Rekam Tuls

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By Archibald

Part 1
Barbara Svenson wondered who might be ringing at her door on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes, she trotted towards the door and opened. In front of her stood a man, around 40, smiling at her. “Miss Svenson? Barbara Svenson?” “Yes”, she mumbled, still half-asleep. “Rekam Tuls from Lortnoc Electronics”, he shook her hand. “Congratulations! You were chosen by Lortnoc Electronics to test our newest high speed internet connection. May I come in? Thank you.” Before she had a chance to refuse, he already had walked past her. “Listen…” she started but he interrupted her. “I know what you want to tell me. Our system is up to 20 times faster than any internet connection you know. You can test it for a full month and it will cost you nothing. All we ask of you, is to be available for a few interviews to gather information on how you used the system and your general experiences and feelings with it. And it takes only one minute to install it. Now, what do you say?” Barbara, desperate to get back to bed, gave in, just to get rid of him. “Okay”, she mumbled and showed him her computer. At least he had been right about the time. Within one minute the installation was complete. “Thank you for your time, Miss Svenson. Don’t be surprised when your computer will show a new start-up screen. It’s part of the program. I’ll see you on Monday for our first interview.” After she had signed the necessary papers he finally left. Barbara Svenson immediately went back to bed.

Rekam Tuls smiled triumphantly while he walked down the doorway. He had been right about her sleeping late on Saturday. Barbara had been so tired, she had simply had no will to withstand. Within this weekend she should be well prepared. Satisfied, that everything had worked so smoothly, he climbed into his fire-red Corvette. “Rekam, how did it go?” Angela smiled at him while she worked her 40-DD’s out of her skin tight bodysuit. Once again, he was happy that the blackened windows hid everything that happened inside the car. He grabbed her heaving tits and dragged her down into his crotch. She nestled with his zipper and pulled out his semi-hard cock while he answered her. “Quite fine, my little bimbo. On Monday she’ll be mine.” “Oh goodie,” Angela squealed before she opened her lips and pushed her head over his hardening member. She wanted to be a good little bimbo to him and she knew what he would need the most right now.

“Always the eager little slut, hm?” She giggled around his cock, while she licked the underside of his tool. He knew her so well. And he always seemed to find the right words that let her heart melt. — Angela still praised the day when he had come to her house and had shown her that computer thing for the internet. She had forgotten what it was about, but that didn’t bother her. He had shown her how to find the sites where she could choose her clothes from. She always felt like a little child in a candy store when she saw all those tight shirts, revealing tops, see-through blouses, ass-hugging hot pants and tight micro-mini-skirts. Not to mention the frilly lingerie or the fancy costumes she liked to wear. — She put his cock out of her mouth and let her tongue flicker across the tip of it, while she looked up at him. When she heard his approving moan she bobbed back down again until her head was buried in his crotch. — And all the toys, that these sites had to offer! Vibrators, butt plugs, nipples-clips (she shuddered just from the thought of how wonderful they hurt her sensitive pleasure buds), whips, riding crops, handcuffs, bondage gear: You name it, they got it. —

His cock was fully erect now, buried deep down in her throat. Angela loved it when his cock gagged her so she had to breath through her nose. He felt so mighty, so powerful down there and it made her feel so useful to him. And she wanted to be useful to him. She wanted to be the best little slut he could imagine. At least she owed him everything. — She once owned several Cajun restaurants that her dad had left behind when he had died. When she met Rekam for her first interview, they had talked the whole afternoon. The interview soon had been forgotten and they had talked about her private life, her feelings and her goals in life. He had been so understanding when she had recognized her true meaning of life. She had never wanted to lead the life of a business woman. All she ever had wanted, was to be a sex toy for her man. The moment he had offered to arrange all her business things so she could live the life of her dreams, she had fallen in love with him. He had sold all her restaurants and her mansion and they had moved into a lovely penthouse right by the riverside. —

Again she let his cock pop out of her mouth. She moved up a bit and began to massage his tool with her tits. From time to time she moved her dangling hooters in a circling motion over his spear. She giggled inwardly when she remembered how he had reacted when she had done that for the first time. He had told her he loved it when she was “ringing the bells”. After ringing them for a minute or two, she grabbed his cock in her left hand and one of her tits in her right. Then she pressed her hard nipples directly into the little piss slit of his purple cockhead, moving her tit from side to side. His cock throbbed in her hand and he patted her head. “You really use your tits like a pro nowadays.” Angela reveled in his compliment. — She had come a long way to be the fuck toy she wanted to be for him. Again, he had been so helpful to her. During the first week after they had moved into his new penthouse, he had fucked her senseless many times a day. But then his interest in her faded.

She thought about it and had come to the conclusion that her mere C-cups and her small and firm butt simply didn’t fit the image she had of herself. She wanted to be a slut and a slut would have much bigger tits and a large round ass, so men would like to fuck her. — After teasing him with her tits for a while her mouth went back into action and she once again was bobbing her head up and down his prick. — She had talked to him, telling him she would like to have real big titties and a big round butt, so she would really look like a slut. She not only wanted to feel like a whore, but also look like the cheap whore she wanted to be. Again he was so understanding, telling her that Lortnoc Electronics not only made those internet things but that they were also specialized in the enhancement of women’s bodies. He showed her their internet site and her mouth dropped in awe when she saw the pictures of the enhanced women. The smallest tits were 38D and some of the women had really large butts. Angela decided right away she wanted 40DD’s and a butt big enough to get a good grip on. He smiled when she told him about her decision and when he fucked her that evening it had been like the first time for Angela. —

Angela felt a familiar throbbing in her throat and she knew that he was about to come. But instead of filling her throat and belly with his seed, he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back off of his cock. He smiled down at her, when he slapped her on her right cheek. The first blow was quickly followed by a backhand against her left cheek. — The first time he had slapped her she had panicked, fearing he had been angry with her. But he had told her, he simply had been in the mood to slap her. “It just feels good to slap that lovely face of yours”, he had complimented her. “And besides, if you want to be a slut, you should be treated like one.” She had admired him for his thoughtfulness. And he was right. Sluts like her always got slapped around, didn’t they? She had smiled wickedly at him, “Maybe you should give me another one. I’m a really bad, bad girl.” He had refused. “A slut doesn’t care for her own selfish needs. She satisfies the needs of others.” From that day on it had become a habit for him to slap her around, whenever he was in the mood. — Just like now, when he ordered her to bend over so she could give him a nice and slow tit-fuck. She grabbed her boobies in both hands and bending forward, closed them around his cock. Then she moved her body back and forth, applying just the right pressure on her tits, to make his cock feel comfortable.

— Having decided for a body enhancement, Angela now faced the problem of lack of money. She couldn’t expect Rekam to pay for her as it was her own wish to become the big-titted, big-assed slut she craved to be. Besides, he had been so understanding to let her have the body she wanted that she simply didn’t have the nerve to ask him for the money. Clever as he was, he had a wonderful idea. He told her, he would be glad to be her pimp and whore her out to men who would pay a lot of money to fuck an eager little Latin bitch who would do anything she’s asked for. She would give the money she earned with her body to him and he would see, she’d get the body she craved for as quick as possible. On top of that she would get a great deal of experience on how to please men sexually, so he would benefit too. Angela had thanked him profusely, giving him the best blowjob she was capable of. From the next day on he had whored her out at least three times a day. As all her holes were available for her clients it was like a crash course on how to satisfy men’s sexual desires.

Because her clients were allowed to use her however they wanted she returned each time totally worn out and with a big amount of money. The days, she managed to return with more than 2500 $ Rekam would fuck her in all her holes as a reward. One day she came home with 10000 $, having served as the evening entertainment of five business men. Rekam had been so proud of her that he had given her the next day off, so she could do her household chores. They were interrupted of course by many fucking sessions where she was allowed to show him her new skills. After one month of selling herself, Rekam had announced that she had made enough money to get her body improvement. So the next day they went to Lortnoc Electronics. Angela was babbling all the way like a little child. She still couldn’t believe that in just a few days, she would finally be, what, as long as she could remember, she always had wanted to be. A slut with big tits and a big ass, designed for only one purpose: to please Rekam Tuls, the man she loved with all of her heart. —

His cock throbbed and twitched between her tits, showing the approach of his orgasm. Angela pressed her tits harder down onto his cock and began licking the tip of his prick whenever it came out of her cleavage. She instinctively knew he would want to spray her tits and she felt so proud, to finally provide a tit-fuck that deserved its name. She had always be ashamed of her poor little C-cups but today she had real hooters that were worth to be fucked. — Angela had instantly felt at ease when they had met Dr. Benson. He oggled her from head to toe when she presented herself in the slutty outfit that served to advertise her body. When she finally would have the body she craved for, she could walk around naked and everybody would know that she was a true slut. She left all the talking to Rekam. As well as she desperately wanted a body enhancement, most of all, she wished to be the perfect sex toy for him. “Hello Mr. Tuls,” Dr. Benson welcomed them, “so it’s a full slut makeover you’re looking for?”

“With regard to her body, yes. Mentally, she nearly is as perfect as she could be”, Rekam answered, patting her ass. Angela squealed, not only from his hand on her half-naked ass, but from his compliment as well. She even blushed a little, being so openly praised by the man she loved. Apart from the thorough use of her body she craved nothing more than his approval. She basked in his compliments when he appreciated her talents as his personal whore. “I see,” Dr. Benson answered, “so let’s begin with the body measurements. What are you looking for?” Angela looked at Rekam. “How about some 40-DD tits?” He asked, then whispered in her ear, “can you imagine how slutty you will look with a pair of 40-DD’s? And the way they would feel wrapped around my cock?” Angela nearly came just from the picture of his mighty cock between her big tits. All she could answer was a sighed, ‘yes’. “Okay then,” Dr. Benson continued, “what about her waist and her butt?” “I think we’ll keep the waistline but she definitely needs a different ass. Would you turn around?” he addressed Angela, who quickly complied.

He grabbed her right ass-cheek and showed Dr. Benson, what he was looking for. “You see, I like the way her cheeks spill out of her shorts, but I’d like them to be a bit fuller and softer. They should be easy to grip, soft to the touch and they must wobble when she walks.” Dr. Benson grabbed Angela’s left cheek, trying to sink his fingers in, to see what Rekam was talking about. All that talking about her assets and the ministrations on her body were too much for the poor girl. She shuddered, trotting from one foot to the other and then she wetted the crotch of her hotpants. She was such a slut. “Ah, I see.” Dr. Benson still tried to sink his fingers into her ass-cheek. “You’re right. They are way to firm.” He swatted her ass with a resounding whack. “What do you think?” He addressed Angela. In her arousal, it was hard for her to think anything at all but nevertheless she managed to answer. “Oh, I’d like to have a real big butt for Rekam.” Rekam smiled at her and patted her ass playfully. “That’s what I like so much about her. The little bitch is always so eager to please. And with all the training she got throughout the last month, she’s a real expert now.” Rekam twinkled his eye, and Angela giggled at his funny remark.

“There’s just one more thing I need to know. Throughout the transformation process, we could heighten the sensivity of any part of her body. However, there is a side-effect. We could increase the sensivity by a factor up to four. But that would reduce her intelligence to about 70 percent, since we would need to connect some of her synapses to her pleasure center.” Rekam looked at Angela. “Since it’s your wish to be a slut, I’ll let you decide, what kind of a slut you want to be. Do you just want to be a hot slut, that likes to get fucked or will you be my little brainless bimbo slut that thinks with her cunt, her tits and her ass?” Not noticing the gleam in his eyes, it took only a second for Angela to answer. Which girl would want to think when she could get fucked? “I want to be a bimbo-slut.” “So bimbo it is then,” Rekam proclaimed. Both men shared a knowing smile. Dr. Benson left to make the necessary preparations and Rekam turned to Angela. She happily looked up at him, eager to getting started. Rekam looked very serious when he spoke to her. “Angela, before we start, I have to make a confession. You never would have needed to earn the money for your transformation. I could have given you the transformation for free as I’m actually the owner of Lortnoc Electronics.”

