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Bethany stood in the changing room, looked at the thin scrap of a T-shirt and tiny hot pants in her hands, and wondered how it had come to this.

Well, maybe she didn’t wonder. She knew exactly how it had come to this. That didn’t mean she had to like it.

Four months before, Bethany had graduated from high school. She found herself in that broad middle class throng of college applicants whose families had too much money to get need-based aid, but not enough to afford college tuition. Actually, that wasn’t technically true. Bethany’s parents could have afforded her tuition, but Dad really wanted that BMW and Mom really wanted that condo. This was not new to Beth. She was used to coming in low on her parents’ priority list. Now, though, she was faced with a problem: how to pay for her first year at State.

Academic scholarships helped some. Bethany had studied relentlessly, and it paid off with a 4.0 her senior year, but the scholarships weren’t nearly enough. Mom and Dad finally forked over some money, but that still left her well short. Student loans would leave her deep in debt upon graduation. The military would have obligated her for at least four years, and besides, mindless conformity and obedience wasn’t Beth’s idea of a life. The best solution seemed to be a part-time job, something she could do after school hours and on the weekends. It would be hard to balance with her schoolwork, and it would just about kill her social life, but she could manage.

Bethany enrolled at State that September and immediately started searching the want ads. She was about to take a job at a shoe store when one night her best friend from childhood and dormitory roommate, Tina, who was a year ahead of her in school, had a bright idea.

“Beth, why don’t you come work at Jugs with me?”

“Oh Tina, I don’t know.”

“C’mon, it’ll be fun! Why not?”

Bethany could think of a couple of reasons why not, mostly to do with Jugs itself. Jugs was a national restaurant chain, kind of like Denny’s, that offered a simple menu: omelettes, steaks, sandwiches, chicken, seafood, burgers, “Jugs’ Famous Hot Wings”, and beer. The gimmick was the Jug Girls. Jug Girls, as the waitresses were called, wore microscopic, skin-tight orange shorts, T-shirts that were tied up beneath their breasts to show them off, sandals, and nothing else. The logo of a splendidly endowed woman holding two jugs of liquor was well known.

It was all harmless, Beth reflected. Jug Girls didn’t strip, do lap dances, or anything of that nature. They just had to smile, be friendly, wait on customers, and chat if the customers wanted to talk. Really, it was rather innocent.

“I just don’t think that’s for me.”

“What are you talking about? You’re gorgeous! Plus, we could hang out together more! Please?”

Tina was right in at least one thing. Bethany was gorgeous. She was five feet, six inches tall, with shoulder length, slightly wavy chestnut brown hair, and wide, expressive brown eyes to match. Her face was heart-shaped, and her cheeks dimpled when she smiled. Her skin was smooth and lightly tanned. Men noticed her firm 36C breasts, flat stomach, nicely flaring hips, and long legs kept firm and toned by jogging. Despite her obvious beauty, Beth was not vain and usually dressed casually. Actually, she didn’t like being gawked at. Men always wanted to treat women as sex objects, not human beings, and it made her angry when men talked to her breasts and not to her face. This was part of the reason why she had only had sex twice in her life, the first time when she was 16, a foolish fling with a football player, and again during the drunken revelry of a graduation party.

“And all those men would be staring at me, Tina. I don’t think so. I hate that.”

“Oh give me a break! What does it matter? Men are always going to look at you, Beth. All you have to do at Jugs is smile and bring them food, and the tips are a lot better there than an ordinary restaurant. You’ll make more there than you will at the shoe store, too. Trust me.”

“OK, I’ll think about it” she had said, and a week later she was working at the local Jugs, standing in the changing room, looking at her tiny uniform and wondering how it had come to this. She sighed quietly and put it on. If this helped her pay for her education degree, it was worth it.

One day during her second week on the job, the store manager, Mr. Davis–“call me Tim”–came up to her shortly before closing. Tim was handsome in an Ivy League preppie kind of way, but Bethany didn’t like him. His first-name familiarity did not conceal a condescending manner. He was smug and cocky, and he talked down to all the girls there. Really, he annoyed Bethany to no end. Tina had an obvious crush on him, though.

“Beth, you need to stay after closing to watch the orientation video.”

Fuck! When am I going to do my homework, she thought. “What video?”

“Oh, just a video put out by the company for all new employees. Welcome aboard, corporate philosophy, blah blah blah. It lasts about 45 minutes.”

Whatever. “Fine. I’d better go tell Tina; we came here together.”

So after cleaning up, Beth found herself in the changing room with three other girls who’d been hired in the previous month. Tina sat down in the chair next to her, which struck Beth as odd. “What are you doing here? You’ve been working here a year!”

A shrug. “Got nothing else to do.”

