Mental Pills

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By Mr. Grey

Chapter 1

Tommy had been having a lot of problems in his life lately. His parents were
giving him a lot of trouble as was his sister, Tanya. School wasn’t going so great
either. But all that was about to change.

One day while walking home from school with Tanya, Tommy looked down to
find a torn piece of paper lying on the ground. Tanya was walking way in front of
him since she never liked to be seen with him. He picked and it and read it to
himself. It was an ad for some strange product called “Mental Pills”.

“Probably just some rip off,” he said out loud to himself.

“Hey loser! You wanna hurry it up!” Tanya yelled back at him. Tommy just
gave her a mean look and continued reading.

“Guaranteed to change the people in your life to your liking,” he read to himself.
Not thinking much of it, he shoved to ad into his pocket and followed Tanya into
his house.

Once inside she ran upstairs to her room, she would probably sit on the phone
until dinner time. His mom walked around the corner to greet him at the door.

“Hi Mom.”

“Tommy, were have you been?” she asked with a disappointed face.

Tommy just looked at her. “Ummmm . . . school.”

“Don’t be smart with me young man! School ended thirty minutes ago, now
where have you been.”

“That’s how long it takes to walk home.” Tommy was kind of used to this
treatment from his mother. She was very over-protective of him. He was 16
years old and had to have Tanya walk him home from school. Of course, Tanya
hated this since it could effect her popularity.

“Well, tomorrow you better walk faster.” She turned around walked off.

Nice to see you too, mom, Tommy thought to himself. He didn’t even bother to
bring up the fact that Tanya was home only one minute earlier than him. But that
would probably be acceptable to her. Tommy walked up to his room and
collapsed on his bed.

This is ridiculous.

Things had to change.

Then he remembered the ad he found in the road. Tommy sat up and pulled the
piece of paper from his pocket. He read it aloud to himself again, “Guaranteed to
change the people in your life to your liking.” Probably was a rip off, but he had
nothing to lose, except the forty dollars it asked for. He needed to do something
about his life and this could be the answer. An order form was attached to the
bottom of the ad. He cut it off and filled out his name, address and phone

He put forty dollars in an envelope along with the order form and addressed the
envelope to address on the ad. It looked like some independent company, or
maybe some old lady in her basement. There was no title or logo on the ad.
Tommy knew he was taking a chance with this and that he probably was never
receive any package. But he was tired of dealing was everything.

He walked outside and dropped the letter in the mailbox and walked inside. Not
even an hour later, the doorbell rang. Tommy was upstairs watching TV and
walked downstairs to answer the door. To his surprise it was the mailman
holding a big package with Tommy’s name and address written on it.

“Package for you sir,” he said.

You’re fucking kidding me, Tommy thought. He took the package and ran
upstairs. “No running in the house young man!” his mother yelled to him from the

“Not for long . . . ” he whispered to himself.

“Who was at the door?”

“Bible salesman!” he shouted back. Tommy raced into his room and shut the

This is crazy. The package came within an hour putting the freakin envelope in
the mailbox. This must be for real. He threw the package on his bed and
opened it to find a briefcase. He opened the briefcase and just stared in awe.
The briefcase was filled with little compartments with labels on them. He quickly
read over a couple.

Bimbo pills: Wife too smart for you? These will fix that.
Slut pills: Secretary refuses sleep with you? Not anymore.
Prostitute pills: Need some extra money? Send your girlfriend.
Regression pills: Sister says you’re immature? Give these a try.
Suggestion pills: Boss won’t listen to you? Now she will.
Slave pills: Need a maid? Sextoy? Lawn ornament? Try these.

There were lots more pills too, but he needed to test one out before he went
indepth with there things. This is gonna be fun. Tommy was so excited he could
hardly sit still. He picked up a Bimbo pill and examined it. How was he going to
get someone to take this. He looked back in the briefcase and found piece of
paper labeled: INSTRUCTIONS.

They said to put one pill in targets drink. They immediately dissolve and take only
one sip to start working. The effects would last 24 hours and then would need to
be repeated. An increased dosage would increase the level of effect.

Tommy put his shoes on and put the Bimbo pill in his pocket. He then snuck out
of the house to walk to McDonald‘s. He wasn’t worried about his mom, since she
could easliy be fixed now. He just wanted to make sure these weren’t poisonous
or someone.

Tommy arrived at McDonald‘s and ordered a drink and some fries and sat down.
He scanned the place for a good target. He saw a thiry-something mom with two
kids. Too dangerous with the kids, he thought. He saw to two twelve year old
girls giggling and playing with their Happy Meal toys. Too young, he thought.
Then he saw Jennifer Keenan, the school’s valevictorian. Couldn’t be more
perfect, he thought. She was sitting with her other brainiac friend, Stacy. They
were have some obviously preparing for some test. Books and papers were
sprawled out in front of them. Then they both got up to go to the bathroom,
leaving their drinks behind. Tommy chuckled to himself. Perfect . . .

He got up and hurried to their table. He only had one pill so he put it in Jennifer’s
drink. The pill quickly dissintegrated. He replaced the lid and sat down at a table
behind them. They both came back and sat down.

“Now where were we?” Stacy asked.

“We were going over Sine and Cosine,”Jennifer answered, taking a sip of her
drink. Tommy celebrated quietly, Yes! he whispered. Stacy quietly started read
out loud to Jennifer about Sine and Cosine.

