herself to be pushed back until
she was lying flat on the table. I leaned forward and grasped one
breast in each hand as I thrust my shaft in and out of her.

She was bucking at me like a bitch in heat, trying to take my

cock as deep into her cunt as possible. She emitted a moan of
disappointment as I pulled out of her pussy. I climbed onto the table
and straddled her stomach. Like a well-trained animal responding to a
familiar situation, she grabbed her tits and squeezed them around my

I began to fuck her tits as she massaged them around my cock.

She lapped at my cock each time it thrust through her cleavage into
her face. I kept it slow at first because her skin was dry, but after
a while the pussy juice on my cock combined with her saliva to
lubricate her tits, and I began to fuck faster. She gasped and moaned
as I slid my shaft up and down in the valley between her breasts.
Thanks to the training with the Pavlov drug, she got off on this just
as much as she got off on sucking cock or getting her cunt fucked.

I felt myself about to come. Lifting my body up off her

chest, I positioned my cock over her face. Suzanne grasped it with
one hand and began to jack up and down. When I came, she aimed the
jism into her mouth, and my first spurt splashed across her parted
lips and onto her tongue. She moved my dick for the next two wads of
come, taking these on her cheeks and nose. She took the next one on
the chin, and then placed my dick in her mouth and slurped down the
rest, sending her into another orgasm.

As I finished my orgasm, I looked down at her face. The body

that just four months ago belonged to a shy aspiring model from rural
Montana who’d only slept with a man three times in her life now
belonged to a finely tuned sex machine. With the slightest
provocation, her calm, demure personality would drop away, and in its
place would be a well-trained living fuck doll.

I used my newly drug-free whore twice more that night. The

first time was on the way home, when we got stuck in a traffic jam. I
was getting angry at the delay, because I’d been in a hurry to get
home and fuck Suzanne again.

Suddenly, I realized how stupid I was being. I’d been

assuming that I would have to get home and get the aphrodisiac into
her system before I could fuck her. But I was missing the obvious: I
didn’t need the drug to get her hot anymore. I could make use of her
body whenever I felt like it. I kicked myself as I began to unzip my
fly. Suzanne looked over at me, saw what I was doing, and immediately
leaned over to finish the job. She freed my cock from the confines of
my pants, and immediately went to work. Five minutes later, I shot my
jism down the throat of a very contented little slut.

When we got back to her apartment, I immediately fucked her

again on her dining room table. No preamble; I just lifted her onto
the table. She immediately lay back and pulled up her dress. I came
hard in her, and she climaxed every bit as forcefully as she had when
she’d sucked my cock in the same room four hours earlier.

I spent the next two months playing with my new toy. I

cherished the freedom I had to fuck her whenever and wherever I wanted
to, without having to get her to drink something first.

Once we happened to be alone in a subway car and I was feeling

horny. As soon as the train pulled away from the station, I pushed her
onto one of the seats. Without hesitation, she lifted her skirt. I
fucked her hard for the next two minutes, and we both came just as the
train pulled into the next station. A couple of teenage boys saw us
and stared as we cruised past them. I stood up and zipped up my pants
as Suzanne pushed her skirt down and brushed it smooth. We passed the
snickering teenagers as we left the station. Suzanne, in a post-fuck
reverie, was oblivious, but I threw them a wink.

Another time, I felt myself getting an erection in a bar, so I

took Suzanne into a phone booth and had her suck me off. She complied
with pleasure, leaving some of her pussy juice behind on the floor of
the booth.

Suzanne wasn’t any less enthusiastic as a result of her

constant use. When she wasn’t in sex-toy mode, though, she was
becoming more and more morose. I couldn’t get her to talk about it.
I’m sure that part of her mind was becoming increasingly alarmed at
the growing casualness with which I fucked her, and that part was
desperate to leave me.

But the stronger part of her mind was addicted to the sex, and

couldn’t even consider the thought of giving it up. Thanks to the
training I’d given her, the weakest of the four orgasms she had in an
average day was far stronger than the most powerful orgasm any other
woman could expect to experience in an entire lifetime. Women have
become addicted to sex far less powerful than what I was giving

How did I manage to come in her (or on her) four times a day?

I’m not really sure; I certainly wouldn’t have expected myself to be
capable of it before I started doing it to Suzanne. My theory is than
any other man who had a hot pussy and a skilled mouth available
twenty-four hours a day would find it difficult not to make use of
them at least four times a day. When I was feeling really horny, I
could do her six or seven times in one day.

She never complained to me about whatever it was that was

bothering her, and she let me dictate almost every detail of her life.
I moved into her apartment. I didn’t even discuss it with her; I just
showed up with a suitcase one evening and told her that I’d be living
with her from now on, and I’d need someplace to put my clothes. She
didn’t raise a finger in protest; she just obediently walked back into
her bedroom and made space for me in the dresser and closet.

She continued to allow me to determine her wardrobe. I took

this to even greater extremes than I had previously. When we went
someplace elegant, like a play or society ball, I would have her dress
in something elegant, but bordering on trashy, like the red dress I’d
gotten her for our second date.

When we went someplace casual, though, I would usually dress

her almost like a hooker. One of the outfits I liked consisted of a
white fishnet bodysuit that covered her torso, leaving her breasts and
nipples visible through the mesh; a short black denim skirt; and a
white denim jacket that was cut in such a way as to be impossible to
close, but which would just barely conceal her nipples. The gap
between her tits was openly displayed, and anyone who cared to watch
closely enough could usually get a glimpse of nipple. I bought
several of each component of this suit in different colors, so that
she could go in black or red or whatever combination of colors I felt

Another classic was her “candy” outfit. This consisted of a

halter top with horizontal black and white stripes and a black-and-red
pleated skirt. On her feet she wore red-and-white-striped socks and
red spiked heels. The outfit was completed by a pair of white kids
gloves with red polka dots, a black bow in her hair, and a pair of red
plastic hoop earrings with white spots. This outfit was the least
slutty of her “casual” ensembles, but it still got the attention of
plenty of people, particularly older men, who were no doubt drawn by
the almost childlike, yet extremely sexy look of it.

But my favorite outfit was what I thought of as the full-on

slut ensemble. This was a black halter top with an obscenely low
neckline; a shiny red leather skirt, cut extremely short, just barely
covering her ass and hugging her legs tight; and a pair of shiny black
leather boots with six-inch stiletto heels that covered her legs up
above her knees. Again, this outfit could be done in several color
combinations, but black/red was my favorite.

Sometimes I included fishnet stockings with these outfits;

sometimes I just let her legs go bare. I always included high heels.
(By this time, she had become so attached to high heels that she would
probably be a nervous wreck without them. Aside from that, the
tendons on the backs of her ankles had contracted from never being
stressed, and it would have been extremely painful for her to stand,
let alone walk, flat-footed.)

I kept her hair long enough to reach her nipples. Each time

we went out, I would tell her how to wear it. When we were going
someplace “elegant,” it would either be pinned up against her head in
typical ballroom style, or conditioned into soft, gentle waves that
cascaded over her shoulders. When she was dressing slutty, though, I
had her use one of a large variety of styles — sometimes straight
down her back, sometimes in curls or crimped, almost always teased out
to maximum volume.

And of course, a wide selection of earrings, bracelets,

necklaces, chokers, and anklets was available. These were used
tastefully with the elegant outfits (a simple gold or pearl necklace
and a bracelet or two on one wrist), and liberally with the slutty
ones (an overlong faux-pearl necklace dangling down to her navel, and
at least two or three gaudy bracelets on each arm).

In order to make space for the new clothes I was buying her, I

threw out all of the clothes she had had before I met her. None of
them were really useful for her new role. I was surprised, though, to
find some rather flashy lingerie in her underwear drawer. Although I
had told her that she was never to wear underwear again, I decided to
hang on to the lingerie. It might come in handy sometime.

I still took Suzanne to movies and plays and things like that,

but I tended to prefer doing things that would let her be seen in
public as much as possible. To that end, we often walked around in
malls and parks, took shopping trips into downtown, and went to bars
and nightclubs to hang out. I would parade around in public with this
gorgeous, sluttily-dressed woman on my arm, the envy of every man in

The best time I had during this period happened one evening at

a park. Suzanne was fully decked out in halter-top, ass-revealing red
leather skirt, and knee-high black leather “fuck me” boots. We had
been walking around the park for about an hour. Every once in awhile
I would dart my hand up under her skirt and give her clit a few soft
strokes, and then pull back and resume walking. Over time, as I
continued this, she became more and more horny and frustrated. I was
curious to see just how much she could stand.

Eventually, she took action. As we walked around a bend in

the path in the middle of a small stand of trees, she whirled around
in front of me and dropped to a crouching position in front of my
crotch. With a speed I hadn’t thought possible, she whipped my dick
out and wrapped her lips around it.

Her tongue whipped back and forth around my cock as her head

plunged furiously up and down. I leaned against a tree, savoring the
sweet sensations of Suzanne’s mouth around my prick. The teasing had
gotten her quite excited.

My shaft rapidly grew hard. I pushed my whore’s head away

from my crotch. She immediately turned around and dropped to her
hands and knees, holding her ass high, presenting her dripping pussy
to me. “Give it to me, Alan, give it to me!” she begged. I slammed
my meat hard into her fuck-tunnel.

I fucked my hot little slut at a furious pace, plunging my

thick, hard shaft in and out of her tight, silky cunt. Suzanne bucked
hungrily against me, moaning in pleasure each time I thrust into her.
She was oblivious to the fact that we were in a public place,
oblivious to everything except the cock filling her up, giving her so
much pleasure.

Drawn by Suzanne’s cries, a crowd had started to gather,

watching interestedly as I screwed Suzanne. The women were scornful,
the men envious. But nobody could leave.

As I approached orgasm, Suzanne disengaged her cunt from my

cock and turned around to face me. Without a word, she grasped my
cock in her hands and jacked it furiously at her face. I exploded in
orgasm, and massive streams of ropy come shot from my prick to splash
across Suzanne’s face and chest. She eagerly sucked down what she
could, and used her fingers to gather up the rest and put it in her
mouth. Her eyes closed and her body shook as she orgasmed from the
taste of my jism, collapsing to the ground in ecstasy.

The crowd watched, awestruck at the sight of the cock-craving

slut taking her man’s spunk on her face and gobbling it down. I paid
them no attention as my orgasm wound down, my last few spurts of come
landing on Suzanne’s sleek legs. She lay on the ground, shaking as
her orgasm rumbled through her body. I stood over her, exhausted,
slowly replacing my cock in my pants and zipping up my fly.

When at last she came down from her orgasm, Suzanne sat up

quickly and looked around, realizing for the first time the crowd that
had gathered. Her embarrassment caused her to recover from the
aphrodisiac quickly. She stood up, blushing in humiliation, and
quickly smoothed her skirt down to cover her soaked pussy. Her face
and tits were still shiny with my come. A thin strand of pussy juice
dripped from the opening in her skirt down to the ground. Walking
slowly, taking my time, I led her away from the crowd, back to the
car. “What a slut,” somebody exclaimed behind us. Suzanne gripped my
arm tighter, her cheeks burning in humiliation.

Suzanne’s attitude when she wasn’t primed for sex remained

constant throughout this whole period — a sort of resigned
indifference. She didn’t enjoy looking and acting like a slut, but if
that’s what I wanted, she was willing to do it to keep the sex coming.
She was remarkably cooperative, always doing things immediately and
correctly the first time. I never had to raise my voice to her. She
had come to believe that the situation between us was stable. I got
to do almost whatever I wanted with her body, including occasionally
humiliating her in public, and if she acted cheerful about it, she got
to experience mind-blowing orgasms. She seemed content to live the
rest of her life that way.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Chapter 4

Spreading the wealth

After I’d spent a month or two enjoying the benefits of having

my own private whore ready for me at a moment’s notice, I decided it
was time to break out of the rut and start the next phase of Suzanne’s
training. I was counting on this next stage of Suzanne’s education to
push her over the edge, forcing her to rebel so that I could exert
full control over her. Two months to the day after I’d first fucked
her without drugs, I took her back to the Japanese restaurant we’d
eaten at that night.

I had reserved a private room again. The food was as good as

I’d remembered it. I made pleasant small talk, and Suzanne pretended
to enjoy it. After dinner, I sent the waiter away, and stood up.

Suzanne, well-trained by this point, immediately got up and

walked over to me, ready to be fucked. Placing my hands on her firm
ass, I picked her up and set her on the edge of the table. She leaned
back and hitched her skirt up, preparing for my entry into her juicy

I rolled her onto her stomach and spread her legs apart so

that I could enter easily. Pulling my hard cock out of my pants, I
placed it at the entrance to her cunt, teasing her. She started to
moan as she got hot, begging me to fuck her.

Suddenly there was a beeping from my belt. I reached down and

unhooked a small pager, pretending to look at the display. Suzanne
had opened her eyes and was arched around looking at me questioningly.
“Alannnn… do it…”

“I’m sorry, honey; that’s my beeper. It’s probably important,

or they wouldn’t have paged me at dinnertime. I’d better go answer
it.” I zipped up my fly.

“No… I need it… baad…” she moaned, writhing on the


“I’m sorry, but I really need to take care of this. I’ll tell

you what: you stay there just like that. I’ll go make a phone call
and then I’ll come right back and take care of you. Don’t touch
yourself, and don’t move from that spot. You stay in exactly that
position, okay?”


“Okay, I’ll be right back.” I opened the door and stepped

into the hall. Leaving the door slightly ajar, I strode off down the

I cooled my heels for a few minutes in the lobby before

creeping back up the hall to peek through the crack between the door
and the frame. My hot little tramp was lying exactly where I’d left
her, breathing heavily, occasionally letting out a soft moan. Her
legs were far apart, and her snatch was wide open, begging to be
fucked from behind. Perfect.

I walked back down the hall to the restaurant lobby, where our

waiter, who’d earlier informed us that his name was Rick, was hitting
on the cute hostess. Rick was a fairly well-built guy of average
height with trim blond hair. By his age, I guessed he was a college
student. “Rick,” I called.

He turned, saw me, and walked over. “Sir? What can I do for

you?” he asked attentively.

“Rick,” I began, “you seem like a nice guy. Can I trust you

with an important job?”

He hesitated a second before cheerfully responding. “Of

course, sir! What can I do for you?” he said, repeating his earlier

I lowered my voice conspiratorially. “Well, it’s kind of

complicated. You’ve had your share of girlfriends, I’m sure, haven’t
you, Rick?”

“Yes…yes I have, sir.”

