Play Something For Me

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Mind Control

For the first time in weeks Lisa woke up feeling refreshed. She had only had to
hit the snooze button once, three times less than normal. Slowly she sat up,
swung her feet off the bed and slid them into her blue fuzzy slippers. Lisa
moved somewhat slowly towards the master bath of her condo. Lisa showered and
shaved quickly; even though she was not an unattractive woman she never liked
being naked for long. Stepping out of the shower she put on her full-length
bathrobe and wrapped her hair in a towel. She lived alone, and that was the way
she liked it. Lisa walked to the kitchen to put on her coffee for the morning.
Her Monday morning went just as expected; she even arrived at work several
minutes early. Sitting in her cubicle by 8 Lisa started her workday. It wasn’t
until as hour or so later she became uncomfortable. For some reason from Lisa’s
inner thigh up to her belly button became very irritated. She tried several
times to adjust her position in her chair to see if it would help, but nothing
she tried would relieve her discomfort. Lisa’s break started in five minutes,
for the first time ever she stopped working before her scheduled break and moved
quickly, but professionally towards the ladies room.
Lisa hurriedly moved into the first stall, yanked up her skirt and pulled down
her pantyhose. The entire area she exposed was red, scratchy and covered in
hives. “What the heck is that?” she muttered to herself. Lisa never cursed. She
sat on the seat and stared at the affected area for a moment. Had she changed
brands of pantyhose? No, not in years, Leggs, regular, sheer to waist with the
reinforced toe. Lisa had a great body and didn’t need control top pantyhose.
Luckily, Lisa had an extra pair in her desk. She looked down again and saw that
the hives were gone, she no longer itched and the redness had faded.
Lisa pulled the pantyhose back up. “Lisa, a real lady always wears pantyhose!”
her mother used to say, even in a situation like this. By the time she had taken
the five steps needed to exit the ladies room the irritation was back. It had
come on quicker this time, it seemed as if the area directly below her waist was
on fire! She moved as quickly as her 2 inch pumps would carry her back to her
desk, grabbed a new package of pantyhose and returned to the stall to change.
This time she felt immediate relief when she pulled down her pantyhose,
hopefully she would not have the same problem with this pair!
Unfortunately that would not be the case. With 20 minutes to go to lunch the
irritation was back. It started slowly at first as a dull itch. With a couple of
minutes to go she could barely stand it. Lisa had always had an incredible work
ethic. Everyday she punched out for lunch at exactly 12:00, never a moment
sooner or later. Today she didn’t even make it to the time clock, there was a
convenience store across the street from her building, and she needed to get to
their hosiery aisle and fast!! Lisa ran across the street and into the store.
Someone was shooting a flamethrower up her skirt and she needed to put it out
NOW!! Lisa looked quickly and found a different brand of pantyhose in the same
style. Lisa moved to the counter as fast as she could, paid for her items and
asked to use the ladies room. She practically ran to the ladies room and had
actually begun lifting her skirt prior to entering. Looking down she could see
why she was in so much discomfort; the entire area surrounding her panties was
fire engine red. Amazingly, as soon as she got her pantyhose down past her knees
the redness went away again. Lisa tried on the new pair of pantyhose but quickly
removed them as well, the irritation started as soon as she removed her hands
from the waistband.
Lisa went well beyond her normal bounds of appropriate behavior and ventured out
of the ladies room without pantyhose on. She had NEVER done anything like this!
