Four Days In Danville

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Breast Expansion Forced

The scientist who released the Virus that would change the world had only
the vaguest conceptions of how much his disease would shape society. Far
from a social scientist and partially insane anyway, his main concern was a
megamanical hatred of young, nubile women who had taunted him for years on
end. In order to enact his revenge on those who had shunned him for
countless years, he released a Virus that would tranform all women into
brainless sex toys.

The scientist was absolutely successful. In a sweep of days, the world
became a radically different place. Women’s libidos changed, then their
bodies, then their minds. The world rocked upon its foundations, and
several nations collapsed as irreplaceable women doctors, scientists, and
business leaders lost their minds to a raging sex drive. Some would say
that the world became a brighter place, with men truly happy and women too
brainless to care either way. Some say that the loss of the status of women
is a net minus on the world. (Not many.)

The effects on single women and others far from family and friends has
already been chronicled, but for many reasons the effects on the suburbs
have never been studied. The stigmatization of incest that was still
prevalent at the time, the fact that the whole period was so chaotic that
it seemed like a dream to many, and finally the undeniable truth that for a
long time no one really cared. The folk at Time Magazine and such were too
preoccupied with fucking their coworkers to pay any mind to anything
besides the pressing national news.

For the first time, some eight years after the original sweep of the Virus,
a chronicle of these three days in a typical suburb has emerged. For this,
the Historians are indebted to Scott Northrup, a young man who personally
observed the time and recorded his observations soon after. This account is
offered in narrative form, as only through it does this Historian feel that
a true feel for the events involved can be discerned. We now turn the
reader over to Four Days in Danville.

Four Days in Danville

Day 0 – 6:30 AM

Many Theological debates rage about the nature of time in Hell. Some argue
that there is no time in hell- that all time is motionless. Some argue that
Hell follows the path of the celestial bodies just like any other place. It
is to the detriment of both that they didn’t ask the opinion of Scott
Northrup. He would’ve argued- and proved- that Hell stands at a fixed point
in time, the time when all is darkest and malevolent in the world. This
time is 6:30 AM, when Scott’s alarm clock went off in the morning. Scott
may have taken this theory furthur to claim that his own personal Hell
would be the eternal ring to signal a day when he had 5 tests to take.

That day- November 11th, 1998, would be the last day Scott had to take any
tests for a long, long time.

Scott managed to catch 10 more minutes of drowsiness before he roused
himself from bed and padded downstairs to the cold, cold world that was the
kitchen. His sister Kelly, a 14 year old bookworm like her brother, was
already chomping on Crispix and reading the paper. Cursing his lack of
speed, Scott had to content himself with the local news section. The lead
story, about a minor flu epidemic among San Francisco airport employees,
wasn’t terribly interesting, and Scott flipped back to the editorials while
the morning whiled away.

Scott’s family had a very carefully established regimen in the morning.
Carefully calibrated so that the fewest members of the family had to see
each other at any given time, rare was the day when Scott saw his Dad or
Mom. Today, however, she chose to make an appearance in a disheveled
nightgown and with frowsy hair. Scott’s Mom looked much like his sister-
preoccupied with books, average looking, and perpetually unconcerned with
her appearance. Scott being much the same way, this didn’t much concern the
boy. Both were about 5’6″, short black hair, chests flatter than Kansas.
This didn’t concern Scott either. He certainly wasn’t much of a beauty.
Nearsighted like his entire family, Scott’s only saving grace was his
height and build- both substantial.

In school, these were offset by his general unease around the fairer sex.
Concerned more with grades than girls, Scott nevertheless watched those
around him- and wished.

Going through the morning routine, quickly dressing and putting his books
together, Scott came upon the one time of the day that the whole family
dreaded- leaving. Through a trick of scheduling, everyone in Scott’s family
left for wherever they had to go that day at the same time. Scott’s Dad to
his office in San Jose. Scott’s Mom to San Francisco to work at her nursing
job, and Scott and his sister drove to the local High School. The time was
filled with awkward kisses between the parents, smiles between parent and
child, and general unease. Everyone made for the door, and the moment

* * *

Day 0- 7:30 AM

Janet, Scott’s Mom, was first out of the door and in the clear. Leaving for
work always hit her the hardest. Janet was hit by the double whammy of
feeling that she should be at home on one hand, a deep-seated pyschological
urge brought on by a conformist childhood, and guilt on how eager she was
to get to work on the other.

‘I just want to provide for my family!’ she’d rationalize, knowing that
that was far from the truth.

All this guilt was quickly forgotten as she hopped on 680 on her way to
work. Commute was a bitch for Janet. The road to the City was always
jammed, and the commute would usually take at least an hour before she got
to the hospital she worked at. Flipping on the radio, Janet irritatedly
switched the station from the news broadcasts her husband must’ve left it
on to some soothing classical. The calming tunes of Mozart relaxed her.

The commute took the typical hour and a half. Cars backed up solid onto the
Bay Bridge, Caltrans clearing away the wreckage from whatever idiot had
managed to kill someone this time.

‘Odds are I’ll find out today,’ Janet thought. She worked the emergency
room. It was a nerve wracking job, but Janet prided herself on her iron
will. She’d been a giggly teenager before tragedy took her parents, and her
reaction to that was to steel herself for whatever tragedy life could find.
Holding a child while blood squirted in her face, taking care of the crack
babies, holding a man’s arm while a surgeon worked frantically to cauterize
the stump.

The auto incident was indeed at the hospital, but Janet didn’t get to see
it. She got stuck with bedpan duty, as the emergency room was unusually
quiet today outside of that incident. She took to it with her usual
fortitude and took care of her duties with professional resolve. In a
certain way she delighted in how only she, Janet, was strong enough to do a
duty called filthy and unclean by most of humanity. A bit of pity touched
her heart, as was only human.

‘Poor guys,’ she thought, observing a dying man named Carl, who had a bad
heart. ‘Never a chance, and to such a nice looking guy.’

Carl had it rough. Around 65, never smoked, drank only infrequently, nature
still saw fit to load him off with a defective ticker.

A doctor she knew asked her to look in on an apparently disturbed patient,
a young woman by the name of Clara. Janet raised an eyebrow when she saw
the problem listed as “Excessive horniess,” but wasn’t unduly concerned.
Most likely some prank by some college kids, playing mess-with-the-nurse’s
mind. Clara was sitting in a private room, dressed in a hospital gown and
fidgeting nervously on the bed. Janet came in and gave her a warm smile.

‘How are you, Clara? I’m Janet. What seems to be the problem?’

Clara blushed scarlet. It wasn’t that hard, Janet noted. She was already

‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Doctor. I don’t have a fever, I haven’t
been sick and I have no allergies. I would feel fine except… I’m just so
horny all of a sudden.’

‘When did this occur?’

‘I flew into SFO yesterday on business, but when I woke up this morning,
all I could concentrate on was… you know..’

‘Is this normal for you?’

‘No! Some people even call me frigid. I rarely have sexual intercourse, and
when I do I almost never orgasm. All of a sudden… wow. It’s all I can do
to just sit here. ‘

Janet listened to this with half an ear. Her mind had already determined
‘College prank’ and she wasn’t truly concentrating. However, she couldn’t
help but notice the physical signs that pointed out that if Clara was lying
about this being unusual, she was still terribly aroused. The scent filled
the room, and Janet even found herself becoming warmer under the
suffocating smell of female horniness. Clara’s nipples, already
substantial, were rock hard, and as Janet unobtrusively slipped her eyes to
Clara’s junction, the spots of moisture were painfully obvious.

‘Either this is a nymphomaniac playing a joke, or her hormone centers just
went all out of whack,’ Janet thought. After taking bloodwork, she shrugged
it off and passed the bloodwork to the lab before continuing with her day.
Clara was put in a room for observation overnight. A private room, as men
found it hard to concentrate when around her. At 6:00, when her shift
ended, Janet left for home.

The labwork would’ve gone unnoticed for some days, if some observant worker
who had been watching the news that day hadn’t happened to see the notation
that went with the blood sample. After some preliminary work that confirmed
his wildest dreams, he went up to Clara’s room and fucked her for the
entire night. She was only too pleased to comply.

* * *

Day 0- 7:30 AM

The two children, Scott and Kelly, had to wait a bit while their neighbor
took her sweet time getting to the car. Scott ran a carpool, but the idea
was hardly his. His neighbor’s Mother arranged for her daughter to catch a
ride with Scott every day. She was old enough to drive, but she always
claimed her daughter just ‘wasn’t ready for it.’ Unspoken in that statement
was the tacit acknowledgement that if Julie, the girl in question, had a
car, school would not be the place she would be going. Her Dad, divorced
and living in New York, had plans to give her a brand new car as a reward
for being his daughter, but the hardworking Mother had so far stopped him
from presenting it.

It all sounded like a soap opera to Scott, but comments overheard in
conversations between his Mother and Julie’s confirmed the suspicions he
already had had. Julie was a breathtaking sight, and totally aware of it.
Coldly calculating, concerned with nothing more than finding a rich husband
and a good lay, the world had coined a word for Julie- jailbait. Julie
hated Kelly and had a general disdain for the scholarly Scott, but she paid
her way into the car and Scott felt sorry for her mother.

It was cold outside, but her attire hardly showed it. Tight jeans
emphasizing Julie’s pride and joy- her teardrop ass. Her midriff was
casually exposed, and Julie walked to the car in the bouncy feminine gait
that infuriated both Scott’s conscience and cock. She smiled at him in a
way that, in her eyes, made the fact that she was 5 minutes late okay.
Treating a loser like Scott to a smile was payment for 10 minutes, in her

‘Aren’t you a little cold?’ Kelly asked sarcastically.

‘Why would I be cold?’ She answered innocently.

‘In fact, Kelly, aren’t you a little hot? I mean, what are you trying to

Scott knew the sounds of artillery being locked and loaded and tuned it out
to the best of his ability. His sister and Julie always spent the trip to
school sniping at each other, and it hardly made any difference anymore.
Scott turned the radio up in the front and concentrated on the winding road
that led up to school.

School started at 8, and it was only 7:45, but the parking lot was already
packed, as was the surrounding roads. Fortunately for Scott’s attendance
record, he knew a friend that lived right next to the school and who let
him park on their driveway. Kelly pointedly pretended to tie her shoelaces
in order to walk to school comfortably away from Julie. Scott locked the
car up and waited for the friend whose driveway it was, a fellow nerd named
Brady Asherton, to come outside. In short time Brady came out, and the two
began their casual walk to school. Brady was unusually silent.

‘What’s going on?’ Scott queried. ‘Your parents catch you doing something
you shouldn’t of?’

Brady shook his head no.

‘It’s that bitch I liked, the one with the black hair. I finally get the
balls up to ask her to the dance, and she laughs at me and says she got
asked three weeks ago. Now I have to struggle through French class with her
two desks from me. ‘

Scott nodded. The bitch with the black hair was all Brady had talked about
for the past three weeks, and this conclusion wasn’t very satisfactory.

‘Gotta keep trying,’ he said cheerfully. ‘Remember our bet- first one to
get laid is referred to as King and Master of the World for a month by all
of us.’

‘Us’ was Scott’s group. Uncomfortable around women he may have been, but
Scott was also a born politician and opportunist. Knowing that anybody who
wishes to succeed needs backup, he had gathered around his charismatic self
nerds and outcasts. Secretly styling himself the ‘King of Nerds,’ Scott
already ran several clubs and was a forceful figure in High School
politics. He was considering a run for Student Body President, but knew
that someone who had gone to a total of one dance would never get elected.

‘How’s business?’ Scott asked casually.

‘Solid,’ Brady responded absentmindedly. ‘We’re doing about $300 worth of
business a week. Andy will be coming through with a fresh shipment of
anime, so we’ll have stock for the holiday season.’

The opportunist side of Scott was a series of underground enterprises.
Brady ran the pornography business.

First through third period were Scott’s Math and Science periods. Solid
equations and deductions that did little to wake him up. For that he relied
on his morning cappucino and the sight of several of the finer girls in the
classes. English was Scott’s forte, and that didn’t come up until fourth
period, right before lunch. It finally did, albeit with agonizing slowness.
English was the delight of Scott’s day. Half the class were his personal
friends and business contacts. The other half were idiots, but half of
those were some of the cutest girls in the school. Not only that, but today
there was a football game. That meant cheerleading uniforms, outfits that
seemed to hotwire Scott’s brain and explode his libido.

Some of the more sluttish cheerleaders were considering doing a modeling
gig for his cameras, sans culottes. For now, Scott dreamed, but soon…

The teacher was easy on the eyes too. Ms. Brombeck was aging, and had a
tendency to be a complete and utter hardass, but she was far from ugly. It
was school knowledge that she could be seen barhopping for guys late at
nights, occasionally running into students. It was whispered that whenever
Ms. Brombeck came to school in a good mood, she had gotten lucky the night

Apparently, yesterday she hadn’t gotten lucky.

‘Sit down and take out your notebooks!’ Ms. Brombeck ordered, and proceded
to belt out a lecture on why Thoreau was a complete genius and how no one
could possibly surpass him. Scott amused himself by doodling and ogling,
responding to questions in a seemingly respectful, partly sarcastic manner.
The period appeared to be a total loss, when Scott’s sensitive nose caught
an odd and original scent. He knew it from somewhere, but couldn’t place it
until a friend of his, named Don, leaned over and whispered ‘Someone’s
pretty damn horny!’ into his ear. Scott knew instantly the smell then-
acute arousal.

Those more experienced in life looked around with wondering glances,
wondering who was so desperate as to be getting off in English class. Scott
crossed his legs and untucked his shirt, as did many of the boys who had
similar reactions. Some of the girls had their legs crossed and were moving
them in a circular motion, eyes slightly glazed. The attention of the class
was recaught by Ms. Brombeck as they noticed her lecture becoming fainter
and fainter, her pauses longer and longer. Finally, she ended, ‘get into
discussion groups and discuss this.’ A little bit after that, she walked
out of the classroom.

The conclusion drawn by the class was obvious. The discussion groups began
talking not about the apparent greatness of Thoreau, but about the apparent
horniness of Ms. Brombeck. No one had any idea what caused it, and few
really cared much to speculate, besides some of the usual ‘It was me’
boasts that teenagers love to indulge in. Scott kept his ears open and
mouth shut, wondering if this was something more serious than his
classmates made it out to be. Arousal on that scale, in front of a bunch of
pimply Juniors, deserved thought.

* * *

Day 0- 12:06 PM

Ms. Brombeck sat in the faculty bathroom, masturbating furiously to relieve
the ache in her g-spot that didn’t want to go away.

‘What did I catch from that guy?’ She thought feverishly. Ms. Brombeck had
gotten lucky last night, with some British businessman who had flown in for
a meeting. It was a one-night stand and Brombeck didn’t even remember his
name, but she was careful with her protection. Besides, no STD caused a
reaction this severe.

