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Breast Expansion Mind Control

By Draka69

Karen opened the door to her apartment, laughing at the joke her new friend
had made. Amber was so cool, not at all what she had expected when she’d
gone in for her company physical. It was good to have someone to talk to.
Moving to a new city was so daunting. Karen hadn’t known anyone, and was
very glad that the company physician had taken the time to make her feel

Her apartment door opened, and she said, “Come on in, have a drink! The
night is young, and we have a long weekend!”

Amber laughed. “Some of us do, you mean. But I will come in for that

Amber closed the door, threw her coat on a chair, and sat down on the
couch. She looked around the room. It was a small living room area, set off
from the kitchen. There was a tasteful couch with it’s back to the door,
and a good armchair off to the left, with a coffee table in the corner
between them. A TV faced the door, and a computer desk took up the other
corner. The room was almost bare of decoration, with the exception of some
nice African prints on the walls, and a statue of a masked Zulu warrior on
the coffee table. There were no pictures of people on the walls. “I don’t
see too many family pictures on the walls, Karen.”

Karen, over at the small wet bar mixing drinks, said “My family and I don’t
speak much. I … well, it’s a long story.” Amber waited for Karen to
continue, looking at her. She was tall, maybe 5’10”, with well developed
breasts and hips. Her skin was dark to the point of blackness, and her
irises were large and brown in her eyes. He hair was cut short and curly
against her head. She had delicate features, and beautiful full lips.
‘She’s very beautiful’, though Amber. ‘So different from me. My skin would
glow against hers, it’s so pale. And her breasts are nice. I’d love to run
my blond hair over them. I can’t wait!’ Karen walked over to Amber and
handed her a screwdriver. Amber let it drop the family matter drop. “No
boyfriend’s pictures on the wall, either. Or on the tables. No body is back
home pining for you?” She teased gently.

Karen took a sip of her drink. “No.” Her voice was taught with tension.

Amber put her drink down. “What is it? What did I say?”

Karen sighed, and took another drink, this time a long pull. “My family
quit talking to me when I was 16. You see, I’d gotten pregnant, and my
family is very strict southern Baptist. They threw me out. I tried to get
the guy to marry me, but… well, I guess I was just a fling for him. ” Her
voice was bitter. “I had a miscarriage, and tried to go back to my family.
My father looked at me through a chained door, and said he didn’t know no
such person.”

She took a deep breath. “So, I put myself through school with some help
from the NAACP and now I’m the successful business person you see here. I
haven’t had a serious relationship in 5 years, because no one will take me
seriously. I’m just happier alone.” A tear ran down her cheek as she
finished off her drink.

“Here, let me get you another,” said Amber. She got up, and took a vial out
of her pocket. She dumped the contents of the vial in the glass, and then
mixed another screwdriver in the glass, and brought it back to Karen. “I’m
sorry things have been bad for you, but remember, you’re in a new city now.
No one knows your secret, and I won’t tell.” Compassion shone from her
blue, blue eyes as she smiled. “I’m sure we’re going to be good friends.”

“Thank you so much Amber,” Karen said, blowing her nose in a tissue. “You
have no idea how nice it is to have new friends.” She took the drink, and
took a long sip.

Amber smiled.

Karen put the weekend to good use. Amber had made plans for Saturday and
Sunday, but Monday she was free, so they were going to go shopping.
Saturday Karen did all the household chores, and watched a movie. She found
herself very hungry much of the day, and every stern admonishment to watch
her eating was ignored by the attraction of an ordered in pizza and a bag
of donuts. She worked out especially hard on the treadmill that night, to
make up for the extra sweets.

Sunday passed in a similar manner, with grocery shopping done that day, and
the X-files that night. Sunday night she took a long, long bath, and
afterwards noticed that her legs itched. So did her pubic mound. It wasn’t
serious, but she was kind of concerned. She rubbed some lotion on her legs
and mound, and it seemed to help.

Monday morning she woke up slowly, in a daze of fever and emotion. She was
sweating hard, her legs, underarms, and pussy were all covered in an itchy
rash. Her nose ran, and her throat and tongue were sore. She had a terrible
headache, and felt very, very shaky. She couldn’t clear the remains of a
dream she’d had from her foggy brain, dreams of having the best sex ever.

Karen panicked. She though she might have some terrible disease. She called

“Hello?” Amber said.

“Aaaamber?” Karen rasped.

“Yes, who is this?”

“Kkkaren. Ohh Amber, I’m


I’m sick! I’ve got some kind of rash,
all over. My nose is running, my head hurts. I feel like I’ve got a fever,
and I’m very shaky.”

