Samantha Becomes a Bimbo

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Copyright © 2001, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved

Story Codes: M+/F/slut/bimbo/mc/oral/anal/spitting/Male Dominant

There was no doubt in Samantha’s mind. She was going to law school – or at
least that’s what she thought. Her husband Ted had promised to help her
finish her schooling provided she marry him and move to New York. At the
tender age of 24, Samantha had already finished her undergraduate work at a

local university. It was there that she met Ted – a handsome dark-haired
gentleman of about 30. He was a wealthy photographer who had talked her
into doing some modeling for a fashion magazine. If it wasn’t for him, she
didn’t no how she was going to finish her schooling. Her parents had very
little money and as a result, Samantha relied heavily on grants and loans
to push her way through her first four years of college. The modeling money

Ted offered her was decent and it helped put food on the table and pay for
her books.

Within just a few months, Samantha had fallen in love with Ted. He seemed
such a sensitive and caring man. Ted adored her beauty (or so it seemed).
He admired her slender figure and large breasts. She had beautiful dark
brown hair that went down past her shoulders and a magnificent smile to
match her tender complexion. Ted showered her with money and took her out
to eat at fancy restaurants. Little did Samantha know that all of this
wining and dining had it’s price – and it wasn’t just cooking or cleaning.

In fact, the only hint that there was anything wrong with their
relationship (at least from Samantha’s point of view) was the lack of
sexual arousal on Ted’s part. For a young man of 30, it seemed kind of odd
that he rarely got it up for her. It was sort of a contradiction because he

constantly told her how much he admired her beauty and determination. That
aside, love had a strange way of blinding Samantha to the rest of Ted’s odd


For instance, he would take long trips to New York and leave her behind for

several days without calling or e-mailing her. Then he would pop up out of
nowhere and take her out to a movie while down-playing his absence. It
didn’t exactly drive her nuts, but Samantha found herself missing him more
and more each time he went away – usually after one of their photo
sessions. He would claim that he was taking the photos to New York to
submit to the fashion executives and would be back within a day or so –
however it usually took a week. Samantha never saw a single photo – nor did

she ever get a glimpse of the so-called fashion magazine that Ted claimed
he worked for. But she didn’t seem to mind. After all, Ted had been very
good to her in a lot of ways. He was never forceful with his convictions or

his point of view on issues that they couldn’t agree on. He never swore at
her and he almost never raised his voice when they had an argument.

`How silly’ Samantha thought to herself. She and Ted almost never argued
about anything in the year or so that they had known each other. The
relationship was perfect and it was becoming quite clear that Samantha’s
future in law was very bright. She had received high marks in almost all
her classes and was well informed when it came to politics.

Ted, on the other hand, was not whom he claimed to be. He was a
professional con artist who worked for an underground men’s club in New
York. The men’s club that he had joined many years ago was populated
exclusively by men who hated and stood against the women’s liberation
movement that started in the 1960’s. In comparison to most of the members
in the club, Ted was relatively young. He hadn’t even been born yet when
the women’s liberation movement started. Initially he had joined because
the club was also a business – a dirty business of forced drug addiction
and prostitution. The “front” business for the club was not much cleaner.
Ted was indeed a photographer, but not for a respectable clothing magazine
as naive Samantha would think. Rather he was a professional photographer
for their exclusive porno magazine and film line titled “PROPER WOMEN”
which sold exclusively overseas due to it’s shocking and perverse content.

Samantha knew nothing of this facade and was not the prying type. She had
her own studies to worry about in addition to her social life with Ted.
Already Ted had managed to wean her away from her family and friends. She
was completely devoted to him and loved him tremendously. It was only on
special occasions that she ever saw her family, and to their dismay she was

almost always accompanied by Ted whenever she did manage to visit Rhode
Island. The two seemed inseparable – except when Ted went away to New York
by himself, in which case she spent her time studying or catching up with
old friends. It was the only time she ever contacted them.

Her life would begin to change rather soon. Ted had made up his mind that
he had gained her complete and total trust. After conferring with his
fellow “business men” in the sex industry, he decided it was time to change

Samantha into something more desirable. All he needed was an angle to get
the ball rolling. The idea finally came in the form of an invitation to an
exclusive club party that Ted was a part of. Ted knew that deep down
inside, Samantha loved it when guys paid attention to her. She made it a
point to let him know that although she wasn’t in the least bit concerned
about how she looked, like most women, her intelligence was not enough and
it seemed to hinder her ability to attract attention from men in general.
Though she made every attempt to hide it, she still yearned to look
beautiful and be desired universally. Ted saw through her facade rather
easily. He knew women inside out and was rather gifted at finding their
emotional weaknesses rather quickly. Samantha was no exception. And she
would soon learn (perhaps painfully) that Ted was the smarter of the two –
by a narrow margin admittedly, and would soon succumb to his every wish.

“Honey I’m almost ready!” Samantha shouted from the bathroom.

She was in the middle of combing her hair and applying her favorite
perfume. Samantha couldn’t wait. The trip to New York had been a long one,
but Ted did most of the driving. In addition, they had arrived in the late
afternoon which allowed them time to take a nap. She was definitely excited

about the prospect of meeting Ted’s business associates for the first time.

In addition, she was anxious to see all her modeling work come to fruition
in the form of a gorgeous photo spread in one of their recent magazines.
Ted had used this angle as bate to get her to come to New York with him.
Samantha was falling for it quite nicely as planned. Ted smiled to himself
as he took a drag on his cigarette and waited for her in the main corridor
of their hotel room. His cock began to bulge outward at the inevitable
prospect of the changes that would soon occur in Samantha – wanted or
otherwise. The thought of her dull looking hair changing from dark brown to

a more desirable color invigorated his evil penis to the max. Thank
goodness he was wearing briefs underneath his trousers, otherwise he’d be
pitching a tent so to speak.

Samantha exited the bathroom looking true to form well dressed in a dark
blue dress yet very conservative in appearance giving absolutely no hint of

sex appeal for the enjoyment of the opposite gender. Ted took a good hard
look at her ass when she walked by him to the closet. It was too slender.
Ted wasn’t the type that liked large plump women, but he preferred his
women to be somewhat shapely – though with an overall slender figure. He
simply adored big breasts and couldn’t wait for that aspect to inevitably
change in Samantha’s life. Her breasts were big enough, but he wanted them
larger. The meeting was in 45 minutes, and Samantha would be the main
attraction. Though misogynistic in nature, his fellow “business” associates

were fair in their approach toward women whom they sought to convert not
only in front of the camera, but in real life. As always, the initial
meeting would be softcore. They were sure to ask Samantha to pose in
somewhat lewd positions in a polite manner. If the meeting became strenuous

or acrimonious, the men were sure to become verbally abrupt with her. If
that approach didn’t work, a forced submission would soon follow coupled
with drugs and mental therapy. The physical makeover occurred only after
the mental changes took place.