Tim popped the tape in the VCR and left. Onscreen came a trim, attractive woman in her late thirties, dressed in a business suit. “Hi, I’m Jane Norton, vice- president in charge of personnel. I was a Jug Girl almost twenty years ago, just like you are now. I thought it was just a temp job, but then I found out about all the wonderful opportunities that Jugs Incorporated has to offer….”

Bethany’s attention wandered. A full day of classes followed by a shift at Jugs always left her tired. The video was quite dull, and surprisingly amateurish. The lighting flickered in a distracting manner, and there seemed to be a background buzz, an electronic warbling that rose and fell in pitch, sometimes in sync with the flickering light, sometimes not. With the lights off (Tim turned them off), the whole room flickered with the video. Bethany kind of zoned out after a bit, watching Ms. Norton, watching the light flash, listening to the buzz, letting Jane Norton’s soft soothing words run through her brain….

“…. I remember my Jug Girl outfit. It made me SO horny! It got to where all I could think about was sucking cock and spreading my legs….”

…. No, she couldn’t have said that… But the outfit does make me horny…. I bet she’s got big tits….

“…. feels good to obey, doesn’t it? I know it makes me feel good….”

…. good to obey….

A hand, shaking her arm. A voice in her ear. “Beth, wake up! Pretty boring tape, isn’t it?”

Bethany opened her eyes. The other girls were rising from their chairs, looking dazed and wobbly. Tina was grasping her arm and grinning.

Tina’s other hand was resting on Beth’s bare thigh–all the way up her thigh, next to her crotch. Beth noticed this in a strangely detached manner. She also noticed Tina. Her best friend and roommate was what you might call zaftig, or pleasantly plump. Tina was five foot three, with thick blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She didn’t have Bethany’s fashion-model build, but she did have a ripe voluptuous sex appeal, with a round ass and 38D breasts that always seemed to be straining the tensile strength of her T-shirt. Bethany had known Tina since grade school, so she knew what Tina looked like, but somehow right then she was seeing her anew.

Beth stared at Tina’s heaving tits, which were about to spill out of her blouse. Tina hadn’t been wearing bras much lately. “Huh? What?”

“Come on sleepy, time to go home.”

That night, Bethany had a dream. She dreamt that she was on her knees, sucking a man’s cock. She didn’t know who he was. She couldn’t even see his face. He was beautiful, though. She loved him. No, she didn’t just love him; she worshipped him. It was only right and proper for a worthless slut like her to be down on her knees worshipping Master.

When she touched his thick, hard cock, Bethany trembled with desire. She had gone down on guys precisely four times in her life, usually out of a sense of obligation, but now she felt a horrible hunger, a desperate need to have Master’s cock in her mouth.

She opened her lips and took him inside. Beth plunged to the base of his shaft, burying her face in his curly hairs, before sliding back to his tip, where she licked and sucked all over it before swallowing him whole again. Master seemed to grow even bigger in her mouth. Bethany tasted the salty tang of the precum that trickled into her mouth. As she bobbed up and down on Master’s wonderful cock, Bethany felt perfectly at peace, perfectly happy and content, filled with the warm, joyful glow of a horny little slut getting a taste of the cock she craved.

Master stiffened, and held her head tighter. Beth bobbed up and down very fast now, knowing he would cum soon, and feeling her pussy tighten, knowing that she would cum too, because she had serviced her Master.

Master gasped and exploded in her mouth. Bethany swallowed it all, hungrily, still sucking, desperate for every last drop. Her own orgasm raced through her, and she collapsed against Master’s crotch, his cock still in her mouth as she moaned.

She woke up from her dream drenched in sweat, panting, and more than a little bit frightened.

The rest of the week was uneventful. School, work, school, work. On Saturday Beth put in a nine-to-four day at Jugs. Then, during her Sunday shift, Mr. Davis, ol’ call-me-Tim himself, came up to her.

“Hi Beth, how are things?” Tim smiled his oily smile and poured on all his false friendliness. Beth was annoyed, as usual.

“Pretty good, I guess.” Or at least, she thought she was annoyed. Her face flushed, and her stomach fluttered. He was very handsome, after all. Could he be interested in her?

“Looks like you’ve been earning your pay today. How are you liking it here?” Tim’s eyes feasted on Bethany’s curvy body. Men ogled her all day, of course–it was her job–but she didn’t like Tim’s predatory leer. Well, at least before she didn’t like it. Now his lusty stares were flattering and encouraging. Maybe he does like me, she thought.

“Oh, it’s great! Everybody’s very friendly, and the money’s pretty good after tips.” Beth flashed her most winning smile, and unconsciously thrust her breasts out at him.

