Krista’s Story

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by Orangutang

Krista Becomes A Slut
Krista and I had been married about three years when things began to go wrong
between us. When I say wrong, I don’t really mean that there were any fights or
anything. The problem was that the sexual spark bewtween us just died.
I had always been a bit of a pervert, but not in any harmful sort of way. Krista
was awhole lot more sexually repressed than i. though, and it just got to a
point where we had experimented as far as we were going to under the current
circumstances.She wasn’t having any fun, and neither was I.
Normally when this happens, a couple just breaks up. However, our *love* for
each other was just as strong as it had always been. It was just our lust that
had flagged. I was determined not to let a matter of lust tear me away from the
woman that I loved mor than life itself.
Krista had long ago negated any chance for sex therapy or anything, so after
months and months of thought, I had come upon a drastic course of action;
hypnotism. If I could hypnotize Krista and help her break down the sexual
inhibitions within her, perhaps it could re-ignite the spark.
I began to read everthing I could get my hands on about hypnosis whether through
chemical or psycholigical means. I corresponded with everyone from established
experts in the field, to fringe practicioners of the mesmeric arts. I learned
all I could, and then decided upon a course of action.
A drug would probably benecessary for the initial session, I decided, as Krista
was hardly likely to be a willing subject. Once the initial suggestions had been
put in place, I would probably be able to continue with just verbal suggestions.
I found the safest hypnotic I could. It was a fringe drug who’s hypnotic effects
were so profound, that it had been banned in the US. It had no side effects
whatsoever, however. I had to buy it from some less than reputeable sources.
Krista got into the car and kissed me deeply and firmly.
“What a day I’ve had!” she said. “I’ve been thinking about you all day!”
I smiled as I pulled the car into traffic. The conditioning was starting to take
“Seriously Al, I can’t keep my mind on anything! I just kept thinking of
“My what?” I inquired.
“Your…your cock” she finally said. “Everywhere I went today, my mind was on
your cock…I just couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt in my mouth and
pussy…and my ass.” Her eyes glazed over as she said the word ass. When they
cleared she was staring directly at my crotch , and the obvious erection bulging
at my jeans.
“I loved sucking you cock…the feeIing of you dick filling my mouth. I loved
when you fucked my face while I slid that fat dildo in and out of my pussy,”
Krista intoned in her low throaty voice. “I loved sucking my nipples while you
were fucking me.” Said nipples were fully erect and easily visable through the
peach silk of her blouse. They stood out like tiny bullets at the tips of her
natural 36C cup breasts.
We were pulling out onto the highway by now, so I eased the car into fourth, and
tried to keep my eyes on the road rather than on Krista. She didn’t make my job
any earier by her next action. She slipped her right hand down and hiked up her
black silk skirt, exposing her matching black panties. She then began to run her
fingers along the visible shape of her silk covered pussy as she talked.
“I loved the feeling of your cock sliding in and out of me, Al. You filled me up
so well…” She pulled her panties to the side as if to punctuate what she had
just said, and began to stroke her fingers throught the slick folds of her
shaved pussy. She sighed slightly as her fingers brushed her clit. “Mmmmm…god,
I’m *so* wet Al…I wish you could taste me, but I guess you have to drive the
car, huh.” She smiled dazzling at me, and slowly slid first one finger, then two
into herself.
“And then, when you began to finger fuck my ass, while you fucked me, I thought
I was going to lose my mind…” She began to slide the two fingers in and out of
herself, strumming her clit with her thumb. ” And then I loved how you bent me
over the couch, lubed me up and slid that big cock of yours up my ass…it was
so new and different…and then you played with my pussy while you ass-fucked
me…it felt so incredible…”
Krista’s other hand snaked its way over into my lap and began to caress my
hardness through my slacks. “Mmmmm, and the the way you let me suck you to
completion…the way you flooded my mouth with cum…” Krista was frigging
herself quickly as she said this. The conditioning was working even better than
I tho ught! “I loved the way your hot juices tasted, the way you shot them all
over my mouth and lips, the feeling of the cum sliding down my throat and all
over my face…I want you to do it all again…” She looked me directly in the
eyes with a sultry gaze as she said this.
“I think I might be able to stand that” I said “but first, why don’t you look in
the glove compartment…I brough t a little something for you….”
