Hardbodies, Soft Minds

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Mind Control


Part I

Natalie Morrison used to consider herself to be something of an ardent

feminist, a social campaigner even. But lately she had begun to change her
attitudes on a number of key issues. The funny thing was she didn’t really
know why her views were changing. Maybe she was just mellowing, she
thought. But even then she had to admit that it was a strange time in her
life to be experiencing such an about-turn. She was working as a highly
respected prosecuting lawyer and preparing for a court battle with a
pornography business, Pornutopia Enterprises, accused of exploiting and
degrading it’s staff of secretaries and models. The odd thing was ever that
since taking on this case she had started to feel more and more
sympathetictowards the views of the business she was supposed to be

Natalie was a stunning black woman. She had everything, intelligence,

beauty and grace. Her ringletted black hair twisted down around her
shoulders, and her voluptuous hour-glass figure of 46-30-38 (36-F) made men
ache in her presence. In fact she looked sexier in her elegant business
suit — crisp lines and dark brown eyes peering over the thin rimmed
glasses — than most women did in stockings and suspenders.

But it wasn’t her looks that had won her her cases. She had an

incredibly sharp mind and astute legal brain. She had spent the early part
of her career in Legal Aid fighting for ethnic people victimised for their
colour. But now that she had been headhunted by a large prestigious law
firm in the city she was keen not to be seen selling out or deserting her
roots. It was for this reason that she had taken on the tough case against
Pornutopia Enterprises, a subsidiary of a large multinational company.
Because not only did they present women in a very demeaning light, but
their films often displayed racist undercurrents, only ever depicting black
women as maids or strippers.

As part of her job she was required to find out as much as about

Pornutopia as possible, and part of this meant analysing their product;
reading their magazines and watching their videos. She was beginning to
wonder if all this exposure to their product wasn’t beginning to have some
kind of adverse effect on her. Or perhaps now that she had seen this form
of pornographic exploitation she didn’t think it was as bad as she’d
thought. In truth she didn’t know what to think. For some reason it was
becoming more and more difficult to think straight lately; and she would
admit that she had lost something of her old sharpness and cutting edge.
Indeed recently she had started doing something she was desperately ashamed
of, and wouldn’t dream of telling any of her colleagues about.

The first thing she did in the morning now, when she got to the office,

was to lock her door, switch the TV on and insert her favourite Pornutopia
video into the VCR. It was called, “HardBodies, Soft Minds”. Natalie had
found the tape in a large box of Pornutopia merchandise. Although she found
their product disgusting and offensive in every possible way she justified
her actions by reasoning that it was part of her job to watch them, however
sordid their content.

The odd thing was Natalie had already poured over a whole bunch of

their dirty mags and sleazy little films by the time she came to this
particular video. She had assumed that she’d become immune to the constant
stream of crude, tacky images and sickeningly trite representations of
women as sex objects. But something strange had occurred when she watched
this title for the first time. She remembered glancing up from her desk as
the title sequence began and then looking back down at her notes as usual.
But gradually, as the video continued, her attention became more and more
focused on the screen and less and less on her work. Until after a few
minutes she forgot to take notes altogether and was concentrating all her
attention on the video.

It was not a story as such, but rather a lecture given by a typical

porno hardbody wearing only a frilly bra, frilly knickers and high-heels.
She was standing by a lectern in front of a movie screen, giving a talk on
how sluttish sex was every woman’s duty. Projected behind her was a series
of swirling patterns. The rapt audience was made up entirely of women, all
sitting and listening patiently in their work uniforms; policewomen, air
hostesses, teachers, secretaries, traffic wardens and waitresses. Natalie’s
first reaction was that this woman looked plastic; silicone breasts, permed
hair dyed blonde, collagen lips and an obsessively toned and exercised
body. In fact as a black woman she found the image even more offensive; it
smacked of fascism and the predominantly white media obsession with busty
blonde white girls. Not only that but one thing that seemed to run through
all Pornutopia’s images was the strange uniform expression on the women’s
faces; they looked empty, braindead. Almost as if they were just
titillating bodies and nothing going on upstairs. Their eyes all looked
vacant and passive. But the more she watched it the more she began to envy
these women and admire their slick sexuality. The busty blonde speaker on
the video said, “The only thing coming between you and sluttishness is your
mind. When a woman thinks, she looks ugly. When she learns to clear her
mind and just be, she looks sexy and desirable.” And behind her patterns
danced and swirled, with the colours changing in a way that was designed to
lull and regulate the viewer’s brainwaves. “A brainy woman is an ugly
woman,” the model said clearly.