“So, then, you’re not a… uh… a virgin, are you?” I asked,

pretending to be a bit uncomfortable.

“Ah, no, I’m… I’m not.” he responded, omitting the “sir” for

the first time.

“Well, have you, um… ever had a girlfriend who

wanted… uh… wanted something unusual?”

Rick frowned, puzzled. “I’m not sure what you mean, sir.”

“Well, you know, like… a girl who enjoyed… having her feet

rubbed. I mean, everybody likes a good foot rub, but, you know, some
women _really_ enjoy it?”

“Oh, uh… yes, I think I see what you mean. Yes, I

suppose I’ve run into that sort of thing once or twice.”

“Okay, so you know what I’m talking about. Well, you see, my

wife, whom you no doubt remember…”

“Yes, yes. Very attractive woman, sir, if you don’t mind my

saying so.”

“Thank you, Rick. Well, see, she likes…” I lowered my voice

even further “… strangers.”

Rick frowned for a minute before he figured it out. “Ah,

okay, yes, I understand.”

“Good, good. So anyway, today’s her birthday, and I wanted to

arrange a little surprise. Could you… uh… help me out, if you
catch my drift.”

“Mmmm… you want me to… uh… be the stranger?”

“Yes, yes, that’s exactly it.”

“I suppose I could do that, sir.”

“Great, great. You’re a good man, Rick. Here’s what you do.

My wife, she really likes a surprise, see? So right now she’s lying
on the table in our dining room, all… uh… ready. See, I pretended
to have a beeper emergency just as we were about to… uh… do what
you’re going to do with her. And she promised me she’d be waiting in
that exact position when I got back. She won’t be able to see you,
the way she’s lying. So what you have to do is sneak in there real
quiet-like and just… do it. Remember, she likes a surprise, so
don’t make any noise until you’re… doing it. And don’t say
anything, no matter what. Just keep on going. When you’re done, just
leave, and then go make yourself scarce. It’ll be… more
romantic… if she doesn’t see you again. Got all that?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, you go on back and do that. Here’s enough to cover the

meal, and a little… compensation for your trouble,” I said, stuffing
two hundred-dollar bills in his shirt pocket.

“Okay. So I should go now, sir?”

“Yes. Leave the door open just a crack. I’ll follow you and

watch through the crack in the door to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Remember, be absolutely quiet until you start going.”

“Okay, sir.” Rick squared his shoulders and walked up the

hall toward our room. I waited ten seconds before following. When I
got to the door, I peered through the crack. Suzanne was lying in the
same position I’d left her in, legs spread far apart, cunt invitingly

Rick stood behind her, staring at her glistening cunt.

Slowly, and with the utmost care, he pushed down his pants, being
careful not to make any noise. Suzanne was moaning so loudly, though,
that I doubt she’d have heard anything softer than a voice.

Rick positioned himself behind her, examining her pert little

ass facing up at him. It occurred to me that Rick might be an ass
man. God, I hoped not. I didn’t need to deal with that just yet.

Fortunately, Rick didn’t do anything creative. He took a deep

breath, put his hands on her legs, and plunged his cock into Suzanne’s
pussy. She squealed in delight at his entry and gave a long groan of

Rick froze, apparently shocked by the massage he was getting

from the muscles of Suzanne’s cunt. She was always quick to start
milking once a cock was in her. After a few seconds, Suzanne got
impatient and started thrusting at Rick, begging to have her pussy
pumped. Rick snapped out of it and began to thrust in a slow rhythm.
Suzanne matched his thrusts and pushed against him. Gradually, Rick
picked up the pace, slamming his dick into her with more and more

Rick’s cock was about the same thickness as mine, but at least

two inches shorter. Suzanne had assumed he was me during the slow,
shallow strokes at the beginning, but when they started really going
at it, she suddenly opened her eyes. I guess she realized that when
his balls slapped her ass, the deepest part of her cunt was still
unfilled. Still thrusting at his cock, still moaning in pleasure with
every movement, Suzanne arched her head and shoulders around to look
behind her.

An expression of shock crossed her face when she saw Rick

behind her instead of me. Rick took no notice, and continued to pound
his cock into her cunt. She actually froze for a moment, completely
stunned. After a second or two, though, her body took over and began
to thrust back at Rick again as she neared orgasm. Though her
conscious mind was probably alarmed at being fucked by a stranger, her
body’s trained reactions were in control.

Rick cried out in pleasure as he came. An instant later,

Suzanne’s eyes closed and her body shook in a powerful orgasm, the
strongest she’d had in a long time. Rick’s sperm overflowed from her
cunt as she collapsed to the table, moaning in pleasure. I’d slipped
a half-dose of aphrodisiac (the first she’d had in months) into her
after-dinner drink to ensure that she would remember this episode as
being particularly pleasurable. Rick collapsed on top of her.

Rick remained on top of her for a few minutes, then kissed her

shoulder and stood up. I walked back down the hall to the lobby and
waited for him to emerge.

He did so half a minute later, looking a little disheveled,

but basically all right. I congratulated him and gave him an extra
hundred for doing such a fine job. The hostess watched us, confused.
I sent Rick on his way, and told him to stay out of sight for at least
ten minutes. Then I headed back down the hall to our room and walked
nonchalantly through the door.

“Okay, honey, I’m ready to… Oh, my God! Suzanne! Are you

all right?” I feigned alarm.

She lay dazed on the table, Rick’s semen dripping from her

still-open pussy.

“Honey! Honey! What happened?” I asked, shaking her.

She lifted her head wearily to face me. “Other guy…” she

muttered. “Thought… it was you…”

“Oh, my God, were you raped?”

She got a thoughtful expression, as though considering the

possibility for the first time. She shrugged. “Guess so.” She was
so dazed that she didn’t seem to know whether that was good or bad.

I tried to look stunned. “Well, are you hurt?”


I sighed, pretending relief. “Let’s get you out of here,

honey.” I helped her to her feet and straightened out her clothes.
She allowed herself to be led back to the lobby and out of the
restaurant. The hostess saw Suzanne’s disheveled state, put two and
two together, and gave me a look of shock and disgust. “You are a
sick person,” she informed me self-righteously.

“Well, I hope you’ll pardon us for not paying our bill after

one of your waiters raped my wife,” I retorted. I hurried out the
door before she could respond.

I didn’t fuck Suzanne for the rest of that night and the next

day. I wanted the episode to sink in. Not only had she been on the
aphrodisiac, in order to ensure a powerful orgasm, she’d also been on
neural enhancer, in order to imprint the pleasure she experienced from
the cock of a stranger. It was time to resume her training.

The next night we went to the opera again. As had been the

case with our first visit, we arrived half an hour early. So once
again, we each had a glass of champagne while we were waiting. And,
of course, hers contained the two drugs.

Ten minutes after the show started, I grabbed her arm and led

her briskly out of the theater and into the lobby. Ushering her
through the door into the reception room we’d fucked in the last time,
I told her to wait there for me. By this time, of course, my trained
sex-toy was already hot and desperate to be used.

After closing the door, I went down a nearby access hall to

the storeroom where the caterers had set up the kitchen. It was empty
at the moment, except for the teenager who’d walked in on us last
time. I smiled. This was most fortunate.

I walked up to the guy and asked him his name. “L-Larry, sir,”

he said, his voice cracking. Ah, puberty.

“Well, Larry,” I said, handing him a fifty-dollar bill, “walk

through that door,” I paused and pointed to the door leading to the
reception hall, “in exactly five minutes. Than do exactly what I tell
you.” I turned and walked away before he could respond.

I circled around and entered the reception room through the

main doors. Suzanne, apparently getting pretty hot by this time,
greeted me with a smothering kiss, grinding her pelvis against me.
She hadn’t been fucked since the night before in the restaurant, and I
think it was really bothering her. A woman has needs, and by this
time, Suzanne had the needs of ten women.

Once again, I lifted her up onto the edge of the table. She

lay down on her back and pulled up the dress she’d been wearing. I
spread her lags apart and tickled her moist pussy. She squirmed and
began to moan. I wanted to make sure she really enjoyed this.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rigid cock. Placing the

head gently between her cunt lips, I put the slightest amount of
pressure on her pussy. She moaned and pleaded with me. “Oh, Alan,
pleeeeease… I need it…”

As soon as I heard that, I slammed my cock into her pussy.

Suzanne’s cunt muscles began to squeeze and caress it, trying to milk
all the come they could out of my prick. After a minute, I pulled

Suzanne whimpered at the emptiness of her pussy. I climbed up

on the table and dropped to my hands and knees. Positioning my body
at right angles to Suzanne’s, I placed my crotch directly over her

Suzanne immediately took my prick into her mouth and began to

suck. The cock in her mouth made her forget about her empty cunt.
She swirled her tongue excitedly around the tip of my dick. At that
moment, the service door opened and Larry walked in.

Several emotions crossed his acne-ridden face. The first was

shock. That lasted for a few seconds before gradually being replaced
by lust. Lust gave way to recognition as he looked at my face again.

I made a shushing gesture, and then crooked my finger at him.

He shook out of his stupor and tiptoed over to stand near me. Suzanne
was completely oblivious to his presence. Her eyes were closed and
she was concentrating on my cock in her mouth.

I looked at Larry as I pointed to Suzanne’s wide-open cunt.

He looked uncertain. I gave him a look of exasperation, pointed at
his crotch, and then pointed at Suzanne’s cunt. He walked over to
stand in front of Suzanne’s glistening, ready pussy. Still uncertain,
he looked at me again, and pointed at Suzanne’s cunt with a
questioning look on his face. I gave him a big nod. He’s have to do
it soon, or else Suzanne would’ve already orgasmed from my cock.

Larry slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his rigid dick.

He placed it in front of Suzanne’s cunt and hesitated, looking up at
me again. I silently mouthed the words “Fuck her!” at him. He looked
down at her cunt again, gulped, and sank his cock deep into her.

Suzanne’s mouth froze around my dick. She struggled to lift

her head, but I had positioned myself so that my cock pinned her to
the ground. My body prevented her from seeing Larry, who was
similarly frozen, a look of awe on his face. I gestured at him,
trying to tell him to start pumping. Slowly, he got the idea, and
began to take long slow strokes in and out of Suzanne’s pussy.

After another second or two, Suzanne slowly resumed sucking on

my dick. Soon she was back in the swing of things, swirling her
tongue around my cockhead, while her hips thrust against Larry’s
strokes. Larry and Suzanne began to move faster as she approached
orgasm. She sucked harder and harder on my dick, moving her head up
and down as far as she could without banging it on the table.

Larry moaned as he began to come, and I shot my wad down

Suzanne’s throat at the same time. Seconds later, she orgasmed,
squirming beneath us on the table. When she had come down, I motioned
to Larry to leave. He withdrew his cock from her cunt, zipped up his
pants, and hurried out. I lifted myself off of Suzanne’s face and got
to my feet. Suzanne was in the same daze she’d been in after Rick
fucked her. I helped her to her feet, and straightened out her

I didn’t bother going back to the opera; I just led Suzanne

down to the garage and to my car. I knew we would need to be
someplace private when Suzanne came out of her slut mode and got

This happened when we got home. As soon as I had closed the

door behind us, she whirled to face me. “You had absolutely no right
to do what you did tonight!” she declared angrily. It was the first
time she’d ever taken that tone with me.

At last, I knew, I could finally establish the proper

relationship between us. “Do what?” I asked innocently.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about!”

I put a concerned look on my face, though I was smiling

inside. “I’m afraid I don’t, honey. What’s the matter?”

“You had that guy come in and… do that to me. And you just

let him do it. And you sent that waiter in last night, too, didn’t
you?” She pointed a finger at me accusingly.

I sighed. “Yes, honey, I did,” I said in a tone of admission.

“I thought you’d enjoy it.”

“Well, I didn’t!”

“Come on, honey, you know you did.” I decided to push a

little. “You enjoyed getting fucked by those guys. And I bet you’d
enjoy getting fucked by other guys. What’s the matter with a man
trying to make the woman he loves happy?” It was the first time I’d
used the “F-word” with her, and she was shocked.

“How dare you! What do you think I am, some kind of slut?”

Time to go for broke. “Frankly, yes. You have a need to be

fucked as much as possible. The slightest touch gets you horny, and
when you aren’t getting your pussy reamed by my cock, you’re either
rubbing your tits against it, or sucking on it. And the mere touch of
my semen…”

“Get out!” she screamed.

“Honey, I don’t think…”

“I said get out! Or I’ll call the police.”

I shrugged. “Okay, if that’s the way you want it.” I went

back to the bedroom, picked up my suitcase, and walked back out to the
front door. “Here’s my address,” I said, placing a card on the phone
table. “Come by anytime you change your mind.”

She glared at me coldly. “Get out.”

“Suit yourself,” I said as I walked out the door, a big smile

on my face.

I figured she would be crawling back to me within twenty-four

hours. But the next evening, she hadn’t come, and I started to worry.
There was nothing I could do. Calling her would only weaken my
position. I had to stand firm. It wasn’t until the second evening
after the argument, when the rain was pouring down outside, that I
heard a knock at my door.

It was Suzanne. She was wearing a yellow poncho and a

matching hat. It was kind of cute. I noticed red heels peeking out
under the bottom of the poncho. “Hi,” she said softly.

“Hi,” I responded. “Come on in.”

She walked in and I closed the door.

“Let me help you off with that,” I said.

“No, I’d prefer to keep it on for now,” she replied.

I shrugged. “Suit yourself.” There was a long pause.

“Alan,” she said at last, “I’m… I’m sorry I got so upset

with you. I… I realize now that you were j-just trying to make me
feel good. S-so let’s just forget it happened, okay?” She looked at
me pleadingly. “I miss you.”

I waited a few seconds before responding. “I miss you, too,

Suzanne. But I can’t go back to your place anymore. However, if you
agree to follow my rules, you can move in here with me.”

She was silent for a long time. “Wh-what are the rules?” she


“I can’t tell you unless you promise to do exactly as I say

from now on, without hesitation, no matter what I ask you to do.
Anything I want.”

She paused. “Alan, can’t we just forget what happened and go

back to the way it was? You liked it that way, didn’t you? Look,
I’ll even do it with other men, if it makes you happy. I… I admit I
enjoyed it. I w-want to do it again. Please, Alan?”