Samantha had no clue of what was in store for her at this supposed meeting.

She assumed that the men were going to congratulate her on her fine
modeling job and shower her with attention – which she secretly liked. She
couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of some of her fashion photo spreads. “How
do I look hun?” she asked innocently.

“Just fine my dear.” Ted lied.

She had a long way to go before she even came close to looking fine in his
eyes. Too smart, too intelligent, too brunette looking. Her boobs needed a
makeover as well. In all honesty, Samantha didn’t look or act slutty
enough. But when the next week was over, that would all change. In fact,
Samantha wouldn’t even have to put on an act to please him through
role-playing. She would actually BE his trashy blonde dream. It was all in
the cards and the way he played them. If done correctly, Samantha wouldn’t
have to submit to such cruel misogynistic measures, she may actually WANT
to be changed and converted – if for no other reason than her strong love
and passion for him. Still, it seemed this was only a remote possibility
given her intense desire to become a well educated woman and law worker.
Only time would tell, and the clock was ticking toward this much
anticipated meeting at the “studio.”

Samantha detected a rather subtle change in Ted’s behavior as they drove to

the meeting place. He was quiet most of the time, and when she asked him
questions he gave short abrupt answers.

“Is anything wrong dear?” she asked him trying to smile and be cheerful.

“Not at all darling……just trying to focus on the road.” Ted replied

Samantha could take the hint that he didn’t want to converse any further so

she stayed quiet the rest of the way. She chalked this up to him being
nervous about introducing her for the first time to his business associates

at the studio. She was partially correct. Ted was nervous, but only about
her initial reaction to some of the “requests” his fellow associates were
certain to make. Samantha had never done any sort of “revealing” modeling
in her life. Only small hints of cleavage here and there, but nothing
serious. That would soon change – whether she liked it or not.

They pulled up in front of a large house near the outskirts of the city. It

was dark and breezy outside and there was only a small glimmer of light
from inside the house – presumably from the main living room. The only sign

that the house was occupied was the long line of cars and mini-vans parked
out front.

Ted offered his hand to Samantha and she clasped it confidently. Her heart
was pounding with excitement and she wished she had checked herself one
last time in front of the dash board mirror to make sure she looked perfect

for the occasion. Ted lead her up the walk way to the large front porch
that was covered with large oak boards. Apparently whoever owned the
establishment was quite wealthy and had a taste for the Victorian era.
There were hints of 19th century decorum in and around the house.

Ted gave the door a simple thud with the knocker. Presently the large
Victorian door was opened by a huge man who was built like a bodyguard. He
looked like one too – though with an upscale appearance. His was donned in
a standard black tuxedo and wore his long dark hair back in a single
pigtail. Samantha correctly surmised that he was about Ted’s age give or
take a year. “Come in. We’ve been expecting you.” said the man in a deep
baritone voice that commanded respect.

Ted nodded silently and lead Samantha into the main hall.

“Your jacket please.” said the man staring lewdly at Samantha.

She smiled uncomfortably and handed the man her overcoat. It was clear that

he had no interest in conversing much and this made her a bit nervous. She
peered down the hall and caught a glimpse of a two main doors that were
ajar with a hint of light escaping the room. The sound of men conversing
was very distinctive and she could pick out signs of laughter.

`At least those people are in a better mood than this walking stiff.’ she
thought to herself as Ted finished speaking with the tall man.

Samantha cursed herself for not listening to Ted’s brief comments to the
guard. She liked being aware of everything that was going on around her.
After all, she was that type of girl – for now.

Ted turned to her and took her by the arm.

“C’mon darling. I’ll introduce you to some of my associates.” said Ted in a

mild mannered voice.

He was being careful not to create any feelings of uncertainty on his
wife’s part. Samantha took his arm and followed him down the elaborate
hallway toward the room with the open doors. When they entered, Samantha
was greeted by a site that she wasn’t quite expecting. Sitting around the
room was a group of seedy looking middle aged men wearing cheap business
suits. They were smoking cigars and filling the room with such a fog of
smoke that she had to fight to keep from gasping for air. These were
definitely not the types of men she was expecting to meet. At least the
guard at the door had the decency to wear a tux, but now it appeared that
it was merely for show. Maybe the owner of this establishment wasn’t quite
wealthy at all. If he was, it didn’t show from the looks of the attire and
characters in this room.

Samantha turned to Ted and looked him in the eye.

“Are these really the men you wanted me to meet?” she asked innocently
trying not to choke on the cigar smoke.

“Yes darling. The are the gentleman who wish to meet you.” he replied.
“Gentleman this is my wife Samantha. She is here to show us some of her
modeling techniques.”

Ted’s statement caught Samantha off guard. She wasn’t prepared to do any
modeling. Even if she was, she wasn’t properly dressed for such an
occasion. The original idea was to meet the men that worked with her
husband and to view some of her previous photo spreads – not model for

Samantha looked more closely around the room trying to take in all her
surroundings through all the thick smoke. There wasn’t a single woman in
the room – much less the establishment.

“I don’t know about this Ted.” she began. “We didn’t talk about this.”

“It will be all right dear.” replied Ted reassuringly. “These gentleman
just want to admire your beauty and talent. If you impress them, it could
lead to bigger and better things for you.”

“But I’m studying to be a lawyer – not a model.” she protested.

“Of course you are my dear.” stated one of the larger men at the head of
the long table.

Samantha was a bit startled by this. She did not know this man and they had

not been properly introduced. As if reading her mind, the man got up and
walked over to her holding his hand out.

“Let me introduce myself.” he began. “My name is Mr. Willis. I am the
executive editor of our… magazine. Please have a seat and relax,

Ted and I have a proposal for you.”

Samantha thought about this for a moment. The man seemed a bit rough around

the edges, but he appeared to be sincere. She glanced over at Ted again. He

nodded his head in approval, apparently everything was fine. Mr. Willis
held out a chair and motioned for her to sit down. As if to lead her on,
Ted walked over to an adjacent chair and sat down. He turned and gave her a

fake – yet undetectable smile.