Now normally Natalie would have switched something like this off in

disgust. But she had to keep watching; mainly at this stage because she was
being paid to analyse the tape, but also because her mind was being slowly
softened by the swirling, hypnotic patterns projected behind the beautiful
speaker’s firm body. “A brainy woman is an ugly woman.” In fact after
watching the video for only five minutes Natalie was no longer aware of
what the woman was saying. Her wide brown eyes were glued to the screen,
which seemed to be at the end of a tunnel around which her office only
fuzzed. Natalie did not hear the women’s instructions to surrender her mind
to the wonderful world of Pornutopia or her brazenly racist remarks. But
they were nevertheless being said openly and with a confident tone of voice
and therefore finding their way into Natalie’s mind on a subconscious

A week after coming across it and having just watched it for about the

sixth or seventh time, Natalie was in a highly suggestible state. And when
it got to the part where the woman stood up and started chanting, “A brainy
woman is an ugly woman. A brainy woman is an ugly woman. A brainy woman is
an ugly woman,” and the female audience joined in, standing up and slowly
peeling out of their everyday uniforms to reveal hundreds of beautifully
toned and curvy figures, Natalie joined in with the chant herself,
unbuttoning her blouse and stepping out of her knee length skirt right
there in her office.

In the next part of the video the same woman appeared sitting in a

leather chair opposite another model who looked like her double. Like the
Barbi Twins. Both were dressed in their underwear and both had large
silicone-enhanced breasts, both vacant looking blondes. “I’m joined today
by Cindy,” the female speaker said. “We want to talk about why it’s so
important for women to become slaves to Pornutopia.”

“Well all women want to be slaves to Pornutopia, I think that goes

without saying,” Cindy said. “Any woman that doesn’t is obviously an old
dyke.” Both of the women laughed as if this was the wittiest thing anyone
had ever said. Natalie laughed too.

The following day Jenni, Natalie’s secretary, had walked in and

disturbed Natalie from her hypnotic stupor at this very point. “I’ve
brought you those files, Miss Morrison… Miss Morrison… Miss,” she
repeated when she got no response from her boss. “Are you alright,
Natalie?” she asked, looking at the groggy woman.

“Hmm? What? Oh yes, yes Jenni thank you,” Natalie said. Stumbling for a

way to explain the fact that her blouse was undone and her skirt was lying
on the floor. “It’s very hot in here today, don’t you think.”

“Erm, I thought it was a bit cold myself. You don’t think you’re coming

down with anything do you?” her secretary asked, trying not to stare at her
boss’s open blouse. They had gone to the gym together once and Jenni had
been stunned by Miss Morrison’s body as they sat together in the sauna
afterwards. She had breasts to die for. Huge, creamy brown and buoyant with
large dark nipples. So it was hard not to look now as they strained inside
her heavy-duty black bra.

“Yes, maybe that’s it,” Natalie said. Her thoughts returning to her


“What are you watching?”
“Oh God it’s for that Pornutopia case,” Natalie said, pretending to

find it abhorrent.

“Don’t they look ridiculous,” Jenni scoffed. “What is it some kind of

erotic interview scene or something?”

“I know it’s so silly but I have to watch them.” The effects of the

video were beginning to wear off of Natalie’s public persona now, thanks to
Jenni’s timely interruption. But she had already been exposed to this
dangerous inculcation on too many previous occasions and whether she knew
it or not was trapped inside its insidious loop.

She found herself returning to the same video time and again during the

following weeks — time that would have been better spent working on the
court case. What Natalie Morrison did not and could not realise was that
this was not a rental video at all — even though the packaging was
carefully designed to suggest that it was. In reality Caroline Hanson, the
female Public Relations Officer at Pornutopia, had deliberately slipped it
in with the rest of the evidence that they’d been obliged to submit,
knowing that Miss Morrison — who had a very good reputation and was
therefore a definite threat to them — would have to sit down and watch it
at some point during her preparation, and thus expose herself to
Pornutopia’s internal Mind Control video: the same training video they
issued to all their female employees, both secretaries and models, when
they first arrived. Thus ensuring that the company gained a subtle control
of their employees’ minds from the very beginning. And now, three weeks
later, Natalie was about to play the training video again. Still completely
unaware that her slow change of attitudes were due directly to this very
tape. All she knew was that for some reason she got a real kick out of
watching it — in fact what had happened was that she had become addicted
to the euphoric trance-state that the video was designed to create.