I fought to keep myself from laughing and lost. Here was

Suzanne, the quiet, reserved Montana girl, promising to fuck other men
if only I’d take her back. “You really are the little slut, aren’t
you?” She looked away as if she’d been slapped, her cheeks burning in
humiliation. “No, Suzanne, we can’t go back to that,” I continued.
“You had your chance with that, and you blew it. This is the only way
now. You can either agree to my terms, agree to do whatever I ask,
eagerly and without hesitation, or you can walk out that door and
never see me again.”

She didn’t speak for over a minute. Then, finally, almost

inaudibly, “All right. I promise.”

“You promise to do whatever I tell you, immediately and

without question?”


“All right. Here is the way it’s going to be. Repeat

everything after me. From now on, you are going to be my slave.”

“What?” she shrieked.

“You’ve already promised to do whatever I want. But, if you

don’t like it, I’ll still let you leave if you want, and never see me

She stared at me as though she thought I was joking. I met

her gaze with a stern look. She realized I was serious and the
incredulity on her face gave way to fear. “Y-you can’t mean that,
Alan,” she stammered.

“I do mean it, Suzanne. Maybe you should just leave and we’ll

forget we ever knew each other,” I said, reaching to open the door.

“No!” she yelled, grabbing my arm. We stood there, frozen,

for several tense moments . At last, Suzanne took a deep, shuddering
breath. “I… I’ll do it. I’ll be your s-s-s…” She spat the last
word out. “… slave.”

“All right, then,” I responded, lowering my arm. “Repeat what

I just told you.”

“I… I am your s-slave.”

“You are my bitch.”

“I…” She took another deep breath. “I am your bitch.”

“You are my slut.”

“I am your s-slut.”

“You have no will of your own.”

“I have no will of my own.” She was beginning to shake with fear.

“You are a fuck doll, whose sole purpose is to be used by men

for their pleasure.”

Her eyes reddened. “I am… a f-fuck doll. My purpose

is… to be used by men for their p-pleasure.”

“You are my sex toy, to play with however I want.”

“I am your… sex toy, to play with however you want.”

“You will be fucked whenever, wherever, and by whomever I


She choked back a sob. “I will be f-fucked whenever,

wherever, and by whomever you choose.”

“From now on, your name is Suzi.”

She looked up at me, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Say it,” I commanded.

“M-my name is Suzi.”

“Suzi the slut.”

“S-Suzi the s-slut.”

“You will always refer to yourself in the third person, as

Suzi, or slave, or slut, or bitch, or anything else.”

“I will always refer to myself in the third person…”

“All right. You don’t have to repeat any more. From now on,

whenever we are alone, you will address me as ‘master’. Do you

“Y-Yes.” she said through her tears.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, m-master.”

“Now, slave. Tell me why you came over here.”

“B-because I… need it.”

“Third person,” I admonished.

“S-Suzi needs it.”

“Needs what, bitch? I can’t do anything unless Suzi tells me

what it is that she wants. What does Suzi need me to do?”

“Suzi needs you to… f-f-f-fuck h-her, master.”

“Using what part of my body? And use some adjectives, like


“P-please fuck Suzi with your hard… p-penis?”

I had to laugh at that. “Suzi, a doctor uses the word

‘penis’. A slut uses a different word.”

“F-fuck Suzi with your hard c-c-cock.”

Good enough for now. “Take off that poncho, Suzi.”

The newly rechristened Suzi unbuttoned the poncho and dropped

it to the floor. I was amazed to discover that she was wearing her
“candy” outfit. She must’ve been pretty horny when she got dressed
this morning.

“Now come over here and suck my cock, bitch,” I demanded.

Suzi eagerly fell to her knees in front of me. She unzipped

my fly and pulled out my hard shaft. She was about to put it in her
mouth when I stopped her. “Tell me what you want to do.”

“I…” She caught herself. “Suzi wants to suck your cock,

master.” I looked at her, waiting for more. “Please let Suzi suck
your big cock.” She looked at me pleadingly.

I smiled. “All right, slut, go ahead.” She eagerly pounced

on my meat, slurping at it like she hadn’t had it days. Which I guess
she hadn’t. I was swiftly aroused by her skillful blowjob. Her
dextrous tongue tickled my shaft as her head bobbed up and down.

I stopped as I was about to come and pulled my shaft out of

her mouth. She looked up at me.

“What do you want now, slave?”

The feel of my cock in her mouth had sent her into slut mode

by now. She was desperate for me to come in her, so she spoke quickly
and eagerly. “Suzi wants you to come in her mouth, master. Please
let Suzi swallow your hot come.”

Suzi was learning fast. “All right, bitch, take your master’s

come.” She put my cock back into her mouth just as I started to come,
sending hot, sticky wads of jism down her throat. Suzi orgasmed as I
finished, her whole body shaking with pleasure as she eagerly sucked
down every last drop of come.

“Did you enjoy that, slut?” I asked.

“Yes, m-master. Suzi enjoyed tasting your c-come in her

m-mouth.” A dribble of jism ran out of Suzi’s mouth and down her chin
as she spoke.

“Lie on the couch, whore.” I commanded. Suzi scampered over

to the couch and lay down on it, her glistening wet pussy exposed. I
sat down in a chair next to her, gazing at the soft folds of her cunt.
She needed it. I wasn’t ready, though. “What do you want, now,

“S-Suzi wants to be fucked.”

“Be more descriptive.”

“Suzi needs to have her c-cunt fucked by her master’s hard


She was getting good at this. Clearly, she was quite aroused.

I had a suspicion I wanted to investigate. “When was the last time
you had your cunt fucked, whore?”

“L-last night, m-master.” She was clearly quite nervous about

this, but also excited.

So! She’d managed to stay away from me so long by fucking

other men. “Tell me about it, slave.”

“I went to a…” She caught herself and started over. “Suzi

went to a bar wearing a leather s-skirt and h-heels.”

“Why did you wear them, bitch?”

“S-Suzi wore them to get f-fucked. D-dressing like a w-whore

makes men want to f-fuck Suzi”

“I see. And how many men fucked you?”



“One in the p-parking lot, t-two in a m-motel room.”

“What were their names?”

“D-don’t know.”

“So you fucked three men last night, not even knowing their


“Y-yes, master.”

“What does that make you?”

“A s-slut.”

My dick was getting hard again. “Do you want to get fucked?”

“Y-yes, master. P-please fuck Suzi.” She was squirming on

the couch, thrusting her hips at an imaginary cock.

“Then tell me what you are, and make it good.”

The bitch needed no encouragement. “S-Suzi is a horny slut

who always needs to be fucked. Suzi needs a hot cock inside her.
Suzi is a bitch who needs to taste hot, sticky come. P-please fuck
Suzi’s hot pussy, master!”

I was near the bursting point. Rising from my chair, I pulled

Suzi off the couch and thrust her to the floor. She immediately got
on her hands and knees, presenting her dripping pussy to me. I
roughly grabbed her hips as I slammed my cock into her silky cunt.

Suzi screamed with pleasure. “Oh, fuck Suzi, master! Fuck

your slut with your hard cock! Ohhh… master’s cock feels so good in
Suzi’s cunt! Nnnngh! Fuck Suuuuziiii!” I reached under Suzi and
grabbed her tits, using them as leverage to thrust my dick into her as
hard as possible. She writhed in pleasure on my cock, slamming her
hips against me as forcefully as she could.

Suzi came as she felt the first spurt of jism explode from my

cock. “Yes! Yes! Shoot your come into Suzi’s hot cunt!” she yelled.
“Fill your slut’s wet pussy with your jism! Yes!” Suzi’s cunt
muscles clenched tightly at my dick as my creamy load shot into her
belly, milking it dry. I collapsed on top of her, exhausted, my
still-hard cock filling Suzi’s pussy.

After catching my breath, I pulled my come-covered cock out of

her cunt and pulled myself up to sit on the couch. “Clean my cock,
slave,” I commanded.

“Yes, master,” Suzi responded. Dutifully, she crawled up next

to me on the couch and began licking my soft shaft, gathering up the
come and pussy juice covering it and slurping them down eagerly. Ropy
strings of come dripped from her wet pussy onto the leather of the

I took my new fuck doll back to the bedroom and made use of

her three more times that night. Each time, I got her hot, then made
her beg for my cock. “Please, master, fill Suzi’s hot, wet cunt with
your big thick cock,” she would ask, and I would oblige by reaming my
slut’s cunt. “Please, master, fill Suzi’s slutty cunt with your
sticky come,” she would beg, and I would have no choice but to shoot
my jism into her hungry pussy. But at the end, she asked me to “fuck
Suzi’s tits and shoot your come all over your bitch’s hot, slutty
face,” and I knew I had a winner.

Chapter 5


The next several days were spent wiping out all traces of

Suzanne. I moved the clothes I had bought her to my apartment, and
put them in a closet which I designated as Suzi’s. I put the
cosmetics and jewelry into a vanity table I’d purchased just for her.
The rest of her stuff I sold to a local thrift shop for cash.

Suzi and I went to Suzanne’s bank to close her accounts. I

threw out the cashier’s check. It was a trivial amount of money
compared to what I had, and cashing it would just leave a trail that
Suzanne’s relatives could follow if they ever tried to track her down.
We canceled the lease on her apartment without leaving a forwarding

Once Suzanne had been erased from existence, I set Suzi up on

her new daily schedule. I got ahold of some videotapes of
professional strippers performing, as well as a video camera, and set
up one of the extra rooms of my apartment as a practice studio for
Suzi. She was to teach herself to dance and striptease by watching
the tapes. The camera was for her to watch herself doing it, so she
could refine her technique.

I also bought a tanning bed, so that she could get a smooth,

even tan without having to leave the apartment, and a treadmill and a
few exercise machines, to keep her in shape. I set up an exercise
regimen for her, emphasizing overall conditioning, to build her
stamina. In addition, I had her do a lot of chest development
exercises, in the hope of doing something about those small tits of
hers, as well as some leg work to build up her ass.

Suzi followed the same routine every day. She would get up in

the morning and serve me breakfast, after which I would usually fuck
her either in the mouth or the cunt (but only after she begged me to).
She would spend the rest of the morning practicing her dancing, eat a
healthy lunch, and then practice for several more hours in the
afternoon. Usually I would interrupt this at some point to fuck her,
again making her beg before entering her. After she’d put in her
eight hours of dance practice, she’d spend an hour in the tanning bed,
followed by an hour of physical workout. Then she’d fix and serve me

Some evenings I would take Suzi out for dinner and to a movie,

but not nearly as often as I had with Suzanne. Most evenings, we
would stay home and she would watch porno films, studying the way the
women in them behaved. We went to bed early, so that I could give her
one or two training fucks and still let her get plenty of sleep.
Throughout the day, she was expected to keep herself looking sexy and
ready to be fucked, like a good little slut. Once Suzi had settled
into her routine, I started up the training again.

I walked into the bedroom to find my slut waiting for me on

the bed. As per my instructions of half an hour ago, she was wearing
a tight black halter top cut so low that it almost exposed her
nipples, a shiny red leather miniskirt, and a pair of knee-covering
black leather “fuck me” boots, with her standard five-inch heels. The
top was pushed down to expose her pert breasts, and the skirt was
pushed up to her waist, exposing her damp pussy. Excellent.

“Doggie style, bitch,” I commanded. Suzi quickly obeyed,

rising to her hands and knees, her pert ass sticking up into the air.
Here eyes were closed in expectation, anticipating the warm cock that
her excited pussy needed so badly. Suzi’s training was coming along
well, and she was rapidly developing the proper attitude toward sex.
That is to say, she was learning that her body was a toy for me to use
for my pleasure, and that the only way she would ever experience
pleasure herself was by being used in this way, as an object for sex.

But there was still a significant portion of her original

emotional makeup intact, fighting inside her against what she was
becoming. This remnant of Suzanne was still in control of Suzi’s body
whenever she wasn’t aroused, which was still a majority of the time.
And while Suzi was almost always happy, content in her role as a slut
and a whore, Suzanne was depressed and miserable. She never rebelled
or disobeyed me, but it was obvious from her manner that she was
unhappy. She went about her chores, her dance practice, and her
exercises with a dogged determination, in fear of what might happen
should she fail rather than out of a true love of what she was doing.

But Suzi _loved_ her work. And that was why she was winning

the battle between the two. When it came time for me to make use of
my slut, the weary, depressed Suzanne was all to eager to give way to
the bright, energetic, cock-craving Suzi. And every time Suzi was
brought forth, she grew stronger and Suzanne grew weaker. Even though
Suzanne doubtless knew that by surrendering control to the slut she
was dooming herself, she was still more than happy to give it up when
the time came, out of sheer misery. It was form a suicide. Suzanne
knew that, and she didn’t mind.

So as a result, she was always craving use around bedtime,

when I would come in to give her her lessons for the day. She knew
that soon she would be a come-hungry nymphomaniac, experiencing pure
pleasure as she sucked on a cock, or had her pussy reamed fast and
hard. Tonight, however, she was in for a surprise.

I climbed up behind her on the bed and pulled a tube of

vaseline out of my pocket. She couldn’t see me from her position. I
spread a liberal amount of vaseline on the fingers of my right hand.
With my left hand, I gently began to rub Suzi’s pink little clit. She
moaned in response, thrusting her hips back at me, trying to fuck my
fingers, trying to get anything she could into her cunt. Carefully, I
brought my right hand down to her ass, slowly rubbing her anus.

Suzi started at the touch of the cool lotion in an unfamiliar

location, jerking her body as she craned her head and shoulders around
to look at me. I slapped her ass. “Sit still, slut! Just relax, and
this won’t hurt.”

Suzi whimpered and returned to her position. She was tense,

though, scared at the prospect of something unfamiliar. Slowly,
carefully, I slipped a vaseline-covered finger into her rectum.

She screeched in fear but did not move. “That’s a good girl,

Suzi,” I told her. “Good little slut. Just relax…” I continued to
maneuver my finger around inside her, trying to spread the lotion as
much as possible. When I had done as good a job as I would ever be
able to, I pulled my finger out and wiped off the excess lotion.

“Now, then, Suzi,” I said, speaking in my calmest voice, “this

won’t hurt if you just relax…” I began rubbing her clit again,
eliciting moans once more. But her cries carried a tinge of fear in
them. I rubbed her harder, trying to bring her off more strongly,
trying to get her to relax. I placed the head of my stiff cock at the
entrance to her rectum. Removing my hand from her clit, I spread her
ass cheeks as far apart as I could, opening her up as much as possible
for my entry. Suzi was trembling in fear now, having figured out what
was going on. I reached a hand forward and pushed her chest and
shoulders down into the bed, giving me the best possible entry angle.
As gently as I could, I pushed the head of my cock into her ass.