“Ok Karen. You’ve got a touch of the flu. It’s been running around the city
for a while, but it’s nothing to worry about too much. I’ll be over in a
little bit with something for the rash and to make you feel better, Ok?
Just hang on. If you’ve got the strength, go take a bath to cool you off.
Not too cold now, just a little bit. I’ll be right over.” She hung up.

Karen hung up the phone, and went back to sleep.

Karen woke up when she heard the pounding on the door. “Karen! Wake Up! Are
you OK?” She heard Amber’s voice through the door. She staggered upright,
and walked into the living room. She unlocked the door, and noticed Amber’s
look of shock. “Karen! Oh my God! You look terrible. Come on, let me take
you into your room.” Amber put her arm under Karen, and half carried her
back to her bed. The fever was very high, and Karen was itching like crazy.
She started to scratch, first her legs and then her pussy.

“Amber,” she said. “It itches so bad!” Her voice sounded cracked and sore.

“Shh. Don’t talk. I’ve seen this before. You’ll be alright, but it’s going
to take a while for this to pass. Here’s some cream, it’ll reduce the
itching and irritation. The fever is hard, but we’ll just keep you cool and
let you rest. You’ll feel a lot better in a couple days, and any lingering
discomfort should be gone in a month.” Amber got up, went to the bathroom,
and wet a cloth and filled a glass. She came back, and put the cloth on
Karen’s forehead, and gave her a drink of water.

“I’ll tell you what I know. The disease takes about a month to run its
course. First it attacks your immune cells. It gets inside, and modifies
the DNA to recognize it as a welcome invader, a symbiont of sorts. Then it
begins modifying the DNA in your body. Right now, you’re feeling a lot of
itching in your underarms, legs, and genital area. The disease is infecting
your skin, and making it so that you never grow hair on your body again,
except your head. It’s also removing any blemishes and scars you may have.

“Your tongue and throat are infected, too. The swelling and pain will
recede in a couple of days. The reason it’s so painful right now is that
new nerves are growing. You’ll soon have two very sensitive organs in you
head and neck. Soon you’ll be able to orgasm from them.”

Karen shot up in bed. “What! What’s going on!”

“Sit down! There’s nothing you can do now, so just relax and try to ride it
out. Your throat and tongue will become sexual organs soon, with your
tongue as sensitive as a penis, and your throat like a vagina. Your gag
reflex will be suppressed, so you can slip a big hard cock all the way
down. Your vagina will become much more sensitive, and stronger too. Your
breasts will enlarge and the nipples become extremely sensitive. Once this
disease has run it’s course, you will be one hell of a sexual dynamo. I
can’t wait.”

“You…” Karen croaked.

“Don’t talk. I said I can’t wait. You’re gorgeous now, when the virus is
through with you you’ll be irresistible. You’ll be able to have any man you
want. Think about that. You’ll also be able to have any woman you want.”

Karen started shaking her head back and forth. She thought, No, no! This
can’t be happening. This is a dream.

She started to get up, but found the room was tilting crazily. Amber pushed
her back down. “Karen, just relax. I put something in your water to help
you sleep. You need to rest, this virus takes a lot of energy out of you.
You need to rest, and when you’ll wake up I’ll have something for you to
eat. Just go to sleep.”

Karen’s last thought before unconsciousness was ‘What’s going to happen to
my job?’

Karen was in the midst of a very erotic dream. She was sucking one man’s
cock, while the another took her from behind and a third spurted cum all
over her back and breasts. She was fingering herself at the same time, and
having orgasm after orgasm. The first indication she had that she was awake
was that there wasn’t a cock in her mouth.

She sat upright, her pussy clenching on her fingers in orgasm. She looked
around wild eyes, almost expecting to see three men in her room raping her.
Although, raping would be the incorrect word, she thought. Fucking. Getting
sucked. Licking.

She shook her head to try and clear it, and noticed her fingers were moving
in and out of her cunt again. She forced herself to stop, forced the
pleasurable thoughts out of her mind. She was starving. She itched like
hell. Her throat and tongue felt like it was on fire, and she had the worst
cramps she’d ever had. She was confused, feverish, horny, and pissed.

Amber had done this to her. Somehow, she had infected her with some
terrible disease. It couldn’t be happening, yet she knew it was. She was
even more sure once she realized her hand had drifted to her pussy again.
It felt so good! But she’d never, ever masturbated before. She couldn’t
believe how good it felt, but she knew it was wrong so she tried to stop.