Krista’s expression shifted to one of bemusement, but she reached her
non-occupied hand forward and opened the glove compartment. “Oh, Al…how did
you know I would need this..” she said as she drew the 8″ pink jelly vibrator
out of the glove compartment. ” This is *just* what I want right now…” She
brought the artificial phallus up to lips, and licked tentatively at the tip.
She continued to frig herself. Twisting the dial on the bottom of the vibe, she
smiled as it hummed to life.
“This is is gonna feel good…mmmmm” she whispered as she brought the tip of the
buzzing pink device into contact with herself. She rubbed the tip lightly across
her labia. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she caresssed her pussy
folds with the vibe and slowly began to work it inside herself. Soon she was
fucking herself with long slow strokes.
At this point a look of lust crossed Krista’s face “Al…please, can I suck your
cock now..I don’t know why..b-but “I need to taste and feel you cum on me and in
me…please?” As she said this, she deftly unzipped my pants, reached in, and
pulled out my by now rock hard 6 inches.
“Who am I to stop such a determined lady?” I said, smiling at her as I kept my
eyes on the road as best I could.
“Mmmmm….Thank, you lover…” With that, Krista leaned her head down into my
lap, her thick chestnut hair falling around my crotch like a silken curtain. She
pulled her crotch of her panties around the end of the vibrator, holding its
softly buzzing length sheathed in her pussy as she worked on me.
She usually began a blowjob by laving her tongue around the swollen head of my
penis, but this time she almost immediatly sheathed my dick in the velvet grip
of her mouth. Krista began bobbing her head up and down, sliding my entire
length in and out of her mouth, sucking intensely and loudly.
“Mmmmmmm…*smack*……ummmm, your cock tastes …*slurp*…so good, lover….”

Under her expert ministration, it didn’t take long for an orgasm to approach.
Krista jerked my dick briskly, aiming the tip at her mouth. I came quick and
hard, and she wasted no time in lapping up my cum.
“God…*slurp* your cum tastes so GOOD,” she said as she slurped up what had
escaped her mouth. “Your going to have to put up with alot more of this, Al. I
just can’t seem to get enough of your spunk.”

“…you see Al, I want to be your fantasy girl. I want to look how you want me
to look, dress how you want me to dress, act how you want me to act, I want to
satisfy your every want, and I willing and happy to do whatever it takes to do
This was beyond anything I had planned when I unleashed her sexuality. I looked
at her as she sipped her drink. “Do you really mean that?” I asked her.
Krista smiled. “I really mean that.”
“You know some of my fantasies are a bit extreme…we’ve been married quite a
while now…are you sure you are willing to do this?”
“On two conditions, Al. You must ensure that I enjoy whatever you do as much as
you do, and you must make sure any changes you want are gradual. I want time to
adjust to any changes in myself that you decide to make. Other than that, I want
to be your fuck toy.”
I thought for a minute. “So, if I wanted you to get a nipple pierced…”
“..then call now and make an appointment,” she said staring at me evenly.
“And if I want you to masturbate with a dildo in a park?”
“Then get me the dildo and take me to the park.”

Krista rode up and down on my throbbing cock, her pussy gripping me like a satin
vice. She moaned loadly as she rode, pulling and twisting at the rings that now
peirced her hard purplish nipples. She had told me that she loved the way the 10
gauge gold rings felt, and she also loved the looks she got when she wore tight
shirts. Of course, the rings we re merely the cherries on top of her newly
enlarged 42DD breasts.
I had, at Krista’s urging, found a doctor willing to try one of those
experimental drug/hormone coctails, and it had work splendidly. The drug
treatment was designed to massively increase the breast size, while at the same
time strengthing the muscles of the upper and lower back so the new weight would
not cause back problems.
Within weeks of the treatments beginning, Krista’s boobs had started to grow.
She was ecstatic! She could barely keep her hands off of herself. Krista checked
their size everyday, and greeted me at the door each day with the new
measurements and cup size. “My nipples are really beginning to bloat, to,” she
told me one day, lifting her loose t-shirt up. Sure enough, the nipples
themselves and her silver dollar sized auroeles had turned a dark purlish color
and were slightly puffy. The nipples themselves stood out like grapes on the
tips of her tits. Without missing beat I bent down and began to lick and suck at
one of them. She closed her eyes and shuddered as my lips closed around her
right nipple and my fingers reached up to pinch and squeeze her left one.