She screamed in pain at my entry. I moved my left hand to her

clit, trying to bring her off and calm her down. It was slow going,
but eventually she stopped screaming and settled into a soft
whimpering. Her ass was incredibly tight around my cockhead. God, it
felt great! Slowly, I pushed another inch into her lubricated

She screamed anew, and it took another minute to calm her

down. I continued to finger her, trying to bring her up the road to
orgasm. I whispered gently to her. “A good little slut knows how to
take a cock up her ass.” Suzi mewled in pleasure and pain.

Inch by inch I entered her asshole, stopping after every new

thrust to calm her down and bring back to some amount of pleasure.
This was easier than it would normally have been, thanks to the
aphrodisiac, but it was still slow going. The walls of her ass
squeezed around me with an intense pressure.

When I had pushed my full ten inches into her, I slowly,

slowly, began to fuck her ass, continually rubbing her clit. I kept
it slow to minimize the pain, but she was still squealing in fear
almost constantly. After I’d been inside her for nearly half an
hour, I brought her to orgasm as I shot my sperm into her ass. As
usual, she was under the Pavlov drug, and so she was learning, slowly,
to enjoy having her ass fucked.

I waited for my cock to soften. With an audible pop, I pulled

out of her ass and lay down beside her. She was softly crying.
“Listen to me,” I told her. Here eyes opened and she looked fearfully
at me. I continued. “That hurt, but in time you’ll grow used to it.”
I held out the bottle of vaseline to her. “It would have hurt a lot
more without this. From now on, you will keep yourself lubricated
with this at all times. If I ever check, and find you dry, I’ll do it
to your right there, and it will hurt. Understand?”

She nodded meekly, still in shock over what had happened. I

smiled. “You’re becoming a fine little slut, Suzi.”

In general, I wasn’t very interested in anal sex. I was

teaching Suzi to take a cock up her ass because it would be useful
skill in her new line of work, not because it was something I had a
particular thing for.

Over the next week, I continued to train her in this

technique. Always, I fingered her clit as I fucked her ass, using the
Pavlov drug to cause a pleasure association to form in her brain,
teaching her to orgasm at the feel of come in her ass. The bitch was
so tight down there I found myself enjoying the action despite my
general lack of interest in this sort of thing.

One afternoon during this period, I got a phone call. The

caller was a middle-aged businessman calling from a hotel, responding
to an ad for “Adult Services” I had placed in the local paper. We
verbally, danced around for a few minutes, ascertaining each other’s
bona fides. When we finally got down to it, I told him Suzi was
available for a massage at $200 for a full hour, plus tips. He agreed,
told me where he was staying, and I promised Suzi would be there in an

Her first job! I hadn’t expected it to come so soon. The

customer was interested in someone trashy, so I had Suzi put on one of
her slutty outfits, a new one I’d purchased recently. It consisted of
a shiny silver slip dress that left the gap in her cleavage
well-exposed and just barely covered her ass, a pair of black fishnet
stockings, and two shiny elbow-length gloves. It was fully
accessorized with several oversized fake pearl necklaces, a gaudy
bracelet on one wrist, a pair of black hoop earrings, and of course
the ever-present five-inch spiked heels, in black this time.

After she’d finished touching up her makeup and hair, we drove

to the hotel. While we drove, I briefed her on the proper way to act,
how to defer to the customer’s wishes, and when to ask for money. I
fixed a small microphone to her left earring, so that I’d be able to
listen in on the action and intervene in case Suzi came into any

We got to the hotel. After Suzi had wrapped herself in a

trenchcoat, we walked through the lobby to the elevators. Suzi drew
a number of lustful stares, despite the thick coat hiding her body.
We rode the elevator up to the customer’s floor. I waited around a
corner in the hallway while Suzi knocked on the door.

I heard the door open, and a male voice say, “Well. You must

be Suzi.”

“Yes, Mr. Jones. At your service.”
“Come on in.”
Suzi stepped inside and the door closed. I moved up to stand

in front of it, ready to enter at a moment’s notice.

“Suzi needs to see your driver’s license,” I heard her say.
“Here you go.”
Suddenly it occurred to me that it might seem odd to the

customer for Suzi to be talking about herself in the third person.
Well, shit. It was too late now. I’d have to let things go and just
hope it didn’t bother him.

He paid her, including a $200 tip, and offered her a drink.

They sat down and talked. He tried to start a conversation, asking
her questions about herself, where she was from. Suzi’s responses
were simple and direct.

“Suzi is a whore. Suzi is a slut who lives for cock. Suzi

needs to be fucked.”

After a few tries, he gave up. “God, you really are just a

little tramp, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Suzi is a little tramp who will do anything for a


He was quite turned on by her dirty talk, judging by the

tremor in his voice. “T-try mine.” I heard the sound of a zipper.

Suzi’s voice. “Oooh, your cock is so beautiful. Suzi wants

to suck it. Can Suzi suck your cock? Please?”

“G-go ahead, slut. Oh!” He grunted in pleasure. God, I

was getting so horny from listening to this. I listened intently as
Suzi’s customer built to orgasm. He was really getting into this.
“Take it down your throat, you little slut! Yes!” I could only
imagine what was going on.

After he had finished coming in Suzi’s mouth and Suzi had

orgasmed, they settled down for a bit, doing some necking and
fondling. Soon, she started begging him to fuck her. He had
absolutely no objections, and did so. Suzi kept up a monologue all
through the process.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Jones, your cock feels so good in Suzi’s cunt.

Suzi hasn’t had a cock in her cunt all day, and this big thick one
feels so good. Yes! Use Suzi like the whore she is! Fuck her slutty
pussy with your wet cock until you shoot your jism into her belly.”
The volume of her cries increased as his orgasm built. “Yes, yes! Ram
your meat into Suzi’s wet pussy! Oh! Yes, yes, YES! Shoot your
sticky white come deep into Suzi’s cunt! Yes! YES! FUCK

They came, and for awhile all I heard was the grunts and

moans of orgasm. Slowly, they came down. “That was incredible. You
are one hot little slut.”

I heard Suzi putting her clothes back on. A moment later she

walked out the door. I greeted her with a big smile and a raging
hard-on. Gripping her hand, I led her to the stairwell.

Unsurprisingly, it was deserted. Most of the people in the

hotel used the elevators. I closed the door behind us and unzipped my
pants, freeing my erect cock. Suzi, still aroused from her recent
fucking, needed no prompting. She bent over and grabbed the stair
railing, thrusting her pert little ass up in the air. Not bothering
with any formalities, I lifted her skirt up and slammed my meat into
her moist pussy.

I fucked her hard and fast in that position for several

minutes. I was incredibly horny from listening to her fuck that guy
in the hotel room, and my cock was desperate for release. I placed my
hands on her hips and jerked them violently toward me with every
stroke I took. Suzi put very little effort into it; she was content
merely to be used like a rag doll, muttering softly to herself. “Oh,
yessss, master, fuck Suzi. Fuck Suzi’s slutty cunt with your hard
cock. Mmmmm.”

After a minute or two of pumping Suzi’s cunt up and down on my

shaft, I came explosively, jism spurting from my prick into her tight
cunt. Suzi screamed in pleasure as her third orgasm in an hour washed
over her, and my come dribbled out of the corners of her pussy. God,
she was fantastic.

I continued training Suzi in the fine art of taking a cock up

her ass. She didn’t enjoy it, but as the days passed, she slowly grew
used to it and stopped crying whenever I fucked her there.

One morning I surprised her by getting up early. Suzi had

just taken her shower, and was sitting at the vanity table, styling
her hair and putting on her makeup. Usually I didn’t wake up until
almost an hour later, after she’d gotten dressed and fixed breakfast.

I got up casually and walked over to stand behind her. She

looked up at me, curious as to why I was up so early. “Stand up,
slut.” I commanded. She obeyed, setting down her lipstick and
standing at attention.

Slowly, I caressed her ass with my hands. She trembled in

anticipation. Without warning, I stuck a finger into her anus,
eliciting a shriek from her. It was dry.

“Yes, m-master?”
“What did I tell you about your ass? What are you supposed to

have in it all times?”

She started to cry, unable to answer, shaking in fear.
“I said to keep your ass lubricated at all times, didn’t I?”
“I-I was about to, m-master. It’s just that you don’t usually

g-get up this early, and…”

“All times, bitch! Now you’ll have to suffer the punishment.”
Suzi shrieked and whirled to run. I grabbed her arm firmly

and threw her to the floor. She looked up at me in horror, too
frightened to take action, as I knelt above her.

Roughly, I grabbed her and forced her to her hands and knees.

She was crying in sheer terror. With one hand I positioned my cock at
the entrance to her dry anus, and with the other I pushed her head and
shoulders down to the floor, giving me the best possible angle of
entry. When she was positioned just right, I slammed my cock full
force into her tight, dry ass.

She screamed. Not the scream of pleasure she usually gave

when I fucked her to orgasm. Not the scream of fear mixed with
pleasure that she had given when I was teaching her to ass-fuck. A
scream of pure, excruciating, mind-numbering pain.

I paused for a second, enjoying her pain as my cock sat inside

her asshole. Just when her scream started dying, I withdrew and
thrust again, bringing a new wail. The raw, dry skin of her asshole
ripped and tore in places, and blood spurted from the cuts and gashes.

Each new thrust brought a new scream. After awhile, the blood

spread around and acted as a lubricant, lessening the friction between
my cock and her ass. At this point, I started fucking her in earnest.
Her screams had descended into sobs and whimpers of pain as I plowed
her ass faster and faster. Rather than her normal eager bucking and
pumping, she just lay there, accepting but not welcoming my cock in her

The best part of this was that the Suzanne portion of her mind

was in control now, and it was taking the brunt of the pain. Suzi,
the slutty personality, was in the background. I had been careful not
to arouse her before raping her ass, in order to be sure that it was
Suzanne I was inflicting pain on. The damage done to Suzanne would
further sap her will to live, effectively giving Suzi a greater amount
of control over her body.

I came in her ass, a flood of jism erupting from my engorged

cock. Suzi – Suzanne, really – just lay there, unresponding, still
crying from the pain. When I had shot my load, I removed my
blood-and-come covered dick from her ass.

“Now, then, slut, what have we learned?”
Her sobs halted, and she looked up fearfully at me.

“Always… keep… Suzi’s ass lubricated?” she asked haltingly.

“Very good. Now, from now on, you are to lubricate yourself

immediately upon coming out of the shower in the morning.

“Y-yes, master.”
“Good.” I smiled. “Now clean off my cock.”
Slowly, wearily, she took my cock in her hands and began to

suck on it. A pinkish mixture of fluids dripped from her asshole. My
cock was soon clean, glistening with her saliva. Before long, Suzanne
had receded into the background, and an aroused Suzi was sucking
happily on my cock. I patted her on the head. “Good girl, Suzi,” I
encouraged her. She smiled around my cock at me. My eager little
slut was back, stronger than ever.

From then on, Suzi was always lubricated. Eventually, she

grew to enjoy it, and by the end of her third week as my live-in slut,
I had her begging to “please stick your hot cock up your bitch’s tight
ass, master!” I’m not particularly an ass-fucking type of guy, as
I’ve mentioned, but hearing her say that made me eager to cream her
tight little hole.

I also continued to hire her out as a call girl once or twice

a week. She typically earned four or five hundred dollars from each
stint. This was no big windfall, but it was a nice bit of extra
income. I didn’t intend for her to be doing this for very long
anyway; the real purpose of it was to get her used to the idea of
fucking other men. She would soon be moving on to far more lucrative

Around the time of her tenth job as a call girl, I decided

that Suzi’s dancing skills had reached the point where they could be
put to use. I made up a bunch of flyers featuring Suzi’s face as she
licked her lips sluttily. The text read, “The breathtakingly beautiful
Suzi: private dancer available for parties and celebrations. Deluxe

The next day Suzi got her first piece of business — a

bachelor party. They were in a rush, and they wanted her that night.
I was forced to cancel my dinner reservations, but I was eager to see
Suzi in action, so I agreed. We dickered over the price, and he gave
me directions and a time to show up.

I interrupted Suzi’s dance practice and told her she had a job

that evening. She was surprised. I told her to go put on her red
lingerie and pumps. She complied and returned to the practice room.
We spent the rest of the afternoon going over her routine. She was to
burst out of a cake and do a quick striptease act. Then she was to
sit on the groom’s lap and get down and dirty.

“Now, remember, slut, the groom just thinks you’re an ordinary

stripper who isn’t supposed to go very far. He doesn’t know that
you’re really a cock-craving whore who’s going to fuck him. So you
have to go slow, or you’ll scare him.”

We went through the routine, with me sitting on the chair

playing the part of the groom. I didn’t actually fuck her, because I
wanted her to be extra horny that night. But it was quite an act of
will to restrain myself.

We ate a quick dinner, and I gave Suzi an hour to rest before

driving her out to the party. Before going up to the house, I had her
drink a glass of water with a little bit of aphrodisiac and some of
the Pavlov drug. “Now, remember, slut, the groom gets to fuck you
first, because it’s his special night. After that, you have to allow
yourself to be fucked by anyone who wants to.”

“Suzi understands, master.”
“Let’s go, bitch.”
“Yes, master.”
I rang the doorbell, and was greeted by a young man holding a

beer. I introduced myself as Suzi’s manager. He told me he was the
older brother of Jeff, the groom, and showed us to the cake. Suzi
climbed inside, visibly nervous. I said some reassuring words before
closing the cake. By the time she had to perform, she’d be horny from
the drugs, and that would take care of her nerves.

Jeff’s brother offered me a beer, which I accepted. I told

him I’d wait out in the kitchen until the cake was brought out, and
then I’d watch discreetly from the kitchen door. He shrugged and left
me in the kitchen.

Half an hour later, the cake was rolled out. I leaned against

the frame of the kitchen door. The guys sat Jeff down on a chair
facing the cake. The music started, and Suzi burst from the cake.

She had a sexy smile on her face as the started dancing.

Sweeping around the room, she teased all the guys, licking her lips
and occasionally grinding against their crotches, leaving them with
various pieces of her flimsy outfit. After a few minutes, she danced
over to Jeff and sat on his lap, straddling his legs and facing him,
wearing only a bra, panties, and heels.

She slowed down, gyrating her torso in front of Jeff’s wide

eyes while the other men whooped and laughed. She waved her tits in
front of his face. Judging by the bulge in his pants, Jeff was
enjoying the show. Slowly, sexily, Suzi untied her bra and slipped it
off her shoulders, revealing her hard nipples. She waved them
teasingly in front of Jeff’s face, rubbing them gently with her
fingers as she stared lustfully into his eyes. This drew more whoops
from the other men in the room.

