Dream Girl

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By Roxy Nylons

Kelly Vincent had a dream. Kelly’s dream was to leave

behind the humdrum world of her everyday, 9-to-5 existence

and become a world-renowned Broadway actress.

Ronald Horner, Kelly’s longtime secret admirer, also had a

dream. Ron’s dream was also for Kelly to become a world-

renowned stage performer, only not as an actress. Ever

since the beautiful Kelly gently and innocently rejected

Ron, several years ago, he has longed for revenge. Then,

with no apparent explanation whatsoever, Ron’s annual New

Year’s Eve wish, to see Kelly transformed into his dream-

girl, came true.

In Ron’s fantasy, the sweet, kindhearted, girl-next-door

Kelly Vincent would slowly, inexorably cease to exist. At

first Kelly wouldn’t quite understand her growing obsession

with pantyhose, but over time her desire to constantly wear

the silky, form-fitting garment would become second nature

to her. Even when her friends and family questioned her

decision to wear beige, hipster pantyhose under her bikini

on trips to the beach, she would simply respond with, “I

like how they make my legs look.”

And she did. In fact, Kelly began to love how pantyhose

made her legs look. She also began to love how pantyhose

made other women’s legs look. Soon she was taking every

opportunity she could to check out other women’s legs in

pantyhose. Initially, the completely heterosexual Kelly

worried about the arousal she felt looking at another

woman’s nylon clad legs. It didn’t matter if the woman was

supermodel-gorgeous, or a frumpy housewife; in fact just

the thought of a pudgy, middle aged woman in a too-short,

too-tight skirt, black pantyhose and red, Peggy Bundy

stiletto mules, nearly made her orgasm.

It wasn’t long though before these feelings also stopped

bothering Kelly. She even went so far as to revise the

dress code of the store that she managed. She now required

the female employees to wear skirts with pantyhose and

heels. A few of the younger girls complained that pantyhose

and heels were uncomfortable and outdated, but Kelly

insisted that it gave them a more professional appearance.

What she didn’t mention was that it also gave her more

material for her ever-increasing pantyhose fantasies. She

often pictured her coworkers nude except for their

pantyhose, on their knees, kissing and licking her own

pantyhosed legs and pantyhosed pussy.

Soon however, the girls didn’t have to worry about the new

dress code. Kelly found it increasingly difficult, if not

impossible to do her job correctly. The constant

distraction of the other girls’ pantyhosed legs was

becoming unbearable. When Dawn would slip off her heels at

the end of the night to finish closing up the store, it was

all Kelly could do to keep from begging the blonde teenager

to let Kelly suck on her pantyhosed toes.

What made matters even worse was the imperceptible, yet

inexorable decrease in Kelly’s IQ. On New Year’s Day, the

bright, college-educated young woman had a respectable 132

IQ. By the following Christmas, however, she found it

nearly impossible to run the store, with her now pitiful IQ

of 84. Kelly once loved her job, but actually felt very

relieved when upper management informed her that her

services would no longer be required. The following day she

applied for the job she had actually been longing for the

past couple of months.

“You applied, where???” her fiancé, Tyler asked


“I told you, silly – Hooters. I’m gonna be a Hooters girl!”

Kelly beamed.

“But, Kelly, you hate that place. You won’t even go there

to eat!”

Kelly became somewhat confused as she vaguely remembered

her steadfast refusal to “patronize an establishment that

so obviously pandered to the baser instincts of men and

reduced women to mere sexual innuendo.” Unfortunately she

really couldn’t remember what most of that meant anymore,

so she simply replied, “Nuh-uh. Besides I love their

uniforms! I can’t wait to start!”

Her moment of confusion and concern had passed, and Kelly

was once again smiling as she dreamed of showing off her

pantyhosed legs.

After a brief training period, Kelly, or, Kiki, as her

nametag read, was ready to waitress solo. It seemed that

this Hooters already had a waitress named “Kelly,” as well

as one named “Kelli,” so our Ms. Vincent decided to go with

the nickname “Kiki,” because it was, in her words, “cute ‘n


Despite her tendency to get orders wrong (she was actually

right a little less than half the time), Kiki quickly

became a favorite among the customers. It wasn’t because

she had the best body of all the girls, she was actually 20

pounds overweight, and she didn’t carry it in her modest,

B-cup breasts, but rather in her wide hips and pillowy ass.

