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By MrGrey

Chapter 1
By the end of their relationship, Laura Williams and Josh Cooper were not on good terms. Their constant bickering soured any moment they had alone with each other. That was probably the reason she broke up with him for Matt Huntington, the school’s quarterback. Even though they had dated all through eleventh grade, Laura could not go on with Josh and his jealousy. Every time she even talked with another guy he would flip out! She finally got fed up with it and ended their relationship. Josh was not happy with this idea, of course, but he became furious when he noticed Laura and Matt spending more and more time together between classes.

“I just need something that will . . . humiliate her, but get her back for me at the same time.” Josh had finally broken down and asked Sheldon (the school’s biggest, but smartest, nerd) to help him get Laura back. He knew he spent all his free time inventing things and experimenting on rats with all his weird genetic theories. Earlier that day, he had seen Laura and Matt holding hands and kissing in the hallway. Josh was so angry and upset at the same time that he ran straight to the science lab where he knew he could find Sheldon. “So can you help me?” Sheldon looked young for his age, which was 17, but he looked about 13. None of the popular kids liked him very much, so he was surprised when Josh had come busting through the door and laid this idea in front of him. “I suppose I could develop something for you, but it may take me a little while.” “That’s fine. Nothing too complicated, but I want to . . . change her. You know?” Sheldon shook his head. “Something that can make her do what I want her to.
And act like she would never act. And most of all, lose all interest in that fag she hangs out with now.”
“You mean like mind control?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“The government has been experimenting with that stuff for years. I’ve been waiting for a reason to do the same. ” Sheldon smiled at his new friend. “I’d love to help you out, it’d be good for science.”
Yeah whatever, thought Josh, I just want Laura to be mine forever.
“I’ll brainstorm tonight and let you know what I come up with tomorrow.”
“Sure thing, see ya tomorrow.” Josh walked out of the science room and down the hall. School was over for the day and the only people left were band people, ROTC, and other extra-curricular groups. Laura was a cheerleader so he knew she would be around. Matt would be out on the football field. The cheerleaders
practiced in the lunchroom after all the tables and chairs were put away. He saw the girls spread out on the floor stretching. Laura was off to the side by herself, so Josh decided to talk to her.
“Hey gorgeous,” he said smiling.
Laura looked up and sighed. She had her legs spread out in front of her and
touching her toes, not bad scenery for Josh, not bad at all. “What are you doing here?”
“I go to school here,” he answered, trying to be witty.
“I know, dipshit, but why are you still here? School ended half an hour ago.” She didn’t get up from her stretching position, but that was fine with Josh. “You don’t do any after-school activities.”
“I, uhhhh, I had to help Mrs. Johnson file some papers. Kind of a punishment thing for sleeping in class,” he saying, lying.
She seemed to believe him since Josh was not the star student Matt was. Laura didn’t know what she used to see in him. He had tried many times to sleep with her, but she had stood her ground. Matt was a perfect gentlemen and would never pressure her to do anything she didn’t want to do. She just couldn’t believe
Josh was still trying to talk to her, as if they were still friends.
“Well, is there anything I can help you with? Or are you just going to stand there?” The other cheerleaders started to notice that Laura’s ex-boyfriend was bothering her and had gathered in a circle off to the side to stare and listen. Josh pretended not to notice.
“I just wanted to see how you were doing,” he smiled and tried to be friendly.
“I’m fine. Goodbye,” she lowered her head and reached for her other toe.
“I just wanted to talk.”
She looked back up, looking fed up with him, “There’s nothing to talk about! Idon’t want to talk to you! It’s over! Can’t you realize that?” Josh laughed a little, trying to lighten up the mood.
“Come on, Laura, don’t be like th-”
“I’m dating Matt now. Deal with it.” The other cheerleaders giggled and snickered at him. Josh felt his face turn red. He was so embarrassed.
“Fine. I’m sorry,” he started backing away, “I’ll leave you alone.”
Laura flipped her hair him and sarcastically said, “Thank you.” She looked back at her friend’s and smiled, shrugging her shoulders up as if to say, Can you believe this guy? Josh quickly walked out of the lunchroom and exited the school.
He got into his car and sped off to his house, cursing Laura the whole way home,
“Fucking bitch! I can’t wait til Sheldon fixes . . . whatever it is he’s going to fix . . .cause I’m fix you up real good.” He tried to listen to the radio but he couldn’t clear his head away from the embarrassment he had just endured. “I’m gonna make you look like the biggest fool in front of everyone! Everyone will look down at you,
and there won’t be anything you can do about it!” He smiled to himself. This was going to be fun. What to do, what to do . . . He could just make her yell out in the middle of a cheer how much of a slut she is. But everyone knew that wasn’t true, she was the biggest prude in the school. He guessed that’s why she was
respected so much by everyone. Then suddenly, he had it. He was going to make her the opposite of what she is now. Laura was the Class President and a cheerleader. Everyone in school loved her, even the teachers. She made good grades and she didn’t sleep around, she was perfect. Josh was going to make her the dumbest, sluttiest girl in school!
Now he just had to let Sheldon know what he wanted. Josh pulled into the driveway and hurried up to his room. His parents were at work and wouldn’t be home until later that night. He was an only child so he had the whole house to himself.
Sheldon was probably still in the science lab, so he waited a few hours for him to get home. To pass the time, Josh sorted through old pictures of him and Laura from when they were dating. She always wore conservative clothes. Ankle length skirts, no-cleavage shirts, flat sneakers . . . not exactly slut material, but that would change. Matt would be so freaked out by her behavior, he’d dump her in a second. All her friends would be so embarrassed by her, they’d never want to be seen with her again. Laura would be so alone, he’d be the only person she could turn to. Not to mention, sleep with. Maybe then he could finally get her in the
Josh’s parents came home and started their normal routine, Mom cooks, while Dad watches TV. He usually sat in his room while they were home. He had all he wanted in here: TV, computer, phone . . . He figured Sheldon would have to be home now, so he gave him a ring.
“Hello?” It was Sheldon’s sister, Sarah. She was as big a nerd as he was. If she’d just put some make-up on and do her hair, she’d be hot.
“Sarah, is Sheldon there?”
“Who is this?”
“Josh Cooper.”
“Josh Cooper? Why are you calling here?”
“I wanna talk to my new friend Sheldon. What’s wrong with that?”
She laughed, “Nothing I guess. Sheldon!!!! Phone!”
A moment later Sheldon answered, “Hey.”
“Hey bud, how’s it coming?”
“Surprisingly well, I’ve developed a remote control that can trigger neurons in
people’s brain and do just what you want.”
“Wha-? In four hours?”
“Well . . . yeah . . . ”
Josh was very glad he picked Sheldon to do this. “Whatever, man.” He sat on his bed and explained what he wanted it to do. “I want the remote to control, like, sexual drive? Can you do that?”
“I just have to program it, it’d be ready by tomorrow morning.”
“Holy shit man, you’re a fucking genius! How about intelligence, can I control that?”
“Definitely. Anything else?”
“Well, can we add on to it later on?”
“Of course.”
“Great, that should do it for tomorrow.”
“Sounds good, I’ll meet you at lunch.”
“Okay, bye.”