“Good, good”, murmured Tim, as if he wasn’t really listening. “Beth, I’m afraid you’ll have to stay after work today to watch another orientation video.”

Dammit. Plenty of homework awaited her back at the dorm. “Again? What is this one about?”

“Oh, employee benefits, vacation time, time-and-a-half, that sort of thing. Hey, you get time-and-a-half just for watching the video!”

His eyes twinkled, and Beth got warm inside. “OK, Tim.” Yep, he was definitely cute.

Once again, after shift the new girls assembled in the changing room. Once again, Tina accompanied Bethany. “I hope this one is a little more interesting”, Beth remarked. Tina laughed and said “Yeah, you were out like a light last time.”

Once again, Judy Norton appeared, wearing her tailored business suit and cheerful grin. Unfortunately, the video was just as boring as before, and just as shoddy. Even more so, really. The flicker and hum were even more distracting. As before, Bethany’s mind wandered, and she found herself drifting away.

“…. Remember, you must always swallow, unless Master wants you to take it on your face. Master likes it when you swallow. Besides, it tastes so good, and you get so hot when he….”

“…. at his feet. It feels good to sit at Master’s feet and wait for his command. You want him to use you….”

This was much more of a blackout. When Bethany came to, she was already in Tina’s car and they were halfway to the dorm. Also, she was still wearing her tiny little Jugs uniform. A small corner of her mind said that this was strange, but Beth was not bothered. Indeed, she was wonderfully calm and relaxed.

Tina, wearing her regular tank top and shorts, was chatting away idly. Bethany’s eyes traced the curve of Tina’s breasts underneath the tank top. Her tits were so nice, so big and beautiful. Tina’s nipples were visibly stiff beneath the fabric. So, Beth realized, were hers.

Tina was talking about work. “God, Mr. Davis is so hot! I love the way he looks in those jeans. Don’t you think so, Beth?” Tina turned to look at her, and caught Beth ogling her tits. Their eyes met, and Beth blushed. Tina grinned, and was still grinning when they turned into the dormitory parking lot.

“We’re home!”

Homework was a drag. Try as she might, Bethany couldn’t focus. She read Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” for Lit class twice and still didn’t get much out of it. Her Chemistry homework was baffling, and Intro to Calculus was even worse. Finally Bethany clapped her book shut and pushed her chair away from the desk in frustration. None of her teachers checked homework anyway.

That wasn’t like her, blowing off her homework. Lounging around in nothing but a pair of panties wasn’t like her either, especially with Tina in the room, but lounging she was. Her long nightshirt sat in its drawer unused. Beth looked down at her big firm round boobs, and felt a small twinge of pride. It was a shame that she had to cover up such beautiful tits. It was much more fun to show them off–but who was she showing off for now, in her dorm room?

Tina was in a T-shirt and panties, sitting in her recliner, listening to music on her headphones. She took them off when she saw Beth slam her book shut in disgust.

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t concentrate, that’s what. I don’t know what’s the matter with me.”

Tina gave a sympathetic smile. “Poor Beth.” She got up from her recliner and stood next to Beth’s chair. “I know what’s the matter with you. You’re distracted.” She moved behind the chair, put her hands on Beth’s shoulders, and began to massage. “And you’re really tense too.”

Tina’s touch was wonderful. Beth closed her eyes and sighed. She felt her whole body relax from the sensation. Tina continued to massage Bethany’s neck, shoulders, and upper back, talking all the while. “I know how that feels, being tense. You just can’t think. I get that way when I go without sex for a long time. I get so goddamned horny I want to fuck every man I see.”

Bethany had slumped in her chair and leaned her head back. Now it was resting between the plump pillows of Tina’s tits. It felt so good to nestle between them. As Tina gently kneaded Beth’s upper body, her perfect boobs rubbed up and down Beth’s head. The thin cotton of her T-shirt was all that separated Beth from her warm flesh.

“Maybe that’s your problem, honey. Maybe you just need a man. Somebody to fuck your brains out. How long has it been, Beth? I can’t remember the last time I even saw you with a guy.”

Nearly five months, Bethany thought. She wasn’t thinking very much now, though, just enjoying her massage. Tina’s hands were sliding down Beth’s chest now. Tina pressed down, starting from Beth’s neck, exerting pressure on her collarbone, her upper chest, and down to the swell of her breasts. Bethany tingled every time Tina touched her boobs. At the same time she leaned her head further back and sought to bury herself deeper in Tina’s cleavage.