Even though her skirt was below her knees Lisa felt as if everyone was watching
her, as if they all knew she was violating some law by going bare legged. Bare
legs are fine she reminded herself, as long as you are wearing the appropriate
length shorts. She quickly moved to the hosiery aisle again and attempted to
find another pair of hose. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a pair of
thigh high stockings that stayed up on their own. Maybe those would help… In
desperation Lisa grabbed them. She moved quickly back to the ladies room without
stopping by the register and slid them on. The stockings felt good against her
legs, better than her pantyhose ever had. There was no irritation as they
stopped well below the affected area. Finally she was comfortable! After
discarding the items she no longer needed Lisa confidently walked out of the
Once outside her confidence disappeared. She was outside and something wasn’t
right! She felt naked. A breeze came by brushing her bare inner thighs reminding
her of why she felt that way. “I don’t have a choice, I don’t want to wear them,
but I have to or I’ll go crazy!” She said out loud. Her mother told her what
girls who wear stockings do! They are sluts! Dirty, filthy, vile sluts who pose
in magazines and have sex in porno movies and are certainly NOT ladies. Sluts
who wear spiked heels and exposed themselves in public for fun. Lisa never wore
a heel higher than 2 inches she was a lady just as her mother had raised her.
Wearing stockings was not going to turn her into a slut she thought weakly. “I
only have to wear them today, by then this rash will be gone and I can return to
life as normal.” She said and walked back to work.
Lisa still felt uncomfortable as she walked into her building. She felt as if
every male eye was on her, as if they all knew what she was wearing, or what she
was for that matter. “It will be better tomorrow…” she said with a tear in her
Unfortunately for Lisa it wasn’t better the next day. By 10:00 am she was back
in her stockings. They were comfortable enough, although she had to adjust them
periodically. There had to be a better way, the rubber at the top of the
stocking was uncomfortable by the end of the day. She decided to go to the mall
and try to remedy that situation. Lisa was still not comfortable wearing them in
public, but she was slowly getting used to it. She walked into the nice lingerie
store in the mall, the one that sold $40 bras. Lisa normally wore cotton bras
that came in three packs off the discount rack. She was never one for
coordinating her undergarments. Lisa moved quickly through the store, she was
uncomfortable being in this place. She was probably more uncomfortable than the
husbands or boyfriends that get dragged into the store on occasion.
“Hi, can I help you?” Asked the bubbly sales associate.
“Um, yeah, I mean yes please.” Lisa replied nervously. The sales girl had
startled her and Lisa was deeply battling her inner demons at the time.
“Okay, what are you looking for?”
“I have a um… medical condition. Uh… for some reason I have some type of
allergy to pantyhose or something. So I have to wear thigh highs instead.” Lisa
stammered. She had never been able to lie well and she was sure the girl could
see right through her!
“Oh my gosh!” the sales girl replied. “That’s terrible, come with me I can help
you!” Lisa followed the girl silently to the rack where the hosiery was located.
“Here, this is what I wear. They are SOO comfortable! Its like you are not
wearing them at all!!”
“Oh great.” Lisa replied weakly. “Do these have the, um, rubber like, um sticky
thing at the top thing?” Lisa couldn’t stand it, “what is wrong with me!” she
screamed in her brain. “Just what I need, to feel more naked than I already do!”
“Oh, no!” The girl replied somehow able to decipher Lisa’s incoherent statement.
“Those are stay ups, I don’t like those either. Come on, we’ll get you a garter
Lisa wished the girl would talk quieter. Why not just broadcast it on a public
address system!?! “Lisa is buying slutty clothes!” She could scream for the
entire mall to hear! Lisa was completely mortified. She followed the girl again
trying to look around to see who had over heard their conversation.
“Try this on, you’ll love it.” The girl said handing her some sort of silky
“Great, thanks.” Lisa replied blandly as she hurried to the dressing area trying
to keep the articles hidden. Lisa collapsed on the chair inside the changing
room and tried to keep from crying. “It’s only for a little while,” she said to
herself in the mirror, “until the rash stops.” Steeled by her will Lisa slid off
her conservative shoes and stockings and slid on her new clothes, or at least
attempted to. Lisa held up the green satin blend garter belt in front of her and
after several moments found out which was the front. Eventually she ended up
dropping her skirt so that she could fasten it into place. Quickly pulling her
skirt back up Lisa sat a put on the first stocking. This one felt even better
than the pair she got at the convenience store!! Once she had them both in place
Lisa stood and readjusted her skirt. You really couldn’t tell that she was
wearing them and they did feel comfortable enough. “At least they don’t cause a
rash!” She said justifying her purchase to herself.