“It’s all right darling, they’re just curious about you and want to know
you better.”

“OK.” replied Samantha taking another look at the shady men sitting around
the long oak table. There were about eleven of them in all – counting Mr.
Willis. She tentatively took her seat and looked up at Mr. Willis.

“Thank you my dear.” said Mr. Willis as he reclaimed his seat at the far
end of the table and took a short drag on his half smoked cigar. “Your
husband tells us you are quite a gorgeous woman.”

Samantha looked at Mr. Willis curiously. She hadn’t quite expected this
remark so early in the conversation. However she dismissed it as all part
of the modeling lingo.

“Thank you Mr. Willis.” she replied shyly trying to sound confident.

Ted knew this routine rather well. It was the redundant – yet reliable ploy

of seducing a woman through compliments and praise. It almost always
worked, and it served the purpose of loosening up a woman to more personal
and direct “compliments” later in the conversation. Still he had his
doubts. Samantha was much more intelligent than most of the broads that
were brought into this very room. She might see through Mr. Willis’s
facade. Then again, she might not. It all depended on how Mr. Willis chose
his words.

For his part, Mr. Willis was a pro at the con game and it showed in his
next move. He properly introduced Samantha to the rest of the men in the
room one at a time. The other men gave her brief nods but said very little.

They were smart enough to follow Mr. Willis’s lead.

Alexander was another sly man in the group who was one of Mr. Willis’s
closest associates. He was highly intelligent as well, but he knew when to
yield to his boss. Alexander was also one of the more sadistical men in the

bunch. He got off on burning cigarette butts on women’s arms and legs. This

was rather extreme, but Mr. Willis kept him around because of his shrewd
business sense and keen understanding of a woman’s psychology. Alexander
had indeed done his homework on the subject having studied at a prestigious

university in England. He was also heavily into medicine and drug
experimentation and it’s various effects on the chemistry of the human
body. Having no where to go to apply is knowledge in tandem with his
fetish, he sought out Mr. Willis’s special men’s club having read about it
in one of the magazines. He had traveled far, but the salary that Mr.
Willis provided him combined with the luxury of abusing the models was well

worth the investment in time and travel expenses.

“Please understand Samantha. We have admired you from afar thanks to Ted’s
generous photos of you. You model the clothing quite well and we are
interested in helping you out financially to further your education in law
school.” continued Mr. Willis tactfully.

Ted could see Samantha perk up visibly when she heard this. Mr. Willis was
indeed as cunning as they came. Maybe seducing his annoying cunt for a wife

wouldn’t be so hard after all. “I’m sure that you wouldn’t mind making a
few thousand dollars would you Samantha?” asked Mr. Willis.

Samantha couldn’t believe her ears. `Did he say THOUSAND???’ she thought to

herself. Samantha had never possessed so much money at one time – except
over a period of months and usually with Ted’s or her parent’s help with
school matters only.

“Oh my gosh….sure!” she stated quickly collecting her thoughts.

“Good.” replied the cunning porn executive. “Then you don’t mind if we ask
you to make a few….er….changes. Perhaps in your style and appearance.”

“What kind of changes do you expect Mr. Willis?” she asked curiously.

“Well….” began Mr. Willis eyeing her carefully. “My associates and I have

picked out a special outfit for you to try on this evening. I’m sure it
will fit quite comfortably with your magnificent figure.”

Ted knew that Mr. Willis was lying. He despised Samantha’s conservative
appearance as much as he did. But the conversation and turn of events was
definitely heading in the right direction. Samantha still had the money
offer fresh in her mind and seemed very enthusiastic about doing what was
asked of her.

“Sure….I guess so. Would you like me to model it for you and Ted in
private?” she asked timidly.

“Why no my dear.” Mr. Willis stated matter-of-factly. “We’d ALL like to see

you in it. You’re surrounded by fans – right men?”

Mr. Willis winked at his crooked business associates. He could see the
naked lust in their eyes as they stared at their new prize – soon to be
made into a complete and total slut.

“What type of outfit did you have in mind?” asked Samantha nervously.

She didn’t like the idea of modeling an outfit in front of a bunch of
strangers. Modeling for Ted was one thing, but she barely knew any of these

men outside of what Ted had described of them. Still, the outfits she had
modeled for Ted were not that revealing, and so it was with this in mind
that Samantha accepted the money offer and the bag of clothing that Mr.
Willis held out for her.

“Where should I change?” she asked timidly.

“Go back out into the main hall and make a left, there will be a powder
room down the hall. You shall use that facility while we wait.” said Mr.
Willis eyeing her up one last time before giving the nod to the guard to
escort her out.

Samantha followed the tall burly man out into the main hall and he led her
to the changing room. When she entered and closed the door, she was amazed
at how fancy the room was. The room was surrounded with mirrors on all
sides and was equipped with a large hot tub, toilet, and marble sink with
several cabinets. Little did the cunt know that she was being watched from
a see-through mirror located in the rear of the room. Indeed, Mr. Willis
and his fellow associates were huddled on the other side of the wall in a
separate room adjacent to the conference room they had just left. They
would be able to see Samantha and all her treasures quite easily from their

vantage point.

Samantha withdrew the modeling attire from the bag and was stunned
outright. The outfit she had been given by Mr. Willis consisted of a very
skimpy cherry red mini-skirt. It was of the shiny latex variety and looked
outright slutty. The bag also contained a pair of black fishnet nylons
complete with garter and suspenders. The suspenders were to be attached to
a pair of crotchless black panties of the silk variety. To cap all of this
off, she detected the cherry red lipstick and black eye shadow enclosed in
the bag.

`No fuckin’ way I’m wearing this for these creeps. Who do they think I am
anyway – a cheap prostitute?’ she thought to herself as she put the
contents back in the bag and headed for the door.

Samantha didn’t know who she was more angry with Mr. Willis and his
associates, or Ted – her beloved husband who would allow such an atrocity
to happen in front of all those filthy men.

Behind the mirror, the men shuffled back to the conference room shaking
their heads. This woman would require more than just a little money and
prodding to do their bidding. They were seated back in their chairs just as

Samantha entered with an angry look on her face.

“You can’t possibly expect me to wear this outrageous outfit!” she stated
coldly to Mr. Willis.

“On the contrary Samantha, we certainly can – and you WILL.” replied the
cunning executive.

“Like hell I will!” blurted Samantha feeling even more uneasy. “Ted, I want

to leave this establishment right now!”