Of course, the fact that she had chosen to wear the

smallest-sized shorts and the most miniscule top the

restaurant allowed, helped tremendously. On Kiki, the

uniform was more like a swimsuit, leaving nothing to the

imagination as it clung to her every nook and cranny.

This obviously generated above average tips for Kiki, as

did her ability to “work” the customers. She constantly

flirted with the male customers, sometimes going so far as

to initiate some intimate physical contact when no one was

looking. It was rare for one of Kiki’s customers, whether

he was 18, 98, or any age in between, to leave without a

raging hard-on.

You’d think all this would have made the other girls

jealous. After all, you know how catty women can be, and

how competitive the world of waitressing is, especially in

a place like Hooters. But that wasn’t the case. All the

girls loved Kiki. She always gave the absolute best foot

rubs at the end of the night and even began to launder

several of the college-age waitress’s uniforms and

pantyhose for them. She said it was to save them money on

laundry, but really it was so she could take them home and

secretly masturbate with them as she fantasized about going

down on her coworkers while one of her regulars fucked her

though her pantyhose.

Kiki devoted practically all of her sexual energy to these

fantasies, which had put a real strain on her relationship

with Tyler. “Damn it, Kelly, you come home from that job

every night and lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour,

doing god knows what. Then, when you finally come out,

you’re always too tired to do anything except go to sleep.

Be honest with me, are you… are you… seeing someone


“I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

“And that’s another thing – you’re crazy if you think I’m

going to start calling you Kiki.”

“Why? That’s my name.”

“No, it isn’t! Your name is Kelly. Kiki is just some stupid

air-headed nickname you use at work.”

“Well I like it. Kiki’s a lot more fun than boring old

Kelly, and from now on that’s all I’m gonna answer to.” And

she childishly stuck her tongue out at the man who loved


Two weeks later, Tyler moved out. He stopped by the

restaurant unexpectedly one night and saw Kelly, er, Kiki

in ation. She was waiting on a table of 20-something guys

and was continually bending over to pick up forks or knives

they “accidentally” dropped on the floor. Each time she

did, she spread her legs a little and bent at the waist

offering the five guys, and practically all the other

customers, including Tyler, a very good view of her shaved

and swollen labia, which were only slightly obscured by the

shiny, suntan pantyhose.

Tyler was stunned as he watched his once conservative

fiancée act more like a stripper than a waitress. His

surprise quickly turned to anger as he watched the young

guys repeatedly pawing his girlfriend. However he wasn’t

sure if he was angrier with the guys for caressing her legs

and ass, or at her for encouraging it by rubbing closer

against them each time they touched her. In fact, he could

swear he saw a dark spot forming on the tiny strip of

orange material that stretched between her legs. He began

to look for a bouncer to put an end to this when he noticed

both bouncers standing by the door watching Kiki’s show.

They were elbowing each other and nodding knowingly, as if

this sort of thing had happened before.

When Tyler turned back, what he saw was the final straw.

The girl he was supposed to marry six months from now was

sitting in the lap of a 22-year-old skate punk. She had her

right arm draped around his neck as she filled his mug with

beer from the pitcher in her left hand. Meanwhile, he was

greedily mauling one of her obviously braless breasts with

his left hand, as his right hand slipped between her open

legs and under the orange crotch of her nylon shorts.

Tyler watched with numbness as Kiki’s head lolled back

against the kid’s shoulder and she bit her bottom lip. She

closed her eyes, and clenched her legs together on the

guy’s fingers as he explored her pussy through the hole he

had torn in her now soaked pantyhose. Despite the somewhat

overdone, almost slutty make-up she had taken to wearing,

Tyler recognized the unmistakable look of ecstasy on Kiki’s

face. She was having an orgasm right in front of him and

the rest of the restaurant.

As he sat in stunned silence, Kiki whispered something

breathlessly into her violator’s ear. When she climbed off

his lap she gave his very obvious hard-on a squeeze and

blew him a kiss. She then took a deep long bow, this time

revealing bare labia, slick with her pussy juices to the

restaurant. One of the other guys at the table quickly ran

a finger up along her exposed crack and popped it into his

mouth. Kiki simply winked and him and hurried back to

change into a fresh pair of pantyhose – her fourth pair

that night.