With the mild conditioning in place, the bigger her tits got, the prouder she
was. I had been thinking that up a couple of cup sizes would be fine with me,
but Krista wanted to let them go to the natural conclusion. “I want to have the
biggest, sexiest tits for you, Al. Just a few more weeks on the drug, OK?” How
could I say no? Her liberated sex drive was beginning to work on its own. I had
placed the thought of possible breast enlargement, but she actually *wanted*
extremely big tits. “The feeling of *anything* on my nipples is pretty great”
she said. “I really like this change, honey. I love my tits.” The final result
was a pair of the biggest breasts that I had ever personally seen. They were as
large as they possible could have been on Krista without seeming grotesque. They
were firm, but hung naturally. The one thing I didn’t want was a pair of totally
fake looking tits on my lovely wife’s chest.
“I love being able to suck my own nipples,” she had said with a glint in her
eye. “They’ve gotten so sensitive lately, and I love it when you suck on
them…so now I want to play.” In fact in the two months since her breasts had
stopped growing, I had come home several times to find her sprawled on the couch
or bed naked from the waist up, her little hand holding her beautiful tits to
her lips, her tongue flicking and licking at her own succculent purple-red
nipples and aureola’s. The piercings had only made them more sensitive, to the
point where she could sometimes orgasm just by nipple stimulation. This
sensitivity kept her pretty aroused much of the time as well.
The breast drug had had some other effects as well. Krista’s labial lips became
fleshier and fuller. Her clitoris swelled to the size of a small acorn, and her
pussy began to lubricate almost constantly. Krista’s ass fleshed out a bit as
well, but it firmed up at the same time. By the time her breasts had filled out,
her ass had filled out proportionally. Personally I thought it look great, and
it sure felt great grinding up against my pelvis.
Krista reveled in her new “toys” as she referred to them. She loved to wrap
their warm globes around my dick, and I would tit fuck her until I came, my cum
jetting all over her breasts and face. She would lick them clean of the cum that
her cleavage inevitably elicited, relishing the taste.
The breasts were not the only cosmetic enhancement she had desired after the
conditioning. Collagen lip injections had been on the agenda next. Her new
permanent pout looked sexy as all get out, adn Krista loved the new look.
“Fuller lips to wrap around your cock, baby,” she said to me with a lascivious
wink. And she was as good as her word.
Trips to the salon for hair treatments had given her a thick mane of beautiful
auburn hair. Its shiny slightly curly length hung down to her mid back. She had
also taken to getting regular manicures. He nails were all about two inches
long, and they were pretty darn strong. I had plenty of scratch marks on my back
to prove that.
Her ears had about seven piercings each in them now, and she had gotten her
tongue pierced as well.

Krista pulled aside what proved to be a soaked pair of panties, revealing two
rubber plugs filling her pussy and ass. “I just *love* being filled, Al.”
Of course, this was just one of the many erotic states I found her in. Many
times I came home to find her filling herself with her by now rather extensive
collection of dildoes and vibrators. As she lay on the couch with her legs
locked behind her head, pistoning two 8″ jelly vibes out of her pussy and ass,
Krista liked nothing better than when I would pull out my engorged prick and
bring it within sucking range. She would stick out her tongue, and I would fuck
her face while she fucked herself. She claimed to have had incredible orgasms
while doing this, and who was I to argue. When you have a beautiful brunette
moaning with pleasure around your dick as you spurt cum down her throat, you
tend not to question the situation too much.

Krista reveled in the looks that her body now garnered, and she had taken to
dressing to emphasize it on occas ion. Her clothing style choices now ranged
from the elegant and tastefull, to the downright slutty. Her closet and bureau
was now filled with a wide variety rather *interesting* clothing. Silk, lycra,
and leather halter tops that barely contained her full breasts, buttock hugging
skirts so short that you could almost see her panties, and shoes and boots with
3-4 inch heels were now part of her wardrobe. She could stop traffic when she
walked down the street now, her mammoth breasts bobbing slightly, her high heels
heightening the sway in her fine lush ass, her every graceful cat-like movement
screaming with sensuality. Of course, she didn’t dress like that every day, and
certainly not to the office. However, she was only working two days a week now,
so most of the time she could dress how she wanted.