“You realize that Ted will no longer fund your education if you leave.”
said Mr. Willis flatly.

Samantha’s mouth dropped open in astonishment. She relied on Ted for almost

every penny now-a-days to get through school. This couldn’t possible be
true. She turned and looked at her husband questioningly. From the look on
his face she knew right away that it was true. Ted was indeed in on this
filthy scheme just like the rest of these bastards. Feeling betrayed and
horrified at this shocking revelation, Samantha burst into tears and flung
her arms out and clung to her husband desperately.

“Say it isn’t so Ted….(sniffle)……say that it isn’t true and I’ll
believe you….we…we can put this behind us Ted.” Samantha whimpered

“I’m afraid it is true darling.” Ted began. “All we are asking is for your
cooperation. It won’t be so bad once you get used to it.”

“But I don’t want to do it Ted…..(whimper)….it’s so….so shameful….”

cried Samantha.

Mr. Willis nodded his head at Ted and winked. Ted looked down at his young
wife and his voice became much firmer.

“You will do this for us or you will lose everything – perhaps even your

Samantha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her husband was not only
threatening her well being, but her family as well!

“You wouldn’t dare you bastard!” she cried out loudly as she began pounding

her fists in futility on her husband’s chest.

“I’m afraid so Samantha.” Ted began. “We have powerful connections to the
mob. You will obey, or bad things will happen not only to you – but your
family as well.”

“It’s quite simple really.” Alexander chimed in. “You obey us, and
everything will be all right. If not…..”

The sadist let his voice trail off. He didn’t need to restate the threat

Samantha knew she was trapped. She couldn’t possibly continue on with
school without Ted’s support. More importantly, she didn’t want anything
bad to happen to her family. Besides, it was only a little bit of modeling.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

“OK…..(sniffle)……I……I guess I’ll…….I’ll do it….” Samantha
murmured softly into Ted’s chest hoping in vain that no one else would hear


Ted was not the husband she married, and the shock of this was still too
much for her to bare. She continued sobbing on his shoulder because she had

no where else to turn. The thought of being wrapped in the arms of a total
fake and creep nauseated her to no end, but she had no where else to go. In

anger, she managed to stammer her last words of disobedience to Ted.

“You creep! You’re a sicko just like the rest of these jerks!” she blurted
out between tears.

“Maybe so…” said Ted. “But you’ll think differently after a while.”

Samantha didn’t quite know exactly what he meant. But she would soon find

“Now my dear….” said Mr. Willis in a soothing voice. “Why don’t you take
that nice little bag and make your way to the ladies room again for us.
We’re anxious to have a good look at you.”

Samantha winced at his sarcastic kindness. She shot him and icy glare, but
she obeyed him and picked up the bag. The huge guard put a strong hand on
her shoulder – as if to remind her how puny her attempts to escape would
be. Slowly he guided her out of the conference room and ushered her down
the hall toward the first step in her destiny as a new woman.

The men sat in their posh leather chairs laughing, joking, and smoking
their expensive Cuban cigars. Their jokes consisted of house wife treatment

and torment as well as dumb blonde humor. They all shared one thing in
common – their disdain for women and their view of them as mere animals
bread solely for the purpose of male sexual pleasure and servitude.

When the large oak doors of the conference room opened again, they were
greeted by the stunning figure of Ted’s wife – Samantha. The shiny red
latex min-skirt rose all the way up her fishnet clad thighs revealing a
hint of her black silk underwear with a hole in the crotch (a part they
couldn’t quite see just yet). The guard had given her a pair of slutty 6
inch high heels to start out and they made a sharp clicking noise whenever
she walked. Her face was lightly made up with black eye liner and her lips
were adorned with red lipstick of the bright “slut” red variety. She had
obviously stinted on the makeup applying as little as possible, but the men

didn’t seem to mind – at least not initially. The only other fault with her

physical appearance was her natural hair color and breast size. All the
gentlemen in the room preferred blondes – particularly platinum blondes
with big boobs and small brains. However these problems would soon be
addressed in conjunction with drugs and attitude conditioning (the latter
of which would take a little more time). Despite all this, Samantha still
looked astonishingly beautiful (albeit in a slutty way) and almost
immediately grabbed their attention. However the look on her face suggested

an aura of tension and guilt – a complete turn off to most of the men in
the room save for Alexander – who preferred his women to appear upset with

“Come closer to the table Samantha. We want to see you in the light.”
commanded Mr. Willis.

Samantha said nothing as she stepped forward timidly in her high heals. She

felt extremely uncomfortable in these shoes and even worse, she felt very
vulnerable and exposed. The slutty high heals made their customary
“click….clack….click” noise on the oak floor as Samantha came to within

a few feet of the table. Mr. Willis winked at the other men. As if on cue,
the men began removing their ashtrays and brief cases from the table –
clearing space for their new prize model.

“Climb up on the table sweetie and stand upright like a good girl…..I’m
sure you want to give us a good show.” continued Mr. Willis.

Samantha hesitated and began to sob. She felt extremely embarrassed.

“I think we need to help her out a bit.” said Ted as he motioned to
Alexander’s briefcase on the floor.

Alexander hoisted his briefcase on the table and opened it. Within short
order he withdrew a sterile needle and a small bottle of serum.

“W….what are you doing?” asked Samantha trying to hide her growing fear.

“Were going to give you a little something to help you relax darling.” said

Mr. Willis. “Don’t worry. It will only hurt for a second.”

“N….no… please….I……I can’t…” stammered Samantha backing
away from the table.

She was immediately greeted by the firm hand of the guard once again. This
time he gripped her shoulder a little more firmly.

“Please don’t make this difficult darling.” said Ted. “We want this to be
an enjoyable experience for you.”

“He’s right Samantha.” said Alexander filling the needle with a clear white

serum. “We’re just going to help you relax a little bit more than usual.”

Samantha could hear the other men chuckling to themselves. She bit her lip
in fear. What were these men going to do to her? Samantha didn’t like the
idea of having her mind or thoughts altered in anyway, but it seemed she
had little choice – especially with the firm hand of the burly guard
pinching an exposed nerve in her shoulder. He was obviously an expert at
special holds and nerve damage – probably a black belt in something.

Alexander walked over to her holding the needle in his right hand. The
guard gripped Samantha firmly. Any movement by Samantha would probably have

resulted in a great deal of pain – especially with the way he was gripping
her arm and shoulder.