He waited for some reaction from her but she just stood there, not knowing what to say. “But I have felt that if I give it to you for free, you might think that you owe me something. And I thought that if you had to work for the money, you’d enjoy the results more just because you would have done it all by yourself. Now, what do you think about it? Please be honest.” He watched her carefully. This was the final test. With tears in her eyes Angela stood up on tiptoes to kiss him softly. Oh, Rekam”, she sighed, “that’s so sweet of you. You are the most considerate man I ever met. I love you for that and I promise, I’ll be the best little bimbo slut, I can be.” ‘YES!’ he thought. Everything had gone just like he had planned, and it had been so easy. Dr. Benson returned and Rekam left them alone. In two days he would return to pick up his new bimbo. —

He slapped her face again. “Hands to your back, whore”, he hissed and Angela’s cunt jumped. He was about to come on her. Quickly her hands were folded behind her back, causing her tits to jut forward. She licked her pouty lips while she looked up at him with come-hit-her eyes. He grabbed her hooters and pulled her forward, back over his cock again. Her tits were so full, so big, so soft and there was nearly no sag. Yet they looked perfectly natural. Angela was really proud of them. She showed them off all the time, squeezing them into the tightest and most revealing outfits she could find on these wonderful websites. If Rekam hadn’t objected she would have walked around naked in public. His movements got quicker, her whole body going up and down from the yanking on her tits. And they were so sensitive! She could come just from having him grope and pinch her tender flesh. His cock throbbed and Angela prepared for her own explosion. The word orgasm just didn’t describe the sensation she felt, whenever he came in her or on her. She had come to think of it as an explosion but even this word only came close to the complete truth of what happened to her body.

He stopped every movement and clamped down hard on her tits. And then it happened… Hot white goo shot out of his cock, erupting over the globes of her 40DD’s, covering them in a sticky mess that smelled and tasted like ambrosia to her. She screamed as her cunt spasmed in an earth-shaking explosion, nearly driving her unconscious. “Oh god! Yes, Rekam! Spray your little whore’s tits with your seed,” she screeched, “show her what a dirty fucking slut she is. Yes! Yes! Yes! Mark me with your glory seed. Burn my skin with your hot lava.” Angela was beyond any conscious thought, screaming and gasping, while he came, drowning her in his cum. When he was finished he grabbed her hair and yanked her forward into his crotch. “Clean me, you fucking whore!” he ordered and she happily began licking his cock and balls until he was spotless clean. Carefully she pushed his softening cock back into his pants and zipped them up. She looked down at her cum-covered tits and then up at him like a little girl.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful gift.” She jiggled her boobies for him and smiled a wicked smile. “Now what should I do with it?” She licked her lips seductively, hoping he would allow her to feed all of it into her belly. “Why don’t you squeeze those hooters of yours back into your clothes,” he answered, while he started the engine and began to drive off. Angela felt horny again when she felt the tight fitting cloth of her bodysuit on her cum-covered tits. Her naughty nipples stood proud against the material that was stretched to its limit by her funbags. She inhaled deeply, smelling the wonderful odor of his drying cum coming up from her cleavage. The little bumps in the road let her titties jiggle and she heard the squishing sounds as her tight top rubbed his cum into her hot skin.

Part 2
Barbara Svenson tried desperately to find some sleep. After 20 minutes she gave up. Instead of lying awake in her bed, she could as get up. After a quick shower, she made some coffee and took it with a large bowl of flakes to her living room. She threw in some music and checked the papers she had signed in her half-asleep-state. Being Human Resources Manager for a big company, she had some experience in reading contracts, but everything seemed okay. ‘Rekam Tuls’, what a weird name. Having a long morning before her, she decided to give that internet connection at least a chance. She started her computer and waited. Like Mr. Tuls had told her there was a new start-up screen showing. It looked much like a screensaver with a black background and rotating spirals in all sizes and colors. It seemed quite simple to Barbara, at least for a company selling highspeed internet tools. It had some appeal though, all those rotating spirals and nice colors. When the start-up process finished everything looked just how it should be. There was a new link named ‘Lortnoc’ at the right corner of the screen. She double-clicked it, and a new screen popped open.

“Welcome to Lortnoc Electronics! Thank you for testing our new highspeed internet connection. To work efficiently, your system will be configured as soon as you push the ‘Start’-button at the bottom of this short message. The configuration will take some minutes, so we kindly ask for your patience. Please push the ‘Start’-button now.”

Barbara did and instantly the screen went black and she saw that simple screensaver again. This time however there were more spirals and more colors. Feeling a bit dizzy, Barbara relaxed and sat back in her chair. Soon she noticed that the spirals began to pair off. As soon as they connected the spirals changed their color to a flickering silver and continued to move in pairs. Barbara felt it more and more difficult to keep her eyes open, but she wanted to watch the nice spirals as they danced across the screen. Finally when the last connection was established, she dozed off.

On the other side of town, Rekam Tuls grinned when his computer informed him that Barbara Svenson finally had started her system. “Got you!” He said aloud, when he received confirmation that the “Start”-button had been pushed. “What?” came Angela’s voice from under his desk. “Nothing to worry your pretty head about, bimbo. Be a good whore and just keep on sucking”, he growled at her. Her mouth was over his cock before his sentence ended. Angela felt relieved, because she was a bimbo whore who liked to finish what she had started, and now she had started a very slow, lingering blowjob. She rolled his cock around in her mouth, occasionally licking it with her tongue. She paid special attention to not suck too hard or lick too fast, because Rekam just wanted her to keep it warm and hard while he sat at his computer and did his important work. He was such a clever man and Angela was very happy that he made all those hard decisions for her so she could fully concentrate to pleasure him like the horny little slut she was.

Rekam had started the basic program. He was still surprised at how easy it was to manipulate a mind. Just override the basic believes and feelings and the human mind did the rest of its own. There were only five direct commands necessary to get the desired result:

Rekam Tuls is an understanding man. He understands me better than any other man I ever met.

Rekam Tuls is a trustable man. I can be totally honest with him.

Rekam Tuls is a wise man. Everything he says is right.

Rekam Tuls is an attractive man. He is in fact the most attractive man I ever met.

You are not alarmed from anything that happens on your computer.

Besides these direct commands, the basic program consisted of only a few basic believes and feelings that were repeated in an endless loop for about ten minutes. They consisted of telling his victims that they only followed social rules pushing them into careers, marriages, education… That their real character was that of a slut. That no one would accept them as the sluts that laid underneath their official personality. By the time the basic program had implanted the picture of their “true selves” in their minds, they made the necessary changes all by themselves. They would begin to feel unfulfilled from their professional and private life. They would hate their demanding jobs, because, rather than giving orders, they would prefer to be told what to do. They would begin to envy women, they considered being sluts, like the girls from “Boobster’s”, like porn stars, even like hookers because those women lived the life of their dreams.

If they had a sex life, it would become boring beyond believe. They would begin to have sexual fantasies of being fucked like the sluts they long to be, making their real sex life even more boring. Their morals would still be intact but the urges of their subconscious mind would get stronger and stronger. By the time they would meet Rekam Tuls for their interview, they would be ripe for the picking. Rekam could have transformed his targets completely, but he liked to do the fine-tuning himself. Following them on their way to sluttiness was as much of an enjoyable experience as to reap the benefits of his work. “Nice dreams, Barbara”, Rekam Tuls mumbled, when his screen showed him that the basic program was finished. It would run now every time, Barbara Svenson would start her computer. She would do it many times this weekend as the program had established in her mind.

Angela was happy when she felt his hand entwining in her long hair. “Time, you show me your talents, whore”, he growled at the kneeling woman, while he began thrusting his hips against her face, shoving his cock deep into her mouth and throat. He synchronized his thrusting with the movements of his hand, yanking her head down, when he thrusted upwards and pulling it back, when his hips moved backwards. Angela’s cunt dripped while he fucked her mouth. She did like blowing him, serving him with her mouth and tongue, but she liked it just as much when he simply fucked her orally, serving himself with her compliant body. It made her feel so incredibly used, when she was nothing but a hole to him. She had long stopped wondering why she was so aroused from his use of her body. Once she had realized how much of a slut she was, she craved his abuse. She needed the degrading sex that she experienced only with him. Her head bobbed up and down his glorious shaft in furious speed, while she frigged her throbbing clit. Rekam was the only man who gave her exactly what she needed. He knew her so well, as if he had a direct connection to her innermost feelings.

Just like now, when he yanked her head back as far as he could, letting his dick plop out of her mouth and ordered her to sit atop of him. “Ride me with your ass, bitch. Yeah just like that. Wow, your backdoor is really tight… Come on slut! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big, fat ass. I wanna see your tits bounce…” Angela has worked up quite some sweat bumping up and down on his rigid pole. “Hands behind your head. Yes just like that. And now shake ’em.” It was not an easy task for Angela to wildly shake her tits from side while she was still grunting her crotch into his lap. Her tits sloshed up and down and from side to side while Rekam enjoyed the sight of the Latin beauty pleasuring him with all she had. Angela moved her body with vigor. She was such a hot little minx, she could come just from a pinch on her nipples. But as his personal slut, it was her job to make the experience as pleasurable for him as possible.

“Come on, whore. Don’t tease me. I know you like it harder. So stop acting like a prude. Do it! Do it like you mean it, you fucking bitch!” he yelled at her. Angela gasped. She really could be such a prude sometimes. She re-doubled her efforts pumping her ass up and down his cock. Her tits hurt like hell from the heavy sloshing around. But what good was a slut for if not being thoroughly used. And with a little pain mixed in, her pleasure only raised to higher levels. After all she was a living fuck-doll, a mere object, and you care for an object only as far as to not permanently damage it. Angela had reached a point where she could no longer suppress her screams of ecstasy. “Oh god, Rekam, your dick feels so good in my tight ass. You’re ripping me apart with your mighty cock. YES! YES! YES!” He was fucking back now, ramming into her when she bounced down on his cock. Rekam grinned when he thought back. Only two months ago, Angela had been determined to stay a virgin until wedding night. And now he was pumping her ass like he wouldn’t even do with a whore.

Her clenching muscles massaged his dick, desperately urging him to unload inside her bowels. Grabbing her hips he yanked her down into his crotch one last time and held her there. “Here it comes you fucking whore! Take it all! Take my jism down your fat Latin whore-ass!” Angela screamed, nearly fading out as she felt his hot seed filling her bowels. She contracted her muscles, desperately trying to milk every last drop out of his pulsating dick. She could feel her own juices running down her legs as she came with him. With her whole body shaking she bent forward so her tits dangled only inches from his faces. Rekam took them in his mouth one by one, heavily sucking on her teats, chewing her soft flesh and by doing so, ripping out another orgasm from his exhausted slut. Each ‘normal’ girl wouldn’t have been able to take any more, yet, he could feel her tits being pressed even further into his mouth, asking for more, begging for more.

After his cock had been emptied by her clenching ass, he pushed her off of his cock and she fell to the ground. There was only one more thing to do. She quickly got back up to her knees and bent forward to lick his cock spotless clean. He couldn’t be expected to walk around with a dirty cock. After she had washed him thoroughly with her tongue and mouth, Angela carefully dried his now flaccid cock with her hair. Reluctantly she put it back into his pants and zipped up his trousers. She could have knelt here for the rest of her life just adoring his wonderful cock. But she knew he had some important work to do so she just knelt there waiting when he would need her services again. Rekam patted her head absent-minded. “That was a job well done, my little pet.” Angela beamed with joy at his praise. “Now go and get a shower. And then fix me some sandwiches. I expect you to be in the kitchen when I’ll come down.” She got up and stood beside him, giving her tits a little wobble. “Yes, Sir”, she giggled. “As you wish, Sir.” He looked up. “What a horny little minx you are”, he grinned at her, giving her ass a resounding swat. “Now hush!” She squealed and hopped out of the room.

Barbara Svenson awoke to the honking horn of a car that drove by her house. She stretched, wishing again that she could have slept a little longer this morning. Grabbing the mug she sipped her coffee while she started her internet browser. Lortnoc had its own browser but it looked nearly the same as her old one. Using a new browser unfortunately meant she had lost all her favorite links. Barbara had to ask Rekam Tuls about it, when she would meet him next time. He was quite attractive. She hadn’t noticed in her sleepy mood, but as she imagined his picture now, she knew that he was a very attractive man. She worried a bit of what he might have thought of her, wearing her ugly sleep-shirt. She definitely would have to look her best, when they would meet for the interview. The new browser showed some favorites, however, and out of curiosity, Barbara tried the first one. Within a second the home page of a lingerie boutique popped open. Now that was indeed a high speed connection.

More than the speed of the connection, the company’s name caught Barbara’s attention. “Think KINK!” stood there in big letters. The picture of a curvy blonde dressed in a shiny pink minidress made it obvious what kind of kinks they were talking about. She looked like the epitome of a slut. Barbara sighed. Sometimes she had found herself wondering what it would be like to be a slut. Not that she ever had dared to imagine herself as a slut, but from time to time she masturbated to some fantasies, where she saw herself acting like one of those tarty women. Looking at the scantily clad blonde, Barbara wondered what kind of woman would wear something like this pink invitation to rape. Well, a slut of course. Having nothing better to do, she checked the categories on the website and decided for “Satin & Lace”. Think KINK! offered tons of bras and panties, teddies, bodysuits, baby dolls, all designed to display the woman who wore them to the fullest.