She loved flaunting her exotic attributes, and got a huge kick out of how big a
fool she could make a man or men act like, just by shaking her massive tits in
the right way. Occasionally she would let a man cop a feel in a discrete corner,
or maybe have a few sucks and licks at her firm nipples, and very occasionally,
she would drag a man into someplace for a private session. I would watch from a
prearranged spot as Krista gave the man the cocksucking of his life. I loved
watching my insatiable big-titted wife getting her mouth fucked, as she loved
every minute of it. She drank their cum with gusto, and was always ready for
Before I had started the conditioning, her taste in lingerie had run to the
simple cotton panties and brasseries, but that had all changed as well. Now
Krista’s tastes ran more to the sensual. Garter belts and stockings had replaced
pantyhose, and g-string underwear were now standard for her. Split crotch
panties were also beginning to become a favorite with her, as they allowed her
easy access to her pleasure zone. Her fingers spent quite a bit of time there
these days, softly caressing her smooth, hairless pussy and engorged clit. She
also loved the way I could take her anywhere in the house at any time if she had
them on.
I had started doing some special exercises and was taking some herbal
preparations so I could be sure to keep up with Krista’s sexual needs. She had
also put me on a high protein diet so I was producing cum in enough quantity for
her. With an average of three orgasms a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, I
had to be prepared if I didn’t want to be old before my time.
She stood washing dishes. I was as nonchalant as I could possibly be, not
wanting her to turn around and see the manner in which I was approaching I
slipped up behind her, quickly sliding my hands under the to cup the undersides
of her massive breasts. Quickly realizing what I was up to, she pushed back
against me, grinding her plump ass into my crotch. I moved my hands around the
expanse of her mammeries, reaching up to her erect nipples with their rings. I
pulled at them both gently, and Krista’s nipples rapidly engorged with her
I reached my hands down between her legs. She moaned softly as my fingers
caressed her labia and gently touched her clit. Her pussy was moistening
rapidly, her juices beginning to drip from her labia. with my other hand I began
to gently finger her asshole. As I touched her, Krista bent over so that her
head rested on the counter, spreading her legs to allow me easier access. Her
huge tits hung down beautifully, their bloated purple nipples with the heavy
rings dangling from them.
“Slip your fingers in me,” she breathed, her voice hardly more than a whisper.
I obliged, first sliding a finger into her juicy pussy. It gained entry easily,
and I qucikly added a second. Krista’s breathing grew faster as I began to fuck
her with my fingers.
Krista was on all fours now, as I squated above her, pumping my cock in and out
of her ass with deep full strokes. One hand strummed busily at her clit, and she
egged me on as I proceeded
“Thats it, Al. Fuck my asshole, fill me with you cock..I love to feel you in

Krista’s sex drive had become a creature unto itself these days, a powerful
force that ruled her day to day life, but she loved every minute of it. Seldom
did I get to sleep at night without feeding Krista a big load of my sperm.”I
feel like such a slut,” she confided to me one night, my cum dripping from her
lips and chin, “I want cocks in me, up my ass, in my pussy, in my mouth, down my
throat…I want to taste men’s cum flooding my mouth, splattered all over my
lips an d face, leaking from my pussy, oozing from my asshole…but at the same
time I fell better than I ever have in my life. I just LOVE cock…” She suckled
at my shrinking cock, licking it clean, smearing my cum around her face.
I had come home at lunch time just the other day to find her with two of the
neighborhood high school boys. I had slipped quietly in the back, in tending to
surprise Krista, when I heard the familiar sound of her carnal moans. Sneaking
to the bedroom, I peeked through the doorway to see her on all fours between the
two boys, one filling her pussy, the other fucking her mouth deeply. As she
moaned contentedly around her mouthful of dick, and pushed back into the other
boy, I didn’t have the heart to interrrupt her. After all, this is what I had
conditioned her for.
The boys fucked her thoroughly. She then lay down, her head propped up on a
pillow, and had them kneel on either side of her head so she had easy oral
access to both. She sucked and jerked at their meaty poles until the two boys
came all over her face. As she lay on the bed, her beautiful face spattered with
cum, she made those little happy moaning noises that I knew so well, as she
sucked the last bits of jism from their cocks.