It was Thursday. Josh could barely concentrate on anything that morning. The clock seemed to slow down as he waited for lunch. But finally, fourth period came and he rushed off to the lunchroom. Sheldon was sitting in a back table all alone.
Josh walked over to him and sat down.
“So . . .?” Josh was desperate to see the device.
Sheldon put his hand in his bookbag, “I give you . . . ” he pulled out a square remote control, about the size of a paperback book, and slapped it on the table, “. . .The Brain Control.” It had two LCD displays on it with knobs under each of them. A red button occupied the lower half and a small antennae jutted out from
the top of it. Sheldon explained how it worked. “The top screen displays your options,” he turned the knob and the LCD screen cycled back and forth from SLUT to BIMBO.
“I couldn’t fit INTELLIGENCE, so I programmed this. This is what you want her to be isn’t it?”
He hadn’t thought of it, but that would be great. He just wanted her to get worse grades, but making her a bimbo would be even better. “Yeah, that’s works for me.”
“Anyway, the other shows the intensity of the effect on a scale from 1 – 10.” He turned the knob and the numbers increased and decreased. “Just point and push after that?”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”
Josh looked amazed. “Wow, two high school students invented something in one day that the government and army have researching and studying for decades. Seems unbelievable doesn’t it?” Sheldon nodded in agreement, “Yeah, but let’s not worry about believability.”
“Yeah, great idea.”
Josh stuck his hand out for Sheldon to shake, “Thanks a million, man.”
Sheldon shook his hand, “What are you gonna do?”
“Mrs. Johnson has been pissing me off lately, maybe I’ll test it out on her,” he said with a smile.
“Great, let me know how it goes.”
“You got it.”

After lunch, Josh went to American History, Mrs. Johnson’s class. Time to see if
all the anticipation was worth it. He sat in his normal seat, in the back, and waited
for class to start.
Mrs. Johnson was a young teacher, about thirty. She had great legs, but always
kept them hid behind a long dress. She had long brown hair, but she kept it in a
bun. She was also a rigid bitch. She started teaching and everyone started taking
“Now class, yesterday, we started talking about World War II. It started in . . . ”
Josh wasn’t listening, he was just waiting for the perfect time to test his remote.
He set the dial to Bimbo and the other dial at 2 and pointed it at her from under
his desk. It vibrated while he held it down and stopped when he released.
She stopped in mid-sentence, “And the Nazi’s were led by Adolf -” She looked
around the class, confused. Everyone looked up from their notes, wondering why
she stopped. She rubbed her forehead, feeling kind of dazed. “Uhhh, where was
I? Oh yeah, ummm, this guy was, like, really bad and mean and . . .”
Josh couldn’t believe it, it was working! Her voice got higher and made her sound
like one of her students. He increased the dial to five and zapped her again.
“We wanted to, like, stop him so we -” She stopped again, but this time grinned a
little. She giggled and let her hair down. “We had this totally big fight and, like, all
this stuff happened . . .,” she stopped and stared into space,” but I can’t, like,
remember what stuff happened. Isn’t that, like, funny? Hee hee hee . . . ” The
other students started to snicker at their strange teacher.
“Why are you, like, laughing? I’m not funny.” She twirled her hair around her
finger and giggled back at her students. “Well since I can’t, like, remember
anything right now, I guess, like, school’s canceled! Hee hee hee!” Everyone
cheered and jumped out of the seats and ran out the door. Mrs. Johnson
continued laughing like an idiot and sat behind her desk. Josh got up to talk to
“How do you feel Mrs. Johnson?”
“I feel, like, funny? I don’t feel very smart anymore.”
“That’s cause you’re not.” She giggled at him.
“Like, why?” She pulled a piece of gum out of her drawer and started smacking
on it. She blew a bubble and it popped on her face. She just giggled some more.
“Because I used this on you,” he said holding the remote up.
Mrs. Johnson gasped, “Ooooooo, what’s that, for, like, a TV?”
“No, it’s for you.” He turned the dial up all the way to 10 and pointed it at her.
Mrs. Johnson’s eyes rolled back and her smile grew. The gum fell out of her
mouth as she rocked back and forth like she was drunk. Mrs. Johnson slouched
down in her chair and laughed, “Hee heeee hee, like, wow, I feel totally stupid
now. Haaa haaaaa haaaa.” She picked up a pencil and gripped it like a two-year
old with a crayon. “I need to, like, remember to punish you, you . . . you . . . bad
boy! Hee hee hee . . .” Josh just smiled at her. She drug the pencil around the
paper and drew three swiggley lines. She dropped the pencil and it rolled off her
desk. “There,” she said pointing at her drawing, “that, like, says, ‘Josh. Is. Bad.’
Heee Heee heeee, not so dumb am I?”
“Actually, you’re perfect.”
She smiled at that, “Like, thanks. Hee Heeeee, I guess you’re not so bad.”
Josh decided he had seen enough. He reduced the dial to zero and zapped her
again. She suddenly stopped laughing, sat up straight, and looked at Josh,
“Where did everyone disappear to?”
“You canceled class remember?”
Seemed not to. She looked at her desk and saw a piece of paper with three wavy
lines running down it. Strange, she thought. “Oh, well. I guess I had a good
reason. It’s funny, but I can’t remember canceling class.”
“You stopped teaching and told everyone they could go.”
“Oh. Well, you can go too.”
“Ok. Have a good weekend Mrs. Johnson.”
She was in deep thought trying to remember what had just happened. “Yeah, you
Josh proudly walked out of class and into the hallway thinking, Now where’s
Chapter 2
“It was great! She completely forgot her lesson then started babbling like an
idiot!” Josh had gone home since Laura was in class and he had forgotten which
one she was in. But he knew where she lived, and planned on paying her a visit
tonight. He waited for school to let out and then called Sheldon.
“That’s great! So it works, huh?”
“You’re damn right it works. Works perfect,” he was sitting in his room looking
outside. Then he spotted two ladies that lived down the street from him. They
were always walking together after he got home from school. They looked about
thirty. Josh told Sheldon to hold on a minute.
He opened his window and pointed it down at the street toward the two thirty-
something ladies, he could hear them gossiping about their kids and husbands.
They were both wearing jogging suits and tennis shoes. They constantly checked
their pulses and stared at their watches as they exercised. He set the device to
SLUT and the amount to 5.
The two women stopped and looked at each other, feeling their heads as if they
had a headache. They each shrugged their shoulders and continued walking, but
their conversation shifted to their sex lives and how unsatisfying they were. The
women stopped and turned around, heading back to their homes while they
talked about how much fun it would be to ‘fool around’ since their husbands
weren’t helping out. Their asses wiggled more as they pranced down the street
and they were sticking their tits out proudly, as if they were on display.
“Amazing,” Josh said.
“I just turned two women into sluts.”
“At the same time?”
“Yeah, I guess the remote can effect all people in an area. Plus it works pretty
well at long distances.
“That’s great. When are you planning on using it on Laura?”
“Tonight. I don’t think I’m gonna turn her into a full out slut or bimbo right away. I
figured I’d draw it out, torture her a bit. You know, confuse her until she’s too
stupid to notice she’s not the same person she used to be. ”
“Good plan.”
“Yeah, then I’ll be all she has,” Josh smiled at the thought of this. “Well, I’ll call
you later.”