“God, you must need to be fucked so bad. I know I love getting fucked. I love the feel of a hard cock inside me. I love it in my mouth, too.” Tina reached all the way down and touched Bethany’s nipples. Beth shivered as Tina pinched and rolled them. Suddenly she couldn’t take it anymore. She sat up and turned, facing Tina, leaning against her, knees on the chair, breasts bouncing. She pulled Tina close and kissed her hard, tongue plunging into her roommate’s mouth. Tina opened her eyes wide with surprise, but she quickly recovered, returning the kiss with fervor and taking Beth into her arms.

Bethany pulled back, hopped out of the chair, and embraced Tina again, whipping off Tina’s T-shirt with one motion. Their tits pressed against each other as the girls explored each other’s mouths. Tina grabbed Beth’s ass, squeezing her supple cheeks.

Suddenly a mental fog lifted. Beth realized what she was doing and pulled back. The girls looked at each other, Tina the picture of calm, Beth brimming with tears. Finally she broke away, dove into the tiny bath they shared with the next room, locked the door, and burst into tears. What is wrong with me? she thought.

For a little while there was silence. Then, as Bethany sobbed in the bathroom, she heard Tina say reassuringly, “All right, honey, I’m going to bed.” Sure enough, when Bethany emerged from the bathroom a little later, Tina was curled up in her bed and sleeping soundly.

Beth expected some sort of awkwardness the next morning, but Tina was her usual bubbly self. Indeed, as the day wore on, she felt more and more embarrassed about her overreaction the night before. What was the matter with a little kissing? Tina had such a sexy body, and such fantastic tits.

Classes whizzed by in a blur. Bethany spent most of her day fantasizing about Tina and/or Tim rather than paying attention. Her math teacher, a rather elderly professor, was conducting an important review session for the test on Friday, but all Beth could think about was sitting in his lap, nuzzling his neck, and playing with his cock. He probably has a big cock, she thought. God, I’m so horny; I can’t wait to go to work.

Jugs was hopping that night. Bethany was fetching plates and pitchers of beer virtually nonstop. At about 8 pm, when she went to the counter to drop off an order, she saw Tim by the register, staring at her. She sashayed over eagerly. “What’s up Tim?” she said, pushing her breasts out for his inspection. He’s so good looking. I wonder how he is in bed….

“Oh not much, Beth, just wanted to say what a great job you’re doing. I’ve had several customers tell me that you’re their favorite waitress.”

“Really? That’s wonderful!” Bethany’s heart leaped in her chest. She had pleased him! She did what Tim told her to do, and he was happy! A wave of satisfaction passed over her, and her pussy started to tingle.

“Yes it is. I must say that you’re fitting in wonderfully. Oh by the way, you need to stay after to watch the next video in the orientation series.”

“What?” The rational part of her mind rose up and told her that was a very bad idea. A flood of panic washed her calm, happy feeling away.

“The next video. Very important. It’s on Customer Service.”

Beth took a step back. She looked to her left and her right, searching for a friendly face, or a way out. “No, I can’t, um, I don’t–”

“You have to, Bethany.” Tim took a step forward, closing the gap between them. “It’s required.”

Beth’s voice was small and frightened. “No. Please, don’t make me.”

Tim’s response was to slip a hand behind her and grab her ass. Beth stiffened and took a sudden sharp breath. Her boss smiled gently. “Now Beth, you really must; it’s quite important.” Tim began to squeeze and fondle Beth’s ass behind the concealment of the register. She closed her eyes and sighed. “You want to learn about Customer Service, don’t you, Beth? You need to be a good servant, don’t you?”

Now Tim’s hand was inside Beth’s little shorts and panties, exploring. Beth swayed a bit and moaned, “Yeessss….”

Tim drew her into an embrace. Beth curled up against him, panting, rubbing against him as he stroked her. “And Beth,” he whispered into her ear, “I want you to.” This drew a whimper of arousal. “You want to do what I tell you to do, don’t you?”

Beth was now humping against Tim (and his rock-hard cock) rather vigorously, drawing startled glances from a few customers. “Yes Tim, yes!” Then, quietly against his chest, “oh, oh, oh God don’t stop!”

Tim rubbed harder. “It feels good to do what you’re told.”

Between grunts and squeals Bethany gasped “Yes, feels good, oh Maaasterrr!” Then she came, with a shudder, huddling against Tim and gasping as her climax sliced through her.

Tim withdrew his hand, which was quite damp, and cleaned it with his handkerchief. “Good girl. Now go and take care of your customers.” Bethany nodded and stepped away, a dazed grin on her face.

Her mind was conflicted as she waited tables. She had let her boss finger her to orgasm in public, concealed only by the cash register. Some of the customers had to have seen. Her cheeks burned with humiliation. Yet at the same time, from another corner a deep current of arousal flowed through her. Tim had embarrassed her. Tim had ordered her. Tim had used her. The thought made her heart race with excitement.

