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Breast Expansion Mind Control

By Zon18

Jim drove the car up to the salon and pulled over to the curb.

“Well, here we are. I hope you like your birthday present,” he said
to his girlfriend, Sharon. They had been dating for about a year now
and she was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Yes, of course! What woman doesn’t want a new hairstyle?”

she asked.

He looked at her conservative brown business suit and long

brown hair and said, “That’s right. I thought you’d like it.”

“Alright. I’ll see you in about an hour?”
“Yeah. That’s what the lady said when I asked how long it

would take. I’m headed to the mall to shop for a little while. I’ll see
you later.”
With that Sharon got out of his car and watched him drive away.
‘He’s such a nice guy,’ she thought. She looked up at the sign hanging
over the doorway and it read “New U Salon! – Guaranteed Satisfaction
or your MONEY BACK.” ‘Well, you can’t argue with that.’
She stepped over the curb in her smart 2″ high brown work-shoes
and walked through the door. A tiny bell jingled as she entered and
an older woman came to the counter.
“Hello. Can I help you?”
“Yes, my boyfriend scheduled an appointment for me at 2:00.”
“Oh, of course,” she said flipping through an appointment book. “So,
you must be Sharon, right?”
“Very good. If you’ll just have a seat and wait while I get your
assistant. Could I get you something to drink? Water, Kool-Aid,
“Water would be fine,” said Sharon. The woman went into a side
room and brought it out to her. “Thank you.”
“Your beauty assistant will be with you any moment now.” The
woman went into the salon and left Sharon to her own devices. She
looked through the magazines and saw that they were all Cosmo and
Beauty and the like.
‘Damn men. Always wanting women to look like these stupid covers.
I’m glad Jim’s never thought of me that way.’ Sharon drank her
water and felt a weird tingle as it hit her stomach. As she looked
over the magazines again she picked up the copy of Cosmo and began
reading an article on fashion. ‘You know, some of these clothes aren’t
so bad,’ she thought. As her eyes scanned the miniskirts she felt that
strange tingle again. ‘I wonder how my legs would look in that…’
Just then a woman in her early 20’s walked through the curtain that
separated the rest of the salon from the waiting room. “Hi, I’m Suzy
and I’ll be your assistant today,” she said. That’s when Sharon
looked up and saw the woman for the first time. The first thing that
struck her was the sheer size of her breasts. They strained against
the green spandex dress that barely contained them and were
accentuated by its low neckline. Her face was painted with bright
red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. The skirt of her green minidress
stopped just past the swell of her ass. All of this was topped by a
tangled mass of shock blonde hair.
“Wait. You’ll be helping me??” Sharon said stunned. ‘I’ll be damned
if I’m getting a makeover from this slut!’ she thought.
“Well, sure! I mean you want a makeover don’t you…” she trailed off.
Sharon thought for a split-second and said, “Yes, but…”
“Good!” said Suzy as she grabbed Sharon’s arm and pulled her into
the back. After Sharon was seated in the salon chair Suzy said, “First
we’ll do your makeup….”
“But aren’t you doing my hair too?”
“We’re doing that later silly,” Suzy giggled. She began applying the
makeup liberally to Sharon’s face while standing in front of the
mirror so Sharon couldn’t see what she was doing.
When she finished, Suzy stepped back and showed Sharon her work.
“Doesn’t that look better?”
Sharon looked in the mirror and saw that her old tinge of makeup
had been quickly done away with and heavier, slutty makeup had
replaced it. ‘What!’ she thought. ‘I don’t want….’ Sharon’s thought
faded as that weird tingle started again. “You really think so?” she
asked hesitantly.
“Of course! I told you it would make you look better!”
“I guess you’re right,” Sharon said. Suddenly everything Suzy said