There was nothing sensual about this kind of lingerie. A woman who’d wear it would do it only on one purpose: having it ripped off of her body and getting fucked. Barbara shuddered. When Jeff and she were together, it had always been a tender act of making love. Sometimes, though, Barbara wished, he’d a bit more active, a bit more passionate, not always asking what she liked. Yeah, she would love it if he just took her. She shivered when she pictured herself, lying on her back with her legs spread wide and getting a solid fucking by Jeff. She saw herself looking up at him and gasped when she saw the face of Rekam Tuls. What had come over her? She and Jeff were the perfect pair and here she sat, having an erotic fantasy of a nearly complete stranger fucking her. She could even feel a slight tingle in her pussy. She quickly sat up straight and took another sip of coffee. Still curious about that weird lingerie boutique, Barbara decided to also check out a section called “Dancewear”.

“Slutwear” would be more appropriate, she thought, when she looked through the miniskirts, mini dresses, hotpants and tops. Being naked would be more decent than wearing those clothes that did everything to show off the bodies that laid beneath. The longest skirt ended just an inch underneath the wearer’s butt. The hotpants were designed to display at least half of the ass-cheeks that were squeezed out of them. Her language was quite dirty today, she thought, but there was no other word than ass-cheeks to describe those globes that poured out from underneath the skimpy garments. Barbara could only imagine how these globes would wobble when the women would strut around on the high-heels they were wearing with the outfits. Even though the models were the same as in the “Satin & Lace” section, they looked far more sluttier. They looked like street hookers that showed “the goodies” to their potential clients. Barbara was pretty sure that a woman who would wear something like this wouldn’t need to encourage her lover to be more passionate. Everything just screamed “Fuck me, I’m a slut”.

Again Barbara shivered at the word. What would Jeff think of her, if she’d greeted him wearing these skintight blue pants with the matching top and those black platform shoes? Well, Barbara sighed, he would talk about it. Neither would he take her for the slut she was nor would he be angry with her for being the slut she was. Oh he was a nice and considerate man, very distinguished, but he was a little bit of a wimp. She was pretty sure that Rekam Tuls would take her. He would walk in, see her standing there, dressed like a whore and then drag her to the bedroom for a marathon session of sex, pure animalistic sex. Why was she thinking again about Mr. Tuls? Not that he wasn’t an attractive man, but she had a steady relationship. Maybe Jeff just would need a little push in the right direction. To her own surprise Barbara found herself typing in her credit card number. She wanted that outfit and she wanted it as fast as possible. She gladly paid the extra 20$ for the Sunday delivery service. “Barbara”, she said aloud, “you are a wicked girl.”

Angela hummed a happy song while she stood in the kitchen, preparing the sandwiches. She wore some denim cut-offs as she knew how much Rekam liked to see her fat ass spill out a pair pf denims. On top she wore something that once had been a bathing suit. Angela had tailored it, cutting out holes for her tits and navel and then changing it into some kind of orange spider web. It was as if she was nude up top, yet the naughty little thing enhanced the appearance of her voluptuous body more than complete nudity would. She was a walking ad for sluttiness. Even though she had been thoroughly fucked by Rekam, she nearly had come when she had put it on. The rough denim, that she had yanked up her crotch, was constantly rubbing her cunt, that was glistening again with her arousal. She felt so hot being Rekam’s little sex toy, that even such a simple task like fixing sandwiches got her juices flowing. She giggled to herself. Okay, maybe the fact that she was dressed like a whore added to her horniness.

When she heard him come down the stairs, she quickly turned around and bent down, like she was searching for something from the bottom of the fridge. She was quite clever, knowing pretty well, that the first thing he would see, when he entered the kitchen, would be her outthrust ass. She may be a dumb little bimbo slut, but she was smart enough to know how to keep her man happy. And that was all that mattered to her. When she heard the door open, she began to wiggle her as seductively, complaining that she “can’t find it.” Rekam closed the distance in record time, swatting her ass. “What’s up, bitch? Sandwiches ready?” She squealed when she felt his hand on her ass-cheeks, part from the physical contact part from the fact that her plan of seducing him with her ass had worked so perfectly. She abruptly straightened and turned around, giving her naked tits a nice jiggle. “Yes, Sir.” He grabbed her hooters, squeezing them. “What’s up. Is my little slut already horny again?” “Oh yes, Rekam”, she sighed, pushing her tits further into his palms. “An eager little cunt like me always wants to get fucked. It makes me feel so useful for you.”

“Well,” he grinned at her, giving her nipples a playful pinch, “if you want to be useful, how about a massage, while I have my snack? I feel I have a bit of a headache.” He let go of her tits and sat down at the table. “Poor baby,”, Angela cooed, and in an instant she stood behind his chair, pushing her tits forward, while he leaned his head back against her chest. She grabbed her tits that hung down on either of his head and began massaging his temples with her soft boobies. “Mmmh, that feels good”, he complimented her, while he took the first bite. “I never had thought that tits could be such an excellent painkiller”, he joked, causing Angela to giggle. “Maybe that’s why they are also called pleasure pillows.” She always had loved a man who could make her laugh. “I hope you know, that killing pain is not the only pleasure these babies can provide”, she giggled. He seemed to be in a very playful mood today, so she put all her courage together. “Rekam?” “Yes my little bimbo?” “This other slut you visited today… I mean, will you still use me when you have her?” she asked anxiously. Rekam rose a bit in his chair.

“Angie, come over here and sit in my lap”, he ordered her and she quickly complied, sitting down astride his crotch, facing him but not looking at him. His hand went under her chin pushing her face up so she had to look into his eyes. “Don’t worry, my little pet. There will be plenty of use of your hot body.” With one hand he caressed her face, circling her mouth with his thumb, from time to time pushing it in. The other hand had descended to her tits alternately squeezing them and pinching and twisting her protruding nipples. She began squirming in his lap, his ministrations shooting electric bolts from her mouth and tits directly to her cunt. “I mean, which reasonable man could resist such a fine cocksucking mouth or your big compliant boobies. And…” he reached around and playfully swatted her ass, “that big and tight Latin ass of yours.” “Oh Rekam…” she sighed, grinding her crotch further into his lap and pushing her tits into his chest, while she hugged him tight. In this moment, Angela was the happiest girl on earth.

Barbara felt like the unhappiest girl on earth. The last 30 minutes she had gone through her relationship with Jeff. To her surprise she had found no reason why she should stay with him. He was always so caring… and tender… and affectionate, in short, he was a grade-A-wimp. He would never fuck her like she wanted. Oh, she could push him to take her like a slut, but he would only give in to satisfy her. In the end she would be the one to decide, whereas she wanted a real man who would take her, a man who’d use her body to his satisfaction. She needed a man who would consider her as a mere object, existing only to make his life more comfortable. He wouldn’t give a damn about her, using her for his own selfish pleasure. There had to be a man out there who’d take her like the slut she was. Again a picture of Rekam Tuls flashed before her inner eye. She didn’t know anything about him, but she was sure that he knew how to deal with women like the ones that modeled those slutty clothes on that nice internet site. Barbara envied them, knowing for sure that they got fucked very often.

There was only one solution for her dilemma. First she had to get rid of her wimpy boyfriend. Second she had to do something about her wardrobe. Barbara had the body for it. She could easily compete with those sluts on “Think KINK!” Her 38-DD’s definitely were tits with a capital ‘T’. Just because she had not wanted men drooling over her, she had always worn baggy clothes. This would have to change. She would keep her old clothes for work. But in private she would be the hottest slut on earth. Barbara saw herself, strutting around in ass-hugging hotpants and micro-miniskirts, combined with the tightest and most revealing tops she could fit her hooters in. Hooters? Maybe she could get a part-time job as a waitress. She saw herself bending down in front of a customer, the hem of her scandalous short skirt riding up above her ass, or bending down at his table, with her tits threatening to pop out of her low-cut top. She surely would get laid as often as she liked. She would get fucked in rotten motels, in the backseat of a car or even in the backyard of a seedy bar. Barbara had worked herself in such a frenzy, she began pleasuring her pussy with her fingers. No! She was frigging her cunt. “Pussies are for sissies”, she laughed, thinking of Jeff. She was such a slut. And a slut would frig her dripping snatch.

Part 3
Barbara awoke, feeling totally worn out, but sincerely satisfied. The night that lay behind her had been filled with the most weird erotic dreams. Her pussy felt sore, like she had frigged herself the whole night. Her clit hurt a bit, but the pain felt somewhat good. It made her feel alive. She hadn’t felt like this since her teenage days. She hummed a happy melody while she entered the shower. While the water ran down her body she reflected yesterday’s events. She had nearly spent the whole day surfing the internet. She had to admit that her new internet connection was actually pretty fast. She dried off to leave for the kitchen, naked as she was. Barbara laughed at herself, remembering all those lewd sites she had visited yesterday. She couldn’t quite understand what had come over her to think about leaving Jeff. Yet, she still felt a little sexual tension when she thought about those slutty models and the kind of sex they would probably get.

Suddenly she remembered. She had ordered one of those dresses herself. And it would be delivered today! Oh my god! She had to hide it from Jeff, knowing pretty well what he would think of her, when he saw it. He would believe that she had turned into a total slut. She blushed when she thought about how she would look in this tight fitting thing. She went to her living room as quick as possible and started her computer. She had to visit that nasty site again. There was that start-up screen again. Usually she hated, having to wait more than 30 seconds, but she really liked the nice spirals and symbols. Yesterday she had recognized that it also was her new screensaver and she had never been getting bored of it. As soon as she had opened “Think KINK!” she checked ‘her’ outfit again. Barbara instantly knew she had made the right decision. Her 38DD-26-36 frame would look absolutely hot in it! To hell with what Jeff would think of her. He had to accept her like she was. And if she felt like being a slut, he had to accept this too.

As she surfed through the site, Barbara regretted that she had ordered only one item. Those ass-hugging orange shorts would definitely look hot on her tight butt. And combined with the tight fitting white t-top that ended about half an inch above the underside of the model’s tits she would really look like a hot version of a Boobster’s girl. She grinned. Up until today, Barbara would have never thought that there could be a ‘hot’ version of a Boobster’s girl. But this outfit would make any normal Boobster’s girl look like a prude. The shorts showed a good amount of naked ass-flesh and the snug fitting top did nothing to hide the size and shape of her tits. It even showed some curves from underneath. Barbara could only gasp when she imagined how every step would make her titties bounce and jiggle. One swift motion and the girl’s boobies would bounce free. It took her one second to decide that she had to have that outfit.

She ordered two other ass-hugging shorts with tight fitting revealing tops, two fiery red mini skirts with matching tops and a combination of golden latex pants that came together with a top, very similar to her blue outfit. From “Evening Wear” she chose a long blue dress that showed plenty of cleavage, due to its low cut on top and two keyholes at the center of the girl’s tits. The back was bare, and it had slits at both sides that went way above the thighs, showing that not only a bra but panties as well would be a ‘No’ to wear with this dress. The dress provided plenty of possibilities to allow access to all areas, telling everybody that such things as “private parts” didn’t exist. The last article Barbara chose came from the “Wicked, Wicked”-section. It consisted of white knee-socks, a plaid miniskirt and a formfitting white blouse with no buttons. It was to be knotted just underneath the breasts. The model’s big jugs caused a large gap in the formfitting garment, so half of her naked tits were showing. Her hair was in two braids and her forefinger was stuck between her pouting lips. She stood, bent over at the waist, being a very, very naughty schoolgirl.

Without her noticing, Barbara’s hand had been going down to her crotch, where she had begun, fingering the wet folds of her labia. From time to time she pinched her clit, gasping in ecstasy. She would look so hot in these dresses. Suddenly the door bell rang, bringing her back to reality. Reluctantly Barbara got up. She grabbed a short nightie – the first piece of cloth she could find – and put it over her naked body. When she realized that maybe the outfit she had ordered might be delivered, she hasted to the door. The delivery man ogled her from head to toe. She looked down herself and then up again, smiling at him. The little purple nightie clung to her body like a second skin. It showed a lot of her long legs and her nipples were poking through the silky garment. Compared to the kind of clothes she had seen the last two days, it was quite decent. She appreciated him staring at her, however, and she instinctively straightened, pushing her tits and her ass out and giving him her best smile. She was a hottie, even in that boring piece from “Veronica’s Mystery”. After having signed the receipt she hurried back into the living room to unpack.

With shaking hands she unwrapped the package and finally held it in her hand. She nearly ripped off her nightie and began to squeeze herself into the shiny garment. She had to struggle quite hard to get her butt into the tight pants. The top was even worse. No matter how much she tugged at the fabric, part of her tits were always showing, either from top or from underneath. If it hadn’t been made of some stretching fabric she it wouldn’t have fitted at all. She silky material felt good against her bare pussy. Hadn’t she decided yesterday that “pussy” wouldn’t fit anymore? Yes! The soft fabric rubbed against her naked cunt and Barbara moved her hand to her crotch to play a little with her snatch. Cunt… snatch… tits, hooters… She liked those dirty words that described her body parts much better than those clinical terms like breasts or pussy or – worst of all – vagina. She had to see, how she looked like in that outfit. She nearly ran to her bedroom, to check herself in the big mirror. This couldn’t be her, looking back! There was a whore standing in her bedroom that looked like her.

