Hunting Day

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Forced Mind Control

Author: Farleven ( [email protected] )

( mc, nc, mf )

October 2002

She had been claimed. All these years as a free woman and she had to take
an evening stroll on hunting day, she cursed herself. She could feel the
sting of the dart in her arm still, she quickly grabbed it and tossed it to
the ground. It had just been too beautiful outside she grumbled, why did
this have to be the day? She scratched at the wound she now had, and
cringed as she could feel the tingle of its insidious venom pour into her

Once every year there was a hunting day, a day when free women could be
claimed by licensed hunting parties. It was a random day, never announced
until after it was over, except to the hunters that is. Ever since the
Party had taken over it had been this way, and now Emily had been claimed.
The dart that had struck her was just the first stage in her new life as a
slave girl, but it would prepare her for it.

No free woman ever really knew what being claimed was like, there were
stories of course, but nothing could cover that distance between a simple
telling and having the dart hit you. All Emily really knew was that the
first dart simply prepared a woman for being taken. She didn’t really know
what that meant. She did feel a bit woozy, she noted, but other than that
she felt normal. It wasn’t until she heard the whooping from the brush on
the far side of the park that she reconsidered her position. May be there
was a chance to escape this fate, she thought, but only if she got away.

“We’ve got a runner!” Emily heard a gruff voice yell as soon as she bolted.
She had no idea how many there were, but she couldn’t escape if she didn’t

She hadn’t taken more than a few steps when she felt another dart hit her
in the rear. She swooned again, but this time something was different.
Sparks seemed to fly through her body, and her mind clouded over. Emily
just stopped, and then she felt her mind shifting. It was so strange, she
shuddered, and her mind was suddenly bombarded with something strange. Her
thoughts seemed to melt away before she had them, but there was something
else too, directives.

Emily’s eye’s fluttered as her mind filled with sudden needs. She didn’t
understand them at first, but they quickly crystallized both in form and
urgency. Emily knew this was the first stage of her conversion, and she
tried to fight it, but it was just so powerful.

The first thing that hit her were her clothes. She had to remove them. They
were tight, confining, and Emily didn’t need them any more. Her hands flew
to her shirt and started tearing it off. Emily couldn’t control her hands,
the need to be naked simply overwhelmed everything else. She quickly tore
off every stitch of clothing she had on. Emily didn’t even pause as she
ripped off her bra and panties, destroying the frilly garments as she did
so. When she finished she looked down at the pile of torn clothes with
dismay, she really was becoming a slave. Oddly enough, she felt better as
she felt a breeze tickled her bare skin, it was good to be naked, the
directives told her. Her boobs and pussy breathed as they never had before,
it really did feel good, Emily thought.

“Alright, girl, everything will be okay, we’re just here to claim you.”
Emily heard from behind her. She quickly turned around, trying to cover
herself. She knew her hands didn’t provide her with much protection, but
her embarrassment at her state drove her action. Even as Emily slid her arm
over her nipples and a hand over her bush, she had to fight a new directive
forming in her brain. It was good to be naked in front of men, it blasted
into her mind, even as she tried to fight it.

“Please don’t do this!” Emily squealed weakly as she looked up at two men.
Just looking at them made her shudder, both in fear and need. She’d never
found much to be interested in men before, but now she felt her own ardor
growing just looking at them. Her mind flashed with almost instinctive
thoughts, primal, and all involving her and these two men naked and
writhing together in passion. Her hands slowly slipped away as well, the
need to display her naked flesh overwhelming her control.

“Present yourself girl, we have a dinner waiting.” Ordered one of the men.
They’d taken a moment to review her naked flesh as she’d panted before
them. They seemed pleased, but the older man looked impatient and he had
ordered her.

Emily quivered for a moment, not knowing what he meant, but then she
suddenly understood. She tried to fight following his command, but the
battle was short and she fell to her knees. Emily bowed her head and pulled
her hair off her neck, as she did, she noticed a strange metallic ring on
the back of her neck. She knew it hadn’t been there before, and concluded
that it must be part of the claiming process.

