Special Effects

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Breast Expansion Magical TF

By L. Ephante Shuez
Part 1

Colin stood at the counter of the strange shop, examining the bottle of
pills held in his hand carefully. If this bottle did what it said it
would…no that was stupid. How the hell could someone make a pill like
that? No, these were fake, but still, they were only five dollars. What
harm could it do to buy them? They’d at least be good for a laugh. Hell,
maybe he’d even be able to sell them out to his friends for a tidy profit.
After all, what guy wouldn’t be even just a bit curious about a pill that
supposedly alters a girl’s mind until they are little more than sex toys?
And even if you weren’t into warping people’s minds, the pills also claimed
to have a breast-growth related side effect! Of course nothing would
happen, but Colin would just blame it on the guy who sold them to him, this
old, dirty looking man wheezing away behind the counter…(“Hey, there’s
nothing I can do about it guys–I’m sorry! Look, I lost money in this, too!
I’ll pay you back soon…”) yeah, like hell he would. Anyway, before he
even considered any of this, there was always the slight
possibility…well, he could try it anyway. What possible harm could it do?
Colin looked at the small plastic bottle closer. Hmmm … addictive, were
they? He read the message: “First pill may give little or no addictive
tendencies … however, more than one is not recommended.” Well, he better
not give more than one to anyone, just in case … that would get a little
bit too crazy for him … if, that is, they worked …

Colin smiled when he saw Danielle walk into the lunchroom that day.
Danielle smiled back at him right before he snuck a quick glance up and
down her body. He paused a second when her breasts, which had to be
somewhere around a C-cup, bounced ever so slightly. Danielle never even
noticed his quick scan of her. She and Colin had been good friends for the
past couple of years. He was the last guy she would expect to look at her
in that way. She didn’t even notice him slipping the pill into his Cola
before handing it to her.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the bottle from his hand, and taking a drink,
the tiny pill unnoticeably being swallowed along with it. She should have
noticed it, in fact she almost did feel like there was something else in
that drink she had just taken, but either way it was too late now. Colin
smiled and slid the pill bottle back into his coat pocket. Danielle stayed
and talked with him for a few more minutes, and then got up. “I have some
homework to do tonight and I’d better get started on it now, OK?” Colin
nodded, “Sure, I’ll talk to you later.” He wasn’t exactly why, out of all
the girls, he had picked Danielle. Possibly because she was the one girl
who he thought would never act in a sexual way at all by herself. Yes, that
had to be it. He hoped they worked.

By the time lunch was over, Danielle had not even been able to do half of
her homework. For some reason it was taking her somewhat longer to do
today. Most likely she was just tired. Sighing, Danielle packed up her
books, not especially looking forward to another class, with possibly more
homework. She lifted her backpack over her shoulder and walked out into the
hall. She spotted her friend Cindy as she was walking by. “Hey, Cin!” she
called, smiling. Cindy waved and smiled back. Cindy had been attracted to
Danielle for years now, but had never had the courage to tell her about her
feelings. She probably never would either. She pretty much knew that she
wasn’t into that kind of thing anyway … in fact, she didn’t think
Danielle really had many sexual feelings at all.

Danielle had a difficult time trying to do her homework that evening. The
problems seemed harder than usual for some reason. And, just when she
thought she was getting somewhere, her mind would become distracted. She
wasn’t exactly sure what was distracting her, but there was some small
feeling inside of her that she couldn’t shake. It wasn’t bad – it was just
distracting. Eventually, she just got tired of trying and gave up. She
called Cindy.

“Hey, Cindy, what’s up?” she asked when her friend picked up the phone.

“Nothing much, just finished up my homework, you?”

“Uh, yeah, I just got through with mine, too,” Danielle said. This was
weird. Cindy usually wasn’t very good in school at all. She only took time
to do the easiest of homework assignments. “Do you think you did OK with
it?” she asked.