I waited until the boys had gotten up and left, then entered the room quickly.
Kelly still lay on the bed, her fingers toying with her titties. Her face was
still covered with semen, and she had the heavy lidded lustful look in her eyes.
She looked up at me when I entered, smiling.
“Were you watching, Al? I though I heard you come in, but I didn’t want to
startle the boys…” Kelly sat up in the bed, looking directly at my swollen
crotch. “Well, it looks like you have something for me…”
The next thing I knew, Krista was on her knees in front of me. She unbuckled my
pants, and freed my cock from my boxers. As it flopped out, she engulfed it with
her mouth. The sight of my beautiful wife, her face still dripping with the two
boys thick spew, with my prick sliding in and out of her mouth was too much for
me to take. I came quickly, and Krista swallowed my sperm with gusto.
Another time I came home early to find her on her knees in the kitchen between
two the plumbers, with both of their cocks stuffed into her mouth. He lips were
distended with the cock-flesh, but she was obviously enjoying herself. She was
fully dressed, and tweaked her nipple rings through her blouse as the 40 year
old men fucked her mouth. With a loud grunts they both came, flooding my wife’s
mouth with semen. She swallowed most of it, a bit escaping the vacuum of her
mouth. She smiled at the men as their dicks slipped from betwen her lips.
“Mmmmmm…thank you…I love sucking cock, and your cum tasted wonderful. I
trust that should cover the cost of the repairs?” she said with a wanton look in
her eye. The plumbers nodded mutely. “Well, If you’d like me to pre-pay for some
further repairs…”
Five minutes and some further oral encouragement later, Krista was the meat in a
fuck sandwich. Her skirt was hiked up over her waist and her panties pulled to
the side as the plumbers gave her what she wanted. She licked her lips and
tossed her wealth of hair, grunting and panting as the two men’s cocks slid
briskly in and out of her well lubed ass and pussy. She smiled broadly as the
plumbers probed her depths.
“Mmmmmm..thats it guys, fuck my holes…work those cocks into me…mmmm..that
feels sooooo goooodd…I wish you guys could…*pant*…cum here more often…oh
god, yes…jam those dicks in me…” The plumbers went at it for about 15
minutes, Krista egging them on the whole time. Her asshole and pussy were
stretched lewdly by the invading cocks, and her holes made a slurping sound as
the two men fucked them.
As the two men neared their breaking points, Krista once again knelt between
them. “All that fuckin g has made me soooo thirsty, boys…” she said as she
sucked the heads of their cocks. “I want you guys to cum in my mouth and all
over my face…” She tilted her head back and extended her tongue.
With an almost mutual grunt the two men obliged, aiming their dicks directly at
my wife’s open mouth. The plumbers came almost simultaneously, milking cum onto
into Krista’ waiting tongue and mouth. For the second time in twenty minutes
Krista swallowed their thick loads, licking her lips and making “mmmmm” noises
as she did so. She gave both of the plumbers a thourough oral cleaning, and them
sent them on their way. Needless to say, we got great plumbing service from then
on. And Krista always got well plumbed.

She stood in front of the mirrior, assessing her new look. The shiny black latex
dress stretched over Kristas ass like a second skin, outlining each firm buttock
clearly. The dress covered her from neck to wrist and mid-thigh, but left
nothing to the imagination. Her massive tits were prominantly displayed, and the
rings that pierced her nipples were clearly visable. Her now three inch long
nails were painted a deep wine color, which was matched by the color of her
pouting lips, as well as her high-heeled shoes. Her legs were encased in silky
black stockings, and her lush hair fell loosely about her shoulders. Seven large
silver hoop earings dangled from each ear, and the three bar-bells in her tongue
were visible whenever she spoke.
“Wow…” I said breathlessly. “You look…”
“Go ahead Al, say it…” She breathed as she slowly turned to me smiling. “I
look like a total slut.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say…” I hemmed and hawed.
“I would,” she said, and turned back to the mirror, fascinated by herself. ” I
look like I should have cock pumping my ass, pussy and mouth…cum dripping from
every hole. I look like a cock sucking, ass fucking, big titted cum-slut….and
I love it!” As if to punctuate this statement, she slowly hiked the front of her
latex skirt up, pulled the latex panties beneath gently to the side, and began
to stroke her shaved pussy with one long nail. Her tongue swept over her lips as
her breathing increased.