The door swung open, and a member of the janitorial staff entered the

‘Anyone in here?’ He asked cautiously, then began doing a quick mop of the

Brombeck sat quietly on the Throne, the burning sensation beginning to
infuse her entire body. The janitor was around her age, and her wandering
eyes caught the package in his jeans as well as the lack of rings on his
fingers. The man was well-built and handsome enough, although Brombeck felt
like she would hump Richard Simmons at this point. Coming to an unconcious
decision, she got up and opened the door.

‘Oh!’ The janitor said in surprise. ‘Sorry, Ma’am. Didn’t know anyone was
in here.’

His shocked gaze then took into account other factors of Ms. Brombecks’
appearance. The fact that her panties were around her ankles, come was
streaming down her thighs, and she was looking at him in an certain way.

Not many floors got washed that day.

* * *

Day 0- 12:14 PM

Lunchtime was the occasion for a meeting of Scott’s executive staff. They
all ran the various divisions of his enterprises, and were all loyal
lieutenants of his. For secrecy’s sake the meeting was held in a back room
of the library. Seeing how few people came in the library anyway, this was
a secure meeting place. Scott got there first, as was only safe. He turned
on his tape recorder and taped it under the table quickly. (After one
abortive betrayal, Scott didn’t take any chances.)

People tended to underestimate the shy, bespectacled boy of 17. He was shy
around girls, generally a nice guy, and worked hard on his homework. All
this would tend to typify him as ‘nerd,’ and it’s true Scott was this way
when he entered High School as a Freshman. He had studied Economics and
read Machiavelli, but he still got dumped in trash cans by smirking
Seniors. Scott’s mind was awoken to one of several facts after several of
these dunkings.

The first was the fact that he was smarter than 95% of the school. The
other 5% were too busy with homework to matter. The second was that all
nerds had a lot in common- they hated those that marginalized them and they
tended to enjoy power. The final thing that Scott realized was that an
enterprising young leader could lead the nerds if he put his mind to it. It
took his Freshman year and a good deal of the Sophomore one, but he had
established himself as King Nerd. Most of the time Scott was the shy
persona that made him a nerd, but underneath this lied the businesslike
mien that made him King.

Some wearing earrings, others wearing glasses, his top people started to
file in. Brady was there, abuzz with satisfaction at his latest shipment
arriving in. Danny and Kyle, his two homework and term paper men, came in
with worries of a bust in a client’s language class. To deal with that
Scott brought in his information czar, Lisa. Boyish in figure and demeanor,
Lisa somehow had created a network of informers that kept Scott on top of
all and any going on’s in the school. Some discussion revealed a scheme to
threaten the French teacher with hints of her sexual past with several
students, but Scott killed the idea on moral grounds. Some information he
refused to use, and this was part of it. John, Scott’s hacker, agreed to
work on the problem, and everyone moved on.

Lunch soon ended, and Scott’s staff left for class, thoughts of business
driven away for the time being. In Physics, Scott’s next class, Scott was
usually complacent and happy. With business going so well, life OK, and his
power base intact, some would say Scott had it all. None of this, however,
fulfilled Scott’s true desire. His power was unmatched, but his libido
still remained untouched. The Napoleon of his class was without a
Josephine. In front of Scott sat Michelle Deckir. Beautiful, still a
virgin, intelligent to a T, Scott watched and sighed from his customary
distance. For whatever reason, Scott could not approach a girl
romantically. In Business and with friends, he was a Hercules. Near a girl
he liked, Scott might as well have been a eunuch.

* * *

Day 0- 1:00 PM

Another member of Scott’s staff, Kevin Meyers, was suffering similar pangs
of unrequited desire. A freshman and typically confused, he had brought
with him to High School a network of close friends that integrated nicely
into Lisa’s network of informers. He had constructed it almost
accidentally, becoming one of the most popular nerds in middle school. When
he heard of Scott’s network, he wasted no time in joining up. To his
disappointment, he wasn’t granted the seperate department he had wanted.
Lisa complained about, and Scott agreed with, his total lack of girls among
his informers. He was placed under Lisa and chafed somewhat with the

Scott was secretly pleased with the precocious freshman. A group already
assembled as a freshman was quite an accomplishment, and he sympathized
with Kevin’s troubles communicating with the opposite sex. This didn’t stop
Kevin from chafing under his superior. Lisa was all happiness and
wonderfulness around Scott, who she secretly admired. Around everyone else,
she could be a bitch queen. Her success as a queen of gossip was founded on
her unmatched abilities at backstabbing and disseminating.

An additional factor kept Kevin awake nights. Scott’s sister, Kelly, was in
his geometry class. The raven-haired beauty, who probably didn’t even know
his name, sat in the center of an impenetratable circle of girls. All Kevin
could do was sit there, sigh, and masturbate himself to sleep every night.
Even if he could get the nerve to approach her, how would Scott take it?

* * *

Day 0- 1:01 PM

‘He’s looking at you again,’ Kelly’s friend Jessica whispered.

Kelly blushed and looked at her math paper. ‘Why doesn’t he ask me out!’
she wondered silently.

* * *

Day 0- 7:30 AM

David was second out of the door that morning, and he went with
considerably less regret. A workaholic, David delighted in the subtle
interplay of office politics and intercompany warfare that dominated
Silicon Valley. He worked for the sales division of Intel, more of a paper
pusher than an actual salesman. Most of his time was spent either working
on tearing down companies or tearing down coworkers. To be fair, David had
a strong dedication to the company and a strong sense of fairness. Only too
happy to take out competitors for good jobs or possible promotions, he
would only attack those disliked for snotty attitudes or nasty attitudes.
The method worked. Not only was he seen as a ruthless guy, David was also
thought of as a nice guy.

This was partly true. David was a nice guy, but only in the sense that he
was a chess player who looked out for his pawns. David didn’t form
emotional attachments. His marriage to Janet was based first on lust, then
on mutual conveniance on having someone to rely on. On the surface David
thought that he loved his wife, but deep down he would’ve privately
admitted that she was just another piece, if Janet was a queen.

His children were different. David was a doting father, perhaps his only
emotional tie was to his kids. Sometimes his attachment frightened him, and
David tried to back away a bit. He ended up overreacting, appearing distant
to his children, but he was always there for them whether they appreciated
it or not.

The commute to San Jose was somewhat easier than going to San Francisco, if
only by some pathetically small margin. A stall had caught traffic up
around Sunol this morning, so David tuned out the honks of the ranks of
BMW’s around him and instead concentrated on the news this morning. The
news was largely repetitive, just more of an account into that odd flu
virus and wars in some foreign place somewhere.

David pulled into the company parking lot around 9:00. The lot was already
full; most employees arrived around 7:00 and worked hard so they could get
off work early and go party. David worked 10 hour days just like them, but
he felt no particular urge to get up early in the morning. Getting home
late was usually more of a blessing than a burden, and David had the
weekends for golfing with Scott or going to Kelly’s soccer games. Going
home early would just mean talking to his wife.

The bright blue Intel buildings hurt the eyes, and David quickly trotted
inside. The bustling office took no notice of him, and David sat down in
his office and got to work. His secretary, Kaitlin, didn’t bother to say
hello to him, something that bothered David occasionally. It was strictly
business between the young, hardworking secretary and the middle-aged,
hardworking boss, and David had never wanted anything more besides the
occasional male fantasy.

‘Still, it wouldn’t kill her to say good morning,’ thought David.

On cue, the intercom light brightened.

‘Yes, Kaitlin?’ David said pleasantly.

‘Sir, Rhonda is here to see you,’ Kaitlin returned, and David grimaced.
Rhonda was his nemesis. Competitive, ruthless, driven, she was David in
female form. Their hatred was purely professional, but it was also intense.

Rhonda entered the room after a perfunctory knock and smiled with her

‘The only good thing about having Rhonda as an enemy is that she doesn’t
tiptoe around it,’ David thought.

‘How can I help you?’ He said.

‘Your department’s productivity is down,’ she said with a small smirk.
‘Mine is up.’

‘I’m still ahead, aren’t I?’

‘Nope. We’re even. Even just about everywhere. Take a look for yourself if
you want.’ Rhonda plunked a thick report onto David’s desk. He didn’t
bother to look at it.

‘Sanders is retiring in two months,’ Rhonda continued. ‘Who do you think
his replacement will be? The dropping department, or the rising team?’

‘How’re the children?’ David remarked with malicious casualness. Rhonda was
childless and husbandless, due to her lack of physical charms and work
drive. David only needled her about it during the darkest moments, but this
seemed like a good occasion for some verbal play.

Rhonda refused to rise to the bait and instead settled for firing a smug
smirk at David before making an abrupt departure. He muttered some
obscenitites at her departing, boxy figure before settling back to double
his workload.

After that unpleasant encounter time passed quickly, too quickly for David.
He had to gather lost momentum, take back the march that Rhonda’s team had
stolen on him. Busy as he was, he barely noticed lunch and not at all
dinner, awakening only when Kaitlin knocked on his door to announce her
departure for the day. She must’ve worked hard all day, he thought. Kaitlin
appeared a little flushed even in the cool corporate offices.

‘Can you do something for me real quick before you leave?’ David requested.
Kaitlin nodded slowly.

‘Call a group meeting for the day after tommorrow, at 10:00 AM, would you?
Thanks, Kaitlin. I owe you.’

Kaitlin walked away slowly and, to David’s alert eyes, somewhat nervously.

‘She must have a date tonight,’ he thought, ‘she looks so eager to be out
of here.’

The parking lot was nearly empty when David emerged. Rhonda’s car was
already gone, he noticed with satisfaction. His department would reign
supreme, and he would be awarded for it when Sanders finally got out of the
office. The announcement of who would fill his spot would come soon, David
knew. He would be ready.

The trip home was quick, traffic moved along at a good clip. David turned
on the news again and listened with half an ear. He was crossing the 580
interchange when the report came across the wire that would mark a new
world order.

* * *

Day 0- 230 AM
(Greenwich Time)

England’s University of East Kent was quarantined, but a man with
impressive bearing and a photo id can get many places. Bluffing his way
past government officials, posing as a medical researcher to some, an
official to others, the reporter made his way past layers of red tape to
the scientific lab recently occupied by a certain Ezekiel Philips. The door
was guarded by two armed guards, but after how far he had gotten they
assumed that the reporter had the proper credentials and allowed him in.

Men in white coats and grave looking politicians lined a messy lab room.
Adorned with nothing more than a single cot and a lab desk, all of them
were looking at a man typing at a computer screen. The reporter found a
spot that allowed him a good look at the screen and stood quietly in the
background. He took out a small notebook and started taking notes.

The man at the computer gave a couple more taps to the keyboard and turned
to the assembled personages. He heaved a desperate sigh.

‘It confirms everything,’ he said. ‘The virus is lightyears beyond our
medical capabilities. Phelps has it distributed in a way that’ll infect the
entire world before very long. There’s nothing we can do but let the virus
run its course.’ ‘He also left a video. Would you like to see it?’

There was a rumble of assent. The man nodded and typed a command into the
computer. The blotchy, bespectacled face of a man appeared on the screen.
He grinned widely at those in front of him.

‘Hello! He announced. Welcome to the New World Order! By now my little
nanos have been traced, but I doubt that they’ve been caught in time.
Everything should be proceeding according to plan. My nanos will take three
days to run their course. The first day will accelerate hormone production
and greatly increase libido activity in women, with a lesser effect in men.
The second will see a change in body shape to a more… ideal feminine
figure. The final will reduce women to their proper role- servitude. Good
luck, and welcome to the New World… I hope you enjoy it as much as I
intend to.’

The screen went black, and the pale men and women in the room turned to a
distinguished man in the center of the room. The reporter continued his
frantic note-taking.

‘Well’ the man said, ‘it seems we have no choice but to accept what is
happening. This will be kept silent, and all of us will do our best to keep
law and order in the chaos to follow. Our doctors will begin full-time work
on a cure, and those of us in the government will do our damndest to keep
Britain together. Those of us here who are women, I suggest they prepare
for the worst. Try to find a man and attach yourself to him.’

Several women broke down and cried upon hearing that, but several others,
with pale faces but steady resolve, moved closer to certain men.

The reporter had heard enough. He moved to the edge of the crowd and walked
quickly out of the room. Some noticed him, however, and realized
immidiately who had walked in with them unnoticed.

‘Stop him!’ They cried, and the guards raised their guns.

‘Let him go,’ answered the leader with authority in his voice. ‘It doesn’t
matter anymore. It’s like that Madman said – Welcome to the New World

* * *

Day 0- 7:30 PM

‘Hold on, I’ve been just handed something,’ the announcer read, puzzlement
evident in his voice. David’s senses perked up at the unusual sound of
worry from an announcer who had calmly announced the Loma Prieta
earthquake. His heart began to race as he heard the announcer speak again.

‘People, I’ve been handed an unprecedented report, and I am sorry I have to
read this. Apparently, somebody has manufactured a virus and has released
it into the general populace. It is airborne and will infect the entire
population in a matter of days. Doctors and investigators are still trying
to figure out the nature of the virus, but there can be no doubt that it is

‘It isn’t fatal, I repeat, it isn’t fatal. It so far has only affected
women. Symptoms thus far are an onslaught of heavy and nearly unbearably
arousal. Men have been infected with the virus, but show no symptoms.
Doctors advise that the entire populace, especially women, wait at home
while more details are gathered on this virus. Researchers are working
around the clock to try and cure this disease.’

The Reuters report was released at 3:30 AM, English time. It sped across
the world in seconds, but the virus moved even faster.

* * *

Day 0- 7:00 PM

Janet had had an uninterrupted hour of Mozart, and was therefore relaxed,
unconcerned, and totally unaware about the nanovirus that was even now
working its way into her bloodstream. Her kids had already gotten home, but
both were upstairs doing homework and hardly bothered to do any more than
call down cursory hellos. Expecting nothing more, Janet simply shrugged and
tried to decide about whether she wanted to cook something for dinner, or
if pizza would be the plate du jour. She decided to cook something good for
tonight, as recompense for an unbroken string of having her family fend for
itself for the past three days. She didn’t feel too guilty, this was the
90’s, but Janet always felt a nagging urge like she should be at home,
cooking like some Donna Reed.

She pulled some chicken out of the freezer and set decided on a stirfry. As
this was one of the more tricky dishes, she decided to have the pleasant
hum of the evening news in the background, but to her annoyance the cable
was out. Frowning but quickly forgetting the nusiance, Janet settled into
the steady bustle of cooking.

* * *

Day 0- 7:00 PM
TCI Cable HQ

‘But…ah!…boss….ooh!…shouldn’t we…fix the regulator cable?’ ‘Shut
up and stuff that cock into me.’

* * *

Day 0 – 7:45 PM

David was a little late getting home that evening. He had pulled off at the
nearest exit he could find after hearing the horrifying news report. This
was partly because huge backups had appeared, due to shocked men and women
losing control as their minds tried to cope with the hideous fate the world
seemed to be facing. The women pulled over along the side of the road
weeping had put David in mind of his own wife, and he needed time to think
things out. Some fresh air, a couple deep breaths, and throwing up had
cleared his head, and David began thinking with a clear mind. Janet, he
decided, would have to stay home tommorrow and cope with the changes.
Hopefully they would run their course in a short amount of time. In the
meantime, however, David was very aware that a terrorist virus would almost
definitely not ‘run its course.’