“All set in there?” The sales girl was back.
“Um, yeah, I guess so.” Lisa replied.
“Do you want to wear them out?” The girl asked.
“Yes, I think I will.” Lisa decided she had been embarrassed enough; all she
wanted to do was go home.
“GREAT!” The girl replied. “I picked out a matching top and bottom that should
fit you, I guessed you were a 34B. Shall I ring them up as well?”
“Yes, fine. Whatever you need.” Had the sales girl been checking her out or was
she just thorough?
“Perfect, you can just hand out the package for the stockings and the tag for
the garter belt and I’ll meet you at the register.” What a helpful girl she was
Lisa thought, if only she would shut up!
“Here you go, and here is my credit card.” Lisa said as she handed the items to
the girl. Lisa turned and looked at herself in the mirror again. “Front, back
and sideways, no one should be able to tell.” She hoped out loud. Mustering
whatever confidence she had left Lisa moved quickly to the register and signed
the her slip.”
“Here you go.” The girl said handing her the bag. “If you need anything else my
name is Pammy!” Lisa was already walking away. She almost ran out of the mall
convinced that everyone could see right through her dress. Lisa had to stop to
compose herself before starting her car and driving home. For the first time in
ages Lisa was happy she had an attached garage on her condo. At least she could
enter her home in peace.
Wednesday morning came and, even though she had a bizarre dream, Lisa felt great
again. Lisa swung her feet out of bed right into a pair of red marabou slippers
with a 3-inch heel. Lisa was too busy trying to sort out her dream to even
notice. “What was it that happened?” She asked herself as she lifted her floor
length nightgown and sat on the toilet. “Oh yeah, I remember, but why would I
dream about him?” Lisa struggled to put together the pieces of her dream. She
plainly remembered her ex boyfriend coming over, actually, he had let himself
in… she had been standing, or was it kneeling in the front room facing the
door. Facing him. She had been wearing her new garter belt, with a matching bra
and thong. She had also been wearing black stockings… …with seams in the
back… …and was she wearing heels… …high heels… …a pair of black 4
inch heels. Lisa shook her head briskly maybe it would help. She fought to try
to remember the dream and she mindlessly stroked her pubic hair. Had she been
dancing for him? Lisa stepped into the shower and began washing. She was too
occupied with her thoughts to notice that her hands lingered around her nipples
and crotch a little longer than normal. By the time she had finished showering,
20 minutes longer than usual, she had it all together, but it still didn’t make
sense… Lisa stepped out of the shower and wrapped her body in a towel and her
hair in another one. As she slipped on her “slippers” again it all came to her,
but she was still to occupied to notice her entire routine was changing. Lisa
headed to the kitchen to make her morning coffee.
In her dream she had been dressed as she thought, green bra, thong and garter
belt with black seamed stockings and black leather high heels. She had been
kneeling awaiting his arrival. He had entered the room and walked right past her
to his chair. She remembered feeling crushed when he did not say anything to
her. She had dressed this way for him. He had then ordered her to stand and turn
around so that he could look at her. Hitting the remote on the stereo he
instructed her to dance for him, to dance sexy. She danced for what seemed like
hours in her dream. Whenever he looked bored she would do something else to
return his attention to her, she craved his attention. Lisa blushed as she
remembered her dream, she could never do anything like that in real life. Still,
she could plainly see herself dancing slowly, sliding her hands over her body,
grabbing at her own breasts and rubbing herself through her thong anything to
keep his eyes locked on her. She shook her head again trying to clear those
thoughts. When he turned away again Lisa had removed her bra and played with her
bare breasts. She needed him to watch! A chill ran down Lisa’s spine as she
thought of her dream. Lisa thought it was her body rebelling the thoughts in her
head, in actuality her brain was reminding the rest of her body how great it had
felt. When her ex had become bored yet again Lisa began to slide off her thong
and rubbed herself more. Lisa remembered feeling hollow inside as her ex berated
her for not wearing her thong over her garter. Lisa adjusted her garter again to
get the thong off, she would do better next time she swore. To reclaim the
valuable attention she had lost Lisa lay on the floor showing herself to him.