She sat on her hands, and tried to think. Amber had done this too her. How?
The disease obviously wasn’t easily communicable, because Amber was here
taking care of her. At the doctor’s office? She had taken blood, but hadn’t
injected her with anything. Probably not. Then how….

The drink! Friday, she’d made Karen’s drink, and that was when she’d put it
in there. So it was oral. Amber had put it in her drink.

Amber… with her long blond hair, her pale skin, milky little breasts,
lucious lips, lips so good to kiss, lips kissing her… tonguing her,
licking her, fucking her…

Karen bucked against her hand as she orgasmed again. She couldn’t believe
it. She’d been sitting on her hands, and suddenly she’d been having a
fantasy about Amber, and had fucked herself with her fingers again! This
was impossible. She needed to do something. There had to be some way to get
Amber back.

She got up, and staggered to the bathroom. She splashed water on her face
to shock her, and jumped in the cold shower. The cold jolted the foggy
thought of sex out of her brain. She looked at the bathroom clock/radio. It
said 6:00 PM, so she’d slept all day.

In the shower, she focused on revenge. There had to be some way to make
that bitch pay. The cold water made her shiver, but at least she could keep
her hands away from her pussy this way. How to do it.

Then she had it. She’d infect Amber with the same virus she had. There had
to be a way. If drinking worked, maybe if she spit in her mouth or got
Amber to drink one of her bodily fluids. Like her pussy juice. The thought
of that blonde bitch licking her cunt almost got her going again, but she
quickly turned on the hot water and shocked the thought away. Ok. How about

She heard a knock at the door. “Karen, are you OK in there? I thought I
heard you yell.” Karen looked around the room. She grabbed the clock off
the wall, and said, “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just kinda woozy.” Then she got
out of the shower, with a shampoo bottle in one hand and the clock in the
other. She threw the shampoo bottle in the shower, and it made a loud bang.

“Karen!” Amber yelled, and the door burst open. Karen slammed her weight
against the door, trapping Amber between the door and the frame. Amber
yelled in pain as the wind was knocked out of her. Karen brought the clock
down on Amber’s head, and Amber collapsed in a heap.

Amber felt like her head was about to split in two. She tried to hold her
head in her hands, and found she couldn’t move. As she regained
consciousness, she realized she was tied to the bed, spread-eagled. She
pulled on her bonds, and found she was well and truly tied.

Thinking hurt, but she tried to do it anyway. She opened her eyes, and
immediately regretted it. It was extremely bright in the room. She focused,
and saw that the clock by the bedside said 11:00 PM. She was worried. The
change should be incapacitating Karen by now, but where was she?

Suddenly a voice spoke. “Finally awake, I see.” It was deep, husky, and had
a slight lisp. It was also very, very sexy. “I’ve been waiting for you for
a long time.”

Amber looked up, and saw a beautiful woman with pitch black skin. Her tits
were very large and round, with great big nipples standing straight out
from them. They seemed to deny gravity existed in the defiant attitude they
took. The woman’s body was completely hairless except for her head, with
tightly curled hair cut close to the head. Her eyes were a turquoise color,
and she ran a too-long tongue over her full lips. Amber’s eyes widened as
she realized the transformation was almost complete. She must have been out
for at least 2 days!

Karen slinked toward Amber, her eyes bright with lust. “I’ve kept you
unconscious for a couple days, using the drugs you brought with you. You
see, when I first knocked you out, I thought I’d get my revenge on you by
infecting you with the virus. However, I wanted you to be awake when I did
it, so you’d know what was happening to you, just like I did.

“While I was waiting for you, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I couldn’t
help myself. I masturbated all day, and got so horny I couldn’t stand it. I
never touched you, only kept you sedated, because I wanted my revenge to be

“Then I started feeling horny, and you wouldn’t wake up, so I went to my
neighbor next door. I was able to sedate her, and infect her. She’s
beautiful. The transformation is almost complete. Her pale breasts and long
red hair make her just delicious. We’ve already had sex 5 times. I love the
feeling of her foot long tongue in my cunt, and to taste her hairless
mound. I now realize this is the most wonderful thing that’s happened to
me. Liz feels the same way.”

“I feel the same way about what?” Said another deep, sexy voice from the
doorway. Amber’s eyes widened as she looked at the vision before her. The
woman was maybe 5’5″ tall. Her huge breasts and hips and her thin, thin
waist made her too beautiful to be ignored. Amber saw that the
transformation was indeed complete, and her eyes were completely turquoise.