The third segment of the video showed the beautiful blonde speaker

getting up from the chair, walking over and addressing the camera directly.
This gave the impression that she was looking right down the camera’s lens
and straight into the viewer’s eyes. So that after the earlier part of the
video had induced the hypnotic trance the dazed viewer was convinced that
the whole video was made specifically for her.

“I used to think that pornography degraded women, but now I realise

that all women want to be sluts,” the woman said.

“I used to think that it was demeaning for women to strip and fuck for

money, but now I know that it’s all that women want to do.”

“I used to think that women deserved equal rights, but now I know that

we are not clever enough for such a responsibility,” she said, and Natalie
slowly nodded her head in agreement.

“I used to think that women were multifaceted and could compete with

men in the workplace, but now I know that women are for cleaning, cooking
and fucking.”

“I used to think that it was wrong for women to be exploited by

Pornutopia Enterprises, but now I know that Pornutopia Enterprises are the
most wonderful employers in the world,” the woman gushed to the camera and
again Natalie nodded her head.

“I used to think. Period. But now I realise how ugly that made me

look.” Natalie smiled in agreement. She had watched this video once a day
for the last three weeks, which meant over twenty times, and it was
beginning to take a real toll on her mind. Now whenever she caught herself
thinking about any part of the Pornutopia case her first reaction was,
“When a woman thinks, she looks ugly,” and, “When she learns to clear her
mind and just be, she looks sexy and desirable. A brainy woman is an ugly
woman.” These implanted maxims put Natalie off thinking about the case in
any real depth. Thus her usual meticulous research and study just went
straight out of the window. In fact lately she had begun to wonder if she
had gone into the right profession at all. All those girls in the
Pornutopia videos looked so happy, so contented. She had let her parents
push her into this job. They had pushed all their children to study hard
and get ‘good’ jobs. She had an older sister who was a doctor and a younger
brother who was training to be an architect. She guessed it was
understandable. I mean they were a poor family struggling to live in a
small rundown flat in Brixton and they wanted their children to escape all
that. But Natalie felt now that they’d been wrong to force their daughters
into this kind of work. Women aren’t really right for this kind of thing,
their job is to look sexy and desirable, and they can’t do that if they are
required to think.

Natalie came out of her office, looking stunned and glassy-eyed. She

ignored Jenni’s questions about the case and walked out to buy a copy of

That weekend Natalie held a dinner party for a few friends and

colleagues. Just before eight o’clock when they were due to arrive Natalie
looked at herself in the mirror and decided that her dress was all wrong.
She was wearing a elegant sleeveless black dress that came down to her
ankles. But she slipped out of it in favour of a much more dressy number, a
dark evening blue with a kind of halter-top trimmed with gold that went
around her neck and drew attention to her fabulously huge titties. She ran
her hand over her dark skin and bounced a big breast in her palm to remind
herself how lovely and firm they were. Next she opened her draw and removed
the purple lipstick that she reserved for intimate moments with her
boyfriends and applied a deep thick layer, smacking her lips and smiling at
her own reflection. Then she changed into a pair of high-heeled court shoes
and went downstairs to receive her guests.

Her appearance caused a few mouths to fall open, and not just from the

men. A few of the women were surprised that Natalie of all people would
dress so seductively for what they thought was just supposed to a casual
evening with friends. Of course no one said anything.

As the evening wore on and the conversation progressed Natalie realised

how out of touch she had become with world news and current affairs. Her
excuse was that she had been too busy with her case and the guests all
murmured their appreciation. But Natalie knew it wasn’t true. She just
didn’t care about politics anymore — it was tedious. And the only thing
about her case that she’d been spending any time on was masturbating to
Pornutopia’s extensive range of adult videos.

“So, Nat,” her friend Emile said. “What are the videos really like?” He

had heard about their racist slant from a separate source.

“Well to be honest, they’re not that bad. I mean I suppose they might

seem a little risqué at first, but they’re really quite harmless. Some of
them are even rather good,” Natalie said matter-of-factly.

“You’re joking me right?” he said.
“No, I’m not. Some of the women are incredibly beautiful; big tits,

blue eyes, blonde hair…”

“Oh come on,” Pam said. “Quit fooling.”
“No really,” Natalie said.
“But what about the court case, the charge of degradation, the blacks

as strippers and maids.”