“Hold still darling.” said Alexander with a wicked grin on his sadistic
face. “This will make you more….shall we say….susceptible to our

“Just try and relax Samantha….we know you’ll soon enjoy modeling for us.”

said one of the other men.

Samantha knew nothing of the serum that was slowly and painfully being
injected into her vain. Alexander could have done it more quickly and
painlessly but he enjoyed watching Samantha squirm in agony. The fluid he
was giving her was indeed a mind sedative – it was designed strictly to
bring about an aura of light headed feelings. Though her attitude would
still remain relatively the same in terms of embarrassment and shame,
Samantha would be much more relaxed and receptive to the men’s demands.

The burly guard held Samantha firmly as the menacing liquid was slowly and
methodically deposited into her soft waiting arm. The stench of the serum
was quite strong and Samantha wrinkled her nose at the smell of it. After
the ordeal was over, she was guided onto the conference table and told to
lay on her back for a while until the drug took effect.

“It’s OK baby.” soothed Ted. “In just a few minutes you can resume posing
for us.”

“Uhhhnnnn…..n….nooooo…..” whimpered Samantha as she began to feel
light headed and slightly dizzy.

The rest of the men stared at their new prize intently observing everything

from her slight body movements to her facial expressions. Within minutes
the men soon observed a dull listless gaze come forth from Samantha’s eyes.

She was fully coherent, however she possessed neither the drive nor the
will to put up much of a fuss against their wishes.

“Stand up on the table Samantha.” commanded Mr. Willis firmly. “It’s time
for you to show us what makes a woman so special.” laughter from the other

Almost as if she were sleepwalking, Samantha stood up on her slutty high
heals and walked across the oak table. The men guided her to the center
beneath the bright light and began glaring at her slutty attire. They
observed the outline of her breasts as they pushed outward against the
shiny red latex mini-dress. They were also afforded an excellent view of
her crotchless panties underneath her short skirt.

“Turn around slowly my dear.” continued Mr. Willis. “Show us that nice ass
of yours.”

Samantha turned around slowly – rewarding the men with an excellent view of

her soft bottom. It was partially exposed due to the shortness of the
mini-dress she was wearing. She did indeed look like a cheap hooker on

“Now Samantha, we want you to unhook the left shoulder strap of your
mini-dress so that we can see part of your tit. Go slowly my dear. We have
all the time in the world and we just love a strip tease from a tasty
little slut like you. Don’t we men?”

The other men chuckled and nodded their heads in unison. The total
degradation and humiliation of this poor woman was enough to drive them
over the edge of ecstasy. Samantha blushed with embarrassment. Slowly she
undid the left shoulder strap and let the top of her dress drop clumsily to

reveal a partial – yet appetizing amount of her soft white cleavage. She
was definitely a prize to behold indeed.

“Pull it down a little further.” continued Mr. Willis. “Let’s have a closer

look at that sweet boob of yours.”

Samantha did as she was instructed – clumsily fiddling with the strap in an

attempt to pull the upper part of the latex dress down further to expose
her soft booby. When it was fully revealed, the business men caught a nice
glimpse of her dark brown aureole and pouting nipple. Samantha’s face
turned pink with embarrassment. These men were truly bent of fully exposing

her for their perverse pleasure and sexual gratification. This was not
modeling. It was pure humiliation.

“Now the other side darling.” said Ted following Mr. Willis’s lead.

Samantha looked at him dreamily. The medicine Alexander had given her was
now reaching it’s maximum effect. Slowly she undid the other shoulder strap

of the slutty dress and let it slide down clumsily. Now both of her soft
boobies were in full view of the leering men.

“I’ll bet she wants to show her pussy hole for us boss.” said one of the

“Of course she does.” answered Mr. Willis. “She’s going to learn to enjoy
exposing her slutty body for us. Aren’t you my dear.”

Samantha didn’t know how to answer. Her mind was fuzzy from the effects of
the drug she had been given. Soon she was instructed to squeeze her boobs
together and smile while Mr. Willis took a few pictures.

“Lie on your back whore!” commanded Alexander. “We want to see your pink
bimbo hole.”

“Yeah. Show us your trashy crotchless panties.” said another.

Samantha blushed even more, but she was too out of it to resist their

“Do as he says my dear.” soothed Mr. Willis as he continued to snap some
more pictures. “Show us what a dumb woman you can be….spread your filthy
legs….that’s a good bitch.”

Samantha lay on her back with both of her shoulder straps down. The table
was cold and unforgiving and very uncomfortable. The men obviously didn’t
care about this annoyance. They wanted to see her womanly treasure.
Hesitantly she moved her fingers down to the crotch of her dress and hiked
it up further exposing her silk black panties. The panties were extremely
slutty in nature and revealed all of her cunt to the men.

“Hold your legs up and keep them together my dear.” said Ted. “Mr. Willis
wants to take a few shots of your stupid piss hole.”

“Good girl Samantha.” added Mr. Willis. “You’re behaving quite nicely for

“Just wait till we give her the `slut’ makeover boss.” said one of the men
taking a long drag on his cigar and fondling his prick with his other hand.

“Indeed.” replied Mr. Willis snapping some pictures of her exposed twat.
“She’ll make a fine woman soon.”

“And a fine wife.” Ted added winking to the other men.

Samantha nearly burst into tears, but her emotions were kept in check by
the intoxicating medicine. She was to become a slave to Ted and the rest of

his cronies. The thought of becoming a simple minded bimbo was indeed
revolting, and she fought to get her thoughts back into focus in hopes of
escaping – damned the big guard. However the drug was too strong. Too
powerful. Alexander had indeed done his homework on the female mind.

“Pull your pussy lips apart for us dear.” said Mr. Willis.

“Yeah.” said another man. “Show us were you make tinkle.” more laughter

Samantha managed a small – yet barely noticeable grown. Slowly she pulled
her puffy vaginal lips apart and gave the middle aged men the show they had

all been waiting for – the inside of her precious cunt.

“Oh that’s soooo pretty Samantha.” said Mr. Willis snapping several more
pictures. “Give a nice little smile…..that’s a good girl….now give us a

wink….you want to please us don’t you my darling.”

Something inside Samantha gave way and she moaned her response.

`WHAT AM I DOING???’ she thought to herself as the moan escaped her slutty

The drug was indeed taking it’s toll on her will. Samantha felt as if she
were drunk. The room became a slight blur. She could barely make out the
faces of the dirty old men around the room – much less stand up again.