“Oh, sure, it wasn’t that bad at all. It’s about time we got some easy
homework!” Cindy remarked.

Danielle was now puzzled. “Well, that’s good,” she replied. She opened up
her book and glanced through the problems again and found that they still
seemed quite difficult for her.

That night, as Danielle lied in her bed trying to get to sleep, her mind
kept wandering. She didn’t know exactly why, but she felt like she was
getting aroused for some reason. Danielle had never had sexual thoughts in
her life, but tonight…She brought her hands up and placed them on her
breasts, her breathing now getting heavier. She squeezed them softly,
imagining that it was Colin touching her. Sweet, innocent Colin…she
really should let him do this sometime…he’d probably really enjoy it. It
was the least she could do to let him do something as simple as touch her
breasts…and it would feel so good. Danielle slipped one hand into her
panties slowly, now thoroughly horny for the first time in her life and
then stopped herself–What was she doing?! She was about to masturbate! Why
did she want to do that? Danielle knew that this was totally out of
character for her. She lied there for a few moments, part of her alarmed by
the idea of touching herself in such an erotic manner, and part of her
desperately wanting it. Her hand was still half-way into her panties, and
as she thought, she started to softly glide her fingers over the small,
curly hairs of her vagina, testing her reaction to it. She shuddered with
the sensations that went through her body. Suddenly, she found she didn’t
care anymore. She slid her legs slightly wider apart, and began
masturbating, soft moaning sounds escaping her lips as she relieved
herself. She lied there afterwards, her hand still lightly stroking
herself, and wondered why exactly she was feeling this way. She fell asleep

Danielle woke up the next morning to the feeling of a strange weight on her
chest. She reached her hands up to fell her chest and froze as her hands
felt her breasts. This couldn’t be right! She sat up hurriedly and quickly
pulled the straps of her nightdress down. She couldn’t believe what she
saw. Her breasts, which just last night had been just a small handful, were
now the size of quite large softballs! Danielle gasped as she hefted one in
her hand. She was huge! How had this happened? Danielle was really starting
to wonder what was going on now. Just last night, she had pleasured herself
for the first time in her life, and now, her breasts had grown amazingly
overnight! Danielle traced her finger around one of her newly enlarged
nipples. What was she going to do? She couldn’t walk around like this. She
would have to wear one of her baggy tops until she could figure out what to
do. Suddenly Danielle realized that she had been playing with her nipple,
and that it had started to feel good…and that she was going to masturbate
before she thought about anything else this fine day.

“Who the hell do you think you’re trying to fool, boy?” Todd laughed, the
little bottle of pills held up in his hands, “Screw you!” He tossed the
bottle back to Colin and grinned.

“Look, ” Colin stammered, wanting desperately to at least get his money
back for these stupid things. He had seen Danielle today–he had TALKED to
her. She was the same. Those damn pills hadn’t done anything at all. “I’m
telling you, these things work! Hey, I’ll give you a discount: take 2 for
the price of 1, how does that sound?”

“Fuck you!” Todd turned around and walked away, laughing his head off.
Colin tossed the bottle of pills into the trash can and walked off to the
lunchroom, to talk with Danielle who was seemingly no different than she
ever was.

But, she was different. So different in fact that she was in the girls
washroom at that very moment, not too far down the hall from where Colin
had been bartering with Todd , her new tits bouncing happily up and down
under her top, braless since she had none that would even come close to
fitting her, while she masturbated herself frantically. She had been in
class, having a difficult time trying to concentrate on anything the
teacher was saying since for some reason her thinking was all foggy, when
the urge suddenly hit her. Lunch had only been ten minutes away, but she
couldn’t wait. She had to do it NOW! She excused herself from class and
hurried to the washroom, her new boobs jiggling away under the loose top
she had had to wear that morning. She finished with a loud moan, which she
hoped nobody else had been around to hear and got herself dressed again.
She walked out of the bathroom after double checking that no one else had
been in there to hear her embarrassingly erotic sounding moan and went down
the hall to the lunch room. For some reason she noticed the pill bottle
lying in the trash can. So this was what she had heard Colin and that Todd
guy yelling about. She picked the bottle up to get a better look at what
all the fuss was about and gasped when she read what they were for. Colin
had bought these? He must have somehow given her one secretly, then. That
would explain things. That would explain things very well. Colin had made
Danielle very angry. She stuffed the bottle in her pocket and continued
walking to the cafeteria…to have a little talk with Colin – what she
thought would be her last talk with Colin.