Similarly Bethany had two minds about the video she had to watch. She knew there was something very strange about those videos, and she suspected they were responsible for the alien thoughts and feelings that were coursing through her. She had to leave, right away, before it was too late–but she felt an overpowering urge to obey Tim. Even then, as she stood behind the counter and gathered her thoughts, the thought of leaving without seeing the video filled her with a quivering dread. If she did what Tim said, though, she would be safe. Do what Tim said, and everything would be all right. The part of her mind that was screaming a warning faded away, replaced by a calm serenity. She must do as she was told.

The scene was familiar now. Bethany and the other new girls sat in the darkened room and watched the poorly shot video play. Jane Norton came on again, in her prim little business suit. “Hello. In this video we will be talking about Customer Service. Customer Service is one of the most important parts of our corporate philosophy. Remember, the customer is always right!”

As before, Beth’s thoughts drifted away. She lay sprawled in her wooden chair, limp, unblinking, drooling, eyes fixed on Jane Norton….

“…. always pleases her Master. Pleasing Master is what you are for. Nothing is more important than pleasing Master….”

“…. should shave your body hair for Master. A good slave must never have hair below the neck….”

Bethany did not come to until they were more than halfway home. She was slumped crookedly in the passenger seat, with Tina driving in silence. Beth looked at her roommate and tried to speak: “What….Tina, what….”

Tina looked over at her dazed friend and smiled. “It’s OK, Beth, we’re almost there.” Then she glanced further down and grinned wickedly. “Guess someone’s feeling pretty horny tonight, huh?”

Bethany looked down at her lap and realized she was masturbating. Her legs were spread obscenely far apart and she was rubbing her pussy furiously with two fingers. She cringed with shame, but it felt so good! Very quickly she forgot her shame and rubbed even harder, her clit was on fire, she needed to cum….

Beth squealed with her climax just as Tina parked the car. Tina waited a moment for Bethany’s panting to subside, and then turned to her friend with a look very much like pride. “There, honey, didn’t that feel good?” Beth’s only reply was a weak nod. “Wonderful. You’re doing just great, Beth. You’re going to make a fantastic slut.”

Yes. A slut. That felt right.

A bit later, in the privacy of their room, a more coherent Bethany stared forlornly at her Calculus textbook. She had meant to ask Tim if she could knock off early to study for the test, but she hadn’t gotten around to it. She had meant to prepare for the exam every night of this week, but she hadn’t. Now she was facing a late-night cramming session. Her enormous textbook began to look more and more like a tombstone.

As Beth contemplated her predicament, Tina stepped out of the bath. She wore a babydoll nightie, which showed off her round, heavy tits to great advantage, and nothing else. Her blond hair gleamed in the half-light of Beth’s study lamp. Beth stared, struck by her friend’s beauty.

“What’s the matter, honey?”

“It’s this fucking Calculus test, Tina. I’m in deep trouble. It’s tomorrow, and I’m not ready. What am I going to do?”

Tina stepped over to Bethany and leaned forward to flip through the textbook. Her tits dangled in front of Beth’s face. “Can’t blame you, really. This is boring stuff.” She shut the book and turned to face Beth. “You don’t care about that, do you?” Beth swallowed nervously. She could smell Tina’s perfume. Tina bent down to her ear and whispered, “What do you want, baby?” Beth closed her eyes, breathed deep of Tina’s perfume, and sighed. Tina straddled Beth in the chair, sat in her lap, and pulled off the nightie.

Bethany opened her eyes and saw Tina’s nakedness: her soft white skin, her big D-cups inches in front of Beth’s face, and her sopping pussy in Beth’s lap. Suddenly she was scared, and she reached up to push Tina away. “What have you done to me?” she asked.

Tina’s only response was to plant a firm, passionate kiss on her mouth. Beth resisted at first, but soon she melted, returning the kiss with style. Tina pulled back and placed Beth’s hand on her breast. “Let me give you what you want.”

Soon the girls were on the floor, naked in each other’s arms. Beth’s bra and panties had come to rest in the far corner of the room. There was a blur of kissing and sucking and touching as they explored each other’s bodies. Tina got up and sucked Beth’s nipple while she stroked her clit. Beth lay on the floor, awash in sensual pleasure. Briefly, awareness returned, and she wondered how it had come to this. Well, maybe she didn’t wonder. Maybe she knew exactly how it had come to this.

Tina moved down Beth’s chest and belly, sprinkling kisses, until she got to Beth’s pussy. Gently, lovingly, she pulled her roommate’s lips apart and licked her wetness. She licked and sucked Beth’s clit, teasing it with her tongue and her teeth.