“Good girl, this basic program should be good for now.” The other man said
before pressing something cold and metallic into the back of her neck.

Everything blurred for a moment before returning to normal. Or something
like normal, Emily’s mind felt somewhat fuzzy now, she didn’t understand
it, but she knew she’d just been programmed.

“Program insertion successful, slave mode enabled, slave Emily awaits your
command.” Emily chimed in her happiest tone. She shuddered at her own
words, but she could feel the program chaining her thoughts and adding new
ones as well. First, she was horny, very horny. She just looked at the two
men before her and her pussy twitched with lust. Emily presented herself
again for them now, this time with her chest heaved out and her kneeling
legs spread widely. She had to show them just what kind of a woman they had

“Hey, I think she’s taking to it pretty well, just look at how flushed she
is!” Emily heard one of the men say. She blushed at the statement, even
though she knew it was true. Her pussy was seething with heat and she could
feel her nipples harden with that same arousal. Emily was horny, more so
than she could ever remember being.

The other man reached between her legs and cupped her naked pussy. Emily
fought back a moan but couldn’t help but squirm against his hand. “Oh,
yeah, she’s taking to the program very quickly. This is you’re first catch,
son, why don’t you claim her properly, dinner can wait.”

“How about it, Emily, are you ready for me?” The other man said, pulling up
close to her. He reached out, cupped her breasts with his hands, and
smiled. Emily gasped at the pleasure his touch caused and couldn’t help but
present her bosom for easy fondling.

“Slave Emily is very horny, Master. She is ready to service you.” Emily
chimed as the man pinched her nipples playfully. She couldn’t believe what
she’d just said, or what was happening to her. She was becoming a slave,
her body was already subservient to her new programming, and she had no
idea how long her mind could last.

“Wonderful, why don’t you lay back and spread you’re legs while I get
ready.” The man commanded. Emily bowed her head for a moment, trying to
fight back against her new drives, her new programming, but her fight
didn’t last long. She just had to do what he wanted, and it was truly mere
moments before she was lying back on the grass were her legs spread lewdly.
Emily rested there as the man prepared himself, internally she had to fight
not to think about sex, or the satisfaction that her programming had her
appropriately wet and positioned to be claimed.

“Don’t mind us we’re just claiming a new slave, you’re all free to watch if
you like.” The other man laughed at the small crowd that was assembling.
Emily shuddered at the thought of a crowd of gawkers watching her being
used, but all she could do about it was blush ever so slightly as she
listened to their whispers.

“Oh, with a body like that I wish I’d gotten a license for today.”

“And just look how wet her pussy is, she must be a natural slave.”

“Wow! That’s little Emily Parsons, I never though anyone would get her!”

“Really? Oh yeah, you’re right, man I hope these hunters feel like sharing
today, she’s a real babe!” “I bet her pussy’s real tight to, may be even

Emily couldn’t do anything but listen as the crowd whispered around her.
She cringed each time she recognized a voice. Some of them were her
neighbors or coworkers, and each one was talking about how much they’d
dreamed about fucking her. For a moment she almost forgot her position and
felt a burning hatred at their chauvinistic attitudes. That little
distraction didn’t last long though, as the immediate target of her
attention was ready for her now.

“Tell, me Emily, are you a virgin?” The man asked as he crawled over her
naked body. Emily pulled her legs open further and lifted her hips
instinctively. She looked between them and couldn’t help but lust after the
magnificent tool that was swinging between his legs. Emily shuddered at the
insidious power her new programming had. She was locked in a cage as she
watched her body do the bidding of its new owner. All the while the new
directives of her slave programming seeped into her mind, subverting her to
her new existence completely. She truly wanted that cock inside her,
defiling her and fucking her into blissful slavery.

“Slave Emily has been fucked three times Master, but she will still be nice
and tight for a man so well hung as you.” Emily answered, her entire body
quaking in anticipation. She had never been this horny before, no doubt
another effect of her new programming, she thought. The man lowered himself
between her legs now and positioned himself at her gates. Emily was nearly
overwhelmed by the feeling of his tool parting her nether lips, but all she
could do was hold her hips steady and wait for him to claim her.