“Alright then.”
They each hung up and Josh kept watching outside his window for more fun. By
nine o’clock he had turned half his neighborhood into a slut or a bimbo. One girl
even walked up to his door and asked, “Like, where am I?” So he gave her a little
bit more brains and sent her on her way. He figured it was late enough that he
wouldn’t be spotted snooping around Laura’s place, so he went on his way.
When he arrived at her house, he walked around to the back yard and looked for
her through the windows. He saw her in her room doing her homework at her
“This ought to make you think twice before being such a bitch to me,” he
muttered to himself at he set his remote to SLUT and 2. He zapped her and
watched her look around the room, wondering why she felt so strange. He then
set the remote to BIMBO and 2 and zapped her. This time she put her pencil
down and stood up, rubbing her head. Josh laughed to himself and walked back
home, whistling the whole way.

Laura was confused. She had been doing homework for about an hour, then she
started feeling weird. Her head felt fuzzy and she was, oddly, horny as hell. She
never felt this way though. Laura had masturbated before, but she hadn’t in about
a year. Except this time, she didn’t want to play with herself. She wanted
someone else to play with her.
Why do I feel like this, she wondered. She sat on her white bed and looked
around her room. Everything was clean and tidy. Her neat desk had all her books
and pencils neatly sorted out. On the wall, in front of her desk, we’re several
report cards she was proud of and certificates the school had given her. She had
paintings on her wall of some of her favorite artists like Degas and Monet. Her
radio had her Faith Hill cd playing on it. Laura got up and turned it off. She sat
back on the bed and picked up the phone off her nightstand. She dialed Matt’s
“5-5-5 . . . ” she said out loud, having trouble remembering the number for some
reason, ” -5-9-6-9.” Saying these last two numbers made her giggle a bit. She
slapped her hand over her mouth. What the hell is wrong with me? Laura shook
her head and waited for Matt to answer.
“Hey baby . . .” she was surprised at herself for saying that. She even said it in a
sexy tone, like she was trying to get laid.
“Huh . . . Laura? That you?” Matt sounded unsure, surely his girlfriend wouldn’t
be talking like that.
“You bet. I just thought I’d see what you were up to.”
Matt paused a bit, “Ummm . . . I’m studying for Trig, just like you should be
“Oh yeah, ” she frowned at that, trig didn’t seem too desirable right now, “I got
bored with it.”
“You got bored with it? That’s one of your favorite classes.”
“Well, maybe it’s not anymore,” she was unconsciously running her fingers now
her chest and cupping her tits. She started massaging them and started feeling
kind of wet.
“Whatever. So what are you doing then?”
She was about to tell him, when she stopped herself and pulled her hands away
from her tits. This is getting weird. “I, uhhhhh, nothing, I guess.”
“Well, maybe you should find something to do while I study,” Matt told her,
getting frustrated. “Don’t you have to plan the school’s Halloween dance, Mrs.
Class President? It’s in two days.”
She had completely forgotten about that. “Oh right,” she said and giggled. She
sat straight up, her eyes wide, Why am I giggling so much. Laura started to look
scared. “Look, I gotta go.”
“Ok then. See you tomorrow. Love you.”
“Yeah, me too. Bye,” she quickly hung up. What is going on with me? She
needed to straighten her mind out, it was feeling kind of foggy. She went back to
her desk and sat down. The numbers looked like a foreign language to her.
Looking at her paper, she was doing fine before. She had been flying through the
work. Now, she didn’t know where to begin. She flipped back to the beginning of
the chapter and started reading to refresh her mind. After only two minutes of
reading her thoughts drifted away to wondering how big Matt’s cock was.
“What the fuck is wrong with you! Think!,” Laura never used words like that, but
then again, she never though about cocks fucking her in her mouth and then
jamming them in her cunt, in and out, and in and out –
She slapped herself in the face, trying to clear her mind. She picked her book up
and slammed it on the floor then flung her papers to the floor as well. She turned
off all the lights and fell into her bed, on the verge of tears. Then her hand slowly
snaked its way between her legs and grabbed her pussy. She couldn’t fight it
anymore. She jammed her hand down her panties and furiously fingered herself
while she pulled at her nipples with the other hand. Thoughts of Matt fucking her
flooded her mind until she came and passed out.
“I, like, love sucking cocks. What’s your, like, name again?”
Josh zapped the strange girl again to SLUT 7 and she just smiled and forgot the
question. He ran into her on the way home, she ignored him and walked past
him, but he zapped her and started a conversation with her. Now she was sitting
naked with him in his room. His parents had gone to sleep a long time ago. She
started sucking his cock again while he went over what he had learned about the
capabilities of his new remote.
Setting it to 1 through 4 causes changes on a smaller scale. The subject kept
their consciousness of acting strange and continued to fight it. Once 5 was
reached, they completely abandoned their old personalities and started getting
sluttier and dumber as he increased it to the maximum effect.
The girl started jerking him off and licking the head as pre-cum started coming
out. “I, like, love cum!” she screamed. Josh grabbed a handful of her hair and
told her to talk quietly. “Totally, I’ll, like, be quiet-.” Josh rammed her head back
on his dick until he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and smiled at
him, “Thank you, darlin.”
“Thank you. Now go home.” She started twirling her hair around her finger and
stared out into space.
“Like, where is home?” Josh sighed and grabbed her arm.
“Come with me.” The girl giggled and stumbled along behind him. He grabbed
her clothes off the floor and lead her to his front porch. He pushed her out into
the yard and set the remote back to BIMBO 0 and zapped her.
She straightened and looked back at him. She gave him a sultry smile and said,
“Hey baby, how’d I get out here?” He set the remote to SLUT 0 and zapped her.
She looked around, wondering where she was and gasped when she noticed she
was naked, and outside! Josh threw her clothes on the ground in front of her.
“Thanks for the blowjob, now get out of here,” he said walking back into his
house. He heard the girl gasp again, picked up her clothes and ran down the
Josh got ready for bed and laid down. As he was drifting off to sleep, he kept
thinking how much better tomorrow was going to be.
Chapter 3
Josh could barely control himself. He couldn’t wait to see any changes in Laura.
He parked his car and practically ran toward the front doors of the building. The
halls were filled with the normal clutter of students standing around, spending as
much time as they could in the hall before the bell rang. Then, he spotted her.
She was standing at her locker. Staring at the lock like she was seeing it for the
first time. Josh smiled as he tiptoed up behind and said, “Having some trouble?”
She jumped at his voice and said, “Oh it’s you, you startled me. Yeah! I can’t
remember my damn combo!”
Josh tried his best to sound concerned, “Oh that’s strange.”
“Tell me about it.”
“What class do you have next?”
“Trig. And I have a test in there today and I don’t feel like I know any of the
material!” She lowered her head in frustration, “This is not turning out to be a
good day…”
Josh sensed it was time to make his move, “Well, if there’s anything I can do to
make it better, just let me know.”
She snapped her head up at him. Josh was expecting a look of hope and thanks,
but instead got a look of disgust and hate, “I don’t need your fucking help!” She
stormed away, forgetting about her locker and whatever she may have needed to
get out of it, and let Josh standing there, crushed. His sadness didn’t last long
when he remembered that he had the upper hand in with his little device.