Tommy watched as he saw Jennifer’s body language transform from an intellient
and proper young lady and a ditzy little airhead. He came legs uncrossed and
her eyes drifted away from her notes and took on a spacey look to them. Her
finger found it’s way to hair and started twirling a strand around. Her head tilted
to the side and she giggled to herself.

Stacy looked up to her now dim witted friend. “Jen? Are you alright?”

“Like, fer sure!” Jennifer now had a high pitched voice and a dopey little smile to
go with it. “I’m, like, totally fine. You can, like, keep reading.”

Stacy just looked at her strangely. “Well, I’m done reading. It’s your turn now.”

Jennifer giggled at her friend. “Ok then!”

Stacy slide the book over to Jennifer, still staring at her, wondering what was
going on. Jennifer had picked up a french fry and was prentening it was a
airplane. She slowly twirled it around, staring closely at it. She popped it in her
mouth and giggled again. Tommy laughed to himself. He couldn’t believe this.

Jennifer looked down at the book and tilted her head to the other side. She place
her finger on the first paragraph and started to read. “Ummmm, like, the tri-,
ummm, trrrrrr-, trian- . . .”

“Triangle,” Stacy finished for her. She started to get a worried look on her face.

Jennifer looked up at her friend and giggled, “You’re smart. Can you, like, read
this for me?”

Tommy had seen enough. He got up from his table and went to the exit. He
walked home thinking, I’m gonna have fun tonight.

Chapter 2

Tommy arrived at his house, ready to have some fun. Of course his
mother heard the door slam and came stomping toward him.
“Where on earth did you disappear to?” she asked, looking furious.
“I got hungry and went to McDonald‘s,” Tommy said matter-of-factly. He
smiled at her, not as intimidated as he used to be. He knew he had a power over
her now. Soon she would be acting just how he wanted her to. A choice of
which pill to used went over in his head. He’d save the bimbo pill for a little later,
he wanted to see how the others worked. The Slut pill would definitely loosen
her up.
His mother just looked at him and shook her head. “Just go to your room,
we’ll discuss this later.” She looked upset about something. Tommy figured
what ever it was, she wouldn’t even care after he was through with her. Tommy
walked upstairs and closed his door.

Karen didn’t even know what do. Her son was driving her crazy with his
disrespect and irresponsibility. Worst of all, her husband, Jim, was working late
again. But she knew what was really going on. It was probably that slut
secretary of his that he was really “working” on. She couldn’t believe this. Karen
was an attractive woman with a great figure, but her husband was just loosing
interest in her. She wasn’t exactly anything above average in bed. But that
didn’t give Jim any right to cheat on her. She was angry, sad and confused.
Karen walked into the kitchen to fix herself a drink. She needed a martini to calm
her down. After getting off the phone with her husband, she could feel her heart
pounding a mile a minute. She sat at the kitchen table with her drink in her hand
and tried to relax.
Tommy came walking down the stairs, Slut pill in his pocket, ready to meet
his new mom. He found her sitting at the kitchen table with a martini. Good, he
thought, now I just have to distract her.

“Mom, I’m hungry,” he sat across from her.

“You just said you went to McDonald‘s.”

“I know, but I’m hungry again.”

“Well, go fix yourself something,” she took another sip of her drink.

Tommy was starting to get frustrated. ” Can you show me where the flour

Karen looked at him like he was crazy, “Tommy, this is your house, you
don’t know where the flour is?”

“I never have to cook, so I never use flour.”

Karen was getting tired of arguing. “Fine, I’ll cook dinner now.” She got up
and left her drink on the table, Tommy quickly dropped the Slut pill into it and
watched is dissolve. Karen started gathering pots and pans, preparing to cook.
Tommy started to wonder if the Slut pill would be enough, or if she would be too
much to control. He got up from the table to go plan the rest of the night, he
would check on his mother soon.

Karen started cooking dinner while Tommy sat upstairs. Soon she started
to get thirsty. She picked her martini up again and took another sip. She started
thinking what she should cook for dinner, but she suddenly started to feel dizzy.
She stopped and steadied herself on the counter.

“Fuck, what’s wrong with me?” she said. Then she thought, did I just say
fuck? She looked at herself and was disgusted at what she saw. “What the hell
am I thinking wearing this boring shit? I’m not gonna get any cocks with this.”
Karen’s vocabulary had suddenly become very vulgar, as her mind was flooded
with thoughts of cocks and fucking and sucking. She started to get very horny. “I
need some new clothes, this just won’t cut it.”

She started for the door and started thinking, Won’t my husband be mad I
wasted money on some clothes. When she thought of her husband, she was
suddenly reminded of his affair. But for some reason it didn’t bother her. Her
memory had been erased of any negative thought about the subject. After all,
men were supposed to fuck women, all of them. Wasn’t that her purpose, to let
any man who wants to stick his dick in her just do it. Why should she deny her
husband to fuck a perfectly good secretary? Plus, why should she deny the
secretary to get a good fucking? She felt better about herself and figured Jim
would be glad she got some better clothes. Karen walked out of the house and
drove to the mall.

Tommy came down stairs expecting to find his mom and her new
personality, but instead he found an empty house. Where did she go? Then he
heard her car speeding down the road. Great, he thought. He didn’t even know
if she drank her drink yet. He sat in the living room and waited for her to come
back. She hadn’t started cooking yet, maybe she had to go to the grocery store
for something. Tommy started watching TV.