The man above her simply smiled for a moment as he rested at her entrance.
Then he grabbed onto both of her breasts and pressed into Emily’s waiting
flesh. She thrust her hips back to meet him and felt his shaft sink into
her. Emily couldn’t believe she was really doing this, but quickly found
herself rippling her pussy in ways she’d never thought of before yet
instinctively knowing that they would please her master. He was a large man
as well, and Emily swore she could feel every vein on his shaft as it
pulsed within her. This was the proper place for a slave, she thought, on
her back servicing her master. Emily didn’t want to be a slave, she still
fought the personal implications of slavery, but the programming had
solidified the abstract notions of a slave’s role inside her mind. She knew
the proper role of a slave and the programming in her mind now worked to
convince her that she was a slave and properly accept her own role.

“You’re a slave now, Emily, how does it feel?” The man laughed right into
her face as he started to fuck her. Emily’s first response was simply a cry
of pleasure as she worked herself against his plunging shaft, drawing out
every once of pleasure she could. None of her earlier experiences had been
like this, and the small part of her still in control wondered how much the
programming was responsible for. It didn’t matter now, though, even if she
could regain control from the programming, the pleasure she was receiving
was more than she could resist.

“Glorious, Master! Fuck this slave!” Emily cried out as she thrust herself
back against him. She couldn’t control herself, every thrust was like a
revelation, showing her the true purpose of being. Emily moaned shamelessly
as he squeezed on her mammaries while plunging into her seething flesh. She
wrapped her legs around him and drew him in as he claimed her.

“See how easy it is, guys! Even little miss innocent here can be made into
a slave. Just look at how wet and willing she is.” The other man addressed
the crowd as Emily and her master coupled on the ground. His words sank
into Emily and jolted loose her thoughts from the animal desires that were
controlling her.

“Oh, God! No! Please Master! Emily, uh, Emily doesn’t want, oh, this! She
doesn’t, uh, want to be a slave!” Emily screamed as she ground her body
against the hunter who was claiming her. She instinctively fucked him,
caressing his shaft and matching his thrusts. She couldn’t help herself,
she had to do it, had to fuck him. Her objections didn’t matter, she had to
please him. That was her programming, she understood that, but the needs it
burned into her were real and beyond any ability to control.

The man claiming her simply smiled and shoved his manhood fully into her.
Emily rippled around his shaft fervently now, knowing that she had to bring
forth his seed. He cupped her breasts again and squeezed them just as Emily
felt his manhood begin to twitch. Emily screamed in ecstasy as she felt the
first shot of his seed blast against the depths of her passage. She reached
up and kissed her master passionately as she felt her depths being filled.
Emily’s tongue danced with his as his seed burned into her. She kept
squeezing him with the walls of her pussy as well, determined to milk every
drop from him like a good slave.

The pair remained locked together like that for several minutes before he
broke their embrace. Emily just rested on her back as he smiled at her and
pulled himself free. She cooed as his girth slipped from her, then felt a
new shift roll through her mind. It tingled around her senses for a moment
then she resumed her kneeling position before her master.

“Master, slave Emily has been claimed and bonded by your DNA as per the
Federal Bonding Act, this slave is now officially registered and licensed.
Her free woman status has been revoked and all assets have been transferred
to you. Would you like this slave to clean you manhood of our juices now?”
Emily recited, knowing that this was the official notice of her new life.
She was his now, his to play with and modify, everything she had was his to
control, including her mind.

The man simply nodded and Emily quickly moved in to do the job. She wrapped
her tongue around his limp shaft and diligently cleaned every ounce of
their juices from him. Emily was shocked at how pleasant the experience
was, though she recognized that her programming was pumping her mind with
positive feedback at her actions. She’d tried oral once before, though she
hadn’t really liked it, now was different, she was a slave, and a slave was
always willing to serve her master.

Emily couldn’t help but take her time, she had to clean her master
properly, she knew. The first thing she noticed was the taste, every drop
of his seed was pure candy, more delicious than anything she’d ever tasted
before. Then came his cock. Emily traced her tongue over every vein and
bulge of his shaft, studying it, knowing that this was the center of her
new existence. She couldn’t suppress the feeling of wonder that came at
being so close to such a god like tool and pure awe at having the privilege
of serving it.