An evil grin crossed his face as he followed her, being sure to keep a good
distance. Occasionally, Laura would check out random guys that passed by her
in the hall. This is great! he thought, she can’t even help herself! He knew that it
wouldn’t be much longer before she would be wrapped around his finger.
The bell rang and everyone scattered off to their classes. Josh stood still in the
hallway as everyone pushed by him. He didn’t think class would be too
interesting today. Maybe following Laura would be more fun…
She led Josh to her Trig class and sat down in her normal seat in the front of the
class. Perfect, he thought. He had a clear shot of her from the window on the
Everyone eventually settled into their seat, awaiting instructions from their
teacher, Mrs. Youngblood. “Okay class, let’s get quiet! We have a very important
test today!” Josh watched as she began handing out the tests.
The temptation was too strong for him. He took out the remote and set it to
BIMBO 10. Pointing it at Mrs. Youngblood, he hit the button.
“Be sure to put your names on your test and – !” She stopped in mid- sentence as
her arms dropped to her sides. A giggle came over her and she continued, “Hee
hee! And, like, get all the right answers okay! Cuz that’s, like, the rules. The first
answer is, like, C as in….ummm…well, it’s just, like, C! Hee hee hee! And the
second answer is, like – ” Josh set the remote back to normal and zapped her
again. She stopped and rubbed her head. A look of confusion crossed over her
face. “What was I saying?”
“You were about to give us the second answer!” a voice said from the back,
following by laughter and high-fives.
“Nice try, Troy! No talking! You may begin now!” She walked over to her desk
and sat down.
Josh backed away from the window a bit so he wasn’t seen. He watched Laura’s
frustration as she tried to figure out the answers. She seemed determined to get
these answers right. He started to feel a little sorry for her. She was set on 2 for
both BIMBO and SLUT. He set the remote for BIMBO 4 and zapped her.

Laura flinched as she felt the something shock in her head. It felt like electricity
was surging through her brain, and then it stopped. She looked around the room
to see if anybody else felt it. No one was acting out of the ordinary so she figured
it was her imagination. Silly Laura, she thought.
Now, back to these damn problems, she thought, sitting up straight in her seat.
She chewed on her pencil, immediately thinking of dicks, but then pushed the
thought away. Concentrate dammit! she scolded herself. The numbers looked
like Greek to her. The symbols and letters all mixed together to form a big mess
of confusion for her. This is boring! When’s class gonna be over… She looked up
at the clock. It took her awhile until she figured what time it was, then she
counted by fives, having to start over a couple of times, to see how much longer
class had. She kept counting until she realized she had forgotten to stop.
Realizing that she couldn’t even remember when class was over made her give
up on the whole thing.
She began looking at the little posters on the walls. Laura completely forgot
about the test. An hour went by quickly and the bell rang, “Ok class, turn em in!”
Mrs. Youngblood commanded.
Laura’s eyes shot wide open. Oh my god! I don’t even have the first answer
down! And she even gave us that answer for some reason! Laura was almost in
tears as she dragged her feet to the front of the class and tossed her paper on
Mrs. Youngblood’s desk.
This is terrible, she thought to herself as she walked down the hall, I’m gonna fail
trig! It used to be so easy. I don’t get what’s happening to me! I feel so stupid
Josh followed behind Laura as she walked down the hall, clearly getting
frustrated. Her head was hung low. He knew she was confused with herself.
“Ok,” he said to himself. “Time for some real fun…”
He set the remote to BIMBO 5 and SLUT 5. This would have her forget about
holding on her old self and begin her new life. He aimed it at her from down the
hall, being sure not to shoot any innocent bystanders, and zapped her. She
stopped in her tracks and looked around. She then flipped her hair over her
shoulders and began walking in a much perkier manner.
Josh watched her carefully, figuring that it had worked. He started to catch up to
her, but then saw her walk up to Matt. Josh saw this and backed away, not
wanting to talk to him. He spied on them from a distance.
Clearly, Matt was not happy with his girlfriend’s new personality. Laura looked
confused as to what he was talking about. He flung his hands in the air,
complaining about her behavior. Laura just twirled her hair around a finger and
nodded at everything he said. There was silence between them for a moment,
Laura said something to him, giggling. Giggling? Yes! Laura never does that!
Matt stared at her in disbelief for a moment, then stormed away, not saying
anything to her.
Josh saw his chance and rushed up to Laura. “Hey there, what’s wrong?”
Laura pouted at her ex-boyfriend, “Matt’s, like, mad at me! I offered to blow him
before the next class, but he just walked away. Maybe he, like, wanted me to
follow him?” She started to walk in the direction Matt had gone, but Josh grabbed
a handful of her brown hair and gently tugged her back in front of him. “Hee hee,
like, stop that Josh!” She gently pushed his shoulder and looked up into his eyes.
This is exactly what I wanted, he thought, smiling. “Why don’t you come with
Laura looked unsure of this, “But, like, what about my other class?”
“Oh don’t worry about it. I talked to your teacher and she said it would be okay if
you skipped,” he lied.
She smiled at this, “Like, cool. Where’re we goin’?”
“I figured we’d go see a friend of mine. He’s not at school today, so I imagine he’s
at home.”

Josh and Laura arrived at Sheldon’s house and knocked on the door. Like Josh
expected, Sheldon opened the door. His hair was sticking straight up like he had
just woken up and his eyes were half open. “What the hell, Josh?” he mumbled.
“I was sleeping.” He noticed Laura standing behind him, staring at the sky and
playing with her hair. “What’s she doing here?”
“I brought her to test out this remote with. I want some more stuff put on it. I’m
not through humiliated her yet. I also figured you like to see the thing in action.
After all, it is your invention. You haven’t even seen it work yet.”
Sheldon looked a little skeptical of this plan, but agreed to it anyway and let them
in. They sat Laura in front of the TV and went down to Sheldon’s laboratory.
After a few hours of work, they emerged with a new and improved remote
control. This remote could control physical properties of the subject, like breast
size and body shape. They gave Laura some EE tits and a great body. She
seemed confused about why her tits had suddenly grown, but she soon lost
interest. Also, a microphone was added to the top of the remote. Saying
something in it and pressing the button could control someone’s thoughts with
what you said.
Sheldon demonstrated this. He spoke into the microphone, “Laura, you’re now
just a five-year-old girl.” Josh looked on with interest as Sheldon pointed the
remote at her and pressed the button.
Laura began to get bored with her boring talk show and picked up the TV remote
and handed it to Josh, “Could you turn it to ca-toons, pwease?” Josh turned the
channels until he found Rugrats. She turned back toward the screen and smiled,
tucking her legs under her, now sitting cross-legged.
“Amazing,” was all Josh could say.
Sheldon took the control back from him and explained more, “To erase your last
command, hit the small button on the bottom.” Sheldon pointed it at her a pushed
the small button. She shook her head and looked around for the remote. Seeing
Josh holding it, she held her hand out, “Could you, like, gimmee the remote
thingy. Someone, like, turned it to some baby show.”
Josh gave her the remote and she turned it to Jenny Jones. Josh snatched the
device from Sheldon. “I gotta try this!” He held the remote up to his mouth and
spoke into the microphone, “Laura, you are a cheap hooker and is selling herself
to me and friend.” Sheldon looked a little worried about this, but Josh pushed the
button and zapped her anyway.