“So, handsome, you must be Jeff,” Suzi said, in a deep, husky


“Y-y-yes, ma’am,” Jeff responded nervously.
“You’re getting married, Jeff?” she asked.
“Yes, ma’am. Tomorrow morning.”
“Well, looks like little Suzi got to you just in time,” she

exclaimed, running a hand along his crotch. She looked away and
winked playfully at the men, who laughed and cheered her on.

Suzi tossed the bra aside and moved her hands to her panties.

Swaying her torso the the music, she untied the panties, exposing her
wet cunt. Jeff stared in amazement. The panties still lay between
her legs. Suzi bunched the front of her panties up in her left hand,
and the back in her right hand, and began to draw them slowly back and
forth along her slit. She closed her eyes and arched her back,
thrusting her chest into Jeff’s face, drawing even more cheers from
the audience. Jeff was still staring at her pussy.

Suzi removed the soaked panties from between her legs and

brought them to her mouth. She fixed Jeff with a sultry gaze as she
parted her lips and sucked some of the juice out of the panties. She
then moved the panties in front of Jeff’s mouth and licked her lips.
Jeff sucked hungrily on them. “Does it taste good, Jeff?” Suzi

Jeff let the panties out of his mouth and stammered. “Y-yes,


Suzi flung the panties aside. She leaned forward and

plastered her lips against Jeff’s, giving him a hard, passionate kiss.
Jeff was startled at first, but responded quickly. Suzi rubbed the
back of his neck with one hand and his chest with the other as she
kissed him. After an eternity, she pulled away and looked at Jeff.

“So what’s her name, Jeff?” she asked in a slutty voice.
“D-Donna,” he replied.
“Well, from where I’m sitting,” she moved her hand from his

chest down to his crotch, softly rubbing the bulge she found there,
“you’re going to make Donna a pretty happy woman.” This drew another
loud chorus of hoots from the partiers. Suzi took no notice, her
attention focused on Jeff. “But before you go and do that, Jeff,” she
breathed, leaning closer and closer to him, “how about making Suzi
happy?” With that, she kissed him again and began to unzip his pants.

Jeff made no move to stop her as Suzi freed his shaft. Still

kissing him, she began to stroke his hard cock with her fingers,
skillfully bringing him off. Suzi broke the kiss, and looked down
hungrily at Jeff’s cock. Jeff groaned in pleasure at her soft
strokes, his rigid cock standing upright from his lap. A drop of
juice fell from Suzi’s pussy onto Jeff’s pants. No doubt about it,
the bitch was hot and ready, aching to have her cunt filled by Jeff’s

The other men had stopped cheering, and merely looked on in

disbelief. Jeff’s brother looked at me, as if asking what the hell
was going on. I shrugged and turned my attention back to the action.

Suzi was moaning now, bouncing up and down on Jeff’s lap,

running her fingers up and down his hard shaft. “Yes,” she murmured,
“Suzi is going to be very happy with Jeff’s hot, hard cock in her
soft, wet cunt!” With that, she lifted herself up and moved herself
forward, placing herself over Jeff’s crotch. Jeff was in an aroused
stupor, and had no reaction. Suzi placed the head of Jeff’s cock at
the opening of her pussy. With an aroused moan, she lowered herself
onto it, impaling herself on his shaft. Jeff let out a cry of
pleasure at the feel of her velvety cunt wrapped around his prick.

The faces around the room that had previously shown disbelief

now took on expressions that were frankly stunned. They had been
amazed that a stripper would kiss the groom and fondle his dick. But
for her to actually fuck him — this was clearly too much for them to

Suzi wasn’t paying attention to them, however. Her attention

was fixed on the meat filling her pussy. I could see her stomach flex
as her cunt muscles massaged Jeff’s cock. He was delirious with
pleasure. Suzi slowly began to move herself up and down on his shaft,
fucking herself crazy. Her moans grew in volume as her cunt lips slid
along his shaft.

Suddenly Jeff burst into action. Grasping Suzi tightly to

him, he stood up from the chair. Suzi squealed in excitement as his
sudden movement caused her to slide all the way down his shaft,
completely filling her twat. Falling to his knees, Jeff lay Suzi down
on the floor in front of him, never taking his cock from her pussy.
He fell on top of her and quickly began to piston his cock in and out
of Suzi.

Suzi went wild as he fucked her. She slammed her hips back

against him with each stroke. Wrapping her legs around him, she dug
her heels into his ass, trying to pull him as deeply as possible into
her cunt. “Oh, yes! Suzi feels so lucky to have Jeff’s hot, thick
cock in her wet pussy! Fuck Suzi hard, Jeff! Fuck her hot, wet
cunt!” Suzi pulled Jeff down on top of her, locking her lips to his
in a deep, passionate kiss.

It wasn’t long before Jeff came, spurting his come into Suzi’s

steamy pussy. Suzi came at the same time, her cunt muscles gripping
his shaft in a viselike grip as her orgasm shook through her body.
Jeff’s come overflowed her cunt, dripping to the ground in thick,
stringy wads. Jeff’s orgasm subsided. He continued to respond to
Suzi’s kisses for a few moments, then pulled his cock out of her pussy
and fell to one side, exhausted.

Still lying on the ground, her legs spread wide, with Jeff’s

come dripping from her open cunt, Suzi turned her head to look at the
men, whose jaws were wide open. In a soft, teasing voice, she
inquired, “Who’s next, gentlemen?”

Suzi had a busy night. After she fucked Jeff, each of the

other guys took a turn, usually two at once. Suzi would buck her hips
frantically against one cock while eagerly slurping at another.
Sometimes the men would come inside her. Other times, they would pull
out and Suzi would jack them off until their sticky come spurted onto
her face or tits.

By the time each of the guys had had a turn, Jeff had

recuperated enough to respond to Suzi’s provocations. She spent the
next half-hour giving him the blowjob of his life. She would suck him
a bit, pumping her head up and down on his shaft as he sat in the
chair. As he approached orgasm, she would let him out of her mouth,
gently teasing him and allowing him to cool off a bit. Then she would
suck him some more, keeping him on the edge of orgasm for thirty
minutes, but never letting him go over. By the end of this period, he
was so sensitive that she couldn’t suck him for more than four or five
seconds at a stretch. When she was through playing with him, she held
his shaft in her hand and asked him, “Now, Jeff, do you want to shoot
your hot, sticky jism into Suzi’s mouth, or into her soft pussy, or do
you want to come all over her slutty face?”

“F-face,” Jeff responded through the haze of his pleasure.
“Okay, handsome. Suzi will take your sticky come all over her

face.” With that, she plunged her mouth onto Jeff’s cock and began
sucking for all she was worth. Jeff’s moans grew louder and louder as
Suzi took faster and faster strokes. Just as he was about to come,
she let his cock out of her mouth and pointed it at her face. Jeff’s
engorged cock shot spurt after spurt of Jism onto Suzi’s face and into
her hair. With her free hand, she collected what she could on her
fingers and sucked it into her mouth, hungrily slurping it down. When
Jeff was finished shooting his monstrous load, Suzi’s body shook and
she fell to the ground, writhing in orgasm from the come splattered on
her, dripping in thick strings down her face. She stumbled back up
onto her knees and kissed Jeff’s cock. “You’re going to make Donna
very happy with that, Jeff.”

The guys then took another round with her, each fucking her

cunt or her mouth. One of them even did her ass while two others
fucked her mouth and cunt, bringing Suzi to another explosive orgasm.
She was always eager for more, and the guys were always eager to
provide. When everyone had taken their second fuck, and some had even
had thirds, she gave Jeff another long ride in her pussy. After that,
no one had the energy to go at it again. I collected the money from
Jeff’s brother and Suzi and I left. I had undercharged them by quite
a bit, considering all that Suzi had done, but I was counting on this
and the next several gigs to provide publicity. After that, Suzi
would be so popular that I’d be able to jack the price way up.

Suzi was quiet during the ride home. She had come six times

that evening, her most intense performance ever. She had been in slut
mode through the whole thing, her deeply-ingrained training making her
into a come-hungry sex kitten. Now she was coming down, and Suzanne’s
old personality was reasserting itself. I heard her softly crying to

“Suzi,” I told her, “you were a magnificent little slut

tonight. You took on eight men two or three times each, giving them
orgasms like they’ve never had before. For the rest of their lives,
they’ll remember you as the best fuck they’ve ever had. Whenever they
fuck their wives, or their girlfriends, they’ll be thinking of Suzi
the slut.” I’d been planning to let her rest during the ride, but I
was horny as hell from watching her get fucked dozens of times at the
party, and I didn’t want to listen to this, so I decided to put her to
work. “Suck my cock, whore.”

“Y-yes, master.” Suzi choked back a sob. Like a well-trained

animal, my little sex toy leaned over, unzipped my pants, and pulled
out my hard cock. After only a few second of sucking, she had gone
back into slut mode, all her worries pushed out of her mind. I

Chapter 6

Building Suzi’s Body

A few days later, Suzi got another job; this time it was a

birthday party. Once again, she burst from a cake and did a slow
striptease, winding up on the lap of the birthday boy, rubbing his
crotch and talking dirty. “Did you get a lot of presents for your
birthday, Eric?”


Leaning close, “Suzi would like a present.” Unzipping his

pants, “Won’t you give Suzi a big present?”

As before, all the other men could only stare, jaws agape, as

Suzi proceeded to pull his cock out, stroke it to erection, and then
fuck herself on it until creamy white come oozed from her cunt. They
regained their composure, though, when she made herself available to
them, and fucked her cunt, mouth, and ass with wild abandon. I
watched the whole three-hour party. When we got home, I fucked her
several times myself.

The news that a hot stripper was available for gang-banging

spread quickly by word-of-mouth. A week later, Suzi was getting jobs
every night. For the most part, the men at these parties were no
longer surprised at what she would do; they had hired her specifically
because she would do it, although her good looks didn’t hurt.

Three weeks after her first performance at the bachelor party,

Suzi was consistently booked solid two weeks in advance. I raised the
price from $500 a night to $750 and then to $1000. Business showed no
signs of slowing. At six gigs a week (I gave her Sunday night to
rest; we didn’t get many offers for that night anyway.) Suzi was
earning me over $5000 a week. There were some expenses; the clothes
Suzi had been wearing were left at the scene of each party as a

Between getting royally fucked at each party and my personal

use of her body at home, Suzi was orgasming an average of ten times a
day. Her drug-trained body kept up admirably, her pussy always
getting soaked for a cock and her mouth always eager to please.
Always, she talked dirty to whoever was fucking her, because she knew
that was the way to get the most come.

But only when she was aroused. And that was the kicker. When

she wasn’t aroused, she was still Suzanne, and Suzanne was sullen and
withdrawn. She was still willing to have sex, because she knew that
sex would bring Suzi out, and allow her to escape the misery that was
her life. And she never disobeyed me, in fear of what the
consequences might be. (After all, I’d demonstrated them to her quite
dramatically when she’d failed to have her ass lubricated. She knew
the pain involved in a dry ass-fuck.) But in spite of her bitterness
and despair, Suzanne persevered, and showed no signs of getting

I was frankly baffled by this. I’d expected the Suzanne

personality to have died by now, sapped of its strength and its will
to live by the continued slutty behavior of Suzi. But she hadn’t.
Her will to go living in this miserable existence should have long
since died, crushed by the degradation she suffered daily. Somewhere
she was finding the strength to go on. Something was giving her hope.
What, though?

I had been this mystery for several weeks when I finally

chanced upon the answer, while I was sitting in my study one Sunday
evening after an after-dinner use of Suzi. I was trying to figure out
exactly how much profit I’d made on her so far, which basically
involved totalling up the expenses from all of our dates, including
the drugs and clothes, and subtracting that number from the total
income I’d made from the parties. The problem was that little
expenses that I’d forgotten about popped into my mind from time to
time, and I’d have to redo the whole calculation, figuring them in.
Like that telescope I’d had to buy to spy on her at the very
beginning. Things like that.

One such item was all the clothing catalogs I’d bought before

meeting her. Scouting reports, as I thought of them, ascertaining how
much exposure she’d gotten, and who I’d have to bribe to keep her from
getting hired. Utterly useless now that she was mine, but they were
still an expense. I glanced up to where the catalogs were collecting
dust on the bookshelf…

…and noticed something was wrong. Counting them, I realized

one of them was missing. I couldn’t tell which one, but I knew one of
them was gone.

Where? If Suzanne had taken it, where would she have put it?

The sounds of a porn video were coming from Suzi’s training room, so I
knew she was in there studying. Quietly I walked down the hall to the
bedroom and began to search Suzi’s things.

It was slow going, because I was being careful not to disturb

anything permanently. I wasn’t sure yet whether I wanted her to know
I was onto her, so I tried as best I could to leave things as I found
them. An hour and a half later, after combing her closet and most of
her makeup table, I finally found what I was looking for.

Hidden under the lining paper at the bottom of one of the

drawers in the makeup cabinet was a catalog from a local department
store from over a year ago. I picked it up and opened it. It fell
open by itself to a page in the middle, clearly having been opened to
this page many times before.

The page was dominated by a large photograph of a suburban

kitchen. Sitting at the table was a handsome man in business clothes,
wearing a tie and slacks. Two children, a boy and a girl, were
running out the front door, lunchboxes in hand, waving to their
mother, a strikingly beautiful woman in stylish business clothes that
made her look competent and self-assured, yet very sexy. It was

I hadn’t even realized that it was her until that moment. I’d

bought the catalog because of some swimsuit modeling she’d done in
another section, and never given a second look at this picture. What
did this mean?

It meant she still thought she could get away. She hoped that

someday she could give me the slip, and escape to the outside world,
find her Romeo and live happily ever after, or something like that.
Maybe continue her career as a model. But that couldn’t happen, I
thought… she needed the sex. She was addicted to it, and I was the
only one who could give it to her.

The realization hit me suddenly. I wasn’t the only one! God,

I’d been so stupid. At first, sure, when I’d been using the orgasm
drug and only fucking her myself, sure, _then_ I had been the only one
who could give her what she needed. But since then, I’d trained her
to enjoy having sex with other men, any men, and without the drug.
Now, if she left me, she could easily find someone else to give her
the regular fucking she needed. Sure, she had this thing about
talking dirty during sex, but most men would like that. (After all,
that was why I’d taught her to do it.) And she’d be in pain trying to
walk without heels, but some physical therapy could take care of that.
I’d turned her into a genuine slut, and had thus made myself

Maybe none of this had occurred to her. Maybe she’d stolen

the catalog for some other, more trivial reason. But I had no way of
knowing, short of confronting her, and I didn’t want to do that. I
had to assume the worst, that she was planning to escape, waiting for
her chance.