“So?” Natalie said. “You look at any Hollywood film, take Independence

Day for example, the black female character in that’s a stripper, right.
It’s normal.”

“But that doesn’t make it right, it just shows how endemic the problem

is. No group should be constantly portrayed as stupid and sex mad. Whatever
sex, whatever colour.”

“You’re not a dyke are you, Pam?” Natalie joked. There was an awkward

silence then when none of her friends laughed.

“All pornography cheapens women because the sisters’s dignity is

sacrificed for male kicks,” Pam argued forcefully.

“You’re wrong,” Natalie said. “These women look really sexy. If you

asked them to think it would be a terrible mistake. A woman can’t be sexy
and intelligent. They’re sluts and they enjoy it. And I’m quite sure if you
gave any woman a choice between brains or a killer body she would choose
the body every time.”

“What? Nat, what are you talking about? What’s got into you?” Simone

said. Saying what the rest of the party were thinking.

Suddenly something inside Natalie woke up. The radical old Natalie

Morrison, the civil rights activist.

Part II

Shaken by the shocked looks on her friends’ faces she excused herself

and ran to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and splashed cold water
on her face. What was she talking about… women as sluts? She couldn’t
believe the things coming out of her own mouth. And look at her mouth,
coated with thick bright lipstick.

She dialled her secretary on the upstairs phone and said, “Hi, Jenni,

it’s Natalie. Listen, I know this sounds funny, and I’m sorry to call you
on the weekend, but I wonder if you could do me a favour?”

“Yes Miss Morrison,” Jenni said, a bit confused, she’d been kicking

back with a glass of red wine and an old Cary Grant movie.

“This is a favour, call me Natalie.”
“Natalie,” Jenni said.
“It’s just I’ve been watching so many of these videos I think my

brain’s turning to jelly. Do you think you could cast a critical eye over
one of them for me and tell me what you think? I hate to do it to you but
I’m snowed under and I can’t seem to think straight at the moment.”

“No problem, what would you like me to look at?”
“It’s called, “HardBodies, Soft Minds”. Perhaps you could go into work

a little earlier on Monday morning, watch it, make a few notes and tell me
what you think.”

“Yes Miss Morrison… I mean, Natalie, no problem at all. See you on

Monday then.”

With that weight off her mind Natalie returned downstairs to her dinner

guests, still feeling a little unnerved by some of things that had come out
of her own mouth. She said, “I’m sorry. I haven’t really flipped. It’s just
I’m preparing for the case and I wanted to play devil’s advocate with you
tonight. I wanted to see how you’d react to the sort of statements that I
know I’m going to have to face myself.”

Her guests laughed and breathed a collective sigh of relief. “My God,

Nat,” Emile said. “We thought you’d been brainwashed or something.”

“Girl, you had us worried,” Pam echoed.
The rest of the night passed without incident. But after all her

friends had gone home Natalie was left wondering what had come over her
recently. Was it really just a case of becoming desensitised to the videos
she’d been watching? And if so, why did she feel less and less interested
in winning her case against Pornutopia?

Jenni arrived early the following day, went through to Natalie’s

office, pulled up a chair, rested her notebook on her lap and pressed play
on the VCR. She was happy to take on extra work. She didn’t want to be a
secretary all her life and was in fact putting herself through a law degree
at night school herself.

But before long Jenni was captivated by the background colours and the

beautiful young women with their heavy silicone-enhanced tits, and when her
notebook slipped off her lap and onto the floor she didn’t even notice. She
was mesmerised. When the tape finished she rewound it and played the whole
thing again.

“Well, what did you think of the video?” Natalie asked her secretary

when she arrived at the office. Failing to notice that Jenni was sitting in
her damp knickers with her blouse open to reveal her lacy white bra.

“I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it,” Jenni said dreamily.

She had already watched the tape five times this morning and her
indoctrination was well under way. “In fact I thought the whole thing was
very… stimulating.”

“Good. Right, well that’s that sorted then,” Natalie said staring at

her secretary’s open blouse and for some reason trying to
imagine how she’d look after a boob-job. The validation of the video from
her secretary seemed to absolve Natalie of the guilt she’d been feeling,
allowing her to relax a bit more. “If you agree and then my friends were
obviously just showing their
ignorance of Pornutopia Enterprises last night.”