Laura reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of gum. She popped it in her
mouth and started smacking away. She looked up at the two guys and said,
“So…you guys, ready, to get this party started. I charge by the hour, ya know…”
Chapter 4
Sheldon and Josh stared at Laura in disbelief. They could hardly believe the girl
they were seeing used to be a good, conservation cheerleader. But, here she
was, offering herself to them for money. The new command had erased the
BIMBO and SLUT settings, but she was definitely a whore now.
Sheldon was more than ready to get the party started, “Hell yeah, let’s go!”
Josh looked at him with angry eyes. Sheldon got the hinted and backed off. “Why
don’t you just come upstairs with me?”

Oh geez, thought Laura, these two guys actually think I’m interested in them!
How pathetic! Sometimes she wondered why she bothers doing this stuff in the
first place. Well, it was money in her pocket. But, sometimes it wasn’t worth it.
She knows she couldn’t ask for too much, she’s never get any business done.
But being a cheap hooker had some advantages. There was…well, actually,
there weren’t any advantages. But finding a real job didn’t sound to tempting to
She followed the horny teenager upstairs, still smacking away on her gum. She
couldn’t help but think that she’d seen him before. Maybe he’s been a customer
before, she thought. Most guys returned for more after they got to like her. Which
was fine, since she knew they weren’t cops. They went into a bedroom, leaving
the nerdy looking one downstairs by himself. Why isn’t he coming? she
wondered, but forgot about it when the door slammed shut.
“So..La- er, I…uh…mean…hooker…” the boy began to say.
“I have a name other than hooker, ya know…Unless you want that to be my
name. Whatever gets you off, man.”
“Well, what is your name?” he said. There was something about how he said it
that Laura just couldn’t let go, like he already knew the answer….oh well.
“It’s Laura,” she answered.
“So, how much?”
She repeated her normal rates, as she did several times a night, “Five for a
blowjob, for ten I swallow; twenty for a fuck. I don’t do anal, but everything else is
fine.” She really didn’t want to fuck this kid, but she could use twenty bucks.
“Alright, good. Why don’t you get your clothes off first.”
“Whatever,” she said, disrobing. While taking her clothes off, she wondered why
she picked out this outfit. She was a little surprised she was getting any business
with a boring little outfit like this. T-shirt and jeans? What the hell am I thinking?
she wondered, she made mental note to go shopping with whatever money she
made. It would have to be something cheap though, she didn’t have any other
money on her.
After getting her clothes off, she laid on the bed, jutting her tits out. “So, hot stuff,
what’s our plans for this afternoon?” she said, trying to sound like she really
wanted to be with this loser.
“Well, I’d love to fuck that nice cunt of yours.”
“Oh yeah, baby,” she said, pretending to be excited, “Come fuck my slutty little
brains out.” The boy came over to the bed, taking his own clothes off. His cock
sprung out of his pants, a respectable size. She was kind of impressed by him.
He didn’t seem like he would know too much about pleasing women, but Laura
found herself enjoying it every now and then. Mostly she just watched the clock.
“Oh yes, baby,” she said in her best acting voice, “gimmee that cock. Oooo…it’s
sooooo big. I love it. Harder. Faster.” Eventually, his body tensed up and he
began pumping her faster. She was expecting him so cum inside her, but instead
he pulled out and jerked off all over her tits. “What the hell, dude! I take birth
control, ya know.”
The boy slowed down and collapsed on the bed beside her, “No you d-
…ummm…I mean, oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry.” This guy was creeping her out,
“So where’s the money? That little shower you gave me is gonna cost ya extra.”
He pointed to his pants on the floor, where she found his wallet in his back
pocket. Pulling it out, she found thirty dollars. The boy was now asleep, so she
just pocketed it all. Glancing at his driver’s license, she felt that overwhelming
sense again that she knew him. Did I go to high school with this guy? She had
only gone for half of her freshmen year, then dropped out. But this guy still
looked familiar. Oh well, she thought. She left the guy on the bed and walked out
of the room.

Where am I? Josh thought, waking up. Then, he remembered. He was in
Sheldon’s room, where he had just fucked his virgin ex-girlfriend. That was
fucking great! he thought, happily getting up and getting dressed. Leaving the
room, he walked downstairs. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and listened:
“Oh God! Oh God!”
“That’s it baby, fuck it good!”
What the fuck?! he thought. He was furious! Josh stormed around the corner to
find Sheldon and Laura tangled up on the couch. She was riding him while he
rubbed all over her tits. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing!!” he screamed
at them.
They stopped at looked at him. Sheldon had a scared look on his face, while
Laura looked a little angry, “Look, dude, I get take my business anywhere I want
to…” He stomped up to her and grabbed her arm, pulling her off his former friend.
“You asshole! You knew I was supposed to be the only one she sleeps with!” he
shouted, pointing at Sheldon.
Laura looked a little confused as she watched the two strange boys. Sheldon
stood up and pulled his pants up. “Look, she’s not Laura-your-ex- girlfriend now,
she’s….Laura-the-cheap-hooker. It was almost like I was fucking another person
all together.”
“I don’t give a flyin’ fuck! I’m gonna kick your fucking ass though!”
Josh began to raise his fists, when Sheldon interrupted him, “I don’t think you
wanna do that.”
Josh stopped and stared at him, “And why not?”
Sheldon smiled confidently, “Well, it might not be too smart to piss off the guy
that can invent devices to control peoples minds.” Josh couldn’t believe him. “The
remote only works on women, but I could use my remote to turn your love into
the nastiest whore in the country. How jealous would you be then?”
Josh was ready to beat his ass. “Don’t you threaten me, you asshole.”
“Don’t believe me?” Sheldon walked picked the remote off of the coffee table. He
set it to BIMBO 10 and SLUT 10.
“What are you doing?! NO!” Josh begged. But Sheldon zapped her anyway.
What the hell is the problem with these two? Laura wondered. She watched as
the nerdy one, named Sheldon, picked up some TV controller looking thing and
pointed it at her.
“What are you doing?! NO!” the other, named Josh she thought, yelled.
What the hell is he doin
Ohh! What was that? she felt like she was struck by
lightning. She felt a little dizzy. Ohhh…I feel weird…what’s wrong with m…hee
hee, like, huh? She began to giggle for some reason. The two cute boys stared
at her. I, like, wonder if they got big cocks, she thought. Josh looked like he was
mad about something. Maybe I should, like, suck his dick!
“Don’t be, like, mad,” she said in a perky voice, “Laura will, like, suck your cock
for you!” Sheldon began laughing at something. She didn’t want to look stupid,
even though she was, so she began giggling too.
“Change her back, you bastard!” Josh yelled. Laura pouted, figuring that he didn’t
like her offer. She sat back on the couch began rubbing her pussy. She didn’t
even find it strange that she naked in the room with a couple of guys. After all,
she was a girl. Girls are supposed to show their titties and stuff, right?
“No, I actually like her better like this,” Sheldon said, laughing. “Besides, isn’t this
what you wanted to do to her.”
“Yes, but only I can do it. I don’t want you fucking around with her brain!”