The thing to do, then, was cut off her escape route. Trap her

in her new life as a slut, with nowhere else to run to. And I knew
just how to do it. It would involve doing certain things earlier than
I’d originally planned, but nothing I hadn’t already planned on doing
and budgeted for. It was quite simple, really. Up until now, Suzi
and Suzanne had been fighting for control of Suzanne’s body.

It was time to build a body for Suzi. The body of a slut.

The next morning, after giving Suzi her usual after-breakfast

fucking, I announced that we were going to visit the doctor. Suzi was
curious as to why. (Since I’d just fucked her, it actually was eager,
slutty Suzi I was talking to, not depressed, unhappy, Suzanne.) I
told her that I’d tell her in the car, and to hurry up and get

I’d laid out a new set of clothes for her, some that I’d

bought late the night before. The amazing thing about them was that
they were perfectly ordinary women’s clothes, of the sort that a
young, middle-class wife might wear on the weekend, when going
shopping. Aside from the extreme length of the heels on the pumps,
there was nothing at all unusual about them.

Suzi came out of the bedroom wearing them, looking quite

confused. She hadn’t worn clothes like these in months! I ushered
her out the door to the car, giving her clitoris a quick rub to keep
her excitement up. It was important that the eager, cooperative Suzi
be in charge this morning.

As we drove, I had Suzi take periodic sips from a flask of

water I had in the car. The water had been treated with the
aphrodisiac. I had her drink it slowly over the course of the ride
because I would need to have Suzi available for quite awhile.

“Now, then, slut,” I explained, “you want to know where we’re


“Yes, Master, please. Suzi wants to know why she’s going to

see the doctor. Will Suzi get to fuck the doctor?”

I laughed. “If you’re a good little slut. You want to be a

good little slut, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, master! Suzi tries hard to be the best slut she can


I fought to keep from getting turned on. Every time I heard

that eager, peppy voice talk about how much she craved sex, I got an
urge to nail her. Which was generally what she wanted. But I
couldn’t do it this morning. We had an appointment to keep. “You’ve
been watching those other sluts on the videos I got, haven’t you?”

“Oh, yes. They get fucked a lot. Suzi wants to be as slutty

as them.” She ended the sentence on a dejected note, unhappy with her
lack of success. “Suzi tries as hard as she can, but she still
doesn’t get as much come as they do.”

She was damn-well wrong about that, but I didn’t point it out

to her. It was useful for her to think that. “Well, you are trying
very hard, slave, but trying hard can only get you so far.”

She looked at me questioningly. It occurred to me that Suzi

was substantially less intelligent than Suzanne. An unexpected
effect, but certainly one I welcomed. Suzanne would’ve figured out
what was going on by now.

I went on. “Some of those sluts in the videos have advantages

over you – things that really aren’t your fault.”

She frowned, looking sad, but curious. “Are they prettier

than Suzi?”

“No, they really aren’t. You’re a lot prettier than they

are.” Which was true. Most porn actresses couldn’t hold a candle to
Suzi in the looks department, and only a few were even close to being
as pretty as she was. “It’s something else. It’s your tits.”

Her face took on a hurt look. “Suzi’s tits are too small?”

She looked down at her boobs, pushing at the fabric of her dress, and
caressed them curiously.

“Yes, my pretty little slut, but we can do something about


She thought for a moment, then suddenly perked up. “Is that

why we’re going to the doctor? To get Suzi bigger tits?” She looked
at me, her face begging me to say it was so.

“Yes, Suzi, we’re going to get you bigger tits.”

“Oh, goody!” she squealed. “Suzi wants bigger tits so that

she can squeeze them around her master’s cock and get lots of hot,
sticky jism all over her face.”

“You’ll get it, Suzi, but today we’re just going to talk to

the doctor. And there are certain rules you need to follow…”

After most of an hour’s drive, we arrived at a suburban office

building. As we went inside, I whispered to Suzi, “Now, remember,
agree to everything I say.”

“Yes, master,” she whispered, excited.

We took the elevator up to the office of a Dr. J. P. Green,

plastic surgeon. I’d done some careful research on this guy. Green
had given boob jobs to several popular porn actresses. I’d picked up
as many videos featuring these women as I could find, from both before
and after their operations. So far as I could tell, he’d done an
excellent job every time.

I checked us in with the receptionist and we sat down to wait.

I leafed through a advertising brochure full of “before” and “after”
pictures. Suzi sat quietly next to me, smiling to herself and
occasionally rubbing one of her nipples through her dress.

After about ten minutes, the doctor came out, greeted us, and

showed us into his office. “What can I do for you two this morning?”

“Well, Dr. Green, Suzi thinks her breasts are too small, and

she’s looking into getting some implants.” Thanks to a name change
filed in court by mail a few weeks ago, Suzi’s name was official.

“All right. Let me show you what the options are.” For the

next half hour, we looked through several books, as Dr. Green
explained in detail what was available, and in what sizes. I did all
the talking, and asking of questions; Suzi merely nodded and
occasionally gave monosyllabic sounds of agreement. This didn’t seem
to bother the doctor one bit.

After the fourth book of samples, I realized I wasn’t going to

find what I wanted in any of the standard offerings, so I took the
initiative. “Doctor, can you do something a bit unusual?”

“What did you have in mind?”

I took a pad of paper and a pen from his desk and drew a quick

sketch of what I wanted, explaining as I went. When I was finished,
Dr. Green picked up the paper and leaned back in his chair, looking at
it thoughtfully. “This is going to cost a bit extra,” he said at

“How much?”

“Twenty-five thousand dollars.”

“Do you take personal checks?” I asked, pulling out my wallet.

The doctor smiled as I wrote out the check. He had Suzi sign

some forms. “Now we need to schedule a surgery date. I have an
opening three weeks from Tuesday…”

“Tomorrow,” I said.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. The…”

“Are you performing surgery tomorrow?”

“Well, yes, but this lady’s been waiting for a month. I can’t


“Reschedule it,” I told him, handing him another check for

twenty-five thousand dollars.

He looked at the check, eyes wide, then looked back at me and

shrugged. “Okay. I’ve got some time scheduled at the hospital
downtown. Come by at 8 a.m. This is going to take all day. I’ll
have to build the implants tonight.”

“We’ll be there,” I said as we walked out the door. I wasn’t

pleased about having to spend so much money to get the operation done
quickly, but I really had no choice. Suzi was excited about the
operation, but Suzanne would see it for what it was, a move toward
imprisoning her in a slut’s body. With tits like the ones she was
going to have after tomorrow, her chances of getting a conventional
modeling job would be slim to none. If I’d agreed to wait three weeks
for the operation, Suzanne would have had more than enough time to
make an escape attempt, and the forthcoming operation would give her
plenty of motivation to do so. With less than twenty-four hours to
wait, though, I would have no trouble keeping her under control.
Twenty-five thousand dollars wasn’t much to spend to protect what I’d
already invested in my whore.

Suzi could barely contain her excitement as we walked out to

the car. “Suzi’s going to have big, slutty tits!” she exclaimed,
running her hands all over her nipples.

“Yes, you are, bitch,” I replied, getting into the car.

Suzi got in on the other side. “Suzi’s slutty little cunt is

so excited!”

I could stand it no longer. “Get in the back seat, slut,” I


“Yes, master!” she squealed, climbing into the back. “Is

Suzi’s master going to stick his thick, hard cock up Suzi’s hot, juicy

“You bet I am, whore!” I exclaimed, scrambling after her. “On

your back!” Suzi lay on her back on the car seat, her legs spread and
her heels planted firmly on the car ceiling. She pulled her skirt up
and closed her eyes expectantly.

Wasting no time, I unzipped my pants. My rock-hard cock

sprang free, pointing at Suzi’s dripping snatch. I moved my body
between my slut’s legs and rammed my stiff cock into her cunt.

Suzi responded in her usual enthusiastic way, bucking her hips

at me as she squeezed my cock with her cunt, moaning with pleasure all
the while. “Oh, fuck Suzi, master. Slam your hard cock deep into
your whore’s pussy. This cock-craving bitch needs your come so bad…
Yes! Shoot your jism into Suzi’s cunt!”

Suzi’s dirty talk pushed me over the edge. My cock throbbed

as I shot my load into my eager little slut. She screamed as she came
to her own orgasm, the pleasure overwhelming her as her cunt gripped
my cock tightly, milking every last drop of come.

For the rest of the day, I kept Suzi as busy – and aroused –

as possible. I’d canceled her engagements for that night, and the
next two, in order to give her plenty of rest for the surgery, as well
as to make sure I got a good amount of use out of her new tits before
they were made available to the general public. Since she wasn’t
going to get gang-banged that night, I had to keep a close eye on her
in order to make sure that Suzanne wouldn’t try to escape before the
operation tomorrow.

I stayed near her all afternoon, coaching her while she

practiced dancing. A couple days earlier, I had moved her up from
five-inch heels to six-inch, and she was having some trouble learning
to balance on the new shoes. The shame of it was that the progress
she’d made since starting in the new heels was going to get wiped out
by her operation. Her new breasts would shift her center of balance
and force her to start all over again. No doubt a depressing
experience for her. But since it was Suzanne, and not Suzi, who had
put in all the effort learning to balance on the heels in the first
place, I was more than happy to have all that effort wiped out. Maybe
the bitch would go away after the operation.

After dinner, I gave her the usual after-dinner reaming,

bringing her no end of enjoyment as she came to another screaming
orgasm impaled on my cock. I stayed with her in the evening as she
watched her nightly movie, tweaking her nipples or rubbing her clit
occasionally to keep Suzi in charge. We went to bed early, and she
fell asleep after I’d used her twice.

I woke her up early the next morning, keeping her aroused as

we got ready to go to the doctor. Suzi again put on the flowery
dress. I had her tie her hair in a bun and leave off the makeup. She
was confused, but obeyed nonetheless. After a light breakfast, with
enough of the aphrodisiac in Suzi’s orange juice to keep her aroused
until the operation started, we drove to the hospital. Suzi was quite
excited, bouncing up and down the whole way, begging me to fuck her.
Only when we had finally parked did I allow her to give me a blowjob.
She dived in with her usual enthusiasm, and I shot my wad down her
throat as she smiled contentedly.

Dr. Green greeted us at the door, and showed Suzi into the

prep room. I was allowed to stay with her while she was being
anesthetized. She lay there, looking up at me, with the facemask
covering her nose and mouth. Her eyes slowly narrowed as the
anesthetic took effect. As she slipped into unconsciousness, I saw
in her eyes not the worshipful, puppylike adoration of Suzi, but the
cold bitterness of Suzanne. Hatred burned in those eyes as she stared
at me. Slowly, they closed and she fell asleep.

I spent most of the rest of the day pacing in the waiting

room. I grabbed lunch at a fast-food joint in the hospital basement.
Finally, late in the afternoon, Dr. Green came out. “It’s done.
She’s in the recovery room. You can go see her if you want. I’ve got
to clean up, so I’ll meet you there in half an hour.” He gave me the
room number and left.

I rushed eagerly to the recovery room and stormed inside,

closing the door behind me. Suzi lay sleeping on the bed, a white
sheet draped over her form. Eagerly, I pulled the sheet off of her
chest. It was amazing.

Suzi’s small, pert chest had expanded like a pair of balloons.

Where before there had been two firm little breasts there now stood a
pair of mammoth globes of flesh. Suzi’s new tits stood firmly out
from her body, begging for attention. But her nipples were
mouthwatering. Her aereolae stood further out from the flesh of her
tits, pointing at the ceiling. Atop these brown cones stood erect
nipples, fully a quarter inch in diameter.

Standard breast implants are designed to create volume, not

projection. I wanted both. The design Dr. Green and I had come up
with used two implants for each breast. A normal spherical implant
gave volume, making Suzi’s tits round and firm. On top of this stood
a smaller implant, which pushed the aereola into a conical shape and
thrust the nipples outward. The overall effect was a pair of breasts
designed for fucking and sucking. They were quite obviously
artificial, as was fitting for the tits of a slut.

I reached out and rubbed one of the nipples, rolling it

between my fingers. Suzi moaned in her sleep. Bending over, I ran my
tongue around it, simultaneously playing with her other nipple. God,
it was so delicious.

Suzi woke and looked at me, and then at her chest. She

squealed in delight. “Oh, Suzi’s tits are so big! Now Suzi can be a
real slut!”

My jeans were threatening to burst. Moving quickly, I opened

the bag I had carried in with me and pulled out a pair of Suzi’s
fire-engine red six-inch heels. I slipped them quickly over her feet,
covering them with the hospital blanket. She would need those later,
and besides, she might have a hard time enjoying sex without them.
Returning to the head of the bed, I unzipped my pants and thrust my
cock into Suzi’s face. “Suck your master’s cock, slut, and I’ll fuck
your new tits.”

Suzi eagerly took me into her mouth, running her tongue around

my cock with a new eagerness. She gripped my shaft with one hand as
her lips slid up and down its length. With her free hand, she rubbed
one of her tits, moaning softly to herself.

I was hard in no time, and eagerly swung myself up on to the

bed, sitting astride her stomach and laying my cock in the deep furrow
between Suzi’s boobs. Her hands went to her tits and she squeezed
them around my cock, rolling her nipples between her fingers. She
squealed in pleasure as I slowly began to slide my lubricated cock
back and forth between her tits. Suzi continued massaging my cock
with her boobs, giving my cockhead a tickle with her tongue every time
it thrust toward her mouth.

I concentrated on fucking her tits as I thought about what I’d

accomplished. Suzi had had been acting like a slut for nearly a year
now, almost since I’d met her. She had been dressing like a slut for
most of that time, as well. And she’d been talking like a slut ever
since she’d moved in about a month and a half ago. But up until the
operation, it could have all been an act. Now it was real. Now she
had the body of a slut. And there was no way Suzanne could escape

I fucked Suzi’s tits as hard as I could, slamming my cock in and

out of the tight canyon between them. Suzi moaned louder and louder
as her orgasm built. My cock exploded with pressure, and sticky
strings of come shot from its tip onto Suzi’s lust-filled face. The
familiar taste and feel of my come sent her over the edge into an
intense orgasm.