I wonder if they’re all as fuckable as Natalie, she thought. Then Jenni

caught herself, and was actually shocked by her own thoughts. In fact, they
didn’t feel as if they were quite her own thoughts.

“You know I was thinking of phoning Caroline Hanson and asking her to

send more evidence — just so we know we’re not missing any vital
information of course.”

“Can’t hurt,” Jenni said. She was feeling spaced-out, but strangely

aroused and now having trouble shaking the image of Natalie’s naked
Amazonian figure from her mind.

“Well shall we?” Natalie said with a glint in her eye.
“What?” Jenni smiled.
“Phone Miss Hanson at Pornutopia and ask her to DHL us a copy of their

raunchiest title?”

“Okay, sure,” Jenni giggled.
Both women felt a guilty shiver of delight tingle in their cunts. “When

is the court case anyway?” Natalie said.

“I don’t know. This year sometime?” They both laughed, intoxicated from

the repeated viewing of Pornutopia’s Mind Control video. In fact it was
just one week today.

Caroline Hanson put the phone down with a satisfied smile on her face.

She had been waiting for that call. In fact she was starting to think that
Natalie Morrison might have been the first person to resist the video’s
indoctrination — and that really could have spelled trouble for the
company. If that had happened Natalie Morrison would have been in
possession of the most incriminating evidence they had. Not only would
Pornutopia face certain closure but they could all face heavy prison
sentences for deceit and psychological coercion. Except that wasn’t the
case, was it. It had taken a while but the video had finally got the better
of Little Miss Hotshot Black Lawyer. And with this follow-up video the
programming would be complete.

She was wearing a Donna Karen business suit with no blouse or bra

because she liked the way the nipples of her augmented tits rubbed against
the scratchy fabric. She had watched “HardBodies, Soft Minds” herself on
her first day in the job and that was enough to convince her of her
employer’s pedigree. In fact she was so overwhelmed that she had taken the
video home with her, and within the week she had signed off with her
temping agency and offered to work for Pornutopia for next to nothing and
top up her pay by appearing in some of the pornos herself.

Caroline dispatched the tape immediately. It would be at their offices

within the hour. She crossed her stockinged legs, her black mini-skirt rode
up and revealed her neatly trimmed pussy.

Jenni walked into Natalie’s office without knocking, triumphantly

clutching the new Pornutopia video, “Bi Bimbo Babes”. All normal office
relations had broken down and neither woman was fully in control of her
behaviour any more. “Put it in, put it in,” Natalie said excitedly. “Slip
it to me,” she laughed, forgetting that she was supposed to show restraint
as the senior of the two.

They giggled and sat down next to each other. As the familiar title

sequence came up backed by the same lulling soundtrack both women began to
glaze over. The repeated viewing of “HardBodies, Soft Minds” had softened
them up and conditioned them to respond to these images. It was a kind of
Pavlovian response — subconsciously both women expected to be hypnotised
so they they entered the trance easily as a matter of course. Their cunts
became secretly moist with anticipation. They had reached the same stage as
all Pornutopia employees — including Caroline Hanson. They were naturally
predisposed to enter a trance-state whenever the Pornutopia patterns
appeared, and were thus highly susceptible to any information fed to them
during this time, however much it went against their old personalities.

As they watched the screen flashed subliminal key words, Obey,

Pornutopia, Sex, Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex, Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex,
Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex, Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex, Slut, Obey,
Pornutopia, Sex, Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex, Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex,
Slut, Obey, Pornutopia, Sex, Slut.

Two hardbody models with big tits and blonde hair were sitting opposite

each other in a mocked-up office, slowly undressing and caressing
themselves, cupping their firm silicone tits, running their hands over
their bodies and moving their fingers down inside their panties, gazing
into each other’s blank eyes. Natalie and Jenni started to copy their
gestures. The women on the screen arched their backs and said, “I have
found happiness as a slut. Thinking only made me ugly.” Natalie and Jenni
smiled. The women on the video started to run their hands over each other’s
bodies, kissing and licking greedily. Natalie and Jenni followed suit. They
gripped hungrily at each other, sweeping everything off the desk and
finger-fucking each other right there in the office as they video continued
to play.

“I have found happiness as a slut. Thinking only made me ugly,”

repeated the women in the video.

Jenni undid her boss’s large bra and scooped up a huge dark tit and

gobbled at her erect nipple. Natalie swooned and thrust herself up into
Jenni’s lithe body.