After about two hours, he heard the car pull into the driveway. It was
about seven o’clock, just getting dark. The headlights filled the room up as they
shone through the window. Tommy reached over and turned on the light,
wondering what he was going to see when his mom walked though the door.
The door swung open he was amazed at what he saw. His formerly conservative
mother had dyed her hair platinum blond and was wearing a leather mini skirt
and a tube top which barley covered her already large tits.


“Hey honey,” she had her hands filled with shopping bags. Karen tossed
them on the floor next to the couch. She sat down next to her son. “Did you
know that if you suck the cashier’s cock, you get your purchase for free?”

Tommy mouth dropped at his mother’s new slut attitude and her dirty mouth. Her
tube top was slipping down and her nipple was now showing. Unnatural
thoughts filled Tommy’s mind and he shoved them away. You just did this to get
her to loosen up, he thought. But loose was definitely the word for his mother
now. Karen looked down at her exposed nipple and just shrugged it off, not even
wanting to fix it. “So whatcha watchin?”
Tommy had to think about the question for a moment. “Ummm . . . X-

“Oh, oooooo, he’s hot,” she said staring at Mulder.

Tommy suddenly remembered that his dad would be home from work
soon. That could be bad. He’d have to figure out a way to get his dad out of the
house for a while. “Um, Mom.” She was massaging her tits while she stared at
the lead male character. Karen had pulled her tube top all the way down and
was rubbing herself, while biting her lower lip. She stopped at Tommy’s voice
and laughed a little.

“Sorry Tommy,” she said tucking her tits back in. “What is it?”

“When’s dad coming home?”

She sat back and pulled her tits back out, “Silly, whenever he gets done
fucking that cute secretary of his, you know that.” She shook her head like he
was out of his mind. Tommy just stared wide-eyed at his wet dream of a mother.
“Isn’t her name Terri?” she asked him, pinching her nipples.

“Uh, I dunno.”

“I think it is. She sure is a nice piece of ass, your dad’s a lucky guy,” she
covered her tits back up and stood up. Just then Tanya came walking down

“Hey,” she called, walking towards the kitchen. “When’s dinner gonna be
read-?” she stopped in her tracks and backed up, appalled by what she saw.
“Mother, what are you wearing?”

“You like?” she said spinning around on her high heels. “Just got it today,
the hair too.”

“Wha-” she just stared in disbelief.

“Oh don’t worry baby, I got you some clothes too,” she said pointing to the
bags on the floor. Tanya looked at Tommy as if to say, What the hell? Tommy
shugged his shoulders at her and shook his head mouthing out, I don’t know.
Tommy then thought to himself, I think it’s time for Tanya to get reworked too. He
smiled to himself.

Chapter 3

Karen went to take a shower, which she was taking an unusually long time
with. Meanwhile, Tanya went to talk to Tommy about what was going on.
“Do you think it’s some kind of mid-life crisis or something?” Tanya looked
really worried about her mother. Tommy just shrugged at her and told her he
didn’t know. She sighed and asked him, “Is there anything we should do?”
Tommy tried to act like he was thinking deeply, then said,” No, it’s
probably best we just go about things normally.” Tanya thought about this and
“Yeah, I guess there’s nothing we can do. Our mom’s turned into some
kind of sex crazed whore.” Tommy thought, Whore? I’ll have to remember that.
I’ll run out of these things eventually, I’ll need some money to order more. Tanya
walked off to take a shower herself. Tommy went into his room and took the
briefcase out from under his bed. He clicked open the lid and smiled at all the
neatly sorted compartments. He figured he wouldn’t be able to get a hold of any
drinks Tanya fixes for herself, so he’s going to have to figure something else out.
He looked at the Suggestion Pills. Maybe he could convince his mom to help him
get Tanya to take a pill. They were probably some sort of mind control pill and
therefore he could make his mom take more pills when the Slut pill wore off. He
started wondering what pill he would make her take next, or maybe he’d just stick
with the Slut pills. Increasing the dosage could be interesting. Although she was
a pretty big slut now, he wondered how much sluttier she could possibly be. All
he knew was that things were finally going his way. He grabbed the Suggestion
pill and walked downstairs.

He had watched his mother fix martini’s before, so he fixed a glass and
dropped the pill in. Soon after, he mom came walking downstairs in a silk nightie
that stopped just below her ass. He also noticed that she was wearing no
underwear. Her tits bounced as she walked.
“Mom I fixed you a martini,” he said handing it to her.
“Thank you honey,” she took it from him. “I didn’t know you knew how to
make them.”
“I’ve watched you do it. Take a sip.”
She smiled at him and took a long sip. She felt that same dizzy feeling
again, but it quickly passed. “Wow, you sure can make a great martini!” She
winked at him and she started walking back toward the stairs.
“Mom, go into the living room and sit down.” Without a word Karen did an
about face and walked into the living room. Tommy raised his fist in the air in
triumph. “Yes!” He followed her in the room to find her sitting on the couch
watching Baywatch, her hand was rubbing on her crotch through the nightie. Her
long blond hair was still wet from the shower giving her a very sexy look. Tommy
sat down next to her.
“I love this motherfucking show,” she said to her son. Tommy just
“Yeah me too,” he turned around toward her. “Mom I have something to
tell you.”
“What’s that hon?” she said not taking her eyes off the screen.
“I ordered these pills in the mail that can make people act the way I want
“Uh-huh . . . ” she still wasn’t looking at him.
“And I used them to turn you into the slut that you are now.”
Her faced shifted back to the old Karen as her head spun at him, “You did
“But you’re ok with that,” told her calmly.
She calmed down and nodded, “Yeah, that’s nice.”
“In fact, you’re glad I did this to you.”
Karen smiled at her son and patted his leg, “Of course, I glad you turned
me into a slut. I’m happier than ever now.” She went back to her show. Her
hand disappeared under the nightie and she started rubbing her clit. Tommy
stood up and walked to the TV and shut it off. “Hey, I was watching th-”
“Shut up.” Karen immediately quieted down. “I need your help to make
Tanya take a pill like you did.”
“Ok Tommy,” she answered. “How can we do that?”