I wonder what these guys are, like, talking about. Maybe it’s about…ummm…
Laura tried to think straight, but it was way too hard for her. Her mental capacity
had shrunken considerably and had left her a babbling idiot.
“Ummm…like, what are you boys, like, angry about, “she asked, twirling her hair,
“Is it, like, something Laura did?” She pouted at them.
Sheldon looked down at her, then back at Josh, “Don’t want me fucking with her
brain, huh?” He started talking to the little remote thingy, “Laura, you are an
eight-year-old girl.” Laura didn’t get why he was saying this, “Like, I thought
Laura was, like, eighteen?” Surely she must know her own age…but she wasn’t
too sure since the smart boy said she only two. He pointed the thingy at her and
pushed a button. “Uhh…Ooooooo…Laura, like, feels funny…Ummmm…” Like,
what’s wrong with me? she thought, these cute boys are, like, doing stuff to me…
she figured. Wait…cute? Boys aren’t cute! Their gross! “I’m bored, I wanna go
home,” she whined.
Josh stopped her, “No! Not yet! Sit down!”
Laura’s bottom lip quivered at him, “O-o-okay. Sorry, mister…” Her eyes watered
up a bit, but she held back the tears so she didn’t cry in front of the big kids. I just
wanted to go home…she thought, not understanding what the big deal was.
Josh glared at Sheldon, “Change her back to her normal self!”
Sheldon grinned, “Sure.” He set all the dials back to zero and turned her back
into the regular Laura. The shy little girl sitting on the couch suddenly sat up,
looking around the room.
“Where am I? What the fuck?” She looked at Josh, “What the hell is going on?”
“Oh shit,” Josh realized what he had asked Sheldon to do, he knew he needed
her back to her other state. “Sheldon, she can’t be completely normal, she’ll turn
us in!”
“Does either of you want to tell me what the fuck I’m doing here?” She began to
get mad and stepped closer to them.
Sheldon answered her, “Well, I invented a remote that can control. We’ve been
using it to make you lose your high status at school, but Josh here has gotten a
little sidetracked since he fucked you.
Her eyes grew wider, “Fucked me?! What the h-”
Sheldon interrupted her, “But it’s okay, because…” he talked into the remote,
“…Laura doesn’t find anything wrong with that.” He zapped her and listened for
her response.
“Listen, that’s fine that you guys are having your fun, but do you think you could
possibly take me home now.” She glanced at the clock, “We’re even supposed to
be in school now, and you took me out of school to fuck with my mind?”
“Yeah,” Sheldon admitted, he smiled at Josh, who was looking a little worried but
had calmed down.
“Well, whatever. Can we go now?”
“Sure, Josh will take you.”
They all walked toward the door and out to Josh’s car. Laura got in and closed
the door. Josh walked up to Sheldon, “Listen, man. Sorry, about what happened
in there. Let’s just forget about it.”
Sheldon nodded at him, with a strange smile on his face. Josh got into the car
and sped off, leaving Sheldon in the driveway. “Forget about it huh? Well, let’s
see how much I forget by tomorrow, you fucking asshole.” He walked into the
house and walked into his basement, locking the door behind him. He had work
to do.

Chapter 5
Josh returned Laura back to normal and made her forget anything that Sheldon
had told her. “What a fucking dumbass,” he said to himself after Laura walked out
his front door and headed toward her house. “Why’d he tell her everything? If that
punk messes this whole thing up, I swear I’ll kill him.”
Sheldon had fucked his girlfriend. He just had to deal with that. Afterwards, he
had told her everything they had done to her, but had implanted in her mind that
she was fine with what they were telling her. Now, this had worked fine. But, it
could come back at them later on and get them in trouble if she happened to
mention what was going on to someone. So, Josh had used the remote’s mind
control microphone and erased any memory of this afternoon’s events.
Josh now realized that he needed to be more careful with the remote. He couldn’t
help but feel terrible about turning her into a whore and taking advantage of her
like he had. Is this what he really wanted? All he wanted was to make Laura love
him again and forget about that asshole Matt Huntington. He began to think he
may have taken this too far.
Tomorrow, he planned, he would tell Sheldon to call the whole thing off.

Josh arrived in the school’s parking lot the next morning. It was Friday, October
31st. Halloween. Josh didn’t really participate in stuff like this, so he was dressed
in his normal attire. But, he could see several students wearing various costumes
as he walked through the parking lot.
Entering the front doors, all seemed normal. The halls were alive with the chatter
of gossip and weekend plans. Students wandered back and forth from lockers
and classrooms, then sped up at the sound of the bell. Soon, the hallways were
empty and Josh found his way into Homeroom.
He sat in his desk quietly, waiting for the morning announcements. Everyone
around him was talking and doing last minute homework. He only sat in his
depression, living with the fact that he had technically raped his ex-girlfriend
yesterday. He felt terrible.
“Good morning students!” the intercom yelled. The room quieted down slightly as
the pledge, lunch menu, and other topics were discussed ritually. “And now,
here’s a special message from your Student Council President, Laura Williams!”
Josh perked up a bit, but this was a normal thing. He was always forced to listen
to her wonderful voice before classes started. Being Class President meant she
had to inform every one of the events she was in charge of. This was probably an
announcement about the Halloween dance tonight.
“Ummm…like, hey guys!” her voice said. Josh’s eyes grew wide. Her voice was
high pitched again, and definitely ditzy sounding. “So, like, this dance thingy’s
tonight and, like, everyone should come and stuff. I’ll be there, mostly in the back
room sucking cocks as usual, so look for me! Can’t wait to see you there!”
Josh had been leaning back in his chair. He leaned forward hard, crashing back
on all four legs. How the fuck had Sheldon done it? Josh had the only remote!
Unless…he had made another one.
Josh looked around to see what kind of reaction the classroom had had to
Laura’s statement. He was probably more wierded out by the fact that no one
was acting any different. He heard sporadic mentions of Laura’s name: “She is
such a slut” and “Why does she do this every year?”. Josh jumped out of his seat
and headed for the door. His teacher called out to him to sit down, but he was
already out the door.
He walked quickly down the hallway. His fists were balled up and sweating. Josh
was ready to beat Sheldon into a bloody pulp. Then, he saw him. He was
standing alone in the lunchroom. In his hand, he held another remote control that
looked very similar to the one Josh now held in his hand, only bigger.
He stepped up to Sheldon with an angry look in his eyes, “What have you done?
What did you do to her? And why is everyone acting like this is normal behavior
for her?”
Sheldon only smiled.
This infuriated Josh even further. He raised his fist in the air, as his face got
redder. “Answer me!!! What did you do?!”
Sheldon calmly raised his hand up in a “stop” gesture, then calmly replied, “I
don’t like to be used Josh.” They stared at each other for a moment. Josh
opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted, “And I don’t like being
unappreciated. So, I’ve decided to take over our little operation here.”
“Operation–?” Josh was getting angrier by the second.
“This remote,” he said, holding up what was in his hand, “is much more powerful
than your own. I’ve “rewired” the whole school into thinking your girlfriend is a
dumb slut. Well, everyone except you, that is… And I’m not going to do anything
to your mind. You’re going to be forced to watch your girlfriend be humiliated and
used by every guy in the school. And it will all be a normal thing to them…” He
chuckled to himself as Josh raised up his own remote and pointed it at Sheldon.
