Mind of Their Own

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Breast Expansion Magical TF

by J Koff

My girl Janice is very pretty but she’s been known to be a bit of a prude.
I took me over a month to finally go all the way with her and even though
she’s pretty it wasn’t that good, she just wasn’t that responsive and I was
real disappointed. She’d rather talk about the stock market than anything
else. PE ratios, Standard and Poors, this company’s Beta and that company’s
hard assets. The only thing hard was my dick and I was the one left having
to take care of it. She was very successful and very smart but a queen of
ice. I wasn’t getting any and when we did it I felt like we were in church,
dark and quiet. Nothing but the missionary position. That’s what led us to
where we are today. I decided to try and get things to change a little, so
I started searching for some reading material on the matter. How could I
get her to liven up a little and stop taxing my brain?

I started checking out bookstores and reading every book I could get my
hands on. This led me to a small book store on the far side of town, one of
those occult shops with black candles in the front window. I found an old
leather bound book that was titled Your Dream Lover. Fifty dollars and an
hour later I was on the phone with my girl Janice and she agreed to come

Janice is in her early thirties, and as she sat reading my new book I
admired her mousy brown hair that went down to her waist. She was slender,
which I like, but could be used to straighten wrinkled clothes if I had an
iron, and that I didn’t like. I went to sit next to her but she wanted
nothing to do with me, she would just push me away and get very annoyed
with me. She was mesmerized by the book and couldn’t put it down. I tried
to speak to her but she wouldn’t give me the time of day. I had things to
do around the house and as the evening got late I came in to find her
staring into space not reading the book at all. I asked her if she was all
right and she snapped out of it and looked over at me with an odd look in
her eye. “I uh, I better get going,” she said and with a quick peck on the
cheek she was gone. Great book, I thought, she was even more distant than

Later that night the phone rang and woke me. It was only midnight but I had
nothing better to do than sleep.

“It’s Janice, did I wake you?”
“No it was the ringing phone that woke me.”
“You’re funny.” she giggled
“Oh. Thanks.”
“Jerry is it all right if I come over? I need to see you.”
“Yeah sure, I’ll be up.”

The bell rang and I went to answer the door. “Janice?”

“Hi, Sweetheart,” she replied.

“What’s up, why did you need to come over?”

“I started feeling really strange all the sudden and I just needed to see
you and as I got ready to come over I noticed something really strange,

Janice opened her coat and I couldn’t believe my eyes – her chest had gone
from a B cup to what looked like almost a D.

“What’s happening to me? Look at my chest, I’m getting bigger!” She cupped
her hands under chest and as she lifted them I could see a look of lust
come to her face.

“Ooh,” she said and then giggled. “Do you like them, they feel really

She sauntered over and put my hands on them. I couldn’t believe how horny
she was acting and how much I was getting turned on. She grabbed my head
and guided it between her beautiful breasts. I unbuttoned her top with my
teeth and as I got to her nipples she started to squirm and squeal “Oh,
yesss. Oh that’s so hot, suck my nipples, please harder! Oh my god that
feels so good don’t stop.”

I was happy to oblige. She was like a different woman and I was loving it.
We spent the rest of the night sucking and fucking.

The next morning Janice jumped out of bed.

“Oh my god, I’m going to be late for work, I got to go.”

She was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. By the time I
got up she was gone. Later that day I got a call from her.

“Hey sweetheart what’s up?” I asked.

“Oh, I just can’t stop thinking about last night. That was the best fuck
I’ve ever had, I just can’t stop thinking about your cock. It’s like
there’s a voice in my head and it wants you to suck my nipples.”

“Be careful someone there might hear you.”

“So fucking what? I hate this job, I can’t seem to get anything done today
anyway. I could barely remember your phone number. I don’t know what it is
but I’m having trouble concentrating, all I can think of was last night. I
think I’m going to get out of this dump, can I come over?”

“Yeah sure, I’ll be here.”

“I’ll be a little while. I need to do some shopping first, but then I’ll
come right over.”

Four hours later and still no sign of Janice, I was beginning to get
worried but then I heard her at the door.

I opened the door and there she was. “Janice?”

Her hair was platinum blond and teased way out. She had on makeup. She
never wore makeup, but it looked hot. She was wearing a leopardskin body
suit that made her look like a hooker. The plunging v-neck showed off her
new cleavage. Her breasts were now huge, at least an FF cup. She looked
like a feature dancer at the local strip club.

“Look at my boobies aren’t they big?” her voice squeaked out like a little

“What’s going on Janice? What’s gotten into you?”

“I don’t know but I love it. I love that my titties are so big now . It’s
like they’re talking to me. All I can hear in my head is them talking to
me. As I was leaving to come here they told me to get my hair done and then
go shopping. I’m sorry I’m so late I got here as quick as I could but I got
lost. I couldn’t remember where you live and the numbers on all the doors
seem strange. I couldn’t seem to make them out.”

I couldn’t believe this was the same Janice. I needed to check something
out. “Janice, would you read this?” I asked her as I walked over to her.

I handed her a TV Guide. She stood there for quite a while and then looked
up with a smile.

“What language is this?” she said. I looked at her and she wasn’t kidding.

“It’s English sweety.”

“I can’t make out a single word. Oh, my god I can’t even read anymore! It’s
like I’ve turned into some sort of whata ya call it.”

“Bimbo?” I asked

“Yeah that’s it, a Bimbo.”

Janice started to pout and spin her hair around her finger. “Do you like me
like this? I’m nothing but a stupid blonde with big boobies.”

“Oh, honey, don’t be sad I think you’re great. I love you more now than
ever,” I said as I went over to comfort her. Janice looked up and smiled.

“Really?” She sounded like a little girl but there was nothing little about
her. As she smiled and her eyes lit up I could see her chest expand. “Can I
tell you a secret?” she asked.

“Sure honey, what is it?”

“My boobies talk to me. They said that they loved the way you made them
feel and that they would do everything they could to turn you on so you
would suck on them. That’s why I got all dressed up for you. All I can
concentrate on is them talking to me. I think that’s why I’m not so smart
anymore. I love the way I feel now and I love being your little sex toy.
They want me to change my name to Chesty. Is that OK with you?” She stood
there with her finger in her mouth and her other finger twirling her hair.

“OK, Chesty.”

Then she giggled. “Do you like me like this? I may not be very smart any
more but I know how to suck cock really good now, watch.”

And watch I did. She had a newfound genius for giving head, she was like a
master violinist at Carnegie Hall. What Janice lacked in smarts she had
more than compensated for in making love. She has become an expert. All
she’s interested in is sucking and fucking. She spends hours now making
herself up and squeezing into little outfits that show off her beautiful
ass that is accentuated by her tiny waist and her huge tits. She serves her
tits well, she does whatever they tell her and all three of them love me. I
make sure to give her tits all the attention they need and they turned my
girlfriend into the sex kitten I always wanted. We’re just one big happy
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