“I think she’s almost out.” said Alexander. “We’d better prepare her for
surgery. Did you call Dr. Andrews?”

“Yes I did.” replied Mr. Willis finishing the last role of film.
“Unfortunately he will not be here until tomorrow. We’ll have to put her to

bed in our special quarters. I’m sure Ted will make the necessary
arrangements for her stay here.”

“Sure boss.” said Ted. “I’m sure everything will go smoothly if we keep her

nice and sedated.”

“Leave that to me.” Alexander cut in. “I’ve personally worked with Dr.
Andrews on many of these cases. She’ll be your perfect blonde tit dream
within a matter of days.”

Ted smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait for the completion of his wife’s
transformation. He was so excited at the thought of his wife becoming a
nice docile blonde bimbo that he could barely control the raging hardon in
his dress pants.

Samantha could barely feel Alexander and the burly guard pick her up from
the oak table and carry her out of the conference room. Her mind was
swimming in a sea of haze and utter confusion. She didn’t feel her clothes
being removed once she was brought into her special room. She didn’t feel
them lay her on her back and spread her legs apart. Nor did she feel the
ankle and wrist straps being applied to her on both ends of her luscious
body. Lastly came the blind fold and another injection of sedative from
Alexander’s special kit of medicine. Within moments, she felt herself drift

off into a heavenly blissful sleep – one that she would never wake up from
as a free woman. Indeed, Samantha’s next waking moment would not occur for
several days. Her waist would become much slimmer due to a deliberate lack
of nourishment, and her only access to water would be through an
intravenous tube. She would indeed awaken to a new kind of life – one of
utter submission and simple minded obedience.

When Samantha finally awoke nearly a week later, she was not the same
woman. She opened her eyes and listlessly stared at her surroundings. Her
blindfold had long since been removed to allow for a more intense visual
analysis of her facial expressions and eye movements.

The first thing Samantha noticed about herself was the fullness of her new
mouth and ripe collegian lips. Her breasts had been blown up to triple the
size they were before and they felt rather heavy and uncomfortable at
first. But Samantha didn’t seem to care. She felt extremely light headed
and giggly. Within a few minutes a handsome man in his late thirties
entered the room wearing a white coat – the kind that doctors and surgeons
wore. He leaned over the bed and smiled at his new peace of work.

“Hello princess.” he began. “My name is Dr. Andrews, but you can refer to
me as Master Andrews.

Samantha had forgotten a great deal of her former vocabulary, but she still

understood basic simple terms in English. However the handsome Master
seemed to be talking too fast for her to comprehend, so she merely giggled
and smiled at him.

“I must be talking too fast for you my stupid little cunt.” he continued.
“That’s OK. We don’t like sweet little tarts like you to talk too much
anyway. Your lips are now built for slurping and sucking – just like a cute

little infant.”

Samantha smiled and giggled again.

“hee hee……sl….slurpy….sucky……mmmmm.” she moaned trying to match

some of his words together.

Hours later, Samantha was fully dressed in “proper” women’s attire and
escorted back to the main mansion. Her outfit consisted of a shiny black
leather collar with silver metal studs that seemed to nearly choke her. She

also wore a trashy black latex halter top with giant holes where each of
her surgically enhanced breasts jutted outward invitingly. Her naval was
pierced and adorned with cheap looking silver rings and a tattoo was
located below the base which read “ANAL WHORE.” Just below that a was a
shiny black latex mini-dress which fit tightly around her newly enhanced
waist line which accentuated her slutty bottom – which in turn was
practically fully exposed to anyone who wanted a peek. Her asshole had been

widened considerably to allow for several dicks to enter at once – or even
a large object of the men’s choosing. Her vaginal lips had been permanently

pried open by several silver ring studs that were placed on either side of
her labia to allow for maximum usage of one (or more) large cocks. She wore

no panties of any sort and was clad only in trashy black latex boots that
went all the way up to the middle of her knees which permitted only a
minimal amount of bending. The boots were adorned with 10′ inch spiked high

heals which made her lean uncomfortably on her tip toes at all times. The
heels also served to make her walk “properly” and obediently. In addition,
the heels also served as an open advertisement to anyone within ear shot
that a super slut / hooker was coming in their direction.

Samantha’s face and hair were also a dream to behold. Her hair was
permanently dyed platinum blonde and hung down her shoulders in a straight
– yet slightly ragged fashion. Dr. Andrews had deliberately given her hair
the appearance that it hadn’t been washed or bathed in a considerable
amount of time. To top off the sleazy bimbo look, Samantha’s face was
loaded with slutty makeup – complete with shiny cherry red lipstick which
gave her new collegian lips a sort of pouty / inviting appearance that
commanded the storage of one (or more) cocks at once. Her dull listless
eyes where smeared with slutty black eye liner and mascara. Her cheek bones

had also been raised slightly to give a more pleasing appearance. To
complete the transformation, Samantha was given a large wad of bubble gum
to chew on to create the credible appearance of a teenybopper groupie.

“Hello Ted.” greeted Dr. Andrews as he entered the main lounge. “I brought
someone here to see you.”

When Ted looked up he was greeted with the sound of clicking high heals and

the appearance of his perfect blonde bimbo dream. When he looked his new
wife in the eyes he searched for any possible hint of intelligence or
reminder of her once bright past but found only a dreamy eyed vacant look.

“Hello Samantha.” he said trying to control the bulge in his trousers and
the lustful urge in his voice.

The only response he received was an extremely high pitched giggle and the
growth of a huge pink bubble expanding out of her enlarged cock sucking


Samantha swayed sluttishly from side to side with a hand on her hip and a
dreamy air-headed expression on her cheaply made up face.

“We have chosen you to be the first recipient of Samantha’s outgoing
personality and special talents.” began Dr. Andrews. “I think you will find

your new wife quite accommodating and generous with her time and cheerful

“I’ll bet I will.” said Ted as he stood up to shake the doctor’s hand and
show him to the door of the lounge.