She tried to gather as much of it up as possible and swallow

it, but inevitably some of it dribbled into her hair. After I had
recovered from my orgasm, I got off the bed and wiped off her face
with some paper towels. She looked at me adoringly. “Can Suzi be as
good a slut as the whores in the videos now?” she asked.

“Even better,” I responded, smiling and continuing to wipe my

come off her face. Just as I was finishing, Dr. Green came in.

“Well, everything looks fine. Suzi, you can go tonight, if

you’d like.”

“Yes, please,” Suzanne responded.

“Thank you doctor,” I said, “You did a great job.” Green

shrugged modestly at this. I turned to Suzi. “Suzi, why don’t you
thank Dr. Green, okay?”

Suzi smiled happily. Without a word, she got up from the bed,

exposing her naked body, and strode across the room. Her heels
clicked on the floor as her ass swayed from side to side. Her new
tits jiggled slightly with the walk. Green’s jaw dropped.

Suzi stopped in front of him and sunk to a crouch in front of

his pants. Deftly unzipping his fly, she pulled out his soft, but
rapidly hardening cock. “Oooooh, Dr. Green, can Suzi suck your cock?”
she asked innocently, looking up at him with a pleading expression.

“G-go ahead.,” he responded. Suzi wasted no time wrapping her

lips around Dr. Green’s shaft.

“I’ll be in the waiting room,” I announced. “Have her back to

me in half an hour, okay, doc?”

Chapter 7

The Finishing Touch

Suzi came out to the waiting room and rejoined me half an hour

later, a trickle of semen running down her leg. Good, I thought.
Dr. Green deserved that for the quality of the work he’d done.

For the next three days I fucked Suzi silly, making as much

use as I could of her mouth, cunt, ass, and especially her tits, even
when I wasn’t fucking them. When I reamed her cunt from behind, I
would always reach underneath her and cup her breasts, savoring the
feeling of their full roundness in my hands, tweaking and rubbing the
always-erect nipples.

Suzi loved her new tits even more than I did. The implants

had stretched the skin on her chest quite a bit, and that, combined
with the aereola implants, made her nipples extremely sensitive.
Whenever she got a chance, she would pop one nipple out of whatever
clothes she was wearing at the time and play with it absentmindedly,
softly moaning to herself as she did so.

The most amazing effect, though, had to do with her clothing.

Even after I bought her some new clothes for her new body, it was
still a tight fit to keep her tits inside anything. As a result, her
already sensitive nipples were under enormous pressure as her clothing
strained to contain her boobs. I had worried at first that this might
be a painful experience.

It turned out, though, that the tight squeeze of her clothes

on her nipples actually had an arousing effect. It couldn’t bring her
to orgasm by itself, but it was enough to keep her mildly horny most
of the day. Suzi enjoyed wearing tight clothes, because these created
the most pressure on her tits. One extremely beneficial side effect
of this whole thing was that the constant stimulation meant that the
slutty half of her personality was more often in control.

In fact, the Suzanne half of her personality almost completely

disappeared from view, generally appearing only in the morning right
after she’d woken up or late at night when she was undressing to go to
bed. When I did see her, she was even more morose than usual.

After her three-day vacation was up, I returned Suzi to the

gang-bang circuit. She was more popular than ever at bachelor parties
and casual celebrations. I raised the price to $1500 and she was
still booked solid weeks in advance. My investment was really
starting to pay off.

After a month or so, I auditioned Suzi for an appearance at a

local strip bar, the California. She was well-practiced by now, and I
knew she’d get the gig rather easily. Just to be sure, though, I
cleared her engagements the two nights before the audition, so she’d
be well-rested and extra horny.

The afternoon of the audition came. Suzi performed flawlessly

for an audience of half a dozen people — the manager, a few employees
preparing for the night’s business, and myself. At the end of the
routine, Suzi lay in a breathtaking pose across a chair, her back
arched, massive tits thrust skyward, pussy exposed and wet, and a
seductive smile on her face. The manager jumped to his feet and

I took him back to the dressing room to meet Suzi. “Lenny,

I’d like you to meet Suzi. Suzi, this is Mr. Hargraves, the manager
of the bar,”

“My pleasure,” Lenny said politely, holding his hand out to


Suzi ignored his greeting and fell to her knees in front of

him, her hands busily unzipping his pants. Lenny looked at me
questioningly. I shrugged. Suzi extracted his hard cock from the
confines of his pants and looked at it eagerly.

“Ohhhh, it’s so big, Mr. Hargraves,” Suzi squealed. “Suzi

wants it. Can Suzi please suck on your hard cock?”

Lenny looked at me in amazement. I shrugged again. “It’s her

way of introducing herself,” I said matter-of-factly. “She really
likes it.”

Lenny looked back down at Suzi, who was looking up at him with

pleading eyes. “Yes, go ahead, Suzi, suck my cock.”

Suzi took Lenny’s dick into her mouth and began sucking it,

her head bobbing up and down on his shaft. She hadn’t been lying when
she said it was big, either. It was over nine inches long, probably
the biggest cock she’d ever seen. But she was still able to
deep-throat him. When she took him all the way down, her lips touched
his pubic hair. Her tongue would dart out and tickle his balls from
time to time.

After a few minutes of this, Lenny was on the verge of coming.

Suzi took her mouth off his shaft and held it in her hand, stroking it
gently, holding him on the brink of orgasm. Lenny was in a daze.

“Now, then, Lenny, I want $500 a night for Suzi to perform

here,” I stated, as though this was a perfectly normal situation in
which to discuss business.

Lenny was riding high from Suzi’s blowjob, but he wasn’t out

of his mind enough not to argue. “N-no way. T-two-fifty, tops.”
Suzi continued to stroke his cock, tantalizing him.

“If you want to come in that pretty little mouth, Lenny, I

suggest you agree to my offer,” I responded. We stood there in
silence for a moment, Lenny muttering to himself while Suzi gently
rubbed his erect prick.

“All right,” he said at last, “F-four hundred. But that’s as

h-h-high as I go.”

I decided to put my golden chip on the table. “Five hundred,

Lenny, and you get to fuck Suzi every night she appears.”

Suzi squealed in delight at this. “Oh, please, Mr. Hargraves,

Suzi wants to have her tight, wet pussy filled with your big, hard
cock before she dances. Please, please, please! Suzi wants to be
fucked!” I’d rehearsed this with her before the audition, but I could
see by the gleam in her eye that her excitement was genuine. She
really was eager for the chance to get this large prick in her cunt on
a regular basis.

Real or faked, Suzi’s words were enough to send Lenny over the

edge. “Okay, it’s a d-deal. Five hundred.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hargraves. A pleasure doing business with

you. Go ahead, Suzi.”

Suzi immediately pounced on his cock, sucking hard. Within

fifteen seconds, Lenny was coming. Some of his jism escaped from
Suzi’s mouth and rolled down her chin. She shook in orgasm.

“Th-that was unbelievable,” Lenny muttered.
Lenny and I spent the next fifteen minutes ironing out the

details of the contract. Suzi was to appear every Thursday as the
featured performer, doing four half-hour shows starting every two
hours from six in the evening to midnight. She would have her own
private dressing room for the night, to relax between shows. As her
manager, I would be paid $500 per night, in addition to whatever tips
Suzi earned while dancing. And Lenny would get to fuck her each night
before her first show. The contract would last for three months,
after which we could renegotiate. The whole time we were discussing
these matters, Suzi had been stroking Lenny’s cock, bringing him back
to erection.

“Well,” I said, “it’s been a pleasure doing business with you,

Lenny. I’m going to go out to the bar and have a drink. Why don’t
you two get to know each other a little better?” With that, I walked
out the door of the dressing room, closing it behind me.

I returned fifteen minutes later to find Suzi sitting on the

edge of the makeup table, her legs draped over Lenny’s shoulders, and
her glistening cunt filled with Lenny’s thick meat. “Yes,
Mr. Hargraves, yes!” Suzi yelled in her squeaky new voice. “Fuck
Suzi’s hot, went cunt with your hard cock! Oh, that feels so good!
Fuck Suzi!”

Lenny was going at it as hard as he could. Soon, between

Suzi’s exhortations and the invigorating massage her cunt was giving
his prick, Lenny came. His sticky white come flowed out of the
corners of Suzi’s cunt, dripping onto the table. Suzi’s dirty talk
turned into unintelligible groans as she came herself. Lenny
collapsed into a chair, exhausted. “You are some incredible fuck,

I collected Suzi and we left. The whole scene had gotten me

so excited that before we got into my car to leave, I fucked her on
the hood, in broad daylight. Suzi, of course, was as eager as ever.
What a fabulous little slut I had.

A couple days later, Suzi made her debut performance. The

crowd whooped and hollered as she strode onto the stage in her “candy”
outfit, supplemented by a red-and-white jacket. She pranced around on
her heels to the tune of “I Know What Boys Like” for awhile, slowly
removing the jacket, skirt, and top. Each step in undressing was
greeted by a roar of applause and hooting from the male audience. The
crowd went wild when she began removing her black lace underwear,
cupping her breasts and teasing her pussy. She finished the routine
draped across the chair, wearing nothing but the striped socks, the
heels, the polka-dot gloves, and the bow in her hair. Her breasts
heaved and her cunt glistened with wetness.

I rushed backstage to meet her. I hurried into her to her

dressing room and closed the door. “That was fantastic, slut. Now
suck my cock.” Suzi pulled my raging hard-on out of my pants and
eagerly serviced it. When I was good and hard, I removed my cock from
her mouth, lay her on her back, and fucked her brains out. “Yes, yes!
Suzi’s cunt is so hot and wet from dancing, and her master’s cock
feels so good filling it up! Fuck your slutty little whore, master,
give it to your bitch!” I exploded in her cunt, my hot jism filling
her up.

After I was done, I gave her a minute to recover and then went

out into the hall, closing the door behind me. A crowd of men were
standing outside, all eager to get in and talk to Suzi. “One at a
time, gentlemen, one at a time!” I yelled. “Five dollars to talk to
Suzi for five minutes.” This dissuaded some of them, but not many. I
grabbed the first bill held in front of me, and ushered the lucky
holder inside, closing the door behind us.

Inside stood Suzi, still in a state of undress. Her breasts

moved gently up and down as she breathed. The guy I had brought in,
who looked to be in his early twenties, looked at her and lost his
cool. “Uh… c-could I have your autograph, ma’am?”

Suzi smiled and took the paper and pen he held out. She

signed the paper with a big “Suzi” and handed them back.

“Gee, th-thanks. You were really g-great out…” he began,

but was cut off by Suzi’s hands on his crotch. She crouched in front
of him, fingers deftly unzipping his fly. His erect cock sprung up
into her face.

Suzi looked up at him. “Can Suzi suck your cock?” He was

stunned, and made no reply, just staring at her pleading face.
“Please? Suzi wants your hard cock in her mouth so bad.”

“O-okay,” he stammered.
Suzi gave him a blowjob, bringing him quickly and skillfully

to orgasm. He came in her mouth, his knees shaking. Suzi eagerly
swallowed his come. When he was done, I led him back outside and
closed the door.

The crowd outside saw the dazed look on his face. He was

bombarded with questions from people who wanted to know what had
happened. Slowly, they figured it out and began clamoring even more
fervently to see Suzi. Taking advantage of the increase in demand, I
jacked up the price. “The price is now fifty dollars for five
minutes.” The crowd barely let up. Wads of cash were thrust into my

I started cycling guys in to see Suzi. I always stayed inside

the whole time. Sometimes they chose to have a blowjob, sometimes
they wanted to fuck her. Either way, Suzi was able to quickly bring
them off, despite the fact that many of them had already come once
jacking off to her performance on stage.

After ten guys had made use of her, and I was $500 richer, I

cut it short to give Suzi time to rest. Her next show started half an
hour later, and was received every bit as warmly as the first. I
jacked the price of five minutes with Suzi up to $60 after that one,
and $75 after her 10:00 show. Each time I got ten guys in and out of
Suzi’s dressing room in under an hour. All of them left very happy.

After making another $750 selling her body after the midnight

show, I shut down and collected my money from Lenny. I let him make
use of Suzi one more time before we left. Between the normal payment
for the performance and the money I raked in charging admission, I
cleared over $3000 that night. No doubt about it, this slut was going
to make me a lot of money.

Later that week I decided to spend some of that money to

finish the construction of Suzi’s body, so I scheduled an appointment
with Dr. Green for an afternoon. I told him to be ready to perform a
few non-surgical procedures on Suzi. He balked at first, but
acquiesced after I reminded him how much I’d paid him last time, and
made it clear I was willing to repeat that if he was cooperative.

Dr. Green greeted us warmly at the door of his office. Suzi

gave him a hug and a deep, lustful kiss, quickly squeezing his crotch
with her hand for emphasis. Green moaned at her touch.

Green showed Suzi to a deep, comfortable dentist’s chair and

began dosing her mouth with novocaine while I explained what I was
after. Dr. Green had realized after Suzi’s last bit of surgery that I
was the one in charge, and so I didn’t bother with the charade of
pretending that Suzi was getting this done on her own initiative.

While Suzi was getting gassed up, Dr. Green and I discussed

exactly what I wanted, what effect I was trying to achieve. Green
asked a few questions and made a few suggestions, and between the two
of us we settled on what he was going to do. After we had reached an
agreement, I shook Green’s hand and left the office, allowing him to
work undisturbed. I spent the afternoon at a few beauty-supply
stores, picking up some things Suzi would need later on. I returned
to the clinic late that afternoon. Dr. Green came out to the waiting
room to meet me, and showed me back into the room where Suzi lay on
the chair.

Suzi’s face was nothing short of a work of art. Previously,

her eyebrows had been thick and blonde. Now, thanks to some skilled
electrolysis work on Dr. Green’s part, as well as some black dye, they
had been reduced to two dark lines over her eyes, starting at almost
their previous thickness on the inside and tapering to nothing as they
arched ever so slightly above her eyes.

The eyes themselves were different, as well. Suzanne’s eyes

had always been big and bright, wide open. Dr. Green had applied a
soothing cream to the skin of her eyelids, causing the muscles in them
to relax. As a result, her eyelids were incapable of opening fully,
fixing her face with a cheap, whorish look.

Green’s crowning achievement was her lips. He had given her a

pair of collagen injections, causing her lips to expand. They were
now fixed in a permanent pout, forever hungry for cock. Green had
created a masterpiece, the face of a true slut. I stroked her
forehead gently as Suzi gazed up at me adoringly.