“Ah ah ah…” he said, wiggling his index finger back and forth at Josh, “Don’t even
try it. I have changed you a little bit…”
Josh stared intently, slowly lowering his remote.
“You will find yourself unable to harm me in any way. That includes remote
control related stuff,” Sheldon said grinning.
Josh tried his hardest, but it was true. He couldn’t find it in himself to push any of
the buttons while directing it at Sheldon. He dropped the remote and raised his
fist again, but instead he found that he couldn’t bring it back down. It was as if his
body was rejecting his brain’s ideas. Sheldon had made himself invincible
against Josh.
The bell rang for first period and the hallways erupted with teenagers. Sheldon
turned back to Josh, “I can change the whole school’s personality with this thing.
Even implant new memories of whatever I can think up.”
“That’s how you made everyone act normal when Laura was acting like a slut.
They think that’s how she really is!” Josh said.
Sheldon smiled proudly and nodded, “I can make her have any reputation or
personality I want. How about I we it so Laura only dates black guys?” Sheldon
suggested, as he looked down at his Super Remote.
Josh was dumbfounded, “Wha–?” He didn’t know what that was supposed to
Sheldon spoke into the microphone at the base of the remote and said, “From
now on it is everyone’s reality, except myself and Josh Cooper’s, that Laura
Williams only dates black guys.” With that said, he pointed his remote to the sky
and pushed the big red button. A spark of light erupted from the antennae. The
lunchroom was now filled with students on their way to class, but none of them
noticed anything changing.
Sheldon looked around, “Now, where is she…?” Then, he spotted her.
Surrounded by the basketball team, which was mostly made up of black guys.
They were all obviously flirting with her and she was just eating it up. Though,
she didn’t look much different than the slut he had turned her into before. “Ah
yes, we need to do something about her look…” He pointed the Super Remote at
Laura and pushed a big blue button. “This button will change anyone’s look to
match their new personality…” he said smiling.
Josh looked in Laura’s direction. A blur of light was spinning around her, though
nobody seemed to notice this. The light spun around her from head to toe then,
with a bright flash, it was gone. But, when Josh focused his eyes again, he was
Laura came strutting over to where they were standing. Her hair was now dyed
black and styled into a “corn-rows” fashion. She was wearing a bright yellow
Tommy Hilfiger jacket that was way too big for her, it hung down to her knees
and the sleeves almost slid over her hands. She had on a tiny, white tube top
underneath the jacket that stretched over her huge tits. Then, she had on a micro
skirt that should’ve gotten her kicked out of school had it not been for her huge
jacket to hide it. “‘Sup boys,” she said, walking past them.
Josh was in disbelief, “Wait, Laura–!”
She stopped and turned around, eyeing him hard with her new attitude, “Yea?”
She had a pair a big loopy earrings dangling from her ears. When she opened
her mouth to talk, a shiny metal stud could be seen piercing her tongue.
“What are you…? I mean, why…? You never used to hang out with the basketball
team.” Josh said with a nervous laugh.
Laura just rolled her eyes, “Boy, what is yo’ problem?” Her head rocked back and
forth as she talked, looking like she should be a guest on the Jenny Jones show.
“I kin hang wit’ anyone I like. You ain’t got no business messin’ wit my shit.”
Laura stretched this last word into two syllables sounding like “shee-it”. “So, you
best be steppin’ back before I git Jerome to mess yo’ ass up!” With that said, she
strutted away.
Josh watched as she walked down the hallway. A tall, handsome black fellow
who must have been “Jerome” ran up to her and slapped her ass. Josh couldn’t
hear what they were saying, but Laura obviously was not mad since she turned
around laughing. Jerome then picked her up and carried her around the corner.
She was smiling the whole time.
“Does she even remember me?” he asked Sheldon.
“Well, in her mind, you guys never dated. So, looks like your just another horny
guy in the crowd,” Sheldon answered, laughing. Josh turned to him, shooting
daggers with his eyes.
“Ok, I’m sorry if you think I was using you. But, you have to change this back.
This isn’t right. We can’t just change someone’s personality like that,” Josh
Sheldon eyed a girl walking past them. She was dressed very conservative and
classy, “Oh sure I can. It’s very simple. Say I what to change this nice country girl
into a punk rocker dyke.” She looked up at the two boys just in time to see the
one with glasses talking into some kind of remote control, then pointing it at her
and smiling.
Sheldon pressed both the red and blue buttons and watched as she transformed
into a leather-clad lesbian. Her hair was shaved on sides, leaving a purple
Mohawk in the middle. Her nose, eyebrow, and lip were all pierced now. She
walked off, not even noticing her new personality. As far as she knew, she had
always liked girls. She had new memories of stealing her brother’s Playboy’s and
playing with herself to them. Then, she remembered rebelling against her
parents’ disapproval of her new life style. That’s when she started dressing the
way she did.
This was all reality to her now.
Sheldon obviously had something very powerful in his hands.
Josh left school. He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to come up with a plan
to stop Sheldon. He knew that Sheldon planned to wreak some more havoc at
the school’s Halloween dance, so he had to come up with a way to stop him
He sat in his room, silently. In his hand, he held the old remote control. It was
obviously useless, since he couldn’t do anything to Sheldon with this…
Then, Josh stopped. He looked back at the little remote. “If I can’t do anything to
Sheldon, maybe someone else can…”
Josh ran out of his room and ran out the front door. He headed toward Sheldon’s
house. Sheldon was on the dance committee and would be at school for the rest
of the night.
But, Sheldon’s sister would be home.
He arrived at their home and knocked on the door. He heard footsteps coming
closer, then the door opening. Sarah was just as unpopular as Sheldon, but she
hated him just as much as everyone else at school did. He knew that she was
nowhere near as smart as Sheldon, so she couldn’t make another remote. But,
she would definitely believe him when she hears what Sheldon had done.
“Sheldon’s not here,” she said, closing the door.
Josh stopped her, “No wait! I’m not here for him. I’m, uh, here to see you.”
She was obviously surprised by this, “Why?” She wasn’t used to having
“I need your help. Your brother is up to something. Something bad, and you’re
the only one who can stop him.”
She was confused. Josh asked if he could come in and she let him. They sat in
the living room, alone. He explained to her what was going on and how Sheldon
had made his own reality-altering remote control. And, just as Josh had
expected, she believed every word.
“This sounds just like something he would do…” she said, shaking her head in
disapproval. “All his life he’s been trying to get attention. I guess this is just some
other way of getting it.” She stopped and looked at Josh, “So, what do I have to
The sun set. Night fell. Little children all over town left there homes in search of
Laffy Taffy, Twix, and nasty little peanut shaped marshmallows. The town’s high
school gymnasium was brightly lit up as the student body flocked to join their
classmates in a night of fun.
Josh and Sarah arrived at the front doors, almost afraid of what they may find
Sheldon had done all afternoon. Entering the elaborately decorated gym, nothing
seemed out of the ordinary. Everyone was laughing, dancing, and talking. Like
“Oh my god…” Josh heard Sarah say. He turned to her to say what, but then
glanced in the direction she was facing.
“Oh shit…” He saw what she was looking at. A big sign was tape to the wall that
said, “LAURA’S HOUSE OF WHORE-ORS”. Underneath that was, “25 cents!”