seemed to make a lot of sense.
“Hmm… What next. Let’s see….” Suzy stepped back to examine
Sharon more closely. “Stand up for a second and turn around.” Sharon
stood, turned slowly, and then sat. “What are you… About a 32A?”
Sharon said, “No! I’m a 34C!”
“You can’t be,” Suzy said incredulously. “I’m a 34C!”
Then, for the second time, Sharon noticed Suzy’s breasts. ‘How can
that be possible?’ she thought. “No way. Your breasts are at least a
E and probably an F cup!”
“Nope! Check out Tawny over there. She’s only a B cup.” Sharon
looked at the other woman and was stunned. Her breasts were as
large as Suzy’s! “You’re an A, honey. I don’t know what people have
been lying to you, but you’re much smaller than average,” Suzy said
with confidence.
‘She’s right! All of the women in here have larger breasts than me!’
For the first time in her life, Sharon felt hopelessly inadequate about
her measurements.
“I’m surprised that your boyfriend would stay with someone as
underdeveloped as you.”
With that, Sharon began to cry. “You’re right! I’m so embarrassed.”
“Now. Now. Don’t fret, honey. We can fix you right up.”
“You can?”(sniffle)
“Sure. Just lean back and let me inject you with our patented
Normalizer Fluid. Guaranteed to fill you out and make you happy!”
“Yes… I’d like that.” Sharon leaned back and felt the needle prick her
skin. Instantly, she was filled with a sense of total well-being. A
bemused smile creased her face as she dreamed about finally being
normal. When she awoke moments later she looked down at her
chest. Her heart leapt with joy. Suzy stood over her and said, “How do
you feel?”
“Great!” Sharon cupped her new tits and said, “Wow! I’m a C or D!”
“That’s right,” Suzy said barely able to contain her giggling as she
looked at Sharon’s new HH tits. “A full D! Congratulations. What did
you call those before?”
Sharon was puzzled by that question and started searching for the
word. ‘Tits… no. Hooters?…. maybe. Fuck-bags?’ “I can’t think of it.”
The fluid had erased the word breast and vagina from her
vocabulary. From now on they would be tits and cunt or pussy.
“Oh, that’s all right. You like your new tits don’t you?”
“Yesss….” Sharon moaned. For some reason hearing the word tits had
made her horny.
“Good! What should we do next? I know! You need new clothes!
You can’t keep wearing those dumpy old business suits.”
“Really?” Sharon asked.
“They don’t really fit you.” Sharon had to admit she was right as she
looked in the mirror. Her tits had stretched the brown blouse almost
to its breaking point and forget about trying to close her jacket.
“My clothes don’t fit,” she moaned.
“Of course not! Anyway, you’re really wearing way too much for a
man to get a good eyeful,” Suzy said. “I mean, only an old maid
would wear her skirts halfway down her thighs!” Suzy looked
around for something that would fit Sharon.
Soon she came up with a very short, very clingy dress with the word
TITS on the front in big letters, over that part of her anatomy.
“These six-inch heels will go just fine with that,” Suzy added. “And
remember, nothing underneath… If a man can’t see your nipples
through the fabric, or spot your cunt when he feels like looking at it,
he’ll think you’re a real prude!”
Sharon nodded softly, and took the dress to the changing room and
put it on with nothing underneath. Somehow whatever Suzy said
made sense. She looked at herself in the mirror, reading the word on
the dress. “Tits,” she said softly…and felt horny again. She went
back out and sat down in the chair.
“I bet Jim would love it if you tell him that’s what you want him to
call you from now on.” Suzy smiled. Sharon smiled too. It turned
her on to be called Tits.
“What did you say you do?” Suzy asked.
“I’m a college student. I’m going to be a paralegal when I finish my
schooling,” Tits/Sharon replied.
“Well, that’s no good. Nothing turns a man off more than intelligence
in a woman. I thought you wanted to keep your boyfriend?”
“Yes! Please, tell me what to do.”
“Sure… This shampoo should do the trick.” Suzy massaged the