Upstairs, Tanya had gotten out of the shower and peaked into Tommy’s
room to ask something else about her mother, but he wasn’t in there. Instead,
she saw a briefcase sitting on his bed. She walked into his room with just a bath
towel wrapped around her. The briefcase was open and inside was hundreds of
little white pills, each in little compartments with labels on them. She saw some
labeled Bimbo pills, some labeled Prostitute pill, and some labeled Slut pills.
“What the hell,” she said to herself. Tanya saw a piece of paper folded up
next to the briefcase. She unfolded it and read it. A look of rage took over her
face. She was infuriated.
“This explains it, that son of a bitch. I’m gonna kill him.” She stomped for
the door to find her mother standing there next to Tommy. “What the fuck do you
think you’re up to, you little creep!?” she screamed at her little brother. Tommy
calmly walked past her and reached into the briefcase and pulled out a
Suggestion pill.
“You’re going to have to take this now.”
She laughed in his face. “You stupid little boy, what on earth makes you
think you can make me take that thing?”
Tommy over her shoulder, “Mom?”
Tanya was suddenly pulled down to the floor and had both her arms
pinned above her by her mother. “Mom, what the fuck are you doing?” Tommy
sat on her legs to keep her from kicking.
“It’ll all be over in a second,” he soothing her.
“Fuck you! You’re gonna be over in a second, because I’m about to beat
the shit outta you. You son of a b-” Her words were cut short be her mother’s
hand squeezing her cheeks making her mouth open. Tommy quickly dropped
the pill into it and pitched her nose shut while Karen closed her mouth. Her eyes
looked back and forth from Tommy’s smiling face to her mother’s smiling face.
By reflex, she swallowed the pill. A wave of dizziness went through her and she
sat up. “What the fuck was that?”
“That was a Suggestion pill. It’ll make you easier to deal with because
you’re not going to run away, is that clear?”
“Yeah it’s clear, you piece of shit.”
Karen sat down next to her, “Honey, you’ll feel much better in a minute.”
Tommy walked over to the briefcase and picked up a Bimbo pill.
“Actually,” Tommy said, “she’s gonna feel pretty stupid in a minute.” He
kneeled in front of his sister, who was shooting him an angry sneer. “This pill is
going to make you an airheaded little ditz. I had to give you the Suggestion pill
first because you’d just be a dumb girl trying to get away from me. Now open
your mouth.”
Tanya looked scared as she opened her mouth. He placed the pill on her
tongue. “Now swallow it.” She instantly gulped it down and looked back up at

“Asshole, I’m gonna get you ba . . .” her voice trailed off as a dumb little
grin crossed over her mouth. She felt tingly all over and it was making her giggle
a little. “Hee Hee Hee, what was I, like, saying?” Tanya looked at her mother,
“Wow, mom you were, like, right. I feel lots gooder now.” Her voice had become
high-pitched. She stood up and dusted herself off.
“Wow Tommy, she really is stupid now. I hope you don’t make me take
one of those, ” Karen said to her son.
“Actually you can’t wait to try all the pills out, neither can you Tanya. But I
don’t think I can handle too bimbos at once right now.”
“Awwww, Tommy, please, I wanna be a dumb little bimbo too,” Karen

Tanya giggled at her mom, “You’re funny.”

Karen slapped her daughters ass, “Hush up, dumbo.”
Tommy walked back over to the briefcase, he needed a few more
adjustments. He grabbed a Slut pill for his sister, and Prostitute pills for both of
them. He could just command them to go slut around the town for him, but these
pills would make them feel like professional hookers and be able to take care of
themselves on the streets. “Tanya take these two pills,” he said handing her the
Slut pill and one Prostitute pill. She gobbled them up right away. “And mom you
take this one.” Karen swallowed the pill as well.
Tanya staggered a little and giggled again, “Damn, I feel, like, really horny
now. Mmmmmm, I need a cock to suck.”
Karen agreed, “Me too, baby. Come on, let’s go look for some work.”
“Like, totally.”
Tommy stopped them for a moment, “You guys be careful and bring me
back every penny.” His mother and sister each and nodded at him. “Well,
actually give Tanya here a little make-over first. And give her those clothes you
bought her.”
“Sure thing Tommy,” she said guiding her ditzy daughter out of the room.
“Come on, sweetie, I’ll help you get dressed. It’s probably too complicated for
you now.” Tanya just giggled at this.
Tommy smiled and closed his door, thinking would he should do next.