His thoughts turned to Kelly, and he faced her situation with resignation.
He would have to confer with Scott before he made any decisions about her
future. The realization that he would control their future, if they had
one, hit him hard, but he forced past it and thought about work.

Here he found some pang of satisfaction. Intel wasn’t a company that would
be hurt by anything less than a full-scale meteor strike. A change in the
face of society would merely mean a downturn. Most of David’s team was men,
while Rhonda was women, and in this David saw a quick advancement to the
top. Dimly, the future of sexual morality became clear. David would remain
faithful to his wife, for know, but he knew that the very definition of
wife might become subjective in the future. Thus decided, David drove home
with a clear mind.

Janet was cooking happily in the kitchen, and the TV was off, so David took
it for granted that she didn’t know about the Virus. He heaved a sigh of
relief- she would take it a lot better when she was already desperate for a
fucking. He stopped in on Kelly and Scott, and they seemed cheerfully
oblivious as well. Still, Scott had a computer, and his computer had a
phone line, and it was only a matter of time before he checked his e-mail
and read the Drudge Report. Fortunately, Janet called for dinnertime, and
the chance of discovery was rendered academic for another hour.

* * *

Day 0- 8:30 PM
Northrup household

The period of prolonged discomfort known as family dinner time had ended,
and Scott was only too glad to escape from the uncomfortable silence back
upstairs. The silence, broken only by his Mom’s desperate attempts at
conversation, was made even more quiet by his Dad’s unusual reticience
about how work had gone. Kelly had dish duty, so Scott made his escape
upstairs and to his computer. Dinnertime did serve one important purpose-
it split the day after school into neat and conveniant ‘school time’ and
‘work time.’ School time was when he studied his Physics, Math, etc. work.
Work time was when he conducted business. Receiving and sending e-mail,
chatting with business associates, etc. The phone line he had paid for was
a blessing.

First, however, he usually read the news. Scott casually dialed online and
pulled up his favorite news source. Instead of impeachment hearings,
however, bold letters blasted ‘VIRUS CHANGING FACE OF WORLD!’ Feeling a
sick pit form in his stomach, Scott clicked on it and read unbelievingly.

The report was more detailed than the sketchy announcement his Dad had
heard. This one included what physical changes women could expect, and that
the virus had already caused a degredation in mental capabilities in women.
Checking other sources for verification, and ignoring the IMs from people
who wanted his attention, Scott quickly signed off and walked outside,
about to tell his Mom everything.

His Dad stopped Scott up short. Both instantly knew that the other was
aware of what was going on. Without saying a word, both filed back into
Scott’s room. He sat in his computer chair, his Dad sat on his bed, and the
two stared at each other without speaking for a few seconds, taking each
other’s measure. Finally, David spoke.

‘I don’t think we should tell your mother until the Virus has already
affected her,’ he said.

‘Why not?’

‘I don’t see any good in it. When the Virus has already taken hold, her…
symptoms will be such that I don’t think she’ll care.’

‘Whatever you guys do, please don’t tell me. I don’t think I want to know.
But what do we do about Kelly?’

‘Damned if I know.. I don’t want to deal with it. She’s my daughter, and I
don’t want to think of her as… what the Virus will make her become, be as
it may that everyone else will probably be the same way. You take care of
it. ‘

‘How about if I have a friend of mine take care of her.. if you know what I

‘I. don’t. want. to. deal. with. it. (Scott’s Dad was emphatic.) I’ll
explain it to your mother. Ignore anything you hear from the bedroom. How
soon can you get Kelly a boyfriend?’

‘Don’t know.. I’m not sure who likes her. I’ll ask around.’

‘OK, then. Be ready for a new world when you wake up. It could be very ugly
out there.’

‘Are you going to work?’

‘Yeah… Anything short of death and you go to work in Silicon Valley. That
bitch Rhonda will be squirming, I bet.’

‘I think we understand each other, then.’

‘Good night, son.’

‘Good night, Dad.’

His Dad went downstairs, Scott raced back online and IM’d everyone on his
list, which was a considerable one.

Plans had to be made, and quickly. Scott, horrified at what would happen to
the world, had every intention of doing what he could to alleviate the
crisis. First, however, his business had to be taken care of. If the supply
of sex suddenly increased 10 fold, the demand for his own pornography
business would die faster than an unfinanced online startup. Orders had to
be canceled, plans made, new business ventures embarked on. It occurred to
Scott that a quick-thinking businessmen could make a bundle on this and
help society all at the same time. E-mails went out to the members of his
pornography business, with new plans. Marriage brokering was about to
become a hot business, and Scott wanted to get on the ground first.

* * *

5:30 AM
Northup Household

Scott went to bed exhausted at around midnight, the sick feeling in his
stomach finally evaporating. Kelly went to bed at her usual time, 10:30.
She felt a little feverish, and thus didn’t read any before she went to
sleep. When she woke up, she still felt feverish. This was coupled with a
feeling she had only rarely felt, and that only when Kevin was looking at
her or she was exploring her rapidly developing body. It was like a fever,
but it was a fever that burned only in her pussy and her little breasts.
Arousal. Her breath came in short little gasps as she laid in bed with
glassy eyes, feeling odd sensations rage inside her head, punctuated by
short zings in her lubricating pussy that made her gasp slightly.

Kelly quickly moved her hand down and slid her innocently white but but
sopping wet panties down. Her pubic hair, sparse and downy, dripped with
moisture, and her fingers slipped easily inside her. They began to
jackhammer of their own accord, more fingers slipping in to try and ease
the burning, instead only increasing her arousal. Her hips began to buck in
time, and her other hand toyed with her erect nipples. A momentary ease in
the pressure was followed by a wave of pleasure cascading over her innocent
body. Eyes closed aganist the bliss, the 15 year old continued her assault,
sighs of contentment and the occassional deep moan escaping her lips.

Her mother, downstairs, didn’t hear the noise upstairs. Besides, the virus
had full hold on her, too. Scott woke up instantly, adrenaline already
burning through him. All the taboos aganist incest, and all the taboos
aganist anything, were gone on this morning. It was a new world, and
morality was what he made of it. The morality he justified was that his
sister was sick, and he had to do anything he could to make her better.
Relieving the symptoms wouldn’t hurt. Cock leading the way like a guiding
arrow, Scott padded out of bed and into his sister’s room. She laid in bed
like an erotic angel, softly illuminated by a streetlamp outside the
window. Her sweetly smiling face, framed by her dark black hair, was a
direct contrast with her langorous hand, slowly stroking her pussy, legs
spread as far as they would go.

Scott moved quickly and with surprising confidence. He moved between her
legs and put his hands on her breasts. Kelly opened her eyes in surprise,
but shut them again and panted as new sparks of pleasure hit her brain.
Leaving his hands on autopilot, Scott examined Kelly’s supremely open
pussy, getting the nerve up. He entered her with one smooth stroke, almost
shocked by how easy he slipped in. Slowly at first but with increasing
confidence he began to pound his yielding sister, she meeting his thrusts
with an involuntary bump and grind. Like a born slut she discovered muscles
she didn’t even know she had, encompassing the welcome intruder and
smothering it in a tight quim.

They worked like a team, Kelly the driver and Scott the horse. Both began
to ride faster, working towards their respective orgasms. Kelly’s eyes
rolled back, and Scott twitched, as they lost control of their needy sexes,
each plunging into the other with reckless abandon. Kelly came first, every
nerve flooded with excess pleasure. Scott followed with a whispered, ‘holy
shit.’ The two collapsed, Scott still inside Kelly, and sunlight
illuminated the pair.

David woke up at this, but he just grimaced and tried to ignore it. Janet
murmured in her sleep, and one hand moved to the junction between her legs.
David smiled grimly and stripped his underwear off. When Janet woke, she’d
be in for a surprise.

For an hour, moans and sighs were the only noise to break the silence
usually filled by the bustle of a busy family. (This isn’t to say they
weren’t still busy.) Kelly learned, in a sexual haze, about holes she
wasn’t even sure existed. Scott’s inexhaustible cock worked like an elixir
on her persistant itch, and the scratching was pleasant for both of them.
She gave him a blowjob of her own accord, Scott holding her head and
whispering. Downstairs Janet was beginning to wonder what brought on her
constant arousal and sudden need for a good fucking. David’s cock kept her
from wondering too hard.

Repetition dies hard, however. At 6:30, both men left the holes of their
still horny partners and took showers, cocks still hard thinking about
future wakeup calls. Kelly gathered her brains from the far reaches of
where Scott’s steady pounding had tossed them. She dressed slowly and
cautiously, every material feeling like a caress on her sensitive nipples
and bulging clitoris. She finally settled on a typical white shirt with a
short black jacket hanging open. She wore her loosest jeans and didn’t
bother with panties, instead resorting to a couple layers of pads to try
and mop up the disappointed love juice leaking from her pussy. The whole
surreal experience of that morning still hadn’t dawned at her, and the
still constant itch kept her from focusing on her sudden loss of virginity.
The afterglow of constant orgasms was still in her, and she looked on her
experience with satisfaction.

Scott was dressing now, not able to meet his sister’s eyes. She walked
downstairs, where Janet was watching the news palely. Her Dad was sitting
nearby quietly, dressed for work. Mom was dressed carelessly in a robe,
nipples pointing through the fabric. Seeing her parents, Kelly suddenly
blushed and realized the extent of what had happened. She seemed to recall
screaming several times- had her parents noticed?

Her Dad’s grim faced gaze caught hers, and she knew that he knew
everything, but he just settled his eyes back down towards the newsman.
Feeling sick, she padded into the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal,
although thoughts of how much more satisfying Scott’s cum had been
interrupted her thoughts. She took the front page of the newspaper, opened
it, and read with wide eyes the front page article.

* * *

7:30 AM
Northrup Household

Leaving the household was a far different phenomenon this day, the first
day of the Virus. School was universally considered canceled, and would in
fact remain canceled for 4 or 5 months. Neither Scott or Kelly had any
intention of going to school. Kelly was too preoccupied with her own
worries and her own arousal to worry about Geometry. Scott had business
deals to conclude and work to do, so English class didn’t rank very high on
his list of priorities either. Women had the day off universally as well,
but David had to talk Janet out of going to work. She had found somewhere a
concern for all those affected adversely by the Virus, of which there was
quite a few. The old, especially, where having ugly reactions to the Virus.

‘I’ll just take the edge off whenever I need to,’ she insisted. David
managed to argue her down, or so he thought. He kissed her goodbye, and
that ended up being a 5 minute makeout session until Janet finally managed
to let go.

‘See why you should stay home?’ David said. He took off.

Kelly had returned to bed, and Scott was upstairs on the phone. Janet knew
her chance. Ignoring to the best of her abilities her burning need for
impalement, she showered and dressed, fingering off in the shower as a
concession to the undeniable force of the Virus. Making sure that Scott was
upstairs, she slipped into the car and drove off hurriedly. She had twin
drives- that to try and fight the Virus, and her humanitarian urge. Both
were fighting a losing battle.

Some Classical music was tempting, but she had to stay alert. Janet turned
on the news.

‘..And it’s been confirmed that the virus has spread to South America,
Africa, and Asia. Austrailia has announced that the entire continent will
be quarantined in an effort to stave off the Virus. However, CBS News has
learned that several cases have already popped up, and the quarantine is
seen largely as a hopeless cause. Most of America is calm today, but almost
all public services have been suspended for the near future, until the
crisis is dealt with. Rioting among women has occurred in Los Angeles and
Chicago, as they besiege hospitals looking for a cure. Police have been
responding in strange but effective ways. Here is Police Captain Gerald

‘Well, we didn’t want to use tear gas, and we couldn’t beat them. One of
our rookies finally noticed that if their nipples were tweaked, all the
fight went right out of them. It was like a tranquilizer dart. So finally,
we decided to just move through tweaking nipples, pinching asses, and
stroking their panties. It proved remarkably effective, and soon they were
attacking us again, but for a different reason, if you know what I mean.’

The Announcer’s pained voice came on once again.

‘So once again, we can see how much morality has been changed in just the
first day of the Virus.’

Janet found herself daydreaming about a strong police sargeant, assaulting
her and pulling off her dress. His big strong hands, muscular body and huge
cock barely held in by a tight police uniform… She had to pull over and
get off once again.

The streets of San Francisco were an erotic sight. Even in the Financial
District, heavy time groping and kissing was going on, between young female
executives who hadn’t quite made it to work. The wrinkled business suits
were sexy and revealing when pulled aside, and Janet wondered how well they
would show off her ass. If she got big titties like the news said, they
would look great. She would get hundreds of cocks…

It began to occur to Janet that she might have just made a terrible

As of yet the thought of being a stay-at-home-slut didn’t appeal to her, so
she drove on in rigid control, pulling into the parking lot. The scene was
an exercise in triage. The sidewalk and most of the parking lot was
littered with moaning people, most often old men and women. The men were
mainly complaining about sexual exhaustation, but the women there appeared
to be having real problems. Most were hunched over, gritting their teeth in
pain. Janet’s own horniness, however, paid these ugly sights no mind. It
had found her endrocrine center, and production of new hormones was about
to begin.

Some of her colleagues, the male ones, were walking by, and noticed her
with more than a little bit of shock.

‘Janet! What the hell are you doing here?’ One began.

‘You’re a girl, aren’t you?’ Another less intelligent one finished.

Janet managed a smile.

‘I’m doing fine. The Virus really hasn’t affected me yet. You certainly
could use my help.’

‘If the Virus hasn’t hit you, why are you staring at my crotch?’

Janet blushed and forced herself not to think of Dr. Severin’s cock.
‘Wonder how Doctors fuck?’ floated through her mind. She kept her smile up.

‘I’ll just check on the regular patients. That doesn’t take much effort.
Trust me, you’ll want my help.’

She began to walk past the skeptical men. One pinched her ass as she went
by, and Janet yipped a little and walked faster. This whole experiment was
beginning to appear a grave mistake to Janet, as the renewed burst of
horniness triggered by the dirty old doctor showed. If a young stud touched
her there, she might just jump his hard cock and ride it like a… she
couldn’t think like that.

The inside of the hospital convinced her that she was indeed in terrible
trouble. An orgy prevailed. Women who had come to the hospital in hopes of
a cure were instead sitting in the company of hundreds of men there for
legitimate reasons. The men who weren’t there for Viagra prescriptions were
taking full advantage of their arousal, and screams of ecstasy outnumbered
the usual screams of agony. The fact that the men were mostly injured added
a surreal aspect to the going ons. One man was taking a tall blonde in the
ass, wincing and holding a strangely bent arm at the same time. Janet was
shocked by how many of the women looked like amateur fashion models, with
generous breasts and wasp thin waists. Seeing a hundred leers look in her
direction, Janet ran for the elevator and the third floor.