Beth was beside herself. Her whole body felt aflame. Her back arched as bolts of pleasure surged through her. Her head tilted back. She groaned through clenched teeth, sweat pouring, hands clenching carpet fibers, hips rocking wildly with Tina’s sucking. Finally she came, with a powerful orgasm that swept right through her body, through every nerve and muscle, and came out as a high-pitched scream of release.

The next morning, Friday, Beth failed her Calculus test. Failed it spectacularly. Failed it like the Titanic failed its float test. Her chances of passing Intro to Calculus were pretty poor now. Yet as she sashayed out of the classroom, wiggling her ass for the teacher, she realized she didn’t care. School just didn’t seem too important anymore.

That night, at Jugs, Tim had her watch yet another training video. This time, Beth didn’t even think to ask what it was about. Afterwards, he gave her another, and told her to watch it on Saturday. Back in the dorm, the two girls ate each other until they collapsed from exhaustion.

The day after that was Saturday. Beth awoke after a long night’s sleep in Tina’s arms, sat up, and saw her textbooks piled on her desk like bricks. Beth had every other Saturday off, and she had planned to do a lot of studying. She especially needed to write her first English paper, due Tuesday. Yet the more she looked, the more the books looked like dead things, like dry, dusty dead leaves, and Bethany felt so very alive.

Tina stirred. “Where are you going?”

Deep sigh. “Gotta study.”

“Don’t think so.” And with that, Tina pulled Beth into an embrace, a passionate kiss, and an hour or so of erotic fun.

The girls took a shower together, got dressed, and then somehow wound up at the mall. Bethany wasn’t even sure why they went. She just knew she needed to. What followed was a credit-card saturnalia, as the girls, Beth more so than Tina, bought a staggering amount of clothes. Slutty clothes. Tank tops. Miniskirts. Many pairs of high-heeled shoes. Tight sweaters. Tiny miniskirts. Push-up bras. Whole cases of makeup. Tinier miniskirts. Thin blouses, garter belts, stockings, thong panties, crotchless panties, corsets, hair gel, hair dye, and, of course, obscenely small miniskirts.

As four salespeople helped them carry all that stuff to the car, Beth realized she’d just dropped a couple months worth of tips and maxed out her credit cards. Later, as she unpacked it all in the room, she thought it looked like a hooker’s closet had exploded. Still, that voice of sanity was getting harder to hear every day. Bethany wanted those clothes. No, she needed those clothes, because that was what a slut wore. Beth modeled some underwear for Tina, which led to a deeply satisfying 69 position. When Beth came, she screamed so loud that the fat girl next door banged on the wall and yelled “Keep it down!” Afterwards, they watched Tim’s video. Her books, untouched, gathered more dust.

Sunday was a full day for Bethany at Jugs, and the place was hopping with the weekend crowd. Beth had very few idle moments, but when she did, she found herself gravitating towards Tim. Sure, she had disliked him at first. Sure, she’d found him to be arrogant. Now, though, she was drawn to him, almost literally, like there was a magnetic force of some kind pulling her to his side. She felt, at all times, an urge to be near him. Once, she dropped a glass while she was talking to him, enjoying the closeness. She knelt to pick it up, and that position, on her knees at his feet, felt so natural that it took a serious effort of will to stand up.

It was early afternoon, in that semi-slack period before the dinner hour, when the man came in. He looked to be late 40s or early 50s, going gray but otherwise presentable, dressed in a suit and tie; Bethany pegged him as a business traveler. He ordered hot wings and beer. Beth got his beer, talked with him for a while, and then strolled away, making sure to swivel her hips for his benefit.

After serving another customer, she came back to him with his hot wings. The man smiled and reached for his wallet. Beth said, “Oh sir, I don’t have your check ready yet–”

Whereupon he pulled out a gold card, the size of a credit card, with the Jugs logo and a big “M” stamped on it.

Beth’s blood ran cold. She knew what that meant. She had no idea how she knew, to be sure, but she knew. He wasn’t just a customer. He was a Jugs Club Member. She knew that, and she knew what he wanted her to do.

Bethany fled his table in horror. She ran to the changing room and sat on the bench, head down, crying. When the door opened, she sensed who it was.

Tim’s voice was soothing. “What’s the matter, Beth?”

Tim would make it better. “That man, he, he wants me to–”

“But don’t you want to, Beth?”

“No!” Already, though, she knew the lie.

“Come now, be honest. Don’t you need this? It’s exciting, isn’t it?” Tim leaned close to her ear and talked in a conspiratorial whisper. “I always did think you were a hot little slut.”

Bethany’s stomach fluttered with pleasure, but she did her best to ignore that feeling. “No, I’m not. I’m a good girl. I always have been.” There was a touch of pleading in her voice.