Chapter 4

Tommy was very pleased with his results so far. His sister was a
brainless nympho, and his mother was just a huge slut. They were finally off his
back. Actually, each of them were probably on their own backs right now.
Tommy wondered how much money they would bring back for him. It was about
ten o’clock at night. They wouldn’t be home for a while. Tommy figured he
would just relax and enjoy the silence.
The silence was cut short by the phone ringing. He picked it up, “Hello?”
“Hey sport,” it was his dad.
“Hey dad, what’s goin on?” Tommy had completely forgotten about his
“Is your mom around?” Tommy kind of snickered about that.
“Nope, she went downtown for something.”
“Downtown? Why’d she go into town?”
“Something down there she needed I guess.”
“Anyway, I’m gonna be going out of town for three day on business.” Yeah
right, thought Tommy. But that was great news though.
“That’s cool.”
“So, let your mom know and I’ll call back tomorrow.”
“Sounds good. See ya.”
“Bye Tommy.”
Tommy hung up the phone and thought, Perfect. Three days to figure out
how I’m gonna keep Mom and Tanya out of my hair forever. But first things first,
he needed to have another pill ready for each of them so it didn’t wear off. The
instructions said 24 hours, but he didn’t want to take a chance by cutting it too
close. He went upstairs and picked his pills out. Suggestion Pills for each of
them, one slut pill for mom and one bimbo pill for Tanya. He wouldn’t send them
out on any tricks for the time being, tonight should give him more money than
he’d need anyway. He’d leave Tanya as just a bimbo without the sluttiness for
right now too. Plus, he could get her to bring some of her friends over for some
fun. Tanya’s best friend was Megan, and she was incredibly hot. She would be
perfect. Tommy grabbed the pills and went downstairs to wait on them.

Four hours later, Tommy was awakened by his mother and sister
stumbling through the door.
“-and he was, like, ‘Get on the floor and suck my cock!’, and I was, like,
‘Sure Master, I, like, love sucking cocks!’,” Tanya was telling Karen a story about
one of her Johns, “Isn’t that, like, good!”
“It sure is honey, you’re a good little ho,” she said giving her daughter a
slap on the ass
Tanya blushed, “Like, thanks mom!” Tanya had gotten her hair dyed like
her mom’s. She had the sluttiest make-up on he had ever seen with bright red
lipstick and heavy blue eye shadow. Her knee-high boots gave her a very slutty
look, as did the mid-riff baring tank top she had on with her mini-skirt.
Tommy sat up to greet them, “How’d it go?”
Tanya answered first, “It was great! We, like, made tons of dollars. Maybe
even a million!”
Karen laughed at her daughter, “Well, maybe not that much. But we made
a lot.” She handed him a wad of bills from her purse. There must have been four
hundred dollars in total.
“Wow good job you guys.” They both smiled at his approval. “Sit down
guys.” They both say on the couch. Tanya just smiled like an idiot and looked
around the room, her finger twirling her hair. “Dad’s going out of town on
business and won’t be back for three days. ”
Karen smiled, “I’ll bet Terri’s going with him. She better give him some
good fuckin.”
Tanya looked confused, “Like, who’s Terri?”
Karen looked at her daughter, “His secretary dummy. Remember, she
came over for dinner one night.” Tanya looked off into space, trying to think, but
that was obviously a lost cause. “Nevermind.”
“Anyway,” Tommy continued, “We’re going to have the whole house to
ourselves for three days. Tanya?”
Her head snapped back at him and giggled, “That’s me.”
“Yes it is,” Tommy laughed at his dumb sister, “I want you to get Megan to
come over and spend the night.”
Her eyes lit up, “Like, fer sure! Like a sleep over!”
“Exactly. Go call her.”
“Sure thing bro!” She got up and skipped upstairs, tripped halfway up,
giggled, and walked the rest of the way.
“Tommy, your daughter is so stupid now,” Karen told him, “she doesn’t
even know how to count money anymore!” Tommy laughed. “See all those
singles?” Tommy looked at the stack of bills on the coffee table and found a lot of
one-dollar bills. “She had been blowing guys in their car for a dollar each when
we split up. I met up with her later and explained to her that she could ask for
more.” Karen just dropped her head and laughed, as did Tommy.
Tommy picked the pills up for Karen off of the nightstand and handed
them to her, “You need to take these now.” Karen just nodded and took them
right away. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply and then she was fine.
“Anyway, we kept hanging around the corner waiting for guys to pick us up
and I was all, like, ‘Tanya what’s two plus two?’ and she, like, kept trying to, like,
remember. And I, like, laughed at her, cuz she’s so, like, not smart, and I was all,
like, ‘Tanya, everyone knows that two plus two is, like . . .” Karen stared off into
space, then she giggled, “Tommy I can’t, like, remember the answer.”
Tommy sighed in frustration. He must have given her the bimbo pill
instead of the slut pill. “Shit.”
Karen giggled some more, “What’s, like, the matter?”
“I accidentally gave you Tanya’s bimbo pill.”
Karen giggled again and laid down on the couch, “Wow really? Cuz I feel,
like, totally stupid right now.”
“I bet. Come on you have to help me get Megan when she comes in the
door so we can give her a pill.”
“Totally good idea!”
Tanya came walking downstairs, “I called Megan, she should be here
soon.” She sounded like she was starting to get back to normal. That 24-hour
thing must not be concrete. Tommy was just going to have to make Tanya the
slut. He gave her the pills and she took them. They all waited downstairs for
Megan. Karen would occasionally say something stupid and Tanya would just
laugh at her. “She’s a fucking idiot Tommy.”
“I know.” He figured his mother wouldn’t be able to understand the plan to
get Megan to take a pill so he explained to Tanya that their going to do the same
thing he and mom did to her.
“Good, cause was a damn good plan. I had no idea what you guys were
up to.”
Just then Megan came walking through the door. “Hey guys, how’s it go-?”
She got a strange look on her face, “What the hell are you wearing, girl? You
look like a slut.”
“Thanks!” Tanya stood up to give her a better look. “Come upstairs and I’ll
show some other outfits I got, maybe you’ll want to try some on?”
“Well, probably not, but, whatever . . .” Tanya led her friend upstairs before
Karen could get a chance to make a fool of herself.
“That Megan is, like, really smart sounding,” Karen told her son.
“Well, I’m sure everyone sounds smart to you now,” Tommy explained.
“You sit here and me and Tanya are gonna go fix Megan up.”
“Like, totally!” Karen said. She was watching Lizzie Mcguire and trying
desperately to follow the storyline.
Tommy walked upstairs and heard Tanya and Megan in her room. He
went into his room to pick out a pill for Megan. He got the Suggestion Pill to start
off with. He had been meaning to see what doubling the dosage would do, so he
got three Slut pills. This should make her a pretty big slut. He also wanted to try
the Slave pill on Tanya, he’d give her one after fixing Megan. Tanya and Megan
were still in her room, looking at the new outfits. Tommy walked in to find his
sister naked and sorting through her clothes. Tanya had an amazing body,
perfectly shaped ass and huge tits.
Megan, who didn’t like Tommy, screamed at him, “Can’t you knock, you
little creep?”
“It’s ok Megan, he can come in,” she explained to Megan, who looked
really surprised at her friend’s willingness to walk around naked in front of her
brother. “I was just showing Megan the clothes I got, but she doesn’t want to try
them on.”
“Well, I can change that.”
Megan looked amused at that, “Is that a fact? How exactly?”
“We’re going to make you take a pill that changes you into a perfect little
Megan laughed and turned to her friend, “He’s got a pretty good
Tanya looked at Tommy and smiled. She turned back Megan and said,
“Actually he’s not making it up. He turned me into a bimbo whore earlier today,
but now I’m just a slut. My mom is dumb as a doorknob right now though.”
Megan started backing away from Tanya and Tommy, “What the hell is
going on with you two? I’m going home.” She started walking toward the door
but was grabbed by Tanya who pulled her arms behind her back and slapped
some novelty handcuffs on her wrists.
Tommy looked at Tanya, “Where did you get handcuffs?”
“These two guys made me wear them while they each took turns fucking
my ass tonight, then they left without them. I figured they’d come in handy,”
Tanya patted her friends head, “You can’t move your hands can you?”
Megan struggled a bit with the handcuffs, “No! But you’re going to take
these fucking things off me right now!” Tanya and Tommy laughed at her. He
closed the door and Tanya let Megan’s arms go. She ran for the door but
couldn’t get the knob turned with her hands handcuffed behind her. “Let me out
you asshole!”
Tanya pinned her to the door and squeezed her cheeks together, just like
her mother did to her. Tommy put the pill in her mouth and covered her nose
and mouth. Just like Tanya, she was forced to swallow. “What the hell are you
“Tanya, take the handcuffs off her?” She reached in a drawer and got the
key. Once they were off, Megan rubbed her wrists.
“What was that thing?”