The third floor was quieter, with the only noise the moans of those female
patients stuck in bed and changing nonetheless. Janet’s head, although not
her cunt, began to clear from the stimulation downstairs, and she found
herself able to think about something other than taking two cocks
simultaneously. Janet threw on a medical coat, thankful that it disguised
her constantly erect nipples, and took the first medical chart.

It was Clara’s. Her diagnosis now painfully obvious. Janet knew that she
would be well into the second day of symptoms, and hesitated before going
in. She didn’t really want to know what lay ahead, but didn’t see any way
of getting around it. She took a deep breath, firmly shut all imagination
of what she would look like with 38 D breasts, and entered.

Clara didn’t notice her entrance; she was about four hours into a
masturbation marathon. Ordinarily the drip, drip of hot pussy fluid on the
floor coupled with the sight of a woman with her legs spread obscenely and
impossibly wide would disgust Janet. Now it just turned her on furthur. The
thing on her concious mind, however, was what Clara had become. She had
entered the hospital as a somewhat cute but mainly flat 19 year old. She
had become much, much more. Pendulous breasts hung proud and erect from her
chest, red and swollen under Clara’s carress. Her mousy hair was long and
luxurious, framing a face that in turn framed a mouth made for the sole
purpose of inserting a cock into it. A huge dildo worked itself in and out
of Clara, and she sighed in rythm with it. The formerly embarassed young
woman glanced lazily at Janet and just nodded slowly.

‘Good afternoon, Clara. Janet said professionally, while her mind focused
on the dildo.’

‘Hii……’ Clara answered vaguely.

‘How did you get that dildo?’ Janet asked next.

‘This guy… I forget his name but he had a big cock. He fucked me last
night pretty hard and said that I was his now. I didn’t wanna stay with
him, and was about to go, but then he came up with this and put it in me.
With my boobs now, and this in me, I really didn’t wanna go anywhere, so I
guess I’ll just wait until he gets back so I can get fucked again.’

‘Did he say where he was going?’

‘He was gonna get more girls and make them his, I think. I wasn’t sure
about that before, but now I think maybe the idea isn’t that bad.’

Janet shuddered. It was clear to her that she had to get Clara out of here.
However, she wasn’t sure she could get out of here herself. Another trip
downstairs, and she probably wouldn’t make it to her car. Clara didn’t seem
likely to give up that dildo, so she needed some other way of getting
fucked before she made the dash.

‘I’ll come back later,’ she said to Clara. Then she went down to the room
she had seen yesterday- of the man dying of heart disease. His cock, she
thought with professional interest, was almost definitely in perfect shape.

Carl was lying in bed sleeping, deeply out of it on a drug cocktail. Janet
stripped her panties off with a clean motion and pulled down his underwear,
exposing a substantial, uncircumcised cock. She gave it a loving lick and
massaged the sleepy beast into a fiery fury, although its master was still
zonked out. Not even considering a slow penetration, she rose over Carl and
sat down heavily on his penis. The feeling of fullness was excruciatingly
pleasant. While usually she submitted without interest to David’s
lovemaking, now she rode Carl’s cock in a wide circle, squeezing as tight
as she could. When firecrackers began to explode beneath her eyes she shut
them, and thus didn’ t see Carl awaken slowly and begin to take an active
interest in fucking Janet, grabbing her puffy aureola and tweaking.
Eventually he climaxed, although Janet hardly noticed at the time, busy
with orgasm #6. Janet opened her eyes soon, blushed at seeing Carl ogling
her, and climbed off his cock and out the door.

Carl looked around, wondering if he had died.

‘Decor needs work’ he thought, ‘but otherwise Heaven’s off to a nice

Clothing herself, steeling her rapidly fading resolve, Janet managed to get
Clara on her feet and pushed her out the door. Clara, the dildo still
moving, didn’t really notice. She pushed Clara as fast as she could go past
the first floor, to the car, and out onto the freeway. The trip was tough,
as she had imagined, but the letdown of her orgasms gave Janet enough
willpower to escape. Clara sat in the backseat, still just taking the dildo
softly, and the smell of her filled the small car. Janet decided she would
need a quick finger job, pulled off at little used exit, and was two
fingers in when a pair of hands moved down to cup her breasts.

‘Need some help?’ grinned Clara.

Janet didn’t get home until 5.

* * *

9:00 AM
Intel HQ

It was a new world that morning, indeed. David’s morning commute, for one,
was an absolute breeze. The woman drivers were at home caring for needy
pussies, not taking up valuable road space. Looking for positive effects of
the Virus, David found this one to be almost worth the rewriting of
society. The other positive effect was Janet’s eager mouth, and David
maintained a hard on throughout the drive. This was good, as it coincided
with his plans at Intel. David and Scott were made of similar stuff, and
both came to identical conclusions about morality in this new world- it
would be fairly subjective for awhile. By the time new standards fell into
place, David intended to earn a lot more than Sanders worthless job. Intel
staff was women heavy, and a lot of positions had to be filled. Missionary,
for example.

Everyone was at work that day. Days off in Silicon Valley were largely
hypothetical. Executives like David had come to similar conclusions, too,
about the sudden availability of jobs. The surprising thing to David was
that all the women were there, too. It wasn’t surprising that they weren’t
about to let something like a nanovirus stop them, but it was also obvious
that it would, eventually, stop them. David came up with new plans for the
staff meeting. He had changed it so that it would be an all-man affair,
discussing the new world. With women he would have to be more tactful… or
perhaps not. Hmm…

Kaitlin was at work. Her mind was in bed with someone, but her body was at
work. Although work tended to mean doing something, whereas Kaitlin was
mainly just staring at male passerbys, and shifting in her seat. Her legs
were crossed tightly, and her hands trembled on the keyboard. She wore a
blouse that was different from a nightie only in terms of semantics,
revealing a deep line of cleavage. Her miniskirt was hiked up to indecent
levels, exposing curves a NASCAR driver would crash through.

David didn’t say a word to her coming in, although she stared openly at him
as he walked into his office. He hadn’t planned on her being at work, and
this changed his plans a little once again. The idea that struck him again
was infantile, sexist, and would probably lead to terrible reprecussions…
two days ago. As of now, David rationalized, he would be doing Kaitlin a

“Come into my office, please.’ He broadcasted to her. Trembling slightly,
she entered.

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ He asked. She shook her head no.

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ He asked next, wanting to be totally sure.
Again the answer was no.

David’s adrenaline level, whenever he took a risk, rose into the
stratosphere. This would violate thirty different laws, violate his
marriage vows, and might get him fired. On the other hand, she looked
hotter than the Devil hottubbing in the short skirt ensemble she was
wearing, and David knew that almost every law was made irrelevant today.
Moving quickly and calmly, David walked up to the deeply breathing Kaitlin
and sexually harassed the shit out of her. He grabbed her ass, took a
nipple in one hand, and kissed her with the tongue. Then he removed all
three and moved back, letting Kaitlin make the next move. If his
calculations were wrong, she would slap him and all his plans would go down
the crapper. If he was right… David felt a soft hand unzip his fly.

He was right.

Two blowjobs, a handjob, and four total orgasms later, David dressed
himself and had Kaitlin dress as well.

‘Here’s what we’re going to do,’ he said. ‘You’re gonna move in with me and
my wife. We’ll wait a few days; I don’t think she’ll mind by then. In the
meantime, stay inside as best you can. I’ll come by after work and fuck you
again, OK? Goodbye, then.’

Kaitlin left in a daze. A thin stream of cum was still attached to her
lips, but David didn’t tell her. He wanted everyone to see- to get an idea
of what sexual morality meant now. David broadcasted a message across his
floor, postponing the staff meeting until 11:30, and asking the men to come
inside his office one by one. The women, most either hiding in their
cubicles or in the bathroom, were not invited. David talked to each of his
men for 5 minutes, giving out his plan and getting accordance. All were
with him. Some admitted that they had already gotten off with a coworker
this morning.

David’s staff was a team of 35 people, 29 men and 6 women. They assembled
in Conference room A6. The women sat tightly composed, the men free and
easy, winking at each other and getting their confidence up. David entered
5 minutes late, as was executive privilege. The men quieted down, waiting
for him to begin.

‘Team,’ David began, ‘we are at the threshold of quite an interesting time.
It may be chaotic and ugly, but the American economy has already resisted
Asian Flu, Y2K, and an impeachment trial. This isn’t much different;
Pentiums will still be needed. Before we begin to strategize for this,
however, we must deal with the unfortunate effects of the virus on
ourselves. It hurts me to do this, but for the time being all the women on
staff will be sent home with pay, in preparation for being fired.’

The women interrupted with frightened arguments, already prepared, about
what laws he was breaking and why this was wrong. David silenced them with
a gesture.

‘It simply isn’t possible,’ he continued, ‘to hire those who can barely
think straight. I’ve seen the effect of the Virus personally, and I know it
is a testament to your strength of mind, ladies, that you can still think
straight and refrain from going nuts with all these big men around you.
(Most of the women bit their lips.) In two days, you’ll be totally
unhireable. It is my personal recommendation, and one that I’ve already
carried through with by fucking Kaitlin this morning, that you look out for
yourselves. Find a man, please him. It’s the smartest thing you can do for
yourselves. If you wish to pick one of our team members, both of you are
free to go get better acquainted. The rest may leave now.’

Seeing their way out, three women grabbed three of the bigger men and
humped them out the door. The other three left almost as quickly, two
running with their eyes shut.

That done, David picked up a marker and began to outline his new plan.

* * *

Northrup Household

Brady, Danny, Kyle and Kevin were all at Scott’s house, doing some planning
of their own. Scott’s intention was for them to help him plan his startup
marriage brokering business. Their intention was to plan what women they
would be getting in the near future. It was fortunate that none of the four
knew that Kelly was home. Scott had locked her in with one of Mom’s
‘hidden’ dildos. Brady was thinking about the dark-haired girl. Danny and
Kyle had conquests of their own to make. Kevin was secretly wondering where
Kelly had gotten to.

Scott was all business. (Mainly because he had already gotten some. He
hadn’t told Brady.) His plan was simple. Get the word out by setting up
marriages between their friends and neighbors. With the capitol they
already had out, take out ads during the local news broadcasts, which were
getting incrediably high ratings while the virus raged on. Marriages would
be arranged through negotiations between the fathers of both. Scott’s
business would advertise business status, family holdings, pictures, etc,
have the two meet, and provide a room where the girl could show off her
sexual prowess. Scott’s long range plans, still dim, involved children
being married at birth, as in the past. The temptation to go out and find a
girl was strong, but Scott resisted and forced his subordinates to resist
through force of will.

The thought of his morning with Kelly, strangely to Scott, didn’t bother
him at all. He had thought that the guilt may be overpowering, but instead
all he felt about the encounter was a vague sense of worry over what
society would think and some left over arousal. Scott wondered if this
meant that he didn’t care for his family, but dismissed that notion.
Caring, he reminded himself, was now redefined.

By lunch time, the preliminary plans were complete. Brady and Danny were to
get to work with advertisements and neighborhood help. Kyle and Kevin would
put together the catalog.

The meeting was briefly adjourned for lunch.

‘Where’s the bathroom?’ asked Kevin.

‘Upstairs. It’s broken down here.’ Scott answered. It wasn’t truly broken,
but Scott didn’t want Kevin finding his Mom’s soaked panties on the floor.
He couldn’t bring himself to pick them up.

Scott didn’t really think about the whole matter, and ten minutes passed
before Danny wondered aloud where Kevin had gone. Scott stood stock still
for a second before racing upstairs, cursing himself. He knew where Kevin
was. Kelly’s room.

* * *

12:30 PM
Northrup Household

Somewhere, Kelly had read about the stages of loss. They included, in some
order that didn’t seem to important, anger, guilt, bargaining, denial,
acceptance. By her reckoning, she was somewhere halfway through. This was
quick, but then being so horny had hurried the whole process along. The
dildo sat on the counter, unused, while she struggled with the knowledge
that her next 60 years would be spent as a bimbo. Anger was the first one,
she guessed. After skimming the news article, she had ran upstairs and
locked the door, weeping bitterly for an hour. Next she went through
Denial, as she tried to deny that she had really fucked her brother for a
luxurious hour. This didn’t last long; she could still smell the sex in her
room. Bargaining was never seriously considered. Kelly didn’t know if she
had reached acceptance yet, but she had reached a new stage- acute arousal.
Even while she struggled with her new role in society, her nipples glowed

Currently she was reading her favorite book- To Kill a Mockingbird- and
trying not to think about her current situation. The thought of what she
would be like in Stage II bothered her constantly, and she tried to scare
it away with Boo Radley.

The knocking at the door was a welcome distraction. For a second. Then
Kelly wondered who it was. If it was Scott, she wouldn’t open it. In her
current state, she didn’t think she could resist him. The voice, however,
wasn’t Scott’s.

‘Uh… Kelly? Are you in there?’

It was Kevin, the boy she had a crush on.

‘Like a movie,’ she thought.

Her rational mind argued that opening the door for him was the stupid thing
she could do. If her brother had taken her with just a touch, the sight of
the boy she liked might send her onto her knees. She had been there before,
with Scott, and what happened next was still confusing. Her libido, Queen
of the Court, countered with the exact same argument- and she wanted it.
Thus, Kelly’s hot little body obeyed and unlocked the door. She then
retreated to the bed, not sure what to do next.

Kevin was everything she wanted in a boy. Brains, some muscles, and shy
enough not to ever get near her. Looking at him now she realized how much
she had overlooked. The obvious tent pole in his pants, for instance, that
hinted at a well-endowed boy. His tight butt was much more apparent to her
now, too. Hesitancy, as well as randy desire, was in his eyes, but
accustomed shyness ruled.

‘Hi,’ he managed, seeming an Adonis nonetheless.

‘Hi,’ Kelly squeaked out.

‘Err… how’s it going? ‘

‘Oh. Fine. Y’know.’

‘Sucks about the whole Virus thing, huh?’

‘Yeah. Sucks.’

The discussion was deeply inane. Both were distracted. Kelly by his looks
and her randiness. Kevin by how obviously Kelly had just been thoroughly
fucked, and how hot she looked with tousled hair and tight clothes. It
continued for a minute or so, before Scott ran upstairs, with Danny and
Brady close behind. Scott breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that Kevin
and Kelly were merely talking. Both blushed when he entered. Scott firmly
shut the door to Kelly’s room, and hustled Kevin into his own.

‘Alright,’ Scott began, ‘so I fucked her. So what? She needed it.’

Kevin didn’t seem to care. His eyes were still glassy.

‘Scott,’ Kevin began, ‘I don’t care what you think. I’ve wanted your sister
for the longest time. It’s unbelievable how hot she is, and this is before
she changes. Can I have her?’