When his shaft started to harden within her mouth, Emily swooned with joy.
The slave was pleasuring her master and he liked it. She found herself
sucking on him instead of just licking off their juices. As she did, her
mind suddenly opened and Emily found the knowledge of how to pleasure a man
orally spread out inside her thoughts. She latched on to the most
pleasurable technique and focused on brining her master to another
wonderful orgasm. Every moan he uttered filled Emily with joy as she worked
between his legs, recognition for her fine work. Finally, she felt him
begin to quiver and felt his shaft bulge within her mouth as his seed
flowed into her. Emily shuddered as well, the taste of his juices sending
her into an orgasm of her own.

After she’d finished cleaning him again she sat back in her presentation
position and waited for her next command. Emily seethed inside, she
couldn’t help but do all of this and she knew this was only the beginning.
Her mind burned with conflicting thoughts. Her body shook with arousal,
reeling both from the fucking she’d just received and her service to her
master’s shaft. Emily hated what she’d been forced to do by her new
programming, but she could feel it seeping thoughts of encouragement into
even now. A good slave was grateful for every pleasure she could grant her

“You want to ride her pops?” Her Master asked.

“Nah, you’re mother’s waiting at home and she’ll need some attentions. I’m
sure some of our little audience would love to oblige though, if you’re
looking to share.” The older man smiled. “I’ll be going now, I’ll make sure
theirs still something warm in the oven for you when you get back.”

“Alright, your loss.” The young man laughed. He smiled and turned to the
small crowd that had gathered around. “Alright, I heard a few of you say
you knew this little slave, if you’re interested in having a stab at her,
step up.”

The line quickly formed and Emily surveyed the crowd as best she could
given that she could move her head. Many of them she didn’t know, but
several she did, some were just workers in shops she passed through, and
some were coworkers. A few more she had considered as friends, and now all
of them were lined up to use her. Her mind reeled at the thought, but her
body flushed, her pussy quaked, heating itself for the task ahead. She felt
her chest heave as she began to pant with uncontrollable excitement, her
breasts rising and falling with each labored breath. She could feel that
her nipples were hard as rocks and her clit aching between her legs. Emily
knew she was a slave now, getting so horny for her coming use, but she
couldn’t help it either.

“It looks like you’re pretty popular, Emily. Now, I want you to stand up
and pick four of these fine gentlemen out to fuck you. I want each one to
leave a deposit in either your mouth or pussy, their choice. The rest of
you guys can watch but after these four we have to go home.” The master

Emily shuddered as she stood up. Her mind whirled at the order she’d just
received. She’d barely fuck a dozen times in her life and now she was being
asked to choose four partners for herself. Emily’s eyes rolled over the
small crowd of men, each one looking hopeful for a roll in the hay with
her. She couldn’t believe she had to choose like this, and fought against
the notion. This slave must select them now! Emily shuddered as the
directive floored her. This slave must pleasure four men or her choosing,
Emily shivered at her own thoughts. She closed her eyes for a moment, and
the directive slammed her mind again, this time taking control. This slave
will fuck the four men here who knew her best.

“Thomas, Rick, Barry, and Joe, slave Emily has selected you.” Emily chimed
in a sing song voice. She felt herself quiver again at the thought. Thomas
and Rick were both two of her oldest male friends and Barry and Joe had
worked with her for years. She knew her programming was punishing her for
resistance, forcing her to perform for those she’d otherwise least want to.
Her body was still racing with sexual need and no sooner had the four
stepped forward then she walked up to Thomas.

“Let me undress you, Thomas.” Emily smiled and quickly set to work
undressing her friend. She couldn’t help but give him friendly little rubs
as she slipped off his clothes. Emily easily noticed just how buffed and
trim Thomas was, and when she finally pulled down his shorts she swooned at
the hardened shaft rising before her.

Thomas reached down, pulled her naked form to his, and held her. His hands
roamed over her tender flesh, and Emily shuddered.