“That was a pill to make you more obedient. Now take off all your
clothes.” Megan looked horrified, but to her surprise she quickly discarded her
shirt and pants, then unfastened her bra and tossed it aside. Megan had kind of
small tits, but you could always get her to get implants. “Now the panties.” She
started to look scared, but took them off right away.
“You’re gonna fucking pay for this, I swear to God!”
There was a knock at the door then, Karen was on the other side. “Can I,
like, come in?”
“Sure mom,” Tanya answered, opening the door for her.
Karen cooed at the sight of Megan and Tanya standing naked in the
middle of the room. “Oooooo, everyone’s getting, like, naked. Do I have to get
naked too?”
“No mom, just stand in the corner,” Tommy commanded her, she giggled
and scooted over to the corner and watched. “Now Megan, I want you to get on
your knees and crawl over here and give the best blowjob you can give.”
Megan looked furious, “You perverted motherfucker! The police are going
to fucking arrest you when I report you!!” But she knelt on her knees and crawled
over to Tommy, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. She looked at him
was angry eyes while she gobbled up his dick. She bobbed her head up and
down several times, then released and licked him from his balls to the tip. She
grabbed his cock and said, “You’re going to jail. And you’re never getting out!”
“Here, this should make you feel better,” he said handing her a Slut pill.
She looked confused as she popped it in her mouth and gulped it down. She
closed her eyes and opened them back up again with the anger looking as if it
left her.
“Yeah I feel a little better,” she said calmly and went back to sucking his
“Well, take these other two, they should make you feel really good,” he
said with a grin.
Megan grinned back, “Oh really?” She took them while Tanya and Karen
looked on, Tanya was obviously turned on as her juices ran down her leg.
Megan fell back off her knees as a big wave of dizziness passed through her.
“Oh fuck yeah, gimme that cock baby!!” She pounced back up and sucked his
dick faster than ever until he felt an orgasm coming.
“I’m about to cum.”
“Great!” Megan smiled and started jerking him off, pointing right at her
pretty face. “Cum all over my slutty face baby!” She screamed as she slipped
three fingers in her cunt and opened her mouth, awaiting his load. Tommy came
in her mouth and she greedily licked it all up. She caught most of it, but some
got on her cheeks. She just wiped it off with her hand, then licked her hand
clean. “Mmmmm, that was tasty shit baby, anymore left?” She squeezed his
cock, getting every last bit out as she licked the head of his cock. “Thanks
honey.” She got up and sat on the bed, “I need some fuckin now. Tanya? Care
to take care of me?” Tanya looked kind of unsure about this.
“I don’t know, I’ve never been with a girl.”
“Me neither, but what the fuck, why not try it out?”
Tommy looked at Tanya, “I think I know what you need.” He walked back
into his room and got two more Slut pills for Tanya. “Here. Take these sis.” She
took them and got the same sex-hungry look Megan had on her face.
“Shit yeah, I feel better. How bout some fuckin Meg?”
“Sounds good to me.”
“Megan,” Tommy asked, “would you like Tanya to be your personal sex
Both of them looked in favor of this. Tanya laid on the bed on top of
Megan and started sucking her tits. She nodded her head while keeping Megan’s
nipple in her mouth. “That would be wonderful.”
“I think you have to give the pill to her,” he handed the pill to Megan and
she shoved the pill in Tanya’s mouth and gave her a kiss.
“How do you feel honey?” she asked her friend.
Tanya released her tit from her mouth and said, “I feel fine, Mistress,
would you like me to please your pussy?”
“I’d love that,” Megan slapped her friends ass and Tanya slid down Megan
and started lapping at her cunt. Megan looked up at Tommy, “Thank you baby,
you can stop by later if you want to, but I think me and my slave are gonna have
some fun for right now.”
“Fine with me, just don’t go anywhere without letting me know first. Me
and mom will be downstairs.”
“Ok,” smiled and waved bye. “Bye Karen.”
Karen was pulled away from her daydream and smiled and giggled, “Like,
bye, have lots of fun with my daughter. Take, like, real good care of her.”
“I will,” Megan closed her eyes in ecstasy and rubbed her hands through
her best friend’s hair, “That’s right, lick my pussy baby . . .”
Tommy led Karen out of the room and downstairs where Karen watched
more Disney channel, while they listened to Tanya and Megan’s moans from