The other executives were out doing some film preparations in anticipation
of Samantha’s first screening appearance. When Ted was alone with Samantha,

he took one last look at his former wife. Then he lost all respect for her
(what little he had in the first place anyway). He came up behind the
giggling tart and wrap his arms around her newly formed torso. Lustfully
his large hands found their way up to her huge tits and began tweaking the
nipples harshly until they were beat red and sore. Samantha managed a few
uncomfortable squeals, but giggled and popped her bubble gum for the most
part and swayed dreamily in his sadistic arms. Ted licked her ear and took
a whiff of her cheap perfume – the kind most bimbos wore to impress men of
his stature. Only this time it was different. Samantha know longer cared
about money – much less knew much about it. She merely wanted to please her

Master(s) and behave like a proper woman. She wanted to wrap her brand new
pouty red lips around his swollen cock and deep throat him. For the first
time, she wanted to know what sperm really tasted like. Of course coming
out of a “God” like Ted, it would be one of the most pleasing experience’s
in her life and one she would aspire to each and every time she was with
her husband / Master.

Ted reached greedily under her micro-mini latex skirt and fondled her
sopping wet cunt which had been widened considerably by the metallic ring
studs adjoined on either side of her swollen labia. Samantha giggled and
flung her hair back in slutty fashion as she swayed from side to side in
Ted’s evil arms. Ted wasted no time in testing Samantha’s vaginal limits –
expanding her cunt with several fingers at once. In and out he mushed his
fingers coating them with thick creamy slut goo.

“Open your stupid mouth Samantha.” he commanded harshly. “Let’s add some
special flavor to that wad of bimbo gum you’re so fond of chewing.”

Samantha obeyed her Master graciously and rolled her eyes in slutty
fashion. Her mouth popped open and was instantly greeted by several smelly
fingers jammed menacingly into her waiting mouth. For the first time,
Samantha tasted her pussy juice and was instantly hooked on the salty taste

of vaginal cream and stale urine.

“Oooooohhhhh………mmmmmmmm….” the bimbo moaned as she tasted the
shameful bodily fluids in her stupid inviting mouth.

“That’s a girl sweetie…..just suck and slurp like a professional whore.”
said Ted soothingly in her ear. “That’s going to be your new role in life.
Pleasing and obeying all kinds of perverted men. Men like me.”

Samantha felt herself falling in love with Ted all over again. But this
time there were no strings or contingencies attached. No money involved or
desired. She just wanted to please him over and over again. Her every
waking moment would be spent wondering where he was and wishing she was
with him or one of his associates. She would find herself hoping to find
new and incredible ways to earn their admiration and adoration – perhaps in

the form of simple daily chores – ones that weren’t too difficult for her
to comprehend or carry out.

Ted removed his sticky fingers from her mouth. Samantha had performed her
first “duty” admirably. She had cleaned the salty residue from his fingers
thoroughly and was awaiting her next opportunity to please him and show him

what a “good girl” she was.

“Now Samantha, I want you to kneel down as best you can and open your mouth

for me.” commanded Ted in a firm voice.

Samantha obeyed. Slowly she went to her knees despite the restrictive knee
high boots and opened her ripe red lips. Ted unzipped his trousers and
pulled out his fat throbber. It looked enormous to Samantha – having
forgotten what he looked like in the past. Ted aimed the evil snake at her
waiting slut mouth and brushed the smelly tip against her swollen lips.


Samantha began to suck on the thick fat cock that was impaling her sweet
stupid mouth. Within moments she began to slobber all over the oak floor of

the lounge. Piles of slutty drool escaped her retarded cunt of a mouth and
formed a slimy pool below her latex covered knees. Her nipples remained
quite red and swollen from Ted’s harsh pinching and were now quite
sensitive to touch. Her titties bobbed slightly up and down in little
jiggles as her mouth became a human receptacle for Ted’s swollen man tool.

“Oh yeah!” gasped Ted as he mashed her blonde head to his sweaty crotch
with both of his powerful hands. “You’re such a goooood girl……what a
willing sweetheart…..such and obedient bimbo slave.”


Samantha rolled her slutty eyes up at her new husband Master in search of a

hint of admiration and appreciation – just like a stupid clumsy dog waiting

to be petted in all the right places. Her tongue rolled and slithered up
and down the shaft of his thick penis just like a professional hooker. She
wanted to bathe him in blissful glory and show him how much his Godly
presence meant to her. She worshipped him with all her heart and tiny
little mind and wanted so badly for him to bless her with his manly cream.

In and out the cock went. The thick piece of male lard mashed itself
against the back of her slutty throat in search of her tonsils. Amazingly
Samantha only choked and sputtered a few times, but soon she would get used

to this type of harsh degrading treatment. Ted could already tell that she
had been “fixed” properly and was already learning the sweet and painful
rewards of pleasing a man in all those “special” ways.

Indeed, Samantha was learning to enjoy this sort of treatment from a man.
She would soon look forward to the blessings of pain that Alexander had in
store for her white trash body. She wouldn’t mind being used in any way at
all as long as it brought pleasure to her Masters. At this point, Samantha
would only come to know of her most frequent reward. It came in the form of

a huge volcanic blast of filthy goop all over the inside of her sweet dirty

mouth. Ted had unleashed a monstrous load of semen inside her swollen lips
and it spilled over onto her tonsils. Some of the squishy cream seeped out
of Samantha’s mouth and onto her shiny latex halter top. Little globs of
filthy cream oozed onto her swaying boobies and dribbled onto the oak floor

below. Some of the cream oozed out in small rivulets and dribbled down her
trashy chin. The thick salty cream coated her mouth and she immediately
began to swallow what was left of it. The ugly jizz slithered down her
worthless throat and coated her stomach. Ted looked down at her sleazy
makeup and her vacant dim-witted eyes. They were lifeless and her thoughts
were filled with nothing but candy cotton air. She was now just a worthless

smelly whore from head to toe. Samantha stared up at him in desperate
search of approval from her lord.

As she was staring up at him, something slithered out of her Master’s mouth

and splashed against her left eyebrow. Ted was spitting on her. Oh how
wonderful! She just knew that he liked her! She smiled up at him as more
spit poured down on her messy face. She was pleasing him! And soon she
would be the most popular girl with all of her Master’s friends. She just
couldn’t wait for her new husband to introduce her to his fellow
associates. Her Master’s treatment of her made her feel so special and
important. It was indeed a special treat to have a powerful man spit on her

girlish face. Samantha’s feeble mind reckoned that it was probably
extremely rare for any woman to receive such an honor from a God like Ted.

The slimy spit oozed down her nose and mouth and dribbled down her sweet
chin – so prim and proper. Just like a good woman’s chin should always be.
Ted wiped the remaining residue off of his cock using Samantha’s blonde
hair as a towel. Then he ordered the bitch to stand up and follow him to
the main hall. Once there, he ordered her to stand with the guard until the

rest of his entourage arrived and decided what to do with her. Samantha
felt uncomfortable in her high heel boots, but she smiled to herself
knowing full well that she would soon get used to her new uniform. She felt

so proud and sexy in it. She was more than willing to wear anything at all
if it meant pleasing men. For some reason she couldn’t remember or fathom,
she looked down on modern women.