“How is it Em? What’s it like being a little slave girl?” Thomas asked as
he reached his hands up and cupped both of her breasts. Emily cooed as he
rolled her tender flesh, her mind locked in a storm over how to respond to
his question. Her honest feelings and those of her programming tearing
against the other.

“It’s amazing and horrible, Thomas. Slave Emily has never been this horny,
or felt such wondrous pleasure, but she is now a slave with a master.”
Emily replied, her tone cheerful despite her own feelings. Her hands
reached up and helped him squeeze her chest. “Fuck me, Thomas, Master
commands it and this slave wants you to make her feel like a free woman one
last time.”

Thomas bent down and kissed her passionately and Emily melted against him.
He quickly lowered her to the ground and Emily quickly spread her legs for
him as she came to a rest atop the grass. Her body was aching for him, and
when his shaft finally touched the gates to her womanhood Emily cried out
in ecstasy. Thomas didn’t waste any time with her, and she squealed as his
shaft plunged to her very depth.

“Oh Thomas!” Emily wailed. He was larger than her master, and she couldn’t
help but quake at the fullness of his shaft inside her. The volume of
sexual knowledge inside her slave programming came alive again, the earlier
instinct that had driven her fucking became a slew of choices for exactly
how to pleasure a man. Emily chose her method and started fucking back
against her friend, squeezing with her pussy just as the programming told
her to.

“Oh god, Emily!” Thomas moaned as Emily worked her new magic on him. She
instantly beamed at his outburst, finding satisfaction at his pleasure.
Emily didn’t stop concentrating for a moment, determined to help draw out
their love making as he plunged into her quivering form.

“Enjoy this slave, Thomas, fuck her hard!” Emily cooed as their bodies
slammed against each other. Emily felt herself giving in fully to her
programming, the sex was just too powerful and her need was just so strong
that she couldn’t resist. She wrapped her legs around his thighs opening
herself to his thrusts. Emily could feel his shaft sink to her very depths
and marveled as his sack slapped between her legs.

It wasn’t long before Emily could feel Thomas nearing his release. She did
her best to draw it out but a slave had to give pleasure, not withhold it
and the longer she tried to fight, the harder it was to maintain her
discipline. Finally, she gave in, and Emily began fucking Thomas to bring
his release. Her entire body worked with her, all the way to the pulsing
flesh between her legs.

When Thomas finally groaned in ecstasy, Emily joined him, her own release
sparked by the sensation of his seed splashing inside her. Her body quaked
as she milked the cock inside her, satisfied not just in her own pleasure
but in her performance as well. A good slave takes pride in the pleasure
she gives. Emily took the time offered her to savor the feeling of a large
man inside her, not just using her but loving her. She wished she could ask
why Thomas had remained, but she really didn’t want to know the answer.
Emily wanted to savor these last attachments to her old freedom, her last
chance to taste of her old life, even if it was through her new slave form.

Emily quickly finished servicing Thomas. She noted that his semen wasn’t
nearly as delicious as her master’s, even if his cock was bigger. Emily
even found herself licking her lips at the memory of her master’s taste.
She tried to fight back the thought, but a good slave always preferred the
taste of her master.

Finally she was done and she walked up to the next of the four men. Emily
grabbed his hands and held them over her heaving chest. “How do you like
them, Rick? It’s your turn with slave Emily, and she’s still nice and
horny. See just how hard her nipples are? They get just like little rocks
when Emily’s really hot.”

It was true too, she couldn’t help it. Emily quickly undressed Rick and
fucked him with the same passion as she had Thomas. Barry and Joe followed
with a rousing fuck each. The whole time, Emily was burning up with need,
even as they were fucking her furiously. Each release was just pure heaven
to her aching flesh. In the end, she was still burning with need as she
licked Joe’s shaft clean, but savored every taste and touch. A good slave
never let slip a chance to enjoy giving pleasure.

“Okay boys, one last hurrah for our newest little slave girl!” Master
yelled. Emily was kneeling in her presentation position after finishing her
service to Joe and she looked up to see all the rest of the men in the
crowd masturbating around her. Then she felt herself being splashed with
their seed.