The outfit did everything to show off every curve of her body. As far as she pulled, the top was barely able to cover her tits, stretching over her hooters, threatening to burst at every moment. Turning around Barbara saw that due to the low cut of her pants the cleft of her ass cheeks was easily visible. Her ass cheeks were molded as if to praise their round tightness. As stretched as the fabric was, each movement would cause the globes of her cheeks to wobble with each step in her platform-shoes. Everybody would see that she was pantyless beneath. Everybody would see what a whore she was, parading around in such lewd clothes and not even wearing any underwear. Back to the front. Her tits were spilling out of the top, looking like they desperately tried to break free. Her nipples stood out hard and proud, proclaiming to get noticed. Barbara’s hand went to her tits. When she touched her erect nipples, bolts of sexual arousal shot through her body, directly into her cunt. “Oh my god!” she said aloud, not able to bear the sheer pleasure she experienced just from lightly touching her nipples. She pinched her teats with vigor. “OH MY GOD!” she squealed.

Barbara couldn’t understand why she was so aroused just from looking at herself, dressed like a common street whore. There had to be a slut hidden deep inside her that just appeared to come out. She began strutting around, all the while watching her image in the bedroom mirror. She bent down a little with her back to the mirror. Looking over her shoulder she saw that the low cut waistband of her pants now showed even more of her cleft, openly exposing the upper side of her naked ass cheeks. She could never wear such a thing in public, but she had to admit, she really looked like a pro. Well, maybe she could visit a nightclub dressed like this. Just for the fun of it. Just to see the effect, her appearance would have. Jeff would have to protect her, of course. But then… he wouldn’t understand her. He would never go out with her dressed like this. Maybe she could ask that nice Mr. Tuls. He was very attractive and he had an aura of strength around him. He would be perfect for a little slut like her. Barbara shuddered at her own thoughts. She was such a naughty girl.

“Get me another cup of coffee, will you?” Rekam addressed Angela who was kneeling at his side. He liked her to be around and available when she had no chores to do. Even when he did his important computer work. Sometimes he needed some stress relieve like a quick blowjob or a little ass-fuck. And sometimes he just needed a cup of coffee. Of course he couldn’t be expected to get it himself. What good for was a slut like her, if not making the life of the man she loved easier. “Right away, Sir!” Angela loved to call him Sir, especially when he used her as his maid. At other times she might call him by his Christian name, in public it was “Mr. Tuls” of course. While she hurried to the kitchen Rekam checked the ongoing transformation process of Barbara Svenson. She had been entranced far more often than necessary. She already had ordered several clothes from “Think KINK!” and even had one delivered today.

“Maybe she always had been a little slut,” he wondered aloud. “Who had been a little slut?” Angela just had entered, his coffee in hand. “Not you!” Angela frowned and stomped her foot. “But I am a slut, too, ain’t I?” Rekam grinned at her sweet pout while taking the offered cup. “I don’t know”, he said as if thinking, “how about you kneel down in front of me and give me a nice tittie-fuck. Just to make sure, that you still are my little cock-hungry bimbo-slut?” Angela giggled. She loved a man with a good sense for humor. “Sure Rekam.” Now he was Rekam again. Angela peeled her boobies out of her top while she knelt down in front of his crotch. With her hands shaking in anticipation she opened his zipper and carefully moved his cock into her cleavage. Rekam had turned his attention back to the computer screen while she began moving her body up and down his growing pole, applying just the right friction with her soft tits. From time to time he absent-minded patted her head. When he was done with his work he grabbed her boobies and finished off by bathing them in his come. Looking down at her he confirmed, “Yes, I think you still are my little slut, at least from my point of view.”

The phone rang. “Hello?” “Mrs. Svenson?” Barbara instantly recognized Mr. Tuls’ voice. “Oh hello Mr. Tuls,” she replied. Rekam heard the anticipation in her voice. Barbara Svenson was ripe for the picking, way faster than he had expected. “Mrs. Svenson, sorry to disturb you on Sunday. I’m in your part of town, and I was wondering if I could pay you a short visit, just to see if everything works a it should.” “Oh, I’d be pleased to see you.” Barbara felt she sounded much happier than she should. “Fine then, I’ll be at your place in five minutes.” She had to change. She couldn’t greet him, dressed like a whore. What would he think of her? Barbara checked her reflection again. Well, he would think

that she was a hot piece of ass. Would he ogle her titties? How could he not, when she put them so openly on display? Barbara decided to stay in her clothes. Just to see his reaction. Imaging him staring at her assets made her shiver. It would definitely feel good to feel his eyes roaming over her. And besides, she wouldn’t have the time to change. He would be here within five minutes. So the only thing that was left to do was to apply a little make-up.

Barbara had just added some fiery red lipstick when the doorbell rang. She hastily ran down the stairs, her tits bouncing with every step. This caused her top to climb a little higher, showing some good amount of the underside of her ripe tits. The moment she opened the door, Barbara knew it had been the right decision to not change clothes. Mr. Tuls’ jaw dropped and he openly looked her up and down, openly staring at her scantily clad hooters. “Hello Mr. Tuls”, she batted her eyelashes at him, “nice to see you again. Let me lead the way.” With that Barbara turned around and walked towards the living room. She made sure to give her ass a nice wiggle. She wished to have eyes in the back but she was damn sure that he watched her wobbling ass cheeks intensely. Barbara felt some weird pride that a girl with a Master in Business could be such a slut.

Having entered the living room she turned back to him. Yes! His eyes had been on her butt. However, now his eyes were fixed on something behind her. She turned again and saw that her computer screen still showed the site of “Think KINK!”. Barbara giggled. “Oopsie! What must you think of me?” Rekam smiled. Barbara Svenson was a total slut. She may not know it herself yet, thinking she was simply acting like a slut. But he knew she was just an inch away. And he would be the man to help her to discover and accept her true self. “Oh, don’t worry. We all have our little secrets, don’t we? And besides, you have the body to wear such clothes.” As if to confirm he again ogled her from tits to toe. Barbara was very impressed from his self-confidence. Every other man would have tried to get a discreet glimpse, but he was openly staring at her, even talking about her body. “Oh thank you, that’s so nice of you”, she smiled at him.

Besides being extremely attractive, Rekam Tuls was a very confident man, a strong man, a demanding man. A girl would have to work hard to satisfy such a domineering man like him. He would never be wrapped around a girl’s finger like her wimp of a boyfriend. Oh no, he was a man who decided and the girl was the one to do his bidding. She had to have him. Right at that moment, Barbara had decided that she had to have him. No, that wasn’t right. She would do everything to make him have her. Still smiling at her, Rekam took a seat and continued to inspect her fabulous body. Just what the doctor ordered: Big and firm tits, a trim waist, a round but firm ass and shapely legs. All that, combined with a lovely face and pouty lips. And the fire in her eyes already showed the build-up heat that was all too ready to erupt. Rekam wanted to keep her a little longer in that state, slowly roasting her, increasing the heat notch by notch until she would boil over.

“You want a drink?” she offered. “If it won’t be too much of an effort, I really could use some coffee.” Rekam needed a moment alone to check her log-file. “Sure, I’ll be back in a minute… By the way, I enjoyed using your internet connection pretty much.” Looking at her computer screen then at her, he grinned. “I see…” Barbara blushed and rushed towards her kitchen. Rekam discovered that she had visited many lingerie boutiques but “Think KINK!” seemed to be her favorite. There were also some porn-sites she had visited. The start-up screen and the screen-saver had run more than ten times, which confirmed that she was ready to be taken. “Here’s your coffee, Mr. Tuls”, Barbara had just entered the living room when he was finished. She bent down, beside him, her compressed tits brushing his shoulders. Rekam could feel her rock-hard nipples through his shirt. She had to be aroused beyond believe. He took the offered cup without looking at her. Barbara sat down opposite of him, paying special attention to sit straight so he could get an unobstructed view of her protruding tits.

She had been hot the whole morning but his presence made the situation worse. She could feel her wet cunt constantly rubbing against the crotch of her pants and her nipples felt like they would stay hard for the rest of her life. She was sure that he had noticed her heat and wondered what he might think of her. He had already commented on her body. And rubbing her nipples against his body had sent electric bolts right down to her cunt. She had to do something about her growing need. “As I said, Mr. Tuls”, she began, “I used the internet a lot this weekend. In fact, I’ve been a very naughty girl.” She giggled. He seemed interested. “Oh, in which way?” Barbara had decided she could be totally honest with him. He would understand her. “You know… Well… You already have seen the site of this lingerie boutique, and here I am, sitting in front of you in this dancer’s outfit I ordered yesterday… It’s just that I cannot be that well-behaved woman all the time.” He smiled at her, a soft, understanding smile. “You needn’t justify yourself, Mrs. Svenson. I won’t condemn you. We all need to let go sometimes.” He was so understanding.

“Thank you for your sympathy”, she sighed. “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. You are a complete stranger to me…” Rekam was ready to jump off the couch, grab her, rip her clothes off of her body and fuck her right here on the carpet of her living room. “Go ahead. Sometimes, talking to a stranger is a lot more easier than to people who know you. I won’t be taken aback. I promise!” He smiled at her. Barbara felt relieved. She could tell this man everything. “To make a long story short. This weekend, I have discovered, that I don’t like the woman I am. Deep inside me there is a dirty woman, a very dirty woman, that is desperate to break free. Do you know what I would like to do right now?” ‘Damn sure, I know what a hot little bitch like you would want to do’, he thought. ‘And in no time you will do it, and much more.’ He looked at her questioningly. “I hope you won’t think bad of me, but I’d really like to sit alongside you and have you rubbing my crotch until I come.” Barbara had lost all her shame. She spread her legs, showing him how much her cunt-juices had soaked the fabric of her pants. There was a big wet stain in her crotch and her swollen cunt-lips were plainly visible beneath the tight pants.

He had her. From this point on he would be able to manipulate her however he liked. “Mrs. Svenson… Barbara”, he began, “as I already said, you have a wonderful and sexy body. Every man would be pleased to hear an offer like that. And I’m no exception from the rule. Come over here, I’ll be happy to make your fantasy come true.” He twinkled his eye. “I think there is no ‘dirty woman’ inside you. What is lying underneath the surface of a tough and controlled business woman is a slut, a very dirty little slut. Your true self is that of a wanton harlot, a depraved whore that lives for nothing but having her nasty cunt filled with as much cock as possible.” Every single abuse, every dirty word hit Barbara like a jackhammer. Wave after wave of cunt juice spilled out of her cunt. Barbara felt like she was going to explode. Panting and gasping she jumped up and let herself fall beside him. She grabbed his hand and shoved it to her crotch. He leant over and began whispering into her ear. “My, my, my, you are all wet. You have totally soaked your new clothes. You must be one needy bitch. What was it again, you wanted me to do?”

Barbara was helplessly humping her crotch against his hand, trying to apply more pressure on her pleasure center. “I want you to rub my crotch”, she managed to get out between gasps. He grinned and began slowly circling her swollen cuntlips. “Do you really like that. I’d thought that a slut like you would prefer to have her cunt frigged like THAT!” He pressed his hand as hard as he could to her spasming cunt, his thumb pressing down hard onto her clit. She squealed and began humping his hand like mad. It was as if she was fucking his hand. “YES! YES! YES!… Oh God!… YES! Frig my cunt!… Do it!… Harder!… HARDER!… YES!… Like that! Oh God… AAAAHHHHH!” She came with a scream that threatened to alarm the whole neighborhood. Quickly she brought her left hand to her mouth to muffle her scream while her right held his hand pushing it to her exploding cunt as hard as she could. He had only frigged her cunt through her clothes and she had come like never before. Barbara had never thought that such an orgasm would be possible. It felt like she hadn’t lived until today. When she slowly calmed down the tiny bits of her old self that Rekam had still left intact, slowly returned. Her flushed face not only showed the intensity of her recent orgasm but also her returning shame of having behaved like a total slut.

Shyly she looked at Mr. Tuls, “Oh God! I don’t know what had come over me. I’m so sorry. What must you think of me? It’s just… I’m…” He interrupted her. “It’s just that you let out your slut-self and you had the first real orgasm of your life. I frigged your dripping snatch and you came like only a slut could come. Ain’t I right?” He grinned at her. He was absolutely right. Even now, when she was supposed to come down from her high, his dirty words were already beginning to have some effect on her. Barbara could not believe, that she actually was starting to get aroused again. “Oh god, yes… the best ever…” she sighed. “I bet you’d fuck everything right now, only to have another orgasm.” “Yes! Yes!” Rekam moved his hand down to her crotch. Instinctively she tried to hump him. “Stop that!” Barbara moved her hips back down to the couch desperately looking at him. “Please! Fuck me! I need…” Again he interrupted her. “It doesn’t matter what you need. You are a slut and as a slut it is your duty to please the needs of the one who uses you like the slut you are. Am I understood?” He sternly looked at her, teasing her with feather light strokes across her aching clit.