The two women embraced, and began a deep, deep kiss. After about a minute,
they were fingering each other’s bare pussies and had their tongues down
each other’s throats. Both women shook and shook as orgasms from their
throats, tongues, and pussies wracked their bodies. Amber got extremely wet
watching these two beautiful women get it on. She wanted in on the action!

The women separated, and Liz stood behind Karen, still caressing her. Karen
looked down at Amber, admiring her blonde hair and small perky breasts. Her
voice was even huskier than before. “Now it’s your turn. I hope you’ll be
happy the same way we are.”

Karen got on the bed, and crawled up the length of Amber’s body. Amber
shivered with anticipation. Karen looked deep into her eyes, the turquoise
contrasting with her ebony skin in a wonderful, erotic way. Her breasts
pressed against the larger black globes, and Amber felt her nipples harden.
Karen brought her mouth down, and kissed Amber deeply.

They kissed for a very long time, Karen’s obscenely long tongue exploring
her whole mouth. Then Amber gasped and writhed against her bonds. Liz had
begun to lick Amber’s toes, and Amber very nearly came. She bucked hard
against Karen, who began to lick and suck on her nipples.

Karen moved downward and Liz moved upward, until both of their long tongues
were poking at the entrance to Amber’s cunt. “Fuck me!” She yelled, and Liz
and Karen hastened to comply. Karen’s tongue slithered into her cunt, and
she placed her bare, black pussy on Amber’s lips. Amber began chewing on
the clit and licking up and down her slit. Liz stretched her tongue out,
and began to slowly slip it into Amber’s tight, tight asshole. Amber
screamed and screamed as she came, and passed out.

When Amber woke up again, she saw Karen and Liz locked in a 69 position,
thrusting their tongues deep, deep into each other’s cunts. She was still
tied to the bed. She tested the ropes, and found she couldn’t move.
“Karen!” She said in a sharp voice, and the black woman looked up with
malevolence in her eyes. Karen smiled, and shuddered as another orgasm
rippled through her.

“Liz!” Karen gasped. “Stop that a minute. Our toy is awake.”

Both girls stood up, and Liz went over to a black bag on the counter. She
took out some restraints, a leg spreader bar, and a riding crop. Karen
smiled an evil smile, and said “Now, we’re going to punish you for what you
did to us.”

“Just a second,” Amber said. “You see Karen, there are some mental changes
that go along with the physical ones. You’ve already experienced some of
them: You’re bisexual now, and the thought of fucking men or women is
pleasurable to you, isn’t it?”

“Yesss… I love to fuck. Men or women, doesn’t matter…” Karen started
fingering her dripping pussy.

“Yes, you love to fuck, you slut. You see, the virus was engineered to
alter your brain chemistry. You have a desire for sex in any form, and a
desire to please and be submissive. You’re masochistic now, and you want to
be treated as a total slave, don’t you whore?”

Karen’s fingers were moving faster and faster. “Yes, yes. I’m a slut. I’m a
whore. Fuck me.”

“You slut. You don’t deserve to be fucked, does she Liz?”

Liz was staring at Karen, watching the beautiful black woman fuck herself
with her fingers, and holding the riding crop. “Yes, that’s all she
deserves,” she said in a voice husky with lust.

“Karen, stop fingering yourself,” Amber commanded. Karen stopped, and
looked at her with pleading eyes. “Now, put your hands on the wall, and
stand spread-eagled with your ass sticking out.

Karen hastened to obey. Liz was licking her lips, and had started fingering
herself. “Liz!” Amber said firmly, “Take the crop. Whip Karen’s ass hard 30
times. Karen, count out, and say ‘Thank you Mistress’ every time she does.”

Liz took the crop, and laid it across Karen’s ass very hard. The smack
echoed in the room. Karen called out “One! Thank you Mistress.” Her nipples
were very hard, and her pussy was dripping. SMACK “Two! Thank you
Mistress.” Smack “Three! Thank you Mistress.”

Amber watched Liz beat Karen, and at ten strokes saw Karen shudder in
orgasm. “Liz, stop. The pain feels good, doesn’t it slut?”

“<pant> Yes. Yes. Yes. Beat me. Fuck me. Use me. Karen good slut. Fuck
Karen hard.”

“Karen is a woman’s name, and you’re just a whore, a toy to be used and

“Yes. Yes. Use Toy. Fuck Toy hard. Please use Toy.”

“Liz, you may continue the punishment.”

Twenty strokes later, Karen’s legs gave out under the most powerful orgasm
she’d ever had. She kept moaning “Thank you mistress. Beat Toy hard. Fuck
Toy.” Her old personality had disappeared, dissolved under the relentless
orgasms and pleasure of being beaten.