“No, Bethany. You’re a whore. You’re a slut. You’re a pussy slave. You’re a cock-starved little bitch. Go do what you were made for. Go do what you want to do. Go serve that Jugs Club Member.”

Tim said all of this with the manner of a father encouraging his little girl on her first day of school. Beth looked up at him, and her will to resist melted at the sight of his handsome face and twinkling blue eyes. She felt emptiness between her legs, and a sense of resignation as she realized the truth of his words. “OK, Tim.”

“Good, get going.”

Bethany nervously walked over to the Member, who was nibbling on a hot wing. She still wore her uniform. “Ready to go, bitch?” he said.

She felt that flutter again. “Yes, sir.”

They walked out to his car and drove away. The man patted her knee and said, “You sure are a hot one.”

Blushing. “Thank you, sir!”

“Now suck me.”

Bethany eagerly swallowed his shaft. The feel of his meat in her mouth was so delicious, so wonderful, so right, that she trembled with a tiny little orgasm right there. The Member negotiated traffic while Beth slurped his fat prick. She felt so lucky! Of all the girls he could have given his cock to, he chose her! She felt a surge of pride, and redoubled her sucking efforts while she basked in happiness.

The Member parked the car just before exploding in her mouth. Beth swallowed him hungrily, eagerly, licking him for that last delicious drop of cum. She was disappointed when he lifted her head off his softening cock.

“Time to go to the room, bitch.”

They rode the elevator in silence. Beth was fidgety with anticipation. As soon as they stopped inside, the Member said “Strip”, and Bethany eagerly did so. She thrust her big tits, giving them a jiggle.

He took off his shirt, lay back on the bed, and stared at her. “Stupid cunt. What are you waiting for?”

Bethany quickly removed his shoes and pants. She caressed his chest and stomach while massaging his prick back to firmness, which didn’t take long. She felt very good about her ability to get him hard so quickly after she sucked him off in the car. Beth straddled him and lowered herself onto his waiting shaft. As he filled her up she gasped with relief. This was what she needed. This was what she craved. She started rocking gently, luxuriating in the blissful feeling of a cock filling her cunt. Her first orgasm came without warning, causing a yelp of surprise.

The Member lay back on the bed, letting her do all the work. Beth was glad he did that; it was her duty to pleasure him. He put his hands on her hips and held her there, almost pushing her down harder as she thrust herself upon him. Once he reached up and squeezed her tits, giving Beth a second, stronger orgasm.

Bethany rocked her hips faster, bouncing up and down like she was on a spring, but still he lasted. All her attention was focused on his cock, his magnificent cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She tried gripping it with her pussy muscles–where did I learn that, she thought–and was rewarded with a grunt of pleasure from the Member.

Bethany was in heaven now. She pistoned up and down his cock with blinding speed. Her breasts bounced and shook as she rode him. Sweat poured from her body in rivers. She bent down and plunged her tongue into his mouth, kissing him ferociously, frenzied with energy, pumping her hips relentlessly.

The third orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. It was by far the best she’d ever had in her life. Beth got dizzy and nearly passed out from the blinding force of the pleasure, but somehow, by instinct, she continued to ride the Member, and in a moment she was rewarded. He grimaced, his whole body stiffened, and then he jerked, grunting as he pumped his seed inside her. Bethany felt his throbbing cock fire off its load, filling her with his hot cum.

She collapsed against him, trying to catch her breath as he came down from his orgasm. After a moment, she moved down and licked his cock clean, carefully, lovingly, savoring the taste of his seed and her juices. She lay there a moment, fondling his cock, gazing at it with hunger. Finally her client sat up and reached for his pants. He pulled out an envelope and three $50 bills, and put the money in the envelope. “Here” he said, and gave it to Bethany. Then he handed her a $20 and said, “That’s for the cab. Now get out.”

Beth contemplated things on the way back. She searched the recesses of her mind for the shame and self-loathing that should be there. She was a whore, no doubt about it. She’d just fucked a total stranger for money. She should feel like dirt, like a worthless piece of trash. Intellectually, she knew this, but instead she felt wonderful. The Member had used her mouth and her pussy. She had fulfilled her purpose. Bethany sat back in the cab and smiled.

She saw Tim behind the front desk as soon as she stepped back into the restaurant. He motioned her to come over with a hand.

Beth was a little nervous as she approached him. “Tim, I’ve got to tell you something.”

He raised a hand. “I know, Bethany.”

He did? “Is it OK?”

“Of course it is. It’s what you’re for, isn’t it?”

That was certainly true. “Great! Thanks, Tim!”

“Don’t you have something for me?”

Beth frowned for a moment, uncomprehending. Then she understood. “Oh yes, here it is.” She handed him the envelope. Inside was every dollar, even the change from the cabbie.