Colin followed Danielle out of the cafeteria and around the corner. “What
is it? What do you want?” he asked her. She wasn’t answering him. For some
crazy reason he expected her to want to have sex with him. Maybe the pills
worked he thought to himself. Oh, they worked all right. Colin’s face went
white when Danielle pulled out the bottle and shoved it in his face.

“What on earth were you thinking when you bought these? No, wait, I know
what you were thinking! Well, guess what? They worked,” Danielle pulled her
shirt tight over her breasts, “And I am never talking to you ever again!”
In spite of the situation, Colin felt a slight stiffness in his pants.
Danielle stormed off into the cafeteria, leaving Colin standing there
wondering if the pills had actually worked. I tcertainly looked like it,
didn’t it? Yes … yes it did. He’d just have to wait and see.

This next night was worse. Danielle tried as hard as she could to go to
sleep without thinking about sex, but she just couldn’t do it. Maybe if her
boobs hadn’t been so big she might have been able to concentrate on
something else. But all she could feel was how far she was bulging out and
how much she wanted someone to touch her. She was still so mad at Colin for
doing this to her, but despite herself, she brought herself to orgasm three
times that night thinking about him. He was so sneaky to give her that
pill! After she had finished, she was so tired that she fell right asleep.

Danielle woke up and giggled. Her head felt all light and giddy. She liked
it. Her boobies had gotten bigger again too! Danielle smiled as she cupped
them. She was starting to like having big boobs. Maybe Colin was right to
give her that pill. Colin was nice; he would never do anything bad to her.
And she had yelled at him yesterday! What had she been thinking? She would
have to make it up to him today. Oh yes…he would be so happy! Danielle
squeezed her breasts in her hands as she thought of all the different
things she could do for him. But, wait…she couldn’t do anything like that
in school! She would have to call up Colin now, and tell him to come over.
She searched through her room frantically until she found her phone book,
and looked up Colin’s number. It was difficult to concentrate on the words,
but she eventually found his number, and called him up. It rang three times
before Colin picked it up, “Hello?” he asked.

“Hi, Colin!” Danielle cooed as sweetly as she could, “I’m SO sorry about
yesterday! You were right to give me that pill.”

Colin cleared his throat, “I was?” he asked.

Danielle rubbed her hand in between her legs as she talked, “Of course you
were! And I feel so bad about yelling at you yesterday. How would you like
to come over…and I can make it up to you?” she giggled.

“Really?!”, Colin stammered, “Uhhh…sure! That’d be great!”

“OK, please hurry Colin!” she giggled again. It was fun to talk like this,
all erotic and breathy. She hung up the phone, and laid back on her bed.
Her bulky breasts spread out against her body. Her nipples were poking two
points into her nightdress. She pushed the points in with her fingers only
to have them spring right up again. She cooed at the sight of this, and did
it again. The red color of them was faintly visible through the thin, white
fabric. Reaching over onto her night table she picked up the small bottle
of pills she had taken from the trashcan the day before. With great
difficulty, she managed to sound out most of the words on the back of it.
The bottle seemed to say it was bad to take more than one. She had better
not take more than one then, even though for some reason she wanted to.
Maybe it was because the pills were…she couldn’t remember how to say the
word. She saw it on the bottle though and knew what it meant. “Addictive!
That’s it!” she proudly cried and giggled at herself again, “You knew that,
stupid! Now, don’t take anymore because its bad for you!” She lied back and
rested her head after all that thinking, that swimmy, giddy feeling making
her grin happily.