She shivered, his slow teasing keeping her on the edge. But she knew how right he was. Her old self would have taken the lead. A slut would never issue an order. And oh how much she wanted to be a slut. She wanted to be his slut. Yes, Barbara Svenson wanted nothing more than to be Rekam Tuls’ slutty fuck-doll, a plaything for him to use and abuse. His teasing, his keeping her on the edge, denying her release was torture, yet it felt so wonderful to be at his beck and call, to have nothing to decide, to have nothing to think, to be nothing but a mess of hot quivering female flesh, totally depending on the mercy of Rekam Tuls. At that moment, Barbara Svenson was prepared to do anything for him and having him doing anything to her. Barbara Svenson wanted to be his slave. The fire in her eyes, the trembling of her lips, her breathing, that came in short gasps, showed Rekam Tuls that she was ready. The moment had come for her to accept and embrace her new self.

He stopped his ministrations in her crotch, getting a desperate sigh in return. “Barbara?” She looked at him, burning with need. “Yes.” “I have no time for playing games. If you want me, it will be on my terms. If you want me, I will decide for you. You will have no say in any matter. I will fuck you whenever, wherever and however I want. You will do anything I say. To me you will be nothing but a pair of tits, a mouth, a cunt and an ass that I use for my pleasure. If it pleases me, you will do the chores in the nude. I will expose you in public. I will fuck you whether you’ll be prepared or not. You will walk the streets for me, selling your body to every male and giving me all the money. I might even give you for free to all your male colleagues. And you will get nothing in return. We both know that this is what you want. So, all I want to know right now is, if you really are willing to become my property, my slut, my personal whore and fuck-toy?”

Barbara had been getting hotter and hotter as she listened to what lay in store for her. This was what she always had wanted to be. This wonderful man, Rekam Tuls, whom she had not known before yesterday, was offering her the life of her dreams. She was ready to give in instantly but she somehow knew that she had to do it in some kind of ritual. It had to be something special, something she always would remember. So she let herself slide from the couch and knelt before him. While she spoke, she began to undress. “I, Barbara Svenson, herewith declare, that from this day on, I only exist for the pleasure of Rekam Tuls, the most wonderful man in the world. Everything he says is true! Everything he does is right. I want nothing more than to be his property, his willing slut, his personal whore, his living fuck-doll.” Having undressed completely, Barbara had opened his shoes and had taken them off, together with his socks. Rekam was wondering were this was leading to and he was more than satisfied, when she continued her sermon, showing him her servitude in a picture of total abandon. “This body,” she kissed his right foot, “is yours to use… This soul,” she kissed his left foot, “is yours to command.”

She sat back on her heels, her legs spread, hands behind her back and her head bowed. Anxiously she waited if he would accept her. Rekam watched in awe. He had only implanted some basic desires in her mind. Declaring herself his slave had come of Barbara’s own accord. There had to be hidden a very high submissive streak in the beautiful blonde. ‘Well, I can live with it’, he grinned to himself. And if slave Barbara turned out to be too passive, he could always give her some slut-tuning. But that could wait. Right now, he wanted to test the depths of her mouth. Reaching forward he grabbed her tits and yanked her towards him until her face was only inches from his crotch. She looked up at him adoringly, keeping her position while he fumbled with his zipper and pulled out his semi-erect cock. Seeing his wonderful tool, Barbara nearly orgasmed. “How about you show me your devotion like a good slave?” he smiled at her. Her mouth was over his cock before he had finished his question.

Part 4
Barbara hummed a little melody while she prepared breakfast for him and Angela. Her full body was clad in a pink thong and a top, made of some kind of net-fabric. The holes in the pink top were so wide, that here big tits were clearly visible. She could as well be naked, but as he had told her he liked his girls walking around in skimpy outfits. It just made them look a lot more sluttier. Barbara still couldn’t believe it had only been a week since she had moved in with Rekam. — When she had met Angela, she had been shocked. Her first instinct had been to turn around and leave at once. But then he had grabbed her ass and had pushed her inside his mansion. She had worn some extremely hot hotpants and as soon as she had felt his paws on her half-naked ass-cheeks all thoughts of leaving him were gone. He had talked to her, explaining that one woman could never be enough for him. “Besides, I like the contrast of your blonde Northern beauty and her dark Latin complexion”, he had told her.

He had said, she was free to leave but he had reminded her that she had been the one who wanted to live out her submissive side. “I only want to be helpful…” He had let this sentence hanging in the air. Up until today Barbara got furious with herself, when she remembered how selfish she had been. How could she believe that her body and her little talents would be enough for a man like Rekam Tuls? She had to be lucky that he actually considered spending his time with her. She was, after all, only a fuck-toy, and with his looks and his personality he could have any woman he’d liked. Luckily for her, he had been gracious enough to forgive her sauciness after he had unloaded his cum in her throat. — While she sat and waited for Rekam and Angela to come down, her thoughts drifted to her relationship with Rekam and Angela. Barbara had noticed that he fucked Angela more often than herself. Not that she wasn’t in heaven whenever she was used by him, but the Latin bitch with her big ass seemed to be more to his liking.

Barbara knew that he liked her body. He always complimented her on it. So there had to be another reason. Barbara concluded it must have to be something about their different behavior. There was no question that she and Angela both were sluts, reveling in the pleasure of being the personal whores of Rekam Tuls. “Oh Rekam, fuck your dirty whore bitch!” Barbara heard the happy squeals from Angela. “Rip it open. Yeah, rip that fat ass open.” In between Angela’s yells she could make out a slapping sound of flesh on flesh. Angela surely was on all fours, getting her ass rammed, while he smacked the globes of her ass. And suddenly realization hit her. As well as Angela was a slut, she also was a simple girl. She didn’t think very much and her vocabulary was that of a little girl. In short, where she just was a slut, Angela was a brainless bimbo. Maybe that not only was the reason for Rekam to enjoy her more than Barbara, but also the reason for Angela to respond even more eagerly than herself. Angela had nothing to think about, nothing to consider. She truly existed for only one reason: to be used.

As if to acknowledge her thoughts Barbara heard Rekam’s growl from upstairs. “Yes! Take it, you whore! Fucking bimbo whore! I’ll rip you ass open and fuck you, ’til my cock comes out of your mouth, you worthless stupid piece of shit!” Through his abuse, Barbara could make out Angela’s gasps and screams. She wanted to be like Angela. Yes, she wanted to be the same bimbo-slut like this big-assed Latin bitch. She had to talk to her. Hopefully she wasn’t too dumb to teach her how to be a good bimbo for Rekam. And hopefully there wasn’t enough intelligence in her little brain, she would discover that she would train her own rival. After one ear-piercing squeal from Angela, the fucking sounds from upstairs had died away. Barbara set the table and after two minutes they came down. Angela was naked and he simply had thrown a robe over his shoulders. The smell of sex lay heavily in the air.

Rekam approached her, one hand grabbing her ass the other going up, squeezing her right tit through the mesh of her top. He pressed his mouth on hers and kissed her hard. Barbara responded by rubbing her crotch against his leg. The hand that had grabbed her ass went in front. He lightly patted her quivering cunt and broke the kiss. “Hope we weren’t too loud,” he grinned at her. Barbara could hear Angela giggling. “I could use some breakfast now. Satisfying this little whore,” he pointed to the still giggling Angela, “costs quite some energy.” With that he let himself fall onto the chair. Rekam sat with Barbara to his left and Angela to his right. From time to time he grabbed a tit and nibbled at the rock hard teats, eliciting sighs and squeals from his girls. He carefully observed Barbara, if she already showed any reaction from the new ‘start-up screen’ and ‘screensaver’ he had installed yesterday.

As well as he enjoyed her slave personality, he had decided that he would enjoy her much more if she was bimbofied like Angela. Of course, she was a wonderful fuck and obeyed every command, but she just thought too much. He had left the door open on purpose, while he had used Angela this morning, ‘to give her something to think about.’ If everything worked like he had planned, she would have developed a deep urge of becoming a brainless bimbo just like Angie. Having finished his meal he stood up. “I’ll take a shower and a little nap. How about the two of you do some shopping together. I’d love to see your asses squeezed into some new miniskirts or hotpants.” He patted both of his pets on their heads. “Oh goodie!” Angela squealed, clapping her hands. Barbara liked the prospect of being alone with the Latin. She was desperate to learn how to become the perfect bimbo.

There was a little knock at his door. “Come in.” Carefully, Barbara entered his room. “Barbara, come in, lay down beside me”, Rekam offered. Once she was settled she could feel his hands lifting her top. Not that it covered much, but he wanted unhindered access to her tits. He let his hands roam over her naked hooters, enjoying the feeling of their soft tenderness. He smiled as her pleasure buds instantly rose to attention, inviting him to pinch them. He couldn’t help but draw her tits to his mouth, sucking first one than the other nipple. “Hm, I like your tits, so big… so soft and yet firm.” He flicked his tongue over her nipples again. “And always so attentive”, he grinned. Barbara nearly forgot the reason she had come to him. She already could feel the wetness in her crotch. But she had something very important to ask. “Rekam… Oh God! Yes!” He lightly had bitten her left nipple. She had to concentrate. “I need to ask you something but I can’t if you keep… oh yes, you make me so hot… I can’t… yes, keep doing me…” This time it had been her right nipple.

“You need to ask me something”, he helped her, his hand yanking the crotch of her soaked panties aside and playing with her glistening cuntlips, “but you can’t because you are so hot, aren’t you?” Barbara began humping his hand. “Yes! Yes! Do me!” He grinned at her, looking directly into her eyes. “Then maybe we can talk after you cum”, he said and squeezed down on her clit. “OH YES! YES! YES!” she screamed, her whole body spasming, her cunt pissing juices all over his hand and onto the sheets. “That’s my little pet. Feeling better now?” Slowly Barbara came down from her high. He loved to see that flushed look on her face. “Yes, thank you”, she sighed, kissing him softly. “Well then, let’s talk.” He looked at her questioningly. “Rekam”, she began, hoping he would not be angry with her, “you seem to enjoy fucking Angela much more than me. So I have talked to her, asking if she could show me, how to be the perfect slut-toy for you.” Rekam raised his eyebrow. Could it be that one day of implantation had been enough? She had already proven that she had a very pliable mind, but one day…

“Please don’t be upset”, she begged, misinterpreting his reaction as anger. “I only want to be the perfect slave for you. I humbly beg you to turn me into a bimbo like Angela. I swear, all I want is to be of better use to you.” ‘How nice of her’, Rekam chuckled. Angela had accepted being bimbofied for the benefit of a greater sensivity of her body. Barbara actually was begging him to be turned into a bimbo. Talking about the power of persuasion! “Barbara, you are an attractive and intelligent young woman, and I am pleased to hear that you want to be perfect for me. But remember, I only wanted to help you to discover your true self. If you were turned into a bimbo it would be irrevocable. Of course I am curious. To fuck you after you’ve been bimbofied must be heaven for me. But it’s all up to you, and believe me: I won’t blame you if you decide to stay the way you are.” She was all over him, kissing him, hugging him. “Thank you Rekam, thank you so much.” Her face took a very serious look when she declared: Rekam, I want to be perfect for you. Please make me your bimbo.”

They made an arrangement the other day. Since no body alterations were required the whole transformation process only lasted two hours. Barbara awoke to find Rekam and that nice Dr. Benson standing beside her bed. “How do you feel?” Rekam asked. She giggled. “Horny!?” Dr. Benson nodded towards Rekam and left the room. Rekam pulled away the sheets that covered her otherwise naked body. “Let’s have a look at my new bimbo slut.” Barbara giggled again, spreading her legs and pushing up her tits. A good bimbo slut always displayed herself to show off the goodies. “Seems everything worked perfectly.” “What worked perfectly?” Barbara asked, shaking her boobies for him. She wondered when he would take her. “I turned you into a brainless bimbo, my little airhead, just like I had planned.” “But Rekam, I always wanted to be a bimbo.” “No you didn’t!” Rekam smiled triumphantly. “I made you believe that it’s your own wish. Remember your new screensavers and start-up screens? Those were meant to put you in trance. And while you were there, messages that you didn’t consciously notice changed your way of thinking. The old Barbara Svenson would be disgusted by such a dumb cunt like you are now.”