“What has he done?” Sarah asked.
Josh didn’t answer. Instead, he grabbed her arm as they walked toward the sign.
There was an arrow under the title pointing toward the boy’s locker room. Josh
told Sarah to stay back as he tried to enter the door. But, he was stopped by a
much bigger football player who planted his hand on Josh’s chest, holding him
back, “Gotta wait in line, dude.” He pointed behind Josh. Josh turned around to
see a line of about twenty of guys waiting to get inside. Several sweaty guys
exited the doors, laughing and giving high-fives, “Damn, that bitch makes every
dance worth coming to.”
Josh shoved his way past the guard and walked into the small room. Inside, he
saw a crowd of boys standing around a small space closed off with cardboard.
Inside the cardboard walls sat Laura. Her clothes were ripped from her body as
she cycled through a crowd of cocks that were poking through holes in the
cardboard. “Keep the cocks comin’ boys!” she yelled, giggling. Sheldon had
obviously changed her back into a regular slut. The floor she was standing in was
covered in cum, as was she.
She jumped back and forth from cock to cock as quarters were flipped at her.
They bounced around her feet and hit the floor. There was now probably around
ten dollars worth of quarters on the ground and more were coming. “You boys
are really horny tonight, huh? (slurp)” she said, stuffing another dick in her slutty
mouth. The guys all yelled out “hell yeah” and kept taking turns having their cock
Josh had seen enough. He shoved his way through the crowd, knocking over the
cardboard walls and pulled Laura out. He yanked her arm as she asked, “Hey,
Josh, what the hell you doin’?” He pulled her out of the locker room, fighting
against the protests of the horny school boys. He pulled her out into the open
and started pulling her toward the side doors.
But, a voice called him back, “Josh Josh Josh… Where to you think you’re going
with her?” It was Sheldon. He had the cheerleading squad writhing around him
as if they were about to cum just from holding onto his arm.
“You’ve changed the whole school. Even the faculty, that’s how Laura was able
to get her own little “blowjob shop” for the dance.” Sheldon only smiled and
nodded. “And now, I see you’ve got the cheerleading squad to fall in love with
you.” Again, he nodded.
But, then, Sarah appeared behind Sheldon, holding the other remote control.
“Well, it’s time your fun was brought to an end, Sheldon.” Sheldon slowly turned
around to see his sister pointing the remote at him. He was a little surprised, but,
for some reason, not scared. “I have this remote programmed to erase all your
intelligence. In a second, you won’t know how to use that control anymore. And
since Josh is unable to harm you, I guess I’ll have to do it. Goodbye Sheldon.”
With that said, she pushed the button, waiting for a reaction for Sheldon.
But nothing happened. Sheldon removed his hands from the young women’s
waists that surrounded him and pulled his own remote from his pocket. “Well,
that would have been a great little trick to pull on me. But, since I have my
intelligence now, I was smart enough to design that control so that it doesn’t work
on me.” Sarah’s eyes filled with fear. “So, looks like I’m going to have to teach
you a lesson. Goodbye Sarah,” he said grinning, and aimed the Super Remote at
his sister.
Her mouth slacked open and her eyes drooped as her brains were pretty much
sucked from her head. She dropped the remote as it fell to the ground, breaking
into a million pieces. A smile grew on her face as she enjoyed the feeling of
having all her worries and thoughts pulled form her mind. When she was done,
Sheldon had reduced her to a giggled idiot laying on the floor. He aimed the
control again and pushed another button. Suddenly, her plain clothes
disappeared as she was left naked on the floor. Then, her tits began to grow.
When they were finished, two hoops appeared and dangled off her nipples.
Tattoos formed on her body saying such things as “Cock Queen” and “BITCH”.
She stumbled to her feet as her hair grew and shifted to an embarrassingly bad
blonde dye job. Her nails grew two inches and became a bright pink. Make-up
appeared on her face, finishing off her new dumb blonde personality. She
wiggled off to Laura, giggling, “Ummm… Like, is there room for one more in that
cock room thingy?”
Laura grabbed her hand and started to lead her back to the room, “Come on,
“Totally!” Sarah said, perkily.
Josh was losing his mind, “Wait!” The two girls stopped and looked at him. “This
has to end now!” By now, the whole dance had stopped and everyone was now
watching the unfolding scene before them. “This man…” he explained, pointing at
Sheldon, who stood his ground confidently, “…has fooled you all! He has
invented a device that has fucked with all of your heads. You girl’s think he’s
attractive? Yesterday, you wouldn’t have given him the time of day. Now, you’re
holding on to him like he’s God’s gift! We can’t let this continue!”
No one knew what to say, so they just started laughing. Everyone went back to
what they were doing, shaking their heads at the strange boy. Sheldon’s
cheerleader fans went back to groping him and calling his name. “Oh Sheldon,
when can we go back home so you can fuck us all?” one whined. Sheldon just
laughed and told her it would be later.
Josh had given up hope. There was nothing he could do. None of the remote
controls could do anything to Sheldon, and he wouldn’t be able to hurt Sheldon
enough to get the remote away from him. There was no winning.
It was over.
He watched as the cheerleading squad continued cooing and giggling at
Sheldon. Then, one furiously dropped to her knees, begging him to let her suck
his cock. “Please Sheldon, I, like, can’t wait until we get home!” Sheldon tried to
fight the girl off, but it was no use. But, in the struggle, something happened.
Sheldon dropped the Super Remote.
Josh sprinted as fast as he could and dove across the gymnasium floor. His hand
met the large remote and he grasped it as hard as he could. Sheldon saw this
happening and pushed the girls away from him as he frantically tried to get the
remote back. But, he saw that Josh now held it, smiling.
“Ok, what do you think you’re gonna do with that? You can’t hurt me. The remote
doesn’t even work on me, remember?” Sheldon said, no longer confident.
Josh only smiled, “Well, if I can’t hurt you, let’s see if you can fight off the entire
school…” With a grin he spoke into the microphone, “Everyone in school now
knows what Sheldon did to them!” With that said, he pointed the Super Remote
to the sky and pushed the button.
Suddenly, everything got quiet.
Then, as quickly as it had gotten quiet, the entire gymnasium erupted with rage
that was directed at Sheldon. The cheerleaders were now kicking him on the
ground as the football team waltzed over to him and picked him up by his arms.
They slowly carried the crying Sheldon outside for the beating of his life.
Josh smiled proudly at his victory and tossed the remote to the ground. He
picked his foot up and then brought it back down with a crash that shattered the
remote. Now, there would be no more trouble. He had changed everything to
Wait a minute, Josh thought. “I just made everyone realize that Sheldon had
changed them. I didn’t actually change them back…” His voice trailed off as he
turned around to see Sarah and Laura, still wearing their slutty attire and still
looking dumb as they could be.
“Like, I can’t believe Sheldon like made us dumb bimbos!” Sarah whined.
“Totally, but, at least now we can, like, suck all the cock we want. If he hadn’t
changed us, we would still be, like, stuck-up prude’s and stuff…” Both girls
seemed pleased with this as they wiggled their asses back to the boys’ locker
room to continue their fun.
Josh only knew one thing to do. Reaching into his pocket, he found…a quarter.
Shrugging his shoulders, he stepped in line.
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