Chapter 5

Tanya was out of breath as her new Mistress finished eating her out.
Apparently her Mistress liked licking pussy a lot! “How was that my little slave?”
Megan asked her.
“That was wonderful, Mistress. Can I lick you again now?”
“I don’t think I can take anymore, that brother of yours turned me into a
pretty big slut, but I am still human.”
“He did a great job us, huh Mistress Megan?” Tanya was massaging her
Mistresses feet.
“He sure did. Where did he get those pills anyway?”
Tanya thought about this, “I don’t know, they were just here today. I found
mom acting like a slut downstairs, next thing I know I don’t even have the brains
to tie my shoes.”
Megan laughed at the thought of that, “You must have been cute acting so
stupid like your mom.”
Tanya blushed and lowered her head smiling, “I don’t really know.”
Megan thought about this. She looked at her slave with an evil grin, “I’d
love to see you like that again. In fact, I’d love to be like that!”
Tanya sat up smiling, “Well, let’s go play with them. I think Tommy left the
pills on his bed.”
Megan purred, “Grrrreat idea.” They both left the room and headed for
Tommy’s room.

Downstairs, Tommy had the TV turned down so he could hear Tanya and
Megan if they left the room. These girls might sneak out and try to fuck the first
person they see. He knew he had to watch out for them, thinking with their pussy
might get them into trouble. His mother was sitting Indian-style two feet in front
of the TV, laughing as the Coyote fell off another cliff because of the trickiness of
that Road Runner. She started laughing so hard that Tommy didn’t hear the
footprints going across the upstairs hallway to his room.
“Mom you’re gonna ruin your eyes sitting so close to the TV like that.”
Karen turned around with her usual dumb looking grin and scooted back
on her ass, “Sorry Tommy.” She went back to watching her cartoons and
Tommy got up and walked into the kitchen to get a Coke. He started thinking
about how he was going to keep these girls like this. He also needed to figure
out how to explain things to his father. Odds are that his dad would be fine with
his wife’s new acceptance of his affair. In fact, he may want his secretary re-
worked as well. He remembered seeing an additional order form in the briefcase
for “Permanent Pills”. That would change the person forever. He just had to
figure out how he wanted everyone to remain. But his thoughts were interrupted
by laughing coming from upstairs.
“-hee hee hee, here, like, take two more, hee hee hee –” it was Megan.
“Oh shit!” Tommy rushed for the stairs. He bounded up the stairs and
flung open the door to his room. He found Megan and Tanya lying on the ground
in a pool of their own drool. They each were holding two pills, and sounded if
they had already had a couple. They were even dumber than Karen now.
Before he could stop them they each popped the pills in their mouth.

“Wait –” Tommy started toward them, but it was too late. Their eyes
glazed over and they each went limp lying on the ground. Tanya giggled and
started fingering Megan’s ass.

“Hee hee, you, like, got your finger in my asshole, hee hee, like, cool,”
Megan had a line of saliva running out of her mouth. Her eyes were half open like
she was high. She laughed again, “hee hee, asshole, assbowl, asspole, haaaaa
ha, tits and ass . . .” She was lying on her stomach with her arms and legs
spread out.