What Rekam was telling her made sense to Barbara. She remembered that once she had been a business woman. She had been responsible for all that personal things and stuff. Her way of thinking had changed after Rekam had put that new internet thing on her computer. She sighed, thinking of the nice sites she had visited since then. “Did you never wonder about my strange name?” he asked. “Have you ever heard of a company named ‘Lortnoc’?” Barbara wished he would fuck her, instead of asking all those questions. “Lortnoc! Rekam Tuls! Spell it backwards and you’ll have the answer.” Barbara concentrated hard. Lortnoc, that’s C-O-N-T-R-O-L. “Control!” she said aloud. Rekam Tuls, that’s S-L-U-T M-A-K-E-R. “Slut Maker! You are a slut maker! You made me a slut! Oh, Rekam”, she sighed, jumping off the bed and hugging him. Suddenly she began rubbing her body against him. “But what sense does it make, to turn me into your slut, if you don’t use me like one?” She whispered seductively into his ear. He sat down in a nearby chair. “Quite right my little slut. And the best way to test the qualities of a real bimbo whore is having her kneel in front of you and having her give you a blowjob.” Barbara squealed with utter delight. In seconds she knelt in front of him, opened his zipper and pulled out his semi-hard cock. The moment it entered her throat, she knew she was in heaven.

Part 5
Barbie leapt away at Angie’s swollen cunt while her Latin friend’s tongue was rapidly flicking over her own engorged clit. They were sixty-nining and already had cum a few times, but they didn’t let up.

Besides satisfying the lesbian tendencies the girls had recently discovered, they wanted to put on a good show for Rekam, who sat in a nearby chair, watching them. Barbie, being the one on top, wiggled her ass invitingly at her man. As well as she enjoyed slurping the juices of a spasming cunt, especially if it was Angie’s and as well as the Latina knew how to use her tongue, there was nothing that could beat a heavy fuck-session with Rekam. “Angie, Barbara, come over here”, they heard him say. Both girls immediately stopped lapping at each other and rushed to him. They stood, back straight, legs spread and giggled. “What’s so funny?” Angie was the first to answer. “You called her by her old name again.” “Maybe he wants the old stuck-up prude back,” Barbie said and both girls burst out laughing.

“Aw, shut ’em up! Why don’t you put your mouths to some good use”, Rekam suggested, spreading his legs while grinning at his two bimbos. In an instant the girls were on their knees eagerly licking the head of his cock like they were sharing a Popsicle. When they have got him all nice and hard they alternated between licking his shaft and smothering his balls with kisses. Rekam slipped forward a little so the girl occupied with his balls could also lick his asshole. Barbie and Angie worked perfect as a duo nowadays. He had had some problems with jealousy but he had fixed that. They still would compete and try to outdo each other without being mad with their respective rival. Having turned them into part-time lesbians also had been very efficient. “Oh Rekam”, Barbie sighed between slurps. “I could lick your ass for hours. It makes me feel so degraded, just like a real bimbo whore.” “That’s the idea, my little slut”, he grinned down at her. “Now swap places with Angie.”

Reluctantly the Latin beauty let his dick pop out of her mouth. She had wished he would come in her mouth. But soon she concentrated on licking his balls and ass, reveling in the feeling of deep humiliation, just like Barbie had. Rekam had made sure that the bitches loved being treated without the slightest respect. He found they were more pliable this way and he enjoyed the comfort of not having to bother about anything he was doing to them or having them do. Barbie loved being on her knees with her mouth closed tightly over his cock. To be allowed to pleasure Rekam was like a god given gift. Even more so, when he grabbed her hair, like he was doing right now, and yanking her head up and down his pole. When he relentlessly fucked her mouth, she felt like a true slut, being treated with the highest irreverence. She felt the same, in fact, when he pounded her ass or rammed his cock into her cunt. Her existence was centered on being used by Rekam Tuls.

Rekam grabbed Angie’s black hair with his free hand and pulled both girls upwards until they were kneeling straight. Then he pushed their faces together. “Kiss!” he ordered and in an instant they were French-kissing each other, sharing the taste of his ass and pre-cum. He let go of their hair and his hands went down to their butts. Rekam loved the difference. Here the olive skinned soft globes of Angie’s fat ass, there the firmness of the golden-tanned cheeks of Barbie. Both had their appeal and he was never able to decide, which one he liked best. Luckily he didn’t have to, since he owned them both. He playfully swatted their globes, and the girls happily moaned into each other’s mouths. “You really are two fine catches,” he praised them, “no man could ask for better bimbo sluts.” Barbie and Angie were moaning louder at his kind compliments. “Such a fine service definitely deserves a reward”, Rekam announced, “you can both lick my dick now… Oh, and I would appreciate if you deep-throat me now and then.” With that he leant back, enjoying the ministrations of their expert mouths and tongues.

From time to time he spurned them on. “That’s it! Lick me like a good whore, Angie… Oh yeah! keep doing that… You’re an excellent cocksucking nympho-slut, Barbie… Yes! Take it all in you dirty tramp… Good for nothing bitch… dumb little cunt…” If they weren’t concentrating hard on pleasuring, Rekam’s dick, the girls would have come instantly from his abuse. He knew all the right words to put their libido into overdrive. Cunt-juice was leaking out of their bodies as he continued to humiliate and degrade them. “I bet your snatches are dripping by now, you fuck-holes.” Rekam knew he wouldn’t be able to hold up much longer, as his sluts feverishly serviced his throbbing cock. Just when he was about to cum he hissed at them, “Sit on your heels, tits out, open your mouths.” “A cum-bath!” Barbie happily squealed while she prepared. Just like Angie, she loved being splashed by his wonderful seed.

Looking at their voluptuous bodies that quivered in anticipation, he wanked his dick two or three times before letting go. Sticky white goo shot out of his dick, hitting the girls’ faces, hair and tits. The moment the first shot hit them, the sluts came, screaming his name, thrusting their tits out even further, opening their mouths even wider. They floated on cloud nine as he flooded their bodies with his cum. He made sure, each girl had her share of his gift. Rekam had to admit he never got enough of marking his girls, like the sluts they were. To watch the dreamy look on their faces as he emptied his balls onto their bodies like they were the cheapest street whores was definitely a sight to behold. But he wasn’t done yet. “Now face each other, hands to your backs and rub it in with your bodies. I want you to smell like the whores you are.” The girls gasped and moaned when their faces and tits collided. Squishing sounds could be heard as puddle after puddle was rubbed in. They left what had hit their hair, drying in the air. He sniffled at their bodies. “Hm, I smell two very filthy whores.” The girls giggled at his funny remark. Finally Rekam stood up. “Lunch at 12. I think we’ll have some fish. Should at least go with your odor.” With the bimbos bursting into laughter, he left for his home office.

After checking his mail, downloading the newest figures of Lortnoc and having a quick talk to Hanson from account department, Rekam took a quick look at the newspaper. There was a dirt-race today at Havock’s Speedway. ‘A good place to show the sluts off’, he thought. Afterwards they could have a quick bite at “Freddie’s” before looking for a little porn movie. Having set out his plan for the rest of the day, Rekam strolled leisurely towards the kitchen. He leant in the doorframe, relishing the sight of his naked fuck-slaves. The girls hadn’t noticed him yet, standing with their back to him. “I so much love it, when he fucks my mouth, especially when he holds my hair in a solid grip and yanks my head up and down. It always makes me so tingly inside my little cunnie to be nothing but a living fuck-doll to him”, Barbie declared. Angela sighed, “Yeah. I know what you mean. I feel the same when he fucks my ass. When he pulls my air he forces my ass so high in the air that he has a perfect angle for pounding really hard.”

“Oh God! Stop it or I’ll have to frig myself”, begged a panting Barbie, “Rekam is the first man who has really fucked my ass. Most men are so fucking gentle.” Rekam took two steps back. He wanted to know where this chat was leading to and didn’t want to get noticed, in case they would turn around. Angie: “Oh yes, most of them are wimps. They just don’t understand that a slut’s ass is to be fucked as hard and as fast as possible. I mean, what do we have an ass for, if not having it rammed relentlessly.” Rekam heard the sound of flesh on flesh. Barbie: “At least with such a fat ass as yours.” The blonde must have swatted Angie’s ass. Angie: “Aw come on. This firm butt” – another sound of flesh on flesh – “gets its share, don’t you think?” Barbie (giggling): “Oh, I’m not complaining… Did you ever notice, how happy he seems to be, when he’s pounding our butts?” Angie: “I’d do anything for him, just for this look on his face. He’s so handsome.” Barbie (sighing): “Have you ever considered how lucky we are, that he is interested in us? I don’t know what I’d do, if he wasn’t using me anymore.” Angie (giggling): “And us sluts need to get used a lot, don’t we?”

There was a sudden pause. Rekam thought he heard hushed moans, so he looked around to see them tightly embraced and deeply French-kissing. All the while they were rubbing their voluptuous bodies against each other. Rekam was just about to enter and join in the fun, when they separated and continue their little talk. Wanting to hear more, he backed off again. Barbie: “Do you know when I feel most used? When I do the chores in the nude or in some frilly outfit. Oh, I’d love to get fucked by him 24 hours a day, but to be nothing to him but an object he uses to make his life more comfortable, always gets me so hot. Last week he made me scrubbing the wooden floor in the living room. I was completely nude and on all fours, crawling with my titties hanging down. It took me all efforts to not leave puddles of cunt-juice on the freshly cleaned floor, especially as he came in for inspection now and then and patted my head or naked bum for a work well done.” Barbie’s breathing had markedly accelerated. Angie: “Lucky you. I think I wouldn’t have been able to hold back.”

“You know what he did with me once? It was before you joined us, during the last Superbowl. He had made himself comfortable in his favorite chair while I lied down spread-eagled on the floor, right in front of him. He had me playing with myself throughout the whole game while he used my hooters as a foot rest. He also had me fetching his drinks and snacks of course and when a can of beer turned out to be too cold, coming from the fridge, he simply pushed it into my hot cunt ‘to warm it up a little’.” Rekam could hear a whispered “Oh my God! You must have come a thousand times!” from Barbie before Angie continued. “When he had to empty his bladder, I took out his flaccid cock and held it so he could piss into a bowl I held up for him. When he was finished, I cleaned his cock with my mouth and put it back again. He won’t let me blow it, even though he sometimes started to get hard. I guess he simply wanted to concentrate on the game.”

“Being a fan of the Carolina Panthers he was very upset when they finally lost and he let out all his anger on me. He shoved his cock into my very sore cunt, making me howl in pain. But I was so oversexed after nearly four hours of constant stimulation, that I came the moment he was up to his balls in my cunt. And I kept cumming and cumming until I passed out. I woke up in my bed the next morning. Never ever again had he used me so thoroughly. I can’t wait for the next big sport event.” A short giggle from Angie. “I nearly hope his team will loose again.” The heavy breathing of his girls showed Rekam that they had talked themselves into a very aroused state. He had to admit that all those lewd confessions had given him quite a stiffy. ‘Time to join the fun’, he thought and walked into the kitchen. “How are my favorite fuck-dolls doing? Lunch ready?” They ran to him, one girl clinging to his right, the other to his left. “In fifteen minutes the salmon should be ready. Enough time for a quickie”, Angie suggested, licking her lips. Rekam patted both chicks’ asses before stepping back. “Why don’t the both of you bend over that table. Quite practical that you’re already naked…” Squealing the girls were bent over in seconds, legs spread as far as they would go.

Rekam stood between them, checking the wetness of their cunts with his fingers. “My, my, my, what needy little hot cunts we have here. Luckily for you, it seems I have the right tool with me to cool your poor snatches down a bit.” With that he opened his robe and let himself glide into Angie’s quivering cunt. He kept his left hand between the soft folds of Barbie’s cunt, from time to time plunging two or three fingers into her, enough to keep her panting and whimpering in need, but not enough to drive her over the edge. Angie was rushing towards her explosion as he pounded away in her contracting cunt. In the past he sometimes had denied his girls release enjoying the desperation in their eyes and their weepy begging, but today he felt very generous. “Cum, my little slut. I know you need it. I want to feel your cunt spasming around my cock. Show me that you are a good Angie-whore and come for your master.” ‘Angie began screaming at his words, her cunt-muscles opening and closing around his cock as she came in a thunderous orgasm. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your Angie-whore. Ogodogodogod… Aaaahhhhh!!!!” Angie came screaming like a banshee, and it took all of his willpower for Rekam not to shoot his load.

There was after all another bitch squirming in desperation and need. Barbie was fucking his fingers, pushing her ass back and forth, whining when he would withdraw a little to keep her on the edge. Slowly he withdrew from Angie’s cunt. The Latina lay panting, bent over the kitchen table, slowly recovering from her massive orgasm. Rekam withdrew his hand from Barbie’s dripping snatch and positioned himself behind his blonde doll. “Please!” she whimpered. “Please what”, he teased her. “Fuck me, please”, she begged, trying to push back. Rekam simply let her feel the tip of his cock against her slit. “You want these nine inches in your wet cunt? Beg me like the slut you are.” “Please Rekam, fuck your dirty little Barbie-doll. She is such a nasty slut. All she can think of is your wonderful cock fucking her snatch like a jackhammer. Make me your Barbie-slut, please…” She just had finished her sentence, when he pushed into her. Barbie screamed, just like Angie had, when he began sawing in and out of her. He went slow when pulling out and hard and fast when pushing in. His cock went into the hilt in less than a second.