Scott blinked once or twice, sixteen thoughts all rushing down a one lane
street. The concept of giving away his sister took a bit of adjusting to,
when the thought wasn’t merely hypothetical. His Dad has asked him to hook
Kelly up, but the actual fact that he was determing her life was tougher to
get his mind around. Other thoughts included apprehension of what his Dad
would think, personal opinions about Kevin, and a large twinge of regret
that Kelly’s eager little mouth would be wrapped around someone else’s
cock. Finally he came to the inevitable conclusion- acceptance. Kevin would
make a fine husband, and one Scott could keep an eye on.

Already deciding in Kevin’s favor but deciding to make him sweat, Kevin
blinked for a final and third time and answered.

‘Likely,’ he said, ‘but I’ll have to ask my Dad. How about I call you

‘Absolutely!’ Kevin answered breathlessly, tingling with excitement.

‘Did you have anybody else in mind?’ Scott asked casually.


‘It’s alright if you do. Polygamy is about to become reality. If you have
anyone you’ve always wanted, I advise taking your shot now.’

It was Kevin’s turn to do some blinking. Brady saved him by asking if the
meeting was adjourned; Scott concurred, and all three left. Despite
admonishments from Scott, all three left for different purposes than that
of business. Brady left to find that dark-haired girl, Kevin left to see
what Lisa was doing, (in the future the expression would change from ‘what
she’s doing,’ to ‘who she’s riding.’,) Danny had his sight on his own

Scott himself was thinking of his cock too. It was time to see if
prospective parents would pick up on his sales ploy. No better time to find
out than with personal business, Scott figured. He picked up the phone and
called Michelle Deckir’s house. An older, male voice entered, and Scott
took a deep voice and started to talk. After a second, he excused himself
embarassedly and walked over to shut his door.

Kelly had passed into Acceptance, and her cunt Accepted the dildo with
ease. Her moans were fairly loud.

* * *

5:00 PM
Northrup Household

‘Amazing,’ Scott thought. ‘Here I am in the middle of a brand new world,
with women everywhere jumping balls, and I have nonetheless managed to
become bored. Fucking bored. ‘

Scott sat in the middle of his living room, watching CNN with half an eye.
The entire known world, with the exception of the posts in Antartica, had
been infected. Europe was well into the third day of changes, and the
interviews with transformed women had piqued Scott’s interest, but little
else had. As many of CNN’s broadcasters had taken an unannounced
sabbatical, they were shorthanded. Scott, however, had nothing else to do
but keep up on the world scene. His business plans were stalled until his
subordinates got a move on. He had considered fucking Kelly but had decided
aganist it with respect to Kevin. His neighbor Julie wasn’t home, probably
off setting gang bang records. Venturing outside to pick up some random
girl sounded wrong to Scott. So he sat inside, watching Lou Dobbs.

With a start, Scott remembered his Mom. In the general confusion he had
forgotten that her going to work wasn’t just a normal occurence. She was
risking herself and her life. Scott had idly thought that she would be back
by lunch, and now it was 5:00. A worried pit gnawing at his stomach, Scott
stood up and was about to call his Dad, when the door abruptly opened and
his Mom entered.

Even to Scott’s untrained eye it was evident that she had been getting a
7.5 fucking on the Richter scale. Janet’s hair was in disarray, as was her
makeup. One of her bra straps was poking out. Her panties were on
Interstate 680, but Scott didn’t know that. Nonetheless, she smiled when
she saw him, like nothing had happened. After some pleasantries, Janet went
into her room and started the shower.

Relieved that she was home, if concerned who she had been with, Scott
decided to call his Dad anyway. These plans altered when Sex in human form
entered the door meekly.

He heard her voice first- a throaty purr.

‘Dearest, is this your house? You didn’t invite me in. I want more

Hearing no reply, Clara entered the door. She had long brown, slightly
curled hair, a body like that of an hourglass to the second power, and no
top, presenting rosy tipped breasts like wares for sale. Somehow preserving
a tinge of innocence that served to make her whole form even more sexy, she
saw Scott and smiled. Or rather, she saw Scott’s crotch and smiled; the
rest of him was more or less superflous to Clara. Scott smiled back; his
day had suddenly picked up.

‘My name is Clara!’ she said inanely, intending to cut short all
unneccessary conversation.

‘I’m Scott. Would you like to see my bedroom?’

‘Does the tour include a stop for drinks?’

‘I think I can find something to slake your thirst.’

Clara quickly followed Scott upstairs, amazing hips swiveling back and
forth. He barely shut the door before she dropped to crotch level and began
to work frantically at Scott’s jeans. He helped, while she massaged his
ecstatic tool to erection. Reaching out with a long tongue, Clara slowly
licked this lollipop, beginning with teases on the head and gradually
moving downwards, hands kneading his balls. Deciding that seduction just
meant less cock, Clara suddenly deepthroated Scott’s inches, the tip
touching her throat, gag reflex now erased by the Virus. He grabbed her
head, pushing her harder on his jackhammer, and closing his eyes. Neither
heard the knock at the door.

‘Have you seen a young woman na-?’ Janet opened the door and saw the pair.

‘I guess you have.’ She shut the door again.

If he was rational, Scott would’ve thought about how incrediable it was
that a woman he didn’t know, who looked like a porn star, was sucking his
cock thirty seconds after introductions. However, he was getting a blowjob,
and wasn’t thinking of much.

* * *

7:45 PM
Northrup Household

David was late home again. Kaitlin’s breathless phone call had called him
off work early. She was besieged by her neighbor, an angry man who had
knocked on her door and demanded a cocksucking. She had pretended not to be
home, and stayed in the bedroom with a vibrator, trying to ignore the penis
that waited just outside. Finally the need got to great, and she called
David for release. He had hurried over, had a few words with the man, and
got on with a more leisurely fuck with Kaitlin. The second stage of changes
was upon her, David noticed. Her aureole were wider, her moans louder, her
voice throatier. While already attractive, Kaitlin was on her way to
Playmate of the Year. David had promised to come by first thing tommorrow
to take her to work, where she would serve in the new capacity of ‘personal

Homecoming, however, was a pleasant affair this time. Janet waited at the
door, dressed in a pair of tight, tight jeans and a white blouse tied
underneath her expanding breasts. Her face seemed younger, sexier, lips
fuller somehow. The dynamite kiss he received this morning was repeated,
only this time accompanied by a dryhump that would’ve put a Vegas stripper
to shame.

Dinner was on the table. Boiled carrots, drumsticks, meatballs, and thick
milk. Popsicles for desert. David just shook his head and sat down, where
he was introduced to the barely clothed Clara, who sat next to Scott and
kept one hand on his crotch. Kelly sat quietly throughout the dinner with a
smile on her face. Her newly strengthened crotch muscles had led to the
discovery that she could keep the vibrator inside her while sitting. No one
much felt the need for talking anyway. The other four were engaged in a
complicated game of footsie and stroking. Janet and Clara volunteered to
clear the dishes, while Kelly withdrew in a strange sort of walk. Scott and
David left to discuss the terms of Kelly’s engagement to Kevin.

It was perhaps understandable that everyone went to bed early. Perhaps not
to sleep early, but to bed early.

That night, across America, the sleeping patterns of millions upon millions
switched. Millions of beds were empty, millions more were filled, millions
above that found room for one or two or three more. Brady went to bed with
the promise of betrothal to his dark-haired girl, and considering a hunt
for Julie. Danny slept with his Mom. Kevin stayed awake for a long time,
dreaming of Kelly, as did she of him. Scott and Clara moved in together,
and David and Janet dusted off the Kama Sutra and began with position one.

End of Part 1

Day 2- 6:30 AM
Northrup Household

Many Theological debates rage about the nature of time in Heaven. Some
argue that there is no time in Heaven- that all time is motionless. Some
argue that Heaven follows the path of the celestial bodies just like any
other place. It is to the detriment of both that they didn’t ask the
opinion of Scott Northrup. He would’ve argued- and proved- that Heaven
stands at a fixed point in time, the time when all is well and wonderful in
the world. This time is 6:30 AM, when Scott woke up slowly to the feel of a
warm mouth around his cock.

It was Day 2 in this greatly changed world. In the Pacific time zone, most
people were just waking up, but across the world most were already woken
up, a large amount in the same way Scott was. Austrailia had abandoned all
efforts to contain the Virus, as were most East Asian island nations, with
notable exceptions. Europe was entering their own Day 3 of the Virus for
the most part, and the scientist who released the Virus was very close to
being discovered. Although the already male dominated cultures of most of
the world were taking the change well, Europe was having a vastly difficult
time with the changes, and Eastern nations were in deep turmoil. All the
western nations were in round the clock legislative sessions, feverishly
rewriting thousands of books of law to reflect new society. Proposals to
reduce the status of women to chattel were already afloat and receiving
reluctant support. Special elections were announced in those districts with
women representatives.

Clara, the girl currently showing Scott the wonders of fellatio, probably
couldn’t have cared less. The huge changes in her life and her society had
dropped away when she woke up this morning. Clara had flown to San
Francisco to meet with a renowned Economics teacher at Berkeley, leaving
behind her family and friends in Kansas City for what was supposed to be
five or so days. When the Virus had hit her, she had no idea that it could
possibly be anything more than a disturbing, if pleasurable disease. The
attendant who had brought her relief had told her of the Virus, and the
part of her mind untouched by rampant arousal had begun to worry about
getting home. Far too horny to do anything but touch herself, however, her
worries had occupied a loud but impotent part of her mind.

When she woke up the second day, looking like Mariah Carey after an attack
by dozens of plastic surgeons, her need for sex again overpowered any
other. Whenever she tried to consider family, and friends, and her life, it
was overtaken by her dildo. Trying to consider what she had to do before
the mental changes hit took too much energy, and another stroke kept her
from planning anything beyond ‘I should.’

Janet finding her was a godsend. She had finally about succumbed to the
rule of her pussy, and a life in a harem with a man whose name she didn’t
remember but whose cock she could recall with photographic precision. While
Clara did make concessions to her still hungry cunt in fucking Janet and
then instantly attacking Scott, she had begun to hope that she could still
make it back to her old life, even as a different person. She had gone to
sleep with possibilities raging in her head, mixing with Scott’s cock in
her newly wasp thin waist.

During the night the possibilities, shining bright in her head, began to
disappear. Not due to loss of hope, or a realization that making it to
Kansas was impossible, or any rational factor.

The possibilities simply died along with her brain cells. The Virus, having
exhausted all concievable things to do with her porn star body, had moved
on to the cerebral cortex and got to work there. Pleasure neurons were left
at a huge level of sensitivity, as was a hardworking libido. Memory cells,
and perception cells, and attention, all those became slowly inert under
the persistent machinations of the Virus. Clara’s mind slowly regressed
from confident, if horny, college student, to naive graduate, to high
school student, down to a slightly slow fifth grader with a precocious
skill at cocksucking.

When Clara awoke, it was as if her mind was wiped clean of any thoughts
besides wisps of slightly dense air. She giggled as she reoriented to this
new state, where her constant horniness wasn’t a curse but a bridle to get
more sex from cute boys with big cocks. And lucky her- there was a boy
there, who probably had a big cock. What was his name? Scott? And she was
Clara. She was a college student, before she got interested in cocks and
got big boobs.

This was the one downside to Scott’s otherwise blissful awakening. Clara’s
teasing tongue was attached to a body with a wasp thin waist and massive
melons. Her skill was consumate, and she worked with passion and skill, but
when Scott looked into her eyes the emptiness threw a chill down his spine.
Most everyone he knew had another day before they lost themselves entirely
to the Virus, and Clara was a preview of what was to come.

‘Good morning, Clara.’ He said carefully.

Clara just smiled happily and brought Scott to orgasm, lapping up his
copious discharge. The taste seemed to please her, and she licked up all
that she could find.

‘When do you want to fuck me?’ She asked as if wanting to know if Santa
Claus had really come.

‘Later.’ Scott replied. ‘Why don’t you go shower down? I may join you.’

Clara pranced off, and Scott laid back in bed and exhaled slowly.

Downstairs, Janet laid quietly in bed, fingers for once quiet by her side.
She knew that if she looked down, she would no longer see her own slightly
frumpy, housewife body. She could feel the weight of her expanding breasts
piling onto her chest, feel the masses of black hair cascading down lips
that felt fuller, stronger. She could even feel the heavier weight of her
longer eyelashes, and the new center of gravity her tight waist and longer
legs had established. The arousal that still burned around a clitoris that
she knew would throw bolts of orgasmic lightning at the slightest touch.

She wouldn’t be going to work today; she wasn’t sure what she would do.
While an insistent part of Janet called for her to stay at home, clean the
house, find a French maid costume, the 90’s part of her called for Janet to
change the world, take a meeting, wear a hot business suit. While the two
parts of her agreed in the libido, across the rest of the brain the battle
of submissive vs. dominating type waged continually.

But before she did much else, Janet decided that she needed a cock. Denying
her sex drive when her husband was right next to her was idiocy, and she
did feel an eager need to test drive the graceful fucking machine she had
been endowed with. Her clitoris nearly peeked out more than two
centimeters, and her nipples, on an EE chest, were full and throbbing.
David was still sleeping. Janet, as if responding to some universal call
among womankind, decided to wake him with a full, impressive blowjob.

The formerly frigid housewife languidly teased aside her husband’s boxers,
and her thick lips made a silent O on seeing what the Virus had wrought
there. David’s formerly average 6 inches was now somewhere in the area of
10, a virtual gas pump of pleasure. Janet, a brand new BMW Z3 in this
metaphor , was primed for the fill up, and she attacked her husband’s cock
both eagerly and quickly. With her new thick lips and eager attitude, it
wasn’t long before David came in great spouts of white cum, delighting
Janet’s palate. The taste of cum, which Janet had only tried once and found
disgusting, was now a rich honey flavor.

Unknown to her so far, this was one of the Virus’s lesser publicized but
technologically astounding side effects. Like a fingerprint, every man’s
sperm had a distinctive taste to a woman. Most varied around different
kinds of sweetness, but a rare few brought to mind fruits, and in one or
two cases, well-done steaks. Without exception, they were tasty, impossible
to get tired of.

David entered the shower at the same time Clara did, angering him and
confusing her when the flow slowed down. Both’s partners entered the shower
later, lessening the blow.

Although today was sexual holiday for the majority of the world, neither
Scott nor David were about to sit at home, even if they both had cock
hungry women sitting on their dicks. Plans had been made and would be stuck
to. Scott had to go meet with Michelle’s Father, who sounded like a
reasonable man, if profoundly saddened by his daughter’s transformation. He
was mute on how she was taking the changes, and Scott was a little worried
that she would be already braindead by the time he got to her. David had
plans to go to work, but had no particular urgency to go to what would be a
largely empty office. Even the most hardworking employee knows when it’s
time for a sick day. The dildo he had provided the kittenish Kaitlin should
keep her tided over.

No, David had every intention of paying Rhonda a visit.