“Oh, Oh! God! Oh GOD!” Emily squealed with every splash against her. She
felt a ripple of pleasure each time, unable to help herself as she was
quickly covered with a couple dozen men’s semen. The festivities went on
for several minutes as the men took turns walking up to her and aiming for
a clean place on her body.

“Alright Emily, it’s time to go home.” Emily’s master said after the final
man had completed his task. Emily felt both wonderfully slutty and horribly
embarrassed at being covered from head to toe in semen. A good slave always
loved semen, no matter where it fell.

Walking to her Master’s home like that was a supreme embarrassment. She
went the whole way naked, save her shoes. She had to walk proudly, jutting
out her jiggling chest as she strode behind her master. Plenty of men
whistled and jeered at her as she passed. None touched her though, that was
more than allowed of any man’s slave. Never in her life had Emily felt so
cheap or out of control, of course she was a slave now, her life was no
longer her own.

Finally they arrived at her Master’s home and Emily followed him in. It was
a normal home, not exceptionally spacious but large enough to house the men
of the family and more than a few slaves.

“Hello Master, congratulations on your successful hunt.” Chimed a sweet and
completely naked young girl as Emily’s Master entered their home.

Emily recognized the girl immediately. She was Megan Fizer, a neighbor girl
of sixteen who had been taken in a hunt last year. She had changed now
though. Her breasts were much larger and firmer now, and her body was
hairless except for a small patch over her pussy and a long main of blonde
hair flowing from her head.

“Hello Megan, please take care to clean up and prepare Emily for me. You
have my instructions.” Master ordered. Her turned to Emily and fondled her
breasts. “Emily while you’re alone with Megan you are to do everything she
says, and accept new programming from her. Otherwise, you are free to
converse with her without restriction.”

“Thank you, Master.” Emily chimed, oddly honest in her response. She
shuddered that even such minor freedom was cause for thanks and celebration
now. Emily could scarcely believe just how much she’d just lost. Here she
was being openly fondled by a man who now owned her and she was thankful
that he was giving her a bare moment in which she was free to be something
of herself.

“Okay, Emily, I bet you can’t wait to get Master’s full slave program
installed!” Megan giggled, pulling at Emily’s arm. Emily just gasped at
such a notion and limply followed Megan as the slave girl dragged her
upstairs. Megan cheerfully pulled Emily into the bathroom and started the

“First we need to get you all clean and shiny. Come on in the shower.”
Megan pushed Emily into the running water. Megan followed behind a moment
later and started lathering Emily’s naked body.

“Oh, you’ve got a really nice body, Emi! Master was so lucky to get you.”
Megan cooed as she washed the remains of Emily’s initiation from her skin.
Megan paid special attention to Emily’s breasts after she’d finished with
the rest. “And don’t worry about you’re little boobies either, Master will
make sure you get a nice big pair like mine!”

Emily was hovering in a daze as all of this happened to her. She was lost,
completely adrift from the notion that she was just a sex slave for a man
now. That she was being fondled and cleaned by another sex slave just
reinforced the strangeness of her new reality. Emily had been a free woman
just hours before, master of her own destiny, and now, now she was only a
toy for the pleasure of men. It was just too much to accept.

“Oh God!” Emily wailed, her voice finally breaking through her shattered

“It’s alright, everything will be better after you get the full
programming.” Megan cooed, trying to soothe the trembling woman in her

“How can you say that? This slave is going to be a slave!” Emily cried. She
knew it didn’t matter, Megan was already lost, already programmed for her
new existence. There might be a shred of the free girl she’d once been
buried inside, but that Megan was ruled now by her programming. Emily
couldn’t expect any help, much less sympathy from the poor thing that was
sharing her shower. In fact, Emily knew in short order, she’d be joining
Megan fully in the same fate.