Tim stuffed it in his back pocket. “Thanks. Beth, I think you need to knock off for the evening. You have one last video to watch.”

Even now, Bethany hesitated at the thought. “Another one?”

Tim smiled pleasantly. “Yes, one more.” He took Beth’s hand, and she thrilled at his touch. “It will help you understand better.”

Tim led her to the changing room, Beth following meekly. She enjoyed the feel of his skin and the smell of his aftershave. She studied the faint traces of stubble on his chin and the tiny wrinkles around his eyes. He was so beautiful.

Strangely, Beth would consciously remember this video much better than any of the others. She would definitely never forget the last scene. Jane Norton was onscreen once again, but this time she wasn’t wearing that smart business suit. She wasn’t wearing anything, as a matter of fact, but high heels and thigh-high stockings. I was right, Beth thought, she does have big tits.

Ms. Norton’s legs were spread wide for the camera, and she was thrusting a dildo in and out of herself with enthusiasm. She came with a grunt, smiled for the viewer, and spoke. “I’ve been a Jug Girl for twenty years. In that time I’ve moved up from common whore to fuckbunny for the executive staff. If you work hard, and you’re a good slut, you can too!”

Now three men, visible from the chest down only, came into the picture. They were all naked, with big erections. Jane took one cock in each hand, and the third in her mouth, and began working on all three. As she sucked and stroked, she spoke again in voiceover.

“The most important thing about being a good slut is obedience. Always do what Master says. Always do what Master wants. He might want to use your mouth, or your pussy, or your ass. He might want you to play with yourself while he watches. He might want you to clean the bathroom, or cook him dinner, or go away and leave him alone for a little while. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are pleasing Master.”

Jane’s voice went on while she stimulated the three cocks. Finally, the one in her mouth pulled out and sprayed her face. She grinned, and turned to take the right cock in her mouth. Soon it too withdrew and drenched her face with cum. She quickly pivoted to the left cock and swallowed it, licking and sucking until that one in turn slid out and shot its wad all over her pretty face.

All three cocks withdrew from the scene. Jane turned to face the camera, wiped the spunk off her eyelids, opened her eyes and looked at the camera. Drops of jism fell onto her tits as she talked. “Welcome to your new life as a Jugs sex slave. I am so proud to have trained you. Good luck!”

The screen faded to black. Beth sat patiently, without moving, until the light came on and the door opened. She turned to see Tim enter and take a seat against the wall. Bethany knew now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Tim was responsible for what happened to her. She felt an overwhelming surge of gratitude.

Unbidden, she took all her clothes off, got on her hands and knees, and crawled to him. She unzipped his fly and took his prick in her mouth. “That’s a good girl” was his only response. Beth sucked enthusiastically, thinking that she had learned her lessons well.

Before long, she was rewarded with spurts of cum in her mouth. She swallowed gratefully, marveling once again at how wonderful it tasted, and cleaned him of every drop. Bethany left his lap and was sitting up when he said “No, stay down there while I explain.” She almost cried with happiness. He wanted her to suck him again! So she took his limp penis into her mouth and sucked on it occasionally, reflexively, like a baby might a pacifier. She rested there with her head in his lap, stroking his thigh while she sucked, looking up at him with unconditional love.

“You see, Bethany, the Jugs Corporation is actually a subsidiary of a rather large, rather secret Company. A Company with rather wide interests. Most Jugs restaurants are ordinary burger joints with pretty girls, but several, scattered across the country, are procurement centers like this one.”

He stroked her hair with affection. “Like every other girl here, and several thousand worldwide, you belong to us now. You’ll be dropping out of school next week, by the way. I’m not sure what the Home Office will do with you. We could whore you right out of this restaurant, or send you to another, or to one of our brothels overseas. We’ve sold a few girls outright to pornographers. We’ve sold a lot more outright to rich men looking for concubines. You wouldn’t believe what some foreign prince or businessman will pay for a beautiful, utterly obedient American girl.”

Incredibly, Tim was starting to stiffen again as a result of Beth’s careful sucking. She started to work a little harder. “Or maybe they’ll just give you to someone in the Company. Tina’s my own personal slave, you know. A reward for my good work. Better than stock options!” Tim chuckled. “Plus, she’s been great for luring other girls at school, like you.” He paused, thinking. “They should tell me their plans for you soon. Whatever they decide, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll definitely be good at it. You’re one of the best sluts I’ve ever seen. My masterpiece, I think.”

Naturally Beth heard all of this, and she was mildly curious as to her future, but it didn’t really matter. She’d do what they wanted. That’s what she was for. Bethany wasn’t concerned about it at the moment, though. She was, rather, perfectly content and at peace.

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