Clara put on some of Scott’s baggiest jeans and shirts, a relative factor
compared to her. The jeans hugged Clara’s voluptous ass with tenacity, and
the button down shirt was having to struggle mightly to contain her bust.
She didn’t have makeup, but, Clara thought, I don’t need that stuff. Seeing
that her man was busy on the phone, she decided with a burst of
concentration that making him breakfast would be a good idea. Vague
thoughts of eggs and cereal floated uncramped through the vast peaceful
seas of her conciousness. Janet, who she had fucked most deliciously
yesterday, was there, and she had remarkable titties too! She was wearing a
robe, a robe that looked more like an obscene nightie. Her new hips parted
the robe slightly in the front, revealing acres of creamy thigh, and
Janet’s boobies spilled through the constricted top.

Janet seemed unhappy, so Clara decided to cheer her girlfriend up.

‘Good Morning!’ She announced in a clear voice. Janet raised her head.

‘Hey, Clara, how are you feeling this morning? Alright?’

‘I’m good. I’ve still got this itch that won’t go away!’

Janet’s eyebrows went up as the valley girl speak got to her. The hairs on
the back of her neck went up as she comprehended what this meant.

‘What’s 5 times 5, Clara?’

‘Silly! It’s morning. Why would I want to do school?’

Janet swallowed tightly. It was rare that the future was revealed with such
precision, but Janet knew she was looking into her own personal future with
frightening clarity. The one thing that detracted from her model looks was
the world-weariness that lined her face. Clara looked totally innocent- and
extremely sexy- and extremely brainless.

‘I’m making breakfast for Scott, to thank him for fucking me. He had a big
cock. Did you know that?’

‘Just like his Father,’ Janet thought, before blanking this thought out and
going back to the paper, concentrating now on every word, trying to delay
or stop the decay of her mind.

David had finished dressing and was ready to step out the door, but the
sight of Janet hauled him up short just before the door.

‘Dear,’ he said in a deliberately nonchalant attitude, ‘come here and give
me a blowjob.’

Janet obeyed with haste, taste buds hungering for her husband’s sperm. She
dropped his pants quickly, taking him into her mouth and masturbating
herself to orgasm while David’s cock touched the back of her throat. Janet
was determined to keep her intelligence, as much as she could, but she knew
that some battles she couldn’t win. Her sex drive was insatiable, channeled
through a body that seemed a giant erogenous zone. Janet only hoped the
fucking she needed and wanted didn’t blow her brains out as well.

* * *

8:00 AM- Day 2
Kaitlin’s Apartment

Kaitlin hadn’t been entirely truthful to David recently. She loved him, or
at least she loved his cock, but David knew little about her personal life
and she had manipulated that. Truth was that even before the Virus, Kaitlin
was quite the little firecracker in bed. The massive sex drive that had
been unleashed in most women was amplified in Kaitlin too, but she found it
somewhat easier to control. Her pussy had been wet her entire life, and at
first the Virus just meant a heightening of her already overactive libido.
As time went on it built, and Kaitlin realized that an orgasm would likely
make her lose control. She had done that once before, in her Sophomore year
at College, and it had taken her two years to live down the whispers and
stories of the girl who had spent two weeks living at the local fraternity.

The man who had tried to knock down her door had been her latest conquest,
a random bar pickup. He was a loser that had been blessed with a
substantial cock, usually Kaitlin’s cup of tea. The Virus caused her to
rethink her priorities; try to find a man she could attach herself to.
David, despite the ring on his finger, was that man. Silicon Valley had
rubbed off on her too, and she had already planned to fuck David when he
surprised her by making the first move. Once home, she had her new male get
rid of the old one, and kept herself from thinking about her situation too
much with strokes and vibrators.

Now Silicon valley appeared to have rubbed off on her in a different way.
Her chest was as big as any Dow chemical-enchanced Porn Star- mountainous
peaks that would challenge Sir Hilary. The valley part was a long, flat
stomach, ending in dangerous curves framing a picture perfect cunt. Kaitlin
had dreamed last night of cocks and sex, gangbangs where all the partners
were David. His cock, his stern, uncompromising face, his cock, his rock
hard body, his cock, etc.

When she woke up the room was perfumed with her juices and her sheets were
sopping. Her brain, usually in partnership with her cunt, quickly realized
that the balance of power had permanently shifted. Now her clit ruled her
totally, controlling every action and overruling every thought. This animal
intelligence was filling her with a fire that even Big John, her 10 inch
dildo, couldn’t fully overcome. Every pump in and out only reminded her
that she had an asshole and a mouth to fill- now made into perfect
receptacles for long hard objects by the Virus. Every orgasm made her feel
inadequate besides the massive strength of a man, that pistoning tower of

Her brain frantically wheedled her cunt, reminding it that David was a good
provider and her only choice. The cunt responded with powerful arguments of
its own, and Kaitlin was close to joining the many women already roaming
the streets in desperate search for an orgy. Somehow she managed to stumble
into the shower, where the shock of the cold water gave her a moment of
clarity. She tried to avoid the mirror, knowing that the sight of her sex
hungry body would only excite her, and got dressed in any clothes that
still fit. The distraction of putting on screaming, stretching lycra
distracted her long enough for David to knock on the door.

David expected to be attacked and wasn’t disappointed. Kaitlin might as
well just gone naked, as she was halfway out of her clothes by the time she
got to the door. Some inner reserve of caution made her check who it was,
but her libido was handed the reins as she opened the door. The two met for
a hungry French kiss. David’s enchanced prick pushed its way through the
maze of his boxers and prodded Kaitlin with an insistent reminder of what
was important here. She didn’t tease the trouser snake, moving down to
David’s belt and making rapid progress in freeing the poor animal. David
explored Kaitlin’s breasts, much like his wives but with larger aurolae and
more of an emphasis on ‘pert’ than ‘just freaking huge.’

Soon David’s cock was free from its confinement and receiving avid
treatment from Kaitlin’s busy mouth. Contradicting the past, he felt none
of the compulsion to come that usually characterized Janet’s quick
blowjobs. It was like a new switch had been implanted within him, where he
was utterly in control of what he did. Reveling in the feelings of Janet’s
slow langorous lick up his balls, he leaned back aganist the door and
watched the artist at work After 5 minutes, Janet began to get worried that
she was doing something wrong. She looked up at David with quiet
exasperation, and he indulged her by releasing the switch and letting the
fire hose loose. Kaitlin, used to spitting, simply didn’t see swallowing as
a sexual act. It still wasn’t. It became a culinary one. David, through a
trick of the Virus, had one of the most distinctive cumtastes in the New
World Order. Tasting like a fine champagne, Kaitlin discovered what had
gotten Janet pumping earlier that morning.

Still hard enough to repay Kaitlin, David pushed her onto her back and
roughly exposed her eager hole. Already jaded a tad by the near constant
sex he had been receiving, David’s mind was elsewhere, planning for his
career. This led to near total control, with hardly a thought on his part.
Kaitlin saw the whole experience differently. Even the vanilla missionary
sex was enough for mindblowing orgasms. She began shrieking after 10
minutes, and stopped after 20. David looked down to realize she was knocked
out, a string of drool/cum coming from her mouth. Putting her dripping body
into the shower was enough to revive her, although David made a mental note
not to be so rough. This really wasn’t his style.

David’s manner towards Kaitlin, usually that of a slightly demanding but
still fair man, became preemptory. He ordered her into clothes, picking out
a skirt/sweatshirt emsemble that was little more than a hooker’s outfit
now. She responded to him willingly, enjoying the new dominitive role her
man, her controller, now exercised. It made Kaitlin feel safe, ready to
endure whatever changes should come over her later.

The two walked down to the car, Kaitlin gripping a dildo for when David was
preoccupied with other business. Almost ready to go, David had a sudden
thought, ordering Kaitlin to pick up a second one. She was only too happy
to comply. The two drove out past San Jose to Redwood City, where a quick
bit of investigating had revealed Rhonda’s residence. A surpisingly large
residence, almost a mansion. David was surprised that Rhonda, alone, had
felt the need for such a large building, but supposed it was yet another
way she showed off. His plan, simple enough, was to gain entry, fuck her
until she couldn’t remember her name, then take over her position and
affairs, as well as adding a new person to his growing amount of women.
Three, he figured, was about enough.

The area was deceptively quiet, a wooded area far from the orgy filled
streets of all the communities. Dogs were barking somewhere, and one couple
was jogging nude, she on a leash, but in general this area almost looked to
have escaped the effects of the Virus. The area was also few and far
between with street addresses. David was quickly lost in the circles and
cul-de-sacs. Deciding to change another bit of male behavior in the New
World, he stopped at a small house and rang the bell, intending to ask

‘Who’s there?’ said a suspicious baritone,’ male or female?’

‘Male!’ David responded,’ I just wanted some directions.’

There was a moment’s silence. Then the door cracked open a tad.

‘Directions for where?’

‘The house of Rhonda Greeley? Is it nearby?’

‘The Greeley house! Buddy, you sure as hell don’t want to go there.’

‘Why not?’

‘A bunch of chicks have holed up in there and sworn to resist all men. A
couple guys tried to take ’em, and they took a few shots at the guys! Too
dangerous, believe me. Wait until tomorrow when they’re all braindead.
Here, come on in’

The man, a gnarled but virile 50 year old, opened the door and ushered the
pair in. Standing frightened in the living room was who had to be his wife,
looking as fantastic as anyone but betraying a few signs of age. Relaxing,
the two women went into the kitchen.

The two men sat down and spoke about the world. He was named Harold Yipes,
a auto mechanic out of San Francisco proper. A nice guy, David resolved to
check in on him in the future. While they chatted, David formulated a plan
to get Rhonda before the gold diggers descended on the Greeley mansion on
the third day. Meanwhile, the babble of conversation in the kitchen became
quiet, then punctuated by a loud moan. Chuckling, both men shucked their
clothes and went to join their amorous females. The already naked twosome
was only too willing to make room.

Dressing, David and Kaitlin left, promising to meet again. In the car,
David explained carefully what he wanted her to do, leaving out no
eventualities and carefully making plans. Then, after fingering her to
climax in the front seat, he parked the car just out of sight of Rhonda’s
estate. Kaitlin, trembling slightly, walked slowly to the front gates.
David, nervous but convinced in Kaitlin’s abilities, left for home.

8:30 AM Day 2
Northrup Household

Scott was upstairs on the phone, talking to an esctatic Kevin. Downstairs,
Janet and Clara were doing the dishes in relative calm. Despite her disgust
with Clara’s mindlessness, Janet was still willing to use Clara’s tongue
and fingers to help her out. ‘No use letting even a vegatable go to waste,’
she thought. Kelly had yet to make an appearance.

Scott had just hung up the phone when Kelly’s door creaked open. Thinking
that at this point nothing could shock him, Scott turned around ready to
see the typical bombshell staring back. Nonetheless, his jaw dropped. Kelly
wasn’t a bombshell. She was a bombshell’s bombshell. She was Fucking. She
was Sex. Every bit of her had been gone over by the Virus, and it had
achieved perfection in her.

The Virus was a nanovirus, but it worked in close conjunction with the DNA
of a particular person. With women, it took its cues from a particular
conjunction of two chromosomes, using it to decide how much estrogen to
pump in one place and how much to sculpt in another. The amount of
conjunction determined how much was changed. For most of the human race,
the match was about 60%, meaning that the woman ended up looking like a
supermodel. Dr. Philips, however, had known this. Realizing that very few
women would be near genetic match, he had adjusted the nanos so that they
would produce something much better than the typical woman if the match was
good enough. Every sexual factor his twisted mind could concoct went into
the 40% left. Everything he could glean from twisted stories he found
online. Mainly as an exercise- only .01 percent of the population would be
above an 80% match.

Kelly was a 92% match. Only several thousand women in the world were
higher. She began in the head, with thick blonde hair that fell down in
perfect waves down her head to frame her face. Her lashes were dramatic,
making every wink dramatic foreplay, veiling lightly her burning blue eyes-
eyes that burned with both obvious arousal. Flawless skin, perfectly smooth
and unblemished, ran around lips that were naturally lipstick red.
Following the line of perfect lines down, strong, massive breasts defied
gravity in an impossible way, beling musculature three times as strong in
the back. Her waist was wasp thin, framing a patch of blonde pubic hair
shaped like a heart. Kelly’s formally chicken legs now appeared to stop
just short of her breasts- and they framed a tiny ass that could only have
been contrived.

The thin, mousy Freshman was now a 21 year old symbol of sexuality.
Seemingly dazed by her change in gravity and height, Kelly murmured, in a
new throaty voice, ‘None of my clothes fit anymore.’

Scott just stared for a second. Then he got a mirror and put it in front of
Kelly. She gasped in shock, yet Scott couldn’t help but notice a trickle of
moisture coming from her junction. Taking the mirror in hands with
naturally long nails, Kelly stared at her reflection for a moment in shock.
‘Is this what everyone…’ she began.

Shaking his head in an amazed no, Scott took the mirror and put it back.
Kelly took her breasts and pulled them aside, trying to see the rest of her
new body. ‘I think it’s time for your new boyfriend to come over,’ Scott



‘Do you think he’ll want me- like this? I look nothing like before.’

‘Uh.. I believe we can call that a definite yes. Go take a shower and wait
for him. You all can go shopping or something.’

She walked off in a daze. Scott went downstairs. His Mom was putting her
robe back on after a quick session with a tired Clara, who was watching
reruns of cartoons on Cartoon Network in wide-eyed amazement.

‘Something is strange with Kelly,’ he announced.

‘You mean she’s a walking sexpot? Welcome to the world, son.’

‘No, I mean even by the new standards she’s a knockout. You’ll see in a
second. What are you going to today?’

‘Well, if you could escort us we were going to go shopping for new clothes.
Can you?’

‘No, I have business. But Kevin, Kelly’s beau, is coming over. He could
drive you to the mall.’

‘Sounds good. I’ll go get dressed.’

Scott was attacked by an eager Clara as she left, not looking back. Scott
obliged her, but his mind was elsewhere. Michelle was his target. He had a
meeting with her Dad today, and even the new standards of beauty were pale
compared to her previous one. Clara was a great fuck, but he wanted way
more. Preoccupied, he discovered the same trigger that his Dad had, a side
effect of the high genetic match of the whole Northrup family. Clara didn’t
notice anything wrong, but just kept sucking until he obliged her with
massive gouts of sticky cum. Clara lapped it up. ‘Tastes like candy!’ she
announced happily. Curious, Scott wiped a bit from her chin and touched it
to his tongue, surprising himself with the sweet, intoxicating taste. ‘Not
bad,’ he murmured, before turning Clara over and plugging her to
unconciousness. Kelly came down, having improvised one of Scott’s sweaters
into a makeshift blouse, and wearing one of his baggiest pairs of jeans,
cinched up to the highest notch of a belt but barely fitting over her hips.

He left right before Kevin got there.