She raised her eyes as she continued touching herself. Her gaze met mine in the
mirror, and she looked at me with such love and adoration that I about cried.
“And I’m all yours Al…because I love you,” she said. I embraced her tightly
from behind and kissed her neck and ears “I love you more than life itself,” I
whispered. And I meant it.
It had been a rough day at work, and I was glad to get home. Krista met me at
the door, and kissed me deeply as I set my briefcase down. She looke beautiful
as usual. Today she wore a white silk sleevless blouse that was so sheer that
you could easily see the lacy bra that held her tits in check. Her gold nipple
rings were just barely visable. She wore black hose and a thigh length plaid
skirt, with knee high leather boots with three inch heels. Her hair was piled
atop her head, and large gold hoops dangled from here ears with matching gold
studs filled her other ear peircings
As she massaged the bulge in my pants Krista said “Guess what, Al. Cindy’s
coming to stay with us for a while!”
Cindy was Krista’s sister. She was just about as beautiful as Krista, but she
was a redhead rather than a brunette. I remember when I was trying to figure out
which one of the Fredrick sisters to ask out, it was a tough choice. I went with
Krista, and have never had any reason to regret the decision. Still, I will
admit to having had a few fantasies about what Cindy was like in the sack…
It turned out that Cindy had just gotten out of a four year relationship with a
right-wing religious nut. She had gotten almost nothing out of the divorce
settlement, but mercifully there were no children from the marriage. Cindy was
going to be staying with us for at least a month, until she could get her head
together and her life back on track.
Cindy arrived. When she finally came to visit us, she was a bit taken aback by
Krista’s new appearence, but Krista had been talking to her on a regular basis
during her entire transformation period, and Cindy knew that the process had
been entirely voluntary. She and Krista spent most of the time that I wasn’t
around just catching up on things, talking about the past and the future.
One night about two weeks after Cindy arrived, Krista and I were sitting in the
living room, just relaxing. “I’ve been telling her all about my experiences
since we started this whole thing, Al…” Krista told me after Cindy had turned
in. “She seems fascinated. I don’t think that fucker of and ex-husband of hers
took very go od care of her.”
“Have you told her about *everything*?” I asked incredulously.
“Most things, yes. I…I think it turns her on. I was up late last night to go
to the bathroom, and I think I heard my little sister masturbating! It was
pretty cool.”
A few days later, Krista had some surpring news for me.
“I let Cindy watch me masturbate today.”
“You what!?!?!?”
“I let her watch me masturbate…shes been wanting to see my body since I’ve
been telling her about us. I decided to give her a guided visual tour. I showhed
her my boobs and ass, and my pussy and ass. She wanted to see a bit more, so I
got out one of my dildos, and showed her just how much I can take, and how good
it felt…”
I stared for a momment. “So, how did she react?”
“I think she loved it….”

Cindy’s transformation was going well. Dr. Nelson’s drug cocktail was
stimulating breast growth, and Cindy was developing big firm tits, just like her
sister’s. Her hair had grown out into a thick copper mane, Her sex drive was on
the increase as well. Krista told me that Cindy had been borrowing her dildos
and vibrators lately. The two had taken to mutual masturbation, both of them
lying on our king sized bed softly caressing their pussys with Krista’s buzzing
“I feel so much closer to Cindy now,” Krista confided to me. ” We never got
along this well before, but now I f eel like she understands me better than just
about anyone else…I love her so much, Al, and she’s so beautiful…We licked
each other nipples today.”
“Really” I said, “what brought that on?”
“Well, we were comparing the sizes of our tits and nipples while we were
masturbating today. The next thing you know, we each had one of the other’s
nipples in our mouth. It felt so nice to suck her titties, Al. And her lips and
tongue on mine was just heavenly. There we both were, each of us sliding a
vibrator out of the other’s pussy, sucking on each other’s tits like a couple of
bitches in heat. We both came so hard…”
With all that kind of talk going on, I suppose I should’nt have been surprised
the first time I found them together going at it. I had been kept pretty late at
the office with sime business crap, and I came home to find the two of them half
naked on the couch. The formerly demure little Cindy was on all fours between
Krista’s legs as she reclined on the couch. Cindy’s tongue flicked at Krista’s
acorn sized clit enthusiastically, and her fingers were busy caressing her own
pussy. Krista had her breasts out of her shirt and held both of her nipples to
her mouth, sucking and licking at her own nipples as Cindy ate her out, pulling
at her nipple rings with her teeth.