shampoo into Tits’ hair and stepped back to wait for the telltale
blank stare. After five minutes she asked, “Tits? What did you say
your career was going to be?”
“Huh? Oh, I’m going to… going to… I can’t remember…”
“I heard you say something earlier about wanting to be a fuck-toy
for your boyfriend. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that why he got you this
“Oh yeah!”
Then Suzy handed her something to read. But Tits couldn’t make out
any of the words. All she could think of was men and sex. “I can’t
read it!”
“That’s okay,” Suzy said. “You don’t need to read to be a fuck-toy.”
Suzy smiled at her and Sharon was quick to smile back.
“Oh, a bleach is built right into the shampoo,” Suzy continued, leading
Sharon…Tits…over to rinse it out. When the hair was dried it looked
as slutty as her makeup, figure, and outfit. “And it will also boost
your sex drive. Can’t be a fuck-toy if you don’t like to fuck.”
‘She’s so smart,’ Tits thought.
“Now let’s look at the mirror.”
Tits looked herself up and down and thought, ‘I’m gonna be the best
fuck-toy ever!’
“Well, your boyfriend is back. Are you ready to see him?”
“Please!” moaned Tits.
Suzy led her out to Jim.
“Wow, Sharon…” was all Jim could say, he didn’t think the treatment
would actually work.
“Call me Tits, please,” Sharon said, feeling her nipples erect as she
said that beautiful word. ‘That is my name, isn’t it?’ Reading was a
bit beyond her, but she was pretty sure that was the word on her
dress. It had to be her name. She hugged him and said, “I want to
be your fuck-toy.”
Jim felt her breasts press against him and said, “That’s great, Sharon.”
“Huh?” she responded as she pushed him away. “Jimmy! My name is
Tits. Not Sharon. Do I look like a Sharon?”
Jim’s eyes scanned up his girlfriend’s new body. He started at the
feet encased in six-inch black heels. Up her long legs to her hips
accentuated by the way the heels forced her to stand. Then over the
black spandex skirt that barely covered her ass to her nicely
flattened stomach. He paused in anticipation before scanning up to
her most striking feature. Her firm round HH tits stuck out proudly
and were emphasized by the way TITS, written in white over the
black dress, was stretched. Her enlarged nipples
made two obvious points in the letters. After a moment he looked up
to her already beautiful face made appropriately slutty by her new
makeup and the platinum blonde hair that completed the image. The
fact was that his girlfriend looked gorgeous. He paused and thought,
‘I guess she’s not that anymore. But, she’ll make a great fuck-toy.’
“No. You’re really not Sharon any more. Tits is a much better name
for you.”
Tits smiled and said, “Jimmy, can we go home now? Please?” She
squirmed her pussy against him.
“In a minute. Just wait over there.” Tits obeyed his instructions like
a good fuck-toy and stood in the corner. After a moment her
horniness got to her and she began masturbating. She looked down
at the Cosmo on the table and thought, ‘That girl on the cover is
pretty. I bet she’s a good fuck-toy for her boyfriend, too. She must
hate that her tits are so small.’
“Suzy, how stupid is she now?” Jim asked.
Suzy pulled out a chart from the back of the chair that Tits had been
sitting in. “Let’s see. We had her listed at about 110 IQ when she
came in. No rocket scientist, but much higher than now, eh? I’d say
she’s about 70-75 with illiteracy thrown in for no extra charge.” She
was all business now that her job was done.
“Will she be able to carry on conversations?”
“Sure! But, don’t try anything high brow it will just frustrate her.
She’s very impressionable and will believe any suggestions you give
her. That’s specific to you by the way. She’s your fuck-toy
exclusively from now on.”
Jim said, “Good. Come on, Tits. Let’s go.” Tits stopped masturbating
and looked up with adoration as she followed Jim out of the salon.
‘Another satisfied customer,’ thought Suzy as she went back to work.


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