Now and then he kept his dick buried into her. Letting her cunt do all the work, massaging him with its opening and closing muscles. “You have become quite a slut, Barbie”, he praised her, “and to think that one month ago you were a Human Resources Manager… Unbelievable!” Barbie relished his compliment. “I hope you like your dirty Barbie-slut much better.” Rekam swatted her ass-cheek. “You can count on that. Who would fuck a stuck-up business-bitch when he could have such a cock-hungry slut like you.” He began fucking her again, this time going at a furious pace. Barbie was reduced to a quivering, spasming cunt. Every conscious thought was fucked out of her brain as she floated in a stream of continual orgasmic bliss. She was to weak to even fuck him back now, laying there, just providing a fuckhole for his cock. Her cunt-juices ran down her thighs in streams, while Rekam was pistoning her like a machine gun. Soon he could feel his lava boiling up and with one mighty thrust he shot all that he had into his blonde whore.

When he pulled out of her, he had Angie lick him clean, before he closed his robe and sat down, just opposite of Barbie’s face. The hard breathing blonde was still bent over the table. Beads of sweat covered her face. Even her hair had a wet shine. With a satisfied smile, he noticed that he really had put her through her paces. Slowly she lifted her face. “Thank you! Thank you so much, my love, my master, my lord!” she whispered, endless love and adoration in her eyes. “You’re welcome Barbie-slut… Hey I like that. From now on, when we are in private, I’ll refer to you as my Barbie-slut. What do you think?” “I love it”, the blonde hushed, blowing him a kiss. “And you, my Latin bitch”, he turned to Angie, who was about to take the fish out of the oven, “you will be my Angie-whore. I think that name fits very well, doesn’t it?” “You know it does”, she smiled at him while she placed the casserole on the table, pressing her tits into his shoulder. They had a pretty silent lunch, all three of them exhausted from their heavy sex-session. Nevertheless Rekam enjoyed to watch their heavy, naked tits that jiggled nicely with each move. After finishing their lunch he gave the girls a two hours rest and announced that they were to visit the today’s dirt race, where he intended to show off his price bitches.

Part 6
Mark had hoped, that he and Julie would spend a nice day at the races. And now he was walking alone through the paddock, just because Julie had decided she’d prefer to go shopping with her stupid girlfriends from college. Mark knew that she didn’t like motor racing that much, but she could at least show some interest in his likings. While he talked to Pete from “Joe’s Garage” his eyes wandered over the crowd, strolling up the paddock area, when suddenly his gaze fell on a weird group. A guy, around forty years of age, passed him by, with two very hot girls clinging to each of his shoulders. On his left, he had a blonde, and the one on his right seemed to be of Latin decent. The girls were both clad into extremely tight outfits. They looked like grid girls. ‘No’, Mark corrected himself, with their very curvaceous bodies they looked like a porn vision of grid girls. Their outfits revealed more than they covered.

The blond wore a pink minidress that ended an inch below her round ass. The top was closed over her breasts with a clip, that seemed to be very solid, regarding how the stretched material clung to her chest. The way her breasts strained against the fabric made visible a good amount of naked flesh, from above as well as from below. Her nipples stood hard against the top and the way her breasts were flattened against her chest showed that they obviously were real. She wore little pink sockets and pink high-heel sandals that gave her ass a nice wiggle. ‘Pink Barbie doll’, was the first term that came to Mark’s mind. The Latina looked even hotter. It was obvious that she had a really big ass since at least half of it was spilling out of her glossy red hot pants. Like her cheeks were spilling out from underneath her shorts, the top of her tits were spilling out of her equally red bustier. There was no other way to refer to her breasts other than as ‘tits’. And man, did she look hot. Her dark skin contrasted wonderfully with her shiny red outfit and her full lips just seemed to have ‘cocks enter here, please’ written over them. Her soft, half-naked ass wobbled even more than the blonde’s.

What struck Mark most, was the way, the guy openly let his hands wander over both of the girls’ bodies. Most of the time he had them on their butts, giving them an occasional pat or pinching their cheeks. At other times he had his hands over their shoulders, letting his forearm dangling down over their tits. Mark even saw him once flicking the blonde’s poking nubs. All he got as a reaction was a hot kiss with a lot of tongue. Mark knew that if he’d treated Julie this way, even in private, she’d slap him and tell him to fuck off instantly. He had followed the group, curious at what liberties the girls would allow this guy. They obviously not only let him do whatever he wanted, but openly enjoyed his ministrations, even encouraging him, by pressing their bodies further into him. ‘Lucky dude’, he thought, when he saw him looking at him. His first reaction was to look away, but when he saw him smiling, Mark smiled back. The stranger waved him over. “Hello there, young man”, he greeted him, “I’m Rekam.” Mark shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Mark.”

“And these”, Rekam introduced his girls, “are Angie and Barbie.” “Hi there”, they said in unison and Mark couldn’t help but stare at their heaving chests. Rekam smiled when he saw the boy ogling his pets. “You look familiar… Aren’t you the quarterback of our college team?” Rekam asked. Mark turned his gaze from Angie’s breasts and looked to Rekam. “Yes, I am”, he said with pride. “You know, I always believed in supporting young people. How about, I invite you to be my guest for today? We intend to watch the race and then have a bite at ‘Freddie’s'” Rekam smiled at him invitingly. “I don’t know…” “Aw come on, from what I can see you came here alone.” He looked at the pets clinging to his sides. “And I’ve got more escort than I could probably handle.” Barbie giggled and spoke to Mark: “Don’t believe him. He easily can wear us out both.” “Weird.” Mark spoke to himself. “There’s nothing weird about it”, Rekam answered. “I offer a nice and successful young student to spend the day with me and my pets.” Did he just say ‘pets’? “What are you, a pimp or something?”

Rekam laughed heartily. “Oh no, not at all. It just happens that these fillies here are happy to do whatever I tell them. Angie here once owned several Cajun restaurants and Barbie had been a Human resources manager at a big company. They just had enough of their boring lives and I helped them to overcome all their repressed sexuality and to discover their true nature. Since then they live with me as my personal sluts and we live together as a happy family, don’t we girls?” he asked, patting their butts, earning approving giggles. “And I’m pretty sure, they’d love if you join us.” Both girls happily agreed. “Oh yeah, Mark, come with us, we’d be so happy. You won’t regret it.” What had he to lose? The speedway was some distance away from his home town so chances were low, he would be seen by someone who knew him. “Okay, okay, I’m convinced”, he gave in. Rekam smiled and took one step back, pushing his dolls in front of him. “Well then, choose your girlfriend of the day!” The scantily clad girls posed for him, giving him seductive smiles. Mark’s mouth felt very dry, when he finally spoke. “Barbie.” The blonde hushed over, snuggling up against him.

Glancing at his watch, Rekam noticed that they only had 20 minutes left until the start of the race, so he egged the group on. Not sure what to do, Mark carefully placed his arm over Barbie’s shoulder, while they walked to the stands. Could it be that she shuddered at his touch? After around 50 yards of walking, Barbie grabbed his hand. “That won’t do”, she whispered to him and draw his forearm down her front so his hand rested on her barely covered right breast. When his index finger touched her poking nipple she let out a small gasp. Then she gave him a quick peck on his cheek. “That’s better, isn’t it?” she batted her eye-lashes at him. Mark still couldn’t believe it. This beautiful blonde not only allowed him to touch her in a very indecent way, she actually encouraged him to do it. “And you really don’t mind, if I touch your b- b- breasts this way?” he asked. She frowned. “What I really mind is you calling them ‘breasts’. There are better names for those babies, don’t you think?” she asked, giving her upper body a little wiggle.

Rekam, who had watched the whole scene, encouraged him. “Tell her! She wants to hear it. What has been the first name that came to your mind when you saw them?” “Well… tits.” “Yeah baby, now you got it.” Barbie smiled. “Tell me more. Do you like my tits? Give them other names. Don’t be shy, sweetie.” Never ever had a girl encouraged him to use dirty names for her body parts. Mark could feel his cock rising up to the occasion. “Boobs.” “More.” “Shirt puppies.” “More, tell me what you’d like to do with my huge slut tits.” Barbie had a very flushed face now. She was obviously getting turned on by his abuse. Mark could swear that her nipples stood even harder against the soft pink fabric of her dress. What a slut! Now he wanted to check how far he could go. “Oh, I’d love to see you on your knees with your large hooters wrapped around my cock.” That was it, but he had to say it. She had acted like a cheap whore and he just had to treat her like one. Mark prepared to get slapped in the face but instead found her hot body pressed into his. “I’d love to fuck your big schlong with my hooters”, she whispered into his ear. “There’s a toilet over there. Let me show you what a dirty slut I really am. I know you want it to. I can feel your hard cock in my crotch. Please… My little cunnie is soaking wet.”

Mark’s face went beat red and he looked at Rekam who gave him an approving nod. “She’s a real hottie. I wouldn’t turn down an offer like that. You got your tickets. I’m sure you’ll find Angie and me afterwards.” With that he continued his walk to the stands, his hand still on the half-naked cheeks of Angie’s fat ass. When Mark looked back at Barbie he found her licking her lips in anticipation. The gleam in her eyes showed him, what she wanted. And he was determined by now, to give it to her. Carefully, so they wouldn’t get noticed they entered the men’s restroom and hurried directly into a booth. Mark hadn’t locked the door, when Barbie already was down on her knees, fumbling with his zipper. When his erect cock sprang free, she arched her back, looking up at him invitingly. “Serve yourself”, she hushed. With trembling hands he opened the clip that held the two pans of her top together. They whipped to the side and her unrestricted tits literally jumped forward. Mark looked at the perfectly rounded globes. They were larger than he had imagined. No wonder they had strained so much against the fabric. Their regained fullness showed how much they had been pressed into her chest.

Her nipples stood out proud and hard like spikes. He couldn’t help but grab them between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting a deep moan from the blonde girl. He pinched them and began rolling them, causing Barbie to gasp. She pressed her tits further into his palms, when he began twisting them. “Oh baby, I like that…” she encouraged him. Mark was getting bolder now, pinching her rosebuds harder, pushing and pulling. It only spurred her on. He chuckled when he imagined what Julie might say, if she saw him now. Judie just let him feel up her breasts through her clothes now and then, and when he got too eager, she always had stopped him. Barbie obviously enjoyed his grabbing and groping. She even urged him on to do more, meowing like a kitten while she offered her tits to him. “Keep going… Mmhh… that feels really good… You’re an expert at handling a girl’s tits… You must make your girlfriend very happy…” “Oh yeah”, he growled, “she won’t even let me touch her naked tits.” Had he just called Julie’s breasts ‘tits’? She would kick his balls if she knew.

But Barbie was so willing, so pliable, she had put him to the point of no return. “Poor baby”, Barbie declared, while she licked a drop of pre-cum from Mark’s rod. “Your girlfriend really must be some stuck-up prude.” She kissed the head of his dick, sending shivers through his body. “Here let me make up for her.” Barbie pressed her chest into his crotch so that his dick now rested in the valley of her exceptional deep cleavage. She began moving her body up and down his cock, while she took his hands and placed them on the outside of her tits. Mark soon got the message and pushed her boobs into his cock until he felt the right pressure. His cock was now totally enveloped in Barbie’s soft tit-flesh, and he had to use all his willpower to not come right away. But when he felt her tongue licking the tip of his cock every time it came through the tunnel of her cleavage, he simply couldn’t hold back anymore. “Cumming!” he hissed through clenched teeth, and then he began shooting his load. Mark was about to shy away from Barbie, but when he saw, how her eyes were fixed on his spurting cock he just let go.

Mark covered the blonde’s face and hair in sticky white goo. She even managed to catch some of it in her mouth. Barbie truly was the epitome of a total slut, since she obviously enjoyed even the degradation of having her face plastered by his dick. “Wow,” she exclaimed while scooping up a line of cum from her chin and feeding it into her mouth, “that was quick. I’m sorry I made you cum so fast. How about I try to blow some life back into your wonderful fuck-stick so you can enjoy my tits more leisurely. I’ll do a really good job now, I promise.” She somewhat anxiously looked up at him. Mark had just had the fuck of his life and she apologized for a job poorly done? Right at this moment Mark knew he would never again be able to have sex any other way than with a willing female who only felt responsible for his pleasure, not caring for her own needs. He had to find someone like Barbie, some hot little thing he’d have at his beck and call. He needed to talk to Rekam. Hadn’t he said he had brought out the sluts in Barbie and Angie? And the way he treated them! “Please, I’ll make it up to you”, Barbie whined, thinking he was upset with her. Awesome! Incredible! Mark was addicted.