“Oh yes sis, eat my pussy…please don’t stop…” Krista moaned as her sibling
went to work on her. “God….to think of all the years we wasted hating each
other when we could have done thisssss….”
Cindy paused her tonguing. “Mmmmmm…I never knew pussy tasted so good,
especially my own sisters…” She rubbed her fingers over her own pubic mound
instensely as she spoke. “My god, eating you out turns me on soooo much…my
pussy is *dripping*…” Saying this, she began to slide two fingers in and out
of herself, and lowered her head back down to nibble and lick her sister
The two sisters evenually switched to a sixty-nine position. Krista and Cindy
nuzzled and licked each other slowly and sensously, taking time to nibble and
suck at each other’s pussy lips and clits. They sounds of their moans and sighs
combined with the quiet slurping sounds was really starting to get to me.
“Uhhhnnnnnn…Cindy, suck my pussy….make me cum…”
“Ohhhnnnn Krista, you taste sooo…..gooodd… me…don’t ever stop…”
The two went at it in this fashion for about 15 minutes, by which time I was so
hard, I could have hammered nails with my dick.
Krista’s tongue flicked at my balls around her mouthful of my cock. She looked
up at me seductively as I moved my dick slowly in and out of her silver
lip-sticked mouth. My cock was buried to the hilt in her hot mouth and throat,
and she pumped two fingers in and out of her dripping slit as she swallowed my
length. The shiny silver of her bustier barely contained the jiggling mounds of
her tits, and her matching silver pants molded to her plump ass like a second
skin. The open zipper that ran through the crotch of the pants from front to
back jingled quietly as she frigged herself. Her long silver fingernails
scratched lightly at my balls as I fucked her face.
I withdrew my dick from her hungry mouth with a slurping pop, and Krista smiled
at me, as she stood. With the four inch heels of her boots, she stood almost as
tall as I was.
“Mmmmmm…thank you lover,” she said as she moved close in, nuzzling her face
into my neck. “I want to taste your cum a bit later…the thought of it gets me
so hot…” As if to emphasize her point she guided my hand to the slick clean
shaven mound of her most intimate area. It was at times like this that I most
noticed the contrast between the old prudish Krista and the horny slut in heat
she had become. She just couldn’t get enough cock.
“Mmmmmm…I want your cock, baby…I want you in my cunt, my hot tight cunt,”
Krista whispered, nibbling on my ear. She knew I loved it when she talked nasty,
and took a certain pleasure in it herself. “Do you wanna fuck me, Al? Do you
wanna stick your cock in my pussy? I hope you do ’cause I want that fat prick of
yours banging my pussy and ass good. I could barely wait for you to get home
today, baby…Cindy came over early in the afternoon, and we sucked each other’s
cunt’s for hours…her tongue felt sooo good licking through the folds of my
pussy, and she tasted so delicious, Al. We just lost track of time, softly
licking and fingering each other…we just kept licking and sucking and nibbling
through orgasm after orgasm… then she fucked my ass and pussy with some of my
I sat down on the pile of boxes in the back of the alleyway, my erection
pointing skyward. Without missing a beat, Krista turned shiny silver-sheathed
ass to me, and guided her asshole onto my dick. She sat down hard, resting her
weight on my crotch. This drove my cock deep into her, of course. I was
smothered in her wealth of brunette hair. It smelled wonderful.
“Oh, god, yes…I love your cock, slip it in my tight ass,” she hissed, sitting
down on my lap completely, lifting her legs up so that her feet were on top on
my thighs, her legs split wide. She leaned her torso back against my chest. I b
rought one hand up to play with her tits. As she begn to lift herself up and
down on my dick, moving my cock in and out of her ass, I reached around to play
with her pussy.
“Ooohhh, yeah, thats it lover,” Krista whispered huskily. “I want you to
fingerfuck me, baby. Slide those fingers of yours inside my sweet pussy while
your cock fills my ass.”
Obligingly, I slipped my middle finger inside of her, my thumb lightly caressing
her clitoris.