Colin knocked softly on the door to Danielle’s room. “Hello? You’re parents
weren’t home so I–” Danielle opened the door, still in her skimpy nightie
and let Colin in. Her hair, which she usually kept back in a ponytail, was
hanging freely down to her shoulders. Colin saw how large Danielle’s
breasts had grown in the past couple of days.

“Hi, Colin! Come on in!” Danielle jiggled as she stepped aside to let him
in her room. She closed the door behind him. “Well…what do you think?”
she asked, holding her arms out to her sides and thrusting her breasts out.

“They’re nice,” Colin said, feeling a stiffness in his pants. It got
stiffer when Danielle undid the buttons on her nightgown, and exposed a
generous amount of cleavage to him. Her straps threatened to slide off her
shoulders any second.

“Want to feel?” she asked, picking up his hands, and placing them softly on
the large hills of her breasts. He squeezed them. A quick moan escaped her
lips. She reached up and put her arms around him, placing her soft, red
lips against his. He returned the kiss, still exploring her ample cleavage.

They fell back onto Danielle’s bed, which hadn’t been made yet that day,
and continued to kiss, Danielle making small pleasing cries as she
breathed. She brought her hand down to Colin’s crotch, and undid his jeans,
slipping her hand into his underwear and around his cock. She tugged on it
gently while she slipped her tongue into Colin’s mouth. Their kissing was
getting slower, more passionate. Colin slid one of Danielle’s straps down
her arm. Her breast popped out and Colin grabbed it in his hand as Danielle
broke off the kiss, sucking on his lower lip for a second before she lifted
herself up. She sat straddling his waist, her right boob still bared. When
she spoke now she sounded out of breath and her cheeks were flushed bright
red, “Oh, Colin! I hope you’re not mad at me for yelling at you! That pill
you gave me makes me feel really good!” She giggled, and reached down into
Colin’s pants again, pulling his erection out. She lowered her head down,
and parted her lips, a small stream of saliva falling out of her mouth
before she wrapped it around his throbbing erection. She could feel the
cool air blowing up her nightie as she sucked him. Colin stroked her hair
while she blew. He came in her mouth, and before she could swallow, her
mouth overflowed, and her chin and nose got soaked with cum. She looked up
at him, a strand of sperm still attached from her lips to his cock, and
giggled again, “Oops!” she said, cum flowing out of her mouth. She quickly
wiped it up with her finger and swallowed it. “That was yummy!” she said
when she was done. Then she slid her other strap down. “Would you like to
suck on me now?” she asked, dangling her breasts over his face. Colin
grabbed one of her breasts and suckled her nipple. Danielle loved it. She
let him suck on her tit until she couldn’t take it anymore, and then slid
off the rest of her nightie. She lied back on the bed, and let Colin
straddle her. Danielle couldn’t believe how good it felt to have sex!

They both showed up at school later that afternoon. Danielle didn’t
especially feel like being there, but if she was home when her parents got
back from work, they would know she had skipped. She was proud of herself
for realizing that. In the middle of all that fun she had actually been
able to remember that – of course she had, she thought to herself–after
all, she wasn’t stupid. She sure felt stupid today, though. It seemed like
just when she was about to get a clear thought put together in her head, it
would burst apart, and that fuzzy lightness would cover it up. Usually
after that she would get the urge to giggle, but she tried to suppress it
as much as possible. She and Colin had made a quick stop at the mall before
heading to school, to pick up a couple of DD sized bras for her to wear
while in school. Over one of those, she had on a clingy white t-shirt and
also had a pair of jeans on. When she put those on, she realized how much
her behind and hips had changed, too. The jeans almost didn’t fit her.