Tyler was a jumble of emotions – disbelief, anger and

disappointment. He numbly got up walked out of the

restaurant without saying a word to anyone. While he was at

home packing, his former fiancée was at work ruining three

more pairs of pantyhose. She was also earning her largest

tip ever – $150, which she received from a Mr. Steinmetz

after giving his father, Bill a seventy-fifth birthday

present he would never forget. On her break, she had agreed

to meet Mr. Steinmetz and his father in the parking lot, or

more specifically, in the back of the Steinmetz’ Chevy


In addition to giving Bill his first opportunity in about

30 years to finger-fuck a woman, Kiki boldly slipped the

man’s cock out of his trousers and gave him a first-class

hand-job. As she sat on his lap facing him, she rubbed his

cock against her glistening pussy lips and tried her best

not to let it slip inside her, but it was really hard to

concentrate when she was this horny. She was sure no harm

would come from the one or two… okay 17 times he had

accidentally penetrated her. After all, she made sure to

pull his cock out as soon as she felt his cum spurting deep

into her pussy.

Unfortunately, between the Viagra, and this being Bill’s

real first orgasm in 20 years, it was rather “intense.”

Kiki barely got her eyes closed before the semen splattered

onto her face and into her hair. When she opened her eyes,

she looked at the old man in whose lap she was sitting, and

then down at herself. It was as if the fog of the past 18

months had suddenly lifted from her mind; Kelly realized

with horror what she had become. She was about to cry when

Bill grabbed her roughly by the back of her long, chestnut

brown hair and pulled her face to his for a clumsy yet

passionate French kiss. Kelly struggled, but was too weak

to pull away. In an instant Kiki was returning the 75 year

old’s kiss as if he was her long lost lover.

As she fixed her cum matted hair in the rear-view mirror,

and applied yet another layer of make-up, Kiki thought

about her arguments with Tyler. “Who needs that jerk?” she

thought, “I’m a hot piece of ass and I can get any man, or

woman, I want.” She then proudly collected her $150 “tip”

from Mr. Steinmetz and walked to the back door of the

restaurant, cum dripping from her gaping cunt onto her

pantyhosed legs.

So Kiki wasn’t really surprised to find all of Tyler’s

belongings gone when she got home late that night. In fact

she was relieved that she could now masturbate in the

comfort of her own bed with her coworkers sweaty, sticky

pantyhose. She drifted off to sleep that night thinking of

Carrie, the new black girl Carl had hired. She dreamed of

making love to Carrie, first kissing her way from the black

girl’s pantyhosed toes to her pantyhosed cunt. The two

would then briefly 69’ed before Kiki turned Carrie around

and began to fuck her.

At first Kiki was using a rather crude, pink rubber strap-

on dildo to penetrate Carrie’s hot, wet pussy, but with

each thrust the dildo became more defined, more realistic.

Soon the rubber penis not only looked more real, it felt

more real. In fact it began to feel like it was a part of

Kiki. She could feel the hot, moist friction of the huge

penis inside Carrie’s tight cunt. Kiki could even feel

“her” balls slapping against Carrie’s skin as she fucked

her harder and deeper. Just as she felt the cum flooding

through her cock and into Carrie’s pussy, Kiki awoke to the

most intense, most pleasurable orgasm of her life.

The next six months were the best of Kiki’s life. She

easily made $500 a night in tips, mostly out in the parking

lot on her breaks, and on the weekends she could clear

$1000 easily. She was even sure all the cum she was

swallowing was improving her complexion better. (It wasn’t,

she was just getting more skillful at applying the heavy,

garish make-up she now always wore.)

Kiki’s strange, yet immensely satisfying dreams continued

too. She looked forward to her nightly dream-trysts with

her sexy, pantyhosed coworkers. Over the course of the past

few weeks she had dream-fucked Carrie, Kelly, Rita, Patty,

Bethany, Kelli, Lauren, Xian, Tess and Trisha several times

each. It had gotten to the point now that she always had a

penis in her dreams. So she wasn’t really surprised that

Monday morning in June when she reached between her legs

and found an erect, 2″ penis and peanut-sized testicles

growing where her well used pussy had been when she went to

sleep the night before. She was however slightly concerned

about how it would affect her job at Hooters.