“Okay, show me your best, slut”, he snarled at her, wondering about her reaction. She smiled at him. “Right away, Sir.” Her licking tongue on the underside of his cockhead did wonders to his dick and she had him hard within a minute. This time he let her do all the work, enjoying the sight as she pressed her own tits against his dick, while she moved her body up and down, occasionally licking the tip of his cock. “You better hurry up a little”, Mark addressed her, “the race already started. Not that you’re not doing a great job, Barbie. You’re gorgeous.” Barbie smiled at him at his compliment, redoubling her efforts to bring him off. He had a nice cock, not as big as Rekam’s, but nice. She fucked him now with her tits and mouth, her expert ministrations letting him rush towards explosion. When he felt like coming, he grabbed her head and held it buried in his crotch. Barbie understood and when he released his seed she drank it all down. When he had completely emptied his balls, Mark withdrew his cock and put it back into his trousers. He suddenly realized that he had no idea whether she had come or not. But then he realized he had no need to bother. Her needs were of no matter at all. He definitely had to talk with Rekam!

Mark helped Barbie close the top over her heavy tits, wishing he could let her walk around with naked tits. He was pretty sure, that she wouldn’t have bothered at all, but he also knew damn sure, that the local police would have never tolerated public obscenities. So they walked to the stands, his hand resting on her firm ass and sat beside Rekam and Angie. Rekam and him shared the same knowing smiles as Barbie and Angie. The fun they had had together was more than obvious. The race went without any recognizable events, despite the fact, that Mark had his hand in Barbie’s crotch, occasionally rubbing her clit. The blonde came several times fighting hard to stifle her screams. Mark had told her that she deserved a reward for the best tit-fuck he ever had. He didn’t tell her, of course, that it had been his first, but he somehow felt that it couldn’t be any better. Rekam observed the change in Mark’s behavior with some amusement. He certainly had the day of his life, and it wasn’t over yet.

Rekam waited for his next move until they sat at ‘Freddie’s’. “Tell me Mark, how did you enjoy your day?” He looked at Barbie, who still was clinging to him. “It was incredible. I wish I had a girlfriend like Barbie.” She pecked his cheek. “Isn’t he a sweetie?” Rekam reached out his hand and took Barbie’s. “Sorry, dude. She’s mine, and I won’t let her go.” Barbie’s expression changed at this statement. Mark knew that she liked him, and he still remembered that lustful gleam when she had looked up to him while he had tit-fucked her. But as she looked at Rekam, Mark saw so much more; admiration, adoration, lust, arousal, devotion, submission… love. He lost his hold on her, allowing her to stand up and sit beside Rekam. Barbie whispered something into his ear and the forty year old spoke to him. “I hear you have some problems with your girlfriend?” Taking all his will together Mark began to tell him everything: how much he loved Julie, how he wished she were more compliant, more sexually open.

“I don’t want a total bimbo like Barbie…” he suddenly stopped, looking half-heartedly at the blonde. “Sorry, l didn’t meant to… It’s just…” “Calm down, sweetie”, she smiled at him, “I love being a bimbo. I am a blonde bimbo-slut and that’s all I ever wanted to be. And you cannot say you didn’t enjoy fucking my titties. I liked it a lot. Tell him Rekam, tell him I’m your little Barbie-slut.” “Of course you are”, Rekam told her and then addressed Mark again, “Barbie is the bimbo-slut I always saw in her. Just like this Latin bitch is my little Angie-whore… But back to your girlfriend…” Mark felt relieved that nobody was upset with him and carefully listened to what Rekam had to say. He told the young student everything he had done with Angela and Barbara. Finally he offered to install his program onto Mark’s computer. With the recently made improvements, it just had to run one day to get the desired results. Rekam would of course make sure, that the program would be destroyed after that. With Barbie and Angie sitting opposite him as a living proof, Mark couldn’t but believe what he had been told. They quickly went through Mark’s idea of an ‘improved’ Julie and set the installation date for Wednesday. After Rekam had paid, they separated. Watching the swinging behinds of Rekam’s sluts, as they strolled away, Mark imagined how his life with Julie would change.

Part 7
Rekam had decided to skip the movies, so they went directly home. He had some fun with Barbie in the back of his limousine, while Angie sat at the steering wheel. The blonde lay with her back over his lap, while he gently played with the glistening lips of her sweet pussy. From time to time Rekam enjoyed playing leisurely with his pets, keeping them on the edge, but withdrawing when they were nearing release. It was an exquisite torture and he enjoyed watching the reaction in their faces when he toyed with them, bringing them slowly closer and closer, seeing their lips tremble in anticipation, hearing their breath accelerating, coming in short gasps, feeling the growing wetness of their constantly dripping cunts, seeing the desperation in their eyes, when he once again denied them release and then observe their abandon, when they finally exploded, shaking, screaming, spasming, forgetting everything around them while their orgasms rippled through their convulsing bodies.

Rekam had developed the perfect timing as Barbie lay across his lap, sweating and panting, barely able to breath, just when the car approached his house. He waited for Angie to open the door and stepped out, with Barbie sliding off his lap and collapsing to the floor. “Help her”, he announced to Angie who helped the blonde to stand up on wobbling legs. Rekam gave Barbie a little kiss. “You really are a sight to behold. Such an eager little sexpot.” She smiled meekly at him. “Thank you!” and then she was led inside the house by her Latin friend. Once inside he spoke to his slaves: “Girls, I have some work to do. How about you iron my shirts, Barbie. And the Vette could use some washing, Angie. Do it in the backyard, where I can keep an eye on you, will you?” Angie grinned at him licking her lips. “Of course, I will. And I will also wear something really comfortable.” He playfully patted her ass. “You are a wicked, wicked girl.” “Just like you want your Angie-whore to be”. She ran squealing to her room, when he threatened to chase after her. Taking a coke from the freezer, Rekam strolled to his home office to boot up his computer.

With expertise he began working on the subliminals for Mark’s girlfriend Julie. Wanting to have some benefit from his generosity he intended to install a trigger word in her mind, which would make her available for him. She was a very beautiful teenager and he wanted to test-drive her at least once. When he heard the growling sound of his Corvette he looked outside. Angie stepped out of the car wearing a combination of pink bra and panties, with black stockings and high high-heels. Although pink usually was Barbie’s color – it matched wonderfully with her blonde hair, making her the perfect doll – he had to admit, it looked very cheap on Angie’s dark skin. Angie put on quite a show, trotting around on her high-heels, bending down with her legs straight, ‘accidentally’ spilling water over her body and shaking her titties with every move. The exhibitionist streak he had implanted in her kicked in and she did everything to show off her voluptuous body.

Her tits were hanging bare over the cups of her bra after only two minutes of rubbing and scrubbing and soon she was soaping them to clean the car’s windows, pressing them hard against the cool surface moving them from side to side and up and down. When she leant over the hood, she made sure to spread her legs as far as they would go so Rekam could see the crotch of her soaked panties riding high into the cleft of her fat ass. Her tits wobbled and jiggled, swung and sloshed around when she moved the sponge over the car. Almost reluctantly Rekam went back to work on Julie’s program. From time to time he watched Angie’s progress. The way she displayed her hot body had him slowly growing hard. He couldn’t work with a stiffy so he called for Barbie and had her blow him while he stood at the window observing Angie. When he had emptied his balls on the blonde’s tits and face, he returned to work and within an hour, everything was set up.

Coming down the stairs he found the bitches ready for their daily workout. He had them doing a strict 30-minutes-routine every day to keep them in shape. Before making himself comfortable on the couch, he approached them and swung his arms around and down to their butts, to push their voluptuous forms into his body. He shared a very wet kiss with each girl and then spoke to the Latina: “Angie-whore, get me a beer, will ya?” When she returned he already sat on the couch. Like she had learned, she bent down to show him a good amount of cleavage, her tits threatening to pop out of her way to small sports t-shirt. “Mmh”, Rekam grinned, giving her hooters an appreciative squeeze. He moved his head towards her left tit to where her hard knob strained against the cloth. His teeth closed over her nipple and he began chewing on it. From time to time he shook his head from left to right and back, yanking her whole tit by her nipple from side to side. Angie moaned in desperation, pressing her big hooters further into his face. Suddenly he let go, the blood rushing back into her nipple, causing Angie to gasp.

“I feel like observing your work-out today”, Rekam explained. “But I think, I’ll enjoy it even more, if you were nude.” The bitches happily squealed. Only on rare occasions he joined their work-out. And they loved exposing their naked bodies, when he ogled them! In no time they were out of what little clothes they had been wearing. First they did some stretching always careful to display their bodies in the right angle. Next came the sit-ups. Since their hands were clasped behind their heads, Rekam had an unobstructed view of their out-thrust boobs every time they came up. When they were through with the sit-ups, Barbie went to the stereo to throw in some dance music. The girls mounted the step master and moved to the beat of the dance music, coming out of the speakers. They worked up quite some sweat but were far from finishing. The last ten minutes they performed some dance routines, shaking their boobies and asses and every other inch of their fleshy bodies to the rhythm of the beat.

When they were done they stood exhausted, breathing heavily, their forms glistening from the sweat they had worked up. Rekam, who had been leisurely playing with his cock, while his sluts had performed, slowly stood up and approached them. “Too tired for a little fuck?” he asked them, grinning. “Oh, Rekam”, Barbie answered, “you know us sluts are never too tired for getting fucked. I mean, what good are sluts for if not for getting fucked. Our cunts are dripping, and we are sooo hot for you. We never – aaaahhhhh…” Both of his hands had shot out holding one tit of each girl, trying to get a solid grip on the soft flesh. The two sluts gasped when they felt his fingers slowly sinking into their tits. “Nice and slippery, just right for a nice tit-fuck”, he commented. “On your backs, hands behind your heads. I want to ride your tits.” The girls complied, pure lust burning in their eyes. Rekam first sank onto Barbie’s body, moving upwards until his cock rested between her globes. Barbie seductively licked her lips, when he lay his hands on the outside of her boobs and pressed them together to apply the right amount of pressure.

Having his cock buried in a tight tunnel of tit-flesh, Rekam began slowly moving back and forth, increasing the pressure on Barbie’s tits when he pushed forward and letting go a bit when he pulled backwards. Her sweaty tits offered just the right amount of lubrication for his cock so he could easily fuck those huge globes. “Yeah baby”, he groaned, “that’s the way to fuck a slut’s tits.” Barbie was so happy that he enjoyed her tits that much. She felt wonderful, knowing that she was of use to him, feeling that she was used by him. She was after all a fuck toy, and she wanted to be the best fuck toy he could wish for. Knowing how much he enjoyed listening to her when she used dirty words, she began spurting him on. “Yeah baby, fuck those tits. Fuck them really good and hard. You know how much I love it when you take my fucking big hooters. Fuck me like a real whore. Grab them! Squeeze them! Use them! Fuck those nasty fuck-bags. That’s what they’re made for: To be fucked by a real man. Oh God! I get so hot, when you use my tits.”

Feeling his orgasm building, Rekam began to slow down until he rested motionless on Barbie’s body, his cock still imprisoned between her globes. He let go of her boobies, giving each an appreciating pat. “Those are some fine tits you got there, slut.” Barbie beamed at his kind compliment but frowned a bit when he raised from her body to climb aboard Angie’s torso. The Latin bitch was desperately holding her tits open, so he would not lose any time. “Hands behind your head, whore”, he hissed. He took hold of her honkers and slowly began moving back and forth between her globes. Soon he was fucking Angie in earnest. “You’re a fuck as good as Barbie-slut”, he praised her, sending jolts of pleasure directly to her cunt. “So large, so soft, so pliable to the touch.” Wanting Barbie to participate, Rekam ordered the blonde to sit astride Angie’s face. “Angie-whore, you lick her out. Barbie-slut, you hold her tits for me, while I have a slice of your boobies.”

Barbie was barely able to contain herself as her Latin friend’s tongue lapped her quivering cunt, while Rekam kneaded her tits and nibbled and licked at her teats. Even Angie with Rekam’s weight pinning her down began writhing in pleasure, first from Rekam’s use of her boobies, second from Barbie’s spasming cunt, that spilled cunt-juice all over her face. Soon the girls were screaming out his name while the use of their bodies send them into what seemed an endless orgasm. With their recent workout-routine the bitches soon were totally exhausted, not able to move the slightest part of their bodies. When Rekam came, shooting cum over both bodies, he felt as if he really had been fucking mere dolls. That was what he had wanted to see: two completely worn out whores, lying motionless and covered in cum and sweat at his feet. “Fucking cum-buckets,” he hissed at them as he stood over them, sending both to one final orgasm. Eyes that shone in constant bliss followed him, when he climbed the stairs to his room.взлом паролей бесплатно

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