“Yes, and you’ll love it! Your whole world will change after the
programming, Emi! You’ll know just how important being a slave is,
especially to Master. Before I was claimed I never knew how important it
was to be a slave and to give men pleasure, but I can’t think of anything
better now. Master is great too, not only does he like to fuck a lot, but
he lets me fuck other guys too, whenever I want to or they do. It’s great!”
Megan rattled off. She genuinely seemed to enjoy her fate, Emily realized.
She wondered if she would turn out like that, happy to be a slave. Emily
had heard stories about being a slave, that slaves weren’t always fully
programmed, that the original person still had some control. Still those
were just rumors. Slavers didn’t much care what their property felt so long
as it performed, and so long as the slavers were happy with the product, no
one much cared to investigate. At least no one who could did. Occasionally,
one of the radical feminist groups opposed to slavery would capture and try
to deprogram a slave. Emily had never read of any success, but then no one
but the federal slaving authorities actually understood how the technology
really worked, and they weren’t about to share the specifics with anyone.

After Emily stayed silent for the rest of her cleaning, Megan piped up
again. “All right, all clean. Are you ready for your programming?”

Emily shook her head emphatically. She didn’t want this, she knew it had to
be but she didn’t want it. Megan smiled back warmly, understanding shining
in her eyes. At least she knew what was going through her mind.

“You’ll feel better, and I can’t wait long, Master always likes to fuck
something after he’s had desert and I want it to be me.” Megan explained as
she picked up a programming device. It wasn’t much, just a small metallic
cylinder. Emily felt a strange stirring insider her just looking at the
device, she knew its purpose, and instinctively she kneeled to the floor
and present the back of her neck. She tried to fight against this act of
submission, but Emily couldn’t make herself move, there was programming to
receive and she had to wait and become the slave her master wanted.

Emily felt Megan press the device against the ring on the back of her neck
and her whole world shuddered again. This time it was different, her mind
shifted, but she could watch as things moved in her mind. Her life, her
priorities all shifted before her. Before she had hopes, dreams aspirations
for herself, even the wish for an honest husband and family. Emily felt
those desires slip away, now she only wanted to be a slave, a whore for her
master. That was her purpose. Her mind filled with examples of how to serve
him, what he liked, and Emily lapped them up. She was a slave now, his
slave, and she had to be ready to please him any way she could.

“Isn’t that better, Emi?” Megan asked after she pulled the device away.

“Oh, yeah, everything is so clear now!” Emily giggled. “I’m Master’s little
sex toy! Come on, he’s got to be getting done with supper and I want to be
his desert!”

Emily felt an odd ring inside herself at the thought. It was hollow now
though, an echo of her old self, she realized, the one who had other
dreams. Now though, she was getting herself nice and wet thinking about her
master, her old self wouldn’t help her get Master to enjoy her after he’d

“Ah, my slaves return, how are you girls?” Master asked, his eyes surveying
his two servants as they both bounced into the room, each completely naked,
just as he preferred.

“Wonderful, Master!” They chimed in unison. Both girls giggled at their
timing before moving into position. They fell to the floor, on their knees
with their rears pointed to the ceiling and their heads on the floor. Emily
felt a little strange doing this, but she knew this was how her master
liked to enjoy his women after supper. She was terribly horny now, and was
consumed by the hope that he would take his pleasure with her instead of

“You seem to have taken well to the programming Emily. I’m glad, it was
such a shame you’ve been free this long, don’t you agree?” He asked as he
reached up and cupped her bare pussy.

“Oh, god, Master! I can’t believe I ever wanted anything except your
wonderful thick cock! Please, fuck me!” Emily squealed. His touch
overwhelmed her senses, she couldn’t believe how good it felt. None of her
old reservations about sex stood in the way now. She was a slave, this was
her purpose in life, and there wasn’t any reason to be ashamed.

“Just as it should be, just as it should be.” Emily’s master laughed as he
positioned himself behind his first catch and sank into her depths. Emily
was just another slave girl now, just like most of the women in the world.
The free ones didn’t know what they were missing, and Emily was learning
just how much she’d missed all these years. She couldn’t imagine a better
fate than this, and accepted her Master’s cock with joy. Emily moaned with
unrestrained lust as she took her master’s shaft inside herself again. This
was the life, she thought, being a slave, having sex and not having any
worries. There wasn’t anything more she could have ever asked for.

Except of course to have been claimed earlier.

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