9:20 AM Day 2
Northrup Household

It was fully understandable that Kevin was a bit nervous walking up to the
front door. The ritual of the young man meeting the parents was a time
honored occasion for the use of cyanide. The fact that he would be marrying
and fucking this girl with the fully complicity of the parents was a bit
stressful too. Add into that the fact that he was driving without a
license, and a faster than normal heartbeat was fully understandable. Also
contributing was the fact that his penis was almost ripping his underwear
apart, and advertising the fact in the loose boxers and shorts Kevin had
thoughtlessly put on. He had untucked his shirt in another time honored
tradition, but even that wasn’t enough to fully conceal his arousal. Kevin
had been blessed by the penis fairy- he measured out at a full 11 inches
when erect. While not rare among men now, it was a sizable tonker. The
feelings were great.

He rang the doorbell once, and Janet hurried to open it. Inured somewhat to
the still taboo sight of her son, she found herself almost free of
inhibitions when she looked into the eyes of this new man. With an effort
she restrained herself from an outright attack, but she saw no way to stop
herself from flirting with him. Trying to remember the fact that she would
soon be this man’s mother-in-law, she purred a welcome to the trembling

‘Come on in,’ she said deeply, looking into his eyes,’ Kelly will be down
in a second.’

Janet positioned her breasts as a barrier across the door, and Kevin had
little choice but to brush against them as he made his entry. Janet purred
a little and followed him in, her eyes watching his ass closely. He sat
down with his legs open, inadvertently revealing his engorged prick. Janet,
sitting down next to him, breathed heavily and averted her eyes only with
an extreme effort.

‘Kevin, honey,’ she said quietly,’ would you mind crossing your legs? It’s
only with a great effort I can sit here talking to you. Please remember
that it’s very difficult for me to cope with my feelings right now.’

Kevin blushed with every pint of blood in his body and crossed his legs
tightly. It hurt his member to be constricted that tightly, but Kevin
figured it was worth it if Kelly didn’t come downstairs to see him fucking
her Mom. He wanted to make a good first impression.

The fact that Clara casually walked in and sat in his lap wasn’t part of
the plan. Feeling no regret besides a slight concern that Scott wasn’t the
one around, she threw her arms around his neck and rubbed her ample chest
aganist his. Cooing softly, Kevin looked into her empty eyes, then found
her massive breasts better. Restraining himself with commendable effort, he
was about to throw her off him when Kelly walked downstairs at precisely
the wrong time. Feeling, for some reason, insecure about her new looks, she
had taken one of Scott’s porno mags and dolled herself up for Kevin. HEr
shirt was torn raggedly off at the midriff, the pants were rolled up to the
knee. Kevin, stunned, could only stare stupidly. Seeing Clara on him, Kelly
froze, feeling tears well up instead of the glorious moment she had hoped
for. Turning quickly, she ran back upstairs.

Brain becoming functional again, Kevin ran after her. Her door was locked,
and Kevin could hear her sobbing quietly behind it.

‘Kelly, let me in! It was a mistake!’

‘You don’t like the way I look. I’m not even me anymore!’

‘You’re still you! Kelly, you’re beautiful!’

‘Not as beautiful as Clara.’

‘Damn it… beauty isn’t everything, Kelly. Let me in!’

‘It is now. Go to hell.’

Kevin decided on the direct route. Leaning back, he smashed into her door
and broke the fragile lock, nearly falling as the door swung open. Kelly
was still a sexy sight. Despite herself, Kelly was still unstoppably
attracted to this boy/man, both physically and mentally. Her libido ruled
as strongly as in all females, and she felt herself weakening as he
breathed heavily in the doorway, trying to think of what to do next.

Kevin firmly cast 6 years of weakness and insecurity around women aside.
Striding over to the new Kelly, he picked her up and kissed her as fiercly
as he knew how. Kelly gave in utterly at the first sparkling touch- her
brain becoming merely a receptor for the pleasure beginning to slowly
override her. As the kiss went on and on, Kelly’s brain showed off some of
the mental manipulation Dr. Philips had engineered. Many of the new models
had merely become women with great figures, but still bad lovers. For Kelly
it was all there. She could’ve written the Kama Sutra in a day. Without any
concious thought, indeed, incapable of concious thought, she began to move
and thrust in a way designed for pleasure and nothing more. Kevin, who
began the contact, soon was only along for the ride.

Kelly’s mouth slowly opened, and poked Kevin’s open as well. Their tongues
met, and Kelly’s met Kevin’s and began to teach him the ballet of French
kissing. Assisting this was a lengthened tongue, almost two inches longer
than normal, that surrounded Kevin’s in one of many erotic embraces. The
second was her crotch, which almost streamed with wetness. Putting one
impossibly long leg around Kevin, she humped his crotch until he caught a
clue and disrobed both of them. Then, positioning his massive member, he
entered a tight but wet cunt that welcomed the intrusion like an old
friend. Kevin and Kelly, for a long time, turned off their brains. He was
cock, and she was cunt, and they moved in total harmony. Loud harmony, too.
Clara and Janet, waiting for the two to finish, had fortunately found a way
to pass the time.

Both teenagers climaxed in a slow burst of conciousness, floating up
somewhere as their endorphins overloaded their systems. They remained in a
karmic embrace for some minutes, until both dropped off in a mutual burst.
Feeling somehow revitalized, they had no need for more words. Kelly put her
clothes back on, ignoring the stains and sweat, and Kevin put his on.
Picking up Janet and Clara, all three beautiful, leggy women got in the car
with him and they drove to the mall.

3:30 PM Day 2
Rhonda’s Mansion

Kaitlin walked awkardly towards Rhonda’s stern estate, the last bastion of
virginity in a world of sex. The house itself seemed a prude, an old
Victorian seperated from the verdant greenery around it. It was as white as
a wedding dress, and had the same symbology. Kaitlin felt inadequate for
the role her man wanted her to play. Surely some clue that she had fallen
for a big man and his big cock would come through. Surely they would be
able to see that she had been getting it long and hard on a daily basis.
She sighed; the things she had to do to get some of David’s cock. He had
promised her a world-class fuck, just him and her, for an hour if she went
along. The thought made stars flash behind her eyes. (And a few more brain
cells died.)

A small gate stood outside the house. Kaitlin rang the bell and hugged
herself nervously. Soon a stern but still sultry and young voice came over
the intercom.

‘Male or female?’

‘Can I talk to Rhonda?’

‘Male or female?’

‘Damn it, isn’t it obvious. Tell her this is Kaitlin. I used to be Davids’
sexre- uh, secretary.’ Kaitlin hoped the slip hadn’t been noticed.

‘Hold on.’

After a moment a voice that, had it not been so sexy, would’ve been the old
Rhonda, came over the intercom.

‘Kaitlin? What the hell are you doing here?’

‘I need to get away from David! He assaulted me, tried to make me fuck him!
I figured you’d protect me from him here.’

‘If you aren’t lying, you’ve come to the right place. All women are safe
from men here. Enter.’

Kaitlin pushed the gate open and walked in. Trying to play in character,
she attempted to stifle the natural sway of her ass and breasts, trying to
imagine what a desperately unsexed woman would be like. ‘Thank God for
Drama class,’ she thought.

The door opened before her to reveal an anti-harem. Looking at her
curiously through the opening were some of the sexiest women she had yet to
see. Almost all of them ranked high on new scales of beauty, and yet they
were dressed in a manner totally inappropriate for how beautiful they were.
Kaitlin’s practiced eye stripped them of the dowdy sweaters and pants they
were wearing and updated them to true standards. ‘Legs like that, and she’s
wearing pants!’ Kaitlin thought. She felt both superior and nervous with
her own revealing attire.

Kaitlin recognized Rhonda only by the determined look on her face. The rest
of her was as curvy as anybody else. She was dressed entirely in shapeless
black, but a poke here and there revealed her true attributes.

‘You seem to have come in the nick of time, Kaitlin,’ she announced,’ by
the look of things, you’ve already given in.’

‘I’m sorry, Rhonda, but it’s so hard to fight this Virus. Everytime I don’t
concentrate my mind turns to sex. I didn’t even think about putting these
on- my mind just went for them.’

Rhonda considered her. Everything Kaitlin had said was true, except for the
fact that she hadn’t given in.

‘We will make an exception, just this once. You may join us. Let me explain
our purpose here. We believe that the Virus is a male-manufactured way of
enslaving women. To do that, it has increased the sex drives of all of us
and changed our bodies. We do not believe that it can change our
intelligence and we do not believe it can force us to have sex with men. We
just need to have willpower. To show that willpower, we require that you
give us all your sexual material.’


‘Your dildos, please.’

Trying to hide her reluctance, Kaitlin pulled out both from her purse.
Rhonda took them- did she see a hint of arousal in her eyes?- and strode to
a large pile in the corner. Not noticing it before, Kaitlin almost gasped
as she saw the pile of pensises. Anywhere from little phalluses to massive
plastic cocks, it was a clearinghouse of stiumlation all thrown into a
little pile.

‘Tonight we shall burn these,’ Rhonda announced,’as we concentrate our
minds to show the world that our minds will remain intact.’ She smiled like
a prophet. ‘Talk to our brethren, and concentrate on remaining pure. The
ceremony begins at 8 PM. Stay away from the upstairs room.’

Kaitlin nodded and walked away. The dark house was gloomy, dank, and
utterly depressing. Soft track lighting, intended to highlight old
paintings, only gave the house an air of too little light and too little
life. The many women should’ve made it a giggly, carefree place, but they
all walked around mumbling with their arms behind their backs. Many were
sitting in yoga position, sweat broken out on their brows, sitting firmly
on their hands. Passing through a study, Kaitlin noticed a group sitting
around the computer. Noticing her, the one controlling the mouse flicked
back to an innocent web site, but not before Kaitlin recognized a porn
site. Kaitlin almost smiled; perhaps there was hope after all. Noble
intentions aside, these women wanted a fuck as much as she did.

She almost admired their determination, although not their methods. But
they were being stupid. The Virus was reality, and if they didn’t find a
man they would end up with whoever fucked them first. Besides, Kaitlin was
liking the Virus more and more. Maybe it was some side effect of the Virus,
but she was unconcerned about the third day- the sex was too good to worry
about such a thing. A life on worry free fucking and sucking was beginning
to look pretty good to Kaitlin. And David had a son, she remembered.

One woman was almost about to give in. She sat in a corner, sweating
heavily and rocking back and forth. Several more controlled women stood
watching her struggle with her arousal. Kaitlin stood back to watch; this
girl was about to explode. With an agonized cry she did, making a
three-finger dash for her junction. She was only halfway in when the women
grabbed her and pulled her down the hall and up the stairs. Chilled all of
a sudden, Kaitlin whispered to a blonde next to her, ‘Where are they taking

‘Don’t you know?’ she answered,’ all women who give in to their urges are
tied up.’

‘Just for getting off?’

‘Of course! If it starts there, how long will it be until we’re spreading
our legs for some hot, big-dicked man…’ Catching herself, the blonde
looked panicked.

‘I didn’t say that, OK?’ she whispered to Kaitlin, then wandered off.

Kaitlin herself was beginning to have some trouble controlling herself, but
the pleasant plugging she had gotten earlier that day was more than enough
to keep her calm. Besides, she was concerned for those girls upstairs. They
needed a good dick, and they must’ve been about out of their minds with
arousal by now. Kaitlin resolved to enlist them in turning this bastion of
prudity over to the New World. First she found a sharp but small knife and
somehow found a place in her taut clothes to hide it. Then she walked
upstairs nonchalantly.

Two stern brunettes were guarding a small door. The door handle had been
removed, and a doorjamb in the bottom of the door was holding it shut.
Kaitlin walked to the door without challenge, but then one of the girls
spoke to her harshly.

‘Back off, girl, unless you want to end up with them.’

Kaitlin gave her best smile, ‘Just need to bolster my resolve, see what
it’s like if you give in. Can I just have a peek?’

They hesitated, looked at each other, and shrugged. Kaitlin bent down,
palming the knife in her right hand, and looked through the door. Red faced
women, all leaking onto the ground and trying to grind into the floor, were
tied up in cloth on their arms and legs, with a gag over their mouths.
Despite the restrictions, they were still managing to get off. One would
place her hole over the hands of the other, and lower herself onto their
tied fingers. Several daisy chains spread across the room.

Not wanting to draw attention by looking too long, Kaitlin stood up.
‘Horrible,’ she said to the guards, drawing their eyes as she slipped the
knife and a laboriously written note through the hole where the door handle
had been. Fortunately, an orgasmic shriek muffled the sound of the knife
hitting the ground. All three women shivered.

Back downstairs, Kaitlin caught sight of someone she knew- who had worked
under David and been at work the day she first got fucked. She tried to
walk away quickly, but the stacked girl saw her and walked away quickly.
Scared, realizing she was caught, Kaitlin attempted to get out the back
way. Rhonda and the old employee interecepted her right before the door.
They were flanked by two other girls, the two that had dragged the
desperate woman upstairs.

“I’m hearing bad things, Kaitlin. Linda here says David fucked and claimed
you. Says she saw you walk outside with cum on your lips.’

‘Lies!’ Kaitlin tried to look shocked,’ I hid in the bathroom all day. And
I heard her go into one with John. She’s just trying to keep me from
exposing her!’

The two glared at each other. Rhonda looked dispassionate. ‘It looks bad
for you, Kaitlin. But we shall handle this like intelligent women. We shall
have a trial. Erin, Julie, take them both to the parlor, then gather
everyone else.’

Soon Kaitlin, nervous, (but still horny,) had her hands tied and was facing
the assembled ranks of Rhonda’s Resistors, about 30 women in all. They
tried to look dispassionate, but their eyes betrayed that they were having
the same fantasy she was- being tied up and on display. Kaitlin tried to
shake the dream of as she prepared her defense. It wasn’t easy. Thoughts
and fine phrases were slipping away from her more and more. Every minute
she felt a little dumber- if a little happier. At least everyone else was
feeling the same way. Hmmm… even Rhonda looked a little vacant now.

Kaitlin awoke from her reverie with a small shake after a minute of
prolonged silence told her Linda was done presenting her case. She walked
before the assembled women, and stage fright struck hard. Every phrase she
had managed to concoct flew away before she could deliver it. Some last
vestige of intelligence told her that this was the wrong tack to take.
Instead of trying to convince them she was a prude like them, she should be
trying to reverse the roles. Perhaps it was just her cunt doing the
thinking, but this addled idea made sense to Kaitlin. She smiled at the

‘First, I’d like to admit that I am in fact guilty. It was wrong of me to
deny that David had fucked me long and hard. But I want to explain why I’m
here among you know…’

The phrase ‘long and hard’ had caused some shifting in the audience.
Encouraged, Kaitlin continued. Strolling slowly over to the pile of dildos,
she unworked the knot tied by women in the process of forgetting how to tie
their shoes.

‘David first fucked me on his desk. And I liked it. I grabbed his meat,
stuffed it into my pussy, and rode it like a broken down cowboy. Then I
sucked his dick until it spurted. And believe me, it tasted like nothing
you would believe.’