The memory and the mini orgasm Lisa experienced in her kitchen caused her to
grab the counter to steady herself. Lisa remembered vividly rubbing herself
wildly with both hands while holding her legs wide in the air. “Ugh, no way. I
could never have done all that! Why would I even dream about him, I broke up
with that pervert weeks ago!!” Lisa said loudly. She stopped in her tracks as
she remembered her final “scene” of the dream. Her on her knees before him with
his… …his… ….in her mouth!! Was she humming as well?
Lisa returned to her bedroom to get dressed. There she spotted the bag from the
lingerie store and her memories of the dream disappeared. Quickly looking at the
clock Lisa decided she had time to burn, she grabbed the bag and sat down on her
bed. The first thing Lisa removed was the bra. It was padded, closed in the
front and matched the garter belt. She gasped when she looked at the price tag.
“45 bucks, are you kidding me!?!” She immediately searched for the receipt, “Oh
my, I have to return these. I can’t believe I spent $100 on this stuff!”
Disgusted she rose from the bed in search of something to wear.
It took Lisa several minutes to pick out a dress that she felt would be long
enough to prevent anyone from knowing what she had on underneath. Lisa picked
out a calf length black skirt with a small slit in the back, and a tan
sleeveless turtleneck with matching sweater. “No one will ever know!” She said
to herself as she grasped the garter belt. Lisa had an easier time putting it on
today; it sat perfectly above her usual panties. She then looked at the bed and
saw the bra. “I never wore a $45 bra before…” she said to herself. “Oh, why
not.” Lisa picked up the bra and slipped it on. It fit perfectly, better than
her normal bras. She stepped in front of the mirror to take a look. “Wow!” She
exclaimed. Lisa didn’t know it was a push up bra until she put it on. “I can’t
believe how comfortable this is. I actually look like I have big boobs! Maybe I
will keep it.”
Lisa returned to the bag to see what else was in the matching set Pammy
described. Much to her dismay she pulled out a thong. She opened her closet door
and stood in front of the full-length mirror. “It does seem kind of silly to
wear a two parts of a three part set, plus my flowered briefs don’t look right.”
Lisa started to remove them before she even finished the sentence. Lisa adjusted
the waistband and returned to the mirror.
“Oh my, I can’t believe it. I look great!” Lisa admired herself in the mirror
for a few more moments. “Oh no, look at the time!! I’m going to be late!!” Lisa
hastily fastened her stockings under her thong and grabbed the rest of her
clothes as she headed to the door. She was fully dressed before she hit the
front door. Her workday was uneventful, no rashes, no itching and her new
undergarments were amazingly comfortable. Lisa couldn’t wait to get back home,
well maybe just one stop first.
Lisa left work and headed straight to the mall. Pammy was working tonight as
“Oh hi!!” Pammy said excitedly.
“Hi Pammy!” Lisa said confidently. No shame or embarrassment today.
“How did you purchases work out?” Pammy asked.
“Pammy, I love them! You were completely right! I am here to buy a couple more
“That’s great!!” Pammy replied, commission dollar signs running through her
head. Lisa left half an hour later with the same outfit in two other colors,
black and white. She also grabbed several more pairs of stockings, in various
colors. Lisa strode confidently through the mall, she was sure men were looking
at her, but it seemed to bother her less. When she arrived home she went
straight to her bedroom. For some reason she didn’t feel like wearing her work
clothes anymore. Her original plan was to put on her pair of old sweats and
relax, but as she undressed she saw herself in the mirror again. The green color
on her looked great, as did the black stockings, looking down at her feet she
noticed there was something missing. “Now, where are my slippers?” She asked the
mirror. “Oh, there they are, right next to the bed where I left them.” Lisa
walked over and pulled on her black 4 inch heels. On her way to the front room
she paused at the mirror again. “Wow, I look great, any guy would be lucky to
date me!” Lisa said smiling. She then walked straight to the front room and
knelt in front of the door.