“Liz, come here.”

Liz dropped the crop, and walked in a sexy manner over to Amber. “Yes
Mistress. How do you wish to use me?” She dropped to her knees.

“You feel it, don’t you? You know you’re a slut, and don’t have to have it
beaten into you. You are a dirty little whore with no purpose but to fuck
me and whoever I tell you to. And you love it.”

“Yes Mistress. I remember Elizabeth Williamson, but she’s not me. I’m a
slut, a whore who awaits my mistress’ pleasure. I’m hers to use.”

“You need a new name, slut. You need a name that reflects your sluttish
nature. From now on, your name is Liza. You’ll answer only to Liza, or
Slut, or whore, or bitch. Now Liza, untie me.”

Liza, formerly Liz, jumped off the floor and untied her mistress. Her large
breasts brushed against her mistress, and she gasped. She was so turned on!
She wanted to fuck, suck, lick and obey her mistress. In any way. She got
her untied and knelt on the floor again.

Amber walked over and towered over the two girls. Toy, formerly Karen, was
panting and shaking from the beating and orgasms she’d had. Liza was
staring at her mistress’ toes, and waiting with eager anticipation for her
next command.

“Karen!” She said. Toy looked up at her mistress in confusion. She knew
that name, and in another life it had applied to her. She looked at her
mistress with a questioning look.

“Karen, you only made one mistake with your plan. You see, my employers
made sure I was vaccinated against the virus before I came to collect you.
I’m immune to the virus. The vaccination did affect me. I never wanted sex
with women before, and my sex drive was never this high. But other than
that, I’ve been unaffected, which is more than I can say for you. Now
you’re both genetically mutated sex slaves. Happy?”

Toy and Liza looked up at their mistress with awe, and said in unison “Yes
Mistress. Please fuck us.”

“Now, Toy, come over here and lick my cunt. Thrust your tongue into it, and
make me come. Liza, go to your bag, and pull out the double dildo I see
there. I want you to fuck Toy while she eats me out.”

And Toy and Liza began their lives as sex slaves, and enjoyed every minute
of it.


“And as you see Mr. Logan, we have a very generous benefits package,
including full executive rights to the company spa.”

Mr. Logan looked at the perky little blonde who was leading him on the
company tour. She had a great figure and a wonderful ass, and he wondered
if she’d sleep with him. It might be worth it to transfer just to get some
of that.

“Mr. Logan. We’re about to enter the executive spa. Since you are not
employed with Havendish Biotech Inc., I have to ask you to sign this form,
which is a legal document saying that you will not speak of anything you
see beyond these doors.”

“And why is that?” He asked, genuinely curious.

“What’s beyond is for employee’s eyes only. If you don’t become an
employee, we’d still like to ensure that you won’t talk. It’s only a
formality. Your profile suggests that you’ll accept our offer.”

He laughed. “You do offer a very good package.” He signed the paper after a
cursory read. It seemed like a standard gag order about company secrets and
such, as well as a waiver of responsibility for injury. He was curious
about what it had to do with the spa.

“Now, if you’ll follow me through here…”

Mr. Logan stepped through the doors, and into his version of paradise.
Three women lounged in the foyer, all in various states of undress. There
was a redhead with enormous tits and beautiful legs lounging on a sofa. She
smiled at him as he walked in, and the smile extended into her turquoise
eyes. She was wearing 6″ heels and had her legs spread to show her bare
pussy. A black woman, also with turquoise eyes, knelt straddled across one
of the redhead’s legs, licking her breasts and fingering the bare pussy.
She had very large tits, too, and he saw that her pussy was also bare. She
was completely naked. The third woman looked Chinese, and she had perfect
perky breasts and the same turquoise eyes. She was dressed in leather with
thigh high fuck me boots and a studded collar. In her hand she held a
riding crop. It looked as though she’d been using it on the black woman.

When Mr. Logan entered the room, the two women on the couch got up and
knelt in front of him, while the Chinese woman bowed. He stared, and the
blonde at his side rubbed up against him. “This is Toy, Liza, and Ling. All
the women in the spa are for your personal use, unless they also work on
the outside. Then you have to ask.” She turned her blue, blue eyes up at
him, and rubbed his crotch through his pants. “There are men and boys, too,
if your tastes run that way. However, your profile suggests you’ll be
happiest right in this part of the spa.”

Mr. Logan swallowed, and said “Yes. I think I will.”

The blonde said “My name’s Amber. Why don’t you enjoy yourself, and when
you get tired come on out to my office, and we’ll finish the paperwork. Is
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