Indeed Dr. Andrews had planted plenty of “new” thoughts in her pea size
brain. One of them was her disdain for her previous life as a law student.
Samantha no longer liked thinking for herself. After all, she was just a
girl. She not only wanted a man to do her thinking for her, she NEEDED a
man to think for her. She just couldn’t help herself anymore. She got
extremely wet in the crotch just thinking about the blessings and rewards
of dependency upon the opposite sex. Her body shuddered and tingled at the
thought of pleasing other men. Their bodily rewards for her were probably
quite numerous and too great to imagine in her simple little mind, but that

didn’t stop her from getting a glowing sense of pride in her new purpose in

life. Dr. Andrews had told her that being a “fuck toy” was the greatest and

most sought after profession among women – only most didn’t know it yet.
Though he vowed to her that this state of affairs among modern day women
would soon change over a period of time, and that she would soon make new
friends with women who were just like her.

“Squeeze your boobs together bitch!” commanded Mr. Willis while several
camera men circled around.

Samantha clutched her breasts and pushed them together with her soft
girlish hands. She was dressed in virtually the same outfit as before save
for one small difference – a bright pink latex halter top. It was the same
style as the previous one however with the holes cut out to expose her
naked tits. They were enormous and they bobbled up and down clumsily
whenever she walked or made sharp movements. They looked like two ripe
melons when she pushed them together.

“Arch your back slut!” commanded another.

Samantha giggled and arched her back for the camera. Her big boobies stood
out even further. Mr. Willis and Alexander took turns pinching tweaking her

nipples as the cameras flashed.

“Turn around and wiggle your stupid ass for us Samantha…..that’s a good

Samantha smiled and shook her luscious bottom. It swayed invitingly from
side to side and looked perfectly proportioned – thanks to Dr. Andrews
cosmetic surgery.

“Now bend over and hike up your mini-skirt for us….we wanna see some REAL

ass!” said Alexander winking at Mr. Willis.

Samantha turned around clumsily on her high heels so that her bottom was
facing the two men. Then she bent down and stuck her ass outward invitingly

giving it a seductive wiggle for the two executives. Then she hiked up her
black latex mini-skirt and pulled down her crotchless panties. She was
extremely damp and some girlie goo dribbled out of her open vagina and onto

the oak floor.

“Isn’t she adorable?” asked Mr. Willis. “Just look at that sweet
butt….spread your ass cheeks for us honey…..that’s a nice girl…

us where your real brain is….that’s it….right inside that slutty little

brown hole of yours.”

Samantha spread her hiney apart so that the men could have a clear view of
her sexy brown anus. It peaked out from between her butt cheeks and winked
at the men. Alexander smiled to himself. Samantha was one of those girls
who had a large brown ring of skin surrounding her anal orifice. Her butt
hole was already partially open due to the surgery she had. It looked ripe
for the picking indeed. Alexander loved anal sex and he didn’t hesitate to
stick a large finger inside her exposed bottom. Menacingly he wiggled it
around inside – coating it with her anal treasures. Mr. Willis smiled to
himself. Today was going to be a big day for Samantha indeed. He watched
intently as Alexander began to stick more fingers inside Samantha.

“Oooooohhhh…….giggle…..” Samantha swooned with anal bliss as she felt

the insides of her bowels expand with each additional finger.

Alexander pulled down his trousers and whipped out his cock. It was
extremely rigid at the thought of the infinite sadistic possibilities he
had with this slut. Mr. Willis did the same in turn. Soon Samantha had two
cock dangling around her and several camera men taking lewd pictures of
her. She was still bent over when she felt Alexander remove his fingers and

replace them with a very stiff penis. Mr. Willis moved to the front of her
and instructed her to “suck.” Within moments, Samantha had a cock in her
mouth and one in her ass. Alexander had no trouble entering her slutty dark

hole. It was already extremely loose – just like a professional whore’s. He

pounded his stiff cock into her ass mercilessly while Mr. Willis drilled
her face with reckless abandon. The two cocks sea sawed in and out of her
open holes until she turned red in the face from so much hard fucking. Then

she was greeted with thick smelly slime entering her body at both ends. The

messy splooge gushed into her trashy orifices like two sewage pumps –
coating her insides with sticky smears of white jizm. Mr. Willis held her
face up with both of his hands and commanded her to let the rest his cum
drool out of her mouth for the camera. It was definitely a ?ite to see.

“Let’s put a camera on her ass men.” he offered. “Perhaps we can have a
good shot of the goop coming out of her bottom.”

Alexander pulled out just in time – commanding Samantha to squeeze what was

left of her anal muscles so that his slime would cum oozing out for the
camera. Samantha obeyed and squeezed hard. The sticky white jizm soon began

to ooze out of her ass and onto the floor below. Picture after picture was
snapped and a video camera was added to the mix. More bright light was
beamed down on her slutty bottom to maximize the effect of the degrading
scene. Samantha remained slumped over with her knees locked together –
smiling and giggling for the men.

`What a stupid fucking whore.’ Mr. Willis thought to himself – Dr. Andrews
had definitely earned his money this time.

When all was said and done, Samantha smelled like a cheap piece of fuck
meat just waiting for another stud to take his turn. And indeed they did –
one right after the other. Each camera man got his turn to fuck her white
trash holes. Some fucked her mouth. Others fucked her pussy. But most of
them enjoyed the pleasure of filling her dark brown poop hole with thick
smelly jizz.

Samantha was in a state of fatigue when all the men finished using her. For

one thing, her legs were extremely tired from staying in a standing
position for so long. For another, her ass and cunt were sore from all the
hardcore drilling she had received from the executives. One thing was
certain, she was definitely going to be the star of a lot of porn movies.
She had indeed been transformed into a “proper woman” as Dr. Andrews had
promised and would soon make an excellent servant wife for her Master /
husband Ted. The best part about the whole arrangement was the fact that
the sleazy porn executives didn’t have to pay her a cent for her time,
energy, or humiliation. She was now a natural – born again slut in the
making. Her first video would soon appear on many shelves in Europe. And,
to the delight of Ted and his partners, the profits would fall right back
into their pockets. So much for law school expenses.

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