“Ooooooo…” she cooed, “thats feels great lover…but how about another
finger….I want you to fill both my holes, Al.”
Obligingly I slipped another finger into her pussy. It entered easily. She was
so wet!
“MMmmmmmmmm…yesssss…thats it. Now fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers and
your cock, Al…”
“Yeah, thats it Al, cum for me, cum in my mouth and on my face,” Krista moaned.
She knelt in front of me, her tongue flicking at the very tip of my cock as a
jerked myself off.
Krista knelt in the middle of the circle of men, her skin tight black velvet
dress hugging her body like it was painted on. It covered her from neck to
ankles, with a big chrome zipper up the side. Matching velvet opera gloves
covered her hands and arms almost to the shoulder. Her wealth of hair was piled
atop her head in a beautiful coif, mother of pearl hairpins holding it in place.
(Or..her skin tight black lycra misdriff top hugged her fat tits like it was
painted on. It covered her from neck to wrists, and stopped just below her
breasts leaving her taut midriff exsposed. A silver chain encircled her waist
and threaded through the ring in her navel. Her skin tight black lycra skirt
covered her from just above her crotch down to her ankles, with circular cutouts
up the both sides exsposing a wealth of tanned flesh. She was shod in a pair of
black stack heel sandals, the heels at least 4 inches thick. Her hair flowed
down her back like a river of dark water. Huge silver hoop earring hung from her
ears, and her lips and nails were painted the same deep wine color. She licked
her shiny red lips as the men drew their semi erect cocks from their pants.
“Ohhhh, are all those for me?” she cooed, staring hungrily at the five dicks
before her. “Five thick dicks, all to myself…how did you boys know I loved
cock so much?” She looked up, meeting the expectant glances of the men
surrounding her. “I want you five studs to stuff me full of cock…I want every
hole filled. I want one of you pumping in and out of my pussy, my ass and my
As she spoke, she wrapped a hand around two of the lucky guys and began to jerk
gently at their rapidly expanding lengths. Krista leaned forward and slowly
laved her tongue around the cock-head of the man directly in front of her.
“I want you boys to cram me full, make me airtight….can you do that?” she aked
in a low husky tone. “And then I want each and every one of you to cum in my
Slowly Krista parted her lips and moved her head forward, taking the mans dick
into her mouth inch by inch. The two remaining men began to fondle her huge tits
through the fabric of her dress, slowly massaging them. They flicked and pulled
at Krista’s nipple rings, and her quickening breathing showed how much she was
enjoying the treatment.
Krista continued to pump two of the guy’s schlongs, her deft manipulation
quickly bringing them to their full size. She also continued her slow
envelopement of the man in her mouth. She inched her mouth forward slowly and
sensously, slipping more and more of the man’s 7 inches into her throat. She
looked up at him as she swallowed more and more of his dick, until finally his
entire length was buried between her full lips, his ballsack resting against her
So here was the scene: my beautiful wife dressed like a princess, on her knees
jerking off two cocks with her velvet clad hands, two men squeezing and rubbing
her tremendous tits through her dress, and 7 inches of cock buried in her mouth.

She began to bob her head back and forth on the cock in her mouth, sliding the
entire length of it in and out of her mouth. The guy quickly got the idea and
began to fuck Krista’s mouth with long smooth strokes.
One man was straddling her head now, working his dick in and out of Krista’s
sucking mouth. She sat on the lap of another man, his dick buried balls deep in
her asshole as a third fucked her pussy rapidly. Krista gurgled and moaned with
pleasure at the triple penetration. Each long-mailed hand was wrapped around one
of the remaining man’s dicks, jerking on then slowly and rhythmically. She was a
wild creature, lost to lust as the three men used her orifaces for their
pleasure. Her tits bobbed up and down, her nipple rings boucing on the tips of
her swollen nipples. As I watched she shuddered through another orgasm.

Krista was lying on beach chair on the patio, reclining in it. As the sun shone
its rays down on us, I stood over her face, sliding my cock down her relaxed
throat, my balls slapping against her lips each time I reached bottom. The only
audible noises were Krista’s slurps and moans of delight as I used her mouth,
and the squishy sound of the thick black dildo as she plunged it into and out of
her pussy. Her huge tits were held by a black bikini top, and her bikini bottom
was pulled aside so that the dildo could do its work. It was another beautiful
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