I noticed Green had a bulge in his pants. I was horny, too,

but decided to save mine until just a little later. So I wrote Green
a check for twenty thousand dollars and handed it to him. “Now, Suzi,
how do we say thanks to the doctor?” I asked.

After we got home, I ushered Suzi into the shower and told her

to wash her hair. She seemed a bit puzzled by this request, but as
usual, she obeyed without question. When she got out, I had her towel
her hair half dry and sit down in front of the mirror.

I pulled a box of hair bleach out of the bag and handed it to

her. “Put this in your hair. I want you to rub it in really well,
and get it all over your hair. Then I want you sit here until I get
back. You can play with yourself, but don’t come. Got it?”

“Yes, master.” Suzi, intrigued, opened the box and removed a

small bottle. I left her to her work.

Half an hour later, I returned to find Suzi sitting patiently

in front of the mirror. Her hair was well-soaked with the solution,
and she was playing idly with her left nipple, a smile of pleasure on
her face. The room stank to high heaven of hydrogen peroxide. Her
hair looked faintly lighter, but it was difficult to tell, since it
was wet. I instructed Suzi to rinse her hair well and then wash it
again, dry it, and style it as usual. Then she was to come out to the
living room.

She emerged an hour later, and I was awestruck. Her hair,

formerly a honey blonde, was now a bright platinum shade, and fell
over her shoulders in lustrous waves. Her fat, pouting lips shone a
bright, shiny pink. Large plastic hoops dangled from her ears. Her
breasts strained against a black mesh bodysuit, and her six-inch
spiked heels glistened as they clicked across the floor. She had long
been the perfect slut, and now she had the perfect body to match.

I sat up and looked at her. “Come here and suck my cock,

slut,” I commanded.

“Yes, master,” she responded, walking over to me, heels

clicking on the floor, ass swaying as she walked, tits bouncing ever
so slightly inside the mesh. Glossy pink fingernails glistened as she
deftly unzipped my fly, freeing my erection. Suzi eagerly wrapped her
shiny, pouting lips around shaft and began to pump it in and out of
her mouth. I grabbed the neckline of the bodysuit and pulled it down
below her tits. Slowly, I fondled her nipples, giving them an
occasional squeeze.

It was wonderful. My sex toy was now complete. Suzanne was

imprisoned, trapped in a body designed for one purpose – to be fucked.
The lips caressing my cock were those of a slut, and that was what she
would be, forever. She had no choice anymore.

I felt myself about to come. “I’m going to come on your face,

slut.” My bleach-blonde bitch let my cock slowly out of her mouth and
aimed it at her face. Gently, her fingers stroked it, fueling my
orgasm. I came explosively, my jism squirting all over her upturned
face. As she had countless times in the past, Suzi ran her fingers
across her face, wiping up all she could and bringing it to her mouth.
I smiled. I had done it.

Suzi was a phenomenal success at The California, and soon got

several more job offers from other strip clubs in the area. Soon she
was performing weekly at a total of four clubs. These ranged from a
bar geared toward college students, where she typically pulled in
$2500 a night, up to a pricey executive club, where I sold her time at
$200 for ten minutes (I knew that older men would want a more relaxed
fuck) and raked in a total of $6000 per night.

She continued to service private parties two nights each week.

I raised the price for private appearances to $2000 and she was still
booked solid. I could easily have raised the price on these to $5000
and had no trouble finding clients. Doing that, however, would mean
that most of her customers would be older men, who were less frisky
and less imaginative about their sex, and I wanted to make sure Suzi
got as much use as possible, in as many ways as possible. And it’s
not like I was desperate for the money anyway. Suzi was earning me
close to $20,000 a week as it was.

The remaining night I reserved her for myself. Because of her

constant engagements, I was getting less and less time to fuck her,
and I needed a full day to make up for it. Typically I would spend
six solid hours on these days using my bitch every way I could. It
was on one of these nights that I saw Suzanne for the last time.

I had eaten dinner and fucked Suzi just an hour earlier, and

already I was horny again. Normally I gave her a couple hours alone
in the living room to watch one of her porn movies, but something was
stirring in me, and I really felt like using my bitch.

So I went out to the living room, expecting to find her lying

on the couch watching a movie. But she wasn’t there. I checked the
kitchen, the dining room, and her practice room, and still couldn’t
find her. I went into the bedroom and checked around. Still no sign.
I was starting to get worried when I heard a soft noise from the

Pressing my ear to the door, I listened. It was the sound of

crying, a gentle sobbing noise, as though she was trying to keep from
crying, but failing. Slowly, I pushed the door open.

Suzi stood inside, looking at herself in the mirror, crying

softly. Her face was red, and tears rolled down her cheeks. One hand
rested on the counter, and the other held the catalog.

The catalog. I’d forgotten about it. I’d left it in the

drawer of her vanity after I’d discovered it, so as not to tip her off
that I’d found it, and after that I’d forgotten it.

I walked up behind her. She noticed me, but didn’t react,

just stood there, crying. I looked down at the catalog in her hand.
It was open to the page with the picture of the happy young family.
Here and there the page was wet with tears.

“That’s over, Suzanne,” I said softly, calling her by that

name for the first time in several months. “You can’t go back to that
anymore.” I said softly.

“Let me go,” she said, surprisingly calmly.
I laughed. “Go where? What would you do?”
“I… I had a job… before…”
I laughed again, even louder. Grasping the catalog, I thrust

it into her face. “Look at the woman in this picture. Look at her!
Now look in the mirror!” I grabbed her body and turned her to face
the mirror. “You can’t be a model anymore. Do you think anyone would
hire you, looking like this?”

She started to cry again.
I pressed on. “All you can be now, with that body, is a slut.

Don’t try to be Suzanne. Just let yourself be Suzi. Suzi enjoys
being a slut. Why fight it?”

Her response was barely a whisper. “You bastard.”
Once more I laughed. “Come on, now, that’s no way to talk to

the man who showed you how to enjoy yourself, is it?”

She turned and screamed at me. “You forced me into this, you

fucker! You gave me those drugs and manipulated me into becoming what
you wanted! You turned me into…” She broke off and looked into the
mirror, crying again.

“A slut?” I asked. “Suzanne, I didn’t make you do anything

you didn’t want to do.”

“Do you think I wanted to look like… like this?” she

screamed. “Like some sort of whore?”

“Deep inside, you’ve always wanted to be a whore. You just

needed me to show you the way.”

“That’s not true!”
“Do you really think I could have made you do something you

didn’t really, deep inside, want to do?”

“Suck my cock,” I commanded.
“You heard me. Suck my cock.”
She stopped screaming. “N-no. I… I won’t.”
“Suck my cock, bitch.”
Color rushed to her cheeks. “N-no. Never… never.”
“Suck my cock, you cheap little slut.”
“Ohhhhhh…” With a moan of almost orgasmic release, she bent

down to kneel in front of me. Frantically unzipping my pants, she
took my cock into her mouth and began sucking on it, pumping it back
and forth between her thick red lips.

“Good slut,” I said, patting her on the head. “Good little



I watched from my chair as Suzi’s head pumped up and down on

the thick cock in her mouth. Her luscious red lips slid back and
forth along its length, almost closing at one end of each stroke, and
nuzzling Jimmy’s balls at the other end. Jimmy’s hand rested on one
side of her head, guiding her along his meaty prick.

Suzi’s popularity continued to grow. Soon she was making me

forty thousand dollars a week. Men were willing to pay outrageous
amounts of money just for a chance to nail the blonde cream-dream who
would fuck anyone that asked.

Naturally, the offers came in from the porno industry, first

the magazines, and soon the movie companies. Suzi made several
appearances in soft-core porn magazines, the type that printed eight
or ten pages of pictures of her spreading her cunt and fondling her
tits, along with some made-up quotes about how much she loved to suck
dick, or get her pussy pounded. She was probably the only woman ever
to appear in those magazines for whom the quotes were even remotely

I took a hard line negotiating Suzi’s movie appearances,

insisting on $2,000 per movie up front, plus royalties per copy sold.
Most of the companies balked at this at first, but I got a few to come
around. Flying out to visit the executives personally and having Suzi
give them blowjobs probably helped a lot. For some reason, most men
have no willpower when a hot bitch like Suzi is keeping them on the
edge of orgasm.

Suzi’s pretty face, her wet-dream body, her brainless bimbo

personality, and her enthusiasm for fucking and sucking made her an
instant success in adult films. Directors sought me out to get her to
star in their films; it became common wisdom that any movie with Suzi
in it was a guaranteed blockbuster. I was selective about which
offers I accepted; after her first few videos broke records, I set her
price at $8,000 per film plus a large cut in royalties and control
over future use of footage. Since most films were shot in a day, this
was nearly as lucrative in the short term as stripping, and the
royalties made for a long-term windfall.

Furthermore, the movie appearances made her that much more

popular as a stripper. At the time her tenth movie broke all records
for adult video sales, Suzi Slut was capable of pulling in $20,000
a night stripping and fucking backstage. (Her stage name was Suzi
Slick, but her reputation for fucking almost everyone had earned her
the unofficial last name “Slut.” Even the announcers at her gigs
often “mispronounced” her last name as she came onstage.)

As for Suzanne, I never was sure what had happened. That

evening in the bathroom, I’d pressed her up against the wall and
pounded her pussy until Suzi came in the most violent orgasm she’d
ever experienced. The thing is, I don’t think it was Suzi that I’d
fucked that night. I think it was Suzanne.

She’d bucked and writhed frantically, fucking back at me as

hard as she could, squeezing her cunt around my cock and orgasming as
I came in her pussy. But she hadn’t let out with the usual string of
dirty talk, the exhortations to “fuck your slut harder”, or the high
squeals of pleasure that were Suzi’s trademarks. Rather, she’d just
let out a string of soft, passionate moans and grunts, like she had
the very first night I’d fucked her, so long ago.

And her orgasm felt different too. Suzi’s orgasms were

intense, and she enjoyed them immensely, but it was the enjoyment of
an old, familiar pleasure. Her enjoyment that night in the bathroom
had seemed different. More like the enjoyment of a new and almost
unexpected pleasure. Like she was getting fucked for the very first

From then on, Suzi reigned supreme. Always eager to please,

never tired or upset. Good old fuckable Suzi, the well-practiced slut
with the wet-dream body who craved cock. Suzanne’s dour, tired mood
never intruded.

But sometimes, occasionally, Suzi was different when she was

being fucked. It always happened when she first had a cock stuck
inside her. Her dirty talk would trail off, and she would be silent.
Slowly, she would begin giving those soft grunts that I’d heard in the
beginning, the moans that seemed to express surprise at her own
pleasure. Her fucking would seem less experienced, less skilled, but
filled with a certain raw enthusiasm that was something beyond what
Suzi could normally put in. It was like she knew all the techniques,
but had never practiced them. As though an experienced friend was
teaching he how to fuck. It always happened when I wasn’t expecting
it, and after she’d finished coming, she was always back to normal.
But I could always swear that I’d been screwing someone very

As Jimmy approached orgasm, Suzi let his cock out of her mouth

and rested its head on her outstretched tongue. She jacked her hand
up and down its length as he muttered, “Oh, yeah, baby, I’m gonna
come, you ready for it? Ready for my come, baby?” Suzi, unable to
speak with his cock resting on her tongue, could only nod
enthusiastically. “Here it comes, babe!” Jimmy said as his cock
erupted with jism.

Some of the semen went into Suzi’s mouth. Some of splashed on

her cheeks or her upper lip. She continued to jack Jimmy’s shaft as
his sperm sprayed into her mouth. When his orgasm subsided, she
closed her mouth and began to spread soft kisses over his cock. The
jism in her mouth slowly dribbled out, coating her lips and mouth in a
layer of creamy white come. She gave the camera that slutty look that
had helped make her the highest-grossing adult film star of the
previous year, and had made me a multimillionaire.

“That’s a wrap!” the director yelled. The exhausted Jimmy

Wood got up and left immediately, heading back to his dressing room.
Male porn stars were probably the most sexually exhausted people in
the world.

Suzi, however, wasn’t through yet. She crawled on her hands

and knees over to the director’s chair and began to unzip his fly.
His cock, excited by the hours of watching the filming, sprang fully
erect from his pants.

“Ooooooh,” Suzi purred, “Your cock is so big, Mr. Edmonds.”

The size of his cock shouldn’t have come as any surprise to Suzi.
She’d starred in films directed by him before, and had hence sucked
his meaty cock several times, as well as having it crammed up her
pussy more than once. But it was part of the act.

Duane Edmonds knew she was faking her surprise, but he enjoyed

it nonetheless. “Would you like me to fuck you with it, Suzi? Would
you like to feel my thick cock in your hot, wet pussy?” he asked,
continuing the game.

“Oooooh, yes!” she squealed. “Suzi would love that! Please

fill Suzi’s wet pussy with your hard cock, Mr. Edmonds!” Suzi turned
around as she spoke, dropping to her hands and knees and presenting
her dripping pussy to him. “Please fuck Suzi with your cock! Ohhhh!”

She moaned in pleasure as Edmonds, now on his knees behind

her, slammed his cock into her glistening cunt. The other men on the
set gathered round, waiting their turn. The director always got to go
first, but after that, anyone who could get their dick into a free
hole on Suzi’s body was welcome to use it. Suzi was popular with the
production crews. These sessions usually ended with an exhausted Suzi
lying contentedly on the floor, her face, tits, cunt and ass dripping
with come.

I took in the sight before me. Suzi was a true slut, without

a care in the world beyond where her next wad of jism was coming from.
I wondered what I’d do with her once her popularity died down.
Probably marry her off to some rich guy who knew how to show her a
good time. I’d hang on to the rights to her movies, of course. And
then? Probably start all over again with someone else. After all, I
had the technique pretty much down pat. I had my eye on this aspiring

Suzi let out a loud moan as Edmonds pulled out of her. She

rolled over and lay on her stomach as he positioned himself above her
face. Her hand went to his cock and jacked it furiously. With a cry
of pleasure, he came, spilling sticky ropes of come across her face
and tits. Suzi used her free hand to move as much as she could to her
mouth, slurping it up.

Edmonds stood up and walked away. One of the crewmen shoved

his rock-hard cock into her pussy, while several more dangled their
pricks over her face. Suzi took one at random and began slurping on
it. She lay there for a long time, taking a series of cocks into her
mouth and pussy and making each one give up its load of come. She was
in heaven.

I smiled. For now, Suzi was more than enough slut to keep me

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