In class, she had the hardest time concentrating. And so did most of the
guys in the class, too. She watched with glee as they each took turns
sneaking glances at her huge melons. She even put on a little show for
them, stretching and thrusting her chest out every now and then. Then she
noticed something which sent a new thrill through her. It almost seemed to
her like she had just seen someone else looking at her. But, what was
really neat about it was that it was a girl! Danielle stretched again, and
sure enough, the girl darted her eyes over in Danielle’s direction for just
an instant. Then, suddenly, she realized that it was Cindy. Cindy had been
looking at her! Danielle excused herself to go to the washroom.

She couldn’t believe it. She had turned on another girl! Not only that, it
had been Cindy! She didn’t exactly know why this excited her, because she
never ever used to like girls before, especially not her friend, but now
everything seemed so arousing. Part of her was so angry at herself for
thinking like this about Cindy, but she just couldn’t help it. She
masturbated quickly, and then got ready to go back to class. Then the pill
bottle fell out of her school bag. She looked down, getting ready to kick
it before she remembered what it was. She reached down, a large amount of
deep cleavage being flashed to the empty room, and retrieved the bottle.
She wanted another one. There was some reason she couldn’t take one though.
She didn’t remember why, but it couldn’t have been very important. That
light, giddy feeling was gone from her head and she wanted it back. It made
her feel so warm and comfy. Plus a little extra sex drive couldn’t hurt
her, could it? Surely, her sexual appetite wasn’t THAT bad yet, and there
were plenty of people she could easily get if she needed a little extra
sex. She popped a pill into her mouth, and swallowed it, trying to remember
what else they did…”Oh yeah! They make my boobies grow!” she cooed and
hefted her two bulging melons in her hands. “I’m gonna get bigger!” she
cried hugging herself. She waited for a few minutes, and sure enough, her
head was soon flooded with those strange, tingly sensations again. She
could handle sitting through class better now, she thought. She picked up
her backpack and had to stop for a second to get her balance, “Woah!” she
cried and steadied herself against the wall. The giddiness was turning more
into dizziness now. She laughed at how much the room was spinning, as she
walked out of the room, her head feeling like it was floating.

After class, Danielle went over to her friend, “Hi, Cindy!” she said with a
little hop that created a nice bouncing motion on her chest.

“Hi,” Cindy said. Her gaze briefly dropped to the bulges on Danielle’s
chest, then back up again. Danielle looked around to make sure everyone
else had left the room. She leaned in close to Cindy, and whispered into
her ear, “Meet me after school…” She licked Cindy’s ear quickly with her
tongue, letting her breast press against the girl’s arm. Danielle thought
it was so weird that she was doing this, but at the same time, she wanted
Cindy so badly right now she just had to.

Cindy looked at Danielle with a mixture of surprise and confusion on her
face, “What? After school? Why?” She found she was whispering too.

“I don’t know … I just think it’d be fun, that’s all … don’t you?” She
took Cindy’s hand as she said this, and pressed it firmly against her right
breast. She felt Cindy squeeze it slightly.

“Um … yeah, I guess it would be,” Cindy said, surprised at what Danielle
was implying. “How-?” She smiled, and cupped Danielle’s breasts again, this
time without Danielle’s help. She couldn’t believe how big her friend’s
breasts were! She closed her eyes, and explored every inch of Danielle’s
huge bosom.

“So, I’ll see you later then?” Danielle asked. Cindy nodded. “Yeah … ”
she said wistfully–she would definitely see Danielle later.

Danielle walked out of class, her new DD sized breasts happily bouncing
away under her t-shirt. The new bra she was wearing really made them stick
out. She purposely walked so that they would bounce more. Everyone stared
at them. Danielle wondered why the pill was so much stronger this time.
Everything looked all hazy, and her stomach was jumping all funny.
Actually, the more that she thought about it, the more she realized she
couldn’t actually remember what exactly the effect had been like before.
That was OK, though, because she was starting to like thinking less and
less, unless it was about sex.