Thursday morning Lisa was up with her alarm clocks first buzz. She felt
refreshed, like she had slept for days. Lisa sat up and pulled her hand out of
her thong. “Had that been there all night?” she asked herself, “no chance, I
probably just had an itch or something. What a weird dream I had.” Lisa swung
her feet out of the bed and stood on her black stiletto heels. “Wow silly, you
wore you slippers to bed too!” Lisa started dropping clothes as she headed to
the bathroom. By the time she sat on the toilet all she had on was her stockings
and “slippers”. Again Lisa tried to recount her dream while gently stoking her
pubic hair.
She had been kneeling again when her ex walked in. In her dream she had slowly
undressed him and helped him lay on a blanket on the floor. She had oils next to
the blanket and gave him a full body massage. She remembered her hands aching
from rubbing him for so long, but she was intent on doing a good job. She wanted
to please him; if she pleased him she would be rewarded. After what seemed like
hours of rubbing her Master informed her that she had done an “adequate” job and
would be permitted to service him orally. “He does have a nice looking cock,”
she said aloud.
Lisa stopped cold in her thoughts, how did she know he had a nice looking cock?
She couldn’t know that!! She had never even touched it; they had NEVER gotten
that far!! According to Lisa’s Mother sex was a dirty vile thing that was only
done to have children. Lisa accidentally yanked a couple of her pubic hairs,
which stopped her from continuing her current thought process. “I guess I need
to trim some of those.” She said as she spread her legs wide apart. She had
never watched herself pee before but for some reason this morning the action
intrigued her. Lisa sat mesmerized for several moments while she watched her
body expel excess fluid. The view gave her an idea.
Lisa got dressed with fewer problems this morning; she was not as concerned
about hiding her undergarments. Her wardrobe didn’t contain anything too
revealing as it was. Lisa dressed in her newly purchased white under things with
tan stockings and headed off to work. On her way home she stopped in the
convenience store across the street to pick up some items and rushed home. She
quickly stripped as she headed to the bathroom. When she was finished she
readjusted her thong and went to put on her slippers. Today they were 5 inch
white patent leather with an ankle strap. Lisa walked past her full-length
mirror and caught a glimpse of herself. “Oh yeah,” she said confidently as she
pulled her thong aside, “he is going to love this, if I were a guy I would do
me!” Lisa replaced her thong over her freshly dyed bright yellow pubic hair and
walked out into the front room to wait.
Lisa woke the Friday morning feeling refreshed as usual. Last nights dream had
been quite different. As she slipped out of bed and put on her usual 5-inch
black high heel slippers she headed to the bathroom. Lisa pulled open the front
of her sheer black pushup baby-doll and slid down the matching thong. “Uh, my
shoulders really hurt.” She said to herself as she sat on the toilet “these
dreams are sooo real sometimes.”
Lisa gently fondled her bright yellow pubic hair as she recounted her dream. She
was kneeling in the front room again when the door opened. Her Master entered
with another woman trailing him. The other girl was stunning, dark hair, brown
eyes and tan Mediterranean skin. She stopped in front of Lisa and removed her
coat revealing a black leather bra and thong set over her perfect size 8 body.
The bra was so small it didn’t even cover her nipples! Lisa couldn’t help but
stare at the 36Ds before her.
“Lisa,” her Master spoke, “This is Kathy. She is going to help you tonight. Do
you understand?” Lisa nodded yes. “Good. Kathy please help Lisa get ready.”
Kathy dropped to her knees in front of Lisa without a word. She then quickly and
easily unclasped Lisa’s bra and slid it off her shoulders. Lisa could feel the
goose bumps grow as Kathy touched her breasts. Kathy slowly moved her arms up
Lisa’s legs and gently slipped her thumbs inside the waistband of Lisa’s thong.