The first few days with a dick weren’t too bad for Kiki.

Her cock was small enough for her to tuck away when it was

soft and only became a problem when she got aroused.

Actually everyone was too distracted by the more obvious

change in her – her breasts, to notice the little bulge

between her legs. Kiki hadn’t even realized it that first

morning, but by the third day, she couldn’t deny that she

had inexplicably grown from a modest, yet perfect-for-her-

frame B-cup to a slightly absurd DD. And the weirdest thing

was that they didn’t look or feel natural. The way they sat

on her chest and the odd way her nipples looked made it

appear that she’d had a cheap, poorly done boob-job.

However, she couldn’t worry about that because at the same

time her seemingly fake tits were growing, her all-too

natural cock was also growing. By the fourth day it was up

to 5″ long when hard and was now nearly impossible to hide,

but she somehow made it through the day. When she awoke the

fifth day, and it was yet an inch longer and her balls were

now the size of acorns, Kiki decided to call off work. In

fact, she took the next three days off, which nearly broke

her heart. Not only wouldn’t she be able to ogle her sexy,

pantyhosed coworkers, but also it was the weekend of the

big Harley convention and she knew she’d be able to make

thousands in “tips” from all the horny bikers.

But there was no way she could work in her condition. Even

though her cock stopped growing not long after that, it was

impossible to hide any more and she’d have to quit her job.

She had even tried control-top pantyhose, which she hated,

but they only hurt her balls and you could still see the

huge bulge of her cock.

No, there was no way around it, Kiki realized as she

studied her body in the mirror; her career as the best

Hooters girl ever was over. Sure, her ass was still as

plump and sexy as ever. And yes, her child-bearing hips

still swayed sexily when she tottered around on her 6″

platform sandals. Her obscenely fake EEE titties still

jiggled and bounced on her tiny frame. But her gorgeous 12″

cock and golfball-sized nuts were all too obvious under the

sheer, form-fitting, and barely legal wardrobe she had

acquired over the past two years. She really got off on it

when someone gasped at the outline of her monstrous cock in

the skintight silver “booty shorts” she liked to wear to

the mall over her black bodystocking. But then again, maybe

they were just oogling her sexy titties, which kept

threatening to fall free of the bodystocking and her

matching silver bolero jacket.

Yep, it was definitely time for a career-change Kiki

thought as she stroked her hot, hard cock through her nude,

seamless pantyhose. But she was stumped. What could a girl

like her do? She couldn’t ask her parents for advice. They

had officially disowned her after her little brother caught

her gang-fucking six members of his baseball team after the

state championship game. She vaguely remembered wrapping

her cum-soaked, pantyhosed legs around Johnny and begging

him to “fill my sloppy-wet cunt with your beautiful fuck


Johnny had simply pushed her away in disgust, as had her

dad at her apartment the next day. She had answered the

door wearing only a pair of lacy white pantyhose and white

platform pumps. This was Kiki’s “relaxing around the house”

outfit. Despite her father’s stunned reaction at seeing his

once modest daughter half-naked and dressed like a hooker,

both he and her mother came in.

Mr. Vincent asked about what her brother had told them

happened, and Kiki replied, “Yeah, that poop-head wouldn’t

fuck me, but you will, won’t you daddy?” as she began to

unzip her father’s pants. He shoved her roughly away and

Kiki lost her balance and fell on her ass on the hard

kitchen floor.

The shock of her fall caused Kelly to weep; not out of

pain, but rather out of shame and disgust. “Oh m-m-my God.

M-Mom? Dad? Wh-what has been h-h-happening to me?”

“Oh, Kelly, my poor, sweet baby,” her mother replied,

kneeling down to hug her once again normal daughter.

Unfortunately, her mother’s tender embrace was the last

thing Kelly needed. Kiki stopped crying and whispered in

her mother’s ear that she wanted to “bury my face in your

juicy snatch and lick your tasty cunt to the best orgasm of

your life, but only if you put on some pantyhose first.”

The last thing Kiki’s father ever said to her was, “You’re

no daughter of mine. You’re no Vincent!”