“I have found happiness as a slut. Thinking only made me ugly.”
Natalie went down on her knees and started lick out Jenni’s pussy. She

enjoyed being on her knees. She felt good in this position.

“I have found happiness as a slut. Thinking only made me ugly.”
And as they continued to fuck a strange role reversal took place,

without realising it, Natalie began to take on a more and more submissive
role and Jenni began to dominate. They were responding to subliminal
suggestions encoded on the soundtrack of the tape; “Natalie is Jenni’s
slave. Natalie is Jenni’s slave. Natalie is Jenni’s slave. Natalie enjoys
being Jenni’s slave. Natalie is Jenni’s slave,” running over and over.

“Suck my toes,” Jenni squealed. Natalie obeyed. “Ugh, that’s it…

Yes.” Both women were now in the throes of sexual abandon and totally under
the pernicious control of Pornutopia Enterprises.

Natalie tottered into the courtroom on pink six inch stiletto heels,

stooping slightly and trying to yank her mini-skirt down over her full
round bum. She was dressed in a little shocking pink outfit and wore a loud
purplish pink lipstick designed to draw attention to her large full
Afro-Caribbean lips. Her top was extremely low-cut and her huge tits
wobbled as she clipped across the wooden courtroom floor. Her clients just
stood there, speechless, utterly aghast. Surely this wasn’t the same
expensive sharpshooter they’d employed to head their case? The judge looked
on, an old school racist, he was clearly amused at the incompetence of this
darkie. They never should have let them off the banana boats, he scoffed.

“Your Honour, I have looked at a box of Pornutopia stuff and made a few

notes,” she said chewing gum and dumping a pile of loose bundled papers
down on the table in front of her. “If you’ll just bare with me while I try
and sort them out.”

“Miss Morrison, am I to believe that this is the sum total of your

case, there on some old scraps of paper,” the judge said in a slow oxbridge

“That’s right, Your Honour,” Natalie said and went to light up a


“Miss Morrison smoking is prohibited in the court room!” Natalie tutted

and hitched up her pink top which was beginning to slide down her tits.
“Miss Morrison, would you please approach the bench,” the judge said in a
stern voice. Natalie approached the bench and smiled when she saw the
judges eyes fix on her big jiggling boobies. She loved the attention she
got from wearing trashy clothes. “Miss Morrison I was lead to believe that
you were a brilliant young lawyer. But having met you I find that very hard
to believe. You seem to be a young woman of dubious demeanour, no better
than a common streetwalker. If you even attempt to continue with this case
I will hold you in contempt of court, is that understood?”

“Whatever,” Natalie said, sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes at the


The amazed judge stood up and addressed the court. “Ladies and

gentlemen, due to the thoroughly unprofessional conduct of a certain
company’s representation, and to prevent a mockery being made of the entire
British Legal System, I have no choice other than to announce that this
case be dismissed immediately. Good day,” he announced, bringing the gavel
down hard on the desk.

Natalie looked over at her clients, and shrugged as she walked back to

her desk, again pulling her top up. One of her clients lent over and said,
“I’m going to make sure you never work again.”

Natalie laughed, stuck her palm in their faces and said, “Yeah right.

Like I give a shit. Stoopid little chief.”

Caroline Hanson, appearing on behalf of Pornutopia Enterprises, smiled

at Miss Morrison from across the court. The tapes had worked wonders. One
video, costing next-to-nothing to mass produce had saved the company
millions and possibly even closure. So what if one hotshot lawyer had had
her personality and career removed. She was just one more bimbo subsumed
into the world of Pornutopia. She’d be doing gang bangs and
double-penetration shoots before the week was out.

Jenni was standing next to her in a red PVC jacket and mini-skirt, with

matching lipstick and big puffed blonde hair.

After the case had been dismissed Judge Harvey approached Natalie and

said, “May I have a word in private, Miss Morrison?”

“Sure thing, sugar,” she said.
She tottered along behind him in her tight pink dress, arse wiggling

and tits jiggling. “Well… how much?” the judge said once they had safely
retired to the privacy of his chambers.

“What you mean, Judge?” Natalie said with mock innocence, sitting down,

wriggling and tugging at her tiny skirt.

“Miss Morrison,” he said with condescendingly reproachful voice. “You

dress like a whore, you act like a whore. You might as well get paid like a

Natalie chuckled as she pouted and checked her make-up in her small

pink compact mirror. “Well now honey, I’m sure we can come to some
arrangement,” she said.

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