Colin sat in class, thinking about the morning he had spent with Danielle.
He still couldn’t believe that those pills had worked – and so quickly,
too!! Just yesterday, she had been yelling at him for giving her that pill,
and now she was calling him up horny as hell wanting to apologize. The only
problem was that she still had the bottle. Colin knew so many other people
he would love to give one or two of those things to. Maybe he could get
them back, though. That is, if Danielle hadn’t thrown them out after she
had freaked out at him. Colin marveled again at how completely different
Danielle had suddenly become overnight.

Danielle stood outside the doors to the school waiting for Cindy. The
effects of the pill were wearing off again. Or at least it seemed like they
were. Or maybe they weren’t at all, and she just wanted more … she didn’t
really know. Danielle started to pull out the bottle and then stopped
herself. “I don’t want my breasts to grow TOO big, do I?” she said to
herself, stretching her T-shirt over her inflated bosom. She did a double
take as she realized her breasts had grown more! She didn’t quite
understand why until she thought about it for a second. Then it clicked,
“Oh yeah! That other pill I took! I forgot I didn’t grow yet!” She giggled
and noticed with delight that her new boobies jiggled right along with her
tittering! She felt for the first time how her bra was digging into her
shoulders, too. The second pill had made her a bit numb for a while. “I
wonder how big I can make them … ” she asked herself and then spied Cindy
walking over towards her. Danielle bounced happily over to meet her.

Back at her house, the girls retreated quickly to Danielle’s room. Danielle
had quickly introduced Cindy to her parents as a new friend she had met at
school. Danielle had noticed strange gazes from both of her parents, and
realized that this had been the first time she had talked to them since
before the pills had started working. She wondered what they thought of her

Once inside the bedroom, Danielle quickly closed the door behind them, and
grabbed Cindy, kissing her passionately on the lips. Cindy was taken by
surprise, but responded quickly, slipping her tongue into Danielle’s mouth.
She moaned softly. Danielle led her over to her bed. She was surprised at
how horny she was, considering she had, just fifteen minutes ago,
masturbated for about the fifth or sixth time that day. Cindy sat down on
the bed, and Danielle stood in front of her, sliding her T-shirt over her
head, and unhooking her strained bra. She uncupped her newly expanded
boobs, and giggled with delight at Cindy’s wide-eyed reaction. She picked
up one of Cindy’s hands and slid it softly over one breast. Then she undid
Cindy’s blouse, and helped her slide it off.

By the time Cindy left, later on that night, Danielle finally felt relieved
for the first time in a long while. She lied back on her bed, staring up at
the ceiling with a goofy look on her face. Her cheeks were still flushed,
and she was panting heavily. But for the first time in a long time she had
a chance to sit back and think about what had happened to her. She knew she
was becoming addicted to the pills, and in such a short time, too. What was
the last one , her second … third??? It hadn’t been many anyway. Plus
there was that, too. Danielle knew she was supposed to be smart, but her
brain didn’t seem to want to work right anymore. The only thing she could
focus on for long periods of time was sex. She remembered that it had been
Colin who had given her the pill … or at least she thought he had … it
had been his bottle hadn’t it??? She hoped not, because Colin was fun.

Danielle wanted another pill. She knew it would make things worse. Part of
her didn’t care. She wanted bigger breasts too, because, hey, if she was
going to get hornier, it was best that she have a good way to get what she
wanted, right? Danielle thought so. Plus she thought she looked good with
big breasts. She could remember not liking them at first, but the pills
were making her like them. Those pills sure were convenient. She rummaged
through her school bag until she found the bottle and pulled it out. “Here
we go,” she whispered, dumping one into the palm of her hand. She almost
knew that if she took this one now, there was no going back … she would
be hopelessly hooked. She was already pretty gone … if she hadn’t have
been she might have wondered what she was going to do when the bottle ran
out. The pill went down her throat smoothly, and Danielle felt a wave of
calmness sweep through her. She moaned softly, and lied back on her bed.
Soon her head was spinning again, and she drifted off to sleep.

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