She had not actually used the name Vincent since she

started answering only to Kiki, but she felt like she

needed a new name anyway. It took her a whole week to come

up with her new last name – Kockslut. She loved the sound

of it – Kiki Kockslut. It sounded so sophisticated to her.

She probably would’ve been proud of herself for spelling

cock with a “K” if she had realized that’s not how it was

supposed to be spelled.

But that was six months ago. In that time she fondly

remembered fucking about 300 guys, licking around 60 cunts,

swallowing at least 20 gallons of cum, and depositing

$2,000 in bank. She’d made a lot more than that in “tips,”

of course, but most of it had been used up on the constant

AIDS tests she had, all of which had miraculously come up

negative, and her three back-alley abortions. Anyway, $2000

wasn’t going to last very long for someone who spent $300 a

week on pantyhose, shoes and make-up. Kiki Kockslut needed

a job!

Suddenly she realized whom she should call – that sweet

guy, Ron. He used to have a crush on Kiki and even though

she hadn’t thought about him in over 5 years, she was

somehow sure he’d help her figure out her life. Ron of

course was expecting Kiki’s call and was more than anxious

to help her out.

Ron reminded Kiki of her dream to perform on stage and told

her that he was sure with a little training, she could

still realize that dream. Kiki was so excited she readily

agreed. Within a week the two of them were on a plane to

New Orleans to enroll Kiki in “the premiere dance school in

America.” Kiki passed her auction at Shalimar’s Shemale

Review, the dirtiest and least reputable bar on Bourbon

street, with flying colors, although the owner had a few

minor suggestions…

When she took the stage three weeks later, Shalimar’s

newest attraction – The Kumtastic Kiki Kockslut was an

instant hit. And she was so glad that she had listened to

Ronny and Shalimar. The permanently tattooed black

eyeliner, white eye shadow, maroon blush and metallic blue

lipstick saved her tons of time in the morning and didn’t

have to be touched up when she washed a load of cum off her

face, which she did a lot! At first all the piercings were

hard to get used to, but the customers seemed to love them,

especially her tongue-studs, nose rings and eyebrow-pins.

Kiki also felt the heavy gold nipple rings really

accentuated her tits, which she felt were kind of

understated, even though she’d had them increased,

surgically this time, to GGG at Shalimar’s and Ron’s

suggestion. This was at the same time she’d had her lips

inflated with silicon and her eyelid muscles trimmed. She

now had lips like pillows and eyes that wouldn’t open more

than half way, giving her the appearance of always being

stoned, and always ready to suck a cock, which the

customers loved!

They also loved her tattoos. She had a red and green dragon

coiling up her left leg and a black panther prowling down

her right leg. On her back she sported a huge tattoo of a

woman looking into a mirror. On the left was a dead-on

image of the woman Kelly Vincent used to be – innocent,

conservative and beautiful. On the right was Kiki Kockslut

– cheap, big-titted shemale stripper/whore. The artwork was

perfect, yet it was impossible to tell which was the

reflection and which the true person. Despite that though,

Kiki’s favorite tattoos, the ones that always made her

giggle when she thought about them were the matching arrows

on her ass cheeks that pointed to her immensely stretched-

out asshole, and which read, “Open For Business” in neon

sign style letters.

But while everyone enjoyed Kiki’s ever present crotchless

pantyhose, cartoonishly ridiculous tits, crack-whore face,

and heavily tattooed body, there was only want thing that

kept them coming back and clamoring for more – Kiki’s Kock.

Thanks to the “herbal supplements” Shalimar and Ronny had

given her, Kiki’s cock was now a full 16″ long and 3″ thick

when hard and could shoot cum twenty feet. She was the only

shemale in the world who could tit-fuck herself, and give

herself a blowjob. Not that she ever had to, except for the

show. There were always plenty of paying customers willing

to try to take her immense, pierced cock down their

throats, or up their ass, or as was secretly Kiki’s

favorite – up their pussies. Yes, Kiki loved fucking sexy

young women in pantyhose. After all, that’s what she was

born to do. Her best friend Ronny told her so.

(This is my first attempt at TG fiction; I hope you’ve

enjoyed it. If anyone would like the story of Kiki to

continue, or if you’d like to see similar type stories,

please e-mail me at: [email protected] Any

constructive criticism would be appreciated.)java download gamesхоум кредит личный кабинет интернет банк

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