She was getting to them now; she could feel it. There was discreet
caresses, soft murmurs, and rapt silence in the audience. But Rhonda was
frowning now, deciding to give up on this exercise in the judicial system.
Kaitlin speeded her speech up, now with the knots undone and right next to
the dildos.

‘But then later I thought to myself- did that mean I had given up? Did that
mean I was nothing more than a cock whore, submitting myself to
mind-blowing orgasms?’

Rhonda was walking towards her now. But Kaitlin was confident.

‘Hell yes. Join me. Let me show you how good it all feels.’

Kaitlin sprang into action. Pulling her pants down, exposing a sopping
quim, she grabbed a dildo and rammed the length into her, moaning in
unfeigned pleasure. For a moment, she thought she had them. Some were
moving towards her, some touching others, some themselves. But then she
felt two strong, fierce hands grip her shoulders- Rhonda.

‘Control yourselves!’ Rhonda cried, and the moment passed. And it looked
desperate. But then upstairs two cries went out, and a second later a
throng of sweaty, nude women ran downstairs. Ignoring the scene, they went
straight for the plastic penises, filling their desperate cunts with
whatever they could grab. The tide broke. The prudes, in a rare move of
group sex, shucked everything and joined in. Rhonda, realizing her movement
was over, turned to flee, but Kaitlin grabbed her and pushed her pants
down, stuffing a dildo and moving it up and down. Rhonda’s cries of anger
quickly turned into those of pleasure, and she thrust with the motion. The
two retired to Rhonda’s bedroom with a handful of dildos.

Kaitlin felt her mind slipping away from her, but knew that she had one
last duty to do. While Rhonda orgasmed over and over, she whispered ‘David
is such a hot guy. Such a great cock,’ and similar remarks to the
susceptible woman. Rhonda, her eyes fogged over, began to whisper it back.
As the night went on, Kaitlin grew too confused to do much more than say,
‘David is Mr. Cock,’ but Rhonda was there with her.

Downstairs, in a gentle sexual haze, the women fucked their own brains out.
Former investment bankers, lawyers, doctors became living, walking, barbie
dolls. They were too horny too notice.

Night fell, and so did the last bastion of womanhood.

* * *

12:00 PM Day 2
Dekir Household

Michelle’s Dad was a truly nice guy, one of those rare men everyone
instinctively trusts. Born with a handyman’s saw, knowing every trick in
life, he handled Boy Scouts, numerous volunteer organizations, and other
good works. Along the way he had found a wife, married her, and raised a
beautiful daughter as well as he could. Michelle was his pride and joy, and
she had rewarded him. Smart, funny, she avoided the pitfalls most kids her
age fell into. He didn’t look forward to marrying her off, but he knew she
would be making some young man a lucky guy.

The Virus devastated him and his family. His wife took everything fairly
well. As with most women, she adapted to the physical changes and enjoyed
the enchanced stimulation so much a loss of intelligence didn’t seem like
much of a price to pay. Still, Lee Deckir didn’t want to see his daughter
hand herself to whatever man could please her. She was being a saint,
staying in her room, trying to resist the Virus, but Lee knew even the
strongest girl couldn’t stand it long. The phone call from that Scott kid
seemed like it might offer a way out. He seemed bright; he seemed genuinely
in love with Michelle.

Scott did everything in his power to put Lee’s mind at ease. A firm
handshake, a long talk in the kitchen about his plans and his future.
Choosing to leave out the detail of Clara, Scott expounded on his
burgeoning marriage business and what he wanted to do with it. Lee saw the
eyes of the entreprenaur, and although he saw through to the opportunist
side of Scott the earnest boy seemed to be for real. Subtly letting Scott
know, he gave his blessing for him to take his daughter. ‘But,’ he
cautioned, ‘it is still her choice. she’s upstairs. Talk to her.’

The intelligent, urbane Scott disappeared somewhere on the steps, and the
old Scott came back. Clara and his sister were nothing, really, just
reflections of what this new world was like. Clara was almost a friend, and
Kelly, well, that was nothing long-lasting. Michelle was still his dream.
Trying to make this meeting mean something more than sex, he tried not to
mentally adjust her for beauty. Her door was firmly shut, and no sounds
came from inside. He knocked quietly.

‘Yes, Daddy?’

‘Um. No. It’s me, Scott Northrup. Remember?’

‘At school, yeah.’

‘Seems like a lifetime, huh?’

‘Yeah. Why are you here?’

‘Um, well, it’s like this.’ The smooth pitchman felt increasingly like the
adolescent he was.

‘You’re gonna need someone to take care of you. I have a business, a
family, and a lot friends. So I can do it.’

‘What are you saying?’

‘Um. Will you marry me?’

Tense, muscles tight and sweating, he heard a long intake of breath. Then a
pause. Then silence.


‘Let me… let me think about it…’

‘Um. OK.’

‘Don’t go anywhere.’

‘I won’t.

Next to her door was small table with a computer on it. Thinking that this
might take some time, Scott fired it up and went online. Dialing into his
account, he read his e-mail, sent some, and chatted with his friends. Brady
was absent, but had sent a quick message noting that he ‘was now King of
the World,’ with the dark haired girl. Danny promised that the web site
would be up in two days, and Kyle had gotten spots on most major channels.
Fortunately, the network people were took distracted to notice he was a
teenager. He also shared one bit of info- Lisa had called, sounding
distracted and desperate, wondering where Kevin was. All in all, business
was humming along. He went along some newsgroups and posted advertisements,
and was pleased to see some queries begin to trickle in.

Hours passed. Still no sound from the bedroom. Scott surfed idly online,
dreaming of what his new life would be like, planning for the future.

It was late now. Lee had left with his wife for a final drive while she
still had her wits about her. Still there was nothing.

Finally, he found a pillow, a blanket, laid down outside her door, and went
to sleep.

Once he had drifted off, a note was pushed under the door.

* * *

2:00 PM Day 2
Deckir Household

The mall was surprisingly full. Kyle, with his harem of three, pulled into
one of the few parking lots and they all got out, stretching and hiking up
shorts for the full effect.

‘The ride in the thing with the rubber dougnuts was fun,’ Clara noted, ‘now
what? Sex now?’

‘No, Clara. We’re going shopping. For clothes.’

‘Clothes are good. Fucking is better, though.’

Janet was a little bit worried. It seemed likely to her that another orgy
would prevail inside, and she didn’t feel like she would be able to stand
it. But she trusted Kevin, and she felt like defering to his judgement was
the best thing to do. Her mind liked this idea, and slowly Janet began to
relinquish control to her instincts and libido. Kevin would protect her; he
was a man. ‘Even when I get dumb,’ she thought, and giggled. Kelly joined

Inside was a scene, but it was more controlled than Janet had feared. Most
of these women were on their own, shopping for new clothes. Many stopped
for a long time in the dressing rooms, and some were walking around naked,
but there were very few men around. The three girls, excited, grabbed all
the good stuff they could find. Janet was partial to the blouses and short
jean shorts that made her look like a teenager again. Clara was partial to,
well, the lingerie and any men around, but Kevin kept a close eye on her
and she picked new outfits out as well. Kelly, however, was having trouble;
her awesome body was too extreme for many of the outfits. Kevin suggested
they go to mall proper, where he remembered a place that specialized in
large women.

Clara and Janet stayed behind, and Janet quickly found an exhausted clerk
and put him through the paces once again. Kelly and Kevin only got halfway
to the mall when he grabbed her and kissed her harshly. She responded
willingly, and the two blatantly rubbed aganist each other, old inhibitions
tossed to the still-playing muzak that made the whole scene sound like a
porno. Kevin broke it off, taking his fingers from underneath her shorts,
and hand in hand the two strode into the gallery.

Kelly was instantly grateful she had already jerked off. A mad tableau of a
massive orgy was on in the center of the mall, where Santa Claus used to
visit. About 50 men were stuffing 25 dazed women who looked like they
couldn’t stand up straight. Kevin was ready to walk by it quickly, but
Kelly was insistent, saying she thought she saw someone she knew. After
peering closely, she grabbed Kevin’s arm.

‘My neighbor Julie is down there! And her Mom! We need to help them!’

‘Aren’t those the assholes?’

‘Yeah, but I have bigger boobies now. I need to show her up. Her Mom is
nice, anyway.’

‘I think it’s too dangerous.’

‘Please, Kevvy? I’ll do this tonight-‘ she whispered something that sounded
anatomically impossible.’

‘ OK. But first lets get you outfitted. Then we’ll work something

The store was, strangely, abandoned, although Kevin heard sounds coming
from the back he didn’t want to investigate. He made a check out to the
store and Kelly went wild, indulging a newfound exhibitionist streak. Kevin
didn’t enjoy it as much as he should’ve, as he was preoccupied with how to
get Julie and her Mom away without being killed by angry men.

They approached the scene cautiously. They were in luck- Julie’s Mom was
temporarily unoccupied. Julie was; she had one pimply kid pounding her from
behind and another, bigger guy underneath. Julie’s eyes were closed and her
proportions were excellent. (‘Not as good as mine!’ Kelly noted smugly.)

Getting Julie’s Mom away was only a matter of picking her up and dragging
her away. A few slaps brought her groggily out of the orgasmic oblivion she
had been in. Kelly had a plan for Julie. Walking casually next to the boys,
she quickly stripped and ‘ahmed’ loudly. Both looked at her curves, her
figure, and her come hither look and came to an instant conclusion. Two
willing dicks were presented to Kelly, who took one deep into her throat
and positioned another in her cunt. While she put them through spin cycle,
Kevin helped Julie to her feet, and near carried her near her Mom. He poked
Kelly on her ass, the signal, and she sucked and squeezed with her new
muscles. The two men were milked, and dropped back momentarily exhausted.
Licking and judging the cum to be insuperior to Kevin’s, Kelly helped him
take the two girls back outside.

Clara and Janet, looking flushed, were waiting for them, and were surprised
but delighted to see Julie and her Mom. Things got a little tight in the
backseat, and a little hot, and unloading was forgotten as everyone spilled
onto the living room floor for some discussion and planning, with some
light fingering thrown in.

Janet felt refreshed, calm, and at peace. The fact she was feeling vapid,
clueless, didn’t bother her; all it meant was that she was free for a
lifetime of fucking. When David came home, she was ready for him, and the
two made off for the bedroom immediately. He told her about Kaitlin, about
Rhonda, and she was delighted.

‘You aren’t mad that I’ll have other women?’

‘Well, I’ll need someone to help me out when you’re at work.’ She giggled,
took his penis into her hands, and swallowed it.

Kelly and Kevin retired to bed, where Kelly showed him positions 30-45 in
the Kama Sutra. Exhausted, the two snuggled together.

Julie and her Mom slept downstairs, tired after a long day. Neither had the
energy to think about their minds.

Scott slept, and Michelle slept. Rhonda and Kaitlin slept, ready for

And the world finally realigned. The violence was over, the confusion
ebbing, the old social order dead. The new world, of carefree sex and a
long bright future, had just begun.

* * *

8:00 AM Day 3
Deckir Household

Scott woke slowly. Three days ago life was hell. One day ago Heaven. Now he
was unsure. Michelle hadn’t rejected him, nor had she accepted him. Now she
was his; she was everybody’s, but he wanted to think that in her last
moments of her old self she had chosen of her own free will. Now he’d never
know if her head or her cunt ruled. He sighed and cursed himself- ‘I
should’ve come sooner!’

But there was a paper outside that hadn’t been there before. Scott opened
it with excited trepidation. It read, in a script beginning to resemble a
childish scrawl, ‘Before I go to sleep, I want to you to know- Yes.’

The door was unlocked. She was wet, willing, waiting.


SCOTT NORTHRUP- His business, run by dedicated staff and finding a new
niche in the world, expanded to become the largest in California, Nevada,
and Oregon. Big conglomerates, slowly getting their act together, halted
his growth, but Scott still made a tidy fortune. He sold the business when
young to spend more time with his three wives- Clara, Julie, and of course
Michelle, his First Wife.

DAVID NORTHRUP- Business acumen and quick thinking earned him the title of
Director of Sales for Intel. Seeing more clearly than anybody else the new
needs of the new world, he was made Chief Operating Officer at 50 and
retired as an acclaimed businessman at 50. He too has three wives- Rhonda,
Kaitlin, and Janet.

JANET NORTHRUP- Janet woke with the mind of a sixth grader but the peace of
a yoga master. She found acceptance of her new role as wife of a powerful
man, and keeps a good home. She regularly fucks her two Co-Wives and an
assortment of men David brings over. For her birthday, she got a Calvin
Klein model.

KELLY WILDER- Her looks and skills made her into a symbol for the next
generation of women. She kept more brains than most, and uses them in her
quest to become the ultimate sexual being. In her spare time she works with
kids, and has 5 herself.

KEVIN WILDER- Chief Financial Officer of NWO Marriage, he has never wanted
anything more than his wife, Kelly. Well, sometimes he fucks the maid, his
old rival Lisa, but that’s just a benefit. He’s proud to be the only fuck
of Kelly, who has always been faithful since that one day in the mall.

KAITLIN NORTHRUP- Not the brightest anymore, but still David’s valuable
tool. Well, valuable for his tool. She’s learned to type and take
dictation, both kinds, and looks stunning in a short skirt.

RHONDA NORTHRUP- Abandoning her old persona, Rhonda has become a stereotype
of the dependent, sex-hungry woman. Always needy for some relief, her
libido is a running joke in the family. She bore David two children, and is
totally devoted to them.

JULIE NORTHRUP- Heavily affected by the Virus, Julie is little more than a
walking cunt. She can think, if she concentrates, but mainly she spends her
time looking for sex. Scott has a collar on her that compels her to come
home when he wants her.

CLARA NORTHRUP- A cheerful bimbo, Clara is in a family way most of the
time. She found her parents again, and spends most of her time as a
stay-home cleaner.

MICHELLE NORTHRUP- After their abrupt meeting, Michelle fell hard for
Scott. Always supportive, always helpful. Scott keeps her pregnant, but is
also abreast of the latest treatments in hopes of getting her brains back.

OTHERS- Brady got Julie’s Mom and the dark haired girl, Danny got his Mom,
Kyle got his girl, and the world ended up, for the most part, a reasonably
good place to live.


by Anonymous

Posting is allowed on free sites. Posting is prohibited on pay sites.

No editing is allowed.
Any resemblance to people living or dead is strictly coincidental.
I’ve picked the setting of Danville and its High School merely for
reasons of realism, and have no association with either the area, the
Intel corporation, or any hospitals in San Francisco. Again, they are
This story is set in Joker’s Virus Universe. After some years in the
dark, it is receiving new treatment at the hands of some excellent
authors. I’ve tried to keep this story canon to the greatest extent
possible. It follows the storyline established in the original “The
Virus” and continued in the also excellent “Madmen and the Guinea
Pigs.” Please send comments to [email protected]
Thanks as always to the TSA, Matthias, Bob, Downing Street, JC Parz,
Joker, and Boris Ludemkov. You are all inspirations.

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