Lisa tingled with excitement as Kathy removed her thong and slowly began to kiss
her neck and shoulders. Lisa closed her eyes as she savored the feeling of
Kathy’s breasts slowly rubbing against her own. Lisa barely noticed Kathy slide
the collar around her neck until she clasped it.
“Don’t worry lover,” Kathy insisted, “you’re going to enjoy this!”
Lisa’s panic passed quickly. Kathy’s voice was soothing and Lisa trusted her.
Kathy then slowly slid Lisa’s arms behind Lisa’s body and fastened her wrists to
the cuffs. With her arms pinned behind her and her neck and shoulders pulled
back Lisa tits were thrust forward. Kathy took the opportunity to play with
Lisa’s nipples and breasts.
Even sitting on the toilet the morning after Lisa’s “dream” was making her
excited. Lisa barely noticed that she had slid her hand lower and had started to
rub her clitoris.
“You have such sensitive nipples, I love it. Just relax baby….” Kathy
instructed. Lisa could feel a cold finger rubbing around and into her anus.
“Open you mouth baby, you look like a screamer!”
Lisa automatically opened her mouth as instructed. Kathy inserted a bright red
ball gag into Lisa’s mouth and fastened it to her collar. The gag stretched
Lisa’s mouth open causing her jaw to ache. Kathy then turned around and laid on
her back in front of Lisa placing her head between Lisa’s spread legs.
“Lean forward baby, it will make it easier.” Kathy said as she gently pulled on
Lisa’s collar.
Lisa leaned forward placing her face near Kathy’s moist pussy. Kathy wrapped her
arms around Lisa’s lower back and began to eat her pussy. Lisa had never dreamed
of having sex with a woman before and wasn’t sure if she should enjoy it. Lisa’s
mother had never even mentioned such a thing; it was the “unspoken” evil! Before
she could make up her mind the pressure around her anus returned. Lisa’s muffled
scream barely made it past her ball gag.
Sitting on the toilet Lisa clenched her legs together as she came. Memories of
Kathy eating her out while her Master fucked her ass flooded her brain. Lisa
stood on wobbly legs and stepped into the shower, she delicately shaved herself
and washed. Lisa’s brain swirled with the feeling of Kathy’s tongue in her pussy
and the smell of the leather thong mixed with Kathy’s own wetness. Before
stepping out of the shower Lisa fingered herself to orgasm again. She quickly
dried off and wrapped her hair in a towel. Slipping back into her slippers Lisa
walked out into the kitchen naked. She hadn’t seen her robe in days.
Friday night after work involved more prep time for Lisa. Arriving home she
stripped all of her clothes off and headed straight to her bathroom. Lisa spent
some time grooming herself until she was satisfied. When she stepped out of the
bathroom Lisa had put on make up and lipstick, things she hardly ever wore. She
had also done her nails bright red to match her lips. Lisa wiped a hand over her
pubic mound, she had dyed the bottom half of her patch red and shaved it into a
reversed triangle. Her pubic hair now resembled a flame.
Lisa opened her closet and removed her clothes for the evening. She slid on her
red shelf style bra and crotchless panties. Then moving over to her bed Lisa sat
so that she could put on her thigh high boots. The bright red kidskin leather
felt good on her legs. Lisa stood on the 6-inch heels and walked towards the
front room.
“Damn, if I were a guy I’d fuck you!” She stated with a sly smile pinching her
nipples. Two minutes later she was kneeling at the door.
Saturday morning Lisa slept in late. She swung her feet out of bed onto the bare
floor and padded off to the bathroom. Her dream last night had been a wild one.
Her Master had entered her condo with Kathy and two other women. Lisa got off
the toilet and into the shower as she recounted her dream.
Kathy had approached her as she kneeled on the floor. She was dressed in the
same outfit as Lisa, except it was black. “Do we need this tonight lover?” she
asked as she held up the ball gag before her.
“I plan on screaming, just not that loud.” Lisa replied.