Tanya scooted up and started licking Megan’s asshole, “Hee hee, like,
Mistress?” Megan just looked behind her with her mouth hanging open in a
smile. “Ummm, like, do you like when I lick your, like . . . ummmm, other hole
back here.”

“Uh huh, ” she sat up and pushed Tanya’s head away and whispered at
her, “But do you, like, know what I really like?” Tanya opened her eyes wider as
she waited for the answer. “Cocks, hee hee hee.” She covered her mouth as she
laughed and laughed at the word. Megan and Tanya both looked up at Tommy
with lust in their eyes.

Tanya spoke up first, “Hee Hee, you got a cock in those pants dontcha?
Haaa haa, I know you do . . . hee hee hee, I, like, don’t know much anymore, but
I know boys got cocks.”

“Yeah Tommy, can we, like, suck your cock please.” They each pouted at

Tommy looked down at the two airheads, “But Tanya you’re my sister, you
really wanna suck my cock.”

She looked confused,” Sister? Like, what does that mean? Can I suck
your cock?”

Even Tommy didn’t have the will power to pass this up. He dropped his
pants and the two stupid sluts crawled over to him and sucked him hard. Megan
wrapped her lips around him while his sister, who hated him this morning, licked
his balls. “You gotten, like, share Megan.” She said pulling his dick out of her
mouth and putting it in her own. Apparently the Bimbo pills had overpowered the
Slave pill. Megan clumsily spun around and pointed her ass towards Tommy and
shook it back and forth at him.

“Ummm, I’d, like, to get buttfucked right now. Could you please?” He
shoved his sister off of his cock and she fell to the ground giggling.

“Hee hee hee, what, like, happened? I’m on the ground now.”

“Stupid, Tommy pushed you away, so he could, like, stick his big dick in
my asshole, haaa haa heeeeeeee,” she laughed as he pushed his dick into her
tight ass, “Hee hee, feels so good. Mmmmmmmm, deeper.”

Just then Karen walked in and saw her son fucking her daughter’s best
friend’s ass, “Ooooo, fun! Can I like join?!” Tanya sat and grabbed her mom’s
hand, “You gotten, like, take some pills first. I think it’s a rule,” she explained
twirling her hair around her finger and using her other hand to finger herself. She
reached in and grabbed a random pill for her mom, “Here take this one!”

Karen swallowed without hesitation and looked back at her daughter,
“Like, what was tha-” she stopped and she knelt on the ground. “I, like, feel really
funny.” Tommy was busy pumping at Megan’s ass, but managed to glance down
at the briefcase to see what pill Tanya just gave her mom. He stopped when he
saw what it was.

“Oh shit.”

Blow-up Doll Pills: Just want her to let you do all the work? These
will help.

Karen laid down in front of Tanya, her mouth was wide open. Tommy pulled out of
Megan and looked at his mom. “Ah canth tawlk.” She said with her mouth still hanging
open. Her eyes looked scared, but suddenly it was like all life faded from them as they
fixed straight ahead and her arms and legs laid perfectly straight and rigid. His mother
had just become a blow-up doll.

“Like, cool,” Tanya said as she started sucking her helpless mom’s tits.
Tommy waved his hands in front of Karen’s face for a reaction but got none she
didn’t even blink. He picked her arm up and let go, it stayed perfectly still in the
air where he left it.

“Geez, sorry mom,” he said laughing. “Alright guys I need to fix this for
good,” he said reaching for the briefcase and pulling out the order form for
Permanent pills.
Tanya and Megan started playing with Karen’s body while he filled out the
order form. He ordered a permanent Bimbo pill for Tanya and Megan. He got a
Slut pill for all three of them and a Prostitute pill for his mom. He figured he
would let her keeps her wits and just let her make money for the family. He got
several Permanent Suggestion pills for his mom, Tanya, and Megan, plus some
extra in case he needed them. He also ordered several other extras of each kind
of pill. He mailed it off and a few minutes later a strange mailman showed up
with his package, Tommy guessed that the Mental Pills mailman even delivers at
two in the morning.

He fed Megan and Tanya their Permanent Bimbo, Slut and Suggestion
Pills and they remained his dumb little whores forever. He still let them play with
the Temporary pills to let them be slave and Mistress if they wanted to. He
propped his frozen mother in the corner of the room for the rest of the night until
the Lovedoll pill wore off. He then fed her the Permanent Prostitute, Slut and
Suggestion pills and she ended up becoming very popular on the streets known
as Karen Kunt.

His father came home and Tommy explained what he did, but his dad was
very pleased with everything and even made Terri their permanent live-in maid,
always wearing a skimpy French Maid outfit of course. She would always suck
Tommy’s cock while watching X-files reruns, then go back to dusting the house.

One day, Tommy’s teacher Mrs. Brown kept him after school in detention
for something he didn’t do. While her back was turned, he slipped a Permanent
Regression pill in her coffee. She now lived with them as a ten-year old. She
could always be found sitting on the living room rug in pigtails and a little pink
dress playing with Barbie dolls.

But all of Tommy’s problems were fixed and he and his dad lived a
wonderful life with his new little sister, Mrs. Brown (or Susie as she liked to be
called), his maid, his money making mother and the two biggest and dumbest
sluts in the neighborhood, Megan and Tanya.

And they all lived happily ever after!!!

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