“I guess we’ll see…” Kathy kneeled in front of Lisa and pushed her onto her
back. Kathy slowly slid up Lisa’s body kissing her way up. Her tongue flicked at
Lisa’s nipples causing her to squirm and moan. Kathy continued up Lisa’s body
until they were face to face. The two women kissed deeply. Lisa had never kissed
a woman before but she found she enjoyed it. The kiss was hard and sensual, she
wanted it to last all night. Breaking the kiss Kathy continued sliding up Lisa’s
body. Kathy paused so that Lisa could lick her breasts. Lisa found it quite
enjoyable and began to rub her thighs together trying to excite her neglected
pussy. Lisa didn’t have to rub for long, just as her effort began to frustrate
her a hand found its way to her pussy and began to rub in earnest.
“Spread your legs lover.” Kathy commanded as she slid further up Lisa’s body.
Lisa spread her legs as far as she could while she trailed her tongue down
Kathy’s passing abdomen. Kathy slid all the way up until she was straddling
Lisa’s face. She allowed Lisa to enjoy the view for a moment or two and to see
if she would make the first move. When Kathy was sure that Lisa wouldn’t she
ground her pussy into Lisa’s face. It didn’t take long for Lisa to figure out
what to do. She stuck her tongue out and began to lick at Kathy’s clitoris.
Kathy’s moans spurred Lisa on. Lisa had forgotten about the other women until
she felt her pussy get the attention it desperately needed.
What Lisa couldn’t see was her Master relaxing on the couch while the third
woman gave him a blowjob. Kevin liked it when they hummed as they sucked him
off, which is where he came up with his command phrase, “play something for me”.
Kevin smiled, not only because of Lisa’s performance, or the show he was taking
in. Although watching Lisa eat out Kathy while Janine fucked her with a strap on
was quite a show it paled in comparison to his life. It had all started as a way
to get his girlfriend to blow him whenever he wanted; she had never been big on
that. It then grew and expanded to what he had today, a growing list of 20
clients who would pay top dollar for Kevin’s girls during the week or on his
Saturday night parties. If Lisa hadn’t come over unannounced two weeks ago
during one he never would have recruited her. Lisa just didn’t seem the type.
“Obviously I was wrong.” He stated out loud as he watched Lisa slip on the strap
on. Lisa grabbed a fistful of Kathy’s long brown hair and started to pound her
pussy doggy style while Janine 69’ed her. “Oh yeah,” Kevin said confidently,
“she’ll be ready!”
In the shower the following morning Lisa thought nothing of grabbing the dildo
next to her and pleasuring herself. To her it seemed perfectly natural as if it
were part of her everyday routine. Kevin had only placed the dildo there last
night as both Janine and Kathy fucked Lisa with their strap-ons. She didn’t have
to rush to work today. After Lisa was satisfied she stepped out of the shower,
toweled off and walked to the kitchen dropping the towel in the hamper. Lisa
fixed her morning coffee not even caring that she was naked. She then relaxed on
the couch in her front room to drink it. Lisa slowly rubbed herself as she
sipped her coffee. “Now this is the way to spend your morning!” she said aloud.
Lisa was admiring her dye job when the doorbell rang. Hopping to her feet Lisa
moved to the front door to answer it.
The UPS man was quite shocked but not unhappy. It was every deliveryman’s
fantasy, a drop-dead gorgeous woman answering the door naked. Lisa gladly took
the package from him, even kissing him on the check as he departed. He turned
back to wave several times as he walked back to the truck; thankfully she was
still there waving back at him.
Lisa ran back to her bedroom and opened the package. They were an unfamiliar
material to her but she knew it would make her Master happy if she wore them.
Lisa left the items on the bed and proceeded to the bathroom to do her hair and
makeup. Lisa’s nails were still red from the previous night. Lisa applied a
heavy coat of mascara, liner and blush to match her freshly done bright red
lips. She returned to her room and began to dress. Lisa put on the easiest items
first, bra, garter, stockings, and gloves. The latex material caused an instant
layer of sweat underneath. Her touch against the latex was electric, it was as
if the sensitivity on all of her nerve endings had been increased. Lisa walked
back to her dresser and removed a tube of lubricant as if it had always been
there. Lisa spread generous amounts on the butt plug before her and the ben-wa
balls. The plug was the largest thing ever to exit or enter her anus and it took
several attempts to get it in place. As she inserted the two ben-wa balls she
moved her hips around, the fact she could feel them pressing on each other as
she moved excited her. “No time to play!” she said looking at her clock. Lisa
returned to the bed and grabbed the two connected belts before her. It was easy
to tell that one went around her waist and buckled in the front. She fastened it
in place as she slid into her metal spiked stilettos. The second belt hung down
behind her, Lisa bent forward and pulled the belt back between her legs. The
belt was slim enough to slip between her butt cheeks yet thick enough to hold
her new accessories in place. Lisa took great pleasure in cinching that one
firmly in the front, her pussy was already wet. Pulling the dress over her head
and making one last check in the mirror Lisa made her way to the door. Lisa was
now dressed and primped; she headed out to her car and backed out of her garage.
She had a great feeling about tonight.
Lisa pulled up to her Master’s home and parked around back. Without a second
thought she walked to the backdoor and into the house. She automatically knew
where to go, down the stairs and into the first door on the left. Lisa opened
the door and sat down. She didn’t even notice the 15 other scantily clad women
in the room.
“Here you are.” Kathy said as she handed Lisa a piece of paper. Neither one
recognized the other.
“Thank you.” Lisa replied, but Kathy was already gone. Lisa looked down and
began to memorize the paper. She wanted to please her Master!
An hour later Kevin entered the room. “Play something for me.” Where the only
words he said.
The room then became a hive of activity. All the women stood and began to touch
up their makeup and adjust their clothing, not that any of them wore much. Lisa
looked around, she must be at some kind of lingerie party or a strip club she
thought. There were girls in all kinds of lingerie, some kinky with chains and
leather and some with ribbons and bows. All of the women were beautiful,
blondes, red heads, brunettes and every color in between.
“And what is your name?” A male voice asked.
“My name is Candi. What’s yours honey?” Lisa replied.
“You can call me Master.” Kevin replied. “What brings you here today Candi?”
“Well, Master, I used to be a dancer on the West coast. When I moved East I
worked in New York doing live sex, S&M shows and some escort work and such. As
you see I love latex! I don’t remember how I got your number though…”
“Glad to hear it, lose the dress.” Kevin ordered.
“No problem honey, I mean Master.” Lisa removed the rubber tank top dress to
expose the thigh high latex stockings, nipple-less bra and T strap bottoms she
was wearing. It all went quite well with the opera length latex gloves she wore.
“What’s under there?” He asked.
“Oh, I use this to hide the fact I have a butt plug and ben-wa balls in. I like
to wear them when I drive, vibrations and all. I almost crashed twice on the way
over! Plus the buckle makes it easy to remove”
“Congressman Shallit will love you.”
“I’m sure he will,” Lisa replied eagerly, “I hope he brought friends. Sometimes
I really like to put the whORe in ORgy!”
Kevin just smiled and moved on. Oh yeah, he had made the right choice.
Sunday afternoon Lisa woke up feeling fantastic! She slid on her normal black
slippers and ran to the bathroom to get ready. Kevin would be over later so they
could go shopping. Lisa couldn’t believe that she would be moving in to Kevin’s
new house next month. Sharing a house with a bunch of other women would be fun.
Lisa was sure she would enjoy the company, everyone seemed nice when she met
them last night. “I hope I get a fun roommate!” Lisa said to the showerhead.
Maybe she would introduce Kevin to Pammy, she had a feeling Kevin would like
Pammy. Lisa looked down at the purple dildo sitting next to her shampoo and fell
into her new routine. Grabbing it Lisa said, “Oh, I should have time for a
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